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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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which also includes of course red hook in new york along with port newark, the bay owned port as well. this is gridlock where i am in port newark right now. all the other port facilities as well. at every major location, every terminal, you'll see hundreds, literally hundreds of longshoremen just standing around waiting on instructions on what to do. many of them told me they simply did not know. one person did tell me it was a dispute with the waterfront commission. according to one union official i talked to, has been getting more and more involved in the collective bargaining agreement over hiring and the controlling how people are allowed to go back to work from injuries or whatever. they complain about unfair drug
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passes to work. apparently, it is a potpourri of grievances that has forced this wildcat strike. when i did talk to the union official, he told me, i did not know it was happening today. but this is very organized. if it's grassroots, then so be it. but it is extremely organized. guys and women just standing around doing nothing while they wait for the orders to come from the union itself. we don't know how long this will last. we don't know how it's going to resolve itself right now. i can tell you this, it is gridlock at the port of newark and elizabeth where i have been. trucks are lining up. the port authority says it is trying to get the word out to truckers, stay away. of course this affects everything that's coming in on container ships that goes to your local stores. so lord only knows at this point what's going to be on the
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weeks as these containers sit idly right now. >> brian thompson reporting on this apparent wildcat strike. this potentially significant impact now depending on how long it lasts with the strike at various ports here in northern new jersey. brian, thank you. >> right now, an intense effort to find the man who grabbed an 1-year-old i -- 11-year-old girl at a brooklyn bus stop. news4's katherine craig there with details. >> reporter: david, intense is right. neighbors telling us they're seeing more police officers in the neighborhood. in fact, a patrol car just pulled up right there. right by the bus stop, the one we're told the little girl was standing when a strange man came up to her. not only are we told he tried to get her into his van, the girl told police he was carrying and
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when she took off running. parents held on tightly to their little ones after hearing a strange man tried to get an 11-year-old girl into his van hours earlier. >> this is why we walk our kids to school most of the time because you never know where they're looking. >> reporter: diane andrews makes sure her grandchildren know what to do if a stranger approaches them. a man driving a gray van came up to the girl and asked if she wanted a ride home. it happened on rogers avenue. the startled child ran to a school and asked for help. they described what they do if a suspicious person came up to them. >> if a stranger talks to you, you just ignore them and go away. >> run away or scream for help. >> reporter: parents too are worried now. they're keeping an eye out for strange people lurking around
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>> she walks home by herself. now i'm going to have to be very, very careful and i have an also. >> don't talk to strangers. if they come towards them, help. you can't trust nobody today. >> reporter: and investigates are going around to the businesses -- the various businesses in this neighborhood, david, looking for any surveillance video that would spot the suspect. any kind of images of him. we're told he's medium build and wearing a gray hat and sweatshirt at the time of the attempted abduction. > today, the man who police say slash add woman on a subway with a machete with face a judge. we have the story from downtown brooklyn. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office tells me that he'll likely face a judge here later this afternoon or evening.
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haunting threat he allegedly made before slashing his victim. the 37-year-old was transported here overnight. his alleged victim was able to take these photos and give them to police. all after he slashed her in the hand with what's being described as a large machete-like object wrapped in a cloth. this all started with an argument between the two and got so heated that he told his up on this train. that attack was one of three on city subways this week alone. 286 this month compared to 249 this time last year. now, after fleeing the incident, he actually turned himself into police. but he's still going to have to answer to charges include ing criminal possession of a weapon, assault, and menacing. i'm tracey strahan. back to you, david.
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say sexually attacked several women in newark made his first court appearance today. he's accused of raping three women in newark and trying to rape a fourth. prosecutors say one of the victims was a 13-year-old girl. well, good news for passengers. uber lowered many fares this morning. not everyone is happy about it. news4's in long island city where taxi drivers are protesting the move that they say will hurt the entire industry. >> reporter: uber prices will now be lower than cab prices. you can see here some taxi riders are protesting, angry over the price drop that went into effect this morning. there are a lot of youtube uber drivers claiming they're going to make less money.
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base rates will go from $3 to $2.55. to put that in perspective. if you take a trip from midtown to la guardia airport, the old fare would have been more than $43. the new price about $37. uber says the price cuts mean more rides for drivers. many cab riders remain loyal. >> i know what i'm getting when i jump in city cab. now they have those apps out too. uber had to drop their prices. there's like, way to ride, which is a new app now that allows you to hail a regular yellow cab. something? >> they had to do something. >> i only do uber pool. it's super cheap. or affordable at least. >> reporter: up they said the last time they dropped prices, the wait time dropped more than 40%. many of them are not buying it.
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back to you. >> thank you. in decision 2016, donald trump campaigns in new hampshire after following through on his promise to boycott last night's republican debate. the frontrunner is speaking with voters while everyone else hustles through iowa. that's where trump held a fund ds fundracer for military veterans. that didn't stop the competition from talking about him. >> i kind of miss donald trump. >> he's an entertaining guy. >> i'm a maniac. and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way -- >> that's ted cruz. the polls put him right behind trump and made him an easy target. the candidates also took swipes at each other over immigration. governor chris christie talked about being the washington outsider. there's just three days to go
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right now, marco rubio is on his first of four stops speaking with voters in the southeastern portion of the state. the florida senator is holding onto third place in both iowa and new hampshire. we'll be in iowa for the caucuses. that's starting sunday at 6:00 p.m. later today, mayor bill de blasio plans to fly to iowa to support hillary clinton. de blasio ran clinton's successful bid to become a u.s. senator from new york in 2000. today, vice president joe biden is visiting new york city. he's in town to talk about the economy with governor cuomo in about an hour. the same time, vice president biden was officially made the leader of the white house moonshot task force. coming up next, the
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just in a texas courtroom. find out what a judge decided about where that teen will go next. and the twin sinkholes swallowing up a whole town in oregon. >> tracking a few light snow showers through the metro area. does that mean a chilly weekend on tap? i'll have the answer coming up in your seven-day forecast. ben wreaks havoc. >> and the always hill layer just jb smooth is stopping by.
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updating breaking news. report of the top of a broadcast, a labor walk-off at the ports in northern nj nm ew jersey here. our brian thompson on the ground. the workers apparently upset with the involvement of the
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things being required, lay bob disputes. truckers at a standstill right now. the port authority police moving in, although this is said to be right now. just moments ago, a judge ruled that the affluenza teen will be held in a juvenile facility rather than adult jail. then he could become eligible for patrol. he returned yesterday from texas texas. couch was sentenced to ten years probation for a drunk driving incident that killed four teenagers two and a half years ago. there's a new effort to find a west chester college student. the fbi confirms to news4 it is now assisting local police in the search in connection to lauren spierer. they focused on the home of a
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spierer's mother is holding out hope lauren will be found. >> i want to find lauren more than anything in the whole wide world. >> in a statement, the lawyer says he has no knowledge regarding the disappearance of lauren spierer or any other missing person. spierer disappeared in 2011 after a night out with friends on the indiana university campus. a homeless man is now facing charges in a number of bank robberies in and mat -- manhattan. investigators say he tried robbing ten banks since november. bank tellers recognized him and triggered the alarm. officers nearby got a smartphone alert. in new jersey today we could find out if the raccoon that attacked a 6-year-old boy has tested positive for rabies.
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he was walking to school in elmwood park when that raccoon jumped on him and clawed his face. nissan is recalling nearly 930,000 altima mid-size cars to fix a latch problem. the models recalled were manufactured from 2013 to 2015 in tennessee and mississippi. there have been no crashes or injuries. the defective latch could lead to the hoods flying up while driving. nissan will contact you if you have one of the cars. a record-breaking decision against walmart. sue? >> good to see you, david. yes, we're going to get to walmart in just a second. first ap an update on the last trading session of january in the market.
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has a gain of better than 250 points. mostly on the back of better microsoft. however, amazon which of course is a huge stock and a big move. well, it missed its earnings expectations in a big way. and the street is punishing that stock today. it is down about 8.5%. amazon came in with a record profit, but it wasn't good enough for wall street. they earned $1 per share, but wall street was expecting $1.56 per share. walmart stores has been ordered by a federal jury in new hampshire to pay $31 million to a pharmacist who claims she was fired because of her gender and also in retaliation for complaining about safety concerns. she says she was fired because she was telling authorities at the store that customers at the
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hampshire were getting prescriptions filled improperly because of inadequate staff training. walmart probably will appeal. but $31.22 million. back to you. >> a hefty figure. you have a great weekend as well. we're wondering what the weather will be for the weekend? >> i think this is the worst of it for quite a while. tomorrow is still going to be chilly, of course. but we are not looking at anymore snow flakes after this afternoon. we didn't get a whole lot of them so far today either. when we do get a few flakes, they're going to melt with they hit the ground. right now, it's 40 degrees in central park. in our weather headlines, those flakes and flurries clearing out of here by the early evening hours. and then it's just blustery and chilly tonight. right now, 39 in jfk.
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city island right now at 40 degrees. we're close to the freezing mark in monticello. temperatures pretty much holding steady where they are right now for the entire rest of the day. it's because of this clipper type system. it's a cold front. not a lot of energy with it. you can see rain and snow showers here. a lot of the stuff isn't actually reaching the ground. where it does, you could get a few snow flakes reaching the ground and melting almost on contact. we're not even looking for the potential for a coating. as you go up in the higher elevations to the north and west in northern new jersey and new york, you might see a few snow flakes coating the ground before they start to melt. we're going to see winds gusting to around 30 miles per hour in the evening hours and then overnight, they diminish quickly. we're back down to a 19-mile-per-hour wind gust by midnight tonight. saturday morning, we are almost completely gust-free.
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the clearing and blustery conditions behind this front tonight. winds out of the northwest keeping our temperatures from getting any warmer this afternoon. overnight tonight, temperatures drop into the 20s. the weekend, our highs will climb back through the 40s. today, a high of 40 degrees. 26 degrees for your overnight low tonight. in the seven-day forecast, we're back up to 50 degrees by monday with a few light rain showers possible. groundhog day looks clear with a high of 48. very wet on wednesday is a high of 55 degrees. "new york live" is next at 12:30. here are jackie and joe elwith what's ahead. >> hello, david. >> hello. >> we got good stuff coming up today. what do you get when you spend the day at 30 rock? a lot of people are looking over their shoulders. >> plus, who says healthy food
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we're checking out three places sevening up guilty-free meals. >> look forward to seeing it. still ahead, how this photo of a baby boy told his mom and doctors the 3-month-old has cancer. you're going to need to see our
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two sinkholes have swallowed up a stretch of highway 101 in southwest oregon. sending part of the road more than 60 feet in the ground. a second hole opened last month. it create add mega crater. drivers are being rerouted around that stretch of highway. >> new york city doctors are treating a baby because of what his mom noticed in his baby
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she noticed a recurring glow in 3-month-old rider's left eye. it turned out to be cancer and the glow is the flash reflecting off tumor. still ahead on news4 new york at noon, a fumble in the end zone. a mistake on the super bowl 50 field that forced ground crews
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pepsi is getting into the restaurant business. the "new york times" says the company is opening an upscale restaurant in chelsea. you won't find pepsi logos or pepsi products. everything will be centered on the nut. a presuper bowl oops. crews have been working to get levi stadium ready for the match between the broncos and panthers. first up, painting the team's logo in the end zone. problem is, they painted the broncos blue and original in the wrong end zone. super bowl is next weekend. tonight on news4 new york we'll have an update on the breaking story in new jersey where port newark has apparently workers. also, why you should think zip code. for breaking news and
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anywhere, you can go to or our mobile app. "new york live" coming your way next.
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