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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  January 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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home server contained government sket secrets, nearly two dozen of them requiring one of the highest levels of classification. >> right now the implications may be more political than to suggest wrongdoing. however, the state department is saying today that 22 e-mails from clinton's home server contained some of the u.s. government's most closely guarded secrets and won't be released. this has been an issue dogging clinton throughout her campaign for president. hillary clinton said she never sent or received information on her personal e-mail account that ed classified at the time. these e-mails in question today were on the home server. again, the state department department feels they're too sensitive to make public. >> this is an example of over classification run amuck.
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subject of a bureaucratic turf battle for several months. some of the agencies that were the loudest voices in this interagency squabble have prevailed. >> clinton is calling for the e-mails to be released but not in this stilted manner. there are investigations underway as to whether government information was compromised. breaking news right now on the garden state parkway, an accident causing eight-mile backups. what is going on? >> reporter: pretty serious accident here garden state parkway southbound as you mentioned. prior to exit 138. happened about an hour ago. you can see the vehicle ended up off the side of the roadway.
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flying off and striking a tree. the driver was trapped for 30 minutes. he was extricated from the car with the jaws of life, taken to a local hospital in unknown condition at this hour. we had the right side of the roadway closed down for some time. that means huge delays. again, that's five to six miles plus, almost eight miles at this point, well prior to the oranges. we have a northbound delay coming up from exit 136. try to steer clear if you can right now. all lanes have been reopened but a lot of traffic to get through right now. some more news to get to. a shakeup at the ports in new york and new jersey. you are looking at the reason. thousands of long shoer shoremen walking off the job. these are all the ports that are involved in this. there are a lot of them.
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new york. brian thompson has been following the story all day long and is in newark now. >> reporter: just a few minutes ago this parking lot emptied out. this is in effect the nerve center for these wildcat strike action. remember, this port brings everything from dresses to other textiles, to cars from all over the world to the east coast. it is the largest port on the east coast. and right now with the wildcat strike still going on, i've just confirmed that we are still waiting to find out the resolution. news 4 first on the scene this morning. truckers forced to wait and wait and wait after thousands of longshoremen walked off the job, shutting down terminal after terminal. >> all we're doing is waiting to see if by any stroke of luck they reopen these ports. >> reporter: from ports newark
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york harbor to red hook, every terminal in the largest busiest port complex on the east coast was frozen. workers milling around, most having no idea why. >> i can't work if no one else is working. >> reporter: that means car carrier ships no longer unloading. all the goods from clothes to food not getting to merchants. chapper er chopper 4 captured the gridlock from above, trucks unable to move until police sorted things out. as for those truckers, pain in the wallet. >> a lot of money i lose. not only me. everybody lose money here. >> reporter: as frustrating as this may have been, some truckers sympathetic. >> no, i don't blaem me them. i don't blame them. >> reporter: longshoremen don't stake. it boils down to several items, one a dispute with the
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controls some of the hiring aspects down here. another one has to do with outsourcing. and yet another one has to do with technology and fears for their jobs. it is a wildcat strike over employment and it has now shut down the largest port complex on the east coast, commerce here coming to a grinding halt. parents in one brooklyn neighborhood are keeping their eyes peeled tonight. a man accused of grabbing an 11-year-old girl at a flatbush bus stop is still on the streets. >> reporter: chuck, police say they're still investigating. sources telling us there are some conflicting details. meanwhile, parents are rattled. they can't believe someone would just drive up to a child here right next to the school. they're using this as an tonight to go over with their kids what they should do if they're approached by a stranger. >> what did i tell you?
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and tells me to come with them and they have toys, i would tell them no and i don't trust you. >> reporter: seven-year-old kai knows exactly what to do if a stranger tries to get her into his van. mom michelle says she went after the plan raf after word that a man may have tried to abduct a child at a bus stop. >> it's crazy here in flatbush and east flatbush. >> reporter: police investigate an 11-year-old's claim a man tried to lure her into his van yesterday. it happened at rogers and albermarle around 5:30 p.m. just steps from the school. the child did what parents hoped him no. >> i would run. if i had a phone, i would call my father while i'm running. >> reporter: the girl tells police she did just that after a
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out of the old rusty gray van and tried to grab her. the girl ran to the school to get help. parents are on the lookout. >> i'm a lot concerned. >> reporter: the girl told them the man was wearing a gray baseball cap, gray sweater and gray pants. an update on the investigation into an alleged sexual assault at a brownsville playground. this is a complicated case. it involves five teenagers that are accused of attacking a young woman in osborne park. law enforcement says they now have forensic evidencelinging two of -- evidence linking two of them to the incident. also in brooklyn, police are looking for a 12-year-old girl who disappeared on her way to school. police say she has no history of running away.
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hooded jacket with a white scarf and black boots. you've probably been watching your 401(k) very carefully and a bit apprehensively i'd say. if so, you'll be relieved to see a terrible month end on a high note. the dow closed up nearly 400 points today, led by big gains in tech companies. ben vereen rang the closing bell. the indexes are sharply down for january following the worst beginning to a year on record. now onto decision 2016. the presidential candidates are using every last minute to campaign. melissa russo is heading to iowa this weekend. >> chuck, big developments on the campaign trail for hillary clinton and donald trump. just three days before the first official voting begins in this race.
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top secret state department e-mails which you just mentioned, and of course the aftermath of donald trump skipping last night's final precaucus debate. >> i wasn't treated right. i did something that was very risky and i think it turned out great. i'm getting more publicity -- >> as always donald trump happy to be in the headlines, bragging in new hampshire about boycotting the debate in des moines. on stage trump's opponents seemed emboldens when attacking the so-called elephant not in the room. >> i'm a maniac and everybody on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way -- >> with trump gone, ted cruz became the top target. >> chris, i would note that the last four questions have been rand, please attack ted, marco,
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add tack ted. >> senator marco rubio was looking past last night's debate and the upcoming primaries. >> hillary clinton does not want to run against me, but i cannot wait to run against her. >> democrats lined up to see hillary clinton, who vows to fight any replacement of obamacare. >> people who have health emergencies can't wait for us to have some debate about some better idea that will never ever come to pass. >> that was aimed at bernie sanders, who was making a hard push to iowa voters today for his plans for a single payer health care system, free public college for all students and higher taxes on wall street trading. >> one of the criticisms being thrown at me is that bernie sanders, nice guy, combs his hair really well, great dresser. [ laughter ] but he can't win a general election.
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person who could beat right wing republicans. >> sanders had five events scheduled across the hawkeye state today hoping to convert his supporters into caucus goers, because that's what matters on monday. i'll be in iowa for all of the campaign developments. you can see my reports from the campaign trail beginning sunday night at 6:00. i'll bring you everything you need to know monday when the iowa caucuses officially begin and when those results come in. the u.s. issuing now a travel warning to iran, despite last summer's nuclear deal, the state department says authorities continue to harass, arrest and detain u.s. citizens. so nonessential travel is not advised. two weeks ago five american citizens were freed in a prisoner swap. still ahead as we continue for you, a pepsi restaurant opening in manhattan. what's going to be served up
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and a new lead in a nearly five-year-old cold case, the disappearance of college student lauren spear. the miracle he performed in her home and what she had to say to him today. and janice is here. >> one week ago today we were preparing for a historic blizzard in the northeast. i bet you can't guess how much snow is left in central park after a week of warming. we're going to show you, plus
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get free installation with a one hour arrival window. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call for more, now. fasten your seat belt. we have a jittery traffic cam shot here of the turnpike. there's a car fire there near exit 14 that's causing five mile backups. we're told the northbound lanes are closed. we'll bring you more information on this as we get it. a long island woman gets the chance to meet a man who actually brought ler her back to life. >> the 72-year-old woman went into cardiac arrest. she had no pulse when the emergency crews got there. what happened next seems nothing short of a miracle. >> reporter: fate brought these strangers together.
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>> so nice to meet you. >> he just appeared at my door and he was there to save me. >> reporter: the last time officer raez held kathleen, she showed no signs of life. >> he has a special place in my heart. >> reporter: kathleen's heart is how this all started. the 72-year-old went into cardiac arrest. her husband andrew went into action. >> i looked at her face and said i'm calling 911. >> reporter: firefighters tried reviving kathleen then reyes arrived. >> i love to do it because the outcome ends up like this. it makes it extremely worthwhile. >> reporter: in the life saving kit advanced technology. >> once the needle is introduced into the bone marrow cavity, medications can be instilled
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month in the hospital kathleen is going home with her family and a sense of humor. >> reporter: will you be maybe dinner? >> definitely. >> reporter: even taking a jab stayed cool under pressure. >> i wouldn't have expected that of him. type. but he did excellent. >> reporter: for kathleen, there is no doubt why she's still live, family, friends and strangers, especially an angel in blue. >> it's definitely, definitely a miracle that he just appeared. >> she comes back to life and she sells out her husband immediately, right? >> i know. heartwarming story nonetheless. >> do either one of you want to guess how much snow is left in central park after the record
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>> four inches. >> 18-inch? >> the record snowfall we had in central park was 26.. 8. this is what's left. six inches. chuck, you win. we've had 20 inches of melting this week because temperatures have been so warm. today we were up above 40 again. the average high is 39 or 38. 43 in islip. tonight, though it does drop again, some numbing temperatures, a breeze blowing out there, some windchills to talk about, a little bit of refreeze. but the weekend looks good and we'll have more warming and momenting. sussex, 35. poughkeepsie poughkeepsie 38. 25 to 35 miles per hour winds.
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if you're going out this evening, make sure you're all bundled up. we had this weak system come through today with a few sprinkles and flurries. that's all moving offshore now. we'll still be left with some clouds tomorrow and maybe a few flurries well north into the cat skills skills and poconos. sunday it's much warmer. this evening prepare for these temperatures where it feels like the teens and 20s. just make sure you've got the layers. saturday morning we've got teens and 20s on the map. these are actual temperatures. we're not expecting much in the way except sunshine mixed with clouds. by the afternoon most areas warm up to around 40 degrees. sunday morning, not as cold, temperatures generally above freezing except for north and west. by the afternoon on sunday look at this, 48.
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that just continues going into next week. more warm weather. by tuesday, we're in the low 50s. and by wednesday, we're in the mid 50s. so a lot more melting. we won't have any snow left by then. there's also some rain in the forecast monday and wednesday, not on groundhog day, though. 48 and sunshine. sounds like if the groundhog sees its shadow we've got that six more weeks of winter. have a good weekend. some serious news to get to. concerns growing now over the spread of the zika virus. this mosquito born virus causes severe birth defects. we're learning a vaccine may be ready by year's end. up to 40 million people may be
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>> in reality, you have to say we believe -- we don't know, we believe that it is unlikely that it would happen. >> the cdc of course urging pregnant women against traveling to brazil, the u.s. virgin islands and the dominican republican republic. ethan couch will stay in juvenile facilities until april when he turns 19. then he could become eligible for parole. couch was sentenced to ten years probation for a drunk driving incident that killed fourteen agers two and a half years ago. the next time a friend asks me for a drink after work, may may not be talking about an alcoholic bench. pepsi opening a restaurant in the meat packing district.
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it's part of the company's quest to make soda edgy amid decline in consumption. they says the menu will be inspired by the cola nut. you can always mix pepsi with rum or something. >> that makes it edgy for you. forget cash, forget coins, one homeless man offering people a high-tech way to give him money and it's actually working. and coming up, an out of control car on a jersey city
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drivers are being detoured tonight around these massive sinkholes in southwest oregon. the largest hole emerged yesterday, the roadway suddenly sinking more than 60 feet into the ground. that crater expanded to meet a second hole that opened earlier
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a consumer alert with still yet another car recall, nissan recalling nearly 930,000 ultimas because of a latch problem that could result in the hood flying open while the car is moving. the cars were made in 2013 to 2015. this is the third recall for some of these models. nissan will inform you if you have one of the cars and will replace the latches starting in mid february. a detroit homeless man taking panhandling high-tech. he now accepts credit cards for donations. >> he has a credit card reader that connects to his phone. he says he brings in $20 to $50 a day. he also created a website that he created at the library. he says he uses it to find odd jobs. >> i've done some painting. i've taken a couple of friends
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team jobs that i had to do. >> he says although he struggled to keep his phone out of the hands of thieves he hopes that sharing his struggle will help others. that little boy in new jersey who was attacked by a raccoon, up next what we've learned about whether the animal had rabies. plus -- >> maybes neighbors helping neighbors at the jersey shore nearly a week after flooding left some with nothing. how one battered community is
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