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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  January 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a cold case heats up once again. new leads in the disappearance of a college student from westchest er westchester. >> the 20-year-old vanished back in 2011 when she was walking home from a friend's house after a night out on the town. purse. >> police have never named a suspect in the case. no criminal charges have been filed. >> movement in the investigation but no big break. officials hoping a search of a pickup truck and dna and forensic evidence taken after a
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to a sex offender might help get some answers. one day after they searched this indiana property, still no west westchester native lauren spier. at least one vehicle was taken away to see if hair or fibers are of interest. both properties linked to this man, 35-year-old justin wagers, offender. he is now in jail again on another unrelated charge involving a minor. >> i said, i'll tell you this, i said if it wasn't you, it was your twin brother. >> police are not saying what led to the searches now. it was four years ago spier disappeared after a night of partying at this bar near indiana university where she was
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her shoes left behind. nearby she went to another party, but left and was never seen again. her family again calling for answers like they did in a past today show appearance. >> somebody knows where she is. and if you had a thread of decency, i'm begging. >> at bars near the university spier's disappearance still haunts indiana students. >> my parents were freaked out. they were very nervous about me beling alone, walking alone at night. >> is this upsetting for you today? >> it would be for anybody. >> police have conducted searches in years past in three lakes and two nearby woodlands and at landfills but nothing was found. the hope now is the searches over the last 24 hours might lead to a break. a convicted sex offender was arraigned today after police on
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naked with a teenage boy. he faces up to seven years in jail if convicted. police say an offense on patrol spotted a parked car in the shopping center yesterday. when the officer took a closer look he says he saw the man and a 14-year-old naked. >> the message again is to parents look at your children's phones. monitor your children's internet activity and phone activity. >> police say they will be reaching out to school districts to hold workshops about the dangers of phone and internet use by young people. disturbing allegations against a couple accused of locking their adopted children in a bathroom as punishment, sometimes for months. police say george and nancy barnes allegedly forced their kids to eat in the bathroom and would only let them out for school. we're learning today the couple told police they didn't think this punishment was unacceptable. a former teacher said that she
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>> i wish that something else was seen so something else could have been said maybe. we definitely have pits in our stomach that these children have gone through this all these years. the kids range in age from nine to 18 years old. they were removed by the department of children and families. new at 5:30, the mother of a new jersey boy who was attacked by a raccoon says the animal has tested positive for rabi . the six-year-old was walking to school when that raccoon jumped on him and claws at his face. raccoon. his mother says he's doing fine. people living on long island will now have closer access to medical marijuana. two new dispensaries opened in
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they distribute nonsmokeable forms of mexican to arijuana to patients who are cleared by doctors. starting monday the city is going to ticket drivers with the help of cameras set up along 125 th street in harlem. that means no driving or standing in the bus route. the department of transportation says the enforcement should help reduce travel time for bus riders. time is running out now to sign up for a health plan under the affordable care act. people who don't have insurance through their employ have until the sunday january 31st to choose insurance from the health care marketplace. anybody without health care after that date could face fines and penalties. new york and connecticut have their own state exchanges.
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plus a photo revealing a life threatening disease. and erica is here looking at the weekend forecast. >> that's right. we had just a few flakes today. colder temperatures as we move into the overnight hours. also lester holt has a look at what he's working on for 6:30. >> from des moines tonight my exclusive interview with hillary clinton as the white house confirms troubling new information about what was found on her personal e-mail server, what she told me about the investigation. we take you to brazil and ground zero of the zika outbreak.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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. hard to believe it has been one week since this major nor'easter started dumping feet, multiple feet as a matter of fact of snow across the tri state and pummelled part of the jersey shore with heavy flooding. we show you how neighbors are banding together to help those hit the hardest. >> reporter: ernie is back at work at wildwood seven eleven but his outfit is completely donated after all of his clothes were ruined by last weekend's flooding. >> i am very grateful. i'm telling you, my wife is
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we had no shoes, nothing. >> reporter: those items came from this relief center set up a couple days ago at the american legion hall. clothing food, household supplies, even furniture. they're all here, all provides by generous members of the community. >> they just took right out of their own closets. hangers came and everything. it was amazing. >> it's a wonderful thing what these people are doing. it's amazing how the town got together with this. >> everybody just picks up and keeps on trucking. >> reporter: in stone harbor dozens of people got together for a post flood pep rally of sorts. maggie days' shop downtown was flooded on saturday and by hurricane sandy. she and others hearsay the town is already bouncing back. >> we fixed it once. we're going to fix it again. >> reporter: officials have been assessing damage from the storm here all week.
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reached $68 million. you've heard it. they say pictures are worth a thousand words. pictures of a newborn revealed a serious medical problem even before doctors diagnosed it. she noticed a glow in her son's left eye almost every time she took a picture of him. doctors diagnosed him with cancer. the glow in his eye was a camera flash reflecting off a tumor. >> 150 a day. you know, out of 145 his eye was glowing. it looks like a flashlight in his eye. rider is getting keem chemotherapy here in manhattan. his prognosis is very good. coming up why mosquitos may be the newest weapon to fight
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look at health care through our eyes and you'll see healthcare differently too. across 21 hospitals and over 450 community and research facilities, we're 61,000 people looking to not just raise our standard but raise the standard north shore-lij is now northwell health.
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scientists in the u.k. say keep your friends close, keep your zika spreading moss quitos closer. they are breeding mosquitos in order to fight the virus. scientists are taking the males and releasing them into the wild killing off part of the population that spreads zika. >> there's 3 million mosquito eggs in this pot, believe it or
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>> researches say in studies they've been able to wipe out 90% or more of the mott squito population targeted. a listeria outbreak is now linked to packaged salad, two in new york, one in connecticut. one person has died. the salad was produced at a dole facility in ohio. if you think you may have one of those salads in your refrigerator, close it up in a plastic bag, place knit it in a sealed trash can. sanitize any surface it may have touched with one tablespoon of bleach in ra a gat llon of water. it's going to get better on
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those flakes and flurries we had during the day today are not an indication things are getting worse. things are going to get better. it's still going to be brisk and chilly before a seasonable saturday and a milder sunday move in. it's 37 in toms river. 37 in princeton and hillsboro. it's a popular number right now. when you factor in the wind, feels like 15 up there in monticello. 32 in bridgeport. more of that stronger wind is starting to make its approach on storm tracker. the backside of this system starting to pull away and that will drive in winds just briefly, though, temporarily. tonight will be a little bit blustery and then we'll improve quickly. and we're going to head back into that strong el nino pattern. it's going to assert its
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a stronger sub tropical jet that brings more moisture and keeps our temperatures milder than average in general. that will pump up a big midweek storm system next week that could produce thunderstorms. yeah, in the beginning of february. kind of odd timing for thunderstorms, but it could happen with this pattern in place. 26 degrees, cold overnight tonight. any, of course, of those puddles that form during the day will refreeze. watch out for some light patchy black ice tomorrow morning. we'll reach a high of 40 degrees in the afternoon. and then it gets milder on sunday. here's a look at the seven day forecast. 48 on sunday with plenty of sunshine. monday will be even milder but cloudier. take a look at groundhog day. 48 degrees with a good amount of sun. if the sunshine is any indication maybe the groundhog will see his shadow. we look for rainy conditions on saturday.
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degrees before temperatures slide back down again. there's no chance for snow in that number. we're going to see high temperatures way above our seasonal average. consumer alert for time warner cable customers. you plight might need to upgrade your equipment. anyone who plugs their cable directly into their tv will need a new digital adapter. time warner cable is offering them free through october. after that it will cost you $2.75 per month. what's your zip code? it's a question that often comes when you give your credit card at store. the next time you're asked you may want to think twice before you hand over that information. linda baquero is here with the reason why and your rights at the register. >> do you ask why the merchant is asking for your zip code?
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reason and whether retailers have a legal right to ask. you have to do it when you pay at the pump. but inside a store, you have no obligation to give up your zip. in fact, saying yes to the question has a big downside. >> what most people don't realize is there is technology now that with the combination of your credit card, with your name on the credit card and the zip code they can actually find your address. >> retailers can use that information to send you junk mail and lots of it. >> i don't think any of us like that feeling that we're being stalked by somebody who wants to sell us something. >> in new york and new jersey, it's illegal for a clerk to require personal information to process your credit card as payment. the i team has learned that a federal judge this month approved certification for a class action lawsuit against walmart for the practice. if the suit is successful, tens of thousands of customers could
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form of cash or a coupon. >> it's certainly one thing if somebody asked you, would you like to be on my mailing list and you say yes. then you've given your permission. but to be put on a mailing list that you don't know about or don't expect is a completely different issue. >> when can you be asked for a zip code during a credit card purchase? well, at a gas purn mp when you're typing that into a machine. that's an effort to prevent fraud. in connecticut there's really no law on the books regarding this. it's up to the retailer to decide if they'll ask for your with that information. it's up to you the consumer if you want to provide it. to get in touch with our consumer investigative team all you have to do is send an e-mail
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coming up next -- >> reporter: 12 weeks of paid family leave. it's a real tug of war between the workers who say they need it and small businesses. why they say it could break the bank. and new tonight, uber's latest move has angered its own drivers and yellow cab drivers as well. it's going to make you happy. we'll show you why. the video you won't see anywhere else of an out of control car and a man who
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president obama revealed new rules to help enforce the law he signed seven years ago, the lily ledbetter act. those new rules require companies to provide data on how much they pay employees based on gender, race and ethnicity. in 2014 women made 79 cents for
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the same job. as news 4 explains it sounds good, but some small business owners tell us it simply won't work. >> reporter: sheila can't remember it but two days after she was adopted her mom brought her to work. >> for me personally this issue hits home. when i was first adopted my mother didn't have the option to have a day off. she had to make the choice and we actually went to work together. >> reporter: sheila was among the hundreds in the crowd today as governor cuomo god vice president biden's backing for 12 weeks of paid family leave for all new yorkers. it became personal for him when he spent weeks at his son beau's bedside last year. >> the one thing they want is just the solace of you holding the hand. >> i know the feeling. i went through it last year with my father.
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months at most. that was the time to be there. that is a precious, precious time. >> reporter: but business owners like ana chang who runs a custom stamp shop in the village say paid leave shouldn't get a rubber stamp from lawmakers without considering the real cost. >> well the economic reality is that whoever is the owner would have to take over those hours and those shifts because it's pretty hard to do both. >> reporter: and a statewide requirement for all employers is a big leap from what new york city did weeks ago, approving six weeks of paid leave for city employees only. we should find out in the coming weeks if the paid family leave proposal has the political juice it needs in albany. that will do it for us. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00.
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rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. now at 6:00 the war between yellow cabs and uber just escalated. the one sure winner of this battle is you, the rider. plus the man accused of slashing a woman on the subway waiting now to face a judge. and a news 4 exclusive, video of an out of control car on a jersey city sidewalk and an interview with the man who jumped out of the way at the last second. a breaking news update, a story we were first reporting at 5:00. >> a stunning murder investigation in a town that hasn't seen a homicide in more than two decades. >> reporter: the community here just simply in shock over all of this here this afternoon. what i can tell you right now, as you mentioned there, police found a woman dead. her husband is in custody. we're going to pan off so you can see the very active seen behind me.
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officers here now about six
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