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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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officers here now about six hours after they first came to the apartment. the bergen county prosecutor just told me that police received a call for a welfare check right around 12:15 today from management at the apartments. when officers arrived they found the woman dead. her husband also there inside the home. police took him into custody. they wouldn't reveal how she died but they think she was dead for at least a day. police and neighbors say it is a real shock to the system. north arlington hasn't had a homicide in more than two decades. >> i've lived here 28 years. we had one homicide about four years after i was hired. so it was probably '93. that was the last one we've had. >> quiet. everybody is friendly with each other. all the neighbors know each other around here. it's a real shock to all of us. >> reporter: that's what a lot of neighbors have been telling me here in the past hours since we got on scene. officers still here working the
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we have asked about the identities of the victim and her husband in custody. they hope to release that information later tonight. we are going to stay here, work to get that information and talk to more neighbors out here in this shocked community. today the ride sharing app uber made a really big move against the city's yellow cabs. >> it's angering yellow cab drivers and uber drivers alike. uber is cutting its city fares by 15%. for example, a ride from midtown to la guardia airport, goes from $39 in a yellow cab, that will cost $37 in an uber car. going from williamsburg to bushwick is approximately 16 dollars in a yellow cab and $10 in an uber. >> reporter: yeah. taking uber x is now cheaper
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customers are rejoice ing. but cab drivers and even some uber drivers are worried that slashing prices will affect their bottom line. riders like nicole did a double take. a 15% price drop on its uber x fares. >> i'm really excited. >> reporter: uber is slashing prices in new york city to boost ridership. an uber ride from midtown to la guardia will now runabout $37 instead of $43. astoria to long island city will now be just $10. ride. >> i've taken cabs long enough in new york city that i know how much it's going to cost me. and i feel like with uber sometimes i don't know how much it's going to cost me. >> reporter: some drivers are worried they'll lose business. today taxi drivers protests
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>> i make almost $2,000 a week. >> how much do you think you'll make now? >> reporter: maybe 1500, 1600. >> reporter: a spokesman for uber disagrees. >> when we cut prices a year and a half ago, driver earnings went up because that idle time between trips was cut in half. >> reporter: steve never takes cabs or uber but says it's refreshing to see prices come down. will it make you more inclined to use it? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: while uber x's base rate is less than a cab, surge pricing can make it more expensive during peak times. a man accused of slashing a woman in the subway in brooklyn is set to face a judge tonight. he faces several charges. he turned himself in last night after police released these photos of him taken by the
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he slashed the woman in the hand with a machete like weapon aboards the subway. a group of alleged thieves are wanted for a string of robberies on long island. these arrested made with the help of a good samaritan. they worked together, times alone on the holdup of several banks on long island. their robbery spree stretched across several towns. a witness followed their get-away car from their latest hit and alerted police. >> with the assistance of the good samaritan, it's a great example of how folks in the community can help our patrol officers catch perpetrators. >> the suspects are now charged with robbery. authorities have not revealed exactly how much money was stolen. thousands of port workers in new york and new jersey walked
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busiest port in the country to a standstill. port newark and elizabeth created a traffic jab of trucks approaching the shipping terminals. this stems from a -- an out of control driver careening down a busy sidewalk narrowly missing a man as he jumped out of the way. new jersey reporter brian thompson spoke exclusive with that man who barely avoided serious injury or perhaps even death. chilling. a minivan drives right through a busy intersection, swerving onto the sidewalk. >> i was watching in complete disbelief. >> reporter: he's coming straight at louis couldn't believe his eyes. that's him jumping over a snow pile and into the street.
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how close this really was as he jumped out of the way. the car careened off walls, stripping wood and metal from store fronts, leaving tracks in the snow. >> i was very frightened. as a matter of fact, when my boss showed up i was kind of shaking. >> reporter: the minivan ended up hitting an out cropping in the wall, bringing it to a stop. but here in bergen county there have been three other cars that have jumped the curb in recent years. >> it's out of control. i've seen a lot of accidents. >> reporter: the hudson sheriff says no evidence of alcohol was found but the driver did appear this sidewalk. he was cited for driving with a suspended license. the new york city council will vote next week to give itself a sizable bump in pay. council members' salaries will
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that marks the first pay increase since 2006. that also limits counsel members' outside income. >> coming up, why folks on long island and in new york city may soon see a significant increase in their natural gas bills. and in lodi, after days of clearing snow from their parking spaces, now the fight to keep the fruits of their labor. speaking of snow, there's not much left around here after all the warming this week. guess what? it gets even warmer.
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the hunt on tonight for five burglars who ransacked a home in queens. police say the thieves broke into the home near 144 avenue and 230th street in springfield gardens. it happened this morning. officers canvassing the scene after getting a call of a burglary in process. the suspects got away. it is not clear what they stole. the bridge linking staten island and new jersey is going to close this weekend as part of an ongoing construction project. it shuts down at 9:00 tonight and won't open until monday morning. gas bills could be on the rise for some customers in new york city and long island. national grid has filed rate
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if it's approved a typical new york city residential heating customer will see their bill jump by about 14%. it comes out to about $13.98 a month. for a long island customer that increase would be about 12%. national grid says the increases are necessary to pay for a safer and more reliable infrastructure. a ban on a proposed pilgrim pipeline project, a 178-mile dual pipeline that would transport crude oil. so far it's unclear if this ban along with 11 others holds any legal weight. coming up when we return, your full weekend forecast and why what's left of the blizzard could be just a memory soon. also, kra dramatic new numbers from the jersey shore. just how bad the blizzard was
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first here's a look at
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lester holt joins us now from des moines iowa. >> hey chuck. good evening from des moines tonight. my exclusive interview with hillary clinton as the white house confirms troubling new information about what was found on her personal e-mail server. what she told me about the investigation. we'll take you to brazil and ground zero of the zika outbreak. and tom brokaw on the closing days of a circus that plays out here in iowa every
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news 4 is also going to be covering the caucus. melissa russo is going to be in iowa. the battle against the snow in lodit is. >> reporter: lodi homeowners say the furniture and garbage left in the street is making their town look bad. >> i understand you have to get out. but to reserve the space, you know, it's just not right. >> reporter: after more than two feet of snow fell during the blizzard last weekend, people spent hours digging out their cars. in exchange, some people think they now have a right to those parking spots and they're holding them with an eclectic mix of household items. befound
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full patio set. putting household items in the middle of the street is technically a violation of an ordinance. but so far the police haven't given out any tickets. but the department posted a warning to residents on facebook, adding that it's not just unattractive. it's unsafe. >> we ask that if you put in the road, it has to be removed. it could cause an accident. >> reporter: some think that in this case with near record snowfall drives rs who cleared the space could claim the space. so far there have not been any disputes in the town over a reserved parking spot. let's keep the snow talk right now. the first blizzard of the year come and gone. but the damages on new jersey
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time to fix. 19 of these beaches have major erosion. a new report showing the most severe loss of sand happened in northern ocean county on long beach island. the beach dropping as much as 15 feet and as much as eight feet in atlantic city. it's been a rough wakeup call for some new jersey people this week. >> they've been dealing with a horrific smell on board. a lot of these complaints involve the 6:57 a.m. express. you may remember passengers had the same complaint last april. officials say the smell might have been coming from a mulch factory less than a mile from the rail yard. that is a very strong smell. >> have you experienced that, janice? >> no. that's not any my line. i have passed by paper mills. it's about the same. not nice. anyway, weather around here is
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there tonight. as a matter of fact, winds are gusty gusty. and we've got to layer up, but not for long. the top of the rock camera shows it's pretty quiet but trust me it's chilly out there. 38 degrees right now. doesn't seem so bad, but it feels like 30 degrees. that's because we've had gusty winds all day long moving in with this small little weak clipper system that came through, the one that brought the flurries and the sprinkles today that didn't amount to too much. gusts between 35 and 20 miles per hour this afternoon. it's still blustery out there. that's going to stay with us tonight. by the end of the weekend it's warming up again to near 50 degrees. by wednesday next week it turns stormy and even warmer. these were today's high temperatures. a lot of areas were above 40 like morristown, the city of
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right now you're down in the 30s but still above freezing except for monticello where it's 27. feels like between 16 and 32 degrees. it's cold. and those winds coming in sweeping the little bit of moisture that we had offshore across the area. like i said, a few sprinkles and flurries. nothing measurable. by sunday we expect full sunshine and then that warmup to begin. so for this evening it will feel like the 20s in the city. by 11:00 around 20 and the teens overnight. maybe some windchills in the single digits to the north and west. it's temporary, though. tomorrow we'll climb through the 40s with a mix of sun and clouds through the area. by sunday it's a lot warmer. we'll come close to 50 degrees by then. a high of 48. that warming trend continues. by tuesday we're into the low 50s.
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mid to upper 50s. this day we may see some thunderstorms coming through as the warm air moves in, a cold front comes in and this time lots of heavy rain that will clean off the streets and sidewalks from all the dirty snow just sitting around. tonight windchills in the teens. in the morning 27 in long island and coastal connecticut. you're in the upper 30s to near 40 by the average. mix of sun and clouds for the city tomorrow. it's chilly but not dreadfully cold. the winds die down around midday. north and west, 24. watch out for black ice in those communities. clouds fill in during the day but it stays dry. sunday it's nice and sunny up to 48. monday, 52. we just keep kind of climbing although we come back a little bit of groundhog day. 48 degrees with some sunshine.
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>> i think we over sold the car video. the fellow who supposedly had a close call with a run away car in jersey city. >> he walked out of the way, didn't he? >> he just stepped over the snow. thank goodness it was a little bit lower than it was earlier this week. >> in any event, our apologies. excitement builds for super bowl 50, big money of course being wagers on that game. the american gaming association estimates $4.2 billion will be bet on the super bowl here in the united states. most of those wagers, though, done illegally. right now a federal law bans all sports betting outside of nevada. but the association which pushes for the legalization of sports gambling says wagering has never been more popular. >> when i look at sports betting
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on the highway. it's something everyone's doing and no one seems to care. >> the national counsel on problem gambling says there are 6 million american who is fit the criteria of having a gambling addiction. the more ajority of those people make their bets illegally. coming up in sports the knicks have lost four and a row and they are winless this season. what's melo's status?
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welcome back. a couple of basketball games tonight. busy night in basketball, the knicks and nets both in action tonight. the nets are in dallas. the knicks host the suns at the garden. last night they fell to the raptors in toronto. but they were shorthanded playing without carmelo anthony. melo is still dealing with a sore knee. por carmelo is expected to be back in the starting line-up tonight. believe it or not, spring away. the yankees didn't make any big moves in free agency during the off season, but they did trade for one of the best closer in
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>> what does it mean to have chapman as the closer? and do you feel like he will be a player for the yankees within the first 40 or 50 games? >> that remains to be seen. that's up to major league baseball. we have three guys that are capable of closing. that gives us options if a guy needs a day off, or a guy needs to go down for a couple of weeks, the bullpen will continue to be strong. the panthers and broncos meet next sunday in santa clara. the steams head teams head to california this weekend. players and coaches thanked the fans for their support. and thomas davis was among those who fired up the crowd. davis plans to play in the big game despite undergoing surgery on monday to repair a broken arm. the panthers are the faftd vorites. the broncos spent the day on the
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for the second time in three years. peyton manning is making his fourth trip to the big game. he has one colts. when manning takes the field next week, he will be the oldest quarterback ever to start a super bowl. at the australia open it's serena williams in the final. going for her 7th aussie final and her second championship. the action will be underway at 3:30 tomorrow morning. andy murray will face novak djokovic in the semifinals. murray had to rally in the fourth and fifth sets. the match lasted four hours. it will be murray's fifth trip to the finals. he has never won an australian open title. djokovic and williams
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