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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  January 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag. two united club passes. priority boarding. and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. r the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. right now on today in new york, police have an arrest for the attempted lure of a little girl in queens. plus what investigators say about the town's first homicide in 20 years. and there is more e-mail controversy for hillary clinton's campaign. as the state department confirms confidential confirmation on her
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welcome to today in new york on this saturday. it's january 30th. >> pretty chilly still out there. we've got storm team 4 meteorologist raphael miranda watching for us. >> good morning. it is a cold start to the weekend, but it gets milder day by day. right now you do need to bundle up. nice and quiet out there. no rain and no snow to track on this saturday morning. but we do have the cold in place. these are your temperatures. 28 in central park. most of us in the 20s. we even have some teens north of town. 17 at this hour in dan bury. 18 in poughkeepsie. as you're planning your day, it's a dry day. so that's good news on this saturday. it's going to take awhile to warm up. 28 now. back to the mid-30s by lunchtime. and today's high, 40 degrees. it gets better day by day. we'll look at temperatures in the 50s coming up in your
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few. over to you. happening right now, police are searching for the driver in a hit and run crash that sent a woman to the hospital. >> investigators say the woman was trying to hail a cab in williamsburg. a gray bmw was spotted leaving the scene headed eastbound. police ask you to call crime stoppers with information. new information in the search for a man wanted on trying to lure a girl in queens. >> police say cameras caught him as he stalked a 10-year-old girl walking to school yesterday, motioned for her to come to him. when she ignored him, he crossed the street and reached his hand out to her. fortunately a school crossing guard scared him off. >> she knew enough not to go near him. >> police made a quick arrest.
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after the nypd released the video and posted wanted posters throughout the neighborhood. he's now charged. this morning a community in shock. a husband charged with murdering his wife in a quiet new jersey town. police in north arlington, new jersey, were called to an apartment building for a welfare check. they found the body of luisa pleger. her husband eric pleger was also inside and taken into custody. he's now charged with first degree murder. one neighbor who knew the victim says he's stunned by the violence. >> i used to talk to her. she was a nice lady. like, really, really kind. it's just a shame. i can't believe it. >> the murder is the first in the borough for at least 20 years. we're hearing communication
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the pilot was forced to drop the plane to 10,000 feet in a matter of minutes. this is what it sounded like inside the cockpit. >> 549, clear to land on runway 338 with 310 at 10 knots. take the time on the runway. vehicles are standing by. >> calm voices when all that is going on. the plane did land safely in toronto and nobody was hurt. operations are back to normal this morning after a strike by longshoreman. the new york shipping association represents some of the workers and said the walkout was in violation of the union's collective bargaining agreement. we've got information about
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the raccoon tested positive for rabies. people are warning people to stay away from the wild creatures. 6-year-old harry is out of the hospital this morning though. his mother says he's doing well despite those gashes on his face. poor little guy there. the raccoon attacked the boy when he was walking to school earlier this week. a neighbor ran to the rescue and killed the rabid animal. crews are cleaning up ps-58 after a norovirus outbreak. ten were out sick with the virus yesterday. a dozen were sent home on thursday. there is alarm in new york city over the zika virus. a pregnant woman is the latest
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millions around the world are infected. but what about an outbreak here in the u.s.? here's what a health official had to say. >> but in reality, you have to say we believe -- we don't know, we believe that it is unlikely that it would happen. >> a vaccine is reportedly in the works. meanwhile, the cdc is urging pregnant women against traveling to brazil, the u.s. virgin islands, and the dominican republic. also new danger for families in flint, michigan. water filters handed out to water residents may not be effective enough in removing lead. recent tests from two dozen homes showed lead levels far above what the filters are rated to handle. they're now urged to use bottled water and to regularly test their filtered water.
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hillary clinton's campaign is being dealt another damaging blow. while she hit the trail yesterday, the state department for the first time confirmed that e-mails containing sensitive government secrets were on the private home server. more than 20 of them so sensitive, they cannot be released to the public in any form. clinton's campfired back called it over-classification run amok. john kerry fielded questions on the subject in quebec. >> i can't speak to the specifics anything with respect to the technicalities, the contents, what may or may not have taken place with respect to the personal server. that's not our job. >> kerry made those subjects after meeting with the foreign minister and their mexican counterpart.
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lester holt, clinton maintained she never had any information that was classified. asked if voters should be concerned, here's how she responded. >> no, they shouldn't. i just don't see it as anything that will in any way cause any voter to -- a voter with an open mind to have any concerns. >> well, republicans immediately pounced on the news. jeb bush tweeted, we need a president who can be trusted to keep our secrets secret. and marco rubio told a campaign that it is, quote, unacceptable and a disqualifier. well, there are still a number of investigations under way into her private home server. including one for the fbi. the race for second place in iowa is heating up this morning. donald trump remain this front runner. and some pundits are criticizing the other candidates for not taking advantage of the
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marco rubio, chris christie, and jeb bush marching on. >> the one person hillary clinton does not want to face is me. and this is why she consistently attacks me more than anybody else in this race. >> i think every candidate who's running for president owes it to the men and women of iowa to show them respect to come in front of them and answer questions about their record. >> here's some perspective. donald trump so confident about iowa, he spent the day in new hampshire. you can see our report from the trail beginning sunday night at 6:00. of course we'll bring you everything you need to know on monday when the iowa caucuses officially begin. we'll bring it to you. new this morning, a 7.0 earthquake rocked far east russia overnight. the powerful quake struck the peninsula. no serious damage or injuries and no tsunami warnings issued.
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saturday morning, big question. will serena williams make history down under? we'll have the latest from the australian open. plus getting to the root cause of manhole fires and how utility workers keep your power flowing. news 4 gets an inside look inside con-ed later. it's cold out this morning, but there's a major storm on the way. will it bring rain or snow this time?
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a live look there as we take a look outside. 6:12 this morning. 28 degrees. a little cool this morning. remember last week? >> that thing, yeah. >> the blizzard maybe a distant memory adds it's melting. >> it's good the snow is melting quickly but we are talking about the manhole explosions. there have been hundreds since the storm. how have the utility crews been
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well andrew siff got an exclusive look. >> reporter: we are inside con edison's training center where workers are taught what to do in case of a manhole fire. you'd never think something this explosive could begin as melting snow. but after a storm like the one that just pounded the tri-state -- >> salt water is a known corrosive. >> reporter: -- we are still feeling the effects. so this is an exclusive look inside con edison's manhole simulator. that's fog, not smoke. and the sound effect of an electric charge. all designed to show what these real workers face today. after another rash of manhole fires. explains engineer jane shin. >> a manhole fire occur ifs there has been a long-term corrosion and a buildup. >> reporter: like these real
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>> this coupler here has been eaten up. >> reporter: that workers showed us. one of more than 500 manhole fires since the blis ard. >> amazing how the entire subterranean city survives three feet of snow in the winter. but i think con-ed is doing a really good job. we did not lose power at all. >> reporter: of course thousands of people have lost power for short outages. >> all i did was saw darkness and smelled, like, smoke. >> reporter: which is why workers are putting in 12-hour shifts to keep a lid on things. they're also analyzing bits and pieces of cables that have been burned in past manhole fires. a reminder of the dangers that may lie ahead. andrew siff, news 4 new york. >> now to raphy and the weather. >> in some areas we are down to zero inches of snow. there were six yesterday.
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27 inches. and there's still snow around other spots in the tri-state. especially the big mounds of snow. the melting continues even today even though we have a chilly start out there. we'll be back above freezing by the afternoon. then it gets milder day by day. still snow on the sides of the roads especially. what we need now is a good rainstorm to wash away a lot of that snow and that's in the forecast. 28 degrees, we have mostly clear skies right now. cold start to the weekend, but milder tomorrow for your sunday. then it turns stormy by the middle of the week. we are talking about rain, though, and not snow for wednesday. temperatures 20s around the cities. 32 jersey city. temperatures in the teens and 20s in many areas. it's definitely a morning where you need to layer it up. 28 degrees outside right now. it's going to take awhile for those to bump back into the 30s. through the middle of the morning.
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then it starts to cloud over later on today. temperatures are pleasantly cool. no major winds. again, this doesn't feel too bad. you can see on storm tracker, very quiet picture here. city. and it stays that way around the area. clouds begin to facility for in later on this evening. 7:00, no rain or snow. and tomorrow is dry as well. milder. and it goes on day by day. 40 degrees for your high today. it's chilly but dry. overnight tonight, 35 for your low. not nearly as cold. temperatures generally around or even above freezing around much of the tri-state under mostly cloudy sky. and then the seven-day forecast shows near 50 tomorrow. that's a great day to be outside. lots of clouds, some sunshine as well. we're into the 50s on monday with a couple of showers there. tuesday we catch a break, 47.
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56 degrees. yeah, i have a feeling that's going to be a lot of the last snow we see around here for awhile. 56, heavy rain and thunderstorms as well in the forecast. more of a spring day for wednesday. then it does get colder by the end of next week. want to stay up-to-date with the news 4 app. tab the news 4 logo. use our interactive radar and learn how to submit your own weather video. the app for iphone is available on the app store right now. >> all right. i know you've been following this. big tennis fan there. angelique kerber upset top seed serena williams for her first grand slam title. williams seemed off her game all morning long. she hit one long to give kerber the victory. and it was only williams' fifth
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but she remains one win behind steffi graf's record of 22 grand slam titles. the knicks lose a streak at home and the nets not successful on the road. >> that's right. harry cicma has more in your saturday sports. >> good morning, everyone. this knicks played the dechlding champion warriors on sunday. so the giem with phoenix was a close one. carmelo anthony and kristaps por sin gas back in the starting lineup, that porsingas. here's the night belonging to him dunk over the 7'3" player. but this was all knicks.
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four-game skid and win easy 102-84. the nets were in dallas taking on the mavericks. drives in and finds parsons in the corner and he buries the three. the end of the quarter, the nets with a foul to give. they don't give it though. and raymond felton hitting the jumper at the buzzer. that puts the mavs up by 16. the nets lose this one. they have lost seven of their last eight games. brooklyn is right back at it tonight in new orleans. to college basketball where iona and manhattan have gone head-to-head in the last three mac championship games. iona looking for some revenge last night. second half, gaels up nine. three consecutive three pointers. and that extended the iona lead
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williams and mohamed each had 15 points. iona wins 70-56 the final. they move to 8-3 in conference play. the super bowl still eight days away. the panthers and broncos will meet next sunday in santa clara. the teams head to california this weekend and yesterday in charlotte, thousands of panther fans came out to wish their team good luck. players and coaches thanked the fans for their support. and linebacker thomas davis was among those who fired up the crowd. davis plans to play in the big game despite undergoing surgery on monday to repair a broken arm. the broncos spent the day on the practice field. denver back in the super bowl for the second time in three years. quarterback peyton manning is making his fourth trip to the big game. he has one championship with the colts already so there's a lot of speculation that the 39-year-old manning could be playing in his final game.
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week, he'll be the oldest quarterback to ever start in a super bowl. the panthers are the favorites heading into super bowl 50. that's it for now. enjoy the rest of your saturday, everyone. for today in new york, i'm harry cicma. coming up after the break, david bowie's estate. we'll have the latest on his final wishes. but first here's dave karger with your fandango weekend ticket. >> hey, everybody. there are four movies to tell you about this week. the animated film "kung fu panda 3," "fifty shades of black," "jane got a gun," and "final hours." let's begin with "kung fu panda 3." the latest chapter in this franchise is the best one yet. i loved the new characters and i'm not embarrassed to say this movie made me laugh and cry.
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this is the latest spoof from marlon wayans. check your brain at the door and enjoy all the silly humor. next up is "jane got a gun." this is a violent western starring natalie portman. if you're looking for some old fashioned action, then this is your best bet. and finally we have "the finest hours." this is an inspirational drama of a coast guard rescue of a crew in the early 1950s. it's got on impressive cast and features some of the best stunt work i've seen in a long time. now let's see what movies our fandango fans are buzzing about on fan-ticipation. here are this week's scores. so that's what's going on at the movies. for today in new york, i'm dave karg perp
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>> cat greenly sits down with shay mitchell in this week's talk stoop. >> shay mitchell, you are an actress, a spokesperson, an artist blogger. i think a lot of people would look at your career and say wow at such a young age, such great things have happened, you must never have a bad day in life. >> yeah, well. we always compare our reality to other people's highlight reels. i'm happy with where i am right you. >> thank you. the stoop is also very happy. that's the face of joy. >> exactly. right there. >> most well known for the show "pretty little liars." personally? >> horrible. that's why i don't ask questions. i don't want to know who "a" is.
6:23 am
sad look i'd be like, fine, it's so-and-so. i don't ask so i don't actually know. >> even though you're a star of "pretty little liars," you say you're not a good liar. but what do you do better than anyone else? >> dancing, love dancing. >> well, then you've just booked yourself into showing us a dance move. >> this is one of the ones i do. but pop your hip and do it. it's like the booty shake. yeah. move it with your pelvis and adds your hands into it. pretend there's a fan in front of you, it's blowing your hair. all right. okay. >> thanks for being on the show. >> very few people realize i'm wearing those same exact pants right now. you can watch a half hour of "talk stoop" with cat greenleaf on cozi tv. >> recently i was really
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passing of david bowie. we have now learned his final wishes. >> his 20-page will was filed yesterday. bowie asked that his ashes be scattered in a buddhist ritual in bali. and he left his home and half of his estate to his supermodel wife iman. his son and daughter both received 25% of his worth as they put it. he also gave large sums of money to his long-time personal assistant. also his daughter's nanny. bowie died at age 69 following an 18-month battle with cancer. coming up next at 6:30 on today in new york -- >> it broke me. i was totally broken. >> a mom in a legal battle over a foster child takes her fight to facebook. plus we've got exclusive video of an suv rolling down a sidewalk. we'll hear from the man who narrowly escaped the out of control van. temperatures in the teens
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just before 6:30 on a saturday morning. a view of the brooklyn bridge and the east river. welcome back to today in new york on this saturday morning. i'm gus rosendale. >> and i'm lynda baquero in for pat battle. what a difference a week makes. >> your timing is impeccable. this time last week was a little different. >> little busy last week. >> but we have a meltoff going on. we're sitting pretty, raph. >> little more in other spots like jfk but still we keep melting it day by day. it could be icy in some spots again. we have to watch out for that. temperatures in nassau county in the 20s right now. 28 in massapequa and 27 at this hour in north merrick. above freezing again and the melting continues on this saturday. up to 40 in central park.
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should be this time of year. 37 your high is rybrook. beautiful saturday. 41 degrees down the jersey shore. overnight tonight, not as cold. down to 35 in the city. it's a milder night all around the tri-state. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. 33 in asbury park. coming up we'll look at the seven-day forecast and 50s and some rain on the way coming up. over to you. >> thank you. now to a wild one. out of control driver down a normally busy jersey city sidewalk narrowly missing a man as he jumped out of the way. new jersey reporter talked exclusively with the man who barely avoided serious injury, possibly even death. >> reporter: the video is chilling.
6:27 am
intersection swerving onto a sidewalk. >> i was in disbelief. he's coming right at me. >> reporter: luis couldn't believe his eyes. that's him jumping over a snow pile and into the street. >> when i got about here i noticed he was going straight down the block now. >> reporter: from another angle, you can see how close this really was as he jumped out of the way. the car careened off walls stripping wood and metal from snow fronts leaving tracks in the snow. >> i was very frightened. as a matter of fact i was shaken. >> reporter: the van fit a cropping in the wall bringing it to a final stop. but here in montgomery, there are three other cars that have jumped the curb in recent years. >> it's getting out of control. i see a lot of accidents, see cars speeding 60 miles an hour. >> reporter: the hudson sheriff says no evidence of alcohol was found but the driver did appear
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he was cited for driving with a suspended license. brian thompson, news 4 new york. we've got a travel alert for drivers on staten island and new jersey. the bayonne bridge will be closed. the bridge is set to reopen on monday morning at 4:30. a family's fight over a foster child has exploded on social media. >> he was taken away from his foster family when he was 3 years old. they have been trying to win back custody of him. here's michael george. >> it broke me. i was totally broken. >> reporter: hilda ramos says her son was taken away and now she's fighting to get him back. this is 14-year-old duane. we're not showing his face because he's a minor. they're not related by blood, but to hilda that doesn't matter. >> i am his mother. i am the one that loves him.
6:29 am
comfort. >> reporter: as a baby duane was placed with hilda's mother as a foster child. but after she died, duane's biological father got custody. hilda claims he is in an abusive home. >> when he is screaming to me to stay with him, to help him, and i'm walking out a door and leaving this child screaming once again feeling abandoned. >> reporter: now the ramos family has taken the fight to facebook. they posted his story online. it went viral. and now thousands of people across the world have offered support. >> this is giving me that little bit of hope that i needed to just keep on fighting. >> reporter: new york's administration for children's services told us, quote, we're deeply troubled by these allegations and are actively investigating the situation to ensure we're going everything we can to provide the young person
6:30 am
home hilda says she's offering a loving home for duane but right now the system is against her. >> i'm so helpless because there's nothing i can do. i have no rights. i think the system has failed in more ways than one. >> reporter: i spoke with duane's father. he denies the allegations and says the ramos family has no rights to his son. the ramos family now has a lawyer and they plan to go to court to win custody. michael george, today in new york. right now investigators are collecting dna samples from a convicted sex offender. they believe he could be connected to the disappearance of lauren spierer. he's now behind bars on an unrelated charge. spierer was at a party with fellow students more than four years ago. >> i mean, my parents were freaked out, for sure. they were nervous of me being
6:31 am
>> there weren't a lot of details as to what could have happened to her. it could happen to any of us. >> police are not saying what led to this latest search. an oregon judge called two anti-government protesters a threat to the community. the judge denied bail for two men who occupied a wildlife refuge. video showed the moments before their arrest when police finicum. finicum's family, however, says the shooting was not justified. authorities in orange county, california, say they have recaptured an inmate who escaped from jail. bac duong asked a stranger to call police and turned himself in. they used a rope of bed sheets
6:32 am
a manhunt still for hossein nayeri. >> how much would you pay for a fiat with a little pope history? we'll tell you how much it went at auction. and we return with a check of the forecast. chilly temperatures right now but a change on the way.
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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are you seriously talking about 50s in the forecast? >> i love it. >> yes. we are seriously. we had that burst of cold in january, then the snow, now back tonche el nino winter. which means mild. >> no complaints. >> i'm sure we're fine with that after what we went through. rain to wash away that snow that's taken up so many parking spots around the region. we're tired of seeing the snow and ice piles. 28 degrees this morning. mostly clear skies and lots of sunshine throughout the day. let's look at the weather headlines. it is a cold start to the weekend. temperatures now in the teens
6:35 am
it does get milder day by day. tomorrow we're back to the mid-40s to near 50. it does turn stormy as we head throughout the week as well. right now we are tracking temperatures in the 20s across eastern suffolk county. 26 degrees in east port. we have temperatures in the teens in poughkeepsie and danbury. this is what you need to dress for this morning. feels like 17 in morristown. and feels like 19 at this hour in islip, long island. on the storm tracker, nice quiet picture here. high pressure in control today. temperaturewise where we should be this time of year. average today is 39 degrees. it's a typical january chill. we're at 40. just one degree above our average high for today. so this is what january should feel like. you can see on future tracker around 12:00 today, the sunshine continues through the morning.
6:36 am
otherwise nice and quiet on this saturday. now, heading into sunday morning, looking at 9:00 a.m. here. partly cloudy skies and tomorrow is milder. temperatures well into the 40s. major melting. there might not be a lot of snow left in your back yard after tomorrow. going to see another dent in that snow. it does stay dry up until monday morning. today going for a high of 40 degrees. it's chilly but dry. overnight tonight down to a low of 35. so not nearly as cold tonight as it is right now. temperatures in the 30s and upper 20s around the region. and you can see in the seven-day forecast, look at those 50s. 51 on montds. now, we could see a few showers especially monday afternoon. nothing heavy there. 47 on tuesday. heavy rain a chance on wednesday. temperatures well into the 50s. want to stay up-to-date with all the ups and downs on the news 4 weather app. scroll down and select the
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learn how to submit your own weather video. the app is available in the app store right now. one of the two fiats that shuttled pope francis around the city is for sale. >> went on a auction last night. >> proceeds from the event will go to charity. the other fiat will be showcased at the auto show over the weekend and may also be auctioned off. i don't think you can actually get inside. unless you have a blessing. >> this is not the new york fiat. i guess he had a bunch of them. >> i guess in philly they had their own. we'll see what happens to the new york bunz. coming up after the break, hispanic women and cervical cancer. why so many are at risk. and getting your pet licensed. we'll take you through that. plus we'll introduce you to some adorable animals looking for a
6:38 am
this morning the white house is lending its support to governor cuomo's push for family leave. the two men shared their personal losses in an emotional call to action. both cuomo's father and biden's son died last year. >> the one thing they want is just the solace of you holding their hand. >> i know the feeling. i went through it last year with my father. we knew he had weeks, he had months at most. that was the time to be there. that is a precious, precious time. >> the governor has proposed 12 weeks of paid family leave. that would be paid for by individual workers out of their paychecks. you have until tomorrow to avoid a fine and sign up for health insurance. people who don't have coverage
6:39 am
sunday to choose a plan under the affordable care act. anyone without insurance after that date faces penalties. go to to enroll. new york and connecticut have their own state exchanges. two new medical marijuana exchanges are open on long island. one in lake success and another in riverhead. they will distribute. 14 dispensaries are open statewide. revealing concerning results for hispanic women. >> we get the questions patients should be asking in this week's visiones. >> a new survey shows women are more likely to have a regular hair stylist than an obgyn. that's concerning for hispanic women. according to holy named medical center, hispanic women have the
6:40 am
we have more on the a rming survey results. good to see you, lisa. this is important information for all women. we want to tell people this survey was sponsored by the foundation for women's cancer and gen tech. how surprised were you at these findings? >> to be honest with you, when i heard about the statistics, i was not surprised at all. i feel like i see these women on a daily basis. it's surprising to me because cervical cancer should not be a cancer women get especially in the united states. >> and we're going to talk about the types of testing you can do and how it's covered. let's go through the results here. you're saying less than a quarter of hispanic women have spoken to their doctor about cervical cancer in the past 12 months. tell us a little bit more about that. >> well, i think women in general don't want to go to the obgyn. as you mentioned, they'd rather get their hair done, nails done. >> a lot more pleasant. >> exactly. and i always tell patients, yes, this exam is uncomfortable.
6:41 am
and it only takes a couple of seconds. >> and you say usually it's covered, correct? >> it's 100% covered. with the new affordable care act, preventive services for women are 100% covered. so there's no reason women should not see their obgyn. >> and in the survey, almost half didn't see their obgyn in the past year. what are some of the reasons? do you think cost is a factor? >> i think they don't know that it should not be a factor. also, too, women go to their obgyns when there is a problem. whether it's discharge, an odor, or something feels uncomfortable, or they're pregnant. when i say when was the last time you saw an obgyn, probably when i last delivered. >> only a quarter of hispanic women are confident they could identify the symptoms of advanced cervical cancer. whap are some of those symptoms?
6:42 am
so cervical cancer is a slow-growing cancer. it could take about ten years for these cells to become cancer. by the time there is a cancer or tumor present, women bleed. they may have some discharge. they may have pain with intercourse or bleeding after intercourse. these are all the things that -- >> and only one in ten women report that their doctor brought up cervical cancer at their last appointment. so is it incumbent on the patient to ask? >> i always say that the patient should be the biggest advocate. you have to go in with a piece of paper at every single doctor's visit. because the time the doctor has with you is very limited. so usually when a patient comes in with that piece of paper, i do sit down and make sure all the patient's questions are answered. and i always ask at the end of every visit, were all your questions answered? >> the patients should do that. make a list of questions to ask and make sure they have it in their visit which should be
6:43 am
no excuse there. lisa, thank you so much. good information.
6:44 am
it is 6:51. let's check across the street with erica and craig to see what's coming up. >> just ahead on a saturday morning on "today," all eyes on iowa. two days now to go before the caucuses. hillary clinton's e-mails have become the focus again after 22 of them were just deemed top secret. how could it affect monday's caucus? we're live in des moines. and the latest on the man in the case featured in "making a murderer." new evidence that steven avery's lawyer says could help free him. and drone racing. we're taking you inside the new competition. and dylan dreyer rolling with the pros at the bowling alley.
6:45 am
change the, shall w say, typical stereotype about bowling. >> we'll have those stories and much more for you guys when we get started on a saturday morning. >> all right. we appreciate it. see you in a little bit. the time is 6:52. time for this morning's pet profile. the importance of licensing your pets. christine from new york city here to explain. good morning, guys. good to have you with us. i'm always reminded of scenes from my favorite movie "annie" where she pretends the dog is hers and the cop asks do you have a registration and license. >> it's very important. one, it's the law. you need to have it every time you're outside the house. when your dog is outside the house. also it keeps your pet safe. you have to have your rabies shots. obviously we just saw there was a case of rabies -- >> with a raccoon.
6:46 am
>> exactly. it's very important. you have to have your rabies shot. it's very easy. >> what information are they looking for and what do you have to do? >> go online. you can fill out the application online. you can have them mail one to you. you can print one out there. you just fill it out, you have proof of -- that they have their rabies shots which is not hard. because it's just on the little rabies tag. and that's it. you're done. >> and also name tag is not a license. but what sort of key information should you have on your animal? >> i would say just the phone number. i mean, you could have the pet's name, but i would not put your address on there. >> oh, just the phone number. >> just the phone number. >> our dogs, we put the whole address. these days it's probably a good thing not to. and the traditional way, the tag and the licensing. but also the microchipping is important these days too.
6:47 am
case they lost their collar. >> they do tend to get out of it. it's amazing how they can weasel out of it. >> and it breaks, off they run. >> all right. you have today -- i dare suspect this is a family. >> yes, its sure is. >> what do we have? >> this right here is remy. they're all 11 weeks old. this is brother, this is sister shazam. and brother diego. >> hello, there. okay. and how old would these guys be? >> 11 weeks. >> so they're babies. >> they're babies. >> and where do they come to us from? >> they're strays. >> they were all found together? >> all found together. >> so sad. >> so they're going to be at an event today. >> where at? >> at the petco in riverdale. >> and how are you guys doing these days? i know this is the time of year you get a ton of cats?
6:48 am
>> do you need a hand here? >> no. we're okay. >> okay. >> not too bad at this point. and the snow, i hate to say, this helps. >> it keeps things down a bit. >> yeah. they don't come out and get feisty. >> it's going to be 50 degrees. speaking of feisty, there you go. you can find more information about these pets on the website on the screen there good to be with you guys.
6:49 am
behave for uncle pete. bye, see you guys later. [boys screaming] now time warner cable makes your internet go faster. up to 300 megs. are you having fun? yeah it's ok. it's good. in-home wifi powered by the latest equipment available to cover all your devices. so when you need more from your internet, it's there for you. discover how much more is included. get 50 meg internet for $39.99 per month. call 1-855-want twc.
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yikes. buses and cars are driving on what looks like an ice rink. whoa. this is in the caspian sea region. drivers went skidding through an intersection. forecasters blame a rare and sudden cold snap. and even with the old, close calls, fortunately there were no collisions. well, it is carnival time in new orleans. this year's celebration is a short one. tuesday is just over a week away on february 9th. >> and that means it's closer to easter and closer to the spring warm weather. it's coming our way soon.
6:51 am
seven-day forecast. not right now though. it feels very wintry outside. we have windchills in the upper 20s in the cities. we've got lots of teens north and west of town. 16 in white plains. 15 in newburgh. that's what you need to dress for on this saturday morning. by the afternoon it gets milder. back to a high temperature of 40 degrees today. loads of sunshine. especially early on. and it's not as windy as yesterday. that's a big difference. yesterday was breezy and blustery. today the winds are much lighter. tomorrow, 48 for your high. so we're near 50 already on sunday. lots of sunshine early. more clouds later on again. and then monday we're into the 50s. couple of showers across especially late monday. tuesday we dry out and then wednesday that's a significant storm moving through. showers, thunderstorms windy. but look at that temperature. 56 degrees. not much snow left at all in central park, it'll be gone by
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