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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  January 30, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> thank you. right now a 29-year-old man is behind bars this morning accused of trying to lure a little girl in queens. >> surveillance cameras caught him stalking his victim. today ray veada joins us with the latest. >> reporter: that suspect is in custody here this morning. he's here for questioning. police say he tried to lure a 10-year-old girl on her way to school yesterday. surveillance video as you mentioned shows that suspect eyeing the little girl as she was walking to school. police say he was scoping her from across the street. investigators say he tried to call the girl over, then crossed the street and tried to follow her. the girl ran down 81st street yelling for help. a crossing guard was able to get that stranger away, care him away. after releasing that video, police were able to arrest that man. we're told he is in custody.
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to know this man is off the streets. a hit and run crash sent a woman to the hospital. the woman was trying to hail a cab in williamsburg when she was hit by a speeding vehicle. a gray bmw was spotted leaving the scene on the bqe. if you have any information in this case, call crime stoppers. >> a funeral is planned today for a young new jersey family who died in a tragic carbon monoxide accident last week. the family was overcome by carbon monoxide inside the car. the father was digging the car out of snow but did not know the tail pipe was covered. the funeral takes place in about an hour in new jersey. a woman was murdered in a quiet new jersey town and police
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this morning that community is in shock. police in north arlington, new jersey, were making a welfare check at the river view apartments and inside an apartment they found the body of 45-year-old luisa pleger. officials say she may have been dead for at least a day. her husband eric pleger was also custody. he's charged with first degree murder. one neighbor who knew the victim violence. >> i used to talk to her. she was a really nice lady. like, really, really kind. you know, it's just a shame. i can't believe it. >> the murder is the first homicide in the tiny borough in at least 24 years. we are hearing audio in the middle of an air emergency. the plane was flying from newark to vancouver when the cabin pressure dropped. so the pilot went down to 10,000 feet in just a matter of minutes.
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>> 549, clear to land runway 338 with 310 at 10 knots. take the time on the runway. vehicles are standing by. >> calm and controlled despite the chaos. that plane did a land safely. nobody on board was hurt. operations are back to normal this morning after a strike by longshoremen halted terminals in new jersey. thousands of workers walked off the job yesterday. a labor dispute volling outsourcing triggered the strike. the shipping association represents some of the workers and said it was in violation of the union's collective bargaining agreement. >> an update on a story getting attention around here. the new jersey boy who was attacked by a raccoon on his way to school, he's undergoing a series of vaccination shots. handing out fliers in elmwood park. they're warning people to stay away from wild creatures. meanwhile the boy is out of the hospital. mother says he's doing well
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his face. as we've been telling you, that raccoon attacked the boy as he was walking to school with his mom this week. a neighbor ran to the rescue and saved the boy and managed to kill that animal. crews are busy scrubbing down a school hit by a sickening norovirus. at least 10% of the students were out sick with the virus yesterday. a dozen students sent home on thursday. there is a troubling new development in the flint, michigan, water crisis. health officials saying water filters handed out to people there may not work. recent tests of water samples from two dozen homes revealed lead levels. residents are now urged to use bottled water and regularly test their so-called filtered water. >> now to decision 2016. and hillary clinton's presidential campaign which is being dealt another damaging blow just days before the iowa caucuses.
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trail yesterday, the state department for the first time confirmed that e-mails containing secret information was on her e-mail server. they can't be released to the public in any form. clinton's campfired back calling it, quote, overclassification run amok. the news came on the heels of an interview with lester holt yesterday where clinton maintained she never sent or received any information that was marked classified. now as for whether voters should be concerned, here's what she had to say. >> no. they shouldn't, lester. i just don't see it as anything that will in any way cause any voter to -- a voter with an open mind to have any concerns. >> republicans immediately pounced on the news though. jeb bush tweeting we need a president who can be trusted to keep our secrets secret. and marco rubio told the crowd at a campaign event that it is
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there are still a number of investigations under way into clpt's use of private server including one by the fbi. the candidates all still trail donald trump in iowa. but the race for second place is heating up this morning. trump remains the front clear runner despite sitting out the debate. and some are criticizing the other candidates for not taking advantage of the spotlight. marching on though, crisscrossing the state of iowa to get out the vote. >> the one person hillary clinton does not want to face is me. and this is why she consistently attacks me more than anybody else in this race. >> i think every candidate who's running for president owes it to the men and women of iowa to show them respect. to come in front of them and answer questions about their record. >> donald trump is apparently so confident about iowa, he spe the day in new hampshire. decide the site of the first primary on tuesday. you can see reports from teletrail beginning sunday night at 6:00.
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everything you need to know on monday when the iowa caucuses officially begin. and of course when the results come in. we'll bring them to you. coming up right here on today in new york, caught on camera. a mom and daughter caught in the path of police chase. and whether you're invested in one of the super bowl teams or not, you'll likely invest on the event. what fans are expected to spend this year. raphy joins us with trivia. >> that's right. after the blizzard maybe you're hoping for spring. a famous furry friend will make his prediction. log on now. groundhog day trivia is coming
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smoking, you may need a little help. medications to help you stop smoking... including nicotine patches, gum and other medicines, are available to medicaid members. call your doctor today to get the help you need to quit smoking... so you can always be there for her. 30 degrees as you head out the door today. good morning westchester county and b the entire tri-state area. but another weather story taking shape out west. >> yeah. we've got some high tides threatening homes on the pacific coastline.
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collapsing because of heavy erosion. >> high tides are the result of this year's el nino. >> apart from this mild winter, that pattern is returning. so if you like the mild stuff, you're going to be happy with the seven-day forecast. even though it is chilly outside right now. and just low 30s in the city. dealing with a mosy sun sky. looking good. just bundle up and grab the hat and you'll be fine. 30 in central park. it is a cold start to the weekend. you can see that in your weather headlines. turns milder tomorrow. that's when you notice a big difference temperaturewise. and stormy middle of the week. could see a significant rain event. temperatures now around the city in the low 30s. 32 jfk. 29 at this hour in floral park. temperatures still in the 20s in
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25 in poughkeepsie. 25 in newburgh. the windchill takes the temperatures down a bit. feels like teens in white plains. feels like 26 as you're starting your weekend in bridgeport. that's what you need to dress for as you're heading out the door. you can see lots of sunshine now from new york city all the way down the jersey shore. sunshine into westchester county as well. it's going to be chilly today, but that's a typical january feel. today we're going to be just around the average. maybe one or two degrees higher. but overall just a day to wear a jacket. and thankfully we'll be dry and rain free. you can see on future tracker, this is 1:00 today. sunshine continues to dominate our day. high pressure staying with us through the evening. if you have dinner plans tonight, no problems here. it's not wet but a little chilly. grab the jacket. sunday morning at 9:00 a.m., day starts out dry. and the clouds roll in as the
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pretty cloudy day especially by the afternoon. but a big difference temperaturewise. tomorrow we're well into the 40s, maybe even 50 in some spots. not today though. 40 degrees is the high temperature. overnight, down to 35 for the low. not as cold as recent nights. get a bit of a break there. look at the forecast, not a lot of cold there at all. tomorrow we're near 50. chance for some showers on monday with a high of 51 degrees. tuesday we're dry and slightly cooler. and then wednesday that's when temperatures peak in the mid-50s with a chance of heavy rain, showers, and thunderstorms throughout the day on wednesday. you want to stay up-to-date with the news 4 new york app, tap the logo in the corner then scroll down to the weather tab. the news 4 new york app is available on the app store right now. the final wishes of music legend david bowie have been revealed.
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in it bowie ask his ashes be scattered in a buddhist ritual in bali. he also leaves his home and half of his fortune to his wife iman. each of his children get 25% of his worth. and his personal assistant and daughter's nanny get large sums as well. this morning we are getting a look at -- you can only describe this as breathtaking video from argentina. a mom and her daughter caught in the middle of a high speed chase. as we start, we want to let you know they are okay. here we go. video recorded this terrifying ordeal in san martin. three young men speeding away from police in a stolen car slam into the mom and baby. we're going to stop the video there. it's too brutal. the infant landed on the ground but the mom ended up on the hood of the car for about 900 feet. the car kept going. despite all that, amazingly, they suffered only minor injuries, thank goodness. rescue workers cheered and
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were hoisted to the surface in china. they were trapped more than 650 feet underground. they survived 36 days in a jypsm mine that collapsed on christmas. >> incredible. a lucky bidder is rolling like the pope this morning. >> a man snagged one of two fiats that shuttled pope francis around philadelphia. it was up for auction at a philadelphia auto show last night and the winning bid was $82,000. the other fiat is on display right now at the auto show and might also be auctioned off. unique vehicle to have. new this morning in tennis, big news. angelique kerber of germany pulled off a shocking victory. she upset serena williams for her first title.
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give kerber the victory. it was only williams' fifth loss in 26 grand slam finals. williams says she did give it her all, but she just can't win every single match. >> every time i walk in this room, everyone expects me to win every single match every single day of my life. and as much as i would like to be a robot, i'm not. and i try to. but, you know, it's not that i can. >> under a lot of pressure but fantastic play nonetheless. she remains one win behind steffi graf's title of 22 grand slam titles. >> i like that there. the knicks end a four-game losing streak at home. the nets not so successful on the road. >> harry cicma has more in your saturday sports. >> good morning, everyone. the knicks played the defending champion warriors on sunday. so friday's game with phoenix
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you can get in january. hosting the suns at the garden, carmelo anthony and kristaps porzingis back. that's porzingis cleaning up this misfrom melo with one of his signature follow dunks. that brought the garden to their feet and put the knicks up 19. here's the play of the night belonging to archie goode winn of the suns. but this one was all knicks. melo had 19 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists. the knicks win easy 102-84. the nets were in dallas taking on the mavericks. third quarter, brooklyn down ten. darren williams drives in and finds chandler parsons in the corner and he buries the three. end of the quarter, the nets with a foul to give. they don't give it though. and raymond felton makes them pay. felton hitting the jumper at the
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that puts the mavs up by 16. the nets lose t one. they have lost 7 of their last 8 games. brooklyn back at it tonight in neorleans. to college basketball where iona and two in order to advance to the ncaa tournament. iona looking for some revenge last night. gaels up nine. they heat up from downtown consecutive three pointers from a.j. english. move ham ed and williams during a decisive run. and that extended the iona lead to 17. williams and mohamed each had three. the super bowl still eight days away. the panthers and broncos will meet next sunday in santa clara. the teams head to california this weekend and yesterday in charlotte, thousands of panther fans came out to wish their team good luck.
9:18 am
fans for their support and linebacker thomas davis was among those who fired up the crowd. davis plans to play in the big game despite undergoing surgery on monday to repair a broken arm. the broncos spent the day on the practice field. denver back in the super bowl for the second time in three years. quarterback peyton manning is making his fourth trip to the big game. he has one championship with the colts already. so there's a lot of speculation that the 39-year-old manning could be playing in his final game. when peyton takes the field next week, he will be the oldest quarterback to ever start in a super bowl. the 15-1 panthers are the favorites heading into super bowl 50. that's it for now. enjoy the rest of your saturday, everyone. for today in new york, i'm harry cicma. >> and how about that big 5-0? those super bowl celebrations are going to super cost you. a national survey says you're
9:19 am
not $80, not $81, not $83. they're very specific over there. and 19 cents. thanks. okay. that includes -- what does that include? it includes food, decor, and also team apparel. that's more than last year. it's the highest in the survey's history. i don't know who they ask about this stuff, but apparently they do. >> nationwide average. in the new york area, probably more. >> any staples at your house for super bowl sunday? >> just beer. >> we could hang out. >> keep it simple, right? >> who are you rooting for? >> i guess the underdog. denver. >> carolina is looking strong. now let's go to ask pete what's coming up. >> good morning. what's the difference between a yam and a sweet potato. i get asked this, what's the difference between a russet potato and idaho potato.
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one potato, two potato?
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always my favorite time. time to ask produce pete. this morning we're going to be talking about idaho potatoes. but first you were talking about tomatoes. >> we actually talked about what's the best winter tomato. right after the segment was i got an e-mail from ira and christine weiner from west park, new york.
9:23 am
they have these in their living room. they're actually growing tomatoes this time of year in their living room. isn't that unbelievable? >> wow. >> so they're not quite ripe yet. i guess they'll ripen within a couple of weeks. so just remember me when they ripen. call me and we'll have a sandwich. thank you. it's always nice to get stuff like that. when people watch you and they hear from you and hear about stuff and then all of a sudden they send you something, it's really nice. >> yeah. know what to look for in a proper tomato. >> it makes my heart warm. what i said in the tease was a lot of people want to know what's the difference between a yam and a sweet potato. but anyhow, they always ask me what's the difference between a russet and an idaho potato? this potato we see in the store all the time, people say i want the idaho. what it is is is it's a russet burbank that's grown in the state of idaho.
9:24 am
we have a picture here. if you look at the box, it will say idaho but on the bottom it will say russet burbank. there's 30 different varieties of potatoes grown in the state of idaho. yukon gold, fingerlings, red potatoes. but the most popular of all is this russet burbank. now, these are grown all over the united states. but the idaho russet burbank is the most popular basically because of volcanic soil, really cool nights. when these potatoes cook up, they're a little bit fluffier. it's actually where they grow. >> i didn't realize they originally come from south america. >> actually, potatoes were purple and started in south america years and years ago. now, the idaho is like i said the most popular of all the potatoes. basically like i said before, because of the growing conditions and everything. when buying them, what you want to do with a potato basically,
9:25 am
to make sure it's free of all cuts. when you get the potato home, you want to keep it in a cool place. you don't want to put it in a refrigerator where it's very, very cold. potatoes even when they grow in cold weather -- you'll see sometimes that when you cut a potato open or have a baked potato and you'll see a little black in the middle sometimes. that's basically from too much cold. it's been too cold. so you want to keep potatoes around 40, 45 degrees. you also never want to just stick a potato in the refrigerator. and most of our modern refrigerators now, we have the little compartments in there where you keep it. that's where you want to the put it. because they'll pick up tastes from the other things you have in the refrigerator. there's a lot of different ways to buy them. you can buy them loose like this. you can buy them in these five pound bags like this. when you buy them like this, they're on sale in the supermarket. and you're going to have a
9:26 am
you might have some small to some mediums to some large in there. there. they're available. they're really good. a quick tip. years ago we used to wrap potatoes in foil and bake them. you never want to put them in >> oh. >> what happens is when you put them in foil, it steams the potato. so you really want -- the best way to make a baked potato is take a little olive oil on the outside, little salt and pepper, and bake it in the oven that way. it'll come out good because you want to eat the skin of the potato because it has nutrients. about 125 calories for a potato. betty scooped them out, whipped them up, put sour cream in there, put them back in there. we don't have a broiler here. but once you bake them, stomach them under the broiler for a few minutes. >> i love all kinds of potatoes. now i know how to make them good baked. >> a quick tip. a quick little note and we'll
9:27 am
weeks, but i'm running a column in "the daily news" and i'll be every week telling you about different things to look for and different produce. so look for my column in "the daily news." i appreciate it very much. >> and also send your questions and also on facebook and twitter. >> how long you bake them for? >> probably -- what i always do is take a fork and stick it in. so i would say anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes depending on how hot the oven eh. but if you take a fork and stick in it in there and it comes out without potato on it, it's done. more coming up on today in new york including coverage of our top story. >> reporter: a suspect is behind bars right now. police say he tried to lure a 10-year-old girl.
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sky cam giving us a live look at the roads this morning. just a little bit of snow left. i think as the days go forward here, that's going to be gone. >> probably by the middle of the week. >> welcome back to saturday's today in new york. i'm gus rosendale. >> and i'm lynda baquero. let's see how warm it's going to be and what it's going to be like today. let's check in with raphael miranda. >> good morning. the melting continues on later today. but right now it's still chilly oud out. sunshine from new york city down the jersey shore and a few
9:31 am
it does stay dry through this saturday. temperatures 31 in astoria. most folks around the city are just around freezing right now. temperatures will be slow to climb. when they do so middle of the afternoon, it feels much better. up to a high of 40 in central park. 36 your high in rye brook. not as blustery, not the same wintry feel. 37 your high in lake caramel. overnight tonight mostly cloudy and not as chilly as recent nights. bottoming out in the mid-30s in the city. 35 in central park. even in the suburbs well north and south of the city not stemming that far. 31 your low in arlington. coming up we'll look at the seven-day forecast and explain when a major storm is coming our way. that's in a few. over to you. >> thank you. there is a sense of relief in parts of queens this morning after police announce an arrest in the attempted luring of a
9:32 am
>> today in new york's ray villeda joins us with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, gus, a lot of relieved parents waking up to the news this morning that a suspect is in custody here at the station house. police say that suspect tried to lure a 10-year-old girl. police released this surveillance video yesterday. in it you can see a man walking down the street with a blue or purple backpack scoping someone across the street. police say it was a 10-year-old girl on her way to school. investigators say he tried to call the girl over then crossed the street and tried following her. the girl ran down 81st street yelling for help. a crossing guard was able to scare the stranger away. an arrest was made last night. we know right now that suspect is here in custody. police haven't released his identity and they tell us charges are on the way. we're live in jackson heights this morning, i'm ray villeda. investigators collecting dna samples from a convicted sex offender.
9:33 am
connected to the disappearance of lauren spierer. this comes as police and fbi raided a second home where justin winches used to live. he's behind bars awaiting charges on an unrelated crime. >> my parents were freaked out for sure. they were very nervous about me being alone, walking alone at night. >> there weren't a lot of details as to what could have happened to her. it could happen to any of us. >> a lot of questions here still. police aren't saying what led to this latest search. the suspect's lawyer says his client denies knowing anything about lauren spierer's disappearance. two anti-government protesters were called a threat to the community. the judge denied bail to the two arrested from a oregon wildlife refuge. video shows their arrest moments before police shot and killed lavoy finicum.
9:34 am
one of three inmates who escaped from the orange county jail in california. bac duong told a stranger to call police and turned himself in. they used a rope made of bed sheets to help in the breakout. the manhunt is still out for the other two escapees. there is growing concern around the world and in new york city about a zika virus. a third person has now been diagnosed with the mosquito-bourn illness. it can cause severe birth defects. whap are the chances for an outbreak in the u.s.? one high ranking health official had this to say. >> but in reality, you have to say we believe -- we don't know -- we believe that it is unlikely that it would happen. >> well, a vaccine is reportedly in the works and could be ready by the end of the year. in the meantime, the cdc is
9:35 am
traveling to 24 countries including brazil and the u.s. virgin islands. you have until tomorrow to sign up for the affordable care act to avoid a fine. new jersey residents can go to to enroll. new york and connecticut have their own state exchanges. the governor cuomo wants to extand family leave in the state. joe biden and the governor share passions for the change. both cuomo's father and biden's son died last year. >> the one help they want is just the solace of you holding their hand. >> i know the feeling. i went through it last year with my father. we knew he had weeks, he had months at most. that was the time to be there. that is a precious, precious time.
9:36 am
weeks of paid family leave that would come out of the workers paychecks. for those of you that drive in new jersey, the bayonne bridge will be shut down this weekend. workers are raising the roadway to allow larger ships to pass underneath it. the bridge is set to reopen on monday at 4:30 in the morning. it was an unnerving experience for a man walking down a sidewalk. >> we see a minivan jumping a curb and heading slowly towards luis pavone. la voen, you can see him there, jumped over a pile of snow to avoid injury. that van stopped when it veered into a store front. >> i was watching in complete disbelief at this point. you. >> coming right at me. s i was frightened b. when my boss showed up, i was kind of shaken. >> that exclusive look there. the driver appeared disoriented but there was no evidence of
9:37 am
the driver cited for driving with a suspended license. still ahead right here on today in new york, one man takes the search for his biological family to social media. gus has his emotional story coming up after the break. and raphael's got the forecast. wait until you see something approaching 60 degrees on the seven-day.
9:38 am
welcome back. you may be holding the answer to the question in this next story. a question one bronx man has been living with for 45 years. he wants to identify his biological family. now he's sharing his personal journey on facebook. already tens of thousands of people are joining him. >> reporter: is it tough to be here? >> yeah. it feels a little weird because i keep playing scenarios out in my head. >> reporter: jordan christopher is a man who doesn't know his actual birthday. >> i wonder about it every day. >> reporter: jordan was abandoned on the seventh floor of the sedgwick houses in the bronx when he was roughly five months old. 45 years later he's on a mission
9:39 am
why she left it. >> i just woke up it was like 7:00 in the morning and i woke up and posted the video. tired of carrying it along with me. >> reporter: jordan posted a video on facebook sharing his frustration. >> always grew up knowing that i was abandoned. >> reporter: he originally intended for a couple of friends to see it. so far more than 15,000 people have viewed the clip since it went up on sunday. is it hard for you to share that sort of thing online, something so personal? >> yeah. it took a lot. i've been contemplating that for years. >> reporter: jordan is the first to admit he's had a good life after being adopted by a loving couple. >> but there's something about knowing where you came from. >> reporter: a search for family now aided by thousands of strangers. whether or not you get the answers you're looking for, have you gotten something else so far? >> like i said, it helped me change my view of the world. it made he realize how many other people are going through this like myself. >> reporter: he may have been abandoned at the start, but
9:40 am
far from alone. along with thousands of views, jordan's video has also gotten hundreds of shares. it is on our facebook page, mine as well. put it out there, his hope to -- >> i saw you asking people. >> he's 45 so mom, you know, might be an older woman watching. again, you don't know the story. and he's looking for something. >> hopefully the more it gets out there someone can make the connection. >> but he considers himselves very lucky. raphy has a look at the forecast. >> we're back to the 40s. not a lot of snow except for the blizzard. just that one little incident we had. no big deal. second biggest snowfall ever in new york city. 30 degrees outside. lots of sunshine. that's going to help raise those temperatures hour by hour. this is the coldest right now. upper 20s to low 30s. you can see in the weather headlines, cold start to the weekend. but it gets milder tomorrow for your sunday. then it turns stormy as we head towards the middle of next week.
9:41 am
and west of new york city and to northwest new jersey. it is a chilly temperature picture this morning around or below freezing in most spots. there's not a ton of wind. when you factor in the wind, it takes the windchills down a little bit. we're talking about teens and 20s. probably three or four layers needed. feels like 19 at this hour in white plains. here's a look at storm tracker. shows a quiet high pressure day. clouds starting to filter that sunshine in the hudson valley. and nassau and suffolk counties, you're also looking good so far. later on this evening, a quiet night. partly cloudy around 7:00. temperatures stay in that cool zone in the mid-30s. a cool night ahead. and skies become mostly cloudy. but we're seeing rain and snow free on this saturday. this is 2:00 today. sunshine dominating our weather through the afternoon. around 9:00 tonight, mostly cloudy skies. we'll set this into your sunday here. not much going on again.
9:42 am
and milder. temperatures surging well into the 40s tomorrow. and that trend continues above average temperatures throughout much of next week. 40 degrees your high for today. just about where we should be this time of year. chilly and dry. winds light out of the southwest. mostly cloudy and not as cold as recent nights. and the seven-day forecast shows lots of warm weather coming our way. we're going to melt any snow that's left over probably by wednesday. you can see some 50s in the works. tuesday 47 and then mid-50s with some heavy rain on wednesday. you want to stay up-to-date with the news 4 new york app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner then scroll down and find there it is the weather tab. see the latest forecast, use our interactive radar, and learn how to submit your own weather video. the app is available in the app store right now. and while you're online, you want to play our interactive trivia game. today's questions are inspired by groundhog day.
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e ar bac ite smart. she's celebrating her second win with our weekend trivia. maybe she'll make it three in a row. now we send it over to raph. >> two wins. that's an elite club there. for those of you joining fwr the first time, here's how you play. log onto you can play on any smartphone, tablet, computer, or web enabled device. the questions will pop up on your tv screen and you'll have 12 seconds to choose an answer
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while you're online, chat with your fellow trivia players right there on the site. all right. let's get that countdown clock started, guys. there's milltown mel the second in new jersey. ohio's buckeye chuck. but the punxsutawney groundhog club says their critter is the only true forecaster. and only the president of their club can understand groundhogese to tell if there's going to be an early spring. the holiday has been going strong since it started. the only way to play is by logging onto good luck. question one. the groundhog is said to predict what? lotto winners, presidential elections, or the length of winter. we're starting easy. groundhogs are counted on to define from their shadow this information. the length of winter.
9:45 am
will be six more weeks of winter. only trained interpreters know what they're saying. number two. the grond hog from punxsutawney is named bob, phil, or carl? it's funny, carl, to hear what this critter a has to say. it's phil. the punxsutawney groundhog club says phil is the original groundhog and the only one, of course, who can really predict the weather. all right. question three. new york city has its own groundhog. it's known as chuck, kenny, or jim. you may have noticed that de blasio no longer holds the groundhog after its untimely demise a few years ago. he's hands off now. it's number one. staten island chuck, of course. and chuck is an alias. the particular groundhog in question with the de blasio incident was a girl named charlotte. question four. which actor starred in the movie
9:46 am
ie was directed by harold ramis. he starred in ghost busters and stripes. it's number two. bill murray was in the movie about a weatherman who live this same day over and over. all right. question number five. which of these is not a nickname for a groundhog. chipmunk, woodchuck, or whistle pig. they are usually hibernate during the winter months. number one is the answer. chipmunks. they are also known as whistle pigs. and i think we have some in the studio right now. i hear the whistle pigs. question six. groundhogs have made krixs in which medical field? skin cancer, weight loss, or liver disease. groundhogs have been studied for years to battle human ailments
9:47 am
according to cornell, woodchucks have led them to prevention in hepatitis b and liver cancer. which one is not one of punxsutawney phil's names. furry phil, sage of sages, or weather prophet. the groundhog from punxsutawney has a long name, but it's number one furry phil. he's the seer of seers and weather prophet and most photographed pennsylvanian. question eight. according to legend, punxsutawney phil is at least this old. 100, 129, or 8. the average life span for a groundhog is six to eight but not for phil. legend says he's number two. he's 129 years old at least. the groundhog club in punxsutawney says he's given a magic elixir every year that prolongs his life by another seven years. why seven?
9:48 am
which animal was used for the tradition before the groundhog? a deer, mouse, or badger? according to the usa today german settlers brought this tradition with them and used this to help them. number three, the badger. german immigrants to pennsylvania reportedly replaced the badger with the more abundant woodchuck or groundhog. question ten. iceman, thunder conductor, and moonshine are all members of the outer rim, the inner circle, or the upper crust? you can spot them wearing top hats during the celebration. they are number two, the inner circle. also known as the punxsutawney groundhog club. they are responsible for putting on the celebration at gobbler's knob every year. great game, everyone. that was fun. web id 9173 is the winner prp i think we know more about groundhogs than we every thought we would.
9:49 am
there were curve balls in there. 9166, you are the winner. don't forget to fill out the form at the end of the game.
9:50 am
the blizzard may be melting away. but days of digging out have -- >> rubbing their neighbors the wrong way by trying to reserve their fruits of their labor. jen maxfield has the story.
9:51 am
melting piles of snow looking dirtier by the way. lodi homeowners say the furniture and garbage cans left in the street is making their town look back. >> it's not your property there to reserve. you have to get out, i understand. but to reserve the space, it's just not right. >> reporter: after more than two feet of snow fell during the blizzard last weekend, people spent hours digging out their cars. in exchange, some people think they now have a right to those parking spots. and they're old holding them with a mix of items. we found buckets, garbage cans, milk crates, stools. the police say they found a patio set. putting household items like these folding chairs in the middle of the street is technically a violation of a lodi borough ordinance. so far the police haven't given out any tickets. but the department posted a warning to residents on facebook warning it's not just unattractive, it's unsafe. >> we ask if you do put it in
9:52 am
removed. it is a hazard. >> reporter: some residents think in this case with near-record snowfall drivers who clear the snow can claim the spots at least for a week. >> they work hard for it to clean it. and for somebody else to come and just take the spot like that -- >> reporter: lodi police have said so far there have not been any reports about disputes in town sparked by an argument by a reserved parking spot. i'm jen maxfield, news 4 new york. >> for now at least this problem is going to be diminishing. >> slowly. >> central park officially has no snow on the ground, but the piles. those are the parking space piles. i think we're going to need that rain on wednesday to melt all of that snow. i want it gone. i live in jersey city. it is a mess. parking is a nightmare right now. there weren't a lot of cars parked during the snow. so those didn't become spaces. now they're just snowed >> everywhere. >> because it was a weekend storm. people just left, i guess.
9:53 am
we were all working. >> we sure were. it was a lot of fun. it was just a week ago. it seems like so long ago to me. >> what we have today is 30 degrees. meltage. i'm going to steal that. 40 degrees for the high later today and lots of sunshine. overnight tonight, 35. so we're not refreezing tonight. but you can see north and west again. the real melting, the good stuff starts tomorrow with a high into the 40s, near 50. notice it's try throughout teleweekend. and then monday couple of showers into the low 50s there. what's left of the snow will probably be gone on wednesday. 56 that's your high. heavy rain a possibility. sunny. >> heavy rain into february, how about that. for you. which of these things just does not belong? if you guess the sea lion in a store, golly you're right. he's perched.
9:54 am
the animal climbed up 145 stairs up a tunnel from the cave where it lives. apparently the cave's near the store and there you go. >> workers in la jolla, california, said they were getting ready to close when the sea lion just waddled out of the door. they finally lured it back to his home using salmon.
9:55 am
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