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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. >> trouble for a new york giant. rookie jay bromley accused of attempted rape after agreeing to meet a woman at a manhattan hotel room. breaking news out of new jersey. a child plunged several stories from an apartment building. good evening. i'm natalie pasquarella. i'm rob schmitt.
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and that child has died. >> it happened on newark avenue where michael george is live with these breaking details. >> reporter: just in the last few minutes we learned some new details. a young boy aged 2 or 3 fell from the top floor of this seven-story apartment building and we just learned he didn't survive the fall. police are still on the scene investigating what happened. they haven't released any official information but a witness says the young boy fell from an open window to the pavement below. we saw a blanket marking the spot where the child fell. this is a seven-story apartment building and he fell from the top floor. here's what a witness told us. >> i saw the baby on the floor. i saw the baby on the floor, and he got a lot of blood on the head. i see the window open. that's the only thing i can say.
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on scene right now trying to find out exactly how this happened and whether there was any criminal negligence. michael george, news 4 new york. >> michael, thank you. breaking news out of denver, colorado. violence erupts at a motorcycle expo leaving one person dead, several others injured tonight. shots were fired. there was at least one stabbing this afternoon. at the national western complex. authorities had to evacuate the coliseum. investigators aren't sure yet if gangs were involved. police have not made any arrests. new at 6:00 -- two inmates who escaped from a california jail are back in custody tonight. jose nairi and jonathan chu were taken into custody this morning in san francisco after being tipped off. they broke out of a jail more than a week ago with a third inmate. he surrendered to police yesterday. they were awaiting charges on
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they cut a hole in a metal grate, crawled through the plumbing tunnels and rappelled four stories. a new york giants player is being investigated tonight after accusations of attempted rape. a woman met up with him in a hotel room last night after connecting with him on insta grahame. she claims he took things too far and tried to rape her. the woman climbod to the hood of his car and suffered minor injuries when he drove off. the new york giants issued a statement saying we're aware of the situation and we'll continue to monitor it. we've notified the league offers per the league's protocol. investigation. a woman is fighting for her life while the hunt sofor the driver who ran her down and never stopped. this happened on metropolitan avenue and rodney street. it's an intersection that many call very dangerous.
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>> reporter: yellow tape sits here metropolitan and rodney street. a woman tried to hail a cab early saturday morning. instead of finding a ride, she was hit by a car. >> coming from all directions here. you have to like really just pay attention to, you know, all sides. >> you have people coming off the bqe, getting on the bqe and the traffic in general is just busy. i count this up there with one of the most busiest intersections in the city. >> reporter: they are looking for a gray bmw last seen heading east on the brooklyn queens expressway. it's believed to have front windshield damage. residents are not shocked. >> it happens on union and grand, too. a lot of the intersections around here, it's pretty common. i'm not surprised. >> reporter: since this
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businesses surveillance cameras. we tried to get the video from this business but it was not open just yet. if you know anything, give the nypd a call. a staten island woman faces dui charges after police say she ran a stop sign and crashed into into flames. this is the aftermath of that crash in clifton. police say 23-year-old jacqueline perez ran a stop sign and then struck that police cruiser. the cruiser then hit a tree before it burst into flames. two officers inside were treated for minor injuries. tonight, security is beefed up at some homeless shelters after the murder of a resident in east harlem. the mayor says the city will assess the security at all mental health centers. funding will be added to improve mental health services and peace officers will work security.
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suspect, anthony white, who fled the scene. a family buried two children who died sdurg during the blizzard. today funeral services were held. the children and their mother died of carbon monoxide poisoning last weekend when the father was digging their car out of the snow while his wife and children sat in the car with the engine running. >> very good people. very good. very nice family. i just can't believe it happened to them. >> just horrible story there. the children's mother was laid to rest on thursday. all eyes on iowa tonight. two days and counting until the caucuses. and the first actual voting in the race for the white house. donald trump and hillary clinton have small leads in the latest polls but the races are close, and the campaigning is very intense. nbc's steve handelsman joins us
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very latest. steve? >> hi, rob. here in des moines, the news from manhattan, the "the new york times" endorsing the candidacy of hillary clinton. it comes just a couple days after "the washington post" slammed the candidacy of her big rival sanders of vermont saying that bernie sanders' campaign is based on what the polls call fiction. and the former secretary of state, former new york senator, the democrat could use good news. she's gotten bad news just yesterday about the e-mail investigation. back to iowa where the polling traditionally, historically, can be pretty poor. that's got the candidates having hope and really busy schedules. ted cruz today at a rally in ames, iowa, with time running out. >> we have 53 hours until the iowa caucuses. >> reporter: call friends, get them to caucus. >> this is the men and women of iowa.
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>> reporter: marco rubio in iowa city. >> this is the last minute of the campaign. this is where desperation kicks in. >> reporter: the republican front-runner flew back to iowa. >> we have a chance to do something so great. make america great again. >> reporter: donald trump holds a nearly seven-point lead in polling in iowa over cruz who once led here and insisted the numbers are reverting. >> what do you say to the trump backers who used to back you and now back him. >> they're backing me once again. >> reporter: for hillary clinton, a reminder she's under investigation. more of what she e-mailed has been reclassified top secret. >> i'm really not concerned because it's the same story that has been going on for months now. >> reporter: clinton's held more than 90 events in iowa. bernie sanders has campaigned hard at 130 events telling iowa supporters if they caucus, they
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billionaires. >> if we have that courage, not only will we win in iowa and win the nomination, but employ more america. >> reporter: but first a big effort to get out the vote. caucus turnout is usually so small, just a few votes can make a difference so these candidates will keep pushing hard until monday night. live from des moines, steve handelsman, news 4 new york. >> thank you, steve. melissa rusie e ie so is on her way to iowa. look for her live reports beginning tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. a family affair. a father and son busted accused of running a huge drug operation together. what they found and where it all went down. coming up, a stunning upset at the australian open as serena williams meets her match. and raphael has a check of the forecast.
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temperatures seasonably cold i the 30s. does that mean rain or snow for us? we'll look at the seven-day
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when you're told you have cancer start with a specialist. start with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. on long island, a father and son duo face charges for running a drug operation out of their house. joseph fe aron and his son were arrested last night. they seized nearly $60,000 worth of heroin, cocaine and oxycodone and 200 grand cash.
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special operations team are cracking down and issues warrants at homes flagged by neighbors. >> people are sick and tired of people selling drugs in their communities. people shouldn't have to go out and get their paper and see someone completely strung out getting their next fix at the neighbor's house. >> so far police have executed nine search warrants and seized more than 2,000 grams of narcotics. the man accused of trying to lure a child in queens is expected to face a judge. he was arrested overnight not long after this video was released. he followed that girl along 81st street as she walked to school and tried to wave her over. the girl says he tried to grab her but a school crossing guard scared him off. he's charged with child endangerment and harassment. an update on that out-of-control driver who careened down a jersey city sidewalk. news 4 exclusively showed you this security video.
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a car jumping -- a van jumping a curb on thursday and almost hitting a person. the sheriff tells us the 31 driver had an apparent seizure. police issued him tickets for getting behind the wheel with a suspended license and careless driving. rent-stabilized clients are fight back against what they call landlord harassment. they held a rally outside two buildings on broadway near 124th street in harlem today. the building management company bcb is trying to force rent stabilized tenants to leave. the tenants say the company began gutting empty apartments while ignoring repairs in the occupied apartments. there are 70 open housing violations in just one of those buildings. >> tenant harassment will not be tolerated. as i said, we are now housing vigilantes. you've heard of the guardian angels. we're people against landlord
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>> the management company is owned by deborah lee sheraton. we reached out to the company but haven't heard back from her. coming up -- >> get ready for a big warm-up. how warm? raphael will have all the
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jamaica has its first case of zika virus, and it may have come from the united states. health officials confirm a 4-year-old child is recovering from the illness. the symptoms began shortly after that child returned to jamaica from texas. health officials want to know if the child contracted that disease in texas. already some 24 countries reported cases of this mosquito-borne infection that can cause birth defects in pregnant women. erica hill joins us with a look at ""nbc nightly news."" >> it's the final push by the candidates in iowa.
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until the first votes for president are cast. also this morning you were talking about the zika virus. wyle have more on that. plus flint, michigan, still struggling to deal with lead poisons in its children. and why cooking classes are now required at one well-known medical school. that's all ahead when we see you for "nbc nightly news." david bowie's final wish is to have his ashes scatter inside bali. he wrote in his will he wanted it done in accordance with buddhist rituals. most of his $100 million estate will go to his two children and widow. he also left $2 million to his longtime personal assistant and $1 million to the nanny of one of his kids. the 69-year-old singer died earlier this month after a long battle with cancer. going to go to raphael now. evening.
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>> that's the average high temperature. that's the high temperature for today. we're doing much more than that tomorrow in terms of temperatures in the next few days. you'll see in the seven-day forecast. not as cold tonight. that's when it starts. that's when you notice the difference. temperatures bottoming out in the mid-30s. a hint of spring on the way for tomorrow. then several chances of rain coming our way over the next few days. temperatures in northwest new jersey not too bad. mid-30s. 34 in high point. 35 in franklin. most folks above freezing right now. 37 in islip and melting continues, what's left of the snow. 37 in morristown. as you are planning your evening, temperatures in the mid-30s. chilly but relatively comfortable and dry. brisk at 9:00. 36 degrees at 11:00. mostly cloudy with temperatures in the mid-30s. it's still dry out there. mostly clear skies from new york city into the hudson valley. we have to go well into the
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rain across minnesota into iowa and the dakotas. this is our area of low pressure. it's going to track across the country over the next couple of days. doesn't get here until monday and monday afternoon. future tracker, 11:00 tonight, not much going on. mostly clear. quiet conditions into sunday morning. 9:00 a.m. and tomorrow is dry all day long, just like today. lots of sunshine. more clouds by the afternoon. what you can't see here are temperatures well into the 40s for sunday and even monday morning starts out dry. here comes our rain monday afternoon. the real heavy stuff arrives on wednesday. for tonight, 35 is your low. much less cold than we've been over the past few nights. 36 in garden city. many folks staying above freezing tonight. 33 in farmingdale. below freezing in cold spring. temperatures in the 30s. this is your sunday into the 40s. by lunchtime a little warmer and more clouds but nice.
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seven-day forecast shows that is a mild trend. 53 on monday. we should only be in the 30s this time of year. couple of showers possible. dry on tuesday. wednesday is stormy. heavy rain, thunderstorms a possibility. look at that high. near 60 in some spots on wednesday. whatever is left of the snow and ice, that's probably its last day to survive. 40s and drier on thursday. >> we're happy to hear about the melt. keep going. >> raphael, thanks. we'll get to an update on the sex assault investigation involving jay bromley. law enforcement sources tell us now after investigating and questioning both bromley and the woman who was the accuser, there are now serious questions about the woman's account. and as of now, no charges have been filed against bromley. of course, that investigation is ongoing. we have harry joining us now. serena. >> big news in the land down under.
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serena losing in an open final. that's what happened. and that's why we love sports because of these unscripted, unpredictable australian open results like in the women's final. angelique kerber takes down the number one player and stops a bit of history in the process. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the
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the verizon fios sports desk is brought to you by verizon fios. leave slow internet behind. get fios. under. all eyes were on serena as she looked to capture her 22nd title but she was met by the seventh seed, angelique kerber. the german trying for her first career grand slam championship. kerber took the first set, then
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we go to the third. and she upsets the world number one. kerber halts williams' bid and joins graf as the only germ apwoman to win a grand slam title in the open raerks. kerber became the lowest ranked open winner since serena and the first german to win it since steffi graf in 1994. >> i think i get the second chance, and i take my chance to be here in the finals to play against serena. and i'm really honored to be here and to win it, i mean, my dream come true tonight on this night. moving to basketball. orleans. they are looking to bounce back from last night's loss to deron williams and the mavericks. the knicks snapped a losing streak last night with a much-needed win over the suns at
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carmelo anthony was back in the lineup for new york. anthony playing with a sore knee. just missed a triple-double with 19 points, 10 rb rb ebounds and 8 assists. tomorrow they host the warriors from golden state, on pace for the best season in season history. the knicks know they have to compete tomorrow. >> we don't have any choice but to be ready. we better be ready to come in here sunday. i don't think it's about them. it's more about us and how we prepare and come into that game sunday. >> it's an opportunity for us. obviously the favorites but it's always an opportunity for us. i know that if we play hard and we are focused, we execute well, we'll be able to compete with them. in college hoops tonight, seton hall on the road taking on creighton. what a day on the links at the farmers insurance open at torrey pines.
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and, yes, he nails it. it's good for a double eagle. pretty impressive. moved him to 3 under for the tournament. ben crane and freddy jacobson also eagle today. scott brown your leader at 9 under heading into tomorrow's final. what a dramatic day on the course. pretty impressive stuff. >> intense.
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this pablo picasso painting stolen from a woman in new york has resurfaced thousands of miles away in istanbul. the painting has not been authenticated but authorities believe the art is his work which was titled "nude brushing her hair." >> police recovered the painting by posing as potential buyers. two suspects are in custody accused of trying to sell that piece for $7 million. >> very expensive. something else. >> check with raphael. >> let's look at those numbers. sdnts look like a january forecast. 47 tomorrow. milder as the weekend goes on. a couple of showers possible on monday. that's in the afternoon. look at the high. 53 degrees. tuesday, 48 for your high. lots of sunshine.
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