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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  January 31, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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right now on "today in new york," we have breaking news out of harlem. we're learning new information of what led to a slashing on a subway platform. plus, a violent night in the newark area where a police shootout and a suspected home invasion left two people dead. what police are saying about sexual assault allegations against a new york giant. good morning, welcome to "today in new york" at 10:00. i'm gus rosendale. >> i'm lynda baquero in for pat battle.
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>> very nice. storm team 4 meteorologist raphael miranda with a look at that. >> good morning guys. major melting under way. temperatures in the 40s already this morning. lots of sunshine as well. from new york city into the hudson valley. we've got sunshine for you in fairfield counties as well. temperatures around the city, already back into the 40s. it's 41 in central park, had 1 in staten island. never got too cold last night. temperatures in queens right now. middle village 42. we have 41 degrees in city island. well north and west of town, it's a mild january morning. 42 in poughkeepsie. it's 42 in danbury. as you plan the rest of your day, up we go into the 40s right lots of sunshine. clouds on the increase by the afternoon. but we are enjoying a mild day. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s today. some could even see 50. just to the west of new york city and this is just the beginning of a very mild and sometimes wet week ahead. we'll detail all the ups and downs coming up in your seven-day forecast in a few. lynda and gus, over to you. >> raphael, thank you.
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out of harlem. a man was slashed on a subway platform. >> lori bordonaro joins us with the latest information on what led up to the attack. lori? >> reporter: lynda and gus, police tell me a 27-year-old man has slash wounds to the face. this was not a random attack. this all started as a fight here between a man and bottom on the downtown 2 train platform at 110th and lenox a little after 5:00 this morning. the woman went to get her male friend who then slashed the man she had been fighting with in the face. this is the sixth recent subway slashing this year, including one on a 71-year-old man. on thursday, the chief of transit took a train ride with news 4 to reassure riders the subway is safe. the city has stepped up security with additional 1300 officers assigned to the stations every day much the riders are concerned that slashings are becoming a trend and are being extra cautious.
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your surroundings and the people around you. you don't have to be scared but you have to watch. >> reporter: police are still searching for the slasher in this morning's attack. so far, they've not released a description. lynda and gus, back to you. >> lori bordonaro reporting live from west harlem. thank you, lori. new information in a deadly double shooting in newark. >> investigators making a strong statement on guns in the aftermath of the killings. this after police responded to a home in the 300 block of clinton place at 9:30 last night. that's where a man and a woman were found shot to death inside an apartment building. three children, ages 1 to 6 years old were inside the house at the time of the shooting. none was injured. both newark police and the essex county major crime task force are investigating those killings. >> the newark public safety director, anthony um broes called the murders two senseless tragic shootings due to the availability of too many guns.
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you the latest information as it's available. also out of essex county, a traffic stop in east orange ended with a shootout with police. the man got out of his car and fired at officers. officers returned fire hitting the man at least once. that man was taken to a hospital in stable condition. the officer also taken to the hospital for evaluation and the incident itself remains under investigation. then just this terrible story here. a little boy fell to his death in jersey city. >> tragedy. a hudson county prosecutors are investigating but say it does appear to be an accident. the 4-year-old boy tumbled from an open window. he was found in the parking lot five stories below. first responders rushed him to the hospital, but it was too late. his name at this hour hasn't been released. >> very bad to see that. >> i'm very sorry for that child and that familiar i. >> i think they need to do something about it. it's only going to happen again.
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new jersey law and found that apartments are not required to have window guards. however, tenants have a right to demand window guards in new jersey if they have a child younger than 10 and make a request to the landlord in writing. we have an update on a hit and run we told you about yesterday. look at this gray bmw. the driver behind the wheel is responsible for a hit and run in brooklyn leaving a 27-year-old woman fighting for her life. it happened on metropolitan avenue and rodney street yesterday morning. the victim was trying to hail a cab when she was hit by the speeding car. the bmw has new york license plate gzy 2240. if you have any information on the driver, police want to hear from you. three sunni albany students are recovering from a possible hate crime on a bus. the three black female students were on the city bus yesterday morning when they say about a dozen white men and women attacked them. they say the group was using racial slurs. police are trying to confirm whether the attack was racially motivated.
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that some racial lurs were mentioned during this altercation. it's something that can't be tolerated and the police department is -- about the investigation now as we speak. >> albany police say the women were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. so far, no arrests made. >> police have not filed charges against a new york giants player being investigated on attempted rape allegations. a woman says she met up with defensive tackle jay bromley at a harold square hotel room after they connected on instagram. she claims he took things too far and tried to rape her. law enforcement sources tell us there are questions about her account and the investigation is ongoing. you have until the end of today to sign up for health insurance or you could face a hefty fine. midnight is the deadline for anyone who doesn't have health kofrn through their employer to choose a plan under the affordable care act. the penalty for being uninsured after today is nearly $700.
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how to enroll. now decision 2016. the countdown is on to tomorrow's caucus in iowa. nbc's chuck today joins us live from the hawkeye state with a preview. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, gus. it's great to be here in iowa. >> turnout. donald trump and bernie sanders don't have a lot in common but they both want big turnout it sounds like. >> you got that right. both of them are being powered by first-time caucus-goers. i think it's a little harder for trump even though he's ahead. the first time caucus-goers, he's looking for people that -- i ran into some of them who haven't voted in any election in 20 years. he's counting on people that have never been engaged in this process to show up. there's still people, despite the people that wait out in line in the cold, they're skeptical they'll show up. sanders wants the younger voters to show up.
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statistically, gus, we've not seen evidence that we'll see this massive rise in turnout like in 2008. so we'll find out tomorrow night. but right now it looks like it's not there. if it's not, that's good news for hillary clinton on the republican side. >> if history is a guide, the field of candidates starts to whittle down a little bit. on the gop front in particular, who might not move on from the hawkeye state do you think? >> well, i think you got to look at the folks that are trying to vie for sort of the evangelical, the christian conservative lane. you've got ted cruz, ben carson, rick santorum. huckabee and santorum, they've won here before. they're in low single digits in this poll. ben carson, at one time he led in iowa for a short period of time. if cruz looks like he's the candidate, evangelicals, i think that's the first place you look. but i think for most of the other candidates, they all want to have this, let me see how daye in new hampshire as well
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iowa could eliminate the christian conservative candidates and then new hampshire could win out the rest of the field. >> tracking with the latest hillary clinton e-mail controversy. >> it really depends. republican voters are more fired up about it than democratic voters. that's one of the questions about monday night. if you're already with hillary clinton, did anything that happened shake your confidence in her explanation and as far as any of the anecdotal, the polling, it seems to say no. but you never know if just small hesitation, the race is close enough. if she loses 2 or 3 points based on this, which is not a lot, it could put sanders over the top. >> thanks, chuck. we'll see you in a little bit. appreciate it. >> you got it, gus. stick around for meet the press with chuck todd at 10:30 after "today in new york." also tonight, our own melissa russo reports from iowa. you can catch her live starting
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new this morning, in that standoff in oregon. a video is now being released of ammon bundy's voice telling armed protester holed up in a wildlife refuge to go home. >> please stand down. armed standoff. >> bundy's attorney released this video of the jail leader speaking to his wife. he and seven of his supporters were arrested earlier this week refuge. they're holding their position protesting federal control over public land and they're posting live videos. the remains of a 13-year-old girl which were found off a highway in north carolina are being sent back to virginia for an autopsy. nicole madison lovel was reported missing on monday. her mother reported she climbed out of a window. 18-year-old david eisenhower is facing abduction and murder charges. he's a freshman at virginia tech. the two inmates that escaped
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after a week on the run, nay certificatei and tiue were captured in a parking lot. one man was arrested after a foot chase. the other found inside that van. >> the entire states can breathe a sigh of relief because we have the other two dangerous individuals back in custody where they should be. >> a third inmate turned himself in on friday. investigators say the trio escaped by cutting a hole in a metal grate, calling through plumbing tunnels and rappelling stories using bed linens. they're working to fix the security lapses. one person is dead after a violent rah brawl at a denver motorcycle show. three clubs were involved in the show. one person was killed. three others critically wounded and at least one person stabbed. so far, there have been no arrests. coming up on "today in new york," the mayor promised to get
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their homeless shelters. did he deliver? melissa russo finds out next in an iteam exclusive. temperatures on the rise today. 40s and 50s. how long will it stay dry? when is the next chance for rain? we'll let you know in the storm
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it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. crossroads of the world. filling up with people on a beautiful sunday. raphael here to take us through the temperatures and going up and up and away. >> a already into the 40s. we're going to time it out for you. need the umbrellas. not talking about snow in the seven-day forecast. more of a spring-like pattern. this el nino winter that we've seen, keeps us locked into that above average temperature pattern and that continues right now. up to 41 already.
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you can see the weather headlines. we're warming up today, tracking a few showers tomorrow. nothing heavy there. it is heavy tuesday night into wednesday. that's a soaker for the middle of the week. temperatures in the hudson valley, in the 30s right now. 39 in lagrange. 36 in stony kill. warming up in the hudson valley and the tristate. we will see some 50s in spots today. guarantee it. 45 in islip. 45 down the shore in long branch getting warmer hour by hour. you can see on storm tracker, lots of sunshine. putnam county and also orange county, you're looking good along i-87. ulster county, lots of sun for you. this is our next storm tracking across the great lakes right now. a cold front will sweep in with this, but not a lot of moisture. that's not going to change. this is not a big rainmaker. that changes, though, on tuesday night and wednesday. for this evening, it's mild, mostly cloudy. skies throughout the evening hours. great night for heading outside for dinner. nice and comfortable. you need a light jacket and
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mostly cloudy even at 11:00 temperatures still in the mid-40s. let's time out the rain for the next couple of days. rain-free at 2:00 today. sunny skies continue. by 9:00 mostly clear and still dry. stopping it for the morning commute on monday. quiet weather, no real problems. by 12:00, 1:00, we start to see a few showers. not everyone sees rain tomorrow. nothing intense. hit or miss in the afternoon. by the evening commute, cold front moved offshore. should be dry in the city, maybe leftover showers in suffolk county and down the jersey shore. then heading into tuesday morning, dry once again. 47 for a high today. lots of blue skies to enjoy, especially early on. enjoying that milder feel. yesterday had a chill in the air. not so today. 40 overnight. mostly cloudy a mild night ahead. winds will be light. seven-day forecast shows shower chance tomorrow, especially in
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a high of 52 makes it feel comfy. for tuesday, down to 47. wednesday, that's when temperatures peak between 55 and 60 degrees along with it, though, heavy rain at times. especially wednesday morning into the early afternoon. you want to stay up to date with the "news 4 new york" app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner and scroll down and select the weather tab. you can see the latest forecast. use our interactive radar and how to submit your own weather video. the app is available in the app store now. now to an isteam follow-up. we brought you the story of homeless children having to trek miles across the city to get to school. >> after seeing our story, mayor de blasio promised to change that. did he make good on that promise? melissa russo finds out in an iteam exclusive. >> reporter: before the sun comes up, the school buses pull up outside this homeless shelter in brooklyn. >> my new school bus is good.
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two little sisters are super excited. >> i like it. the school bus because it's yellow. >> it feels good to take the bus? >> yes. >> until the iteam got involved, this family and many others were denied school buses by the department of education, which said stopping at their shelters would put their bus routes over the city's limit of five miles. >> it felt sad and terrible. >> it kept on making me be late. >> it exposed how thousands of meless children living in shelters far from school were losing sleep, missing class, schlepping for hours on mass transit. that is, until mayor de blasio saw our investigation and ordered a change. >> we'll start school bus service for those kids. >> last week, those buses started rolling. >> you never had a school bus until now? >> until now. >> without the bus, i have to get the kids up at around 5:20. >> my oldest daughter was
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>> his mom is camera shy but she's smiling as she explains how the new school bus leaves her more time to earn money as a housekeeper. >> there's substantial numbers of new yorkers in the shelter now working. we don't want families to choose between work and school. >> the iteam found some working parents around children in shelters are still waiting for their buses. like this public school teacher who we're calling claudia. she didn't wish to be identified because she doesn't want her students to know she's homeless. >> they would be shocked. i'm a single mother of three children. i make just under $50,000. the d.e.o. provides cards but not bussing for my 7-year-old. >> his school is in the throgs neck section of the bronx. far away from their hotel for the homeless. >> it's long and it's cold. >> i start work at 7:00 in the morning. he starts at 8:00. where is he supposed to stand
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>> the iteam spoke to cool bus contractors, guidance counselors, shelter staff. all say the doe has been scrambling for a month to reroute buses as mayor de blasio ordered following the iteam story. everyone seems to agree it's a complicated expensive task in the middle of a school year. while we know wheels are turning for some families, the doe. cannot give an estimate of how many more homeless children have received rides to school since the policy change. in a memo obtained sent to schools on january 18th, the night before the new buses were scheduled to roll, d.o.e. staff says i hope you will understand the challenges we face as we endeavored in a period of less than four weeks to address transportation needs of over 2,000 students in more than 500 shelters who attend 1,000 different schools. the memo says bus companies did not have accurate telephone numbers for all homeless parents
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since claudia has not yet received a bus, her teenage son has been taking his little brother to school. the trip is long and they're often late. >> what happens when you get to school late? how do you feel about that? >> embarrass you had. >> the late nest is adding extra strain and stress for a child living in limbo. >> after school, the mom picks them up. it reminds him of all he's given up, like his home and favorite toy car. >> the yellow one. >> melissa russo for "today in new york." >> up next on this sunday morning, an historic moment at the australian open. plus, we'll show you the glitz, the glamour and the message from this year's screen actors guild awards.
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new this morning in the world in tennis. novak djokovic made history at the men's australian open. final i should say. he successfully defended his title defeating andy murray. it was his sixth australian open win. he's now tied are roy emerson for men's sing ms and tied with rod laver and bjorn borg with 11 grand slam titles. there were a lot of star sightings at the screen actors guild awards. >> it could be a good indicator of what happens at the oscars. >> leonardo dicaprio. >> yeah. this could be leo's time. he took home the best actor award for his lead role in the revenant. bree larson won for "room." after the uproar over idriss he
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>> welcome to diverse tv. >> look at this stage. i mean, this is what we talk about when we talk about diversity. you know, different race, color, creed, sexual orientation. >> "orange is the new black" from netflix won for best comedy ensemble. "spite light" upon for outstanding cast. we're coming back with a final check of the forecast.
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have a tip for new york's biggest i-team, call 866-news-244. we're almost in february. the temperatures are still above average. i like this winter. >> that has been the trend basically all winter long. that continues today. temperatures in the 40s outside. already headed towards a high of 47 degrees.
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forecast. sunshine and clouds today. really a fantastic day to be outside. overnight tonight, low of 40. a mild night ahead. tomorrow, tracking a few showers for the afternoon. 52 for your high there. tuesday a slight cooldown. back to the 40s. still above average. then wednesday, temperatures peak but also dealing with heavy rain there. 57 for a high for the mid of the week. umbrellas needed on that day. from the morning through the afternoon. temperatures gradually easing to what is closer to normal thursday and friday and saturday looks to be quiet as we head into next weekend. very nice. thank you, raphi. we thank you for spending your sunday morning with us. our next newscast is later today at 6:00 >> good to have you with us. >> my pleasure. meet the press is next. thanks for having us in for news.
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