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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we are beginning with breaking news out of long island. >> a student hit and killed by a car right near her school. this happened in elmont. >> we're there with the latest. greg? >> reporter: as you guys can see, elmont road hyped me is open to traffic once again. but this is where that horrible tragedy occurred this morning. police confirming that a 12-year-old girl was walking to school here this morning when she was struck and killed by a car. she's a 7th grader we're told from elmont memorial high school. the school about a block away from where she was hit here this morning. police telling me, there appears to be no criminality ilvolved in this accident. police say she apparently darted across the street outside of a cross walk and the driver struck her at that moment.
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student at nearby elmont memorial high school. officials have offered their condolences. they say they have grief counselors at the school on duty to deal with this horrible tragedy. an unidentified 12-year-old girl struck and killed here in elmont. hopefully we'll have a lot more on this later in the day. also following breaking news out of brooklyn. an nypd lieutenant stabbed in the arm by an emotionally disturbed person. the police officer is in stable condition and expected to e okay. we're also following breaking news in new jersey. police on the scene of a homicide on old river road in edgewater this is video just into the noom. num. in hoboken neighbors woke up
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police presence on a typically quiet street. we're hearing that a man was shot and killed, but other details right now are scarce. we have been there a morning long. tracey? >> reporter: we finally have late breaking details from the hudson county prosecutor's office. they confirm that a 51-year-old man was discovered inside of an apartment with a single gut shot wound to the torso. now in terms of the manner of death, they haven't released that yet. but it's certainly a turn of vents that has neighbors here on edge. the 700 blo of grant street has been locked down for hours. a husband and wife live in the three-story building are the focus of the investigation. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: christina lives right next door to the scene.
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our doorbell started ringing a bunch and i heard the lights flashing. i thought someone just had a good time on sunday or something. >> reporter: the hudson county medical examiner's office left the scene hours before detectives left with evidence. authorities say there's no risk ordaine engineer to anyone else in the area. but questions linger about the couple that called this building home. >> they're fairly quiet. i don't think they talked to anyone. >> it's really uncharacteristic for the city or the neighborhood. >> reporter: l e breaking details from the hudson county prosecutor's office. they confirmed to news4 that a 51-year-old man was shot and killed. a single gunshot wound to the upper torso. they say the investigation is ongoing. that's the lates live from hoboken. news4 new york. >> have to follow that one.
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another attack on the subway. this time they're looking for a slasher in washington heights. police say a man was slashed while riding the southbound c train last night. not much other information is known. he was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. police also looking for a man who slashed another man at a subway station in harlem yesterday. a woman got into an argument with a 27-year-old man yesterday morning, then she told a male an d he allegedly slashed that 27-year-old in his face. this was at central park north, 110th street. today, the ntsb expected to release new details about that deadly amtrak train derailment last may. it will include data from the trainees black box and a transcript with the engineer.
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just the facts, but it may shed a little bit of light on why that train tried to take a sharp curve at double the speed limit. a trial for an nypd officer who killed an unarmed man is delayed. there was an unexpected problem. news4 has details from outside of the courthouse in brooklyn. >> reporter: there was an unexpected delay as juror number ten had to go to the hospital. and the judge decided to move proceedings until tomorrow when two key witnesses are expected to testify. melissa butler, and also officer peter lee yang's partner shawn lan dau. the defense is expected to be relatively brief with the officer himself expected to take the stand. the jury could begin deliberations as soon as monday. that's the latest reporting from brooklyn country court, news4
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the walmart truck driver involved in that crash that severely injured tracy morgan also due in court today. he was indicted back in december for manslaughter and vehicular homicide for the death of james mcnair. they found that roper hadn't slept for 28 hours prior. the accident left him with a broken leg nd brain trauma. after months of campaigning, the first votes will be cast for who americans think should become our next president. the iowa caucuses begin tonight. tracey poths is in des moines where some of that excitement is building right now. >> reporter: it most certainly is, rob. we are in des moines. we're waiting hours from now obviously to hear the results start to roll in. the candidates are out making their final arguments, their final pitches. there are some events, valleys and things that are happening
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we've already seen some of the candidates out this morning. marco rubio this morning visiting a diner outside des moines and downplaying expectations. >> we recognize we're not the frontrunner. we know we're an underdog. but we feel good about it. >> reporter: he calls ted cruz iowa's frontrunner, but donald trump is leading the polls. matt. i think everybody in the race is a threat. you never know what's going to happen. it's politics. >> reporter: at this point, it's all about the ground game. >> i'm feeling so energizey d because of all of you. >> reporter: hillary clinton brought coffee and donuts this morning. >> we knocked on 125,000 doors this past weekend. there's just so much excitement. >> reporter: dr. ben carson tells me anything over 10% is a win for him. he's got people working in all 99 counties tonight.
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look, do you want to listen to your heart or do you want to listen to the pundits. >> reporter: turnout is key. if lots of new voters show up, it could be a good night for bernie sanders. >> young people are really upset especially as they're just getting into the political scene and seeing a lot of the ways things are managed. >> reporter: looking for change, tonight is their chance. now, by the time they get to those caucuses tonight, the voters here in iowa will have been subjected to more than 1,200 visits, individual stops from these candidates. and that's just the republicans. not even counting the democrats. so they've been saturated by these candida s and it all ends tonight. >> good to see how that snowstorm turns out too. thank you so much. we're in iowa right now talking to residents before tonight's caucuses. be sure to catch the report starting tonight at 5:00.
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at thousands of drivers deciding not to work today because they say the new fares are too low. we are outside of the uber head quarters in long island city with a little bit more on what this means not only ft. drivers, but for the passengers as well. >> reporter: you can see uber is getting a lot of backlash right now. many telling me they won't be picking up passengers for three days. there are fewer cars out on the roads. we've been monitoring the app all morning long. at 7:30 this morning, surge pricing was in full swing at 2.2 times the normal rate. by 9:30, we saw fares at 2.6 times the normal price. uber slashed its fares by 15% on friday to boost ridership. riders were thrilled, but drivers say lower fares mean they won't earn as much. we took a ride with one driver
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>> when we started with uber, the i tial ride was $12. they dropped it down to 8. that drop alone, a month, comes out to like 15, $1400. you know, that pays my car payment. >> reporter: and back here live, you can see huge crowd gathered outside here at uber's offices. many more expected to join. uber said so far, the changes are working. drivers spent 40% less time waiting for fares. the company says if drivers don't see that they're making more money, the company will consider changing its plan. live in long island city, news4 new york. >> very interesting. an evening rush hour cab from the city tokendy airport now costs more. a 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. surcharge
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$4.50 will get tacked onto the flat rate. it's hoping it will encourage more taxi drivers to go to the airport at that time despite last time sitting in heavy traffic. traffic cameras on 125th street are now enforcing rules. as of today, that changed. anybody caught driving or standing in the bus lanes will face a $115 fine. >> it is now real. coming up next, the new pish to stop the spread of the zika virus in our area. the action lawmakers in new york are taking. it's 57 degrees outside. >> that's right. this week, it feels like spring. what else is in the forecast? we're tracking rain showe m rolling through the area. we'll talk about that and a whole lot more coming up in just a couple minutes. >> next on "new york live" at 12:30, grease is the word. what fans are saying about last night's live musical.
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from the sag awards red carpet.
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a quick update on that breaking news out of brooklyn. an nypd lieutenant stabbed in the arm. we're right over the sceot in chopper 4. >> repor r: you can see the investigation continuing down here, these are live pictures noo from chopper 4. the first on the scene over 145 east 18th street. this is where a police officer stabbed by an motionly disturbed person we're hearing during some kind of an altercation. it happened just after 11:00 a.m. we're told. the officer was taken to ings county hospital in stable condition. back on over to you. as concerns grow now over the spread of the zika virus, y theen world health organization meeting right now to decide whether to declare a global emergency.
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p to 4 million cases this year of this mosquito-borne virus that causes some pretty serious birth defects. new york's health co issioer is holding a web seminar today to discuss how to prevent the spread of zika. in today's money report, shares of twitter actually opened a lot higher today. >> with the details on that, let's check in with sue herrera. >> great to see you on this beautiful day. not such a pretty day on wall street in some sectors. twitter is the exception. overall, it's down day on wall street. a lot of earnings jitters out there. the manufacturing data this morning came in weaker than expected. some people think that the manufacturing sector of the economy may be going into recession. so we're down 73 points on the dow jones industrial average. that's better than it was. twitter, you mentioned it is up better than 10% right now.
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that silver lake partners, a private equity firm, may be in a deal to take part or all of twitter private. at of course would solve some of the stock issues that that company has had recently. it's been extremely volatile and lost a lot of its value. there is speculation that twitter may be going private. and then, you know, we've had all these lower gas prices for so long. that's been very beneficial for consumers. but it's kind of been hard to quantify how good it's been for consumers. there's a report that says the sustained price plunge in oil is giving back $3 trillion a year from oil producers to global consumers. that would be, if that report is correct, one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history. so we're starting to see some of the big firms on wall street try and quantify how big these savings are going to be.
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to stay lower for longer. have a great day. >> so fascinating. i can't believe that. thank you so much. this weather, too. unbelievable. >> topsy turvey. 57 degrees outside right now. gorgeous, if you can get a chance to get out there, do it. this is a beautiful picture. choppers flying by. our chopper in the air. say hello to our crew up there. let's see if they'll give us a all right. let's take a look at the numbers right now. 57 degrees. partly cloudy skies. mild temperatures are back. and they're sticking with us for a while, too. some showers are going to roll in this afternoon, but they're not going to stick with us for a long amount of time at all. should be out of the way by 8:00, 9:00.
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60 plus, but we are going to get a good dose of rain, and we need it too. we't'l talk more about that in the 5:00 hour. 39 degrees the average temperature. i think we could even hit 61 or so this afternoon. we're already at 57 both in the city and white plains. 58 in poughkeepsie. up to 61 already out on the island in farmingdale. storm tracker shows the advancing rain beginning to work its way in our direction. now the healiviest stuff rolling through central pennsylvania. this is our troublemaker as we head ttothe midweek. and right now, that's rolling through sections of consist skst and into nebraska. it's going to work its way in our direction. tomorrow, all eyes on pungs tauny. will they see a shadow there? we will find out and find out if we're in for more winter or
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today. we'll clear up overnight and go from mostly cloudy to mostly clear conditions. 37 degrees in midtown. tomorrow, a little bit of a change. crisp and clear, 47 degrees. here's the forecast, everyone. 60 is where we netted out. above average again with afternoon showers. into tonight, 37. there is your seven-day forecast. not a bad stretch at all. wednesday is going to be soggy. and then as we head through the next several days, temperatures stay in the 40s, but we stay dry. we'll take it, right? >> do we have a choice? >> come on. >> we'll take it. >> back to you. >> thanks a lot. "new york live" is coming up next here at 12:30. >> here's janice. >> i'm here with lilliana today. "grease: live" is a hit. we'll tell you what fans are
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television musical event. and who owned the red carpet at this weekend's sag awards. we're running down the highs and lows and we want to hear from you too. >> best part of the show. >> yeah. >> i saw my girlfriend. >> your girlfriend, what? >> in your dreams. >> jealous more. >> now, now. >> still ahead here on news4 at noon, turning the tables on a cop. >> why a driver felt the need to pull this officer over. >> the reason i pulled you over
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check this out. a surfer off the coast of hawaii tried to catch a huge wave. oh! but instead took a massive wipeout dropping about 40 feet from the top of that massive
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top of him with its full force. surviving that is incredible. the wave dazed him, broke his board. but that's it. he says he has a stiff neck. that's it. and he was back out on the water the very next day. >> lucky didn't break is neck. another great piece of video here. a woman turned the tables on a police officer in miami. >> how many times have you wanted to do this? >> right. >> she decided to pull him over for speeding. >> i pushed 80 to try and catch up with you. i was still eating your dust. >> this is video posted on youtube that shows the officer listening to this woman's complaint after he pulled his patrol car over for her. the officer told her he didn't think he was speeding, but he did still apologize. he promised to slow down in the future. >> what happens when you say you didn't think you were speeding? >> it's never worked for me. >> must be nice.
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tonight on news4 starting at 5:00, much more on the breaking ne on long island where a girl was hit by a car and killed in
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also solar p els can be a great way to go green. what you need to know. >> go to or download our app. >> yep, "new york live" is next. have a fantastic day. we'll see you a little bit
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