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tv   Today in New York  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:00am-7:00am EST

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>> you want to share with your friends that at least you've got an adult to trust. >> this video helped launch children's mental health week in britain. both kate and her husband prince william want schools to step in when children are in crisis. nice effort there. >> nice. keep watching "today in new york." downloading the "news 4 new york" app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. another busy morning. salt domes this morning. storm team 4 tracking our latest round of snow. plus, imagine looking out your window and seeing this. the cruise ship from our area that hit rough seas. also ahead, why a commercial caused immediate -- "today in new york" starts now. good morning everybody. 5:00 a.m. on this monday, february 8th. i'd m michael gargiulo.
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storm team 4's chris cimino is here with the forecast. hey, chris. >> good morning, guys. we start off the new workweek with more snow. not a lot. just a wet snow heading in our direction now. it is a big storm out there. you can see the center of the storm in the atlantic. but th precipitation shield extends back, getting close to backing in across eastern long island as we speak. noagtice the rain has gone over to snow now across eastern suffolk county. this is quickly moving to the west, northwest. it will move to tthe jersey shoreline eventually into the city we think probably by 7:00. there's the line of precipitation mainly wet snow. it will back in by 7:00 a.m. in and around the city. portions of new jersey. coastal areas of connecticut. between 7:00 and 10:00 in the morning, it pushes further north and west. it doesn't get too far north and west. the further north and west it goes, less of a chance for it. suffolk unty is where you stand the greatest chance of seeing a few slushy inches of snow gechblt watch for the snow
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a light snow or flurry by the evening hours. temperatures generally in the low to mie 30s. the total accumulation amounts in a bit. let's go to lauren road. cleared. one is out there on t new jersey turnpike headed northbound by interchange 13. if you're headed towards the goethals bridge, it's an overturned tractor-trailer and fuel spill. we'll take a live look outside at the brooklyn bridge. things are moving along nicely. you can see there was no construction on the manhattan-bound side of the span. the bqe in good shape. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> thank you very much, lurn. on long thisland, no rest for the crews heading out to clear the roads again. "today in new york's" katherine creag is there as they get set for another one. >> reporter: ns rest is right, michael. might be a 12-hour plus bourque day for the employees here at
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you might see a payloader. it's going in and out of the salt shack here. it's been filling up the trucks beatuse those trucks are out and about. want to show you some video because workers have been treating the streets getting prepared for the snow that's forecasted for this morning. 100 workers are on the job right now hitting the main roads first, the side streets next. they received word around 4:00 in the afternoon yesterday that they needed to be in early today. when we say early, they arrived here at 3:00 a.m. today. we talked with the foreman. he told us it helps them if vehicles are off the streets. it helps to clear the streets of any snow. take a listen. >> we're deployi our trucks to get loaded and headed out to assigned areas to pre treat the roads. we have the shop personnel changing blades on the plows that were worn down from friday's storm. >> so if you're out and about in babylon, it is likely t t you'll see the workers today.
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we want to shoe you a live thcture herema. the payloader coming out of the salt shack. another busy day. we asked the foreman, how long will workers be on the job today? he said it depends on how much snow they get. again, they're planning to work a very tg day t ay. we'll send it back to you, michael. all right. a big job to do out there. thanks very much, kat. 5:03 right now on this monday. new this morning, video that may just make you unsteady on your feet. a c ise ship that left from bayonne, new jersey, led to seriously rough seas. kerry thbarr wett has more. >> made a lot of people unsteady on their feet. the ship headed to florida underl its own power. didn't need coast guard assistance. it was a rough couple of hours for passengers and crews. it left bayonne yesterday, hit a patch of rough weather. there were overturned tables,
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rocked by 100 mile an power winds. can you imagine looking out of your room and seeing that? passengers were warned ahead of time aer told to go inside. the captain decided to head to po hrt canaveral. at this point, we don't know if ssengers wilbe allowed off. as mentioned, each though the coast guard weren't needed, some were scared enough to call relatives. you can understand why thankfully everything is okay. we have reached out to passengers and to the royal gocaribbean cruise line. we're still waiting onla response from either. >> kerry barrett, thank you. we're watching what's happening on land. chris, happening over the next, what, couple of hours through tomorrow? >>ne i'd say probably this one particular system, then the next 8 to 1 hours. the storm system that turned up the seas is bringing us brush with snow today. across long island, same scenario. knocked down to 35 in montauk. wthat's where the snow is
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not so bad in new jersey. still low to mid-30s andju upper 30s showing up. that is working in our favor. the onset of the snow will take it a while for the pavement to cool down for it to accumulate. a 33 mile an hour wind gust at jfk. 36 miles per hour in wes ton. coastal flooding at times. we'll watch tha through the cycle. t>> what's that the ship had been ded,aling w very, very rough seas. light snow breaking out eastern long island. it's getting closer and closer. should arrive in the city around 00-ish. 6 inches in extreme eastern suffolk county. heavy, wet snow at that. maybe even eastern nassau county, the city 1 to 2 and a trace to an inch further north and west. we'll have more details on the forecast, seven-day outleak and a cold front headed our way. let's check on the roads with
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mass transit, all good news from there. no unplanned detours on the buses. nothing to worry about that. major commuter lines and subways, all running n or close tome t ng forferries. no service changes there either. everything on the normal route and schedule. all good news for mass transit. alternate side of the street parking rules suspended but you d need to feed the meter. more weather and traffic is head on he 4s. 5:07 now. there's new regulations for many cranes in new york city. the mayor announcing the changes after friday's deadly collapse in trececa. tracie strahan is there with the changes. tracie, especially like day, when the wind is blowing at a certain level, there's going to be some i' changes. >> reporter: absolutely, michael. it's a safe bet the department of buildings is going to be monitoring this morning's wind speeds because the policies that go into effect today depend on monitoring wind speeds. the mayor's new plan is mandating that if high winec are in the forecast, all crawler cranes like the one hat
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have to be secured in advance. mayor de blasio said at a news difference that it does appear that the operator of the crane that collapsed did everything right and that they decided not to use the crane on friday. >> as they saw the wind speeds increasing, they were moving to pumat the crane into a secure position. and the crew was redirecting foot traffic and vehiclereraffic away from the street. >> we do notknow, was this human element, was it structural, was it the inequipment, was isas we bring you bac hi live, crews, michad el still have this aread,ordoned off. still blocked off at church and worth street. water main breaks occurred as a result of the blast. >> back to you. >> tracie, still work to do. >> thank you so much.
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east side temple to pay respects for the man killed in the crane collapse. david wichs was praised for good de heds at his funeral yesterday. his widow said he made her feel like she was living a fairytale. the harvard educated mathematician was walking to work i tribeca when part that cr buane crashed on top of him. police in long island want to f d the person who flew a drone dangerously close to an airport. the drone was about 2,000 feet hi gh. just miles north of the runway. that violates faa safety rules. >> new this trash cans thrown and - they arrested a dozen people. defense name of the game thoris year. the broncos defense completely dominated the panthers, es bupecial l opening half in that
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linebacker von miller named the game's mvp. forced two fumbles setting up two denver touchdowns. peyt manning became the first quarterback to win an nfl titon with two different teams. he wasn't ready yet to say whether he plans to retire. >> i look forward to celebrating with my friends and family and i think i'll take some time after that and like i said, i'm going to enjoy tonight, take it one step at a time. >> he's got more celebrating to do. hebecause the broncos victory parade is planned for tomorrow in denver. broncos never let the panthers in the game. they were on them from the get-go. >> as you said, it was the defense. congratulations to him. still ahead, it outraged some people. the super bowl that used footage of the september 11th attacks. several candidates trying to make up ground in new hampshire ahead of the primary that might
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storm team 4 tracking snow to start the week. your weather and traffic on the 4s. you're watching "today in new
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it's 5:136789 there's a winter storm warning in effect. storm team 4 is tracking the storm. an update in weather and traffic on the 4s. nypd officer peter liang could testify on trial for the fatal shooting of an unarmed man inside the stairwell of a brooklyn building. new safety regulation this is effect after friday's deadly crane collapse in tribeca. "today in new york's" tracie rahae willreak down the after the game, peyton ould not say whether this would be his final game. 5:14 on a monday morning. dealing with a little more snow headed in our direction. mainly across suffolk county in particular. we could see a moderate heavy wet snow. periods of snow today. working th r waynfrom east to west. light snow again continues
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nothing really heavy in here. we're going to have snow in the forecast for at least two to three days. plummets lat week into the weekend, cold arctic air. winter weather advisory, nearby suburbs of new jersey hudson valley and southwest connecticut. suffolk county, the potential there at least for parts of that cumulati of 6 inches or more. >> the other thing, with a strong nor east wind, we could see tides of 2 to 2 1/2 feet above normal. wema have coastal flood advisories in effect. areas shaded in green here. especially through long island sound. we have a warning in middlesexi county as times of high tide which is going to approach somewhere between 8:00 in the morning until noon in most areas. ght now, here's where the now line is. watch as it backs in by 7:00 a.m. close to the city. a good portion of coastal new jersey, monmouth, ocean county should be snowing at that point. by 10:00, that pushes furth north.
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go, less snow inland. virtually no snow once you get to the poconos and catskills. this is a coastal storm. we're just getting a glancing shot out of it. the moisture shield rotates around this big system and pushing close enough to us. it's moving in our direction, backing little by little now. the green which is rain, the cold air turns over to snow. it should be encroaching th upon all of suffolk county probably within the hour and basically towards the c y towards 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning. snowing around the city. netby suburbs. new jersey, coastal new jeorey, all of long island. moves up a little bit further north and west by 10:00. into central portions of new jersey as well. it doesn't move further west than this. as we go through the afternoon, it starts to lift out a little bit towards the north and east. holes in the snow shiel so itg gets lighter and intermitt overnight, periods of light snow and flurries. we'll see that during the day tomorrow and tomorrow night as well.
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tomorrow night to wednesday that may keep its focus to the south of us. we'll watch that as it evolves. slushy 1 to 2 inches in the ci. 3 to 6 to the east. especially the eastern half of suffolk county towards the twin forks. further north and west, not far west of the city, talking about a trace to an inch. that's about it. temperaturewise, again, probably settling back to the low to mid-30s and staying there this afternoo 20s tonight. be slick travel overnight. light snow or flurries tuesday, again wednesday. dries out. but turning sharply colder by thdot weekend. ft a high saturday and 21 by sunday, valentine's day. the weekend looks tock storm-free what's the latest on the roads, lauren? >> one accident on the roads. the new jersey turnpike, headed northbound in the truck lines. outer roadway by exit 13. an overturnedctor-trailer and fuel spill blocks the left lane still.
5:17 am
's not causing too much of a problem. if you'd like to avoid it, the car lanes would be the way to go. the long island expressway in queens, things are moving nicely by the grand centr anal parkway. a quiet morning out there. you're in for a nice ride overall. no major problems on the roads. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended today but you still need to pay the meter. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. now to decision 2016. it's the final day of campaigning in new hampshire before the pry mayor i tave that could make or break some candidates. teie potts is in manchester. this is the final scramble, tracie. >> yeah, it really is. you can tell by the events that th 've got lined up today. it's the last full day of campaigning before people head out to vote. in the polls, donald trump and bernie sanders are still leading.
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a bit, michael and talk to ped thople on the gry.nd like we've been doing in the last 24 hours, whkat we find a lot of indecis n here. trudging through snow, wet alleys, upstairs and literally pounding the pavement, we caught deup with hillary clinton's team trying to make up her double digit deficit here. >> people, they really haven't made up their minds. the incompetent decision worse for republicans. >> we have to win. if j y vote for me and nominate me, we will win this election. >> more than 4 in 10 republicans told the university of massachusetts, they could still change their minds. >> people are lookiupor people to make decisions. they're trying to analyze who is decisions. here? trump voters. >> i don't need your money. i need your vote. >> i feel like he's real.
5:19 am
slammed by the republicans for saying yes to womenregistering for selective service. >> back to the democrats. bernie sanders is pointing out dit fferences. clinton voted for the iraq war. he didn't. >> i was right on that issue. hillary clinton was wrong. >> tomorrow, the voter decide. >> okay. back live now. you know, watching that u-mass daily tracking poll has been inueresting michael. it shows the subtle differences happening with the candidates day by day when it comes to the we'll see if that holds when they head to the polls tomorrow. everyone wiler mpshire as well covering the primary. tune in for his live reports tonight on news 4 at 5:00. out of all the advertisements that ran during
5:20 am
attracted attention for all the wrong reasons. >> when you consi thder the barriers broken, the leaps we've made and the courage we've shown, our -- >> some super bowl viewers are questioning the decision to include footage of the world trade center terror attack in an advertisement for colonial williamsburg. they had sed video of the towers falling but played inu rse. seve l posted comments called e ad shameful and offensive. the foundation responded with a tweet that read, "including orld trade center's powerful is subject to debate. but american history is full of tragedies and tnmumphs. it made us who we are today. we must remember." other commercials were lighthearted to keep us entertained.
5:21 am
>> give me that. ah! >> the guy did act like most guys. always the favorite super bowl commercial for yourself. like the audi astronaut retired astronaut. >> i liked that. iso liked the where jeff gold blum is moving on up. he says george and weez i. but it was lil wayne. just ahead, the secret that millions of americans admit to keeping from their wives. and a surprise visitor caught on camera inside a school. you're watching "today in new
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time for a check of weather and traffic. we have kat creag at the salt zone. >> her favorite duty. show knows all the famous -- >> she gets it. >> exactly, she gets it. in the meantime, she's going to get the snow first on long island first unfortunately. it t's moving from east to west. typically weather goes west to east. that's the difference about that. if terms of the accumulation to the city, i don't thi >>nk it's at big deal. 1 to 2 slushy inches. you will see higher amounts east. in particular, suffolk county where a few inches could accumulate where the storm warning is in effect.
5:24 am
the wind will ramp up. 30 and 35 mira cross long island. 27 the low tonight with light snow or flurries continuing intermittently. not a lot of additional accumulation. it's snowing in eastern suffolk unty. it will get back into the city by 10:00 a.m. it doesn't push much further north and west up that point. this is really a coastalype of storm. yo anu'de watching us in the distant suburbs north and west, you don't have to worry. you do in long island. keep you posted. >> chris, tharpg nk you. >>de not to many worries for the commute. lirr, nj transit, path and subways, all doing fine this morning. a live look at the gowanus expressway. thofings are moving nicely past the belt merge through industry city. all the way up to the brooklyn bridge. you're in for a nice ride. one accide on the road right now in the new jersey turnpike. i'll have the details in a f thew minutes. lauren, thank you. 5:26 right now.
5:25 am
finally captured a lep order seen lurking inside a school. e animal attacked one person near the swimming pool. at least three others were hurt ofbefore it was tranquilized. the leopard is now at a national park. the cnbc money report. millions of americanare cheating at least financially on their significant other. recent study by credit finds 13 million americans have a hidden bank or credit card account from their live-in spouse or significant other. 41% spent over $100 without their spouse's knowledge. 47% say they'd be okay if they found out they were spending re than $100 without being told about it. >> really surprised to hear any of that. it's 5:27. just ahead, where local students are going to school today without leaving their house. it was a rough ride for people on a cruise ship i atn new jersey.
5:26 am
was like being on board during this. >> reporter: i'm katherine creag live in lindenhurst. where babylon public works crews got an early start to their day. they're treating the roads ahead of of the snow expected to fall here. we'll show you what they're doing coming up. if you're headed out the door, take us with you. download the news 4 mobile app on your device right now.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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another round of winter weather. storm team 4 tracking snow this morning. >> plus, new this morning, it's a trip they'll never forget. a cruise ship that left new jersey and runs into rough seas. this morning, new rules following the deadly crane collapse in manhattan. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. monday morning, it is february 8th. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. storm team 4's chris cimino is here with the forecast. so chris, people out on the island, especially have to watch when they're coming in today. >> another messy type of storm. not a heavy hitter but a messy storm. slushy, wet snow. the emphasis will be east of the city across long island. there's the center of the storm.
5:29 am
wrapped uptightly. the band of moisture mixing in with rain. south shore of suffolk county as well. it continues to slide westward towards us. temperatures above freezing. it works in our favor. one, it f miles an hour. over 30 miles an hour at jfk and between 30 and 40 in eastern long island. that will become a problem with the heavier band of snow that moves in. wet snow develops from east to west for the morning commute. roads are mainly wet. could get slushy eastern long island towards rt latter half of the commute. the steady snow is east. the next thing to look for is coastal flooding at times of high tide. we'll talk about that and the rest of the seven-day forecast on the 4s. how does the commute look, lauren? >> it's nice so far.
5:30 am
parkway by the kew gardens interchange. you can see delays building. that's a spot to avoid. we have another accident in new jersey. this one not causing as much of a problem. this is in the truck lanes on the turnpike northbound before exit 13. that blocks the left lane. things are still moving nicely. you can always head to the car lanes to avoid it. the next weather and traffic update on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you. 5:33 now. our coverage continues in babylon, long island, where crews are loading up to clear the roads. storm team 4's katherine creag is there. kat, good morning. >> reporter: darlene, good morning. in babylon, you will likely see so many workers in their plows, in their salt spreaders treating the streets because there are so many of them. in fact, 100 of them. we want to show you what we're seeing here. this is the salt shed here at the public works department. you see that payloader going in and out. some folks here to get the trucks loaded with salt to treat the streets. the snow forecasted this
5:31 am
100 workers are on the job right now. they received word at 4:00 in the afternoon that they would need to be in early today. the foreman said it helps them if vehicles are off the streets. it makes it easier to clear when the snow came to it. >> salt on main roads and then the secondaries. try to get around the schools. anything with heavy traffic for the next couple of hours in the beginning of the storm. >> reporter: and workers had to be in at 3:00 this morning, darlene. we asked how long will they work today. the foreman, darlene, said they would just -- it would just depend on how much snow they get. but they're prepared to work a long day. back to you. >> i bet. katherine creag, thank you. happening today, the nypd officer charged with shooting akai gurley is expected to take the stand. officer peter liang is expected to testify today. he's accused of shooting and killing gurley in a dark
5:32 am
houses in 2014. this afternoon, gurley's family will hold a press conference. they're demanding justice for their loved one. new this morning, passengers aboard a cruise ship out of bayonne are were warned to seek shelter while they were tossed around by rough seas. video shows chairs overturned and other damage by the storm. the coast guard confirmed the royal caribbean anthem of the seas hit a rough patch of weather. that ship should arrive in florida around noon. time for a check of weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, you were saying when they may have run into was a significant storm. >> there's the culprit. you look at the circulation here. it looks like a tightly wound tropical system. you know this is a deep low pressure area here, this is the center of it. we are feeling the impact of the -- a little to the north and west by a couple of hundred miles, which isn't is a lot in the meteorological world.
5:33 am
it's working across eastern suffolk county, working inland through the morning e. here's the snow line now. >> that moves towards the city by 7:00 a.m. and north and west of the city by 10:00 a.m. should get up to about, let's say, the edge of sussex county. southeast corhe onorth and accumulations, we're looking at a slushy 1 to 2 inches. right along the jersey shore, 3 to 4 across western flanks of suffolk county. maybe as much as -- north and west, only a trace to an inch. more details on the snow and the cold that's headed our way in a little bit. let's get over to lauren scala about the commute. >> thanks, chris. good morning everyone. another accident came in. two lanes shut down there. it is a slow ride already through this area.
5:34 am
two detours for nj transit bus routes. 67 and 108. both due to a water main break. if you're getting on the rails, all good news from there. subways and major commuter lines running without delays or service changes. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect but meter rules in effect. facing new and stricter safety regulations. quick action came following friday's deadly collapse in tribeca. tracie strahan is there with the changes. >> you were pointing out that the street behind you is still >> reporter: absolutely, michael. the crane is up and the work continues down the street. they're working water main breaks and any gas leaks that collapse. place. one that makes requirements for protecting the streets and sidewalks. it requires construction companies to keep the public in the loop. with sustained winds reaching 20 miles per hour or gusts top 30 miles per hour, all crawler
5:35 am
advance or risk a fine of $10,000. construction companies will be required to note fay residents and businesses when cranes are being moved. traffic managers will also be on guard for pedestrians near large cranes. for example at the end of one workday, there's -- the next workday. we will require that the crane be put into the secure mode the day before. >> mayor de blasio says it could be another few weeks before bee know exactly what caused last week's collapse. the city will also create a crane safety task force to probe whether more needs to be done. michael, when it comes to the companies in charge, it appeared that they did everything right. they were in the pro sus of trying to store that crane before it collapsed. back to you. tracie, thank you. meanwhile, the man killed in the
5:36 am
rest and the funeral for david wichs took place where he worshipped. he was a harvard educated mathematician. he was walking to work in tribeca friday when that crane fell. in jersey city, police investigating the mysterious death of an elderly woman. the woman is in her 80s. she was found dead in her home. it's not clear how she died and prosecutors have not said whether they consider this a homicide at this point. detectives spent hours looking for evidence at the scene. also in new jersey, a teenager suspected in a vicious attack is expected to turn himself in. we're going to show you what he's accused of doing. we want to warn you the video is difficult to watch. it shows a 17-year-old boy punching an older man in the face knocking him to the ground. the teen's attorney says his client will surrender to paterson police tomorrow. the 16-year-old who shot the video allegedly surrendered to police on saturday. riker's island corrections officer may trade her badge for
5:37 am
she's accused of sneaking marijuana into the jail and giving it to an inmate she was allegedly sleeping with. prosecutors found the drugs at her home. indian point nuclear plant. senator charles schumer urging them to investigate after water con tame natted by a radioactive isotope called tritium leaked into the groundwater. the contamination is contained and there's no risk to the public. but senator schumer says it's a wake-up call. >> this is radioactive stuff. there's no excuse for pumps breaking down. what can be done to make sure this doesn't happen again? we dodged a bullet this time. >> nrc says a faulty water pump caused that leak. schumer says part of the investigation should be determined why that pump failed.
5:38 am
students are off today for the lunar new year. it's the first time the school closed for the holiday. they added the holiday saying it's an important day for asian americans. the year of the monkey begins today. also happening today, many students in park ridge, new jersey, will spend the day at home. but it's not a day off. the school district is testing its first virtual day for students in 7 ft through 12th grades. students and teachers will follow the regular school day using laptops. it is a test run for emergency situations like snowstorms. >> kids are trying to see what can we do to make it not work well? >> i think the battery is dead. i can't find the charger. 5:41 now. what beyonce did after her super bowl performance that crashed her own website. i think i contributed to that crash. i think so. so did tracie strahan. plus, closing up shop. why chipotle stores will not be opening for the lunch crowd today. storm team 4 tracking some snow.
5:39 am
coming up. a look at the belt parkway by jfk. you're watching "today in new
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looking at and or later on? i know the island is going to get hit. >> they'll get hit the hardest and first at long island. again, those decisions are made by people who feel they don't want to get the kid out there and have treacherous conditions. >> right now it's quiet. on the plaza things are dry. it's probably a couple of hours or so. overcast, 38 degrees. notice, 38 degrees. so when the snow falls into this air, it will melt on contact for quite some time. that's why people don't see accumulation this is terms of on the roadways. walkways make it slushy during the late morning hours.
5:42 am
tomorrow, tomorrow night and wednesday. this is not going to be, again, heavy duty snow. but a prolonged period of intermittent snow will be with us an the temperatures plummet late in the week to weekend. >> a storm warning in effect in suffolk county. in the city, nassau county, southwest portions of connecticut and our nearby suburbs here in new jersey. we have a winter weather advisory in effect and storm watch south of that. in addition, with the strong northeast wind and high astronomical high tide, at times of high tide this morning, cycle begins anywhere from 9:00 a.m., lasts until noon or so i think county. there could be minor to moderate flooding. sheepshead bay, same number. 38 city island. 38 at jfk. it's cooling down east in montauk where the snow has begun. through the northern suburbs,
5:43 am
mark at this hour. here's our storm backing in. this is not the traditional line up the coast. coming from southeast to northeast. you can see snow snowing across eastern suffolk county. start to go fill in a little bit. still relatively light with the white. that's a heavier band that will start sliding into and will push into connecticut. all of this will work into the city. snow will overspread the area from east to west. tempere oes below freezing. tomorrow, few more flakes, flurries, light snow, intermittent. nothing heavy. temperatures flirting with the freezing mark. not too much in terms of additional accumulation tomorrow. couple of inches, 1 to 2 in and around the city. if this thing moves out faster, could be less than that. we're talking about a trace to a slushy inch.
5:44 am
county. eastern nassau coin. 3 or 4 inches a possibility. 6 leans towards the eastern end of long island. again, they'll be in the heavier snow bounds longer. look ahead, we start to clear it out wednesday, thursday, friday. in the 30s to upper 20s for highs. and then a shot of arctic air pushes in here. we could see single digit low temperatures saturday night to sunday. highs no better than the 20s. it will sting too. snow this morning, breaking out again from east to west. just snow showers and flurries tonight, tomorrow and thursday. the high saturday, a low of 8 at night. ouch. then sunday, valentine's day, sun and clouds and a high of 21 degrees. let's get over to lauren scala. dry roads so far. hopefully that means it's skill quiet. >> we have a couple of problems out there. we'll start with the cross bronx expressway headed eastbound by white plains road. an accidents shuts down two lanes. the delays are building quickly. they go past the sheridan expressway right now. i'll continue to keep a close
5:45 am
headed over to new jersey, this has been out there for a while. it is an update. the turnpike truck lanes, this is on the ramp to interchange 13 there, which is the goethals bridge. the left lane is blocked with an overturned tractor-trailer. you can see delays off the southbound new jersey turnpike getting into this area. then we have reports now of an accident on the staten island expressway heading eastbound by clove road. i'll keep you updated on that as well. this just came in. the first subway issue. delays on downtown d and b trains because of signal problems. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended today. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. happening today, chipotle will close all of the stores for several hours. they're going to go over food safety and the chain will hold a staff meeting. it's going to run from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. it comes after chipotle's e. coli outbreak which the cdc says is over. it sickened people in nine
5:46 am
the death toll has risen to 32 in aftermath of the devastating earthquake in taiwan. so far rescuers have pulled more than 170 people from a collapsed high-rise including a small baby and a small little girl. the 6.4 magnitude earthquake leveled ten buildings, including this one in the city of tainan. they fear 100 people are still buried in the rubble. we're learning more about the north korea an missile launch hitting closer to home. turns out the satellite that was put in space did fly over the super bowl stadium in santa clara just an hour after the game ended. the u.n. strongly condemning that launch. tough international sanctions are being promised. >> one of the super bowl's most popular commercials featured a boy from our area. 7-year-old messiah a miles an hour campbell from paterson, new
5:47 am
is family campaign. it highlights the super bowl baby phenomenon. those are kids born about nine months after a favorite team won the game. he dreamed of being on tv. >> i saw i was on tv. i believed i was going to be on tv and that really came. >> i really didn't realize how big of a deal it was until a few days ago when they released the commercial. >> wow, the commercial is about super bowl babies. messiah is not a super bowl baby but he's a young, talented actor. >> fabulous. coldplay rocking super bowl 50's halftime show with help from two very special guests. there you go. chris, darlene and i are going to come out next time. >> that's right. >> beyonce and bruno mars shared
5:48 am
what's wrong with that? >> the band's performance included 50th anniversary tribute to the super bowl halftime shows of the past. some very memorable one that is we saw. >> oh, my gosh. >> that halftime show, the beginning for beyonce. >> the grammy award winning singer is launching a new world tour, and we all went crazy. the announcement came at a commercial immediately after she performed. within hours of the announcement, her website crashed. it will include a june 7th show. >> i have text messages from tracie. we're trying to figure out-do we travel to boston if we can't get new york tickets? we're working this out. >> you have to. 5:52 now. it's royal cause. a new message from duchess kate. it was too real for some people. the movie stunt that caused panic. you're watching "today in new
5:49 am
welcome back. 5:55. almost 6:00 a.m. on this super bowl monday. i think you're right. seems a little extra quiet everywhere this morning. >> little subdued start t will get tricky for portions east of the city.
5:50 am
we're getting -- it's working into suffolk county. notice it's moving westward-bound towards nassau county shortly. the jersey shore and eventually the city after 7:00 or 8:00 this of 27. there could be a better chance of slippery and icy spots out there. main 'em fa he roads? >> we have some subway issues right now. some nothing too bad. but delays on downtown a, c, b and d trains because of signal problems. the rest of the subways and commuter lines are fine. let's take a live look outside. the alexander hamilton bridge. everything is moving along nicely here. we have an accident eastbound on
5:51 am
white plains road shutting down two lanes. delays heavy into that area. not yet -- i hope they never get back to here. leave yourself extra time that way. lauren, thank you. a movie stunt caused a scare in london. >> oh, my god. >> a film crew blew up a double decker bus on london's bridge. it led to angry tweets saying they weren't warned. the crew says notices were posted about it. we're seeing an emotional side of duchess kate supporting children in crisis. >> do you talk to friends about your feelings to you? >> sometimes. >> sometimes. >> it's part of a royal appeal kate and her husband prince william, support school programs to schools for helping children cope with mental --
5:52 am
why a commercial for colonial williamsburg is causing outrage in our area. also at 6:00 a.m., hundreds of cruise ship passengers tossed around by rough waters. we're getting new video and new pictures as well into the newsroom. if you're heading out the door, take us with you. keep watching. download the "news 4 new york" app. we're back in two minutes. you're watching "today in new york." thank you. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. r the united mileageplus
5:53 am
now at 6:00, getting ready for more snow. storm team 4 will ell us which parts of our area could see blizzard-like conditions this morning. new this morning, a cruise ship scare for hundreds of people when their massive boat hit this. these rough seas. plus a look at some of the super bowl commercials that have people talking this morning. "today in new york" starts now. that was weird. that puppy, monkey, baby. >> disturbing. >> i thought that was strange, too. good morning everyone.
5:54 am
february 8th. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. several schools will be closed today or dismissed early. there's a list at the bottom of the screen. you can find it at as well. we're getting some closures and delays early. >> going to check in early with chris cimino looking at the weather picture for today. good morning. >> good morning. the weather will go downhill. tricky to get back home. th ale center of the bik storm t system, we'll see that story about how that ocean liner got through t in the meanti mame the snow is getting closer. it's moving in across eastern lo lng island. suffolk county covered in light snow working its way towards the southeast corner of nassau county. getting closer to coastal areas of new jersey too. this is the air i can't remember where you'll see the greatest a couple laying. the brighter white bands. this indicating where the snow starts. what to expect? snow breaks out from east to west for the morning commute. roads stay mainly wet. especially close to the city.
5:55 am
over long island. the other possibility and thing to watch for, coastal flooding at times of high tide. we'll look at that when we come back. right now let's look at the commute with lauren. >> i mentioned an accident eastbound by white plains road. that has cleared. that's good news. we have an accident out there on the ramp from the new jersey turnpike truck lanes to interchange 13 f you're headed towards the goethals bridge. this blocks the left lane. you can see minor delays in this area. you have delays on downtown a, c, b and d trains. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> thanks so much, lauren. concerns over the snowstorm propted several long island school districts to close today. "today in new york's" katherine creag is in babylon with a look atla what crews are doing to keep the roads safe. kat, good morning. >> reporter: darlene, good morning to you. some people are getting ready for work. the public works crews have been on the job for three hours already. h want to show you what they're
5:56 am
getting prepared for the snow forecast d. they have their trucks out, the salt spreaders getting loaded with the chemicals, the salt at they need to treat the roads. 100 workers are onsthe job right now. they received word around 4:00 yesterday afternoon that they needed to be in early today. they started arriving here about 3:00 in the morning. the foreman said also that it helps them when vehin s are off the streets and makes it easier to treat the streets with salt and clear them when the snow accumulates. >> if they need to drive, give themselveshextra time. get the cars off the streets. it slows us down tremendously when e have to slow, weave and bob around all the cars. it makes it v fy hazardous. >> reporter: again, 100 workers for the department of public works on the job right now. i asked that foreman, darlene, how long will they work today? it all depds how much snow falls. they're waiting for the snow to fall here in babylon. about but it could be a long day
5:57 am
>> kat thank you. new this morning, we're getting a look at the frightening moments as a huge cruise ship is battered by rough seas and "today in new york's" kerry barrett following it from the newsroom. kerry, amazing pictures coming in. >> just into the newsroom. afeter a couple of hours at sea, the coast guard says this royal caribbean ship hit rough waters. as you look at the pictures, you may think that's an understatement. the ship left from bayonne, new jersey, it ran into this rough weather off the coast of north carolina. decided to divertmerom its original destination. weve're working on figuring out what that is to port canaveral, florida. this is looking out one of the windows of the cabins. one passenger reporting 10 to 20 feet seas. the ship itself isn't damaged but table and chairs tossed around, planters broken.
5:58 am
their rooms. they were told before they left port that there was a big storm, it. but it got worse than pre ctra. it listed so far to the side thankfully everything is okay. the boat isn't damaged. they're headed to port canaveral under their own power. whether they'll allow the people off, we don't know. we've reached out for comment
5:59 am
hip guy. >> now you als what would be a minor hurricane. that's how bad it is. we're getting a precipitation shield of it as it runs into the colder air. the snow is breaking out. this is suffolk county here. the bri ter banding indicating where the snow picks up in intensity. at's just beginning to move on shore across the twin forks. it will continue to move westward-bound. not only across long island but connect ekt into the city. right now our temperatures are above freezing. this is the first place snow rewill melt on contact. especially out east when the ffincompetent tense at this of the sn, ow picks up, it will accumulate. 8:00 a.m. is the time frame in and close to the city. up to 10:00 a.m., the lurthwestern suburbs. doesn't push much further northwest of there. kind of the shutoff line for the snow.
6:00 am
it's not snowing in theea city yet. still snow showers around. light snow into the evening hours. we'll check out the accumulations in neighborhoods through the tri-state in a bit. let's check in on the commute. right now to lauren. thanks, chris. good morning. we have a reported disabled vehicle on the triboro bridge he iaded o queens. we're still trying to confirm what's causing the delays. staten island, another accident reported eastbound by clove road. watch out for del ys getting into this area if you are getting on the buses for nj transit commuters, we have detours on bus route 67 108 and 120 this morning. and then the rails, major cot mmuter lines look good. we have delays on downtown a, b, c and d trains because of signal problems and alternate side of the street park rules are suspended today. the next update on the 4s. >> thanks, lauren. mayor de blasio is launchini new safety restrictions on crane de er tors in the city.
6:01 am
and tribeca. the investigation into friday's deadly crane accident could take weeks. but the safety plan kicks in today. it includes new restrictions on cranes in windy conditions. tracie strahan will have a live report coming up at 6:00:30. grieving family and friends said a final goodbye to the man killed in last week's rane collapse. david wichs was praised for his good deeds at the upper east side temple where he worships. his widow made her feel like she was living a fairytale. the highly educated harvard graduate was walking to work when the crane crashed on top of him. presidential candidates make one final push before the new hampshire primary. make or break for some candidates. polls putting donald trump in front. the battle for second place is heating up especially after critics say marco rubio stumbled
6:02 am
two new polls show governor john kasich gaining ground on him. on the democraticside, bernie sanders brushing off criticism that he doesn't have enough foreign policy experience. foesrmer secretary of state, mad len all bright said foreign affairs is not his thing. >>ac> news 4's own brian thompson, he's in new hampshire covering the primary. look for his live reports starting this afternoon on news 4 and on a victory parade planned for outomorrow in denver to celebrate the broncos super bowl win. they won the third super bowl tithe will beating the carolina nthers 24-10 last night. linebacker von miller was named the mvp by forcing two fumbles to set up denver's two touchdowns. peyton manning became the first am quarterback to win'an nfl title with two teams. will last night's game be his last?
6:03 am
>> i look forward to celebrating with my friends and family and i think i'll take some time after that and, like i said, i'm going to enjoy tonight, take it one step at a time. >> meanwhile, panthers qumaarterback caienewton didn't have much to say after the game. he didn't answer most questions from reporters and after a few minutes he got up and walked away. some super bowl viewers are questioning the decision to include video of e september 11th terror attacks in an advertisement for colonial williamsburg williamsburg. >> when you consider the barriers we've broken, leaps we've made and the courage we've shown -- >> the ad did use video of the twin towers falling, but it was played in reverse. posted comments on twitter calling it shameful and offensiv bue. athe foundation responded with a tweet that read, american history is full of tragedies and triumphs. it made us who we are today.
6:04 am
even a lighthearted super bowl ad from doritos caused something of a stir online. >> give me that. ah! >> this ad from doritos is one of the most popular of the night. some wonder if it crossed the line of good taste. >> puppy, monkey baby. puppy moing baby. >> another one of the night's more interesting ads came from mountain dew. the soda company says it's a perfect combo of three awesome things. who doesn't love puppies, monkeys and babies. that grossed me out a little bit. i love all ree. puppies and monkeys and babies. >> the steven tyler, aerosmith toes -- >> his hair looked amazing in that commercial.
6:05 am
>> i liked the one on star man. the audi with the retired astronaut. >> tuat was etgood onelas well. >> very good. still ahead, highlights from the super bowl halftime show. a lot of people talking about that. being, that big announcement that followed. weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up.
6:06 am
back on a monday mothrning. weather and traffic together. take care of weather. that's what i'm paid to do. the storm moving in from long island westward-bound. a series of snow through the day. light snow, intermittent flurries tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow night and part of wednesday. probably not amounting to much. the big story after that, the bitter cold. the arctic air across the area by the end of the week. we have a winter storm warning ldin effect for suffolk county. fairfield county, rockland county, putnam county on south
6:07 am
close by suburbs of new jersey, it's a winter weather advisory. lesser amounts of snow anticipated here. suffolk county we anticipate the mo vest snowfall. the strong normal. that's from 9:00 to noon, 1:00 this afternoon. a coastal flood advisory and coastal flood warning in middlesex and monmouth counties. that's getting alosee in the next couple of hours. upper 30s in the five boroughs. with the snow moving in, it's going to be a wet snow whchlt it hits the ground, it's going to me, on contact for a while. it's going to take a while to cool down the surface to let the snow accumulat there. let's zoom in closer. suffolk county, it's generally light in southern and wnotern portions of suffolk county.
6:08 am
twin forks. the snow starts to pick up approximate inens at this and the greater chance for accumulation. by 6:00 a.m., closer to the city. should be in the city between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. to new jersey at 9:00 a . it hangs in here through 11:00 and then moves to the north and east by early afternoon. it doesn't snow for very long. we won't see much in the way of heavy accumulation n and around the city. snow showers, flurries overnight tonight. nothing organized. again, a smattering of snow showers and flurries during the day tomorrow as well. in terms of accumulation, a slushy 1 to 2 inches in and aruround the city. especially once you're outside of ho town, lesser amounts north and west. 3, 4, inches western, suffolk county. eastern suffolk county as many as 6. it depends how long the bands stay over those areas. after that, we kick out the snow shower threat by wednesday. thursday, friday, a clearing trend by the eken .
6:09 am
daytime highs in the 20s. windchills in the single numbers to perhaps below zero. in fact, check out the seven-day forecast. look at the lows for saturday night and sunday. 8. that's in the city. 34e. today. snow breaking out this morning. snow flurries and showers on and off tomorrow and wednesday. colder weather by friday. upper 20s. the weekend brutally cold. maefybe a flurry. 21 for sunday, valentine's day with a mix of clouds and sun. let's check on the commupe from lauren. >> an accident for staten ouisland on the expressway. we have an accident there. you can see the delays starting to build. a live look outside at the staten island expressway by bradley avenue. th ais is lao or three exits back there. you can see things are starting to slow down as far away as this. leave yourself time there. then heading over to the holland tunnel, we have about a five to ten-minute wait inbound from 1 and 9.
6:10 am
going on the turnpike coming around the ramp getting towards the holland tunnel. no delay inbound at the lincoln tunnel or the george washington bridge. back to the h land tunnel, just heading into manhattan, outbound at the holland, you will see a bunch much street closures as they clean up from the crane collapse last week. one of those closures is varick street. yog have broadway shut down between canal and worth. so as the morning rush goes on, there could be delays at the o holland because of the delays. alternate sidellf the street parking rules are suspended. more than 170 people have been rescued from a high-rise in taiwan that was leveled by an earthquake there. rescuers pulled the baby and a young girl from the rubble over the weekend. the 6.4 magnitude quake caused ten buildings to collapse. at least 32 people were killed in the quake. no $6rth korea' vgovernmeet
6:11 am
it launched yet. we're learning that the new satellite passed over nhe super bowl a couple of hours after the game. the u.n. strongly condemned the la ch and is pledging tough new ins ternational sanctions. the u.s. may give south korea new defensive missiles. a riker's island corrections officer may trade her uniform for an orange jumpsuit. accused of sneaking marijuana into the jail, giving it to an inmate she was allegedly sleeping with. osecutors found the dprugs at she's charged with rape, contraband. > governor cuomo will swear in the new chief judge. she's janet difiore and served as the district attorney. she was oversee the court of appeals. the highest court in new york. it often delivers lands mark decisions that make new laws in the state. 6:20 right now. coming up next, don't make lunch plans for chipotl today. we'll tell you why the restaurant chain will be shut
6:12 am
follow us on facebook, michaelg4ny, darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new
6:13 am
>> pr> welcome back. 6:24 on a monday morning in this morning's cnbc money report, chipotle is putting food safety above the lunch-hour rush. the chain will close all the doors today for a staff meeting from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. they will discuss food safety in light of the e. coli outbreak. they have not found the -- cdc ys they're e. coli-free. 6:24. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, some people would be
6:14 am
closings and delays already. >> already. >> but there's reasons for that. it's a precaution. the snow is b king in from off the atlantic. that big ocean storm on the northwestern fringe of it. it's snowing across suffolk county breaking out of nassau county shortly. once we close to the 8:00 hour, same thing, coastal new jersey. how far north and west the snow kbs is still a question mark. lighter amounts north and west of city an the heaviest amounts out to the east. in the city itself, we're talking about a slushy couple of inches in most cases. the wind will pick upe wind gusts of over 30, 35 miles an hour. especially out east. it's an occasional burst of heavier snow. it's going to get roughffor a few hours mid to late morning. there could be 3 to 6 inches out there. light snownd snow showers linger. watch out for icy patches. thnsat means the refreeze process begins. we'll track the storm. it's a fine line to almost nothing and then 4 or 5 inches within 20, 25 miles difference. we'll watch it closely.
6:15 am
lauren, that's what's happening? >> aim couple of things going on. subway delays on the a, b, c or d lines. they'r delayed in the downtown direction. the roads, more and more problems popping up. van wyck expressway there is an accident in the center lane. delays already building out there. certainly a spot to avoid. we to have a few others on the road as well. especially staten island. i'll have the details in a few minutes. lauren, thank you. 6: . coming up, getting ready for more snow. >> reporter: i'm katherine creag live in thlindenhurs thtee town of babylon pubtlliy c rerks crews are getting ready for what could be a long day. 100 employees are out and about treating the snow that's forecasted. we'll tell you what they're doing coming up. >> reporter: and as cleanup continues from last week's collapse, new regulations for cranes go into effect in the city today. i'm tracie strahan live in tribeca with more on that straight ahotd.
6:16 am
the door, keep watching "today in new york." download the app on your mobile device ight now and w 'll be
6:17 am
now at 6:30, part of our area could see blizzard-like conditions this morning. storm team 4 will tell us when the worst arrives. new rules following the deadly crane collapse in manhattan as a shaken neighborhood tries to return to normal. more information on the cruise ship scare. we received a statement from royal caribbean. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everybody. 6:30 a.m. on this monday. it's february 8 pt. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm darlene rodriguez. several school districts are going to be dismissing early today. some may even be closed. there is a list at the bottom of the screen and on we want to get to chris cimino to find out more. >> it's not a direct hit. sort of a glancing shot. that's enough to wreak havoc this morning in long island, portions of connecticut as eyll. the precipitation shield backing in towards the -- the brighter banding of white showing snow
6:18 am
moving into nassau cf nty, will move in the city about 8:00 or so. and the suburbs of new jersey t doesn't push much further north and west of the areas of purple indicating advisories ab. the potential for in excess of 6 inches of snow in the east end of suffolk county. most of the area gets three or four. a couple slushy inches of snow in the city. that devel coops in time for the morning commute, unfortunately, from east tu west. roads stay mainly wet with temperatures above freezing. the heaviest snow stays east of the city. the other threat is flooding at high tide. lots of weather to talk about in the seven-day forecast. a couple of accidents out there on the roads. one in new jersey if you're heading northbound on route 20 by route 46. the left lane is blocked and delays are very heavy making your way through this area. leave yourself extra time there. heurading over to the staten island expressway, we have a collision out there eastbound by clove road.
6:19 am
delays continue to build here ba past bradley avenue. people are tapping on their taillights. we'll talk about mass transit when i see you on the 4s. lauren, thanks very much. asle chris mentioned, that winter storm warning in effect for su'vffolk county. this is in riverhead. our photographer eddie alonzo is feeling pretty strong wind gusts as well. katherine creag is? babylon. she's with a look at what crews are doing to keep the roads safe. some of the stalt alt from where you are, kat, is hea ng to where eddie is. >> reporter: absolutely. the winds are starting to pick up up. the slightest flurries, we just started to get some a couple of minutes ago am we want t show you this video. there are so many workers out and about. public works crews out in the streets preparing for the snow at's forecasted. ey'vece been treating the streets. 100 of them are on the job right now. they received word around 4:00 in the afternoon yesterday that
6:20 am
and they arrived for work today at 3:00 in the morning. we talked with the foreman here the department of public works who said it helps them if vehicles are off the streets. it makes it easier to treat the streets with salt and clear them. they also talked about what their job entails today. take a listen. >> we're deploying our trucks to get loaded and headed out to the assigned areas to pre treat the roads and we have the shop personnel, they're inside changing blades on the plows. they were worn down from iday's storm. >> reporter: they had to be in at 3:00 this morning. we asked how long will they work today. it all depends on how much snow comes down. it could be a 12-hour-plus day michael. as you know in suffolk county, so msny worklrs, public works crews and road crews, had had a long day on friday because it snowed several inches in so many communities. back to you, michael. >> they'll do it over again, kat. thanks very much. new this morning, new photos
6:21 am
some cruise passengers out of bayonne left them shaken. chairs and tables were overturned. meven big planters were overturned when they hit rough tersi we're now getting a statement from royal ca bbean. it says, in an abundance much caution, the captain asked all gu: ests to stay in their state rooms artil the weather improved. there's been no damage to the ship due to the weather. itnk's currently sailing to port canaveral. happening today, it is the lunar new year. for the first time new york city public students are off. they say it's an important day for asian americans across the five borgughs. this year happens to be the year the monkey. many students in park ridge, new jersey, they'll be home as well. t really enjoying the day off. the school district is testing its first virtual day for students in the 7th through the
6:22 am
the students and teachers will actually ollow the regular school day, they'll use their laptops and this is a test run r emergen situations like snow r snowstorms. kids around the area are watching this with baited breath like man, we hope this doesn't work out. >> they are up in arms. i think it's a brilliant idea. but i don't know. might be some outrage. >> snow day. the kids look forward to the snow day. i know teaciowho are look forward to the snow day. especially out to the east, we're going to sut the heaviest of the snow. in the upper 30s in and around the city. north and west, low to mid-30s. everybody above freezing. that works if our favor meaning the snow will melt initially. seeing strong wind gusts, we've been talking approximate that. it's been down a bit in central laguardia. combusts over 25 miles per hour. -- gusts over 25 miles per hour. when the snow picks up in intensity, it will make travel
6:23 am
here's the snow line cutting across suffolk county working back towards the west. by 8:00 a.m., it should be encroaching upon the city. by 10:00 a.m., north and west of city. in morris and passaic counties. it doesn't push much further north and west of there. the storm itself is still well out to sea. day planner, plan on the snow breaking out again from east o west in the morning hours. breezy to windy at times. gusts over 30 miles an hour in the city. temperatures drop close to the freezing mark and a slushy accumulation will get going ny late morning in many areas. we'll talk more about that in a bit. find out about the tumule and bus checklist. >> we have delays and detours. fo ir new york city buses, delays on the m 9 and m 21. bus route 67, 108 and 20 are on tour. th e is an accident on the van- wyck expressway northbound after exit 6 hillside avenue. that blocks the center lane. delays are building.
6:24 am
it's even worse because of this. heading over t ko the rails, all the subway delays that we had -- nj transit on the hud'on-bergen light rail in both re directions through essex otreet. otherwise, major commuter lines are doing fine. >> we'll have your next weather and traffic update on the 4s. 6:37 right now. starting today, new regulations for cranes around new york city in the wake of friday's deadly collapse. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is in tribeca with an upte on the cleanup effort. tracie? >> reporter: darlene, because thdie wind is picking uatp o here this morn lg, we may see some parts of this plan go into effect today. as for the le-- ts look at video talking about the plan set to go into effect as a result of that collapse.
6:25 am
if high winds are in the forecast, call crawler cranes like the one that colla wepsed will have to be secured in advance. mayor de blasio says it does , appeur that he operator of the crane last week did everything poltarible to keop things under control. an actuallyc it decided not to e the crane on friday and that that was a smart thing to do. >> as they saw the win speeds increasing, they were moving to position. and the crew was redirecting foot traffic and vehicle traffic away from the street. we do not know, was in human element, was it structural, was it the equipment or the ,"nd. we don't know. >> reporter: fines tore those who violate the crane safety plan will go upwards of $10,000. you can see crews have this area blocked off, darlene. they're working on water main repairs and gas leaks.
6:26 am
here, they'll be monitoring wind speeds. anythingwthat tops more than 20 miles per ur sustained or gusts of 30 miles per hour. back to you. >>te tracie strahan. thank you. happening today, the ypd inofficer charged wi shooting akai gurley is expected to testify. peter liang will take the stand. he's accused of killing him in thpe pink house this is 2014. this afternoon, gurley's family will hold a press conference and say they demand justice for their loved one. police are close to an arrest in a vrcious attack caught on camera. the video is diffi lt to watch. this video which appeared on social media sites last week shows a 17-year-old boy puchb ncsthing an older man in the face he will turn himself into paterson police.
6:27 am
video surrendered to police on saturday. they want to find a person who flew a drone clo to an aited ort. thleis was atprepublic airport in east farming daily. the drone is about 2,000 feet high. just a few miles north of the runway. that violates the faa's safety rules. it's 6:40 just about right no iw. th tbroncos are super bowl champions for the third time in franchise history. >> to beat the carolina panthers 24-10 in super bowl 50 last night. the game could possibly turn out to be the last one ever for quarterback peyton manning. but the future hall of famer still isn't saying whether he does plan to retire. >> no matter what happens itha meter anybody, this group, these coaches, these players will not all be on the same team next year. this was one unique opportunity r this group. i'm very, very grateful to be a pa wrt o it. >> as the manning family coahntinues the celebrations this
6:28 am
probably come up. en the broncos scored a touchdown in the fourth puarter, cameras captured this response from eli manning. so far, no explanation for eli's blank stare. >> i think he was nervous for his brother. th, e star-studded performance is getting a lot of buzz this mooeinr. >> and the rocket's red glare the bombs bursting in air >> lady gaga nailed her rendition of the national anthem to kick off the super bowl. it was a star-studded halftime show that has everybody talking. >>vi some would say beyonce and bruno mar stoleav the show from coldplay. after that, beyonce dropped big neknws on her tour. >> her formation world tour
6:29 am
june 7 ft. tickets on sale to the general public next tuesday. february 16th at 10 clock a.m. >> you got to be a member o the beehive for the pre-sale at 10:00 a.m. lauren, are you a member of that? >>an no, i'm not. i'm a master card holder. i get early access. >> thank you. 6:41 right now as we go to break. a live picture of montauk ghway in hampton bays. snow starting to come down. >> this picture courtesy of our live view camera. eddie alonzo driving safely through the snow. you can see what people will encounter. weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. you're watching "today in new
6:30 am
me welcome back on a onday morning. welcome back to weather and traffic on a monday morning.
6:31 am
communication. there will be flakes in the air fomar argew days from time to time. then a blast of arctic air is going to arrive city, npssau county, a winter weather advisory until 6:00 p.m. this evening for snow accumulation. add--ion to that, a new morning -- a wind that's strong. a coaatal flood advisories in effect. it's also a warning middlesex, monmouth and ocean county further south. 2an to 2 1/2 feet above normal high tides, maybe more along the jersey shore. upper 30s now. that's working in our favor. causing the snow to pretty much melt on contact. the city streets, partiuslarly manhattan, not much coverage at all.
6:32 am
for the snowstorm to accumulate will increase as the snow intensity picks up. to sea. the circulation around it bringing a broadband of moisture back towards long island. you can see it working across suffolk county right now. it's not quite into nassau county or the city. just getting close to the jersey shore. may start out as rain. the brighter band is indicative of where is picks up in intensity. periods of snow. teeratures settling back, pretty much staying ere. tonight, some of leftover snow showers. not a lot of additional accumulation tonight. light snow or flurries. with the temperatures, anything with slush or ice will freeze. nothing particularly heavy anticipated tomorrow. ad anditional accumulation, temperatures low 30s. for today into the evening, slushy, 1 to 2 inches in a ound the city. 3 to 6 inches in eastern long land. the 6 over eastern suffolk county. 3 to 4 or 5 for most of suffolk county and eastern nassau county.
6:33 am
it drops off to an inch or less. the snow shower threat exits dnesday. we'll get into partial sunshine thursday, friday in the 30s. then the blast of arctic air arrives in time for the weekend. keeping the daytime highs even with partial sunshine in the 20s. nighttime lows in the sing am numbers and teens. maybe below zero windchills for a time too. 34 today. we'll watch the snow break out from east to west this morni-g. tape toers flurries by the evening hours. not much anticipated accumulation accumulationwise. highs only in the 20s on the weekend. let's get over to lauren scala. commutewise, i see some red popping up on the maps. >> you've been talking about the weather on eastern long island. you can see on the roads, they look a l ttle wet. no problems out there. but still take it easy. thore first problem we have is in queens. on the grand central parkway eastbound.
6:34 am
interchang ge. ading over to new jersey, this is where a majority of the problems are. an accident in the left lane is jamming things up. heading over to the turnpike, coming out of the truck lanes on the ramp to interchange 13 heading towards the goethals f bridge, the left lane is still closed down. a southbound delay on the turnpike getting into this area. let's take a live look outside at the lincoln tunnel where you have a 15 min evute wait heaitd inbound. no wait at the george washington bridge. 20 mince at the holland. the will hpolland tunnel a spot an to avoid. there are still a lot of street closures from the crane collapse last week. nj transit reporting 20-minute delays in both direction on the hudson-bergen light rail. you don'tideed to move your car toda parking rules are suspended. >> thanks very much, lauren. as we go to break, there's live pictures from southampton on lo ing island.
6:35 am
this ws a snowy montauk highway. >> you're watching "today in new
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beautiful view there from our sky cam looking downtown at the empire state building. fabulous. >> it does look beautiful. the "today" show is coming up in a few minutes. we'll check in with matt tanned savannah, see what's ahead. >> were your ears burning, darlene? >> should they have been. >> savannah was saying and paying you a great compliment, you did a great job covering that story with the kraep collapse. >> a lot of hard working people helping us out. >> important story here in new york. darlene, good job. coming up on the show this morning, we'll take you behind the scenes of super bowl 50, the game, the unforgettable halftime show, yes, an the commercials. >> was it the last game for peyton manning and his hall of fame career. we'll ask him when he joins us. marco rubio on defensive
6:38 am
hampshire tomorrow. ho'llw will that shaky performance play with voters in the granite state. sheryl crow heads back to high schooto give surprise to degeserving teachers. >> justin theroux makes a guest appearance on the show guys over to you. >> q tck favorite commercial from yesterday? >> don't want to give our gment away. >> iic was going to give it away. >> it gives something away in our segment. >> y we never asald you to do that. >> sorry. is i'll whisper it to you. >> i'll e-mail you, michael. we'll wait forthat, we'll see when the worst of the winter storm will hit our area.
6:39 am
welcome back. 38 degre n w
6:40 am
>> another busy day here. we want to show you what's been going on here. 100 workers are on the job here. they had an early start today. they received word around 4:00 in the afternoon yesterday that they needed to be in early today. they arrived here at 3:00 a.m. we talked with a foreman it helps to wn ing the streets and getting prepared for the snow that's forecasted. back to you. >> katherine creag. thank you. >> let's check in with lauren. busy day for people out keeping the roads safe. >> right now, we don't have any accidents reported on the east end much long island even though eft lane is still blocked with a fuel spill and overturned tractor-trailer. you can see delays heading southbound through this area. also an accident on route 20 this northbound by route 46
6:41 am
on the grand central parkway, eastbound by the k ommuter lines aside from that and subways are running close to schedule. ee fine line. that's where the bright white is. virtually doing nothing in western and central portions purple. by the time it winds down this evening, a slushy couple of inches close to the city. drops off to an inch or lessor nothing in northwestern sections of new jersey. 3 to 6 across eastern long island.
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