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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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tonight a community task force is flooding the section of the bronx with flyers. >> they are hoping someone recognizes the man who sexually abused a woman in broad daylight. >> this guy walked for blocks in this area, exposing himself, and then he saw a woman, stalked her and attacked. this neighborhood is disgusted and they're taking action. a surprise attack, exclusive video obtained by news 4, we've blurred the victim and the actions of the man stalking her as soon as they step off camera. police say he attacks forcing the woman to touch him. >> this guy just doesn't belong in this community. >> dirt bags like that just don't belong here. >> video has this neighborhood furious and taking action. >> it's disgusting for him to do something like that, to hurt someone like that to their soul.
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the feeling, it turns my stomach to have something like that happen. >> for 40 years, the morris park association has been patrolling, to help keep their neighborhood safe. >> hopefully this will help. >> volunteers posting flyers on the lookout for this sexual predator, residents appreciate the extra eyes and ears. >> you have to get mutts like this off the street. >> this attack happened in the middle of the day, police working to see if he's connected to other violent sex crimes. >> it scares the community, when something like this happens in the community, it happens to one of us, it happens to all of us. >> and determined to get this guy off the street. >> you're going to get caught. the best thing for him to do is turn himself in before things get bad for him. really soon. >> dozens of volunteers are helping out in the search. patrols going out every day, a
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any information leading to an arrest. marc santia, news 4 new york. a man was driving with his family in roslin heights yesterday afternoon, when another man in a honda civic pulled in front of the victim and hit the brakes. the other driver pointed a handgun at him and sped away. the honda has a jets sticker in the rear window and new york license plates. >> a second suspect under arrest tonight in connection with the deadly double shooting in new jersey. quincy franklin faces murder charges for the deaths of two people at an illegal warehouse party in patterson in december. he's being held on $1.2 million bail. police arrested gentleman quan harrison last month in connection with the shootings of one of the victims. tonight we have new information in the san bernardino mass shooting investigation. today during a senate hearing, the director of the fbi said
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phone recovered from the shooters. james says it's a phone that locks by default, and cannot be unlocked by the maker. locked phones like this make it difficult for investigators to get evidence in crimes, even car accidents. an update in a horrific train crash in southern germany, it's claimed 10 lives. the death toll has been rising all day after two commuter trains crashed head on. at speeds as high as 60 miles an hour. forest and a river surrounding the crash site hampered the rescue. a system designed to automatically stop trains that are on the same track failed. black boxes should reveal how trains ended up on the same track. it will be easier for victims to allow a u or t visa, to allow law enforcement to investigate and prosecute their
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they hope it will encourage more immigrants to come forward? >> we're talking about undocumented immigrants who might be coming forward with situations in which they feel they've been discriminated or harassed, and those situations would arise and they would be able to find protection under the city human rights law. >> city officials say the commission is now the first and only anti-discrimination agency in a major u.s. city to provide such certifications. hudson valley congressman chris gibson is taking steps to challenge governor cuomo in 2018. the exploratory committee would allow him to raise money for a possible statewide campaign. gibson represents parts of duchess and olster counties. and he's not running for re-election for congress this year.
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taking steps to dispose of prescriptions. wallgreens will make the anti-dote to reverse effects of heroin available without a prescription. they want to replace all lead water pipes starting in neighborhoods where families are considered to be at high risk. that work is expected to cost $55 million. lead began contaminating the tap water. still ahead, a major lamp recall to tell you about. what could cause them to fall right off the ceiling. you seymour nature's fury, who's responsible for making sure cruise ships aren't sailing into dangerous weather. four investigates gets answers and they might surprise you. dave price has the forecast. >> we have more snow working into the area. what you get depends on where you live, we'll go through the maps with you. and tell you what you need to
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new information tonight on what passengers have described as a nightmare at sea. it looks like a cruise ship battered by giant waves. tonight four investigates find out how a captain could make the mistake of sailing a ship toward
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here's ida siegal. >> reporter: chairs tossed around the deck. waves crashed over windows, a terrifying time at sea coming to an end as royal caribbean's anthem of the seas is returning to new jersey tomorrow night. even the captain was shaken by what happened. >> yesterday it turned out to be -- >> why did he sail into hurricane force winds to begin with? 4 investigates went looking for answers. the national weather service had predicted dangerous weather off the carolina coast. >> if there was information prior to his departure which he didn't act on, that will be the smoking gun. >> the captain teaches safety at suny maritime college. students are taught how to navigate rough seas and how to avoid them. they are bound by an international safety management code to choose the safest route. sail around the storm or don't sail at all.
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captains, of course, are encouraged to get underway if they can. the u.s. coast guard is supposed to enforce the safety code. they don't have enough manpower to check the route of every ship before a voyage. >> it's the companies themselves that have to police themselves. the coast guard fund company not doing that, they are going to be on the deck. >> the weather the ship experienced was greater than what was forecast. a senator in florida is calling on the ntsb to investigate. and the ship is expected to return home tomorrow evening. reporting from suny maritime college in the bronx. ida siegal, news 4 new york. >> there's a brand new push to get drivers behind the wheel in connecticut without going through a dealer. bob duff introduced the measure today that allows electric car companies to open flee retail locations in the state. current law only allows
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coming up, which local community is saying no way to medical marijuana dispennsylvaniarys in their own town. assault with a deadly animal? a man arrested for hurling the toothy beast into a drive
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new tonight, new developments in the bill cosby sex scandal. his attorneys have asked a massachusetts judge to suspend
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criminal case is finished. medical marijuana dispensaries are opening up across new york. but not in one long island neighborhood. they voted university last night to ban the dispensaries. it's a family oriented town and marijuana dispensaries do not have a place there. the board and residents wanted to preempt any of those businesses from opening. >> let's turn to weather now? dave price, more snow coming our way. >> the question is, who gets what, when? let's take a look at the headlines right now. snow squalls overnight. that means periods of very heavy snow briefly, and then we return to dry conditions. morning snow for long island and connecticut which may complicate the morning commute. 35 in new york city, we're getting down to 30 overnight. not much of a change, we do have some winter weather advisories, though. as far north as fairfield and west chester.
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hunterdon counties. we're keeping an eye on that, watch for slippery conditions as we head through the overnight and early morning. storm tracker shows, a system not well organized at all. it's kind of like a storm with some assembly required. if all of the pieces don't fall into play, you don't get what the storm truly can deliver. we widen out the picture, we take a look at snow showers falling north of philadelphia. a lot of this other stuff is not as it appears, the moisture isn't hitting the ground. let's go and talk about our snowfall forecast through tomorrow. believe it or not. the heaviest snow once again balling on long island where we could see heavy snow showers and thunder. we'll watch that, it's kind of like a spring setup. back to the west and up to the north, not so much. let's talk about it, monroe, middletown middletown, down to neptune. that's where you're going to see potentially 1 to 3. a coating as you head up north to ryne beck.
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1 to 3 as you head to west port, easton, new town, bedford and westchester county, stanford will see that same number. locally three plus, potentially out in sections of eastern nassau over too river head and shelter island. that's if everything falls into place. down to ship bottom, not much, just a coating to an inch. that's if everything falls into play. why? energy needs to transfer to another low and all of that depends or will determine how much snow areas on long island get. 39 by noon. a really sloppy morning and 38 with a cold wind as we head into the rest of the day. here is your forecast, everyone. as far as the next 7 days goes. snow squalls, that's what we're looking at overnight. the remainder of the snow out of the way. friday night and a bitter cold weekend. janice is going to talk about the morning commute.
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pon,ntially for areas around. that's a quick look at your weather picture. thanks so much. >> a florida man has been banned from all wendy's restaurants after he threw this alligator through the drive through window. he pulled up and tossed the 3 1/2 foot animal at the employee. james drove off. cops were able to track him town with the credit card he used to buy a soda. >> it was a total prank. >> it could have gone horribly. >> he's being held on $6,000 bail and will be getting psychological counseling. >> we have a recall to tell you about tonight.
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million lamps sold at ikea, the clips that secure these glass fall. ikea has received more than 200 reports of incidents around the world. and nearly a dozen injuries. the recall involves the hyby and lock ceiling lamps. $300 for switching internet providers sounded like a good deal to a washington heights woman. here's lynda baquero to explain. >> this is offered by a major company, and there are only a few requirements. >> several hundred dollars, that's the amount of money that convinced erma to switch her tv, phone and internet provider last summer. >> i found time warner, they were offering a $300 rebate if you switch from one company to another. >> so i did. >> that was in august. to qualify for the rebate, there
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>> i had to pay three months with no lateness, full amounts, and i did that. >> she switched to time warner cable, but three months later, no rebate. >> there's a number they gave you that they will generate the rebate. nothing happened. >> she went to time warner cable's website and tried to apply this redemption code. erma called the company looking for answers. >> when they call, they say i'm eligible. and that they can see why i'm not getting it, she was going to fax somebody. >> after waiting several more months, erma decided to reach out for help again. >> i got tired of waiting and running around and calling them. >> let me call linda. >> if you could help me get the rebate, it would be nice. >> that would make you happy? >> yes.
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contacted time warner cable on her behalf. our review found that the customer qualified for the rewards card offer, however, she hadn't provided proof of her switch. we've recently received the documentation and expedited her reward card. er ma is happy to get her $300 reward. >> there's a ritual we do offcamera when a problem is solved. what happens if someone else has a similar problem? >> submit the claim there, and you can check the status. >> sounds good. >> thanks, linda. to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, send an e-mail to bettergetbaquero or call us. he says he's mulling a run for the white house. can former mayor michael bloomberg really mount a
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this late in the game? nypd officer's fate is in the hands of a jury, after a dramatic day of closing arguments. the latest on the manslaughter trial of peter liange. are you having engine trouble? rats could be living in your engine. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades,
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partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at lost shipments, international regulations, security breaches, lost revenue lost respect. well crafted solutions for today's problems in commerce. pitney bowes,
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38 billion dollar question, which the man with that kind of net worth, former mayor mike bloomberg take on both parties with an independent run for the white house? the billionaire revealed monday he is considering it. but with the election day nine months away, it's an uphill battle. melissa russo shows us what it would take. >> i'm not a candidate, i'm not a candidate. >> time and again, mayor bloomberg flirted, but never did it. >> i plan to be mayor for the next 9926 days. 12k3w4r this could be the time he gets serious, he calls the current presidential candidates too extreme. the discourse a disgrace.
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>> there'sno one candidate you can really feel like this is the one. >> i would vote for him in a heartbeat. >> look at who he's up against. if it's not him, who is it going to be? a little scary. >> bloomberg advisers tell me he'll only run if he thinks he can win. he'll wait until at least march to see how the race is shaping up, whether hillary clinton is the nominee, and if so, is she running strong. >> i think he's a super intelligent guy but i love hillary. >> since bloomberg is not affiliated with a major party and would run as an independent. challenge number one would be getting his name on the ballot. >> it's rigorous, but someone like mayor bloomberg can overcome it. >> it's a little late in the game much. >> in most other states, the deadline is not until july or
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jersey, connecticut. outside our area, bloomberg's not quite as well known as we might think. bloomberg's aids think there's room for him to grow between 9 and 29%. in a three-way race for electoral votes, he wouldn't need a majority to win, just more than the other two candidates. >> i think anything's possible. >> melissa russo, news 4 new york. we thank you for watching. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. now at 6:00, the shooting an accident or manslaughter? that question is now in the hands of the jury. a man accused of knocking someone out on the street, turns
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>> we talk to voters and ask why they're so motivated to cast their ballots this year. >> accident or manslaughter. closing arguments, prosecutors painted liange as a scared rookie. the defense said it was a tragic accident not a crime. andrew siff was in court for all of it today. >> pretty dramatic closing arguments today it's not every day you see the lawyers on both sides picking up a gund and pulling the trigger in front of the jury. there's a reason they did that. as you indicated the big decision here for jurors wasn't an accident or was peter liange reckless and criminal. brown said the officer followed proper procedure by placing his
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night of that fateful patrol.
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