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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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temperatures and whipping winds. bone-chilling, teeth-chattering, describe it however you want. >> get ready for an even bigger drop when the second blast of arctic air arrives. sunday morning it will be down to just 2 degrees and will feel even colder out there. dave? >> we're about to make the change from uncomfortable to dangerous. as we head through the weekend, that arctic express working its way in. the entire area pretty much under windchill watches or advisories with numbers expected to slide down in the area down to 35 below zero when it comes time to what it feels like to the skin. 25 right now in the city. temperatures cold, but not dangerous. the change takes place early tomorrow morning when we wake up. tomorrow, the reel al feel temperature will be in the teens. by the time we go to sleep tonight, the real feel temperature in the teens.
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morning it will feel like it's below zero. 12 below zero in monticello. it goes down from there. it doesn't matter where you are, once you get to these numbers, to 35 below, it is treacherous and dangerous. we'll talk all about it and go through area by area in just a couple of minutes. right now back to both of you. want to get now to a commuter alert for the evening rush. long island railroad riders should expect delays as they head home tonight. dennis? >> reporter: that's right. actually improving conditions at this hour. problems began here just before 5r 5:00 when a train became disabled in one of the east river tubes. that train has since been removed but long island railroad reporting delays between jamaica station here and penn station.
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things are improving, but expect delays. and the cold weather contributing to this scene at penn station. amtrak crews are repairing broken rails in the north tube of the hudson river tunnel. riders are facing as much as one-hour delays. as soon as the rush is over, the delays will likely go back down to ten or 15 minutes. we'll have an update at 6:00. count on news 4 to keep you updates on the changing weather with the nbc 4 app. download the nbc 4 new york app on the app store now. we have new information tonight on a deadly shooting in brooklyn. police sources tell us that a 16-year-old boy killed in an east new york apartment was accidentally shot in the head. the teen amg ager was one of three playing video games last night. someone had done pretty well in the game.
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gun went off. that man is now in police custody. four teenagers in custody tonight accused of beating a mailman in the bronx. that violence came early this month after police say they got 50-year-old postal worker inside a fort green deli. decision 2016 now, republican hopefuls are descending on south carolina as voters in the state prepare to make their choice known just one week in tomorrow. jeb bush courted evangelicals in greenville, also attended by ben carson, marco rubio and ted cruz. john kasich is trying to capitalize on his surprise second place finish in new hampshire. >> i'm glad i'm the second choice now. i think a couple weeks ago they count have even know how to pronounce my name.
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speak at the annual humphrey mondale dinner. the reliever tested positive a third time for performance enhancing drugs. the team says it's deeply disappointed but supports mlb's drug testing program. also up next we have new information on a disturbing discovery in a queens park. what else the investigates found near a bag with a human skull inside. and caught on camera, a fender bender on the interstate nearly turns into a tragedy when another car loses control.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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. new information tonight on a skull found in a queens playground. police sources telling news 4 that it is in fact a human skull. and a large machete and a rope were found near it. workers discovered the remains and the knife inside two bags. the medical examiner trying to identify the victim. the tax man is coming for the ceo dubbed the most hated man in america, martin shkreli who became infamous for hiking the price of a life-saving cancer drug owes uncle sam
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he owes more than 4.5 million dollar in unpaid taxes in 2013. the federal bureau of prisons admits tonight its website had the wrong release information about the master mind of the brinks robbery. he continues to serve his 60 year sentence. we are hearing from a brooklyn man who claims his wife died because she was mistreated and misdiagnosed by doctors and nurses at coney island hospital. soto was rushed to the hospital last month with what her family meningitis. they waited hours to see a doctor after an emergency room nurse insisted that she was
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>> i tell them, no, she doesn't do any drugs. they locked us up in a room and basically left us there. they left her there to die. we were there for about four hours when she stopped breathing. >> she went into cardiac arrest five times before she died the next day. the family is now demanding investigation by the state health department. a spokesperson for the hospital declined to comment. please take a look because we've got a miraculous outcome to a crash on a snowy highway. a woman stepped out of her car after getting into an accident on i- 84 inest est ast hartford when another car flew off the roadway and almost hit her. >> oh my goodness. wow. good she's okay there. still to come, recreational marijuana could be coming to parts of the tri state.
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police say a woman who wasn't happy with her haircut went back to a barbershop with sinister plans. wait until you hear what police
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a connecticut lawmaker wants to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. the legislation would legalize the possession, sale, growth and use of the drug across the state. the same bill was proposed last year but was never voted on. connecticut already has legalized medical marijuana. we are ready to see those headlines there behind you, dave, because it is going to be
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>> it is. it's going to be a weekend where you'll want to stay inside, plain and simply. and avoid the air temperature and the wind, which is going to be pummelling through the area. temperature slide is going to begin as we head to tomorrow morning. the winds are going to kick up almost at the same time. and then we have a record setting sunday most likely when we could break a record standing since 1916. it is a cold night. hello to everyone, in bayside queens watching. a beautiful shot of the city as chopper 4 is above that area. 25 degrees on the ground right now. as we check temps throughout the region, here's what it looks like. 26 in poe sip see. ughkeepsie poughkeepsie. 16 in monticello. when you add in the winds, the light winds right now, it feels like it's 16 degrees in white plains. we take off most of that 16 degrees in monticello where it
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and 16 in long branch. look at these temperatures. by tomorrow morning, it feels like five degrees in the city and one in danbury. typically in the afternoon when we see temperatures climb, going in the other direction now. zero in the city, five below in danbury, two as we head out to the eastern end of long island. 20 below is what it will feel like in monticello. once you get to these numbers, it's dangerous. it is painful if you're outside. and then the numbers get worse. sunday morning, 20 below in new york city. those of you who are jogger who is say i jog in anything, this is the anything that you haven't counted on. don't do it. don't go outside. it's dangerous. check on the young and the elderly. all of this continues as we head into sunday. finally some relief sunday night into monday. over the next seven days, look
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up to 48 degrees as we head to tuesday. but monday night into tuesday we see some precip rolling in that could start out as freeze ing precipitation monday morning. it's going to be a tough weekend out there, folks. here in the city the mayor has issued a code blue warning to get all of the homeless off the stleet reets. the city is even adding extra teams to find anyone who needs a warm place to stay. melissa russo got access to a team that coaxed homeless off the streets last night. >> reporter: new yorkers rushed past them in a hurry to get out of the cold. others stopped to heed their pleas. >> if you have any extra food you don't want, for the love of god do not throw it away. >> staying warm is the hardest thing about being out here.
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kindness of others. >> reporter: where will you sleep tonight? >> probably under somebody's scaffolding somewhere. >> reporter: a team of workers are unable to convince her to come indoors tonight. she says it's hard to find a shelter that will let her stay with her boyfriend and she's too scared to stay alone. >> no offense to these guys, but i don't trust the shelter system. there's rapes, there's murders, there's bugs. >> really it starts with that first contact that we've ever had with them, whether that be in the summer, whether that be in the winter about getting them to trust us. >> reporter: at what point do you make the determination that someone needs to come off the street even if they don't want to. >> generally if they don't have a plan and they're not ready for the evening and they don't have a place to go get warm and they also have signs of mental health, then we'll make the call
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some of the homeless spot the out reach team and take off in the other direction. but they have had some successes as they scour the subways for souls in need of help. now, if you should spot a homeless person and feel concerned, the out reach teams tell us they'll respond within one hour if you take just a moment to call 311. in union square, melissa russo. a customer apparently unhappy with her haircut is now facing charges in california. this woman walked into a san diego barbershop for a trim. an hour later she came back with a gun police say complaining at her cut. to make matters worse, the barber said her hair looked different. >> she came in with a bald spot on the side. i'm like i didn't do that. >> she did not have the same haircut that she left with.
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jammed. shop employees were able to tackle her to the ground and hold her until police arrived. one in five people used online dating services to meet them. after a new jersey woman tried one she said better get baquero not because of the service but because of the price. >> there are lots of questions to ask and steps to take before you let cupid strike. like many people, marlene prince is looking for someone to share her life with. last december she recalls getting a phone call about a dating service and having tried online dating before, she decided to give this company a shot. >> the representative who spoke to me explained they really investigate and screen the people that they're looking to match you up with so that it's not just flipping through names. >> reporter: the company is called it's just lunch.
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offer for the month of december, $300 discount for four dates. >> so i said, well, that's not bad. i would do that. merry christmas to me. >> reporter: she agreed over the phone and then received the contract from it's just lunch by e-mail. >> then i realized what happened is she meant $300 discount off of the normal price of 2800. so i contacted them immediately. >> reporter: marlene asked for a refund and disputed the charge with her credit card issuer. then she said better get baquero. with any dating service make sure you ask about their pricing and ask exactly what you get for the fee. also, ask about their cancellation policy and whether they officer refunds. marlene is hoping that others will take a cue from her experience. >> my first advice would be don't agree to anything on the phone. wait for your agreement,
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the mail and read it carefully. because when you're listening on the phone i might have missed something, not to mention the fact that i should have asked nor questions. >> well, we reached out to it's just lunch and a spokesperson says marlene received a temporary credit onto her card back in december when she filed a dispute. the company now had a certain amount of time to respond. now they say that credit is permanent. a refund of 2500. marlene is grateful and she'll continue looking for her valentine on her own this time. there are lots of things you can do for safety. don't include your contact information in your profile or your initial communication with that person. remember that online sites are limited in how much they can verify user's information. do your research and always
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away. up next, questions tonight. did police cross the line with a local teenager? >> he was just walking home from the store when he says newark cops confronted him, pinned him to the ground, breaking his shoulder blade in the process. now lawyers for that 14-year-old kid want to know why some of those cops are still on the job. that story coming up. and sibila is here with a look at what's coming up. >> will the verdict against rookie police officer peter liang for killing akai gurley have an impact on the fump train ture training of police officers? now the family of shannon gilbert says new homicide should understand
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pulled it behind his back with such force that it cracked it in half. >> the incident was captured by security cameras ap on on a cell phone. the teenager left hurting and crying on the street. >> if you're a mother, you know something's not right. >> reporter: in route to the hospital, the stop hadn't even been reported. that led to the suspension of a two-year police veteran who didn't fill out a report until 24 hours later. the detectives are still with
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>> this is about getting justice, about getting these cops arrested. >> reporter: why are those officers still on the street? they tell us they are waiting for the outcome of the essex county prosecutor's investigation to determine how to move forward. in the meantime the watkins family is suing for physical and emotional pain and suffering. that will do it for us. we thank you for watching. live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. now at 6:00, if it's not cold enough for you now, just wait a bit. it's about to go from freezing to absolutely frigid with a dangerous drop in the temperature. plus, does the nypd properly train rookie cops, the big question raised by the verdict against officer peter liang.
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to a serial killer dumping bodies on the beach? temperatures this weekend are set to reach record lows. zero degrees or lower in some places and those are actual temperatures. windchills could drive them to 30 below. even bundling up like new yorkers did may not be enough. janice huff is tracking these temperatures for us. >> the best advice really is to stay indoors as much as possible. that may be a bit unrealistic for some of us that have to go to work or may be an emergency case. if it's not either of those, it's best to stay inside. we're talking windchills as cold as 35 below zero. that's what it will feel like to your skin. frostbite can set in very quickly if your skin is not covered.
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we'll feel the worst of it. right now temperatures are in the teens and 20s. it feels like the single dimgt gits and teens for the rest of this evening. as we track the feels like temperatures tomorrow, we'll start to feel it drop early sunday morning. so at its coldest this weekend, parts of our area will see temperatures below zero. but it is the windchill that is going to make it dangerous. for example, a temperature of zero degrees and a wind speed of 15 miles per hour creates a windchill temperature of 19 degrees below zero. under those conditions, frostbite can occur in just 30 minutes or less. and we'll be seeing the windchill conditions across our area that bad or even worse. definitely be careful out there. the city's housing and preservation department has additional staff on duty ready to respond to emergencies about


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