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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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"news4 new york." an accused robber is run down by his alleged victim and loses an arm. we've just gathered exclusive details. >> but first, bone-chilling cold, subzero windchills and an arctic blast that could break records. >> good evening. i'm chuck scarborough. >> if you think it's cold now, wait till tomorrow. >> it is going to feel as cold as 35 below zero. in parts of our area this weekend. so when are the temperatures going to bottom out? >> we've still got about 24 hours to go before they bottom out, but it will get increasingly cold saturday into sunday morning. yes, record lows are expected on sunday morning. all counties in the tristate area under either an advisory or warning, meaning windchill also be dangerously cold in the shades of pink where we'll see
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terms of what it will feel like when the wind hits your skin. the rest of the tristate area, between minus 15 and 20 below, even in the shore areas you'll feel it too. a freezing spray advisory goes into effect. you may have never seen this around here before, but the sea spray will freeze on impact because it's so cold and can isles over vessels and cars nearby. right now, temperatures are this the teens for the most part. yet. so most of the windchills are in the teens to single digits, but it will get progressively worse tomorrow. i'm going to track those feels like temperatures coming up. back to you. this type of cold is so dangerous, that frostbite could take hold in minutes. so how are people dealing with it? natalie is live in brooklyn where many people plan to hunker down this weekend. >> reporter: yes. i've been out here for just the
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the cold in brooklyn and have my gloves on. i even brought my hand warmers out. even with these, my fingers are already starting to go numb. while most of the people i talked to tonight tell me they plan to stay indoors, many just don't have a choice. >> this weather is just crazy. >> staying warm is a priority, that's for sure. >> reporter: all bundled up for the cold moving in, avoiding the arctic air is the game plan for many here in brooklyn, including these two. >> i think what i'm going to do is literally stay home. there's no going out this wmd. there's no doing anything. i think pajamas with fuzzy socks. >> we need to toe kus focus on the most vulnerable. >> reporter: conditions doctors warn are extremely dangerous. >> this is a deep frostbite
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layers, including the nerves. >> reporter: the city reported a huge spike in calls this week, around 6,000 complaints about no heat or hot water. the city issued a code blue, working to get the homeless off the streets. for some, staying inside isn't a reality. delivery driver bobby scott is just starting on his moped braving the cold. >> i've got to be in it. people need to eat and i've got to get it to them. >> reporter: just about ten hours from now, outside of the office of emergency management where i'm standing, the mayor is set to hold a press conference about the extreme cold tomorrow morning. they're going to urge people to stay indoors and also reminding them to take care of the elderly and their pets, as well. riders crammed into the station facing theys on the long island railroad and amtrak tonight.
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>> reporter: the rush to get home for the weekend came to a screeching halt this evening for commuters. >> i just saw delay, delay, delay. >> reporter: delays, one after the other, no matter where you were headed on new jersey transit, you had to wait. >> just used to it. >> reporter: even though customary for brian diamond, tonight's delays hurt. he had plans to bring his son back for the rangers game. >> it's not going to happen. so now i'm going to wait for the train and hopefully drive back in. >> on a friday, i just want to get home. >> reporter: the delays, up to an hour. they started with a broken rail, impacting new jersey transit and amtrak. the cold weather, the culprit. >> wintertime, you have to come to expect there's going to be a 15 to 20, 45 minutes is a much. >> reporter: more problems, this
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>> i would rather be home and go on with my evening. >> reporter: repairs were eventually made. and you can track the cold weather with our app. select the weather tab and you'll find the interactive forecast, alerts and much more to help you stay safe this weekend. a man who placed a craigslist ad is under arrest, accused of running down the person police say tried to rob him instead. the violent and bizarre scene played out along 84th street in brooklyn. it was all captured on video. michael george is live outside the police precinct with exclusive details. one of the men lost an arm? >> reporter: yeah, this is an incredible story. as we speak, the victim is facing attempted murder charges. he's here in the police precinct behind me. police say he intentionally
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the family claims this was all self-defense. we'll let you decide when you watch the video, but we warn you it is graphic. look at the top of your screen. you'll see an accused robber run over by his alleged victim. but in an exclusive interview, this family member of the suv driver calls this self-defense. >> the kid started following him and pulled out the gun to shoot him while he was in the car. that's when he tried to protect himself. >> reporter: this wild story started when the suv driver posted an ad selling air jordans on craigslist. surveillance video shows 17-year-old zachary sam entering the vehicle for the sale. the teen then pulled a gun and stole the shoes. >> he told him he would shoot him, he would not make it home to his family. >> reporter: sam leaves with the shoes. that's when the suv drives off camera and makes a u-turn.
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the accused robber losing an arm in the crash. did he hit that person intentionally? >> he did not hit that person intentionally. he said when he saw the guy, the guy pulled a gun up to shoot at him. >> reporter: that's why he accelerated? >> yes. >> reporter: after the crash, the two appear to scuffle and a crowd starts to gather. the badly injured suspect makes a run for it, despite missing an arm. but he doesn't get far. police say he collapsed in front of his home. now both men are facing criminal charges. the family of the driver says that's not fair. >> he's a very good man. he was making money for his family. >> reporter: and the driver is 38-year-old phillip pierre, again, facing attempted murder charges. as for the accused robber, he's in serious but stable condition. right now it's unclear whether doctors were able to reattach his arm. michael george, "news4 new york."
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accusations against the new jersey pastor. the 68-year-old is accused of sexually abusing two teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 16. both are members of his union city church. police arrested him today. he's facing several charges, including child endangerment and being held on $50,000 bail. tonight, a long island family says they have evidence to prove the death of their loved one is a homicide. shannon gilbert's body was found in december of 2010 along with the remains of ten others. investigators tied the other deaths to a serial killer but not gilbert. so her family hired a noted forensic pathologist. he says she may have been strangled. >> it's time for the police department to do the job they have failed to do until now. >> this is about finding out the truth and just giving justice to
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>> the police commissioner says detectives are waiting to review the findings before they reactivate the investigation. the conviction of this former officer has raised questions about rookie officer training. he was conducting a patrol in 2014 when he fired his weapon and killed a person. the nypd is now pairing two rookie police officers with an experienced training officer. >> we have trained over 800 field training officers over the last year in the department. and those field training officers are solely dedicated to supervising and really mentor and train the new recruits when they graduate from the police academy. >> they've called upon commissioner bratton to suspend vertical patrols, but police say
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housing. >>ho and officer shawn landow was fired today. we just checked, an industrial yard fire in new jersey is still smolders. we first told you about this fire yesterday afternoon. now, 32 hours later, firefighters have that fire contained. but are working to make sure it doesn't flare back up. plastic pellets were being stored in most of the complex. the warehouse will likely smolder for days. news 4 learned that the royal caribbean ship -- it is scheduled to leave at 3:00 p.m. today, the coast guard continued inspections of the ship. royal caribbean insisted the damage was only cosmetic. but there is also damage to the propulsion system. things are getting ugly on the campaign trail. the next republican debate is set for tomorrow night. as the candidates fan out,
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trump is now threatening to sue the senator for "not being a natural born citizen." trump called him a liar for running negative ads against trump. here's how cruz reacted. >> i will say there's more than a little irony in donald accusing anyone of being nasty. given the amazing torrent of insults and obscenities and vulgarities that come out of his mouth. >> and the gloves are coming off on the democratic side. both are sparring over loyalty to president obama and the cost of sanders' medicare for everybody proposal. coming up on "news4 new york," a bus driver attacked behind the wheel. tonight, the search for the angry man caught on camera. and a woman in the bronx robbed, her face slashed. and heart pounding video. a woman is taken out by a skidding car and amazingly survives it.
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tonight, we're getting a look at the frightening attack on a city bus driver. police want to find the man in this video. you can see the man angrily punching the 62-year-old driver, andrew jackson. it happened on the b-8 bus january 29th in east flatbush. after the attack, he finished his route. but police want to find the guy any way. another slashing in the bronx and the attacker is still at large. but the victim is sharing details of the terrifying assault with us. she identified herself only as paula. you can see the stitches on her face where the attacker cut her. more than two dozen of them.
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she was walking home from the train from morris park this morning when a man came up from behind. >> he takes it as a sign of me being defensive and fighting back and he grabbed somebody and just slashes my face. >> the thief got away with her pocketbook. she says she's thankful she survived. if you know anything about this attack, police would like to hear from you. putnam county has its first case of the zika virus and health officials are checking to see if a second person may have contracted the illness. authorities say both individuals recently traveled out of the country. the number of zika cases in new york state is up to 16. doctors are urging all pregnant women who have been to zika affected regions to get tested. a type of turf may be a serious risk to your child. it's made from ground up car and
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now the government is looking into a possible link between this rubber and cancer. nbc news first reported that last year after two goalies developed cancer. that number is now 75 cases around the country. >> she said i just have a feeling it has something to do with those black dots. >> why not use alternatives until this gets figured out. >> the three agencies will analyze chemical compounds in the rubber and reach out to concerned parents, scientists and industry leaders. tonight, we are hearing from the person who recorded a horrible crash in connecticut. we want to warn you, the video may be hard to watch. look at the woman in the center of the screen. she stepped out of the car after getting into an accident. another car then flew off the road and hit her.
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the car. initially i thought maybe she dodged it or maybe he dodged her. but that wasn't the case. >> amazingly, she walked away with only minor injuries. the driver who hit her was given a ticket. isn't that incredible? you heard me gasping earlier, too. >> that is frightening. it's remarkable she got away with only minor injuries. now the temperatures. >> also as hard to imagine. the fact that it's actually going to be a lot colder than it is right now. we have advisories and warnings in effect. we're tracking snow out there. first, let's look outside our window here at 30 rock. no matter the cold, the skaters are out there. it's probably not the best idea to be out and about at all. if you have to be out, you have
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this cold as much as you can. frostbite sets in pretty fast and the best place to be is indoors with your family and pets. 22 degrees right now. feels like 13 in the city. like we've been saying, this is not the worst of it. once the arctic front comes through in the afternoon, then the brutal cold sets in across the area with those ridiculous windchills that we're expecting and the possibility of record low temperatures sunday morning. the record stands right now at 2 above in central park, set in 1916. we're forecasting close to that. right now, it feels like it's in the teens for the most part. not a lot of wind to speak of at this time. single digits in a few spots. but as the wind increases, it just gets worse. watch this area of below zero temperatures pass through and make it to the coastline. this happens tomorrow. this is saturday morning at 7:00.
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later, down to 12 below in monticello. we get to the hamptons, you also have below zero windchills and it gets worse overnight and sunday morning, as cold as 30, 35 below is what it will feel like north and west of the city. it gets a little better by the time we get to sunday evening, because the winds die down, but it's still dangerously cold. out there. a few at the jersey shore. most of those not reaching the ground, but you're seeing them over parts of long island, the hamptons, back towards riverhead, and islip. the leading edge of the arctic air is right here, and that will be here in probably less than 12 hours. so mostly cloudy tonight, a few flurries, a brief snow squall, not that big of a deal in terms of snow.
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noontime tomorrow, once that wind kicks in, you're really going to kick it. the arctic air moves out on president's day. we get temperatures above freezing by then, but not before. and then monday night into tuesday, a storm system comes through that may start out as snow, changing to freezing rain, then to rain. look at the temperatures from sunday's 16 to tuesday's 48. so the sea saw continues. and it does warm up next week. but while you're snug as a rug bug in a rug in this morning -- >> a lot of people talking about the knicks tonight for some interesting reasons. christoph pour zing us made his mark. and why major league baseball
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and the rangers had the kings right where they wanted them. so what happened? that's just ahead in sports. >> and here's what jimmy fallon has coming up. >> ray ramano is my guest.
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a freak accident takes the life of a woman on her way to work. she died after being hit by an exploding manhole cover that flew through the windshield of her car. this happened in boston this morning. police say she was an elementary schoolteacher and heading to class. the manhole was last inspected two years ago. two years ago, a national corvette museum made headlines when a sinkhole swallowed several cars. the museum in kentucky celebrated the opening of corvette cave-in, the skydome sink hole experience. instead of cutting a ribbon to mark the day, they cut caught tape. the number of visitors has gone up 67% since this sinkhole swallowed the corvette. >> what's the name of the exhibit again? >> the corvette cave-in sky
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bad news for a met player. >> what was he thinking?
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he was the mets' closer, not even a year ago. three failed drug tests later, he's out of baseball. major league baseball took the unprecedented step to permanently suspend him after his third positive test. he's the first major leaguer banned for life under baseball's throw strikes and you're out. tonight, he told a sports writer he did not use anything. the mets said they are deeply disappointed. they gave him every opportunity and then some. and they move on. down in port st. lucie, catchers and pitchers report next week. the way he sees it, postseason pressure sets him up for year two. >> i think that's something that helps everybody, having that atmosphere and that overwhelming
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you know, i think it definitely helps. >> expect big things from matz this year. the yankees have awarded arbitration with aroldis chapman. rangers in l.a. rangers and l.a. at the garden. rangers led 4-3 with 30 seconds left. and that's a hat trick for kopitar. in overtime, glove side for the win. the rangers' goalie took the loss hard. blue shirts get a point but fall to the kings 5-4. carmelo anthony raised a few eye you brows today. he said the knicks needed another star and another losing season would leave him
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the daily news said they talked t a three-way trade that would send melo to cleveland and kevin love to boston. at in point it's just talk. kristaps porzingis was the talk of the rising stars game tonight. porzingis has a lot of fans in his first year. tees up this three to get it started. and then porzingis will get the lob in here, keep for the easy jam. i mean, even if they tried to play defense in this game, which they didn't, guarding the 7'3" porzingis was a tough task. he finished with 30 points and the usa topped the world 157-154. defense was optional. and we end with the end of a freshman boy's basketball game in new jersey. seconds left, oh, my! the inbounds to matt montelo and from three quarters quart, banks
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how about that, huh? on the carmelo potential three-way trade, a lot has to happen for that to go forward. just a rumor at this point. >> not to mention that clause in the contract.
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thanld's it for "news4 new york" at 11:00. >> today in new york begins at 6:00 a.m. good night and have a great weekend. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the


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