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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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i'll track it for you and talk about the warmer temperatures tomorrow. big changes in the forecast coming un. . taking a live look at the roads, this is i-80 in new jersey. checkey beckford? >> reporter: this is definitely not what you want to leave work and face as you head home. as janice mentioned, it is beginning to stick. we're beginning to see a little bit of slush on the roadways right now. again, it is still pretty cold. so as it continues to come down as it's been doing over the last couple of hours, it's beginning to stick to the roadways and making driving a little bit difficult. you can see traffic beginning to build up here as we continue on i-80 west toward patterson. not too bad at this point, but it's just the beginning of the evening rush hour at this point.
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we're not really seeing that much farther ahead of us and we'r e seeing some brake lights, people applying the brakes quite steadily throughout the drive here. it's very slippery and extremely -- it's beginning to ild up on the roadways. people may not have expected this as they headed home tonight. but we haven't seen anybo going too fast. people are taking it slowly and eding those warnings about driving carefully in conditions like this. weoo'll continue our drive and you gu hys can check in with us a little bit later. back t o y guys . in new jersey residents in one town say they're confident the roads are going to be taken care of before things get dangerous. brian? >> reporter: yeah, chuck. this is a town that maybe you could say kids hate. we see that you already can
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they've already laid down some sand and salt to help make it through. it's not enough to plow. but certainly the roads here are going to be in pretty good shape, i am told, each . at one of two dpw yards in this town t plow blades are ready, the salt shed is stocked and the cr os itching to take on mother nature. >> if it needs >> more, we give it more. >> reporter: jefferson has a ret putation among locals for clearing some 300 lane miles of roads almost as fast as the snowfalls. e mom tells me -- here faster t n my husbanded does our driveway. torists. not so good for kids like these. toleday is a holiday but they know they'll be back tomorrow. >> they decide to plow the
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aldsl go to school the next day. >> reporter: disappointing? >> very. >> reporter: kids in jefferson have not had a snow day this winter because these roads are plowed so well. >> people have to get out, people have to go to work. we don't have any mass transit up here. >> they keep on plowing and plowing and plowing. at midnight. >> reporter: does it kind of tick youg off? >> it ticks me off a lot. >> reporter: would you vote for this mayor for reelection if you had the chance to vote? >> no. >> reporter: even the mayor's son says he probably would be the vote for the mayor because he doesn't want to go to school either. how much snow do we have so far? get out the ruler here. abarout one inch. certainly not enough for the ruler to stand up. but they wouldn't be surprised
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or so that oanice was talking about. >> there's still time. thank you so much. as you can imagine, this weather is putting a damper on travel plans at area airports right now. take a look at the slay delays, about two hours and a half at la guardia and newark. even worse at jfk, more than three hours long. in other news now, new information on an eerie and disruptive scene. crews have been working on this power outage all day. what kind of issues are people facing there tonight? >> reporter: sibila, the lights you see right now are being brought to us by generators. train service is running on or close to schedule only on the upper level.
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being blocked off by this tape and these troopers. it's still not clear when power will be fully restored. travelers aren't exactly sure what they're facing when they heads into grand central. i have no idea. i don't know if my train is going to be delayed. i'm waiting for my friend to come. she's stuck on the subway. >> reporter: the lower terminal plunged into darkness mid-morning. train service was not affected. but the dining concourse and shops throughout the terminal shut down after customers and workers were stuck in the dark. >> it's pitch black. you can't see anything. anything that's electronic is out. if they've got any food that's already prepped, they've got to throw everything away. it's totally chaos. >> reporter: passengers are being allowed to buy tickets on board without paying a penalty because ticket machines are
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the mta believes a burst water pipe, possibly affected by the weather, led to the outage. in terms of signs of progress, the status signs, the electronic ones are coming back on here a couple of other lights as well. there's never a good time for the lights to go out at gral nd central, but today we were running on a holiday schedule and that certainly helped. breaking news now. we're following a police-involved shooting in the bronx. it's all unfolding. >> reporter: tinton avenue is exactly where i'm standing. you can see the heavy presence here in front of the forest houses.
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who was allegedly waving a gun in the air. officers on patrol were alerted to that man by someone on the street. they found a 29-year-old man waving that gun and one officer then fired a shot, hitting the suspect in the shoulder. the man who was allegedly waiving the gun, the nine millimeter was recovered here on scene. he went to lincoln hospital and is expected to be okay. police are setting up a podium to give us a little bit more detail. hopefully we'll have that very soon. police just released this photo of a man wanted in the slashing of a college student in the bronx. it happened material last friday morning as the 20-year-old was walking home from the train on holland avenue when a man came up behind her, tried to grab her
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she needed more than two dozen stitches to close that wound. also new at 5:00, police in west westchester want to track down a woman who tried to lure a child to her car as she was walking to school. the girl says the woman told her she was a nurse and was adamant about giving her a ride to school. when the child refused several times, the woman finally drove off. she's described as 55 years old, long blond hair, possibly driving a silver honda. elliot spitzer is accused of assaulting a woman at the plaza hotel. >> reporter: that's right, sibila. and all this as we're coming up on 48 hours since a 911 call came from this hotel 8:00 saturday night, a woman calling 911.
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are no criminal charges, the nypd is sti very much investigating the case. the nield confirms the woman who is now back in russia accused former governor elliot spitzer of assaulting her inside a luxury sweet uite at the plaza hotel. tonight there are no criminal charges. but law enforcement sources tell 4 investigates the former governor can be seen in hospital security video after the alleged incident. nearly eight years after spitzer resigned as governor. >> i am deeply sorry. >>steporter: after getting as a client in a high priced prostitution ring, tonight there is already unfavorable reaction from the court of public opinion. >> i think he can't help but get in trouble. >> reporter: outside spitzer's
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and work in the neighborhood had mixed feelings. >> it's a big deal. otherwise it shoul be kept private in my opinion. >> reporter: reminding some of the scandal surrounding dominique strauss khan. as for the spitzer case, former federal prosecutor brad simon told 4 investigates prosecutors may now focus on another ques aon. >> was she paid some money to get on a plane to leave the country? if so, the district atmorney could possibly be looking a obstruction of justice charges. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for the manhattan district attorney's office declined comment tonight. and other than that one sentence from spitzer's spokeswoman saying there's no truth to this allegation, there's been no comment from former governor
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still ahead on news 4 new york at 5:00, the fight over ho will replace the late supremes court justice ant nin scalia. violations found at numerous tanning salons here in the city. what they're accused of doing. and a new york bound flight stuck in london and a laser is to blame.
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in washington and on the campaign trail, a major debate is raging over who will replace supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> both parties are fighting over the whether president obama should nominate a replacement with less than a year left in his presidency. >> melissa russo is following this one for us in the newsroom. >> onpresident's day, a battle over a lame duck president's right to nominate a supreme court justice during an election year, that scenario with an unexpected vacancy has only happened once in the past century. but now justice scalda's skudden death setting off a supreme batt le over presidential power and when it ends. in washington tonight, preparing to say good-bye to justice antonin scalia and for a long vacancy on the nation's highest
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>> this country has not gone with a year-long vacancy on the supreme court since the civil war. >> but that reality seemed likely within hours of scalia's death, as republicans showed zero intention of entertaining an obama nomination. >> if there's a vote it should be rejected based on the history of how president obama selects judges. if there's no vote, that's fine too. >> i'm not saying that obama shouldn't do it, i'm just saying the republicans should not allow it to happen. >> unsurprisingly democrats are expressing outrage. >> the senate has a duty to consider that and to decide whether or not to confirm whoever the president nominates. >> it's a partisan fight in highly partisan times, but the supreme court vacancy is also seeping into the republican primary. ted cruz now running television ads aimed at donald trump's pro-choice past.
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liberty, the second amendment, wehe're just one supreme court justice away from losing them all. >> i am pro-choice in every respect. >> we cannot trust donald trump with these serious decisions. >> those ads aimed at south carolina conservatives. but not everyone's jump into this fight. >> scalia dies in one second after he's dead they're already starting fighting about politics. >> and some republicans noted that democrats including then senator barack obama are also guilty of filibustering to delay or voting against conservative justice who is they admitted were competent. 340 days left in the president's term, it's never taken more than 125 days to vote on a supreme court nominee. justice scalia's confirmation process, interestingly, was among one of the lengthier ones, taking 85 days back in 1986.
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christie is no longer focused on his presidential campaign, it's back to the new jersey budget. christie will layout his seventh state budget tomorrow. his rivals are pushing a proposal that would require quarterly payments into the state's public pension system. two buildings will have to be torn down after a devastating fire in brooklyn on diamond street in green point last night. four people including two firefighters were treated for minor injuries. the cause of the fire still under investigation. local tanning salons are feeling the burn after getting slapped with serious health and safety violations. of the 42 inspected by the city, 28 had critical violations. they include operating without proper licenses and not replacing tanning lamps or broken timers. some were also cited for failing
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dangers of over exposure to uv rays and failure to post signs saying serving minors s prohibited. we're seeing lots of changes in the weather in the next 24 hours. as a mat r of fact, the temperatures are going to be warming up slowly for the rest of this evening. it's snowing in the city right now. it's sticking to the sidewalks and just to the edges of the road as well. remember, keep in mind even though it may be raining in your area and i knowome f you may be seeing that right along the jersey shore line, the ground is very very very cold from the hard freeze that we've had over the last several days. so it will stick to the ground. even when the rain comes down, a glaze of ice is certain to form before it warms up enough to be just all rain. be careful out there walking and driving across the area. so it's snowing now. that's going to change to ice in just a matter of time because
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north and west you'll have to deal with snow and ice much longer than the city and the coastline. the city and the coast will see all rain probably by midnight in all areas except north and west. but it's all rain be y tomorrow morning. here's what you can expect. in terms of snow and ice a coating right along the coast, but then changing over to rain in the next couple of hours or so. but there still could be some ice will briefly. a coating to a couple of inches in and around the city. nohorth and west you could see the highest amounts of snow. live radar shows plenty of snow out there right now. but if you look down the shore towards long branch, the green area is showing up, so it is raining here. but as i mentioned, could be
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for a brief time on the roads and sidewalks. this entire area of moimp come sture coming up from the south and west. look at this severe weather along the gulf coast. they've got the potential for tornados. this arrives here tomorrow. we're not predicting tornados necessarily but there could be thunderstorms and a lot of heavy rain. right along the s re areas wep see temperatures just above freezing in the mid 30s. a wintery mix this evening, changing over to an icy mess north and west a little bit later tonight and rain along the coast e rywhere later this evening. and a little bit of a break during the early part tomorrow and then that heavy rain that's along the gulf coast, that's coming in tomorrow night. we could see an inch, inch and a quarter of rain and maybe some
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and look at the temperatures, in the 50s. dave price is coming up to talk about how things are going to change. much more ahead as we continue at 5:00. >> a health emergency at pennsylvania college. wh s's making hundreds of students sick. and a little bit who's had 20 surgery s surgeries credits his fluffy dog with helping im get his strength back and his movement back.
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a norovirus outbreak is now being blamed for making hundreds of pennsylvania college students students returned to classes at ursinus college today. more than 200 students came down with a stomach virus. some ended up in the emergency room. the school's dining hall was
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the coast guard is monitoring a fuel spill in jersey city. 've learned that a barge is leaking gallons of diesel into the morris canal. rob? >> reporter: the coast guard says this fuel spill is relatively small, maybe less than r50 than 50 gallons. the big question tonight is where did that diesel fuel come from. and the obvious first guess would be that fuel barge right across the canal behind me. yesterday that barge nearly sank. the fuel spill mystery has boat owners upset. >> woke up this morning and there's tons of oil in the water. it's disgusting. >> reporter: he took these pictures of a fuel barge that nearly sank yesterday at liberty harbor. the coast guard is investigating the spill as ken's marine
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that some speculate is from this fuel barge. however, the owner of the barge is not convinced, telling us off camera so far there's been no indication his barge leaks any fuel at all. as you look around the marina this afternoon, you can see pockets of that fuel in different places. rich tells us that it was much worse last night and earlier this morning before the tide came in and took a lot of that fuel out and into new york harbor. however, the coast guard today said the diesel is contained to morris canal. the barge owner says the collapse was linked to the frigid temperature and ice in the water. the dock connected to the barge completely broke off. some of it wound up across the canal. rich says he alerted the coast guard hours before the fuel
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>> i'myed it was allowed to happen. it's disgraceful. >> reporter: the coast guard thinks a fuel pipe may have burst when that barge collapsed into the water. snow, sleet, freezing rain, a mixed bag for the tri state over the next few hours. and it's going to get worse soon. storm team 4 is on it. up next we're already talking about the dangerous situati facing drivers trying to get home tonight. those slick streets sending cars off the road. ws 4 has what you need to know to stay safe. and a big development from better get baquero that's going to help you the viewer. tonight linda reveals our new conknsumer investigative center and the team dedicated to
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liight now on news 4 new york, wet and slippery. from sidewalks to streets, snow and freezing rain creating a dangerous wintery mix. >> as the temperatures warm up overnight, heavy rain is set to do a number on the tri state. >> we've got a lot to deal with. winter weather advisory in effect. we have all three things, snow, sleet and freezing rain. that's going to create icy and slippery conditions throughout the viewing area. it's going to take the warm air much more time to get in that direction. we're lls see eer


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