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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  February 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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. a burst of gunfire, two people shot, police fanning out looking for the gunman right now. >> a power outage plunges grand central terminal into darkness. what you could be facing in the morning commute sfwliefrmts first, a wintry mix making for a wintry mess. snow, sleet, rain and now the fe a ar the flooding. >> good evening. i'm 'huck scarborough. >> i'm sibila vargas. our winter weather taking another dramatic turn. >> we're going from a hume temperature swing from below zero to 50s tomorrow. as a bonus, we have rain coming. here's janice huff. >> maybe thunderstorms and heavy downpours. right now the precipitation out there has mainly changed over to either all rain or freezing rain, which is rain that freezes on impact or a mix of the two. not that much snow falling anymore. the temperatures are warming up across the area.
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northern counties north and east of the city. the rest of these counties from morris down to ocean, the city and nassau, no longer under the advisory. still slippery travel to the north and west. in terms of snow totals, it was on the light side. ee expected that. between 1.5 to 2.5 inches of snow today. for new jersey, about the same thing. hoboken with 1.6. the city, 1.5 or close to that. 2 inches in new city and armonk at 2.3. snowfall for other parts ofta new jersey, millstone, 1.9. 2.3 at cheesequake. tomorrow will be a stormy day with 50 degree plus temperatures. we'll talk about that and track it for the morning and evening commutes coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> janice, thanks so much. tonight's changeover from snow to rain made driving a challenge and triggered accidents across the tri-state. checkey beckford is live in
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the weather is to blame for one wreck. check ee? >> reporter: that accident, sibila, happened on sussex avenue not far from this area on park place. take a look at this roadway. this is why. conditions like this. this roadway has bp plowed so it's not as bad. take a look on the sidewalk where these -- the companies are up changed. you can see how much ice theo is. making it very hard for drivers earl yr this evening to control their cars. caenrs banged up, drivers shake ep up after losing control. firefighters say a slushy patch of snow and ice was to blame for this two-car crash in morristown tonight. >> it was becoming more ice and rain as i entered new jersey. >> this is what it looked like from behind the wheel at one point. a steady snow fell on i-80. when the snow turned t rain, things only got worse. >> it was slush and sliding and trying to get over. ross lind left work early to
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off in mt. arlington. >> i was on e. yop if i want to go back on there. i don't know how the road will be. >> the local road weren't faring much better. a slick mess filled the streets. gene cadet, with app all-wheel drive, slid a time or two. >> i was going 10, 15 miles and a couple of times the car almost slide right on me. >> reporter: despite the warmup promised tomorrow, melissa isn't looking forward to more rain coming with it. >> well, i work in construction. i'm going to be in a mud pit. so it's going to be -- >> reporter: you can see at least one worker out tonight on park place taking care of the sidewalk trying to scrape some of that ice off of it. of course, the word of wisdom all evening from local officials is to stay off the roadways unless you absolutely have to be outside. we're live in morristown, new jersey, tonight, check i
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beckford beckford, "news 4 new york." >> it's no surprise we're dealing with water main break tonight. this one in newark between avenue b and mulberry. the street is very icy right now.myso newark officials want you to avoid that area until the water main is fixed. you can track the mix of snow and rain with the "ne 4 new york" app. tap the logo in the corner, select the weather tab and find everything you need to know. a developing story in brooklyn. police on hunt for a suspect in the shooting leaving one man dead it started at 56th street and east flatbush. a new tool had police racing to the skeep before anyone called 9-1-1 9-1-1. brynn gingras is live with more. >> reporter: chuck, it's that shot spotter technology that got officers here quickly. you can see the crime scene unit is still here. detectives fighting off the rain to collect evidence after nding two men shot here at the scene and the suspect is gone.
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this east flatbush crime scene knowing one thing. >> my son got shot. i don't know nothing. >> reporter: his sop, a 33-year-old man, died from a gunshot wound to the face according to law enforcement sources. he was found laying on the ground here after shot rang out. >> we heard gunshots. we thought it was a regular shooting around the neighborhood. we didn't know it was here. then when we wept outside, we saw a body outside. it was pretty sad. >> reporter: a second map, 31 years old, was also hit in the back and is in the hospital. authorities say a fight broke out between the two victims and third man in front of his home on east 56th street. authoritiesy esponded quickly to the neighborhood after shot spotter tech noll alerted them almost instantly about the gunfire. >> never heard or see anything that take place on the block like this. it's really sad. >> reporter: olice remained on scene investigating, recovering
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keeping people away from two cars parked and still running. it's unclear who owns the vehicles.kwhat is clear, a family has lost a loved one tonight. >> everyone here is loved. so it's pretty sad. like everyone in that building is like family. >>s reporter: and the name of the man who died has not yet been released as police are still notifying his family, of course. police can always use lead in this case. if you have any information that can help, give them a call. i'm live in east flatbush, brynn gingras, "news 4 new york." the moments leading up to a police involved shooting in the bronx. ke a look at the suspect. video shows him walking around with a 9 millimeter handgun before 4:00 this afternoon. at one point he aims the gun at a delivery man and a dog. coancerned residents flagged down police on patrol and the officers were forced to fire on the man. he was hit once in the shoulder.
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central terminal today, you likely stepped off a train into complete darkness. crews are still trying to restore power knocked off line when a pipe burst and soaked electrical equipment. what about the morning rush? ray villeda has the latest on repairs. >> reporter: more than 12 hours after that power outage at grand central and you can still see the effect that ticket machines. they're still out. so are the screens with the track and time for the trains. now, the mta crews are rushing to get the power back on before the morning rush. the train schedule on hand and spread through word-of-mouth at the terminal. the screens blank, a power outage knocked power out to the lower level, to the ticket machines and the screens with the track information. >> someone standing here with a map telling you directions instead of l king at signs that are outd ated. >> was that weird for you, having to ask someone instead of looking at a screen? >> it's not the end of the world.
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interaction. usually to make things faster, save time. >> reporter: the mta blames a burst water pipe drenching electrical equipment. it forced businesses to close and passengers to scramble in account dark cavernous terminal to find their way out. >> everything was dark. >> reporter: train service was not disrupted but trains were rerouted. monday night police had the lower level blocked off as workers racd against the clock. >> just inconvd ient. whenever you travel, there's always incompetent convenience. you deal with it. >> reporter: the mchl ta is hoping to get the power back on in time for the morning commute on tuesday. if not, trains will have to be row rerouted to the top terminal. >> affected a lot of different trains having to come to the upper level. it's going to take more time. business deals won't be getting done the way they're supposed to. >> reporter: that's why you're
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>> they're working to get the power back on to the machines and the lower level. there's no estimated time as to when it will all be complete. the goal, to get it done just before that morningknommute tomorrow. reporting from grand central, i'm ray villeda, "ne 4 new york." in a new statement issued this evening, eliot spitzer says the woman who claims he salted he r overethe weekend is not his girlfriend. the governor did not say what their relationship was. police responded to a 911 call to a room rented under spitter's name. according to investigators, the woman claimed spitter assault -- spitter assaulted her. she left last night for russia. spitzer has not bee charged and his spokesperson says the alss are not true. a sexting scandal ie now the focus of an investigation on long island. ed, mangano claims someone hacked
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lewd messages to a pr consultant. the district attorney could subpoena records to verify the story. he called the texts a smear attempt. to decision 2016 now. south carolina battleground tonight the scene of a not so civil war between donald trump and two bush brothers, including the former president. >> world trade center came down during his reign. it's like he was the top. >> with south carolina's republican primary five days away, donald trump repeated his atta s on george w. bush on the same day that the former president came to the carolinas to campaign for brother jeb. jeb bush angrily denounced trump's attacks. but today his big brother refused to respond in kind. >> there seems to be a lot of me calling going on, but i want to remind you what our good dad told meone time. labels are for soup cans.
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trump at the campaign stop this evening saying the nation need a presidtnt who has huinlity. governor christie is going to outline his seventh budget tomorrow. the pension reform is likely to take center stage. rivals in the democrat controlled legislature are pushing a proposal to require quarterly payments in the pension system. christy said that would be disastrous disastrous. a break in a case. college student slashed across the face while walking home. now we have a clear image of who police say committed the horrible crime. >> heartburn drugs and dementia. who doctors say are most at risk. >> sad news in the music world. they say goodbye to a protege of
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take a look at this photo for a man wanted for slashing a student in the bronx. the 20-year-old walked home from the train on holland avenue. she says the man came up behind her, tried to grab her phone and slashed her cheek. she needed more than two dozen stitches. there's a reward for information lead to go his arrest. a scary confrontation where a pair of robbers knocked on a door and forced their way into a sw e robbers forced six people, including three children into a bedroom and demanded money. the homeowner who was away returned in the middle of that holdup. one of the robbers fired a shot. this is t sketch of one of the criminals. the homeowner had a gun and returned fire. none of the bullets hit anybody and the thieves got away with cash and jewe ay. a university student faces charges in connection with three
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he has ties to our area. police found thousands of dollars, lsd and marijuana in 18-year-old justin yin's dorm room. he is from queens. the investigation began friday night when his roommate was arrested for assaulting campus officers. he was high on lsd, was taken to the e.r. and two others in a drug-induced state. they're expected to be okay. he's charged with distribution and intent to deliver. in news for our health, a link between heartburn medications and the risk of dementia. proton pump inhibitors like prevacid and prilosec -- patients 75 and older who took it regularly had a significantly increased risk of dementia, up 44%. women taking medication for at least 18 months were most at risk. doctors say the side effects may occur because we need stomach
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they warn patients not to stay on the drugs too long. >> if you have heartburn that is mild and it's possible to come off these drugs, then it's probably best to do so at this point. >> today two of the drug makers told nbc news the medicines are generally safe and effective when used in accordance with the label and to avoid drug interactions. in music news tonight, one of prince's proteges known for her beauty and sensuality has died. >> vanity hit it big in 1982 with the song nasty girl. she passed away today at a hospital near oakland, california. vanity's real name was denise matthews. she left the music business in the mid-'90s and became a born again christian. vanity was just 57 years old.
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mass in mexico's state of chapas day. he was greeted by thousands of worshippers. he ak nonld the indigenous pe ople of the region by giving mass in their native language. susmected tornadoes destroyed more than a dozen homes along florida's panhandle and in mississippi. the apparent twisters were part of a large storm syste, hitting the eastern coast with snow, sleet, strong wind and rain. one of the tornadoes hit the town of century in florida. no serious injuriescreported. the national weather service says a crew will be out to survey the damage tomorrow. we're still shaking our heads about the weather in this area. we have extremely warm temperatures through christmas and january and half of february and suddenly we plunged to record lows and now what? >> now more warm temperatures again. tomorrow, we'll be back in the k50s. some areas near 60. the tornadoes we just spoke of are part of the same storm system bringing our weather now. we're going to be on the stormy side of it tomorrow. i'll tell you what that means
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here's a look outside from our the ice there. ght. rtially because of the holiday and also because of the nasty, nasty weather. now in the city it's all rain. temperatures above freezing now at 34 degrees. so it's slowly warming up. mainly we're just going to see slick spots still in lot of spots where you're getting ice. ice will be changing over to overnight as the temperatures warm up. it's going to be a quiet morning commute. very little rain expected. no snow at all. but a stormy evening commute and the rest of that storm system comes our way and yes, we'll have heavy rain in spots, maybe inch to inch and a alf in a quick period of coime that could cause flooding. right now, temperatures in some areas near freezing. right along the coast in the 40s. you ca see where the warmth is coming from. north and west in the 20s. that's where you have to deal with the ice. the areas in pink indicate the icing.
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rain is in the green. that's hugging the coast. most of the snow moving up to the north, of course warm air pushing it that way. severe weather breaking out near tallahassee, florida, tonight. tornado watch in effect there. that's the same one that brought the tornado to mississippi tonight. so it's part of the same storm system. it's very elongated from here down to the gulf coast. so tomorrow, as the temperatures warm up, by 7:00 a.m., we're approaphing 50 in the city. a few light showers here and omthere. as we go through time and by noontime, you'll see heavier showers popping up. even warmer temperatures and then by 3:00, that's when the heaviest rain is moving over milldtown. 7:00, it's moving out of the area. we'll start to clear out when the temperatures drop a little bit. not dramatically. freezing rain advisories for parts of new jersey and areas north and west is where you have to worry about icing for a few
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southern nassau and southern suffolk counties, minor flooding tomorrow. coastal flooding during high tide from 1:00 to 8:00. the storm moves to the north. lots of melting with little snow you had, 1 to 2 inches in most areas today. wednesday through thursday, the weather is nicer. cooler but beautiful and quiet. going into the weekend, we're backtto the 50s again. saturday into sunday. our seesaw temperatures comes right back to above averaee readings across the area. but we've got to deal with tom's rain. the commute tomorrow morning will be okay but you can catch it all at 4:30 a.m. on "today in new york." thanks, janice. >> 40s and 50s from now on? >> that's a million dollar question. >> thanks, janice. sunday golf is coming up. mets fans have to be excited tonight. not just about the start of spring training, but about the sound of harvey.
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amazings right-hander could be here for a while in flushing. rick nash hopes he's back out there for the blue shirts in the near future. but there's no target date for his return. we'll hear from the rangers
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while many of us are in a welcoming thaw after the arctic blast, there's one creature in neutw jersey perfectly happy with the bitter cold. megan spotted this seal in edge water today hanging out, just hanging out on the ice in?the hudson river. it gave a nice wave before sliding into the water. experts say you can see mor of thesa creatures with many taking rest after long swims in the northern waters. >> ie an top that. you've heard of sled dogs? have you ever heard of a sled cat. meet jasper. hepo's certainly not your typical house cat. loves pulling his owner on skis. tagging along with her on snowy adventures. look at him go. >> oh, my goodness. >> then every so often when he gets a little tired, he'll hitch a ride. there he goes. on strike.
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he gets on the shoulder of the >> there we are. time. he has his own blog by fe way. thousands of facebook fans. jasper. look at him go. >> probably does 100 steps and that's about it. he's done. we'll be back with bruce beck and sports. york state, we believe morrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and t albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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sp ng is in the air in florida at least. we all say it can't get here fast enough. today at citi field, the mets had an open house for fans as mr. and mrs. met loaded up the truck to carry the team's gear to port st. lucie. fans were invited in the stadium for tours of the clubhouse south. when it arrives in florida, 26-year-old matt harvey will be there to welcome in. the mets ace showed up today to training. the right-hander may have turned some heads when he said he'd be open to a contract extension with the amazings. >> i think whatever comes up is going to come up. i think i've never shied away
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i never said i wouldn't consider it. but i haven't heard anything considering that. obviously, you don't have a crystal ball and can't predict with e.r.a. and what those things look like. my body feels great, my arm feels great. i think all of us as a staff and as a whole organization feel great about this year. >> on the ice, the islcaders host the red wings at barclays center. it was a scoreless game midway through the second. the islanders make a dynamite transition and block a detroit shot shand then brock nelson knocks the puck ut of midair and pokes home his own rebound for the game's first goal. nelson's 21st. later in the period, the isles had a power play and jimmy howard makes the initial stop on johnny voi chuck. the rebound to the slot. 4-1 the final. the isles leapfrog the devils
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today at the javits center, a rick nash sighting. the winger stopped by the new york toy fair to help unveil the expanded line of nhl playsets. nash, who has missed the last nine games with a bad bone bruise, has been downgrade' from day-to-day to week to week. when returns is anyone's guess. >> it's really frustrating. you know, we try to come back too early and just needed a little bit more time to heal. i got full trust in our doctors and our training staff to do the right thing. >> it's fun to step back and watch the team and evaluate you your own game and what you can do better watching from the stands. i got to make sure i stay in shape, keep my skills up. when i come back, it will be the push for the playoffs hopefully. the women continue their march towards the olympics with their final qualifying match in the group stage. tonight outside dallas, the three-time defending gold
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carli lloyd scored the game winning goal in the last two games, somehow snuck this penalty kick into the top corner. 10-0 the final. they'll play the semifinals on friday. they won the gold in athens, then pay shing, then london. now the u.s. women look for the four-pete in rio this summer. >> they can do it. we'll be right back. the new caramel , cchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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that's it for "news 4 new york" at 11:00. "the tonight show" is straight ahead. good night and we'll see you tomorrow.


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