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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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two people on the ground. for the most part, the wind just ruined people's umbrellas today. a much improved forecast tonight. >> that was a wicked weather day this afternoon, the storms are moving away now. we're not going to see those 50 mile per hour wind gusts. look on the backside of this line of clouds, it's the severe weather that came in today. that's the dryer area back to the west, coming through. and clearer skies that will move into the tristate area in a matter of hours. you're already seeing clearing across parts of new jersey. conditions are improving across the area. there's left over street and urban flooding just watch out for that, rainfall up to an inch in most spots today. including central park. and winds gusting over 50 miles an hour in a lot of spots like farmingdale, teterboro, laguardia. numerous airport delays across the area. the winds are calming down, not nearly as strong as earlier today.
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gusts near the jersey shore. barn in a gatt and west nayak, power lines down. details in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> decision 2016 now. and hillary clinton is trying to secure a win in south carolina in the primary there, by coming to new york. the idea is to get the reverend al sharpton to throw his support behind her. andrew siff is in harlem with clinton delivered a speech today, andrew? >> as you'll hear in a moment. she still has some convincing to do. here, hillary clinton left about an hour ago, after a dramatic speech about racial equality. something she said she's long believed in and her supporters believe will help her at the polls. >> i'm not a single issue candidate. >> hillary clinton told civil rights leaders she's in their corner, committed to spending $2 billion on education and health care for african-american children.
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south carolina were twice as likely to die before her first birthday than an african-american baby. imagine the outcry. imagine the resources that would flood in. >> her afternoon speech in harlem also tackled a political reality. clinton needs a big share of african-american voters in upcoming primaries like south carolina, and some prominent black leaders like the reverend al sharpton are declining to endorse so far. vote. the black community. but those of us who speak to certain segments need to make sure our voices are heard. >> sharpton met with bernie sanders in harlem last week. sanders campaigned in south carolina. with the support of erica garner, daughter of choke hold victim eric garner. >> i want people to have an open
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>> we have come a long way in south carolina. >> back in harlem not just the mayor, but the governor, stood next to clinton. the two have seldom stood together on the same stage in recent years. those who heard clinton's speech said her message is what they need to hear. >> she's been involved in the community and in really promoting women and african-americans and minorities for a long time. >> the sanders campaign has criticized hillary clinton for being too close to wall street. somewhat ironically she started her day in new york on wall street. 120 wall street is the headquarters of the urban league in new york. she attended a fund-raiser at the harvard club with governor cuomo. police are investigating what caused the death of a man who got caught in the doors of a subway in queens. police say the victim who lives in this homeless shelter tried to board a southbound f train on monday.
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that f train is now out of service. investigators want to know if the train dragged the man or if he fell on to the tracks. the man accused in the stabbing deaths of a mother and two young children appeared in court today. sykes is accused of killing his girlfriend rebecca cutler and her 1-year-old and 4-month-old daughters. sykes is the father of the youngest child. he's being held without bail. the couple's 2-year-old daughter survived the attack. cen sensing for a former suffolk county police sergeants has been arraigned. he was cleared of hate crime charges, he was convicted of larceny and official misconduct. the officer did take $100 during a sting, but did not target hispanics. green will be sentenced march 4th. police are searching for the vandals who destroyed a statue of an angel outside a church in
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rob schmitz with video investigators want you to see. >> this is the third time in seven years this has happened. you can see the virgin mary behind me. the angels with her. we're right here on metropolitan avenue here in williamsburg. can you see how easily accessible this is to anybody on the street. there is the base where one of them stood. it's now gone. let's show you surveillance video of the man who destroyed that angel. you can see him here in a hooded sweatshirt. this happened before 4:00 in the morning on tuesday february second. two weeks ago, likely no witnesses because of that odd time. 3:50 a.m. on a tuesday morning. this is not the first time this has happened. it's a third angel statue was destroyed just the same way here in august of 2013. we have a picture of that. two men were captured on video at that time.
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and then this also happened again back in 2009 before the cameras were installed. that's the aren't cameras were unstalled. these statues are donated by a parishionener, by a church member. it's an annoying thing, and it's hurtful for catholics that go to this church. live in williamsburg, news 4 new york. a festering problem. today the governor joined city council speaker to announce a commission to study the fate of the island. cuomo says the 84-year-old jail is dangerous for the guards and it's nearly 10,000 inmates. activists are pushing for change at rikers. poor supervision, questionable medical care and suicides. did a man buy his u.s. citizenship with cold hard cash? the i team investigates.
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they got in the mail from coney island hospital after the death of their loved one. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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tonight we're hearing from the family of a woman who says that medical malpractice killed their loved one. >> she died at coney island two weeks ago. the nurses were convinced she smoked synthetic marijuana. the medical examiner is looking into whether she suffered from
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the hospital billed them for nearly $15,000. >> i thought it was an apology or something. when i opened it up and see a $15,000 bill. totally outrageous. >> now, the hospital says it sent the family an insurance inquiry form, not a bill. yale university is trying to figure out who may have been exposed to yale university with meningitis. people who had close extended contact with that student. anybody who may have been exposed will be given preventative treatment. >> coming up, the full mid week forecast, which includes a
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now with a look at what's ahead on nightly news. >> president obama just opened up against donald trump a few minutes ago. a breakthrough in the price of generic prescription drugs for many. it's combining the power of buying in volume and it's an app, the company says the yorn line costs may be cheaper than the same prescription offered by your insurance company. >> we all want to save a buck. >> you pay and you gets a receipt on line, you pick up your prescription at one of over 60,000 pharmacies across the country. it's good news, potentially a money saving option. we're going to hear from one lady who saved a lot. >> thanks a lot, lester. the department of homeland security is investigating allegations of immigration fraud. first raised by the i team an unprecedented development. one young man comes forward to
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get a special pathway to citizenship reserved for abused children. >> that young plan is undocumented from india. he's afraid of being deported and asked us not to identify him. so we're calling him john. >> i don't have a life. that's why i'm living here. >> this young man from india met up with the i team in queens last year, to tell us the story of his american dream gone awry. >> that's why, you know. >> john came to the u.s. with a game plan to get a green card. an arrangement to pay for a shortcut. >> why did you come here? >> good life, good future. >> gaming the system would cost john and his family a lot of
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>> it's not the right way, you know know. >> the way john describes the arrangement, it's kind of like paying tolls on a little known road to citizenship. that road originating in india, where some of his family members first paid $40,000 to agents who smuggled him illegally across the mexican border. >> $40,000? how does your family afford that? >> my sisters, my sister-in-law all helping me. >> so that you could come here? >> yes. >> my future -- no good money. >> john's pathway to a better life continues north to the sikh community of queens. >> why family court? under federal law only the family court can grant special
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shortcut to citizenship for an undocumented person under the age of 21 who claims to be abused or abandoned. there's a speed bump. in order to ask the family court for those papers you must already be in the court for some other reason. and at ages 18, 19 or 20, there's oath one way to get before a judge explains former family court judge. >> it would have to be a guardianship proceeding. john would need someone to come to scout asking to become his legal guardian, wanting to house him, support him financially. this was all part of the plan. when he arrived in queens, he met the man who would help him get into court for a price. $33,000. >> he sid, i need money and you need papers. he said give me half the money first and half money after that. >> that's not supposed to happen.
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person for money in return for the filing of a guardianship petition, then they're perpetrating something upon the court that is not what's meant by the special immigrant juvenile status law. >> what happened next was not part of his plan. the guardian started demanding more money and the balance in full. otherwise, he said he would not show up for the crucial court hear hearing. >> since he could not and would not pay the guardian threw him out of his home. >> did the police come? >> the nypd tells the i team they did in fact respond to a 911 call that night at the home of john's guardian. this woman says john is her son's friend. she took him in when the guardian threw him out. >> back home things are very bad
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they don't want their kids to live there. if one person can get out and he or she is having a good life. >> in queens family court, it does appear the word is out. the number of guardianship petitions for young men seeking special immigration status has sored here in recent years. court insiders tell the i team they suspect the similar stories of abuse are contrived to qualify. >> what happened to john's plan? the i team went to court to see for ourselves. at john's hearing, the guardian showed up after all, and received he was supporting john. nobody told the court that john was paying the guardian. john testified he had been abused by his father back in india. within one hour, they left court with john's special immigration papers approved. >> are you being paid by this young man's family? >> no, no, no, no, no. >> there's no question what you have presented is troubling and
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authorities. >> a couple of remaining questions, was john's story of abuse back in india true? we don't know. and should the court have taken a closer look after learning that john was not the only young man this particular guardian and his wife had sought legal responsibility for? court spokesman tells the i team, myriad safeguards have been put in place, and we continue to examine these issues, but if individuals are intent on scamming the system and misusing it, the system will never be 100% full proof. the system, of course, that's designed and supposed to be to protect truly vulnerable children. >> terrific work. if you have a story you'd like new york's biggest i team to check out, call us at 8676-news 4. janice, i was making my way
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wearing one of those puffer jackets. drenched. >> you had the wind and rain at the same time. powerful winds, wind damage around the area, blowing the rain side way across the region. street and highway flooding. thank goodness all that's moving away from us now. looking south over lower manhattan, we can just barely see the skyline there, and just clouds left over, it's clearing west of the city now, that's good news. it's 51 degrees in midtown, still mild, the cooler air will roll in later tonight. it's not incredibly cold. the other story was the mild air today, everything was like springtime, the temperatures, the weather system with the damaging winds, temperatures this afternoon in the mid-50s. a huge swing of 30 degrees in a couple days opinion rainfall totals adding to an inch or more. danbury being one of those. almost an inch in poughkeepsie it across long island not quite as much rain.
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farmingdale, and nearly a half inch near islip. we'll clear out for the rest of the night, temperatures just slightly near average, a break coming up until we get to next tuesday. we may see another coastal storm. wind gusts to 55 miles an hour today at long beach island along the jersey shore. seaside heights with a 60 mile per hour destine wind gust there. right now, temperatures generally in the 40s and 50s. a few 30s are starting to slip in around monticello. near 30 and a few 20s up near the canadian border. that's the cool air coming in, no arctic air this time. there goes the storm system that brought all the trouble to us today. as we get into wednesday. looks nice, we'll have sunshine mixed with a few clouds here and there. starting out in the 30s at 8:00 a.m., gradually rising into the 40s by this afternoon.
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a few showers may pass by on saturday. sunday looks great. we have to worry about the next storm tuesday. it's still early in terms of the track and where it will go. we'll track it for you. tonight down to 30 in eastchester, 33 in garden city. tomorrow's highs will be in the 40s. so we won't see 50s, but it will be nice. breezy conditions on thursday, sunshine stays with us, a little bit cooler in the upper 30s on friday, 42. the 50s return saturday. you might need an umbrella, but most areas will be dry that day. i'll talk more about that tonight at 11:00. >> take the sunshine over the weekend? >> yes. >> bruce is straight ahead, what's the vert on curtis granderson. all systems are go for the grandee man. spring training arrives this week. it's thumbs up for the mets leadoff hitter, curtis granderson gets the green light in port saint lucy.
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green light tomorrow against the black hawks. we'll hear from the rangers
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pitchers and catchers hit the field in three days in florida. the yankees in tampa, the mets in port saint lucy. this is a sight mets fans have been dying to see since the world series. matt harvey, jacob de graham. as for the position players, curtis granderson did some work in the batting cages today. he underwent offseason thumb surgery, but has hit the ground running on the treasure coast.
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met with the doctors. that would have been the middle of december, to get the brace off. was instructed that no physical therapy was needed. working out, started hitting in january like i normally do. if anything, just a little car there, which actually isn't too bad. >> after he missed the past four games with the concussion. ryan mcdonagh returned to practice in ernest today, it should be all systems go tooumorrow night against the black hawks. >> feel pretty good out there, and like i said a couple days ago, they've come back pretty fast here in the last few days. so not even thinking about it any more. that's the biggest thing for me, just focus on playing the way i need to play, and having fun out there. >> in college basketball tonight, rutgers guns for their first big 10 of the year in illinois.
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services of star freshman cory sanders. the school suspended the terrific guard for a violation of team rules, sanders leads the scarlett nights in scoring, assists and steals. rutgers are currently 0-12 in the big 10 and hasn't won since late december. it's a mere formality that the united states women's national team qualifies for the olympics. they're the three-time defending gold medalists. we saw the birth of the teams latest storied sensation. she's a local girl. crystal dunn had five career international goals entering last night. what did she do puerto rico? she had five tallies in an olympic stage group qualifier. dunn became the eighth woman in history to do so. among them the all-time leader in international competition,
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crystal dunn just 23 and she's a new yorker. so we can feel good about her. she's a star. >> the placement was fabulous. >> coming up next on nightly news, the trial begins for the alleged grim sleeper serial killer, how cutting edge dna testing could make or break this case. breaking news tonight. slamming trump. president obama comes out swinging late today. a harsh attack on the gop front-runner and firing back in a blockbuster battle over the supreme court. buried and blown away by record snow and a ferocious tornado outbreak. a massive storm stretching over 1,00 miles. to catch a serial killer. the grim sleeper trial in los angeles after a decade-long cold case mystery. how a bite of pizza may have caught an infamous murderer. slashing the price of prescription drugs by as much as 95%.


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