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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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now at 11:00. >> i thought that the plane was going to break in half. >> it didn't break in half but it was forced to divert twice. tonight passengers describe a nightmare trip that took two days to get home. >> then toppled trees. streets and homes flooded. the cleanup efforts after the storm. plus -- >> if nothing else this is something that my friends and i have laughed about quite a bit. >> laughing about a letter from the person who found his wallet. the story you have to hear to believe. and good evening, everyone, i'm sibila vargas. >> i'm chuck scarborough. we begin with that flight that really tested the patience of passengers. >> they spent 28 hours on that plane over the span of two days. >> news 4 spoke with mass jer passengers about their ordeal. >> reporter: busy runways, turbulent skies and extreme weather all part of the long
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the dominican republic to jfk here in new york. passengers are home after a scary turn. >> came in, circled and circled, got sent up to new hampshire. >> he's describing the painfully long trip home from the dominican republic to jfk here in new york. >> had to wait for customs people to come an hour or so later, they sent one. we made it to hotels about two hours later. >> reporter: it began on monday when delta flight took off headed to kennedy, delta says runway conditions at jfk forced it to divert to manchester, new hampshire. it was there passengers sat on the tarmac waiting for customs agents. they made their way into a hotel in snowy manchester for the night. >> when they said they had to
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how is it going to do this? everybody was tired and cranky and after waiting on a plane for two hours. >> then on tuesday the tired travelers thought they were home bound to jfk. windy weather and cloudy skies made the pilot divert again to boston. >> there were a lot of people getting sick. several people needed oxygen. >> i've never experienced turbulence like that. i thought the plane was going to break in half and the pilot described it as a blender. >> reporter: until finally on a clear tuesday night 159 passengers arrived home, rolling their luggage and carrying the tale of a trip that at times felt like it would never end. >> it's been 28 hours of traveling for a three and a half hour flight. >> reporter: well, you know what? he said it was worth it especially because of the golfing he did in the dominican republic. delta did offer accommodations for the overnight stay last night. the folks i spoke with say they
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them professionally and that the whole thing was treated as best as it could been in the ordeal they went through. no comment from delta tonight. well, the rain in our area today has now moved on but the remnants may take day to clean up. we're live with a look at the mess left behind. >> reporter: she was actually sitting afraid the roof would cave in. it did happen here after winds uprooted this tree sending it crashing through the roof of this home. wind gusts topped around 15 miles per hour and it wasn't just here. it was across our area. take a look at some of that intense wind in action. wind driven rain whipped through new york city. so much rain this paid parking lot near city field looked like a car jammed lake. >> any time there's severe rain,
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middle of the parking lot. >> reporter: heavy downpours left a portion of the park submerged while this was the harrowing scene on staten island. drivers across our area feared their cars were no match for the storm. >> it was windy, you could feel the cars shake and you couldn't really see. it was bad for a second. >> reporter: and it wasn't any better for pedestrians. strong winds sent bricks flying off a manhattan building and a glass table crashing to the ground injuring two people. >> a woman was covering and she had a lot of blood on her face. >> reporter: christine thought the sky was falling. >> but it was a little scary because it felt like the roof was going to come down. >> reporter: and it did at this home, a tree sent crashing through the roof landing in a child's bedroom. >> my son car son's bedroom, but nobody was home so thank god,
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>> reporter: fortunate indeed but that family having to find another place to stay because the house is uninhabitable but they were just grateful they were not home. if there is a silver line ng all of this people tell us that the >> all right. thank you very much. and in addition to black ice drivers on the road need to be on the lookout for ice missiles. take a look at this. the damage here was caused by a sheet of ice flying off a box truck today. connecticut state police received multd pl reports of cars being hit by ice flying off other cars. the roller coaster ride continues. >> that's right. after we had subzero record cold over the weekend and 50 degree temperatures today like springtime, the temperatures are falling off again. not to these incredible arctic levels though. back to more average february
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we're in the mid to upper 30s across northeast new jersey. through the buroughs and white plains is at 36. it is dropping though and temperatures a little bit colder to the north and west 30 in monticello and bridge port seeing temperatures right around 40. later tonight we will see them fall just a bit, enough to freeze over some areas where there's still some standing water. winds are gusty but not as strong as earlier today. 20 miles an hour or so so it is chilly but it's more typical february. here's where the storm has taken itself on up to canada now and it's long gone and there's clearing behind that although we'll see a few high clouds in the area tomorrow. no rain, and temperatures pretty close to arch. low to mid-40s by the afternoon so your morning and evening commutes are nice and dry. but what about the weekend? next week we may be tracking another coastal storm. details on that in just a few minutes. all right. make sure you have the news 4 new york app for all the weather and information you need to know
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from weather to airport delays you can find it all right there. new tonight a man is dead and police are looking iffer the person who killed him. the victim was shot several times this evening. no word on a motive. the man's name has not been released. and police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a deadly domestic dispute in connecticut. a father shot dead by police after they say he attacked his wife and three children. this happened this morning if fairfield where police found chris andrews outside his home holding a weapon. investigators say he lunged at an officer who then shot and killed andrews. his wife kathleen and three kids were found beaten and stabbed in the house. all of them are in the hospital now and neighbors are in shock. >> they're the nicest couple that i can -- honestly the nicest couple of all the people i knew. so it's very shocking. >> police say they have never
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our i team has uncovered new information about the woman who claimed she was choked by former governor spitzer. she sued a different man a few years ago also claiming he choked her. travis's lawyer tells news 4 he dropped her as a client claiming ethical issues with her allegations. travis has returned to russia and has not returned e-mails for comment. and to decision 2016 now with presidential primaries coming up in several southern states in the next two weeks. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are stepping up their pitches to a key constituency in those states. sanders met with sharpton last week. he campaigned today at a prayer breakfast in columbia, south carolina, with garner's daughter erika. both candidates are trying to convince voters that they're better equipped to bring equal opportunity and prosperity to
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>> we should be investing in jobs and education, not jails, not incarceration. >> i want to see every child have a chance to live up to his or her god given potential. i still believe that has to be at the core of our mission as a nation. >> south carolina's democratic primary is coming up a week from saturday followed by super tuesday primaries in alabama, georgia, texas and virginia. nevada is far more racially diverse than iowa or new hampshire. new jersey governor chris christie delivered his 7th budget line in the state. it calls for that increase in overall state spending with around 95% of the increase going toward the state pension fund, health benefits and payments on debt. despite that plan, many teachers we spoke with are still warry
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payments will actually be made. >> no, i really don't. i mean, the way they're talking with the current pension, i don't think the current pension will be there. >> well, the governor didn't say which reforms he'll push, but defended his position not to raise the gas tax to help pay for infrastructure in the state. supreme court justice scalia will lie in repose friday in the courts' great hall. a private memorial service is scheduled. scalia scalia passed away while on a retreat at a texas ranch. taking on apple, the feds tonight ordering that company to unlock the phone of a dead terrorist. >> returned in a bizarre fashion. the story of a very unusual robin hoodcosming up. >> and not exactly a high speed pursuit. but sparks were flying. video of police trying to stop a
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police need your help tracking down this man. this happened two weeks ago in front of our lady of conservation church in williamsburg. this is the third one they've destroyed. and new tonight a judge is forcing apple to help the fbi unlock the iphone used by the san bernardino shooters. the couple was killed during a shootout with police. the fbi says it needs to find out what information is on fa ruk's phone because it could lead to other terrorist contacts and their plans.
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tested positive for rabies. animal officers captured that wild man -- raccoon. if you believe you encountered this infected animal call the local health department. >> we'd like to tell you you're about to hear a heart warming story about a good samaritan returning its lost wallet to its rightful owner. >> it didn't quite work out that way although it did deliver a few laughs. >> reporter: it may be one of the worst feelings when you lose your wallet. no credit cards, no license, no cash. it happened to reilly, the music enthusiast believes he dropped it while attending a concert in brooklyn. two weeks later a letter came in the mail. >> when you got this envelope did you think it had to do with
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>> no. i was initially terrified. i had gotten this, you know, blank white envelope. >> and inside credit cards which he already cancelled, driver's license which he already replaced and a note written by an anon-mus quote unquote good samaritan further explaining their gesture. >> the note was basically i'm a good guy but i'm giving you the middle finger and i'm keeping anything that would have currency. >> the metro card well because the fare is 2.75 now and the wallet because it's kind of cool. >> i can't believe this person went through all of this work. >> and while the person who mailed this letter is technically a thief, he can't help but appreciate the humor. >> reporter: and just within the last few hours the brooklyn theater where this concert was held, got wind of what happened
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offered him some tickets and told him to leave the wallet at home. postal workers have a new enemy in new jersey and this one knows how to ruffle feathers. wild turkeys accosted the mailman this afternoon in hillsdale. the birds didn't ininjury him, but he ran back to the truck and called police. >> i've heard that when they're mating they'll attack anything, so you know, i can see and it's a lot of them and they're big. they're very big. >> you wassers arrived and they managed to shoo away the birds from the vehicle. and he was able to finish his route. >> all right.
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rain, florida residents are cleaning up after a possible tornado. >> and a look at the video of that storm. it's surveillance video from miramar. it sent debris flying through one neighborhood. neighbors said it sounded like a freight train coming through. >> incredible video there. so is that part of the system that we're dealing with today? >> the southern end of the same storm system. it was elank lon gaited from florida all the way up the east coast. and that's probably about the fifth time they've seen severe weather in florida in about a month. so a wild year for all of us and today we certainly saw our share around here with wind and rain. things have calmed down now. this is our view from the top of the camera. the pretty colors there, purple and gold. the skies are starting to clear out and we're seeing a few scattered clouds.
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so temperatures are above freezing but it is cooling down. this is more a typical february cool that we would normally see. we deserve this break because there could be another coastal storm next week possibly on tuesday. it's still really early and the computer forecasts are not coming together yet but as it stands it could be a combination of rain and or snow and storm team 4 will be on it for you for the rest of this week. temperatures in the low to mid-30s. not too many cold spots. monticello is below freezing, but it's 40 in bridge port right now. the massive front, you see the cloud line south of us. it's moving offshore now. decent day for us tomorrow. temperatures in the mid-40s and a mix of sun and clouds, so nothing drastic for us but it does cool down on thursday with
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still sunny throughout the area. no major problem from the weather. we're back up to the low 40s and this weekend we're back into the 50s across the area so it does warm up over the region. that's what we're expecting around here. more 50 degree temperatures. saturday may be a couple of showers here and there. not a complete washout and sunday is a beautiful day with a high of 51 degrees. tonight though, down to near freezing in a few spots and any standing water from earlier today might freeze over in some areas so watch for black ice. especially north and west in the morning with temperatures in the 20s there. for tomorrow, back into the 40s so close to average. smithtown is at 43 degrees. winds out of the west northwest so we're not expecting those fierce winds tomorrow. mid to upper 30s to the north and west. 7-day has a high of 42 for tomorrow. thursday it's breezy and cool but it's nice and sunny and dry. 38.
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up a little bit and mainly north of the city for showers and the temperatures are in the 50s so the roller coaster continues so the question about the coastal storm will take a few days to answer that for you, but we'll keep you posted. >> all right. bruce, what's going on? >> the nhl regular season is on pace for a fast and furious finish. will the rangers' captain be back on the ice soon? plus, the devils try to continue their winning ways against the flyers. highlights tonight from the rock and it's thumb's up for curtis granderson. we'll hear from the mets elder statesman later in sports. >> and here's what jimmy fallon has coming up tonight. >> we have rhonda rousey and pitbull. we're in l.a. all week.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. a man dug himself into quite the trouble in florida taling this backhoe authorities the
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across the famous 7 mile bridge dumping bold ulders on to the street along the way. a german short hair won the west minister kennel club dog show tonight. announced best in show and the runner up, the other finalists include a sky terrier from oyster bay, long island as well as a german shepherd, a schutzu and this little dog named an bell. delicate little thing, isn't she? >> yes. adorable. >> we'll be right back with
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well, the rangers about to get a boost. >> the rangers are playing some of their best hockey of the season and now their captain is ready to rejoin his teammates tomorrow night against the black hawks at msg. after missing the past four games with a concussion, he returned to practice today in greenburg. the blue shirts have lost five
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a firm grasp on second place and their captain is itching to join the fun. >> yeah, i hope so. i'm going to say i'm good enough to go so as long as the coaching staff feels that they want me and we'll go from there. for me, i'm just really excited to get back and hopefully make a big impact even more for this group and down the stretch run, the rest of the season. >> still up to the coach. on the ice tonight, the serging devils hosted the flyers at the rock in knew ark. new jersey trailed 2-1. jordan 2-2. fires a wrister past the screen. the first goal in 22 games, ties it at 2. buzz the flyers answer back just moments later. sets up simmons for a pretty power play goal. they go on to win by a score of
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to their winning streak. the mets have offered their general manager job to the assistant gm. rutgers visited illinois searching for their first big 10 win of the season and tonight was not the night. the fighting illini leading by 16 in the second half. beats the shot with a hundred-handed feed from 40 feet. oh, my gosh. it's been that kind of season for rutgers. they lose their 2th straight game in the big 10. 82-66. now to baseball where spring training is just three days away. the first workout for pitchers and catches for both teams takes place on friday.
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already in st. -- >> the big thing i'm going to say is don't be content in what happened and don't assume that just because things have gotten to the point of where they are, you return a lot of the key piece from the successful team of last year that things just going to fall into place. i think derek jeter said it most, fans want to support you and cheer for you. and if we'll continue to win and case in point, there's already people here. we don't start up until next week and i'm sure this spring training will be busier than last year and i'm excited to see that. >> complacency is a dirty word. i done expect it with the mets this year. i'm headed to florida tomorrow. we'll be live starting on thursday. >> all right.
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that's it for news 4 at 11:00. the tonight show is just ahead. >> we'll see you again tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's


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