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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  February 21, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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this is "today in new york." now on "today in new york," search crews scouring the waterways for a missing passenger after a plane went down in long island sound. a 14-year-old fighting for her life this morning after a shooting spree in kalama oo. what investigators are saying about the shooter and his targets. the front-runners celebrating victory as the race
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what last night's wins and losses mean for the come weeks. i'm pat battle. >> i'm gus rosendale. 52 degrees. let's find out how high it will go. raphael miranda is here from the weather center. >> not much higher. we're in the midnd0s for february. not too sha cy at all. you can see on storm tracker. dealing with clouds rolling in. an trying to dim that sunshine. it's a great start to the second half of your weekend. that will change over the next few hours. 55 now at jfk 52 mill basin. temperatures approaching the 50s in staten island. we're in the 50s in city island and floral park looking at 53 degrees already early on this sunday. now, we had cold spots to west of town. already back to the 40s. 48in in sussex. you start out with 20s this morning. that's a big improvement there. 48 in danbury and near 50 already in white plains. lots of 50s across long island. stays mild throughout the
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today's high, 54 degrees. a touch cooler than yesterday. we're watching out for a few showers later on this afternoon and evening. mae.inly after 4:00, 5:00. a chance for significant rain also on the way in the seven-day forecast. that's coming up in a few. back to you. happening right now, crews are scouring a waterway in long island after a small plane went down in port jefferson. >> that's where ray villeda is joining us with the latest. ray? >> reporter: gus ale pat, underwater search teams looking for that passenger in last night's crash. it happened not far from the port jefferson marina. officers responded quickly, even hopped into kayaks to get to the victims in the water. this morning, search teams are out on the water doing that searching. using sonar to find that missing mastn. the federal aviation ad-tministration s.ys had the plane had a forced landing around 11 clok. the piper pa 28 was heading to
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reported engine trouble. four men on board, including the pilot. officers responded hopped on kayaks and were able to rescue two. another man made it safely to shore. a man describes what he heard moments before the crash. >> and the victims right now are in the hospital at stony brook. they suffered severe hypothermia. as far as where that pnne came from, we're told it came from connecticut. the search teams out there looking for that man. we're live near port jefferson marina. i'm ray villeda. "today in new york." >> ray, thank yoo. investigators are tryingheo piece together three gruesome schoneenes in a shooting spree in western michigan. police say that jason dalton killed a father and son in kalamazoo county. hoeturs later, he opened fire on two cars in the parking lot of a
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four women died and a 14-year-old girl fighting for your -- there are no known connections between the victims and the gunman. it app rs the attacks are random. >> people that tonight were engaged in eve day life, going out to eat, going to look at a new car and baby-sitting is my understanding. they had no participation in what led to their not being with us anymore. >> police searched the suspect's home. they did find a weapon in his car and officials don't believe it was a homegrown terro attack. > ulso happening this morning, police inves igating if two new york city police offers unded in jamal funes fired a shot at an
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wh men police responded, funes led them on a chase and started shooting. >> next thing you know, they block off the road of quincy and right here on gates and the police came. >> officers andrew yurkiw and william reddin were hit but are expected to recover. the bulletproof vests likely saved their loifs. >> the suspect was critically wounded and police say he has a lo eng criminal history dating back 20 years. >> officer reddin is married with two children, another on the way. officer yurkiw been with the police department for three years. his father's life was saved by a protective vest years ago. >> you can get updates on the bsite or mobile app. > thousands of people, including several asian american groups gathered to show their support for a fired nypd officer who wa
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man in brooklyn. supporters of officer peter liang rallied in cadman plaza park at the foot of of the brooklyn bridge and met by black lives matter protesters who applaud liang's conviction. his supporters believe him when he says that the 2014 shooting death of akai gurley in the stairwell of a housing project was an accident. similar protests over the liang conviction were held across the country, including in san francisco, dallas and in iphiladelphia. police want your help to fi'and a missing 8-year-old boy with autism. romeo richardson got separated from his family on the subpay laorst night. the little boy from the bronx was with his brother, sister and a cousin headed to coney island. apparently, he was the only one who made it on to the number 5 train when the doors closed platform. he can't read, has limited speaking ability.
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please contact police. now, decision 2016. after a big night in south carolina and nevada, donald trump and hillary clinton came out on top. another republican candidate bowed out of the race. it was the second straight victory for trump and his first in the south. marco rubio he said the second place finish last night put him one step closer to being president. ted cruz kept his spot in the top tier of three. jeb bush came in a disappointing fourth. he later announced he's suspendiod his campaign. >> in this campaign, i've stood my ground, refusing to bend to the political whims. we've put forward innovative ideas. despite what you might have heard, ideas matter, policy matters. >> in nevada, hillary clinton had lost her once big lead in
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sand s surge. ted cruz, marco r tio and donald trump all guests on "meet the press" this. chuck todd joins us with a preview of his full dance hard. good morning, chuck. gus. >> i guess a sigh of relief for hillary clinton. you're going to speak to senator sanders. what does he need to do going forward? >> he's candidate about it. he doesn't necessarily have his outline the strategy of how to do it. he wants to cherry pick states. that's why this nevada loss was so brutal, i think, for him. it was an opportunity if he could have won it, he would have been able to show democrats that he can win in a diverse state and he can beat her supposedly in an away game type much atmosphere. that didn't happen. in som ways, thanks to harry reid, the senate minority leader, the establishment struck back. >> the next 12 contests, gus,
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hillary clinton as a heavy favorite. >> you talk about the establishment there. let's go to the other side of the aisle. bush establishment drops out. does the establishment on the gop side shift to rubio or -- a factor for trump going forward? >> they're going to try to shift to rubio. probably a stubborn fact in the way of the republican establishment and stopping doonnald trump. no republican has won new hampshire and south carolina back-to-back and not become the republican nominee.sthe fact of the matter, it's going to be hard to stop trump at this point. thche establishment is going to rally around rubio and raise a ton of money. a bunch of the bushting there coming up. stick around for meet the press at 10:30 right after "today in new york."
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of people crowded the largest roman catholic church to celebrate the life the antonin scalia. funeral services from held yesterday at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. he was a devout catholic and leaves a wife, 9 children and 36 grandchildren. one of his sons, the reverend paul scalia delivered the mass. the 79-year-old scalia died while on a hunting trip at a west texas ranch. he served on the supreme court almost three decades. novel he's harper lee was laid to rest in her alabama hometown this weekend. her funeral was as private as r life with about 3 dozen family members and friends gathering at a methodist church. lee was awarded the presidential medal of freedom and received a pulitzer prize for her book, to kill a mockingbird. she was 89 years old. supporters of apple are it
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thddepsompany -- those protests will take place on tuesday outside apple stores in 30 cities, including here in new york. apple' is fighting that court order arguing that it could be used to break into millions of other iphones. as we continue on this sunday morning, the pope calling on catholic politicians to work toward a moratorium. what he'd like to see countries ban for the rest of the holy year. plus, news 4 gets results. immigration loophole exposed by our i-team. it's dry and mild odoside right now. but we're tracking two storms heading our way. what does that mean for your workweek?
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clear skits on a sunday morning. again, we just have to bring your attention to the thermometer there.
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it is the 21st of february. >> yeah. >> don't get confused. it is confusing. no winter jackets needed today. two days in a r arow. feeling nice out there. that's going to change later this week. don't get used to it. enjoy today for sure. enjoy the dry weather out there. the sunshine and the mild temperatures. all of that is going away over the next few hours or so. you can see the clouds trying to push in and block that sunshine. that's going to be the trend roughout the afternoon. partly sunny sti . we've still got 52 degrees. we were in the low 60s. we're a touch cooler today. we're tracking rain back in the forecast later on tonight. then we're cool and wet as we head back to work over the next few days. we'll look at that and i'll explain when it will be umbrella time. storm tracker, nice and dry all around the tri-state. starting to see the first signs of rain pushing in to southern pennsylvania. this is the storm we're tracking now moving across the tennessee
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it's going to track towards the east throughout the day today. it's going to track to our south. it will stay far enough to the sos uth that we don't get a major storm. it's not a strong storm as they come. temperatures in the hudson valley in the upper 40s already push be 50 in vail's gate. >> 36 degrees in hopewell junction. it's mild everywhere. it was cold to west of town. morristown, you were in the 20s. bridgewater also. now back to the 40s and 50s. farming daily at 55 degrees. also long branch in the jersey shore enjoying that incredible february weather. future tracker at 11:00 this morning. the sunshine continues to be pushed away. it's still dry but after 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, that's when we art to see showers moving in. light showers nonetheless. but you need the rain. u need the umbrellas, rather,
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you have dinner plans. a little bit of light rain continues. notice where the rain is. it's not north of new york city. it, 's from the city south and east across long island and the jersey shore. by tomorrow morning, this is 6:00 a.m. this is monday and the rain is gone. clear skies building in. sunshine for your commute. nice and dry there. heading into tuesday, keeping it y until tuesday afternoon. tuesday night, the next storm approaches. we already have the rain moving in for your commute. it will be plain old rain but flooding may be a concern towards the middle of the week. not today. light rain early on. 54 for a high. just turned cooler again. you need the jackets tomorrow morning already with a bit of a chilly start. tecomperatures about 10 degrees colder for your monday. 46 for a high. lots of sunshine there. even chillier on tuesday with a high in the low 40s. we're tracking that rain on wednesday. may linger into thursday. teu'mperatures rebounding back
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you want to stay up to date with the upcoming rain and the news 4 p. you scroll down and select the weather tab. you can see the latest weather app. it may help you or this evening and learn how to submit your own weather video. it's available in the app store right now. pat and gus, over to you. >> raphi, thank you. > the i-team has been asking this question. are undocumented immigrants citizenship. >> melissa russo has an exclusive i-team update. >> why mi did you come here? >> i thoughtygood life, good>> thia young man who we're calling john asked us not to entify him as he described for us his game plan to get a green card. and tonight, senator chuck schumer is among t federal officials furious t what we found. senator, what was your
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>> outrage. th is proof positive. now you have someone saying there was a bribe. >> john tells the i-team he and his sisters paid tens of thousands of dollars to agents and members of the sikh community of queens as part of an arrangement. to smuggle john from punjab, india, across the mexican border and more importantly, help him get acces to a queens family courtroom so he could then request special immigration pa apers. re john says the plan may involve paying this older man $33,000 to come to court and petition to become john's legal guardian. >> he said that i needed money. >> john's story seems to confirm the suspicions of family court insiders who told the i-team more than a year ago about an influx of young punjabi men by the hundreds telling similar
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from the sikh community flock to court to become their guardians. in some cases multiple times. the i-team asks were the stories of abuse true, were the guardians for hire? soon after our report, there was an investigation launched which found reasonable suspicion f criminal activity. senator schumer says it's not moving fast enough. >>wa i called dhs after i ou saw your report and they said there's a pending investigation. i said light a fire, baby. get this thing moving. this is outrageous. >> outrageous, the senator says, that febl requests for special papers including john's con nue to be approved in family court. >> investigate it and shut it down. enough already >> note the irony in john's case. the i-team watched in the courtroom as his guardian testified he was motivated by kindness to take john into his home, when in fact john told us his guardian threw him into the reet because he refused his
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>>ltnd that's why john decided to speak to the i- am because he was so upset about the way his guardian had treated him. just a few weeks later, none of that came up in court where they testified only about their close relationship and the abuse john said he suffered by his father back in india. we don't know whether john's story of abuse is true.,meanwhil', homeland security tells the i-team, the agency is following investigative lead on this, but that is all they're saying for now. melissa russo, "news 4 new york." >> if you have a story for us to look into, all the news 4 i-team tip line. the phone number is 866-news-2 had 4. up next, why the pope is call catholic politicians to action. plus, new video from fiji where a massive cyclone decimated parts of br that region.
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pope francis is calling for a obal ban on the death penalty. >> he's urging catholic lead evers and politicians to work for a moratorium on e cutions during the catholic church's holy year mercy. pope francis told he crowd today, the commandment you shall not kill is just as valid for the guilty as for the innocent. and more violence n syria this morning weere two blasts killed more than 30 people and left dozens oth s injured. syrian state television said it struck in a city of homes video of destruction shows mangled cars and debris on the streets. the blast were caused by two vehicles rigged with explosives. the city has been hit with a wave of explosion this is recent months. we're getting a look at the
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ferocious cyclone in fiji. this is the aftermath of sigh collne winston. whole villages have been flattened. at least six people have died. a curfew has been extended until tomorrow. many without power and freshwater. sinkhole swallowed parts of two buildings in germany. left a crater n out 50 yards deep. itas filled with water. this happened in central germany and the two buildings were empty. nobody was hurt. investigators looking into what caused that massive hole in the ch ground. here come the brides. 15,000 couples took part in a mass wedding in south korea t s morning. 3 nouz in person, while 12,000 participated via live stream. >>mo> the controversial unification church regularly holds the ceremonies. they've been accused of brainwashing its follakers. a claim it denies. are they all wearing the same dress? i was mesmerized to see if the
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>> you get a bulk rate. we'll be back with a check of the forecast in a moment. >> you're watching "today in new
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cute little fella. a tiger cub. newest member of an indonesian zoo. he weighs five pounds much less than a week old. authorities want to increase the population of the endangered species. there are less than 400 in existence. good effort there. a beautiful day ahead, raphael. we get one more and then things : get h little shaky. >> most of the day will be dry. shaky is a good way to say it. coming up, light showers later on. mainly after 5:00 p.m. you have the day that's basically dry and e rain is going to be from new york city south and east.
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rain for the hudson valley, fairfield county, new york city towards jersey. some of that rain is going to linger into dinnertime and maybe even overnight. tomorrow dry as you head back to work and school. a high of 46 degrees. the shaky time starts tuesday night into wednesday morning. a more powerful storm approaches. that has the potential to make heavy rain, even localized flooding especially wednesday afternoon and evening. you can see temperatures are kind of up and down. down to the low 40s by tuesday and into the 50s on thursday. back down again to the low 40s by next weekend. good stuff and bad stuff. erica grow will have the forecast coming up tonight. thank you for spending your sunday morning with us. our next newscast is at 6:00 p.m. you can stay updated online or with our news app. >> meet the press sh next. thanks for having us in lp
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this sunday morning, another big win for donald trump, now the undisputed republican front-run sgler it's tough. it's nasty. it's mean. it's vicious. it's beautiful. >> but republicans believe it's a three-man race as marco rubio and ted cruz vie to become the chief trump challenger. >> and the 21st century conservative movement is the son of a bar tender and a maid from cuba. meanwhile, the bush dynasty comes to an official end. >> tonight, i am suspending my campaign.


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