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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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area tonight. >> at the very least, we are in for a wet evening commute. not a pretty day. we could see a lot of delays. dave price is tracking that system hour by hour. >> la guardia delays close to three hours right now. we'll have details on that. in the meantime, let's zoom in and take a look. we have patches, areas right imbedded in this system, you're seeing particularly heavy rain. rain at a rate of half inch an hour in some locations. we're going to see moderate to heavy rain through the day today and then high wind complicating those issues. we have a high wind advisory. we could see gusts upward of 50 to 55 miles per hour. this is a system which is going to complicate life for everyone in the tri-state area.
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right now, sustained in the teens through much of the area. and of course tonight when those gusts roll in between 4:00 and 10:00, 11:00 tonight, that's when the weather is going to be at its worst. showers continue to increase. fast-moving rain and wind bands. a rough evening commute and of course possible damaging wind gusts. your full forecast ahead and we'll go area by area to tell you what to expect. >> just a nasty couple of days. in the south, many are racing for more potentially devastating storms after a string of deadly and destructive tornados. the damage yesterday goes from louisiana to florida. at least three people died when a group of mobile homes was completely lifted off the ground and thrown. rescuers are worried that the death toll will rise. you can track this storm system will your news4 new york app.
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radar and any alerts that you need to know. now to breaking news in new jersey. a manhole explosion. >> that blast happened on the 800 block of elizabeth avenue. news4's brian thompson is there now. first things first, anyone hurt? >> reporter: no, nobody hurt. and there's actually no damage to any businesses. the fire chief here saying that a combination of salt corroding into -- being washed into the manholes that carry electrical conduits create the conditions, and boom there go the manholes. when firemen arrived on the scene, they quickly realized there was more than one explosion. >> you could just hear a loud arc and increased amount of smoke. the manhole let loose and went about 25 feet in the air, flipped around a couple of times.
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but again, nobody was hurt. nonetheless, they knew they had to evacuate this neighborhood. it's mostly businesses, clothes washing places, small restaurants, that sort of thing. it has been evacuated. trucks are on the scene. they're going down into the manhole to try to evacuate the smoke that's coming out of it right now. and then they're also going to try to obviously repair the electrical wires down there. the power has been cut off in this block and a couple of surrounding blocks. again, no injuries and no property damage. still, quite a scene down here on elizabeth avenue needless to say in this part, about a mile from downtown, is closed off. brian thompson reporting live in elizabeth. >> brian, thank you. still active out there. new at noon today, we're getting a first look at the mother who police say left her
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hours later only to learn was killed in a fire. we're in downtown brooklyn now with the charges she's facing. >> reporter: that mother will face a judge a little bit later this afternoon for her arraignment. we saw her a little bit earlier today when she was led out of the 81st precinct police station. leila aquino will be arraigned. her 2-year-old daughter who died, kaleenah muldrow who relatives described as beautiful and always happy was found two hours after a fire in her and her mother's aapartment was extinguished. when aquino returned to the apartment, police tell us she saw the aftermath of the fire, became frantic and began asking for her daughter. the little girl was found under a bed. she was pronounced dead at the scene. the mother told investigators
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she was out with a friend. now, the fire itself, it is still being investigated by fire marshall marshalls. the mother of the child will be arraigned here this afternoon. katherine craig, news4 new york. >> thank you. right now, police are searching for violent attackers after two separate slashings in brooklyn overnight. in one case, the culprits got away. in the other, police say the suspect was literally caught with blood on his hands. mark is in bush wick with the rest of the story. >> reporter: these two separate attacks overnight in brooklyn both involving blades have new yorkers looking over their shoulders. i want to get right to the video. take a look. cameras rolling as a homeless man believed to have stabbed a strap hanger on the train. law enforcement sources tell me the victim was in the last car of a queens bound m train when
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claiming he stole his phone. police say the homeless man stabbed the victim in the hand and neck. he is expected to be okay. they spotted their man two hours later on the train with blood on his hands. now to cypress hill. another victim was walking home when he was approached by a man and woman who demanded his money. he was slashed in the cheek. news4 investigates has learned there have been 567 stabbings and slashings this year. that is up 21%. of those 567 attacks, seven have been random, which still is little consolation to many here. news4 new york. >> all right, mark, thank you. right now, connecticut's highest court is hearing arguments on whether michael skakel should get a new trial. institute prosecutors are asking the court to reinstate the 2002
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for the killing of martha moxly when the two were teenage neighbors. skakel was freed on a $1.2 million bail in 2013. that was following a lower court judge's order for a new trail. he'd been sentenced to 20 years to life in prison. to politics now and the race for the white house. and another big win for donald trump. he easily took last night's nevada caucus where nearly half of all votes cast went to the businessman. now we have that and what's coming up next. >> certainly a resounding win for him last night. his third straight. all sights at this point set on super tuesday. >> we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated.
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supporters. he's looking forward to super tuesday after his decisive victory last night in nevada, walking away with 40% of the vote. marco rubio who took home 24% and ted cruz with 21. but rubio's looking forward too, and so is cruz. cruz's home state of texas is one of the states participating in super tuesday. he says he's the only one who can beat trump marco rubio didn't stay in nevada last night. his hometown roots, he lived there back in the '70s and '80s were not enough to secure a win. >> the nevada caucuses by the way with atypical. last night, that process was just different than the rest of the country. >> he's moved onto michigan saying when other candidates drop out, those are votes he'll pick up. >> the vast and overwhelming majority of republicans do not want donald trump to be our nominee.
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that if it came down to me and donald trump, i'd beat him by almost 16 points. >> trump says the answer is pretty simple. >> 14 people went after me and 14 people are now officially gone. >> the fact that trump has won so soundly in three very different areas of the country speak to just how broad his appeal. it is worth noting that every candidate who has won both the new hampshire and south carolina primaries has gone onto become the gop nominee. bernie sanders insists he's not giving up on south carolina despite leaving to campaign elsewhere. democrats in south carolina head to the polls on saturday. sanders is kicking off a multi-state tour with stops in oklahoma, missouri, and ohio, though. he says he's not writing off south carolina and points to the polls as his proof. >> we have waged a very, very vigorous campaign. we have picked up a lot of support.
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very significantly. but this from day one was going to be a very difficult state for us. >> hillary clinton is spending the day in south carolina with events planned in columbia and charleston. she continues to hold a double digit lead over sanders ahead of saturday's primary. >> governor chris christie is making his first public appearance outside the state house since dropping out of the presidential race. he helped to celebrate the opening of an elementary school in newark. coming up next here at noon, just incredible video shows the moment a man's pants just burst into flames. what he had in his pocket that led to that. >> and a new ruling today in the fight to put a warning on almost every menu in new york city. i am so excited about my guest, presidential hopeful hillary clinton on steve harvey. we're talking about politics and why she wants your vote.
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memory lane. this is going to be fun today. today at 3:00. coming up next on "new york live," what really goes into planning the met gala. the behind the scenes teaser. plus, the city's best are back. and rashad talks billions. coming up on "new york live" at 12:30. attention parents: before school this september r all kids entering 7tht and 12th grades t must get ther meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases like meningitis. call your health care provider today. learn more at
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want to get to some breaking news coming out of the east village right now. a person has been hit by the l train. this happened near third avenue. there's no l train service in either direction. so riders should take the a or the c trains instead. and a big update on construction of the second avenue subway line. mta officials say they are on track for a december opening. in fact, the mta chairman called the goal realistic and said he is confident it will be ready.
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ridership and the second avenue subway will offload some of the crowds who take the green line. he said the pressure is on now for contractors. >> there's a laser focus and considerable pressure paid on internal efforts and external efforts to contractors to get that done on time. >> it's been a long project. construction on the second avenue line began way back in 2007. the project has cost more than $4.5 billion so far. new at noon today, new york city will move ahead with plans to require chain restaurants to post salt warning labels. a manhattan judge struck down a lawsuit today filed by the national restaurant association. it claims the city overstepped legal boundaries by requiring restaurants to label food with high amounts of sodium. the salt icons will help new yorkers make healthier choices. >> this is really good news for
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people deserve to know what's in their food. >> they have acted in a way that we contend will confuse consumers more than it will help them. >> the city will begin enforcing that rule starting next week. >> if it tastes really good, it's bad for you. that's the easiest way to put it. apple wants to take its fight with the fbi to congress. >> we're joined now with a look at the markets. >> good to see you. and the markets are lower today for a couple of reasons. some of the economic stats have been a little bit soft today, but also oil has fallen once again. as goes oil, lately anyway, so goes the stock market. right now. the dow jones is off triple digits. that's a big rally back from the lows of the day. the oil market under pressure as well. we saw a record build in inventories meaning there's just too much oil that came into the market this week. that is pushing crude oil
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you mentioned apple, apple does congress. they're going to ask a federal judge this week in leelg papers to put this out of the courts. it's the encryption controversy we've been hearing a lot about. they want it really heard in why? because apple spent an enormous amount of money lobbying in congress last year and they have a very friendly audience. they are hopeful that will give them a better outcome than if it happened in the courts. back to you guys. >> so many people talking about that apple story. thank you. not a beautiful day in new york city. >> we got rough stuff heading in our direction. we're going to be on the web all day of course talking about that. and on the news4 app. keep in mind, we're going to be tracking the storm as it rolls on through. that's rockefeller plaza. and the winds are beginning to pick up. the rain is coming down.
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soggy skies out there. let's talk about what's happening. conditions deteriorating before our eyes. high winds and heavy rain beginning to work their way into the area. the commute home is going to be bad. if you can take mass transit, do. and bring your patient tonight because everything and everyone is going to be slowed down. the temperature in central park, relatively uniform temperatures around the area. stream. 45 in brooklyn. we're going to see a spike in temperatures later on. the wider pictures show the cooler air to the north and west right now. in the 30s in monticello. as far as the rest of the day goes, what are we going to see? those winds really going to pick up. they're not too bad right now. sustained in the teens. as we head to 2:00, close to 30-mile-per-hour gusts in monticello. 26 right here in new york city.
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close to 40 miles per hour as we head to 5:00. at midnight tonight, we see gusts as strong as 50 merps miles per hour in the city. in the mid-50s before things begin to calm down tomorrow morning. rain overspreading the area. let's zoom on into some of these pockets of heavier downpours. we expect this system right now just north and east of the lake to roll on through middle town in the next few minutes. montgomery up to wallkill. over to kingston at 12:54. what is over the city right now is going to make its way to jfk at 12:20. over to stamford by 12:56. yet another one we're watching which is going to roll on through long island hitting long
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i slip, you'r going to see some very heavy downpours. keep in mind, these storms are moving very, very quickly. what can we expect the next seven day sns after this ends, we are going to see some relief. as we head to friday and saturday, much improved and back into the 50s next week. we'll update you as necessary. we're tracking it all. we'll see you at 5:00, if not earlier. back to both of you. "new york live" is next at 12:30. >> here's sara and jacque. >> coming up, what goes on behind the scenes of staging the annual met gala. and did you decide what you want for lunch yet? how about a bagel? we're heading to the newly
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what makes them delicious. >> that looks good. still ahead on news4, one woman says using baby powder, this baby powder gave her cancer, and a jury agree. the warning and the $72 million
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johnson & johnson has been ordered to pay $72 million to the family of an alabama woman whose death has been linked to the company's pop har ular baby powder. they say she used the talcum powder for more than 35 years. a jury found johnson & johnson liable for fraud, negligence, and conspiracy.
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some video you need to see here. frightening moments inside a convenience store after an e-cigarette battery exploded in a man's pocket. look at that. the battery ignited as the customer waited at the counter. he runs out of the store. the clerks follow him with a fire extinguisher. the man was taken to the hospital and treated. he has second degree burns on his leg. how scary is that? but he is able to walk. >> glad they were able to help so fast there. still ahead, rise of the machine. the next generation robot that passed every test they tried
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well, this afternoon we're getting a sneak peek at the next generation robot. >> this is so cool. the atlas robot is designed to be able to walk outside and in different terrains. it had a few stumbles during its stroll there, it never fell over. a boston dynamics worker also demonstrated how the robot
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around. let's just say it doesn't back down. it's neat. look at him. >> keep pushing him around, they're going to take over the world. tonight on news4 starting at 5:00, a new push to lower the drinking age in new jersey. >> and storm team 4 tracking this nasty weather.
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hi, everybody. happy wednesday and welcome to "new york live." we have got a jam-packed show for you today including visits. >> also coming up, a new york institution is back. we are paying a visit to kossar's. >> oh, and i'm hungry. >> plus, she's taking on wall street's toughest, condola


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