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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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queen 3. the boat capsized in the choppy water in far rockaway. kat has more on how this drama unfolded. >> natalie and david, the way it was described to us, the storm rolling in and the crew members inside not knowing exactly what was going on and it was like a scene out of a movie and then the rescue itself just as dramatic. take a look. >> one by one, the coast guard rescued seven people who were onboard this fishing boat that ran aground. coast guard crew members plucked each one placing them in a basket and bringing them to safety by helicopter. the boat that stuck. >> we're working with the owners out of virginia to figure out what the next plan of attack is as par as moving this off. the weather is hampering us right now. >> lieutenant stewart of the coast guard says it was around 2:00 a.m. when the fishing boat hit a sandbar near the inlet near to 56th street in the rockaways.
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but the wind, rains and rough seas proved to be challenging to all those who tried to save them. >> we have 10 to 15-foot seas right off the coast here. the boat has been at sea for eight days. >> the nypd unit was called and so was fdny and five coast guard crew members who tried to save the fishing members, their boat capsized. >> five members of their crew were moved to the shore because of the severe wind and water continues. >> the curious gathered on the shore to watch the rescues and fishermen. they were not hurt. as to the fate of this boat, many wonder how long it would take to move it. >> he's in trouble and it will be a job to get them out. >> and the seven fishermen from this boat and they're apparently doing well enough and they
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if someone gives you an idea of how hearty they are. as for the boat itself, the coast guard is waiting to see if it will float out of the sandbar on its own or they'll have to get vessels in here to pull it out. reporting live, katherine creag, news 4 new york. >> wildfires and buildings ripped apart and thousands left in the dark and we have live team coverage on the aftermath beginning with news 4's andrew siff in elmhurst. >> talk about leaving a mark. this is a verizon office building in elmhurst, there is a big mark where a 20-foot by 50-foot exterior wall panel made out of stucco came tumbling down to the street. no one was hurt and it could have been a whole lot worse. >> the sound of wind whipping police tape today only hints at the gusts that swirled around this building in the early
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of the facade at this verizon office building at broadway and viator avenue came thundering to the ground. some of the debris slammed into parked cars. neighbors knew the time of the windstorm may have been the only thing that prevented a tragedy. >> that's a good sign. >> this could have been a lot worse. >> this could be -- think about it, it happened at 5:30 or it happened at 7:30 p.m. when the people are coming back and this could be a real disaster, you know? >> investigators from verizon and the city's buildings department spent the morning assessing the mage and crews are installing a protective sidewalk shed as the wind continued to blow. one resident says the gusts are reminding him of living in the great plains. it is a wind swept land and there's nothing you can compare that to. last night, this was like when i was back in wyoming.
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>> back live now, just seconds ago, this giant piece of construction equipment arrived and it's a cherry picker of sorts and the reason it's here is that they're going to be extending it up along the side and along the facade of the seven-story building here because according to the new york city buildings department there's still boeing and it's still gusty wind today and it hasn't been stabilized down below in the sidewalk level and a lot of work still to be done here and again, the good news is no one was hurt. eight people work in the building and only one was here at the time of the collapse. live in elmhurst, andrew siff, news 4, new york. we've also learned the red cross helping two families displaced when a vacant building in the bronx caved in during the bad weather. no one was hurt when it collapsed in the belmont section and it did damage buildings next door and officials do believe those winds caused the cave-in. all over long island chain saws are providing the soundtrack for the day as crews work to get that area back to
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news 4's tracie strahan is in massapequa and it sounds like the fallen trees were just one part of the problem here. >> it actually was and we're seeing just how much muscle this storm had on chicago avenue and we're seeing where it was able to uproot a tree and the wind sent i t right into the roof of this home and the damage caused in nassau and suffolk counties really a domino effect. chicago may be the windy city, but it's clear wind wreaked havoc on this house in massapequa. this morning crews unloaded armfuls of the massive tree that was blown over and crashed into the roof during last night's storm. a storm strong enough to snap power lines less than five minutes away. cell phone video captured the live wire setting parked cars on fire. >> i don't scare easily and it was scary.
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husband's beloved gmc yukon and she knew trouble was coming at the height of the storm. >> it sounded like thunder and it was the tree coming down and we heard something like skidding across the roof and all of a sudden there was an orange glow at the front of the house. >> crews were out during daybreak dealing with the outbreak that affected tens of thousands of customers hitting nassau the hardest. a force strong enough to cause problems on veterans highway and comack, as well. >> it was huge. compared to sandy, it was close to sandy, the gusts. just the gusts were coming. >> reporter: now pseg says they've been able to restore power to 68,000 customers, but a lot of people are complaining on social media that they may not be restored until 9:00 tomorrow night. they're asking everyone to be patient. we can tell you at least in this home no injuries were reported.
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tracie strahan, news 4 new york. damage to tell you about in westchester county, as well. the winds downed power lines and that sparked pretty big fires. other live wires came down in elmsford and terry town filling the neighborhood with smoke and leaving nearby homes in the dark and the storm toppled giant trees there and this crashed down on to yonkers on top of the car and the driver was dane to the hospital and in new rochelle that damaged cars and homes. >> we have to go now to storm team 4 dave price. unusual. >> we talked about it yesterday and everything we talked about came to pass, as exceptional as it was. rare for february, typically, you see this kind of warm air april. the storm speed moved through so quickly with such intensity and 50 to 90 miles an hour and that's how fast the storm moved with the highest gusts recorded
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air time last night for the 11:00 news. that was in largemontt new york and in the midst of all of this, look at this, 60 degree record and all of it beginning to move out now and we still have rain to deal with and wind and we'll talk about that in just a couple of minutes and certainly a rare event which we got through and everyone in the tri-state area affected by it. we'll send it back to you guys. all right, dave, thanks. if you have the nbc new york app on your phone you are ahead of the storm because woe sent alerts. just download the app in the apple app store or google play. we want to go now to some breaking news coming out of nassau county where we just learned more sexting scandal involving the executive there. greg cergol was there with a few firework, greg. >> natalie, the nassau detective
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investigation for three weeks met reporters at the police academy this morning and led us step by step in detail through that investigation and he concluded emphatically that nassau county executive ed mangano and corinne carol never exchanged sexy messages of any kind. he also said it appears that neither of their telephones, their cell phones were hacked in any way. detective sergeant patrick ryder called the whole incident a hoax saying someone with an apparent agenda created the phony sex messages that were made public and sparked this entire investigation. ryder said police searched two of carroll's cell phones and two of her personal computers as well as the county executive cell phone and he says no i-messages, no texts, no calls, no twitter messages of any kind between the two were found. he says it's possible that mangano and carroll may have other phones. ryder says from the evidence he has seen he believes this entire
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police department overseen by the county executive could do an independent investigation, ryder had some strong words. >> the investigation was done independently, but my integrity, the integrity of my office and most important the integrity of this police department got called into challenge where people put out that they cannot do a fair and impartial investigation and that somehow we would cover this for mr. mangano. >> reporter: now after the police press conference ended corin carrow simply tweeted out a few words. thank you. the spokesman released a statement saying my family and i are victims of a hoax perpetrated by a deranged individual. detective sergeant ryder told us he took his investigation to both the fbi and the nassau d.a. for, in his words, transparency, but right now he says based on
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sexting investigation is closed. we're in massapequa park today, greg cergol, news 4, new york. we thank you for all of that new information there. still coming at noon. surveillance video coming into the newsroom of the infamous oheka castle shooting. i've been a turkey farmer and i raise turkey for shady brook farms we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, turkey farmer. shady brook farms . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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we've got breaking news to tell you about. first to new jersey, that's where police are investigating a possible officer-involved shooting on main street and patterson. news 4's pat battle hustled over to the scene. pat, what can you tell us? >> david, within the last 15 minutes or so police have finally cleared this crime scene in front of the 7-eleven. we are smack in the middle of
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intersection of main and market streets a block from city hall and that's where the shooting went down about 1:23 this morning. sources tell us there was an aggressive panhandler outside the 7-eleven and apparently he asked the wrong guy for money and he asked too hard. he kept begging and begging insisting that the guy had money and eyewitnesses tell us that that gentleman who may have been an off-duty police officer, pulled a gun and shot that panhandler in the leg. we understand that he did survive that shooting and we went inside to try to talk to the clerks at the 7-eleven where prosecutors are inside and they are mum and so is the prosecutor's office. investigators were here when we got here just before 11:00 this morning and had been apparently all night long, but they're not given any information as to what transpired inside that store and the fact that that investigation has been turned over and it's indicative of the serious nature of that investigation which possibly involves an off-duty
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back over to you in the studio. >> pat, thank you. >> i want to get to more breaking news. this out of lower manhattan where the nypd is looking into a suspicious package located at water and wall street. several streets in the area are closed. we are watching this and we will, of course, keep you updated as soon as we get more info. new at noon, surveillance video just released showing a high-profile shooting on long island two years ago. the owner of the well-known oheka castle in huntington walking to his car and then on the left side of the screen, you can see a suspect as he gets out of a parked suv and runs up to mellias and shoots him and then runs away. mellias survived and police hope the video will lead to an arrest. an empty charter bus clammed into the rear of ten cars during the morning rush in south brunswick leaving seven people hurt and two of them critically.
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the car was stopped at a red light and officers say the early investigation suggests the bus driver was distracted by something, but it is not clear if he was on his cell phone or looking at something else. >> the worst of it of course, over now and we're looking at the aftermath and the temperatures to come here. >> absolutely. we still have rain in the area and high winds to deal with over the next 12 to 24 hours and then we make real progress. outside right now, the most beautiful skyline in the world. 49 degrees. we've got some clouds. a little bit of sunshine peeking through, but for the most part, we have cloudy conditions out there and there's some rain to the north of the city. let's go through the details right now. the rain pushes out of the way. the good news there and the breezy conditions stick around for a little while and that in combination with a little bit of antarctic plunge is going to make you feel very, very chilly tonight, but the weekend looks good, particularly as we head into sunday. let's go to the maps right now and we talked about the temperature in the city and everyone relatively uniform with temperatures in the 50s and out
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39 degrees cooler as you head to monticello and 44 in sussex and bridgewater and longbranch alike and farmingdale, as well. it's still kicking up, close to 30 miles per hour in newberg and 31 in montauk and we have 26 degrees -- 26 mile per hour wind gusts in farmingdale and 31 mile per hour gusts in trenton and we have scattered showers popping up through sections of fairfield county and let's zoom on in a little bit and you can focus in on the roadways and areas and you're traveling 680 over to bedford and route 35 into danbury intersecting with route 7 and you'll find wet roads and showery conditions and you'll use the wipers. as we head to the south and the west, things look relatively clear and could see a spot shower though today and it's not out of the question. >> airport delays, laguardia, nightmare and what do you know? a nightmare today and over an hour's worth of delays and the
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and jfk and newark are fine at this point and feels like temperatures, watch what happens. and feels like 38 degrees not so bad, right? the arctic air sinks down and it will feel like it's 31 degrees and the wins begin to diminish and the temperature stays on the low side and look at that, and get out the blanket. and 28 degrees is what it will feel like on saturday morning and saturday will be on the cool side and we see the passing showers out of the day today and becoming chilly tonight into the north and west 30s in the city and as we head into tomorrow bright and brisk. here's the seven-day forecast, everyone and the highlight will be southbound unday, and look at that, nice and mild, and breezy conditions and the rest of the week, mixed bag. that's a quick look at your forecast and we'll see you again
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janice comes along. >> dave, thank you. in today's money report, retailer. >> sharon epierson joins us with cnbc's headquarters. >> hi, david. hi, natalie, we are half way through the trading day and stocks are struggling to stay positive and we have the dow up about 61 points and the s&p 500 is up about four points and the nasdaq down about five points. oil is also slipping about 2% down today. concerns about oversupply are outweighing the strong demand that we're seeing for gas. meanwhile on cnbc this morning, jim bullard looked to put a recent spin in the sell-off in the stock market and he called it, quote, a silver lining because it helped avoid a bubble in prices. >> you mentioned a retailer and we do have retail news, j.c. penney announcing it would sell things for literally a penny and to get the marketing campaign is the latest push by the
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shoppers back into its stores and the promotion will run on its private such as arizona. also apple in the news today over its legal battle with the fbi and the tech giant is refusing to comply with the federal court order to unlock an iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters over privacy concerns. earlier today fbi chief james comey told congress the issue is far from cut and dry, calling it the hardest legal question he has faced. comey also added he did not think the apple issue set a legal precedent for future cases and that's what's happening here at cnbc. back to you guys. >> sharon, we thank you, still
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we have "new york live" next
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here to catch you up. >> the make shelton rumors on "ellen" and we got a sneak peek. we are talking hamilton guest starring on "law and order and the co-star who may join the mary poppins sequel with the talented demi digs at 12:30. >> i don't use it. >> i hear that's what your peeps call you.
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>> sometimes you're faced with tough choices like should you have a burger or a slice of pizza. i like that choice. now you can have both. a restaurant in missouri have started selling a pizza-hamburger combo. it's a hamburger patty between two mini pizzas. since it was added to the menu last week. customers have been ordering them like crazy and it's also getting worldwide attention on social media. i've been thinking about this, the only thing is that cheese looks like mozzarella. i don't think you can do the cheddar or american in the middle if you have the pizza. the cheese could mess it up, but that looks like it's mozzarella. >> that looks like a heart attack for me, but that's just me. >> i would try it. looks good.
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hospital patients possibly exposed to hiv and hepatitis, how it happened and what those potential victims are saying. also, we have a disturbing warning about a popular brand of sippy cups. if your child uses them, you'll need to hear our story. that will do it for us.
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hey, everyone. happy thursday and welcome to "new york live." thanks for tuning in on this weirdly mild day outside. >> spring like almost. >> it was crazy last night. i thought my house was going to blow over. there was someone huffing and puffing out there. >> the temperature could go up a little bit and have a taste of spring. >> yes, the weather is looking up and it will be a nice weekend and we have great guests including sterling k. brown from


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