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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bok bok bok bok bok. live from studio 3-c in rockefeller center, this is news for new york. a dangerous weekend for pedestrians here in the city. three people killed by hit and run drivers. and bad weather or something else? why a familiar cruise ship that's had a rough month, is heading home early again.
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subway station, the motive is anyone's guess. thank you for joining us. >> our top story at this hour, the hunt for the gunman who opened fire late last night on a subway platform in crown heights. we're live at the scene with more. >> rob, it's not often you hear about a shooting on the subway underground where there's little room to get away, but that is what happened here at nostrand avenue after midnight. >> at the subway stop this evening, an officer stands guard near the platform, less than 24 hours after a man was shot in the stomach here, waiting for a train. >> i think it's horrible. you do want to feel safe and when that sort of activity happens and crime, it makes you think twice about where you're living and what time you leave your house. >> the news was disturbing to hear for frequent train riders in the neighborhood. police say it happened just after midnight on sunday
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22-year-old deandre lee was standing on the southbound number 3 train platform, when two men in their late teens approached them. onr e of them pulled out a gun and fired, hitting deandre in the stomach. >> it's super scary. i have no idea how i'd react. i've never been in a situation like that ever. and this is my stop. i'm here every day. that's crazy. >> reporter: police are uncertain of the motive, whether it was random or targeted. either way, it's unnerving for this to happen, especially under ground. >> there's probably a deeper story behind it, especially in this neighborhood, i don't think it's something that's random. but if it is, it's something that's very shocking. >> reporter: no arrests at this hour. >> already, ida, thank you. police in queens tonight mourning the death of one of their own after a hit and run accident in new jersey.
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died after being hit by a tar on the new jersey turn pike. he was driving southbound when he got into a minor accident. he pulled over to the shoulder and got out of the car. stopped too. harrison was walking over to the him. the third driver was tracked by now. harrison is from valley stream new york and worked out of rockaway beach. the streets have been dangerous for pedestrians this week. four people have been hit, and three people have died. the incidents are scattered across the city. one in the bronx, one in manhattan, one in brooklyn, and one in queens. they're unrelated, but they're raising questions about the effectiveness of the city's vision zero campaign. news 4 is live at the scene of one of those deadly accidents. >> police say jose contreras of
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hope, when he was hit early this morning. he died soon after. police are now looking for that hit and run driver among several after a deadly weekend on city streets. >> reporter: jose contreras had just finished celebrating his sister's 80th birthday. this video, the last time he would ever see his family. police say the 63-year-old was crossing webster avenue when he was hit. contreras died soon after. >> he's dancing ten minutes ago, he's happy, you know. so in this moment, you know, i can't -- i can't describe this moment right now, you know. >> a couple hours later, another pedestrian was hit, near sixth avenue and prince street in soho. soon after, a man was killed in
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police say that man was taking items from the back seat of his car. the driver took off. >> i don't know the home who pass by like they don't have nobody. >> minutes later and miles away, a bicyclist was hit near ninth street and fifth avenue. surveillance video shows a car speeding away, moments after hitting a man on a bike. police are now looking to talk to the driver of the gold sedan seen driving northbound on fifth avenue. >> it was police and ambulance and stuff. it was sneakers and a jacket on the floor laying down. >> four hit and runs, three deaths, and a council member in the bronx sees one growing issue. safety on the streets. >> we're letting the drivers know that it's not too late for being responsible here. >> i want you to know that i did reach out to the city about the vision zero campaign to see the
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compared to last year. i've not heard back yet. if you know anything about these hit and run deaths, give the nypd a call. we're live in the bronx tonight. >> okay, ray, thank you. more trouble for royal caribbean's anthem of the seas, after the ship was slammed by a nasty storm a couple weeks ago. we're learning tonight about a norovirus outbreak on the ship this week. the ship is returning to new jersey early because of a storm, but an associated press staffer on board the ship says the crew has made announcements about norovirus. royal caribbean tells news 4, they're seeing 9 or 10 new cases every day for the past seven days, but they maintain weather is the reason the trip is ending early. the same ship was caught in a wild storm a few weeks ago and crazy video made headlines as
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massive waves slamming that ship as it sailed through a storm. another funeral service for a victim of the kalamazoo shootings for one of six people randomly killed saturday after an uber driver went on a shooting rampage. 45-year-old jason dalton is charged with murder and attempted murder. police say in between the shootings, he drove for uber. all right, decision 2016 now. donald trump said he will not disavow an endorsement by a former kkk leader. the republican presidential front-runner was asked about david duke's endorsement on cnn's state of the union today, and trump explained that he didn't know anything about the man, therefore couldn't declare whether he wanted his support. he went on to say he couldn't condemn any group that he knew, quote, nothing about. duke made headlines on wednesday
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radio program. donald trump could give himself an insurmountable lead on tuesday if he does well. for the democrats, hillary clinton is trying to build on her victory in south carolina. now more tonight from washington. >> reporter: fresh off her huge win in south carolina, hillary clinton worked the crowds in tennessee. >> i need your help on tuesday. the tennessee primary is really important! >> reporter: clinton clobbered bernie by roughly 50 points. >> we got decimated. among older african americans, it was pathetic. >> reporter: a new poll has trump trailing ted cruz in cruz's home state of texas. but cruz beating them in georgia and tennessee. cruz and rubio are attacking trump, rubio saying trump's a fraud. >> so the time has come to remove the mask and unveil him
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donald trump is nothing but a first-rate con artist, who is trying to pull off the ultimate con. >> the fact that donald seems terrified to release his taxes, suggests there's a bombshell there. >> trump says he can't show his tax returns because he's under an irs audit. >> and until the audit is completed, obviously i wouldn't show it. i have nothing to hide. >> reporter: cruz is warning conservatives are the trump train could be unstoppable, if he rolls to big victories tuesday. for republican contenders, there are 595 delegates at stake on tuesday. critical for trump, cruz, and rubio, who haven't won a caucus or primary yet. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. coming up here on news 4 new york, not enough legroom. a local lawmaker is taking his complaints to the faa. and good news tonight regarding a little girl who went
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details coming up on that. and i'm erica grow, after a gorgeous sunday, we have a few showers on the way. are the showers going to bring us cooler temperatures? i'll have the answer in the seven-day forecast. stay with us. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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an amber alert is over tonight. this 4-year-old montana girl went missing 9:30 friday night. tonight, authorities say he's alive and well, but won't say
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witnesses say they saw a man take her while she was playing on a park on an indian reservation. authorities are questioning a 21-year-old suspect in the child's disappearance. in virginia, an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon has been arrested in the fatal shooting of a police officer who was working her first day on patrol. 28-year-old officer ashley dwinden was killed. two other officers wounded when they responded to a domestic violence call last night. police say ronald hamilton opened fire on them as they approached his home. investigators say he also shot and killed his own wife. at least 59 people are dead, dozens of others are injured after a pair of bombings in baghdad. iraqi officials say the first explosion happened at a crowded outdoor market in a shi'ite district of the city. when people gathered to see what happened there, a suicide bomber blew himself up in the area. the attack was the deadliest in
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militants have been targeting commercial areas in and outside of baghdad. a war of words surrounding a ceasefire involving syria. it was brokered by russia and the u.s. just yesterday. today syrian insurgents say that russian warplanes attacked six towns in northern syria. nbc hasn't been able to authenticate this video showing the aftermath of the alleged attack. in the meantime, saudi arabia's foreign minister said syrian forces were the ones who were violating that ceasefire. pope francis has renewed his call to welcome refugees fleeing wars and other inhumane situations. the pope prayed for the refugees this morning in st. peter's square. he urged european countries struggling with the migrant crisis to share the burden fairly. in particular, he drew attention to the migrant crisis in greece and other countries on the front line, offering aid to those in need. he said european nations must ban together in a united
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still ahead, news for all of us who ever got scrunched into a crowded jet. and the power of an elephant on a rampage. >> we're also tracking the
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have a tip for new york's biggest iteam -- amazing video here, look at this. an elephant, a massive elephant on a rampage in southern india, this happened during a religious festival. the elephant broke loose and started flinging everything. that's a massive yellow truck right there, throwing it around like a toy. he also threw around some motorcycles. it took hours to bring the elephant under control.
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even the two boys on the back of the elephant. >> amazing. and kate with a look ahead for tonight. >> wow, i don't know how i can top the elephant right now. hi, guys. nice to see you from austin, texas. a lot coming up in the world of politics. fierce campaigning on the trail, continuing today. pouncing on donald trump for his refusal to condemn the former leader of the kkk. but a police officer and former marine killed on the job just one day after she's worn in. also a toddler militia is what opponents are calling it. we'll take you to one state where lawmakers are debating putting guns in the hands of children. and we'll talk to you about the jerky craze, the healthy alternative sweeping the nation. all that and more on the nightly news. >> thanks so much, kate. frequent flyers know the
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legroom has been shrinking on airlines. chuck schumer said it's time for the government to do something about it. he's introducing an amendment to the faa re-authorization bill. this would require the agency to set seat size standard. he said legroom used to be about 35 inches. now the average is 31. >> nothing bothers people more than the fact that there's almost no legroom. the average passenger feels like they're being treated as a sardine, squeezed and squeezed >> an airline representative said the government's role is to determine a size that's safe but not regulate more than that. a vote on that is expected in macrrch. >> i'm bigger on the arm rests. that's my deal. somewhere to put my elbows. >> i'm more comfortable just beautiful day.
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60s and we're still hovering near that mark in much of the tristate. overnight tonight, the breezes are going to continue and it's because there's a cold front approaching. a quick shower tomorrow, not a lot of rain by any means. dry weather back with us as we head into the afternoon on monday. right now, muttontown is 49 degrees, 50 in floral park. 48 in valley springs. closer to the water, not as warm with the strong breeze, but we're still sitting on 57 degrees in morristown and suffolk. 50 in monticello right now. and clear skies overhead. temperatures will drop off tonight, but not too much. a cold front on the way, and we'll track its progress for you in just a moment, but right now, we're looking at a clear night overhead. that's going to allow temperatures to drop down to 45 degrees in midtown, 42 in farming dale, with southwest winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour in advance of that approaching frontal system. so here it is on future tracker.
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completely clear right now, but the increase in cloud cover will start to become noticeable as we head into the morning commute. the first showers are in the cats skills and into the hudson valley by 9:00. or if you're heading out to the bus, maybe you don't need the umbrella, but bring it just in case. if you do get some rain, a quick sprinkle or shower. and everything starts to push off by lunch time. north and west, the heaviest of the rain is in the morning hours, 7:00 a.m., 45 degrees. 50, though, at noon, and 51, with tons of sun in the afternoon. jersey shore gets the rain in the afternoon. but temperatures staying milder than average. 52 degrees at noon and then at 5:00, 55 degrees. future tracker is going to take us into our next storm system. tuesday is a nice day, but an
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light showers early in the day on wednesday, with a warm front starting to move through. as the cold front approaches, it will start to bring some showers, possibly even some thunderstorms on wednesday. the mild temperatures end as wednesday's cold front clears out. so we're looking at beautiful weather for the next few days. near 60 again tomorrow and then the 50s stay with us on tuesday and wednesday. thursday, though, will be chillier and we have the potential for a few flakes on friday. doesn't look like a significant snowfall, but it will be a reminder that we're not quite done with the winter season. >> not yet. >> not quite yet. >> thanks, erica. welcome back now for a look at sports. >> another year, another blockbuster trade for the rangers. they've struck a deal that's sure to make marc staal happy. >> coming up in sports.
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haven't done in 12 years. hierneghlights and reaction from newark are just ahead. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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another year, another big trade by the rangers at the deadline. today the blue shirts acquired eric staal from carolina for two second-round picks and a prospect. so the rangers are going for it again, and eric staal joins his brother mark in the line-up. he's 41 years of age, a four-time all-star, he owns a stanley cup ring and olympic gold medal. he has 322 career goals, but only ten this year in what has been a disappointing season. the rangers host the blue
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tomorrow at msg. now to spring training, a special guest at mets camp today. future hall of famer mike piazza, the greatest hitting catcher of all time is spending a few days working with the team as a guest instructor. it will be quite the summer for piazza. he'll be inducted into cooperstown and then see his number, 31, retired at citi field. >> and knowing that they'll retire my number is -- it's a thrill. it's great knowing that it's going to be on the wall and the fans have just been so special to me and it's great to share with them. they've been in my corner since the day i got here. so to celebrate it with them is something really great. >> in college basketball, seton hall faced xavier who knocked off villanova on wednesday night. it was all pirates from the
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zia whitehead goes up top to rodriguez. off the turnover, derrick gordon gets on the break and finishes strongly putting seton up by 14. after half-time, whitehead with the picture perfect bounce pass to rodriguez. game highs with 27 points for desi and whitehead. and a trifecta from south barnes avenue. seton hall went to their victory, eight wins of the last nine, 90-81, the final. >> what about the quality of today's win? >> it was great. obviously xavier is top three in the country. anytime in late february you can get a win against such a talented and ranked team, i think it really helps everything. whether it's ncaa tournament, or just the fact that you're playing against great teams getting big wins. >> i remember someone asked me
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it's no better response than that. >> how sweet is this victory? >> it's sweet as sugar right now. >> love that smile. st. john's was crushed at creighton and chris muller wasn't around to see the end of the ball game. down by 31 midway through the second half, the hall of famer was tossed by the official as the frustration of an 8-22 season boiled over. 100-59, tying the largest loss in the school's history. coming up on sports final, an update on spring training, plus my sitdown interview with joe girardi of the yankees, that's tonight. >> lot of good stuff coming up.
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that's it tonight for news 4 new york, we have nbc nightly news coming up next. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. have a good night. on this sunday night, trump slammed. the frontrunner drawing fire from fellow republicans and democrats tonight for refusing to condemn the former leader of the ku klux klan. and bernie sanders looks for a path forward after hillary clinton's south carolina landslide. fallen hero. officer and former marine killed on the job just one day after she's sworn in. tonight, the small town police


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