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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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it's spring training. you don't have the best players on the field late in the game. coming up next on nbc nightly news, automatic money back when you shop online. thank you so much for joining us. we'll see you back here at 11:00. developing news tonight. party panic as donald trump wins big on super tuesday. republican leaders revolt. mitt romney set to lead the charge against trump, but is it too late. also tonight, hillary clinton surges ahead, but bernie sanders says he's not going anywhere. mystery debris found. nbc news breaks the story. a piece of a boeing 777 that could be from that missing malaysian airlines flight discovered by an american. could he help solve one of the world's most baffling puzzles? a major abortion
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court. the biggest new battle in years that could have sweeping implications for women across the country. and automatic money back when you shop online. the new way so many consumers are saving cash. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this the "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. he proved last night that he is the undisputed republican from un, yet the target on donald trump's back tonight comes not just from fellow candidates or even from the left, but from the heart of the republican party establishment. in fact, the man who last won the republican rom nation, mitt romney, about to join the fight to stop him. it comes as trump vanquishes another opulent, a winless dr. ben carson effectively throwing in the towel tonight. trump won seven out of 11 states on super tuesday. on the democratic state hillary clinton with seven victories of her own.
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of delegates needed to seal the deal, and that tonight is keeping hope alive for those determined to stop them. nbc's hallie jackson starts us off with the latest. >> reporter: looking to november, donald trump is looking presidential down to the gold chairs and chandeliers at his press conference just like the ones in the white house east room and trump more measured is sounding presidential too. >> we have a very, very dynamic party, and i think we're going to be able to unify the party. i hope to be able to get along with everybody. >> reporter: still, four years after he endorsed mitt romney. >> governor romney, go out and get him. you can do it. >> thank you. >> reporter: the form om from returning the favor. at a speech tomorrow romney is expected to hit trump hard, even though he's the one driving record republican turnout in almost every state. the mirror image to what democrats saw in 2008. now for the gop, the will of the people pitted against the will of the party.
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. governors, congressmen. >> i reject trump and i'm encouraging other republicans to do the same today. >> reporter: rnc members and more. >> if you don't know where you stand on the ku klux klan every time you're asked, i've got a real problem supporting you. >> i would never vote for donald trump. >> reporter: nbc news learning from anti-trump donors they are scrambling to pool their cash. today following up with questions like how can i wire the money so it arrives as fast as possible? >> thank you, texas! >> reporter: and in the battle to the the anti-trump pick ted cruz in second place is getting a second look from the insiders he rails against. fresh off wins in three states. >> he may in a position where we'll have to rally around ted cruz is the only way to stop donald trump. >> reporter: a cruz campaign aide says the gop will pick preserving the party
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someone notoriously disliked in the field. >> trump with a path to the nomination would be could the traffic. >> reporter: ben carson hinting he'll suspend his campaign. most of his support is likely to slide to cruz, and marco rubio, after winning just one state, now spinning he's happy to be the underdog. >> we wanted to do well enough to get to the stage we're at now. we feel great about florida and moving forward after that. >> reporter: rubio and cruz are both looking at the math because while donald trump has more delegates it's not a runaway lead, not yes. his rivals can make up some serious ground with the march 15 primaries, but on the flip side, that's when trump could put this race away, lester, just two weeks left for his competitors to try and stop him. >> all right. hallie jackson, thank you. meantime, there's word the trump campaign is already busy making overtures reaching out to gop establishment leaders. nbc's katy tur is following the trump campaign in palm beach.
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>> reporter: hey there, lester. donald trump has been in an all-out war with the republican establishment last night even threatening speaker paul ryan to get along with him or ryan would, quote, pay a big price. now getting closer to clinching the that donald trump could be trying to make nice, sources within the ryan political team telling called the speaker, but the two have not yet spoken. so far trump hasn't been hurt in the battle with washington, the candidate and campaign arming himself with self-funds and growing the party and trump seen uniting the voters against politicians. now, he hasn't yet clinched the nomination, but he's already acting like he has, vowing to relentlessly go after hillary clinton for benghazi, her e-mails, even saying that he will go after her with her husband and his history with women if he is pushed. lester. >> katy, let's talk about hillary clinton on the democratic side.
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command after sweeping the south on super tuesday winning seven states to bernie sanders' four victories and looking up a lot more delegates as she tries to put the nomination out of reach for sanders. but as nbc's andrea mitchell reports, sanders is making it clear he's not going anywhere any time soon. >> reporter: hillary clinton celebrating her super tuesday victories over bernie sanders. >> i thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> reporter: and before all the polls were even closed pivoting towards a strategy against donald trump. >> trying to divide america between us and them is wrong, and we're in the going to let it work. >> reporter: her strategy to be the voice of inclusion, a deliberate contrast to trump's tough rhetoric, although clinton aide is saying her message hasn't changed, but laying out choice they want to present to voters. >> take the measure of both of these people and who have been fighting to help children and families their whole lives and who has really been in
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which is where donald trnatoump has been. >> reporter: clinton won seven states tuesday, sweeping the south and holding a strong advantage over sanders with african-americans, hispanics, women and older voters. but she is still struggling with some key voting groups. sanders won two-thirds of people under 30, and a majority of white men. clinton now trying to win them over without alienating sanders' supporters whom she will need in the fall. >> together we can break down the barriers that face working class families across america, especially in struggling rustbelt communities. >> reporter: meanwhile, sanders after winning four states last night vowing to stay in all the way to the convention, but the delegate map is against him. clinton now has 1,017. he only 424. a hard lead to overcome. still in maine today sanders is not letting up. again demanding clinton release transcripts of her paid wall street speeches. >> tell us what you
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doors to goldman sachs. >> reporter: tonight after this labor rally clinton will join some of her biggest high rollers at a concert fund-raiser featuring katy perry and elton john. she has ground to make up. new numbers released today show sanders out-raised her last month by $10 million. lester? >> all right, andrea, thank you. there are new developments tonight in one of the world's biggest mysteries, the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370, almost exactly two years ago it vanished with 239 people on board. now, an american adventurer claims he found what looks like a piece of the airplane wreckage off the coast of east africa, and investigators say there is a high likelihood it could be from the missing boeing 777. nbc's tom costello broke this news exclusively and has new details. >>. >> reporter: from the coast of east africa a potential clue into the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370.
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of airplane debris that i found on february 27. >> reporter: american blaine allen gibson said he found the debris on a sand bank in the mozambique channel, made of a fiberglass composite, the lettering immediately raised suspicions. >> it has no steps on it as is written on many aircraft wings. >> reporter: gibson sent his photograph to the search command center in australia which sent it to investigators in malaysia, the u.s. and boeing. sources close to the investigation tell nbc news there's a high probability the debris is part of the skin of a horizontal stabilizer on the tail of a boeing 777 and very possibly from mma-370. last july the first confirmed of mha-370 regard ashore on reuconn island east of madagascar and oceanographers say it's possible the same ocean currents could carry debris past
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way to the coast of africa. blaine gibson describes himself as a wealthy adventure traveler living in asia who is intensely interested in finding mh-370. even blogging about it and meeting with families, but in an interview from mozambique he insists he wasn't out looking for the plane on saturday. >> the last thing i really expected is that i would actually find a piece of it. >> reporter: tonight the malaysian transport minister tweeted high possibility betree found off mozambique belongs to the boeing 777 but also cautioned against undue speculation. blaine gibson tells me he turned that debris over to australian and mozambique government officials. the mh-370 command center says it's arranging for a more thundershowero investigation and while boeing is declining to comment veteran crash investigators also say it does look like it might come from a boeing 777 and, lester, there owes only one of those missing anywhere in the world. >> all right, tom, thank you. >> reporter: back to you. >> high drama at the supreme court as the justices took up the biggest abortion case in 25 years.
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tough new texas law, one that many other states are looking to copy, and as our justice correspondent pete williams reports, the outcome could have sweeping implications for women across the country. >> reporter: when candace russell of texas realized she was pregnant it was so hard to get an appointment at an abortion clinic she went to california. >> it was about being too few people in the clinic for this area. >> reporter: a new texas law has forced a number of abortion clinics to fall from 42 to 19 and it could drop to 10. the law says abortion clinics must meet the same building standards as outpatient surgical centers and clinic doctors must have hospital-admitting privileges. >> these minimal common sense regulations that we're putting in place is exactly what's needed to improve women's health care. >> reporter: but clinic doctors say complications are so rare the real purpose is to make it harder to get an abortion. >> i think politicians
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these laws in order to close clinics and decrease women's access to abortion care. >> reporter: 12 other states have passed similar laws, some now on hold. their future depends on how the supreme court rules. >> reporter: one reason the case is attracting such intense interest including from actress amy brenneman who had an abortion at 21. >> it was legal and safe and the right decision for me d i have no regrets. >> reporter: with justice scalia left the court is split with the liberals. justice ginsberg asked what's the tougher building standards for medical abortions that require taking two bills and justice kennedy likely the deciding vote says the texas law seemed to be increasing the number of surgical abortions which may not be medically wise. with justice scalia gone the most texas could hope for would
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would let the law remain in effect and today it's unlikely, some justices sending case back to gather more facts on how the law actually works. lester? >> pete williams, thank you. now to a new twist in the $75 million lawsuit brought by sportscaster erin andrews after she was secretly taped in her hotel room by a stalker. there are new allegations that an executive of the company that owned that hotel who just testified in the case was seen in public last night watching that stalker's video with friends while they commented on it. nbc's morgan radford response. >> reporter: erin andrews arriving in the courthouse with her parents for day six of testimony, but there would be a delay and a bombshell. comment? >> incorrect. >> reporter: an executive with west end hotel partners which owned the hotel where erin andrews was secretly filmed by stalker michael barrett. on monday. >> so the owner west end hotel partners llc
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>> correct. >> reporter: last night he and two friends were at a nashville restaurant where andrews' naked viral video was played openly from a cell phone. a waitress at the restaurant told nbc that peskin and his friends were make fun of andrews' body also tweeting he said if it was going to cost him millions he was going to watch it and show everyone. >> can you tell us what happened? >> reporter: in a statement peskin says his friends started viewing the video. i asked them to stop and while they did so, it was not as quickly as i had hold. i would never disrespect miss andrews. i sincerely apologize for my participation in what happened. exposure like this is what andrews has emotionally emphasized all week. >> this will always be on the internet. this will always be there. there will always be a reminder every single day. >> reporter: her worst nightmare roaring back to life. morgan radford, nbc news, nashville. still ahead tonight, getting money back automatically even after you've made your purchase.
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back now with our series "the price you pay" and a new way shoppers are finding ways to get money back automatically. it was created by a couple of entrepreneurs who saw that online retailers changed their prices, sometimes many times a day, and so they developed a service to
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best deal even after they have bought something. nbc's olivia sterns explains how it works. >> three bucks. >> reporter: megan and gus buy everything online. >> household goods. we buy furniture, diapers. >> reporter: and like most new parents they are always looking for new ways to save. >> we saved on that, $2. >> reporter: their latest trick, parabus, an online service that automatically gets you money back when something you already bought goes on sale within average in 20 days? >> we've sold $400 in 30 purchases. >> reporter: 400 bucks. >> yeah. >> reporter: the biggest savings yet, $270 back on this $1,500 patio set. >> it was awesome. emore. >> reporter: paribus was started nine months ago in response retailers like amazon prices millions of times per day. >> it's so surprising. you wouldn't be
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would go 40% off days. >> reporter: here's how it works. sign up for paribus online and scans your e-mails for receipts and tracks current sale prices on items you bought. when a price drops paribus gets the difference and keeps 25%. currently paribus supports purchases from 18 major retailers. >> and how do i know that pari b.u. s is not reading e-mails from my health insurance or account snnts. >> work with a select number of stores. only those stores, those receipts. >> reporter: to be extra safe you can also set up an e-mail ecount just for online shopping. >> and you never see my credit card number? >> that's right. >> reporter: as for the couple they are stashing their savings for a very good cause. >> college for sophia so she can go and get her education. >> reporter: olivia sterns, nbc news, austin. >> up next, back on earth. an american astronaut returns and after a year in space why he's no longer as identical to his ident we asked a group of young people
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after a year on the international space station, tonight american astronaut scott kelly is safely back on earth and standing tall after touch a towering accomplishment, and we mean that quite literally. kelly, who is the identical twin brother of retired astronaut markkelly is now two inches taller than when he left. that's because the discs of the spinal column get slightly compressed in zero gravity and back on earth they expand again mike making the spine wild. wild surveillance video out of camera where ten people were seen smashing into a gun ship by tying chains around a pickup truck and pulling the doors off its hinges. they ran samed the place making off with guns and rifles. more than 50 weapons in haul. police try to hunt them downtant tonight. when we come back, tom brokaw joins to us talk about the fight
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as we said before the break a fight for the soul of the republican primary is under way. on the one side donald trump and the millions of supporters who back him. on the other, the republican establishment. all of it raising the question many are asking is it the people or the party who should choose the nominee? here's tom brokaw. >> bigger and better than ever. >> reporter: his popular reality tv show portrayed him as a take-charge guy. >> you're fired. >> reporter: and his campaign was an extension of that. >> i will be winning, because i win. i win. >> reporter: at huge rallies he was like a wrestling promoter, promising to take on washington. >> how can i describe our leaders better than the word stupid. >> reporter: washington pundits were appalled. >> we're building a wall. >> reporter: and they were wrong. he won in seven states just last night, brought a record number to the polls and his momentum picked up pace. trump continues his barroom style, taking on the speaker of the house from his own
6:58 pm
him. >> paul rink, i don't know him well, but i'm sure i'll get along great with him and if i don't, he'll have to pay a big price, okay. >> reporter: through all of it trump supporters have stood by him showing up in ever larger numbers. whatever else the establishment thinks, he has become the voice of a large part of the republican electorate. >> we need change, and i think right now we need someone that's not what we've been getting. >> he has his own money, and i think he will represent the people in this >> reporter: so if the gop establishment tries to silence their voices, would that be an attack on the basic principles of why we have elections? if trump voters are denied their choice, what then? where do they go? we've been here before. remember this and we don't know what romney said tomorrow but in establishment tried to keep barry goldwater from the republican presidential
6:59 pm
he lost massively to lbj in the '64 election. four years later richard nixon made his famous comeback so you never know with politics. >> tom brokaw, thanks for having you here. that will do it for us on this wednesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. hey, have you heard? heard what? before school starts in september, all kids going into 7th and 12th grade have to get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against diseases
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deadly. yeah, that's why they can't start school without it. something to share? (giggling) actually, yes! talk to your health care provider. even kids who've had one shot may still need a booster. the face that launched a thousand tweets. chris christie's blank stare hijacks super tuesday. >> now on "extra"! >> what are you doing back here? trump wins the primary, but chris christie wins on twitter. the face that stole the show. >> the headlines are hilarious. chris christie, blink twice if


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