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tv   Today  NBC  March 4, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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tomorrow looks better. 42 for a high. light wintry mix is possible tomorrow night into sunday morning. temperatures coast in the 40s. by monday, back into the 50s. then there's that major warmup for tuesday. 60s and maybe 70 degrees by next wednesday. above average weather. making a big comeback. >> thank you, raphi. the "today" show is next. the that's "today in new york." good morning. vitriol and vulgarity. the republican race reaches new lows during last night's debate. >> he hit my hands. nobody has ever hit my hands. look at those hands. are those small hands? >> is this any way tonelect a president? mitt romney is here this morning to talk about that and his unprecedented attack on the current front runner. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud.
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the man who some say wants to be the the savior for the republicans. winter's last gasp? rain, snow and a slippery commute for millions. al says a big warmup is on the way. > heating to the jury. closing arguments getting underway this morning at erin an ews' civil trial. did she prove that she's been damaged to the tune of $75 million? appealing to the lazy? another packaging debacle for whole foods. this time, for selling pre-peeled oranges in plastic containers. the outrage forcing the grocer to apologize and go back to lling oranges the n ural day today, friday, march 4th, 2016. >> announcer: from n brks bc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and avannah guthrie live from
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>> i'm not sure i get the whole foods controversy but i get the controversy in the republican party. >> i did buy the pre-sliced cantaloupe. new lows in the republican race. donald trump facing fire from his fellow candidates and mitt romney. governor romney is with us in our studio exclusively. we'll talk to him in a moment. let's start with peter alexander. here's here to break down last night's debate. >> donald trump fended off his rivals and the moderators who challenged his inconsistent positions from the past. this debate was silly, even surreal, with name call g, taunts, accusations, including one we in the media can't fact check. >> reporter: the blows kept getting lower.
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>> reporter: the show down at motown, coming down to hand to hand combat. >> are those smaet hands? he referred to my hands, they're small. something else must be small. i guarantee you, there's no problem. i guarantee you. >> reporter: donald trump ripping down his opponents to size. >> this little guy. >> reporter: hit from both sides but pivoting to the likely ponent this fall. >> thank you. >> reporter: i have not started on hillary yet. believe me, i will. >> reporter: making nice with the moderator. >> looking good, megyn. >> >> moving to the middle. >> i'm changing it and softening the position. >> reporter: marco rubio and ted cruz not softening their attacks on the front rumper's er
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business dealers, like university. >> if we nominate donald, we'll spend the spring, summer with the nominee facing a fraud trial. >> oh, stop it. it's a minor case with hillary clinton saying, why didn't you give -- >> it's a minor case. >> he's trying to con the people into getting their vote like he conned these people. >> senator marco rubio is the real con artist. >> reporter: witreh only john kasich sticking uplifting message. >> why don't we come together as a country, respect one another, love one another and lift the country? >> reporter: insisting he'll stay through the race through ohio. >> we're heading up north, to my turf. >> reporter: hour's arl tr, the 2012 nominee unleashed an unprecedented attack on the 2016 favorite. >> donald trump sa is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as
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>> reporter: undercutting his key credential. >> you say, wait, isn't he a huge business success? nobody is talking about it. no, he isn't. >> reporter: the stop trump movement may have been stopped in its tracks with trump's vals all pledging to back him if he's the nomine even as they continue to challenge trump. >> donald has a tenuous relationship with the truth. >> that is not what you said in the op-ed. >> donald, i know it's hard to not interrupt but try. broout, breathe, breathe. >> when they're done with the yo ,than i answer a question? >> you cannot. >> i hope we don't sio ga ee yoga on the stage. >> he's very flexible. never know. >> t next super tuesday is march 15th and we'll likely learn whether donald trump will be able to secure the nomination or if the republican race is headed to a contested
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that is a scenario mitt romney seemed to push for, urging people to support cruz and kasich. nobody could stop party leader's name. exclusively. than you for joining us. >> thank you, matt. >> you are either a trader who proves that the establishment of the republican party is so afraid they can't control donald trump, that they'll do anything to stop it, or you're a hero who has finally put the race into perspective. to the people who think you're a hero, they're asking a question, and that is, why did you wait so long? tell me about the timing. >> well, i've wanted to be involved in the campaign, if you will, as a bit of a referee. when there were some foul balls, be able to call them and see if i can't keep people guided on the path to becoming our next president. but the time came when donald
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a level that i simply had to speech out. you get to the point where you say, your grandkids will say to you, papa, what did you do to stop donald trump? i had tooset out and speech. >> experts are calling this a unprecedented event in modern political history in this untry. a former nominee of a party, in a scathing takedown of the favorite to be the next nominee. this isn't a typical front runner. he's survived moments in this campaign that would have derailed anybody else. do you think your speech will matter? >> i don't know if it will or not. but i know i couldn't stand silent anymore. you can't have anyone whose policies are so far from the views of my party become our nominee. and someone who has demonstrated over time he doesn't have the temperament or the personal qualities to be a great president. >> you said he's dangerous for the country, for working americans. you attacked him on his economic policies, foreign policies,
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third grade antics. here's a quote. you say, isn't he a huge business success that knows what he's talking about? no, he isn't. no, he doesn't. bankruptcies crushed small businesses and the men and women who worked for them. he inherited his business. he didn't create it. i'll take you back four years. listen to this. >> donald trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works, to create jobs for the american people. i spent my life in the private sector, not as successful as this guy, but successful nonetheless. >> that was four years ago, donald trump and mitt romney. >> he's made a lot of money but hasn't been uniformly successful and is far from a genius. trump mortgage. trump university. trump vitamin company. one after the other, failure after failure. just because he's made a lot of money, one, you don't measure your life on how much money
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his economic policies are right for america. >> the people that are angry at you this morning, governor romney, are saying, wait a second, he willingly welcomed the endorsement of donald trump, though he was knee-deep in the berther movement and made other comments. why go 180 degrees on the guy now? >> i was seeking his endorsement and now he's seeking mine. a lot of people that endorse me, i wouldn't endorse for president. a lot has happened in the last year. had i heard him say the things i had now, i wouldn't have welcomed his endorsement. when he calls george w. bush a liar. when he says putin is a strong and powerful leader, popular with his lead people. when he attacked a reporter. when he talks about women that way. >> did you beg him for his endorsement four years ago? >> i was happy to have his endorsement.
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could possibly have. when it comes to who i would support for president, there are folks who endorse me that i wouldn't want to see as president. >> you said if the other candidates can find common ground, i believe we can find a person who can win the general election and who will represent the values of the party. given the process, this means i would vote for marco rubio in florida. for john kasich in ohio. and for ted cruz or which ever of the contenders has the best chance for beating trump in other states. >> you're calling for a suppress donald trump movement that will lead to cleveland and a convention. >> i'm going to do everything we can to make sure we don't nominate donald trump. i don't think he would be fit or has the temperament to be president. i want to see one of the other threeyto be the nominee.adafter march 15th, i think you'll
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contenders opposing donald trump and i ntend to support one of them. >> leading up, you want marco rubio and ted cruz to back up and led john kasich win ohio el. do you want them to back off to let rubio win florida? if we get to cleveland and a cousntested convention, how do the million of voters, some of whom haerve come to the process of the party for the first tim because of donald trump, how will they feel to have the establishment wiiang of the party pull the rug out from under it? >> a lot of people, establishment or not, agree with me that donald trump should not be president of the united states and don't want to see him become the republican nominee. now, it's about 65% of republicans who would like someone else. that's the way politics works. you fight for the people you support. the person who wins through the process is your nominee. >> you didn't endorse anybody yesterday. that's angered people.
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why didn't you endorse? >> three people on the stage endorsed me and are friends. actually four, including trump. is he a friend of yours? t.>> we get along. i doubt we'll spend a lot of time together now, but we're going to see on march 15th, i think, a narrowing of the field. a that point, i wouldn't be surprised if i endorse one of the guys. >> not endorsing someone now, governor, have you left the door open just wide enough for you to ride through it on a white horse? do you want to be considered as an alternative to save this party if it gets down to a contested convention in july? >> no, no. the people who can save this party are ted cruz, marco rubio or john kasich. we're going to get a sense within a few days of who that person might be. i'm going to be supporting that person and doing everything i can to make sure they become the nominee of the party. >> i'm going to be a little stubborn on this. under any circumstances, governor, if large numbers of people in the establishment wing
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say and say, mitt, you can save the day, under any circumstances, would you be a part of this presidential race as a candidate? >> there are no circumstances i can foresee where that would possibly happen. let me say something else. >> i can foresee. >> no reasonable scenario i can imagine. >> just slam the door on it. close the door. unammious biguous unambiguous, i will not run for president. >> i won't run for president. there are mainstream republicans who believe in conservative values. whether established or not, people around the political world have watched what's going on. what's happening with donald trump, people are angry, as they should be, but he's channelling the anger in a way that won't help americans. we need to create good jobs for the american people. >> the tone of the race. candidates call each other losers, liars, sweaters, chokers. they've made of each other's appearance, the size of their
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you read between the lines. is there one person running on the republican side, in your opinion, who has been the biggest adult and the most presidential? >> well, it's very clear to point to the person who has been thoue smallest adult, and that's donald trump. he's taken -- >> how about the other way? >> i'll go both ways. personal attributes and made fun of people throughout the campaign. some of phe candidates say, i have to return fire. last night he pointed a marco rubio saying little marco. little marco. this is a new low in presidential politics. it's wrong. i think john kasich is saying, i'm not going to do that. recognize that if ou want to become the nominee, you've got toiz prosecute the opposition as well as lift yourself. >> would you vote for hillary clinton or sit out voting as opposed to voting for donald trump? >> well, i wouldn't vote for donald trump, and i wouldn't vote for hillary clinton. i intend to vote for our nominee
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a real conservative and republican. >> mitt romney, i appreciate you coming in this morning. >> thank you, matt. good to be with you. >> let's go to savannah. >> i have nicolle wallace, a communications director for george w. bush. >> governor romney made this speech. we've heard him a few minutes ago. if you don't like donal trump, i imagine it was ka that are r great to hear that. do you think it was persuasive to someone who does support trump? >> a piece was in the wall street journ about how the republican party is broken. the establishment split with the base of our rty. she makab the point that you can get a new establishment. you cannot get new base of the party. we are at a moment where, i think, it's very perilous to indict the wishes and now the choice of hundreds of thousands of republican primary goers. it was a brave speech, to go out and make a speech like that
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vote and to be against someone without somebody for someone takes political courage. romney is respected by many republicans. i think he was maybe speaking to the decided. the people decided they comld never support tru ke will be cheered by his words, but i don't think he got through to th people who are inspired and animated by trump. >> there are still a lot of voting left so we'll see how republican primary voters come down. no question donald trump is a front runner now. let's talk about the debate. does it move the needle? does it matter anymore? >> i don't think it reshuffles thete order of how the races willh come down. but we need a new rule. when there is eference to the size of body parts, they need to defer to johnskasich. talk about someone wating with their 12-year-old daughter, cringing through the whole thing. a party has to look at how we resource the elegance t ano the office.
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a delegate in every time. t >> yeah. on the democratic side, upthere is new developments on clinton's e-mail controversy. the federal employee who helped manage clinton's server is now cooperating with the fbi now that he has immune ity immunity. brian pagliano has records that show no evidence of hacking. clinton's use of the private e-mail server during secretary of state has prompted an investigation into whether she and others in her administration mishandled classified information. snowing here in new york, a little, passing through. >> that's right. this will be a quick hitter. this is delaware, and there's a bit of snow but it's melting for the most part. there is slushy surfaces. we have school delays from the washington, d.c. area to the new york area. for the most pa , this will be a quick hitter. the radar, you can see rain along the coast.
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way up into new england. as this system pushes up and away, it will intensify. the biggest thing we'll see is stronger winds. gale-force winds from maine to the'e carolinas, so airport delays. this moves off quickly and then we're going to be left with much cooler air here in the northeast. the other big story this weekend weekend, we're looking at heavy rain wake making its way into california the next five days. ven inches of rain in northern california, even one to two inches own through los angeles. mud flow and debris el (avo) my name is pamela and i've been making sodog chow for 36 ars now. my dog girlfriend is 17 years old. she's been eating dog chow from her very first day and she can still chase squirrel she can't catch them, but she can still chase them. d after 17 years i'm still confident in feeding her dog chow because i see the high quality ingredients
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i'm very proud to make dog chow right here in edmond, oklahoma. good afternoon, everyone. tracking snow out there. making it slippery for your morning commute. you can see light snow in new york city, but look at the bright, white colors off to the south. middle middlesex, monmouth, and ocean counties, you have snow that will coat the roadways, especially if they're not treated. be careful out there. not much north, but a coating of 2 inches down the jersey shore. the rest of your day, 39, windy by the afternoon, chilly as well, mostly dry into the weekend. got a big warmup which we'll talk about in the next half hour. >> i saw six. >> i thought seven. >>let not take al's job. we'll get senator rubio's take on last night's debate and
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against trump. erin andrews' $75 million civil trial is heading to the jury. possibly as soon as today. we're live at the courthouse. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> there are no circumstances i
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just ahead, one of the key players in the o.j. simpson trial. martha clark revealscthe pain she still feels over the not guilty verdict and what she thinks about the new mini series series. also, life after loss. is there a right time to move on?
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. good morning. it's 7:26 on this friday morning. m darlene rodriguez. we have breaking news from queens. police are investigating the shooting of a taxi driver in astoria. we're told a 37-year-old man was shot in the head while he was picking up a passenger, just before 5:00 a.m. it is unclear if the man was driving a livery cab or an uber car, but his suv wound up crashing at 35th street and 37th avenue. he was taken to elmers hospital in critical condition. so far, no word of any arrests. let's take a look at the morning commute. here's lauren scala. >> thanks, darlene. we still have delays on queens-bound f and g for subway commuters, otherwise major rail lines look fine. but an overturned tractor tailor on 78 eastbound, there's now a 12-mile delay. all main lanes shut down, only the shoulder gets by. really the worst part of the commute. we have an hour-wait inbound of the upper level of the george washington bridge. 45 minutes from the other
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and watch out for an accident on the li eastbound. >> and we'll be right back with raphael's forecast. attention parents: before school this september r l kids entering 7tht and 12th grades t must get ther meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases like meningitis. call your health care provider today. learn more at good morning, everyone. a snowy start to your friday. tracking light snow around new york city. you can see on storm tracker, not much going on to the north of town. you're in pretty good shape in the hudson valley. it's as you head south into middlesex, monmouth, and ocean counties, you're seeing steadier snow and that could coat the roadways and make it a very
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trying to get to work. toms river and forked river down towards stafford, already an inch of snow on the ground in many spots. that may continue throughout the morning, eventually winding down as we head into the afternoon. a quick look at the seven-day forecast shows temperatures back to the 30s. windy this afternoon. darlene? >> raphi, thank you. coming up on the "today" show, a live interview with senator marco rubio fresh off last night's gop debate.
7:30 am
7:30 now on this friday morning. it's the 4th of march, 2016. by the way, ten days from now, a huge concert in rockefeller plaza with one of the biggest bands in the world. coldplay is set to hit the stage monday, march 14 . st art making your plans to be on the plaza right now. public service announcement to our friends and family, don't call us. we'll call you. >> that's right. the phone starts ringing right around now. >> exactly.
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look at the stories making adlines. millions of people are waking up to what could be the last winter storm of the season. rain and light snow from north carolina up to the northeast. going to get al's forecast just ahead. it was a fiery debate in detroit last night for the republican presidentiai candidates. cruz and rubio stepped up their efforts to take down the front runner trump. the big news, trump defending the size of his hands. he kept talking about them to nbc news in the post-debate room. >> the hands and -- >> see how beautiful my hands are? those are powerful hands. hit a golf club 285 yards. i was proud to hold my hands up. these are politicians. they say things and make things up. you know, you have to clear up the record. >> this morning, some are suggesting hillary clinton was the real winner of the debate. she sent out memes mocking her rivals. including one asking, how many
7:32 am
something else that came up at the debate. mitt romney's speech labeling trump as unfit for offer and a danger to the gop and the nation. mitt romney was with us in our atlast half hour and asked him why hehr waited so long to get involved in the race. >> i w anted to ae involved in the campaign, if you will, as a bit of a referee. when there were foul balls, be able to call them and see if i can keep people guided on the path to becoming our next president. the time came when donald trump's outrage had reached such a level that i simply had to speech out. >> romney said he'll do everything in normal political bounds to stop trump f m being nominanated. we have a lot to talk about with our next guest, senator ma herco rubio. good to see you, sir. >> a good morning. >> you really let donald trump have it, c lling him a con tist, calling him a fraud, saying he doesn't reall know much about foreign policy and
7:33 am
something happened at the end of the debate. you rose your hand and said, yes, if he's the nominee, you will support him. how do you square those things? >> i get that. it's the quandary we're in. we as republicans feel that hillary clinton would be a disaster to the country. that's how bad she is. i would look at that as a reflection of how bad she is, not as good trump is. that's what i want to avoid. i don't want us to nominee someone that people have to be asked this question about all the time. if this was anyone else, any other candidate that ran for president this year was in the position that trump is today, the question would not be coming up. there's a reason the question is asked. there is a significant percentage of people in our party that would never vote fo yor him. he's vulgar but also has no policy ideas. the ones he has outlined are either dangerous or un-serious. we're in a bad spot. >> when push came to shove, you said you'd go to the ballot box
7:34 am
>> yeah, i know. look, i'm not voting for hillary clinton. i get it. look, i understand your estion. it's not -- this is the tough spot i want us to avoid. i don't want us to have a nominee that people have to settle for or make excuses for why they voted. the only way to avoid that is unify around a campaign like mine, because i can bring the party together and grow it. we're not going to be able to do that under donald trump. we'll be asked this question in october. if this is the mood in october, we'll lose to hillary clinton. that's why he does poorly against her in the polling. >> mitt romney endorsed a strategy, not a candidate yesterday. he said, do anything to stop trump. rubio in florida. kasich in ohio. cruz anywhere you think he'll be the winner. is that your strategy too right now? are you saying, the best i'll be le to do at this point i get it to a contested convention, where we can settle it there?
7:35 am
look, my strategy is vot >e for me in florida but vote for me everywhere else, too. i want people to vote for me everywhere else. this is not about a contested election, per se. no one is aiming toward that. the reality of it if you look at the delegate masses, if things continue the way they are now, and they may not, but if they continue the way they are, it'll be hard for anyone on the ballot to get to 1,237 delegates. that doesn't mean a brokered convention. yoobu could have someone that really gains steam down the stretch here and has a large number of delegates and brings everyone together who agrees. this is anaunusual race. there's anxietytin the countr s donald trump has taken advantage of that to try to pull off the scam job, where he's portraying himself as something he's not. he's injected a level of vulgar vulgarness into the campaign that we've never seen before. >> in the debate last night, there was a lot of talk about the size of hands and what that correlates to. i know donald trump is no
7:36 am
all, in fairgess, senator rubio, you are the one who introduced this particular insult into our political discourse. are you sorry you went there? >> oh, please, donald trump has spent a year doing this on a regular basis. in fact, there is not a speech or debate that donald trump does that he doesn't personally offend or try to offend somebody. i said something o time to a guy weo needs to be stood up to. the way, in response to an attack against me. i didn't do it last night. lai didn't do it repeatedly. it happened one time because the guy is a rhetorical bully. he mocks the disabled, makes fun of minorities and women, makes n of journalists, his other candidates. even last night, he was asked about foreign policy. his esponse was a personal attack against me. is is going to be the nominee of the republican party and the president of the united states? i mean, what we has done, he's turned the most important election in a generation into a circus and a freak show.
7:37 am
continue to work for that to end. >>u senator bio, can hear it in your voice, late night, early morning, thank you for your time. wet. appreciate zblit it. >> thank you. >> all these guys must be tinod. it's a long process. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by edward jones. where attention and sound advice is a big deal. >> we're looking for a change in our republican sit our temperature situation that may spell the end of the winter storm. chilly over the northeast and great lakes. today, temperatures will be 5 to 15 degrees below average from jacksonville up to chicago and out to new york and into new england. saturday, the warm air is coming. one more day of cooler than normal temperatures in the northeast. 5 to 15 above averagepilln to the east. by sunday, cleveland is up to 45 .
7:38 am
nday, new york city, 58. 67 i louisville. as we get further into the week, we'll be looking at warmer temperatures into the northeast and mid-atlantic thanks, al. good morning, everyone. tracking that light snow in the city. you can see on storm tracker, some heavier snow off to the south, so middlesex, monmouth, and ocean counties, watch out >> for slick s ots this morning. north of town, not too much in the hudson valley, maybe a few flurries. that's really just about it. a coating to 2 inches possible, the 2 inches most likely to be in monmouth and ocean counties as we head throughout the morning. everything winds down through the afternoon. today's high temperature, 39 degrees. it's windy through the rest of the day, chilly. 40s for the weekend. >> that' your latest weather. matt? >>m al, thank you very much. closing arguments getting underway this morning in the $75 million lawsuit brought by sp dorts reporter erin andrews er the leaked video secretly recorded at a nashville hotel. morgan radford has been covering
7:39 am
good morning. >> good morning, matt. thoe jury could get this case as early as today, at which point, they have to decide whether, in fact, the hotel shares the blame for the secretly recorded stalker video, to whether andrews has suffered and, three, whether it was worth a potential $75 million. >> reporter: today, the last chance or erin andrews' legal team to convince the jury that her stalker video left her emotionally damaged. >> erin andrews has suffered and continues to suffer serious mental injury and horrible mental anguish and emotional distress. >> reporter: the defense argues if that is the case, it hasn't hurt her career. >> would you agree with me that her career is not -- now thriving? >> yes. >> reporter: jesse palmer testified by video, so the defense could try to prove that andrews hasn't been so damaged
7:40 am
>> how does she rate, as far as the various sideline reporters you've worked with in your career, among the best? >> yes. >> if not the best? >> yes. >> that was true before the incident in 2009? >> yes. >> how about after the incident? >> yes. >> reporter: that's why the defense says the hotel shouldn't have to pay. >> emotional stress without physical injury cannot state a claim. >> reporter: especially, they argue, since the front desk clerk who checked in andrews' stalker, michael barrett, says she didn't give him andrews' rook number. >> i would not give that information out. >> reporter: andrews' lawyers say the hotel gave out the rook number, allowing barrett to shoot the video. something andrews s s she will never get over. si know i'm not fine. i think about it every day. >> the jury is giv gidlines s guridelines how to asses a emotional damage but it doesn't mean they have to award anything at all. >> thank you.
7:41 am
lark speaks out about tht.e o.j. simpson case. why two decades later, she's aming herself for the controversial outcome. and an orange controversy for whole foods. why the i appreciate you coming by. absolutely. the market's been pretty volatile lately. there is a lot at stake here, you know? look jim, we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. knowing what's on your mind and acting accordingly. multiplied by n3,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones maekes sense of investing. erin: dear freshpet, when i first t max, my main goal was to feed him a
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imagine what you c ld do with fewer relapses. p p tecfidera may cause serious side effects, such as allergic reactions, p p pml, which is a rare brain infection that usually leads to deathsor severe disability, p p and decreases in your white blood cells. the most common side effects rrr are flushing and stomach problems. tell your doctor about any low wh e blood cell counts, infections, any other medical conditions, if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. learn more about the most prescribed pill for relapsing ms in the us, at talk to your doctor about tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms. back at 7:44 with a key player in the t al of the century speaking out. >> the fx mini series "the people vvesus o.j. simpso " is
7:45 am
decade old case. josh sat down with prosecutor marcia clark to talk about the show, the trial and what still haunts her to this day. >> what do you want me to do, o.j.? series? >> i am. i didn't think i was going to, to be honest with you. i didn't think i coould bear it, the reliving of the nightmare. >> i'm marcia clark. >> i think she's a genius and i've always been a fan of hers. i watched it, and it's really goteod. >> do you have enough evidence to convict o.j. simpson. >> of course we do. >> reporter: back in 1994, when the murders occurred, clark had no idea what she was getting into. beginning when one of the detectives first mentioned the prime suspect. >> he goes, you know who it is? o.j. simpson. >>. who is that? >> you're not a football fan? >> wasn't a bigootball fan. i know who he is now. >> i have o.j. in the car.
7:46 am
assigned the case when simpson led police on the infamous slow-speed chase. she says she quickly sensed prosecuting him would not be easy. >> i saw the people by the side of the road cheering. i thought, oh, my god. this is not good. and it gave me a full on view of what we were up against. >>discretion, take him down if you have to. >> reporter: simpson was arrested and charged for double murder. >> how do you plead for counts one and two? >> i plead 100% not guilty. >> reporter: kris jenner, nicole brown simpson's best friend, suspected simpson was guilty, especially after nicole told her a shocking secret weeks before the murders. >> things are really bad between o.j. and i, and he's going to kill me, and he's going to get away with it. >> reporter: at trial, clark says she couldn't call jenner to
7:47 am
still, prosecutors felt they had a slam dunk case. based on blood and dna evidence. >> the blood draw you see here, marked with the item number 112, matches the defendant. >> reporter: the case was also about race. simpson's attorney, johnny cochran, would be able to undermine the state's evidence with a simple but memorable line. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: then after eight long months -- >> we the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant not guilty of the crime of murder. >> do you blame yourself for this? >> i always do. i do. it was physically painful. it was not justice. >> reporter: nbc news, los angeles. >> on occasion, we've all talked about going back and reliving the moments we covered during that case. just imagine what it's like to go back and look at it when you were so intimately involved in
7:48 am
>> and how everyone's life changed after that trial. she, by the way, began working in private practice. she launched a career as a writer and has a new book, "blood defense. " you can see more interviews that were a part of the trial and investigation. it's a "dateline" special sunday night at 9:00/8 hey there, can i help you with anything? hey siri, what's at&t's latest offer? oh, i don't think that siri can... right now, switch to at&t for an iphone and get one free. wow, is that right? yeah, it's basically... yes. that is the current offer from at&t. okay siri, you don't know everything. well, i know you asked me to call you the at&t hostess with the mostest. okay, shut her down. turn it off. right now, buy an iphone and
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7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning. 7:56. it's friday morning. i'm darlene rodriguez. we do continue to follow this
7:57 am
the shooting of a taxi driver in queens. news 4's tracie strahan is at the scene right now joining us from astoria with the latest. tracie? >> reporter: darlene, that victim's suv remains at the corner t a 35th street and 37th avenue, the place where he came crashing into, after he was shot in the head, just before 5:00 this morning. we have video now of the scene here near the hotel in this area, where all of this happened. according to police, they tell me that that victim was picking passengers at the time. it's unknown if they have any description of the suspect in that instance, but we can tell you that the victim is at elmhurst hospital listed in critical condition from that gunshot wound. back to you. >> tracie strahan, thank you, tracie. let's take a look at the morning commute. here's lauren scala. >> we still have this overturned tractor-trailer on 78 eastbound out by exit 24. delays go back over 12 miles at this point.nit's going to take you an hour and a half, just to get through that area. we also have an accident on 495 eastbound, just before the tolls a to the lincoln tunnel. 45 minutes inbound there.
7:58 am
bridut, 30 minutes at the holland. ck to you, darlene. let's check the weather, light snow thr >oughout the morning, central and southern jersey could get up to 2 inches, a coating in and around the city tonight, clear, cold, 29 degrees. tomorrow, 42 is the high. light, wintry mix is possible at night. sunday, partly cloudy with a high of 45. coming up on the "today" show, oscar-winning actress gwyneth paltrow stops by to talk about family, career, and her stay tuned. smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. ones that can kill you fast. ones that cartkill you slower. ones that can take away life's most basic pleasures. there are 16 different types of cancer caused by smoking.
7:59 am
to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today". coming up, finding love after loss. facebook exec sheryl sandberg's rumored romance months after the death of her husband sparks a debate online. when is the right time to move on? get ready for gwyneth. oscar winner, mom and entrepreneur gwyneth paltrow joins us live for the first time in about a decade to talk fame, family and facing the future.
8:01 am
first lady of country music, loretta lynn celebrates a brand-new album with a live performance of one of her classics today. friday, march 4th, 2016. i don't like it, i love it >> good morning! >> louisiana loves "today". >> all the way from miesissippi, celebrating our eight-year anniversary. >> today is my birthday. #60 in the city. >> celebrating my 11th birthday. love you, dad. >> celebrating our sweet 16 in new york city. i don't like it, i love it >> we're back now. 8:00 on a friday morning.
8:02 am
we've got some snow falling in new york city and many parts of the east coast. a little wind. not too bad. i have to say, it'll end pretty soon. >> that's right. just a bad memory. >> can i just say, not often do we say, let's get out ourn ctsres s pick caedmeras and take a picture with a guest on the show. today, loretta lynn is here and we'll get our pictures. we have news about wrangler. >> a year has gone by since we rolled out the red carpet for wrangler, puppy with a purposee wrangler will be leaving us and ing to his next step in his guide dog training. thhiat's next friday. wrangler will spend six months with a formal guidenorainer and then hopefully be placed with the person he'll go on to help. >> wrangler, please write. >> he's trying to catch a
8:03 am
>> it's all for a great cause. that helps. >> yes, it does. >> natalie laz a has a check of the top stories. >> we're going to miss wrangler. the republican presidential campaign heads into a crucial stretch after a prime time debate that turned into a brawl. mitt romney in an exclusive "today" interviewthnswered questions about entering the race himself. hallie jackson is in detroit for us. good morning. >> good morning, natalie. this showdown in motown proving just how split the republican party is. donald trurp pushed on his past positions as the front runner, faced all the fire. >> reporter: even after 11 gop debates, this moment, unprecedented. >> and he referred to my hands. they're small. something else must be small. i guarantee you, there's no problem. i guarantee. >> reporter: donald trump below the belt and under fire from all sides. >> breathe. br the.
8:04 am
can i answer a question? >> you cannot. >> he's very flexible so you never know. >> reporter: trump targeted even before he took the stage by former republican nominee mitt romney. >> his promises are as worthless university. >> reporter: romney telling matt -- >> i'm going to do everything within the normal political bounds to make sure we don't , nominate donald trump. think he'd be terribly unfit for office. to be president. >> reporter: this morning, romney insisting to matt he wouldn't consider stepping in if the race came down to a coeantested convention, but not completely closing the door. >> there are no circumstances i can foresee where that would possibly happen. >> reporter: the stop trump movement extending to the debate stage. marco rubio and ted cruz taking aim. >> he's trying to con people into giving them their vote, orjust like he con d these people into giving them the money. >> let me ask the voters at home. is this the debate you want playing out in the general election?
8:05 am
to stay above the fray. >> let's stop fighting. >> reporter: even after all the fighting -- >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> reporter: all the candidates answering the same when asked, would you support the nominee? >> i will support whoever is the nominee for president. >> yes because i gave my word. >> i'd support donald to be the nominee. >> the answer is, yes, i will. >> rubio was telling savannah his morning his willingness to support trump reflects how bad he believes hillary clinton would be as president. romney says he may endorse rubio cruz or kasich but hinted it probably won't come until after the march 15th primary. >> hallie jackson? in detroit, thank you. the obama fitily won't be leaving washington right after they leave the white house. the president said they'll probably stay in d.c. for a couple years so his younger
8:06 am
she's a 14-year-old freshman. big sister should be off to college when the president's term ends. they also own a house in chicago. bobbi kristina brown died as a result of her face being immersed in water a i long with drug intoxication. she was found unresponsive in a bathtub inher atlanta area home last year and died in hospice care in july. medical examiner says marijuana and alcohol were involved, along the medications used for sedation or to treat anxiety. today would have been her 23rd birthday. a shoplifter took a hit while making his get away. police are still looking for this man who, caught on camera running from a south carolina walmart, bam. >> oh! >> right into the passing suv outside. he got right back up and kept on going. police say he had taken about
8:07 am
for it. that had to hurt, that blow. guys? >> wow. >> where do you begin? >> normally you'd feel sorry for somebody. the circumstances change things. let's take a look now and talk about some photos, recent photos, of facebook coo sheryl ndberg that are sparking discussion about loss and dating. >> today' erica hill is here with the story. >> good morning to you. sheryl sandberg's moving fangcebook post, which we remember after the sudden death of her husband last year, showed an tpouring of support. as she appears to be moving on, new missage age messages are pouring in. >> reporter: the new york post claims she's dating bobby kotick. speculation has sparked reaction online. while some question the timing, the majority have been supportive. >> good for her. trying to find happiness again.
8:08 am
soon, but then again, different people see things differently. all of us walk our own path, travel our own journey, leave the judging to the court systems and beauty pageants. therapist shell counsels those living with grief. >> there is no time frame of when it's right or wrong or when someone should start dating. >>el reporter: sandberg has been open about her grief, sharing a heartfelt post one month after efher husband's death. i think when tragedy occurs, she wrot it proents a choice. yommu can give in to the void, the emptiness that fills your heart, or you can try to find meetin en i can, i want to choose life and meaning. those words triggered an outpouring of support. sandberg spoke with savannah about the response. >> i think loss and trying to rebuild and resilience, it's a huge part of the human condition. my children and i have worked so hard to rebuild our lives and find happiness and joy and
8:09 am
i think the support of strangers and our friends made a huge difference. >> reporter: support that is essential at every step of the grieving process. >> as cliche as it is, life does go on. for many, many people, life means finding another lifelong partner. so being supportive, being curious, trying to get to know what in that relationship they're attracted to, but just be curious and supportive. >> we did reach out to facebook. understandably, the company declined to comment. overall, there was a lot of support and a lot of people online saying how wonderful it is. you know what? at the end of the day, it's not our business. >> that's right. whatever she does, i hope people's hearts are with her. the family went through so much. >> you want people to find comfort in whatever way is best for them. >> agree. >> erica, thank you. coming up next, a play list
8:10 am
scientifically designed to get women through the process of gives birth. seriously. notice anything unusual about these oranges? why they're landing whole foods in a little bit of trouble today. we have a rare visit to studio 1a from gwyneth paltrow. we're going to talk to her about career, business, family and more. first, take a look at these ssages. kellogd's flerosted milyni-wheats ... 8 layers of wheat... and one that's sweet. to satisfy the adult and kid - in all of us. nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into d deiicious sw t for the kid you'll never outgrow... feed your inner kidult with frosted mini-wheats . try new kellogg's mini-wheats harvest delights with sweet drizzle and bits made with real fruit.
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8:14 am
ane travel is increasingly cramped. often germy. the self-cleaning lavatory could be coming to you. eing has unveiled the bathroom of the future. it is bathed in blue. the ultraviolet light is said to kill 99u9% of germs from all surfaces. that includes counters, toilets. takes three seconds. boeing says the light literally makes the micros explode into oblivion. your heart just exploded, matt, didn't it? >> this is genius. >> you want this in your house, right? >> this is just a prototype right now. why not bathe the whole plane in it? >> exactly. >> second, they say it's new technology. we've been using it, you have, for years. >> in my dressing room. >> look at that. >> i have to wear goggles when i go? >> it's lik
8:15 am
>> i think this is seriously, the plane thing, fantastic. something else now, the whole foods backlash we mentioned earlier. last year, the company was criticized for selling asparagus water at $6 a pop. this isn't about price, it's plastic. a twitter user posted this photo, showing prepeeled oranges being sold in plastic containers. critics say it promotes laziness and violates whole foods' eco-friendly policies. the store wrote on twitter. definitely our mistake. we hear you and will leave them in the natural packaging, the peel. that item was selling for $6 a pound. >> wow. >> those are expensive oranges. >> think of the team of people that peeled all those to put out there. >> are we that lazy, we can't peel an orange? >> don't they do it with melon and all that?
8:16 am
it. this is more portable. >> i'm not going to judge people for laziness in the kitchen. not going there. >> it's an orange. >> i don't love peeling oranges. women in labor, you may be able to rest easier. you can thank spotify cht . the music streaming service released a birthing play list. it's true. here's one of the tracks. having my baby >> no, that's a good one though. "under pressure" by queen and david bowie. >> that's a good one. >> spotify said this is a scientifically designed list. they compiled it with an ob-gyn. >> pearl jam. >> "just breathe." >> lyrics, stay with me, let's just breathe. >> my doctor asked me when i had a scheduled c-section, what music i wanted. i wanted springsteen. >> deborah said, if you don't turn that off, i'll kill you.
8:17 am
wanted and i c ldn't think of anything. it was too much pressure at the moment. >> what song? classical? >> first song they'll ever hear. >> there's a lot of pressure to get the song right. >> i know. >> let's move on to caitlyn jenner and her surprising pick for president. jennifer lopez addresses her feud with another pop diva. carson? >> first, caitlyn jenner declaring her pick for president. the lifelong republican saying, i like ted cruz. he's conservative and a great constitutionalist and is an articulate man. she also said he's one of the worst when it comes to trans issues. she's offering to be an ambassadoretween him and the trans community. jennifer lopez and her alleged feud with mariah carey. years ago, mariah was asked about j.lo and said, quote, i don't know her.
8:18 am
the ladies went head to head with competing shows in las vegas. we alndy williams asked j.lo about it. >> have you ever put on a rubber nose and a pair of sunglasses and a hat and gone to check out the competition? >> i went and saw a bunch of shows. i saw everybody. i didn't seeoa mariah because she hadn't started yet. >> who? >> i saw britney. >> i'm playing. that's what mariah said about jennifer one time. i'm not trying to say anything. >> she's forgetful, i guess. we've met many times. >> j.lo may be throwing a little her way. depends how you read into that. she plans on seeing -- she's going to see mariah's show when her schedule clears. though j.lo is busy. finally, jimmy fallon. we're seeing shows like "full house" be updated. it was part of the tgif lineup
8:19 am
"family matters." sohe jimmy was inspired to redo his own show open. when the night has fallen and the day is done es words gone crazy, but smiles are waiting you know where to go jimmy fallon, "the tonight show" and you >> so good. >> love it. >> i would watch that sitcom. >> that is your pop start. >> carson, thank you. mr. roker? >> i'd like us to do that. that'd be fun. we are looking at the threat of severe weather starting early next week. sunday, a few storms develop through sx texas to oklahoma. then minnesota to texas. some severe, isolated tornadoes
8:20 am
look what happens on tuesday. a wide swath stretching from st. louis down to corpus christi. severe storms very likely. texas, arkansas, on into louisiana. this will be the day of highest risk. it is going to be a very busy day on tues thanks, al. good morning, everyone. our winter weather advisory expanded to include monmoynh county, also ocean county new jersey. that's whe we're seeing the heaviest snow right now. in new york city, light snow showers, that's going to taper off, but a couple of inches possible down the just and watch for travel to be impacted for the morning, into the late morning. perhaps even in the early afternoon. nice and dry for the weekend. temperaturuc in the 40s tht roughout. >> that's your latest weather.imatt? >> al, thank you very much. is there anything that oscar winner gwyneth paltrow can't do?
8:21 am
movies and business, with her lifestyle brand goop. good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> t you haven't been here in 11 years. >> is that true? >> did i get drunk and say something stupid to you the last time you were here? >> most likely. >> did i? tell me everything that's been going on in life. start with 11 years ago. ew>> well, i don't wan to bore you this early in the morning but, yeah, i've been doing a lot. i moved from london to california. started a business. >> how do you like business? look, it's one thing to act and have critics and all that stuff. it's another thing to pour your heart and soul in a business. it's not natural for a lot of people. did you find it came easily to you? >> it's been a steep learning curve. i really love doing it. i'm energized by it. it's challenging and exciting. >> are you hands on? >> comple ly. it's my 24/7 focus right now. >> so the priorities have shifted? in other words, that takes up this space a acting and music are d n here?
8:22 am
i mean, we took investment last year. as soon as we had other people's money, i realized i really better focus on this completely. i'll return to acting probably, but probably not right now. >> you're evolving. you have the lifestyle brand. you have skin care. >> we do. >> did you watch the oscars the other night. >> i was home in pajamas. >> so was i. when you watch a show like that now, are you the skin care police? do you look at the red carpet and look at actresses and actors and think, they could do something about the wrinkles? >> no. >> they need concealer? >> everybody looke pretty good. it was a pretty good red carpet. >> do you find people coming up to you on the street and asking for advice and saying, now that yoo're in the businesse how do i look? >> i think at, we're very much -- we're kind of like a trusted friend. so people, as an extension of the brand, come to me and ask for tips or travel tips or health or wellness, beauty. it's part of what i do. >> i was reading something, i
8:23 am
hold me to that, and you fought back against criticism on pricicing. it seems like you've decided that since this is so important to you, you're not going to let people say things that you don't agree with. >> well, i think that people who e going to criticize -- and i'm always open to criticism and learning more -- but people who are going to criticize should have all of the impeer cal nformation. to say we're expensive when we have a range across all price points -- >> i like the way you put it. know what you're talking about is what you're saying. >> exactly. >> i saw pictures not long ago, super bowl, and coldplay was the halftime act. >> yeah. >> there was a great picture of, i think it was apple, at the game. before i get to the picture, what is it like to take your ds to the super bowl ao nd have th tem look up and see dad on the stage at halftime? >> you know, it's pretty incredible. it's also a little weird that your first football game is that.
8:24 am
you know, and instill that life is not that all the time? but they were so proud of him, and it was such a gorgeous performance. very uplifting. they were thrilled. they were very proud. >> the pictures i saw, one where apple was holding beyonce's daughter's hand. >> uh-huh. >> there's another picture of you and apple. can i just say, i mean, it's amazing, she looks just like her mom. i'm sure she looks a little like her dad chris, as well, but she looks just like you. >> she's, well, a whole other level. she's an amazing girl. she really is. >> i think the other thing i really liked about seeing the pictures from the super bowl is it says that despite all that's been written and said about the relationship coming apart, you two still really support each other. >> we're a family. even though we're not in a romantic relationship, we're a true family. we like to do things to reinforce that we're a family for the children, for each other. he's like my brother.
8:25 am
>> when the talk started about the uncoupling, did you ignore it? could you not read the articles? could you not read social media? >> i don't tend to read a lot of that sort of thing. i mean, obviously, i knew it was going on. it was kind of a big -- i unwittingly created a whole hoopla with my choice of words. i was sort of following a theory. but it was a very intense time for our family, and emotions were very high and deep and all over the place. i just tried to keep to myself as much as possible. >> and everybody seems to be happy which, in the end, is that >> that's all that matters. >> coldplay coming to the show here in a couple weeks. tickets. seriously, i might be able to get you in. let me know. >> thank you. >> good to have you back. >> nice to be here. >> don't make it so long next time. >> i won't. >> over to savannah.
8:26 am
legend, loretta lynn is here. do you know how excited everybody is? everyone has their cameras up. they want selfies. let's go get one. back after your local news. we love you, loretta. live, this is news 4 new york now. >> good morning, everyone. 30 degrees.
8:27 am
i'm darlene rodriguez. we're getting a clearer look at the man wanted for attacking a 91-year-old woman in brooklyn. surveillance video shows the suspect walking down 9th street in park slope. investigators say he is the man who robbed an elderly woman at gun point and choked her yesterday afternoon. a $2,500 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest. we hto a t to 15 minute delays for metro north commuters. if you're getting on the roads, this overturned tractor trailer still out there after exit 24 with just a shoulder getting by. 14-mile delay right now heading through this area, so rough right there. route 206 shut down between andria avenue and triangle road. also parking rules suspended today. back to you. check the weather, today light snow throughout the
8:28 am
jersey could get up to two inches, windy and chilly this afternoon with a high of 39. tomorrow 42 is the high. wintery mix ioos possible. sunday cloudy, 45. monday sun and clouds, 54 degrees. coming up on the "today" show, best known in his work on tangles and chuck, now dr. levi talks about heading to broadway.
8:29 am
8:30 am
it's 8:30 now, friday, march 4th, 2016. we have a great crowd on the plaza. it's our party crowd because it
8:31 am
snowy, slippery. little bit of something for everybody. by the way, inside, ms. loretta lynn. we are so, so excited to have her here. she is a legend. she's an icon. also just an extraordinary woman and, boy, does she still have it. we've been hearing her rehearse this morning. eve rybody wants to go to heaven b nobody wants to die >> she sings it better than us. a member of "today" shares he fr luck at an internship. she'll interview on "queen sugar." plus, we'll catch up with gold medal winning gymnasts, mare y lou retton, carly patterson and nastia liukin. first, your weather. >> a lot of wet weather, heavy rain from central california into the pacific northwest. windy in the plains.
8:32 am
let's check out sunday, sunday! eastern two thirds -thirds of the country, looking good. southeast. mid-atlantic states. what a mess from southern california into the inner rockies. a lot of wet weather and heavy snow in the cascades. they may see 2 to 4 feet before it.'s all over. that's what's going on thanks, al. goaod morning, everyone. bit of a wintery mess this morning. light snow continues in and around new york city, now spreading into long island, light snow into westchester county. steadier in monmouth and ocean county. watch out for travel to be impacted as we head into the afternoon. breezy, up to two inches of snow possible south of new y rk ci and high of 39 degrees, windy through the ternoon, quieter weather into the weekend,
8:33 am
>> i have friends here from the hofsha athletic training society. they all look like they're in great shape. there you go. must be working. these nice folks over here. who is emmy and leo? >> my son and daughter in minnesota. >> you had to think about that for a second. >> i know. so y, guys. i love you! >> pretty good. that's what's going on. let's go back inside. this morning on up for the job today, we're up to tamron's internship for our special series. tamron, it's a goo' one. >> it is, guys. good morning, everybody. i got a chance to intern for one of the most respected d ectors in the industry. ava duverna gy. remember her doll, sold out in minutes. she's working on a new project that she wrote, directed and produced. i got a chance to be her protege for the day. >> reporter: i'm in the hea - rt of
8:34 am
intern for director ava duvernay. she's shooting her series "queen sut gar." what better way to butter up thehebors than bring a little sugar? she's made a big splash on the big screen. she's taken home a stack of awards, and took home the award for "selma." she's paying it forward, working bring fresh voices to hollywood. now, she's teaming up with the ultimate power player, oprah, for a tv series. i met up with ava's producer, paul, for a lay of the land. >> we're doing a big scene day. >> okay. >> few thousand extras. >> am i in charge of the extras? >> you help get the extras ready. >> this is your makeup bag. >> who needs to be done up?
8:35 am
try not to make your eyebrows look like bert and ernie. i have to get going after one brow. >> hello. are you my intern? >> i'm your intern i brought the boss gifts. she knows how to get in good. give me some love here. >> were you ever an intern? >> i wasn't becau sose i made my own films. i went the independent route. difficult for women to direct. difficult for people of color to direct. put sc it together, a black woman, and there aren't a lot of us there. >> when did you know that this was your calling? >> i just always, always, always loved film. some people are music people. some people are sports people. i've always been -- >> you're everything. you're usic -- 's no. >> i follow you on twbtter. >>wo but i love twitter like a man, you
8:36 am
film like i love a man. you know what i mean? i really, really, it's like my heart's desire. >> what do you do for in me as an intern? >> i need you to be next to me, by my side. if you're on that side and i'm on this side and say, tamron, you have to be there. >> thank god my dad was a sergeant in the army. >> reporter: ava put me to work, in the stands. >> you get a shirt. you get a shirt. >> tamron! >> i'm here. i'm here. >> good, good. very good. i need this woman to have a white shirt instead of a blue one. >> okay. >> let's change out the hat for a glad tor's hat. thank you, tamron. >> my boss called me tamron. >> anybody?
8:37 am
>> i just need -- as soon as -- >> she's calling for everyone t me. pr ably a wise choice. >> reporter: maybe i needed pointers from an insider. >> you know i'm interning. i am ava's intern. technically, i'm kind of like your boss. >> oh, okay. >> are you intimidated? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: while i may not have made an impression to him, an.other visitor to the set made her mark. >> you had a surprise visit from your teammate. >> i know. >> did you know she was coming? >> i did. i did, yes. she's the fairy godmother here. >> reporter: finally, time to impress ava and the crew. >> background, action! >> go, go! and cut.
8:38 am
you know what the magic potion was? >> you. ow>> your action. >> oh, please. >> yes. >> thank you. >> it was so delicate that they felt excited. >> thank you. >> another scene that makes "queen sugar" different from other sets is that it is an all female directorial team. yit's a unicorn, rare, in the industry. so "queen sugar" is a drama. imagine dynasty set in new leans, and it is juicy. the scene we were shooting involved a basketball layer and his wife confronting him on the court. i' ll leave it at that. let me tell you, it'll be a hit this fall on own, the oprah win winfrey network. my internship consisted of me eating. >> hanging out with ava and oprah. >> tamron, thank you. this weekend, erica is up
8:39 am
she spends thesday at j. crew with the creative director. up next, gymnastics golden girls. we look to ahead to rio with mary lou retton, carly patterson and nastia liukin.
8:40 am
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> we're back at 8:41. we have olympic royalty. three of four american women to win the all-around. u ou retton, carly patterson and nastia liukin. welcome back. laid >> good morning. >> before we talk about what happens this weekend, we were talking about savannah's boot, and the fact she's a littl klutzy.
8:42 am
how can a gymnast be klutzy? >>e i don't know. my husband always says, i don't know how you did what you did. you're always falling. >> you always stick the landing. >> get a ten. >> that's right. >> i did not tick the landing. that's what went wrong. >> the at&t american cup this weekend. set it up for me. >>at this is one of the most exciting competitions of the year, especially being in the united states. it's probably the biggest besides our national champi ships. this year, tomorrow, gabby douglas, who won the olympic games four year ago, is competing. this has been her comeback. she competed last year at the world championships and won a silver in the all-american, behind the great simone biles. and maggie nichols, an up and coming favorite, as well. >> all of you won this cup before going on to the olympics. we all know what happened there. can we see top-level talent, mary lou? >> all the countries in the world send their best to the american cup, especially in an olympic year. for us, we won the american cup
8:43 am
to win the all-around. >> good prep. >> no pressure. >> but let's talk about the pressure on the u.s. team. obviously, they're heavily favored going into this olympics. who is the competition for them? >> no one. right? >> it's true, mary lou. i think we're our own competition right now. i think we have so much depth. the last 10, 12 years has been so many girls, so much talent coming through. there's really not a bad choice of a team that you could put together. i thinke're going to see a lot of gold medals coming in rio. >> i would not want to pick the olympic team. >> it'd be really hard. >> we're five months away. we won't know the team until the trials in july. fierce five, gold in london. who should we be looking at for? >> definitely simone biles. she's won three world all-around title lts back back to back. nobody has ever done that.
8:44 am
ally raisman, making a comeback well. i mean, the list is endl ss. taink the hardest part is making the u.s. team. >> nastia liukin cup coming up, as well. fifth year in gymnastics. we're looking forward to the olympics. >> thank you. >> see you in rio next. >> yeah. >> again, you can catch the at&t american cup hitting tomorrow at 1:00 eastern here on nbc. just ahead, a treat. a live performance from he legendary loretta lynn. first, this is "today" on nbc. hey, have you heard? heard what? before school starts in september, all kids going into 7th
8:45 am
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8:46 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> we're back at 8:46. we have in the studio a true american icons loretta lynn is the undisputed queen of country music. we're honored she's here,
8:47 am
new tsbum, "full circle." good morning. >> thank you, honey. >> there is definitely an energy in this studio because you are here. do you find you have this effect on people? >> i've turned over every chair when i walk? >> your album is out today. this is the first studio album aboot a decade. >> yes. >> have you been writing sonn all that time? >> i've been working so hard. me and my band work all the time. son of a gun, i didn't think about recording. >> now, i heard -- >> you know, i got 90 some songs cut. >> i was about to ask. you recorded 90. >> all ready. >> you whittled it down to 14. >> yeah. we gotia lot more. >> was it hard to choose which 14 would make the cut? >> i let them do it. i wasn't around when they put them in there. >> you wrote a lot of the songs, didn't you? >> sure did. >> the song we're about that hear, you wrote, didn't you? >> sure did. >> we can't wait to hear it. youayave wets. you have w
8:48 am
record. >> yeah. >> you like collaborating like that? >> yeah, i do. i like it. willie, you ought to have seen us. >> was it reunion time >> it was reunion time. >> do you still enjoy touring? d >> i do. i love touring. so do my boys. they've been raised, calling me mama. >> they take care of you? >> theydon. >> it's a pleasure to havt you here. go ahead and sing your song. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. everybody wants to g to
8:49 am
once upon a time there livedto man and his name was hezeki he walked with god both day and night but he didn'tanna die he cried, oh, lord, please let meive death is clo i know god smiled down on hezeki a't gave him fifteen years to go everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die lord i wanna go to heaven but i don't wanna die so i long for the day when i'll have new birth still i love the living here on earth eserybody wants to g to
8:50 am
when jesus lived here on this earth, he knew his father's plan he knew that he must give his life to save the soul of men when judas had betrayed him, his father heard him cry he was brave until his death but he didn't wanna die everybody wants to go to heaven bes nobody wants to die lord, i wanna go to heaven but i don't wanna die so i long for the day when i'll have new birth on earth everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to dien everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die
8:51 am
ody wents to die [ applause ] >> loretta lynn, bringing down the house. >> i forgot the one verse. >> nobody missed it. >> i didn't either. >> we just went to heaven. >> yes, we did. >> fantastic. thank you for coming? >> thank you so much. >> "full circle" is out today. such a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, how was the trip? we'll check in with the people we sent on the plaza last weekend to california.
8:52 am
8:53 am
everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die >> we'll be singing that all day. >> we're so happy. people everywhene. >> one week ago, you pro bably remember, we sent five lucky people, one friend each, on a remarkable trip. >> that's right. we plucked them off the plaza and sent them to los angeles for the leap day weekend. this morning, we got to look at all the fun they had in the sun. >> reporter: the mission, escape the east coast winter for a spontaneous weekend in los angeles. where it's summer all year long. the lucky winners -- >> we're going to california!
8:54 am
college roommates katie and megan. liz in search of the perfect taco. kim and amanda on a mission to surprise their daughter. leah and jeffrey celebrating their silver anniversary. everyone was excited to get out of the cold and have fun in the sun. once they arrived, they ditched their coats and boarded the bus to hermosa beach for a bike ride with a view. one famous beach house from "beverly hills 90210." >> that was the best bike ride since i was 12. >> it was relaxing and so pretty. >> reporter: liz conquered her taco challenge. >> fantastic. >> reporter: before heading to dinner at phillippe tse original. >> doesn't get better. >> reporter: they tri new eats. >> the texture is very pig. >> i like it. >> reporter: and surprised
8:55 am
>> thank you, guys. >>] reporter: this group of strangers became instant friends. a perfect weekend escape with enough sun to get them through the rest of winter. >> they all had a great time. we want to thank discov r los angeles for providing the trip. >> looks fun. we're back with more of "today" on a friday morning. who do you have coming up? >> z achary levi. al and i had a gig last night. >> all right. look forward to seeing it. back with more on "today" on a iday morning. first, a look at your local news
8:56 am
8:57 am
liven this is news 4 ew yo.rk now. >> good morning, everyone. 8:57. morning, arch 4th. i'm darlene rodriguez. the man accused of killing his girlfriend and her two daughters in a hotel is due in court today. michael sykes will be arraigned on three counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. he is accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death along with her 1-year-old daughter and 5-month-old baby. a 2-year-old survived. the attack happened last month at a ramada inn. light snow throughout the morning, central and southern inches.
8:58 am
straight shooting host of bar
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take." jennifer garner reveals her hidden talent and you'll see it right here. the craziest moments of the month caught on video when we go spanning the world. and zachary levi strolls over from broadway to tell us about his new play. all that and more coming up w. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from histudio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
9:01 am
friday morning. as dylan dreyer calls it, a wintry mix. >> not enough to be pretty. 's just wet. >> damp, cold stuff. >> what's this we're listening to? does it match? you ain't never had a friend like me >> i want to redo my tap ro iutine. >> you got to tap? >> natalie can tap. >> yeah, right. it was a 17-second routine. along with a whole ensemble. >> that's a long time. >> it was a lot of pressure. >> was your heart racing? >> the whole eday, i was like, wh dsd i agree with this? >> you were on stage for the live show? >> yes. wand al was ther te, up with the genie. he had to read lines. >> wow, natalie. >> al, of course,as mr. perfect. >> was there a live audience watching it? >> we were broadway, girl. >> i've always wanted to know, can the people on the stage
9:02 am
the audience, or do you see light? >> i saw my family. i was looking at them smiling. in fact, i asked my kids. luke said, mom, you were great. it was perfect. i said, i messed up. josh said, yeah, you were a little behind. >> did he take the subway home? >> hope the metro card worked. >> no singing. just singing. ing dancing. co nome on. they actually let me dance. that was a lot. we have to thank the cast of "aladdin." >> when is it coming up? >> we'll air it march 20th. >> what was al's role? >> he was a game show host with the genie during this song, "never have a friend like me." it was fantastic. a great night. i can't say enough about the people end t nd the scenes who helped us get ready for the role. >> at least that was family
9:03 am
what happened in the republican dectbale? >> we get jaded in the press. you never get surprised but i went, oh. thare republican debate descended into childish moments. trump said despite what rubio suggested earlier this week, when talking about the size of trump's hands -- an old thing people said, if youhhave small ha ndsg. -- trump said, i have great hands. rubio said, youoknow what toey say about guys can small hands. here's what trump saidast night. >> e hit my hands. nobody has ever hit my hands. look at those hands, are they small hands? and he referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small. ia guarantee you, there's no problem. i guarantee you. >> it's not even high school level here. >> if it weren't s
9:04 am
uld say, oh, my gosh. but, i mean, these are the people, the last men standing, since carly is out, no women on the gop side, running for president. mitt romney has been, you know, the former nominee, and spoke this mo ing. >> i feel like we're one debate ay from whoopee cushions being put on seats. >> that might happen next. >> oh, my gosh. >> i don't understand how the country can allow this to ntinue. you let your kids watch the detrbates, you know, you want them to understand the -- what goes into the process of electing a president. they can't watch this debate because it ends up in a round of bullying, child-like behavior wi hth name calling and everything you teach your kids not to do. >> it also resulted in thousands more people going to vote. i mean, listen, the republican
9:05 am
we've been out on the campaign trail. ople have been, you know, leaving work, suspending errands to go vote. you look at the debate, but a record number of people are turning out to caucus and to vote in primaries because of this. >> you knowswhat's interesting, t had a graphic up a couple days ago, where in 2008, for the hugedoturnout obama brought on the democratic side, the flip has happened this year. untold story. tons and tons of people are coming out, partly because of donald trump, or largely, i'd argue. trump and cruz were having a heated diskis> cussion about the supreme court nominating process when senator cruz interrupted m. let me point out -- >> that is not what you said in the op-ed. >> donald, i know it's hard not toth interrupt but try. >> it's not what you said. >> t breathe, breathe. >> you can breathe. i know it's hard.
9:06 am
can i answer a question? >> you cannot. i really hope that we don't see yoga on the stage. >> he's very flexible so you never know. >> the moderators of fox, they did a good job prosecuting substantive cases and putting snatats up and askingde questions. it lways seemed to die go to those moments. rubio calling trump a con man, dangerous, the last question of the evening, candidates were asked if they'd support donald trump as the nominee. >> i'll support the republican nomine >> mr. trump, yes or no? >> i'll support donald to be the republican nominee. >> yes because i gave my word i would. fat i heve endeavored to do every day in the senate is do what i said i'd do. >> he'd be the nominee, sometimes he makes it hard but, you know, i will support whoever is the republican nominee for president. >> the answer is yes, i will.
9:07 am
nominee of the party? >> yes. >> the top of trump said, if i'm not the nominee, it's not going to happen. but for people watching at home dand people across the country, you listen to the campaign and people saying, donald trump will ruin this country if he's made president. >> the world. >> then they say, i'll support the guy. >> i tweeted last night and said, this is why people hat politics. i don't throw the word "hate" around. but when you tell the american people this person is dangerous for the country, but then an hour later say, yeah, i'm going to vote, you have to ask yourself, which is more important? your party and an hofficial promise or pledge or your country, or are you playing us? this is applicahie not just to the republican party. this can be applied to the democratic side. maybe not this cycle. doesn't match what we're seeing but, nevertheless, is it party or country? what are you doing here? that's the question.
9:08 am
in some part. yesterday, mr. romney gave a speech in which he laid out a scathing indictment of donald trump. this morning, romney and matt sat down in the studio and governor romney was asked about accepting trump's endorsement four year ago, when he was the gop candidate. take a listen. >> you said he's dangerous for the country, dangerous for working americans. you attacked him on his economic policies, foreign policy, personality, which you called his third grade antics. his business acumen. you say, wait, isn't he a huge business success that knows what he's talking a about the? no, he isn't. no, he doesn't. his bankruptcies have crushed small businesses and the men and women who work for them. he inherited his bu thsiness. he didn't create it. let me take you back four years. listen to this. >> donald trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works, to create jobs for the american people.
9:09 am
sector, not quite as successful as this guy, but successful nonetheless. >> that was four years ago, same two guys. donald trump and mitt romney. >> he's a successful guy. made a lot of money. but hes?asn't een uniformly successful and is far from a business genius. trump university, trump stakes, trump mortgage, trump vitamin company. one after the other, failure after failure. just because he's made a lot of money, one, you don't measure you life by how much money you make, but it doesn't mean his economic policies are right for america. >> but the people angry at you this morning, governor, are saying, wait a minute, he willingly welcomed the endorsement of d ald trump four years ago, even though he was knee deep in the birther s movement and made other comments. why go 180 degrees on the guy now? >> i was seeking his endorsement. now he's s king mine. that's different. a lot of people endorsed me, i wouldn't endorse for president. secondly, a lot has happened in the last year.
9:10 am
things i've heard him say now, i wouldn't have welcomed his endorsement. >> i mean, this is, again, why people don't like politics. feels cynical, to flip that way. the only thing in governor romney's defense i'll say, you can accept an endorsement, but it's something else to endorse somebody to be president of the unthited states. tr tump was a businessman at this point. now he wants to lead the country. romney thinks it's his obligation to prevent it. >> legit point. but the thing that matt brought up, at that time, donald trump was full birther. and .ad claimed that heasent people off to hawaii. they found all this incredible stuff he's never revealed publicly. we'll see. i mean, voters are speaking out. ultimately, that's democracy. >> it's true. >> can we talk about something happy? >> yes! >> not that pol ics isn't happy but -- >> well, something our viewers have contriboted to. >> right. pehople have spoken.
9:11 am
>> last week, nat and i showed you pictures of our very first codncnert. you went to see. >> spandau ballet. oh players as a 5-year-old. >> mine was no doubt. >> that's a great fun. it was fun. mosh pit and everything. >> willie? >> i can't remember. i said i'm from new jersey, so probably bonn joe jovi. >> we asked you to send us your wildest looks from your first concer . e people have spoken. you guysrdelivered. thank you so much for sending these. these are the three finalists. our producers went over everything because what you don't know about myself, willie, natalie, dylan, we don't like to pick. eviner--ody is a inner sochlt the . producers picked the challenging. who is this? >> boy george. >> willie? >> i can't see.
9:12 am
>> 14 years old when she went to the concert. six cans of colored hairspray for billy idol in '83. >> like the glasses. >> jaden made sure to look like a member of the jackson five while posing. and she met the jackson five in 1973. >> how cool. >> no one had the right stff like our winner. drum roll, please. it is new kids on the block super man, fan, mindy baker. she's a single mom. 7-year-old daughter reagan. guess what? mindy, we are flying you and reagme to new york cihe next ek to get a head to toe makeover. all furnished by our friends at jcpenney. hair, keup. guess who is with us now? how are you? good morning. >> hey. >> mindy, we told you you were a finalist.
9:13 am
winner. how do you feel? >> i can't believe it. all over that ridiculous picture. >> it was awesome. we understand that you're going to go to the concert. are you and your daughter ready? >> we're ready! >> does she approve of the attire that you wore back in the y? >> she saie it's the most ridiculous, awful picture she's ever seen of me. >> just as an extra bonus, i'll walk back to the set. willie is the only man today and has the new kids on the block flavor. >> i like them. >> have some movers for us? >> i don't have new kids moves. >> hanging tough and good. >> the shoulder. >> mindy, congratulations. willie will work on his moves and greet you at the airport. >> congrats. dylan, you have something big going on. >> we have the polar plunge in chicago. update to the forecast, i thought it was going to be 40 when i signed on. now, it'll be 34.
9:14 am
it's going to be a very cold morning on sunday i good morning, everyone. please be careful out there on this friday morning, tracking some slippery conditions, light snow continues, especially along the coast. we could have up to two inches along the just. it will be windy and chilly with a high of 39 degrees. overnight tonight, down to 29, dry conditions and it's clear and cold. tomorrow as we head to the weekend also looking good. saturday's high 42 degrees, snow possible at night. sunday mid 40s, much warmer here, 70 by wednesday. >> while doing weather, zachary levi took my chair, which is probably the coolest thing in the world. >> i feel horrible. this is not what a man would do. >> dylan has to stand. >> coming up next, we have zachary levi. he'll tell us what's in the
9:15 am
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zachary levi can do it all. voicing an animated character in "tangled" and starring in tv shows like "chuck." >> now, he's opposite laura benanti and jane krakowski in "she loves me," opening march 17th. good morning. >> good morning. >> i think that' cliered it. i can go now. >>osi exciting. have you done broad y before? >> my second show. i did a show a few years ago, "first date," and it was a great show. i learn add lot ant ed a lot and grew a lot. the roundaboutia, sell celebrate ing their 50th anniversary. they wanted to bring back some shows. one is "she loves me."
9:19 am
'90s. it's laura benanti, jane krakowski, gavin creel, and our choreographer choreographer, musical director, it's an all-star list and i'm the freshman who happened to be voted on. i'll hang out. >> the story line is one we all know. it's such a great story line. kind of the basis behind."you've got yil." >> there was a play, a hungarian play, written in the '30s. was this guy and girl, and many other people who work in a shop, and they're constantly at odds. but they're secretly each other's pen pals and falling in love with each other, like "you've got mail," and many success to thi it's a del thightful show. it's a throwback. s,if you love movies like "the "y
9:20 am
the classic charm, it is up your alley alley. d laura sings like an ange h she's like a true soprano. it'll blow your mind. >> jane krakowski is a good friend of ours here. let's be honest, difficult off mera. have you found that? >> not at all. >> very difficult. >> jane and i, our first date, as it were, we lit the tree here. >> that's right. >> a few year ago. >> i remember that. >> al was out sick. jaulne and i did it. she was so lovely. we've kind of maintained a friendly throughout years. she was the only person in the cast i knew a little bit. our dressing rooms are across from each other and have a blast. she's a lovely person. >> we love her. >> so funny, as is gavin and everybody else. >> you have a hat trick to show us. can we see it? >> yeah, yeah. >> i want to see this. >> whether i can do this or not, i don't know. this is in the show. i kick it.
9:21 am
>> that was incredible. >> wow. >> i can't even -- forget it. now nobody is going to see the show. gosh danger it! >> go see the show. >> studi 54. running until july 10th, i think. end of june, beginning of july. >> march 17th through june. coming up, jennifer garner's secret talent cut! this is way too much.
9:22 am
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9:24 am
>> my saxophone, sally the sexy saxophone, and i lost her. how do you lose a saxophone? my mom and i marvel. where did she go? >> what was -- name that tune? move over, lisa simpson, you have competition. you can catch the video at have you accidentally texted a wrong number? yes, i have. it can happen to anyone, including hilary swank. she posted a hilarious post on her instagram with a conversation she had with a stranger. she asked, is this you? it's hilary swank. after the recipient replied, wrong number, they added, can
9:25 am
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9:27 am
t live, this is news 4 new york now. >> live look there waiting to get into the lincoln tunnel right now. bit of a slowdown, 9:27 on this friday, march 4th. gorpg, i'm michael gargiulo. we have new information of this morning's shooting in astoria. the driver dro ted four people off before 5:00 a.m.,e a fight brtoke out in the club and as passengers were running back to the suv, shots were fired. the driver hit once in the head.
9:28 am
35th street and 37th avenue. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. check of the weather, light snow throughout the morning, windy, chilly this afternoon. getting up to 39, then tonight down to 29. tomorrow 42 for the high. coming up on the "today" show, tips and tricks for a better night sleep.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> ca> taking a look at the headlines. new evidence this morning on the health perks of coffee. a n inew study reves drinking a lot of coffee could reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis. researchers in the u.s. and sweden say six or more cups a day was linked to 30% lower risk of the disease. caffeine suppresses the chemicals in the body that causes inflammation. a new research suggesting yogurt may protect women from high blood pr sure.
9:31 am
found women who ate five or more rvings of yogurt a week had a 20% lower risk of developing hypertension than those who ate it once a month. the study was funded by the national dairy council. "star wars: the force awakens" comes out on home video next month. on demand on april 1st. blu-ray disks and dvds will go on sale april 5thv it'll include a behind the scenes look at how the movie was made. a generous gesmure has a lot people talking. a ceo is giving employees his entire annual stock bonus, worth $14 million. the company has taken a hit from stock prices. the give away could boost morale and keep talented employees from perhaps looking elsewhere. let's get a check of the weather from dylan, wo is in for al. >> good morning, natalie. we are inching closer to the weekend.
9:32 am
make its way to the northwest. we could see 2 to 4 feet of snow in the mountain nges. temperndunes in the 40s. we gradually get back to the 50s and 60s by sunday. record highs through the northern plains. this will move east by the middle of next week. heavy rain, lots of good morning, everyone. happy friday. got to be careful this morning, we have slippery conditions, light snow continues, especially along the coast and south of the city towards the just. any untreated surfaces going to be slick, so keep that in mind on this friday morning. later today, snow winds down, windy and chilly with high in the 30s. overnight tonight, 29 for the low. seven day forecast, much better weather into the weekend, temperatures in the 30s, snow possible saturday night. warmer next week. >> that's your latest forecast. willie? >> thanks a lot.
9:33 am
it's jon tapper, you should be afpeid. he's the htst and executive oducer ott f "bar r cue" on spike. he visits failing bars and tries to transform them as only jon taffer can. >> this is their ground beef mix. >> oh! what's the temperature in there, aaron? >> 60. >> 60 degrees. this should be 40 degrees. all that food is garbage. all of this is [ bleep ] garbage! erin aaron, we have to throe w away ever.thing in the kitchen. >> i'm self-conscious about our food at this table. full disclosure, i am a huge fan of the show. i ignore my children to see this show. people who see that are going to think, you scream at people and all that. there's more to this show. you go in and break them down at first. talk about the projects you take on. these aren't always easy jobs. >> they aren't. i never thought this level of
9:34 am
until i did "bar rescue." they're hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hole, houses and marriages are on the line. i've dealt with two twin brothers who hadn't talked to each other in nine years and worked in the same bar, next t each other. the family pressures and at the end of the day, i'm fixing people a lot more than b s. >> no question. you called it shakespeare x kespeare shakespearean. >> i have to push them and they start to transform, r eeb themielves and, hopefully, a happy ending. >> one of the things i know tus on -- notice on the show is people open a bar for the wrong reasons. it'll be fun. buddies will come in, and free food for everybody. that's not why you get into the business, right? >> don't open a bar because you like bars. open it because you like business. you dhink and hang out in ntyour bar, friends come in,
9:35 am
do that in your basement. >> lose less money that way. >> absolutely. >> afhat's the miggest problem you find when you walk into the bars? at's in common? >> obviously, they're all losing money. otowser than fixing the owner's attitude, how do i make it profitable again? comes down to this, bars aren't as profitable as people think. they make 12% of revenue, 12 cents on every dollar. if you overpour the liquor, the 12% disaprocedure pears and now you're losing money. can you manage the cost? have you gone into a bar and found it's beyond help, beyond repair, or do you always think there is something you can do? >> one time. i can fix any bar. i can, willie. you've seen megmo it. i can really help fix a lot of people and set your careers on path. e tebng i can't fix is integrity. one time, i had an owner violet with the employees. >> i saw that. >> i walked out because we won't perpetuate that.
9:36 am
challenge to fix anything. >> a lot of people think, you do th pese, walk away and god knows what happens to the bar afterwards. but there is a website. bar rescue you have like an 80% success te, something like that. >> yeah. you know wet i think hat is? i don't care about the cameras. it's real to me. i'm here to help these people. they're counting on me, weeks from closing, uses, families are on the line. i take it very seriously. >>od i take my bourbon seriously. >> i heard. >> s show me how to do it old fashioned here. >> one of the greatest classic cocktails. our cherry on orange, sugar. muddle away. grind it up, infuseotve flavors. next, drop of bitters. >> all right. just a bit there. >> two drops. give it a muddle?again, just to blend it together. >> okay.
9:37 am
>>ws ytu like the big block ice? i think it's great. it melts at a slower rate. it's not watered down, of course. >> if i was working the bar -- >> i wouldn't let you do it but it's your own drink. top it off with the bourbon. >> tell me when. i'll keep going. >> i bet you will. i can give you a straw for the bottom. it'll make it quicker. before we garnish it, give it a smell. >> fruitful. >> garnish it up. toast at 100th epitoday te oday sode of "bar re sscue." >> great show. catch the 100th episode on spike. >> thanks. we are in the kitchen next, sweetening up your weekend with ameazing desserts. this topping i'm snacking on. also this delicious cake. we'll see you how to make it after this.
9:38 am
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9:42 am
on today food, a dessert topping that'll make you crumble. it is so good. >> you haven't stopped eating it t, natalie. >> i know. >> kelsey is going to show us two desserts using her cinnamon pecan crumble. good morning. >> good morning, guys. we'll make an oatmeal cake with the crumble on top. what's great is it can be eaten on its own, topped on fruit,
9:43 am
ou can serve that for eakfast, too, because it's pretty healthy. >> it's really good. >> these are the ingredients. >> you h e basic things like flour, sugar, oats, applesauce, eggs. yoreu have everything you need to make it already in your pantry, which is great. >> okay. >> let's tackle the crumble. want to stir while i getomhis in? >>sure. >> we have softened butter, three tablespoons, which isn't that bad. >> for a whole cake, it's not bad. >> we have oats, brown sugar, pecans. if you wanted to swap the nut frs something for something else, you could. this can be a blank caniss for whatever spices. >> use the hands. >> crumble. >> perfect. >> after you really get into it, you'll see you get these chunks. >> at this point, if you want to freeze a batch of this, keep it on hand --
9:44 am
on a cookie fray? >> -- tray? >> absolutely. >> bake 20 minutes at 350 is and yoidu'll get this -- isten to th myat. >> crispy. >> really good. >> granola bar. >> now he cake. in the cake, we're going to butter an 8 by 8. >> come on, dylan. >> atmeal facial. >> i g ye ths.atob to you for a reason, natalie. i'm clean over here. weat'll add the rest of the wet ingredients. >> is applesauce replacing oil? >> yup. it's also adding flavor. really moist. egdgs one at ahtime, make sure they're incorporated. then a little vanilla. as far as ingredients for the cake, really simple. >> everybody has these ingredients on hand. >> we have r asolled oats, flour. dry ingredients for the cake.
9:45 am
once you mix it together, you get that. put nit there it in there. >> we're getting low on time. >> crumble on top of that? >> right on top of the cake. it's going to look like this. really delinoous. >> serve with the cream, right? >> little yogurt. it's delicious. >> dylan, give it a try. >> one more way to use the crumble. this is lemon cream. we h >>ave a half cup of whipped cream. nice to fold in other ingredients. ll adddsour cream for tanginess. this is also going to act as a stabilizer so you can make this in advance. >> lemon and vanilla. >> then -- >> mix that up. >> this is amazing. >> kelsey, thank you. the recipe on our website. you can also find more recipes on -- if you click the desserts tab. we want to recognize our food club member.
9:46 am
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9:50 am
the bleachers are set, popcorn is popped. it's all for our good friend len berman. co hf he's on the radio 710. >> you were a guest the other day. >> i was.a >> how cool is that? >> you were great. >> thank you. >> february featured the super bowl and the start of spring training. what were the top sports stories? let's go spanning the world. >> unbelievable! >> here
9:51 am
the floor on defense, the other guy dribbles by. in, belgium, the czech cyclistt winning, except there was one lap to go. he finished second. our soccer moves of the month. watch the goalie. he getss fancy and decided, i'll kick the ball to myself. >> oh! >> not a good idea. st. petersburg swim meet, a pelican g s lane hopping. it's a swimming obstacle course. breaks into the race. our fan of the month. remember this? arizona state. that's really michael phelps. does it work? well, he's michael phelps. of course it works. >> yes! >> our play by play of the month. here's how ou make the daytona 500 exciting. do it in spanish.
9:52 am
>> is that better? >> love it. >> natalie, do you understand that? >> the winner, yeah. >> hamlin still won, by the way. georgi ia tech, tried to win $25,000 for a student. >> get in! >> yeah! >> and he gets to hug the mascot. that's the best part. how about a robot hitting a golf shot at the phoenix open? does that work? >> hole in one. >> what? are you crazy? >> come on! >> a robot. >> i could have done that. >> here's my favorite. the kim jong-un video game at free what is t like to play golf with, qulle, the glorious leader of north korea? of course. what about the next hole? every hole. the glorious leader gets a hole
9:53 am
>> lenny b., nicely done, sir. >> never thought that kim jong-un would make spanning. >> never saw that coming. len, thank you, my friend. we're back in a moment.
9:54 am
9:55 am
we got some exciting news. steve harvey will be with us on co-hosting. how about that? >> nice. >> etiquette questions for him, send them to us at #ask steve today. we'll lob them an mr. steve on monday. >> wow, okay. >> he's going to have to get through all of us first. erica is here. she has a look at what's coming up on this weekend's "today". >> it's my turn to intern. we saw tamron, dylan and sheinelle's. i spent the day at j. crew. natalie and i spend a lot of time and money there.
9:56 am
do real work like naming colors for the spring. >> no way. >> it was amazing.
9:57 am
live, this is news 4 new york now. >> live look there at the lincoln tunnel, friday, march 4th, good morning, i'm michael gargiulo. more talks to preventing the strike by nj transit workers. representatives from the railroad and workers union are
9:58 am
regulate ors in washington, d.c., thheis morning. wage increase in health care costs appear to be the main sticking point. the unions have been working without a contract since 2011. checkoof the weather, light snow th ughout t e morning, central and southee. new jersey can get up to two inches. windy, chilly this afternoon. tonight clear and cold, 29. tomorrow 42 for the high. light wintery mix possible. sunday 45. monday we start to warm up, 54. then on tuesday, yes, could get to 64 degrees. coming up on the "today" show, how to turn your junk into cash. we'll be back with another update in 30 minutes. in the meantime, have a great
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockfellar plaza. congratulations, you made it.


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