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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  March 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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and finally nicole's condo, it's still there with a remodeled exterior and a new address number, but gawking busloads of tourists have dwindled. and that mountain of evidence that was supposed to guarantee a slam dunk case? most of it's still around. buried deep in the lapd's archives. that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. [ shots fired ] a violent rampage, a massive man hunt and gunfire. a wild keim spree ends with one man dead, two cops in the hospital and a suspect under
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remembering nancy reagan. america pays tribute to one of the most influential first ladies of the 20th century and wife of president ronald reagan, a look back at their years in hollywood, to the california governor's mansion to the white house. and a showdown in michigan. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in another debate as the vermont senator wins another state. good evening. i'm rob schmid. >> and i'm natalie pasquarella. we start in queens with new information about the suspect and victims. >> the suspect is in the hospital in critical condition and exclusive video of the suspect's first victim, who is recovering from a slash to her face. this all-starred at 11:20 when that woman was slashed. a few hours later, a liquor store owner was stabbed and he and another man were both set on fire. at 5:00, police got report of a
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later, the suspect was shot and captured. michael george joins live with the very latest. >> reporter: all day we've been following police as they trace this series of violent assaults across astoria, that have left one dead and five injured, including two police officers, but that ended a few hours ago gunshots. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: bullets fly in an astoria neighborhood sunday yach noon. bystanders run for cover to avoid the gunfire. >> lots of running, shooting. >> reporter: james dillon was shot military ultiple times. he slashed a woman, stabbed another and caught them on fire. dillon is her neighbor and he became furious when he thought she was staring at him. he grabbed my jacket, i saw him
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immediately, he started stabbing my neck. i fought back. i didn't even know i was being cut. but it didn't end there. investigators say hours later he got into an argument at this liquor store, stabbed the owner, set him on fire using an unknown chemical that he also doused on another man. >> i'm shocked. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: police launched a massive manhunt for the suspect and finally found him when someone reported dillon trying to break into a home. we there as police searched back yards with guns drawn. they said dillon wouldn't drop a knife. that's when they opened fire. [ shots fired ] >> reporter: investigators say two officers were burned when dillon sprayed them with an unknown chemical which he had in this bottle. they're expected to survive. dillon is in custody in critical condition, but the motive is still grown known. >> we believe it was a psychological problem with the individual. he's been treated in the past.
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he has not been taking medication recently. where are >> reporter: and a lot of victims involved. the murdered store owner is george patuas. none of the other injuries are believed to be life-intelligent r -- threatening. people across the world remember one of the most high profile and influential first ladies of the 20th century. nancy reagan died today at the age of 94. her journey began on the silver screen and ended in the white house. nancy davis was an actress with big hollywood dreams when she met movie star ronald reagan in 1949. but she'd later find her most favorite role of wife. >> i think i was born to be married. i was the happiest girl in the
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>> reporter: the couple even appeared together on the big screen. >> i began to think maybe you were playing the south sea circuit. >> you knew better. >> in the years following, nancy was a devoted wife to ronny and mom to two children, patty and ron and well as stepmother to ron's two children with a former wife. he became governor of california in 1966 and became president in 1980. nancy fiercely protective after the assassination attempt on her husband which left her shaken. >> every time he went out and talked to thousands of people, my heart stopped. >> beyond the role of protector and partner, nancy championed efforts like the just say no anti-drug campaign. >> when it comes to drugs and alcohol, just say no. >> and while dubbed queen nancy
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fashion and at times managing her husband, it was clear to many the effect she had on the reagan presidency. nancy along with maggie thatcher changed history by encouraging the president to negotiate with what he had called the evil empire, the soviet union and mikhail gorbachev. another critical moment, reagan's come back after the iran contra scandal. >> different times in his presidency where he'd gone astray or gotten too near to the edge of the cliff, she pulled him back from the edge of the cliff. >> in the mid '90s, when he revealed he'd been diagnosed with alzheimer's disease, nancy made it her new cause. she became the living symbol of the reagan legacy. >> nancy, let me say thank you for all you do. thank you for your love. and thank you for just being you. [ applause ] >> nancy reagan will be buried
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the date for the funeral hasn't been announced yet. prior to the funeral, there will be an opportunity for the public to pay their respects. >> reaction is pouring in from here and around the world. president obama and the first lady released a statement about the former first lady's life and legacy, saying in part, we remain grateful for nancy reagan's life, thankful for her guidance and prayerful that she and her beloved husband are together again. ida siegal joins us with more. >> local leaders on the right and the left have come out to mourn the loss of nancy reagan. tonight her missions, her grace and style has resonated with so many in our area. >> though nancy reagan's time in new york was brief, she was only a baby when she lived in queens, tonight people here are feeling the impact of her death. on staten island, congressman dan donovan. >> it's a great loss to our country. she was probably the most influential first lady in our memory. >> reporter: in her eight years
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known as a doting wife. but she also took on a number of heavy issues. tonight senator charles 1450u78er remembers her role in passing gun control. >> i remember talking to her about gun control and how we needed a brady law and how it didn't tack away people's rights to bear arms. she was thoroughly versed. she knew it all. >> a breast cancer survivor, she encouraged women to take control of their health. today from the susan g. komen foundation, rest in peace. thank you for being one of the earliest supporters of our mission. >> reporter: and after ronald reagan died of alzheimer's disease, she pushed for stem cell research to find a cure. >> it's not taking a life, it's trying to save countless lives. >> and when you look at the reagan administration as a result of mrs. reagan's influence there and probably something she doesn't get the credit for but credit she deserves.
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sadden by the loss of nancy reagan. and former mayor bloomberg, nancy reagan was a fearless trail blazer and one of the most influential women of her time. as someone who spent her earliest years in queens, she had a speciallation in her heart for new york city. millions of us have a special place in our hearts for her. >> governors cuomo and chris christie also expressed how they will miss the former first lady. >> nancy reagan did live in queens at the start of her life. and wai stopped by her child hood home in flushing. there it is, all quiet. no hint of the historical significance that it has. coming up we will hear from a man who knew nancy very well, james baker. you can find out more about nancy's life and legacy on our website. nbc new
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there was a moment of silence for nancy reagan before the debate. but then the democratic candidates went at each other on gun violence, wall street and the bailout. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off in flint, michigan where residents and children have been unknowingly poisoned by water. >> he should resign. >> reporter: and for the first time. >> i agree. the governor should resign or be recalled. >> reporter: then the gloves came off, on sanders not supporting the auto industry bailout, critical to millions of workers. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout, where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know -- >> excuse me, i'm talking.
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butted heads on gun control, whether to give immunity to gun manufacturers after a question from the father of one of the kalamazoo shooting victims. >> giving immunity to gun sellers was a terrible mistake. >> what you're talking about is america. i don't agree that. >> reporter: the candidates did agree that their exchanges are much more focussed on important issues than their gop counterparts. clinton is way ahead of sanders in the current delegate count, but michigan's of primary is so important to the sanders campaign. and before tonight's debate, maine held its democratic caucuses, and bernie sanders won there by a landslide with nearly twice as many votes as hillary clinton, but clinton more than 600 delegates ahead of sanders overall, maine's 25 delegates,
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republicans went to the polls in port reree uerto rico, and it was the marco rubio show. donald trump and ted cruz way back. and both, though, still far ahead of rubio in the overall gop delegate count. still ahead tonight on news 4, drinking driving and live streaming? and then struck on the sidewalk. an out of control driver kills two new jersey teenagers. how could this happen? i'm storm team 4 meteorologist erica grow. temperatures are going to be on the rise and they are going to climb possibly into the 70s this workweek. i'll tell you when the temperatures will warm up in the seven-day. and peyton manning is
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a heartbreaking scene in new jersey tonight as teenagers gather to say good-bye to two of their peers. 17 year old noel and 16-year-old brian were walking home from a friend's house last night when a car jumped a curb and struck them on a sidewalk. a third friend was also hurt. he's in critical condition tonight.
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>> reporter: this is the face of a mother in pain. and this is why. her only son was killed here. he was walking home after hanging out with friends. >> he was loving. i don't know. you know, right now is not any words to say about him, but he was a nice little boy. >> reporter: he and his friend brian died after both were hit by a car on jfk boulevard. friends say he is what a student at a nearby high school and part of a dance group. >> he was a really great kid. and he's going to be missed very, very much. he was my son's best friend. and it's sad the way he had to die. >> reporter: a third friend was hit and seriously hurt by survived. all three were on the sidewalk and it happened just before 9:30 saturday night. a car jumped a curb and hit the teens. >> it was a bang like something hit.
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downstairs, you see the two boys laying, i'm sorry, the two boys laying on the ground. >> reporter: hours after the deadly crash, the teens' friends and classmates gathered at the scene. they lit candles, shared memories, clutching on to each other in total disbelief. >> i can never imagine what both their moms are going through. but to see my son and seeing him scream immage eam and cry for his best friend is heartbreaking. >> reporter: you can see the debris is still left over hours later. they have not released the name of the person. as far as the third teen hit, he is expected to survive. reporting from union city, new jersey, i'm ray villeda, news 4, new york. and a final farewell for a 7-year-old girl killed in a hit-and-run accident in new jersey.
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shayla pitchardo. her grandgrandparents, whom she never met, arrived from mexico city. this man was allegedly driving the suv that hit her. he and his girlfriend are accused of trying to cover up the crime. state police in long island caught an alleged drunk driver with help from the suspect himself. he was live streaming. yes, live streaming his commute on periscope. troopers began receiving calls about a man driving erratically on ocean parkway. when they learned the driver was using periscope, they were able to log on, find the screen and figure out his location. officers arrested the 33-year-old on felony dwi charges. >> brilliant. i think that's the second time that's happened. i heard a story just like that. >> yeah. that does sound familiar. >> we're going to go to you, and you've got the best news of the day, huh? yes, we're going to see the
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temperatures are going to get milder, however, with a weak boundary to the north of us, we could see a sprinkle north of town and it's going to be a bit breezy. with temperatures on the rise, it should be pleasant. it's 28 degrees in delaware, water gap and high point. 32 in par sip any, 31 in farmingdale. tomorrow night, pretty much everyone is going to stay above the freezing mark for your high temperatures. storm tracker showing the weak disturbance on the way, pretty much nothing as far as any rain is concerned for the immediate metro area, but you could see a shower in the hudson valley tomorrow as this front moves past. temperatures will be in the 50s. and as it sweeps on through, it will stir up the breezes. heading to the middle of the
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of warm air. our temperatures will thump up to near 70 degrees. we'll have to look for a little bit of rain heading our way by thursday afternoon, it looks like. and high temperatures will be around 60, which is still well above average for this time of year. overnight tonight we'll stay above freezing, but down to 32 in white plains. south breezes at 5-10 miles per hour. 25 in monticello and 31 in trenton. tomorrow we'll get up to 56 in midtown. 57 in dobbs ferry. we will get to 60 degrees or milder in some parts of the tri state, up to 59, 58 in port jarvis, and you will see the breezes picking up in the afternoon as the front moves through. can you believe this march warmth? 64 degrees on tuesday. 70 on wednesday. and then as that front arrives
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knock us down t 60 degrees, so we'll get some rain on thursday, possibly lingering into friday. but temperatures will be well above average, right around 60 degrees. it looks like spring is springing here. >> spring has sprung. fantastic. thanks. still ahead here on news 4, irish pride at its finest for the st. pat's for all parade. how this laid the ground work for a big change in the upcoming manhattan parade. coming up, an i-team exclusive. >> i was struck in the face. >> two cops speak for the first time about being shot at point blank range. >> he had his hand in his pocket, he just fires.
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when they thought they should start saving for retirement. when they actually did start saving. this gap between when and when we actually why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. it's going to pay if we all start saving we'll all be better prudential. bring your challenges. in queensland, australia, the sport of surfing has gone to the dogs. these brave pups had their safety jackets on. they're doing pretty well. you might be asking why would anybody do this to their pet? we don't really know. but the people running the event say it was all for fun. looks like fun. he doesn't know what to do.
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we had to show you anyway. >> part of the sportscast. >> perfect segue. with peyton, right? >> what a great transition to peyton. >> the sheriff is ready to call it quits. as expected, peyton manning is set to refire tire after 18 seasons in the nfl. he has called a news conference tomorrow in denver. he is an a five-time mvp. he will retire as the all-time leader with 539 touchdown passes. and he topped off his hall of fame career with a second super bowl title last month. it was a classic game and a classic vie rivalry at the garden as the rangers and islanders hooked up at msg.
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20 minute, including two by johnny boychuk. the rangers tie things up. derick broussard, his 23rd of the year, with under 90 seconds to play, casey sue seekis wins the face off in the rangers' zone. and clutterbuck here for the islanders. the isles are three points behind the rangers with three games in hand. meanwhile, the penguins crushed the devils at the rock in newark. malkin slices through the new jersey defense and fires a wrigser past keith kincaid. malkin scored twice as pittsburgh rolls 6-1. the devils have lost eight of their last ten. we're back in a moment with some baseball. some college hoops, and a buzzer beater too.
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. at spring training, all eyes were on masahiro tanaka today. he made his grapefruit league debut with the phil ease. lies. he scattered two hits. the yankees fell to the phillies, 6-5. in port st. lucie, yoenis cespedes picked up his first rbi of the spring.
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the braves. they went on to win 7- 5. soccer began and chicago. and they scored in the tenth minute. thomas mcnamara takes two touches and then the first goal courtesy of an assist from the post. and then on the 63rd minute, mcnamara with the brilliant service into the area. and disca ryu on volley. what a pass, what a goal. nyfc opens the season with a 4-3 victory. over in harrison, toronto fc led the red bulls 1-0 in stoppage time when marco delgado puts the game away with a shot by robe liis. they drop their season opener at home, 2-0 the final. >> i mean, this is the first


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