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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  March 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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live from studio 3-c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. >> exclusive new video seconds before police say a speeding car ran down and killed two high school students, and the witness who pulled the driver from the vehicle. then a jury awards sportscaster erin andrews $55 million in the peephole video case. reaction from outside the courtroom. and missing or foul play? the mystery surrounding a local nurse who hasn't been seen in three months. good evening. i'm sibila vargas. >> i'm david ushery. chuck has the night off. a community devastated after police say a speeding car struck and killed two teenagers. >> tonight one of the boy's grief stricken mothers collapsed at a growing memorial as we learn new details about the final moments of these teens' lives. >> michael george with exclusive
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>> reporter: well, david, sibila, over the last few hours the memorial for these two young victims has continued to grow. more are coming to pay their respects. news tonight 4 investigates has uncovered the moments leading up to the crash and we also learn that police believe the driver who hit them was going three times the speed limit. this exclusive surveillance video shows the three teen victims walking on the sidewalk just seconds before a car flew off the road right into them. >> the car was out of control. it plowed into a group of kids a teenager. >> reporter: bystanders raced over to help. victor sanchez says he tried to save the boys, but it was too late. >> i'm traumatized right now. i can see, when i close my eyes, i can see these two kids dead on the ground. >> reporter: lost in the crash knoll herrera and brian rodriguez, just 17, another teen is in critical condition. police say the car that hit them was going 74 miles per hour.
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the driver, eric patterson, is now facing two charges of death by vehicle. victor told us he pull patterson from the car. >> i smacked him across his head and tried to wake him up, then dragged him out of the car. he was like knocked out, and he didn't say one word to me at all. >> reporter: at a vigil, family and friends filled the sky with balloons and struggled to understand why this happened. tears were shed by many, and as night fell, the vigil only grew in size. one of the boy's mothers fainted and had to be hospitalized. students told us school isn't the same anymore. >> today at school was like really depressing. everybody was like sad. >> reporter: police are looking into whether patterson was under the influence when the crash happened. he entered a plea of not guilty. we learn he was driving with a suspended license. >> he should be locked up. i'm sorry. a person who has a suspended license should not be on the
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>> reporter: news 4 investigates has also learned in response to this tragedy, police plan to increase speed checkpoints in the area. michael george, news 4 new york. we do have breaking news out of rockland county. authorities have issued an alert for a missing 10-year-old girl. right now police are searching along bethune boulevard in spring valley for kelly rivera pillco. that is where she was last seen at her bus stop. sources tell us that she never showed up for school or boarded the bus. if you have seen her, police want to hear from you. $55 million. that's how much a jury has awarded sportscaster erin andrews over secretly recorded video of her undressing. how did the juror apportion the blame? ray villeda in the newsroom with reaction. >> reporter: tonight erin andrews thanked the court and the jury. she was awarded some bit of monetary justice in a crime that will live forever on the internet.
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hotel shared the blame. >> did the defendant windsor capital incorporated to be at fault? answer 12, yes. >> reporter: a huge decision awarding sportscaster erin andrews $55 million. >> i think she's been validated. i think this was a travesty. it was an invasion of her privacy. >> reporter: andrews sued the hotel group and the convicted stalker for a viral video of her undressing. it was taken through a peephole during her stay at a nashville hotel eight years ago. >> the thing that has really hit home for me and hurts me the worst is when girls, high school college, they tweet me and they say, i want to be erin andrews thing. i can't control that. >> reporter: now michael david barrett is responsible for 51% award. the hotel owners are responsible for the rest. >> good, because the hotel
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i think that they have to protect especially celebrity. >> reporter: during the trial andrews claimed the hotel granted the stalker his request, to stay in the room next to her, allowing him access to her door. >> people's privacy is a safer thing, except for someone in her situation. they dropped the ball. >> reporter: attorneys for the hotel said barrett manipulated their reservation system. a crime. that has not been in dispute. that. we all agreed mr. barrett did that. >> reporter: andrews tweeted out a thank you to the court, to the jury and her legal team. she also thanked victims around the world for their support. michael david barrett served a prison sentence admitting to recording the secret nude videos of andrews. the sportcaster left the courtroom in tears but this time of joy. the case is over. the nypd looking for a man who opened fire inside a
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you can see th an walk up to the register at giselle's something. instead he pulls a gun, puts one of the customers in a choke hold and starts shooting. the customer falls to his knees and goes limp while the suspect demand cash. you can see the store clerk throwing money at gunman on the left of the screen there. he takes about $400 and runs. if that man looks familiar, the nypd wants to hear from you. in the bronx, more questions surrounding a nurse who has not been seen in months. her husband told people that she left the country for a family emergency. so why are police now digging up the couple's front yard? gus rosendale is live in bedford park with the mystery. >> reporter: at this hour, you can still see officer standing and watching this house where detectives left with a computer but still no definite answers.
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the stage at mahfuza rahman's home. this was part of their search for the missing 30-year-old. nanls like jaime are stunned. >> quiet house, normal, i've been here for a year, there hasn't been any problems. >> i'm shocked. first something like this happened around this neighborhood. i mean, it's kind of quiet. >> reporter: rahman has not been seen by colleagues since december. her husband said she was traveling abroad to deal with a family emergency. when she didn't return to work, a co-worker reported it to police. >> the last time i seen her was december 15th. and he told me, watch my house because i got to go to my country, bangladesh. >> reporter: no sign of any problems or anything like that? >> no. >> reporter: giselle lives next door and would often see rahman's husband doing chores in the same place dug up yesterday.
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don't really know no one until something happens. >> reporter: and that search here today did not not anything up. police still looking for leads. gus rosendale. news 4 new york. word tonight that governor christie said he's still heading out of estate to celebrate his wedding anniversary this week as a strike looms over new jersey transit. the governor says he'll still be in communication with officials, but it's not his job to negotiate an agreement personally. contract talks between the transit attention and the transport unions are expected to resume tomorrow. at least 4,000 workers could walk off the job sunday morning if there's no agreement. and decision 2016. now, if there's a third party presidential candidate this year, it won't be michael bloomberg. late today the former mayor announced that he will not launch a campaign. bloomberg had been considering a
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candidate if donald trump and bernie sanders got the democratic and republican nominations. but today he expressed concern that his candidacy might result in a victory for trump or fellow republican ted cruz, and that, he says, was not a risk he could take in good conscience. four states are holding presidential primaries or caucuses tomorrow. in michigan and mississippi, there's primaries for both the republicans and democrats. there's a republican primary in idaho and a republican caucus in hawaii. and stay with nbc news for everything decision 2016. tune in for tomorrow night's election results on news 4 new york at 11:00, and you'll find them posted on tonight details of the funeral for former first lady nancy reagan. she'll lie, a private funeral will follow friday at 11:00 a.m. she'll be buried next to her husband at the library. she died sunday at their
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she was 94. coming up on news 4 new york, out of the sky. we told you about a small plane crash on long island over the weekend. well now see the moment of impact. then she's the highest paid female athlete in the world. we're going to tell you why maria sharapova is apologizing tonight. over the edge.
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to take advantage of this offer on the 2016 volvo xc60 crossover visit your local showroom. we first showed you this scene over the weekend. a small plane crash lands on long island saturday. the people on board walked away virtually unscathed. tonight, first on 4, surveillance video of the crash
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the plane fell from the sky in hauppauge near the airport where the pilot intended to land. the plane is a cirrus sr-22 and comes equipped with that parachute just for questions like this. the owner of the cirrus training center said this technology has already saved 125 lives. >> that's incredible. in west chester county, a longtime swim coach faces child pornography charges. after finding explicit images on his computer. he worked at scarsdale jewish community center for a decade. but the facility has suspended him. he's out of jail on $25,000 bail. he is set to face a judge on friday. now, to a news 4 exclusive. a brawl outside a packed connecticut chinese restaurant. the whole thing caught on camera. take a look as several people start throwing punches outside the imperial buffet in plainville saturday night.
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inside the restaurant when one group made a comment to another group. it spilled outside where a 50-year-old man was knocked unconscious and a 22-year-old woman was punched in the face by not one but two different men. >> i would absolutely ask why they would punch a woman. i don't know what happened to escalate, but it doesn't even matter. it doesn't matter. there shouldn't be that kind of violence. >> by the time police arrived, both suspects were gone. one of the men was arrested a short time later. he's due in court next week, but the second suspect was not arrested. maria sharapova is apologizing to fans after she failed a drug test at the australian open. she made the shocking announcement this afternoon at a news conference in los angeles. sharapova says that she tested positive for meldonium, which she has been taking for ten years for health issues, but the 28-year-old said she didn't know it became a banned substance this year. >> i take great responsibility
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every single day. and i made a huge mistake. >> still no word on a penalty from the wta. sharapova is currently sidelined with a forearm injury. she has not competed since january when she lost to serena williams in the australian open. pro wrestling star hulk hogan was in court taking the stand today telling jurors he was completely humiliated when the website gawker published a sex tape. >> i was embarrassed by what it did to me as a person. but it was even embarrassing as a character. hulk hogan was embarrassed. >> the former wwe star suing the website for $100 million for emotional damages and invasion of privacy. he said the video ruined his life. gawker says it had the right to publish it because hogan public publicly talked about his sex life and the tape and that made it newsworthy. the west coast is dealing with a third day of severe weather. there is much more on the way
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california is getting battered by a storm fueled in part by el nino. some regions hit with more than nine inches of steady rain and wind speeds of up to 88 miles per hour. the storms have been deadly and destructive, causing flash flooding and evacuations and thousands have lost power there. there's no relief in sight. more rain and snow is in the forecast. >> i know you still have a lot of friends out there, i do, too. i've seen them post on social media about this weather. >> pretty intense. we're on the dry side of the whole el nino situation here. instead of all that rain and severe weather, we're going to see incredibly warm and possibly record high temperatures over the next couple of days. we're still tracking that weather. we'll show you coming up. right here is a look outside. already started since yesterday we saw a steady slow climb in the temperatures. today central park made it up to 60. this is our view from the top of the rock camera. it's still in the 50s out there midtown. hasn't really changed in the
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55 degrees in the city under mainly clear skies. an early start to spring which technically starts in 13 days on the 20th. meantime record breaking we'll call it heat into the 70s possibly on wednesday and thursday. more likely wednesday than thursday. but it will come close. but then cooling off this weekend. even with the cooler temperatures this weekend, a bit of an onshore flow, it will still be way above average. the average is in the 50s. we're talking about mid-60s on friday and 50s over the weekend. there might be a little bit of rain on saturday night but overall a dry weekend. a little bit cooler but still pretty mild. in the 40s in wappinger's falls. so is beacon. across most of the tri-state temperatures in the 40s and 50s even. white plains at 50. 52 in long branch. a few 30s in dan bury but everyone is above freezing. on the time lapse, a few scattered clouds here and there north of us. but huge ridge of high pressure
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central part of the country. that's where the warmest air is, and that will be edging in our direction. the storm track in terms of any rain will stay well to the west over texas, oklahoma, arkansas. they're expecting severe weather and up to maybe 8 to 10 inches of rain over the next three days which may result in flooding there because we've got this blocking high pressure system that keeps us warm and dry and keeps them stormy. in the meantime, tomorrow, from the city westward is where we'll see the warmer temperatures. the closest you are to the coast is the more likely you'll stay cool because of the winds. it will keep those south facing shores a little bit cooler. but inland areas really warm up. 65 here in the city tomorrow, 70s wednesday and thursday. the records for wednesday 69 for central park and we're expecting low 70s. the records on thursday are mainly in the 70s. were set in 2006. 74 for central park will come close. i don't think we're going to make it, but it may come very
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here are the cooler temperatures over the weekend with the on and off showers saturday to sunday. tomorrow 56 in smithtown. scarsdale, 62. the eastern areas will be cooler like sag harbor, only 49. 69 in long branch. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. it just warms up steadily over the next several days then starts to cool down towards the end of the week. and the next chance for rain for us isn't until some time late saturday. we spring forward on saturday. we're back to that. daylight time comes back on sunday. more daylight for us and eventually even warmer weather. too. >> this is the bad one. >> we lose the hour. >> but we gain so much daylight. >> yes! always positive. thank you. >> i like that. >> call it the end of an era as peyton manning rides into the sunset. coming up in sports, perhaps the
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generation delivers a retirement speech for the ages. we'll hear from peyton manning. and this year's march madness has turned into local madness
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. tonight we're seeing dramatic new video of a garbage truck falling off an interstate ramp in florida. police released the dash cam footage in miami today. the video shows a truck crash through a guardrail on i-95 and then fall nearly 100 feet to the ground. amazingly, the truck landed right side up in a parking lot. the driver was ejected from the vehicle but somehow survived. still no word on what caused the crash. here's a way to stop traffic, though police frown upon it. a woman got naked and danced on top of an 18-wheeler. this is this morning on a major highway near houston. the incident happened after traffic was already stopped because a pedestrian had apparently been hit on highway 290. so while stuck for nearly two hours the woman was seen
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that backed up traffic longer because police then had to eventually coax her off the truck before taking her into
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is brought to you by verizon fios. leave slow internet behind. get fios. he played the game with passion, and went out today in style. peyton manning retired from the nfl after 18 glorious seasons. the future hall of famer's speech was as dramatic as his entire career. >> i revere football. i love the game. so you don't have to wonder if i'll miss it. absolutely. absolutely i will. there are other players who are more talented, but there was no one who could outprepare me. and because of that, i have no regrets. i fought a good fight. i finished my football race. and after 18 years, it's time. god bless all of you, and god bless football. >> love the emotion. in other football news the giants have told victor cruz he will be released unless he agrees to a pay cut.
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are reportedly nowhere close to deal and the 33-year-old quarterback is expected to test the market when free agency begins on wednesday. at spring training michael pineda and lou iz severino combined for shutout innings but they lost 1-0. neil walker blasted his first homer of the spring. he crushed the solo shot off of lowe. the mets win it 7-3. over in jupiter, steven matts was sharp in his first start of the spring. the left-hander struck out the side in the second inning and gave up one run over three innings. they fell to the cardinals 9-4. stonybrook beat hartford 80-64. they'll host vermont on saturday.
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championship game tonight as monmouth faced iona. he scores on a terrific drive and gets the foul. he was one of four iona players in double figures. monmouth had a chance to tie but the hawks never get a shot off. tim cloos and the iona gales are going to the big dance. 79-76 the final. monmouth still has a good chance to be an at large team after an outstanding season. in the colonial title game, hofstra went to overtime with unc wilmington and the big man throws it down to tie the game at 73. he had 18 points and 23 rebounds. but unc wilmington pulled away down the stretch and this trifecta by denzel ingram sealed it.
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they're going to the ncaa tournament while hofstra falls just short. that's why they call it march madness and march sadness. tomorrow fairly dickinson travels to wagner with another ncaa tournament berth on the line. it's a fun time of year. basketballs are in the air.
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had one shot may still need a booster. closed captioning provided by -- toyota. that will do it for us on news 4 new york at 11:00. "the tonight show" is next.


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