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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  March 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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an 86-year-old man chopping vegetables in his kitchen is tased and arrested. the man incapacitated by the new york city police department has been cleared. >> cleared, maybe, but angry and looking for justice as john chandler found out new at 5:30.
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criminal, he says. >> i have no problem with the government, with anybody at all. >> he was chopping onions for soup when police barged in and demanded he drop the knife. tased in the neck, but of courses and kicked in the stomach. >> you are a human being. and you get this thing on your neck. >> police were looking for the boyfriend of john's granddaughter. an officer at the 63 precinct relays information to a dispatcher. >> any idea how old he is? >> he was 23 years old. a crucial breakdown. police arrived to the scene, they didn't have all the information they needed. they were looking for a suicidal male. they failed to mention that male is 23. after tasing him, police
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harassment. a spokesman commended the the police officer for his restraint by holstering his gun and using a taser. how will this man celebrate his cleared name? >> looking forward to going back home right now and have me some food. >> and after the judge dismissed those charges on monday, they intend to sue for $5 million. a young child was also in the kitchen when mr. antwon was holding the knife. that contributed to what they believe was the appropriate decision to use the taser. internal affairs has referred this okay is to the review board. what they do with it going-forward, we're not shore. john, thank you. we're keeping our eye on
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we want to get an update from dennis prosco in chopper 4. this is melanie lane between algonquin parkway, very large brushfire breaking out before 3:00 this afternoon. has spread to well over a dozen acres. luckily, no homes or business in the immediate area in danger, no reported injuries, no road closures. and the fire contained now, not officially out, but at least contained and surrounded on three sides by water. >> dennis, thank you. >> also breaking right now, all four campuses of mercy college have been evacuated after a threat was received. colleges also cancelled all evening classes at the york tune heights, bronx, manhattan and dobbs ferry campuses. we're continuing to follow this story and we'll bring you more when we get it in. all evening classes cancelled at mercy colleges.
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police have arrested garden city lawyer for allegedly misusing his own client settlement funds. steven morelli held on to settlement checks from four clients. three of the clients have sense received their money, while the fourth is missing more than $40,000. morelli has been charged with four counts of grand larceny. >> a dentist receptionist has been arrested for allegedly stealing money from her employer. nassau police say that debra irvin took more than $8,000 in cash payments from patients but never deposited them into the business account. irvin also used that account to pay personal bills costing the practice more than $48,000. more fallout from the deadly shooting of peter lang. an officer in charge of cpr training has been placed on
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this is part of an internal investigation. last month lang was convicted in the 2014 shooting death of gurley in a dark stairwell. he said he was only given two minutes of cpr training in the academy. we're learning the single engine plane that crashed last month, was out of fuel when it went down. the ntsb issued a report saying the plane flew for five hours before crashing down. board. new at 5:30. jersey city police investigating some unusual activity at the hudson mall. a man was taken into custody around noon, after exhibiting what was described as suspicious behavior.
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near route 440. no word of any explosive devices found. investigators looking at what happened in the moments just before a new jersey trooper lost his life while on duty. amazing pictures of a rescue after students are tranned inside their school bus in high water. >> parts of the tristate saw temperatures in the 70s today. who could break records for your wednesday coming up in your storm team 4 forecast. >> david and sibila, a new nbc news wall street journal presidential poll, and a surprise of the national picture is the stop trump movement having an effect. the cdc calls it ground zero in the fight against zika. news about the suspected link between some carbs we eat and
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tragic scene in new jersey. a state trooper became the victim of a crash himself. >> he died from severe injuries when he was struck by a passing car in gloucester county. >> he moved to the states when he was three. went on to become an all american wrestle er r. he was the guy who could make everyone laugh, even on the
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>> he was full of energy, full of life. he was the comedian, he was the guy that would walk in the room. >> family members say colin always dreamed of joining his brother garrett as a new jersey state trooper, he finally got the chance in 2014. >> news 4's ted greenberg has more from west deptford. >> we have a trooper down. >> that frantic call came less than 10 minutes after sean cullen responded to an accident and car fire on i-295 in west deptford. he's heard on dispatch recordings arriving at 9 scene. minutes after that radio transmission, authorities say cullen was walking near the crash scene where several fire and police vehicles had their
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struck by a passing car driven by a 22-year-old north jersey woman. >> i don't think there's a single variable that's not being looked at. >> there's no indication alcohol or drugs were factors. state police say the driver who hit cullen stopped immediately and cooperated with investigators. no charges have been filed. we don't know how fast the woman was driving or how far cullen was from his troop car when he was struck. >> when it involves a fatality, it elevates the accident of thoroughness and making sure you have literally dotted all your i's and crossed all your t's. >> so far, police have not provided us with the name of that north jersey woman who is behind the wheel. in west deptford new jersey ted greenberg, news 4 new york. in texas this morning, what was supposed to be a routine ride on a school bus, turned
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the bus was on the way to an elementary school when the driver got stuck in high water. rescuers had to bring a boat to the scene to get the driver and the six kids on board safely. did the kids get a day off after all of this? no. we're told they were dropped off at the school only five minutes late for class. coming up, 21st century city buses, what makes them so high-tech. is your instagram feed full of pictures of your friend's food choices? why that might be a good thing for them. uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to
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city buses are going high-tech. governor cuomo unveiled a new fleet. the rollout starting in queens. p they will all be equipped with wifi and phone charging ports. 6 governor cuomo praised the sleek new design. >> i think it's very attractive. it has a european flair to it. it has almost a ferrari like look to it. that aerodynamic. well done. >> ferrari. the mta also in the progress of upgrading existing buses by 2017. a total solar eclipse is happening tonight. don't bother looking up, it will only be visible in indonesia and parts of the pacific. nasa is live streenling the display around 8:30. if you're waiting to see an eclipse firsthand, the next one visible in our area is coming
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so mark your calendars right now. >> we will put it on the calendar. we'll bathe in the sunshine. >> the parks were packed today. take a look at the sun set. look at that beautiful scene there, thanks to our partners at weather underground. the sky was blazing a minute ago. the sun dropping below the horizon. temperatures in the 50s throughout much of the day. it was warmer inland, you can see that -- 50s east, 70s west, that was the trend today, that will be the trend over the next few days, this is how we warm up around here, it takes longer when you live closer to the shore. here's a look at your weather headline s headlines we're going to start breaking records, there's no sign of march weather. let's take a temperature tour and see what's going on.
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56 in yonkers, up in westchester county. it's been cool all afternoon, in places like east port. 52 in west port. it's still warm as you head away from the water. we're stuck in the middle -- the further away you are from the water, 64 in chester, great afternoon taking shape, temperatures in the low 60s. here's a live look at storm tracker, lots of sunshine fading away. as we take a wider view. deep south texas. we have a bermuda high pressure blocking the severe weather. the rain will stay there over the next few days cooler by the coast, the temperature story is like this, 50s along the shore. the sea breeze kicking in by the afternoon. as you head into inland sections.
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temperatures about 30 degrees above average. that's why we're going to break records for tomorrow. these are the records that will be smashed. we're headed well into the 70s, even laguardia, newark. i think all these records are likely to fall. thursday's going to be a little closer, the high temperature, the record for central park is going to be 74. very close, same story in places like bridgeport, laguardia and newark. a big change on friday, a back door cold front gives us a cooler ocean influence. temperatures back down to the 60s, that's still above average. we should only be in the 40s this time of year. can't find any 40s during the day. chance of showers thursday night into friday. and don't forget to spring forward. the weekend looks to be mostly great with temperatures in the 60s. back to you. fans of the late joan rivers will have a chance to own some of her most prized possessions. in june, christies will auction
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joan's manhattan penthouse. they include harry winston jewels, bob mackie costumes and engraved tiffany's water bowl for dogs. proceeds will go to her two favorite charities. when you're served a mouth watering meal, it's tough to resist the impulse to snap that photo to share with your friends. science shows a process of doing that, can make that dish taste even more delicious. taking those photos and posting them takes time, so you are delaying yourself from taking part in the desirable act of eating. you end up enjoying the food even more. tax season is upon us, and you may be gathering lots of personal documents and receipts to prepare your return. we do have a warning tonight. for advice on what papers we should shred and not shred.
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here's linda ynda baquero. >> we all know the dangers of personal information in the wrong hands. we have examples here, you may never think are gold mines for thieves. here's a look at some records you need to shred as soon as you can you. this shredder could be your best friend when you think about this scary statistic. >> every two seconds an american becomes a victim of identity theft. it's really important to protect yourself and your family. that's why readers digest put together information you should shred to keep you safe. >> in the bar code is a frequent flyer number. crooks can log in to see your upcoming travel plans, when you're not going to be home. >> another surprising document you need to shred, pet medical records?
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found your pet's name is the most common choice. by passing that in the trash, you gave crooks a huge clue as to what one of your passwords is. >> children are 51% more likely than adults to become victims of identity theft. that's why she recommends you also shred birth announcements. >> that has the child's full name, date of birth, place of birth, weight, eye color, all personal identifiers that are helpful nor crooks. typically nobody finds out about it until the child's 18 and applying for financial aide. >> if you're applying for a job, shred extra copies of your resume. >> in one convenient piece of paper, you're giving crooks your name, address, address, phone number and educational history. they can use that to guess what some of your passwords might be or pretend to be you. >> even store receipts, when
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numbers of your credit card, they can be used for fraudulent returns. they go back and try to get a store credit or cash for that item. for the full list, head to our website and search shred. the 5th annual tribeca film festival coming back to town. one of about 100 films that will be featured this year more than 50 films will be making their debut at the festival. it will take place over the course of 12 days. >> always an exciting time. a connecticut mother suspected her nanny was rirping her off. she fired her, but she says she was never really sure until she logged on to social media. >> chuck is here with a look at what's coming up new tonight at 6:00. governor cuomo weighs in on a looming transit strike, while governor christie takes more
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of helping with the negotiations. why a new jersey police captain decided to reopen the murder of a little girl. and his social media campaign breathed life into this cold case. smoking causes
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ones that can kill you fast. ones that can kill you slower. ones that can take away life's most basic pleasures. there are 16 different types of cancer caused by smoking. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality
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shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this
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a connecticut homeowner says she thought her nanny was ripping her off. they didn't have the goods to
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>> social media led police straight to lucy pedroza. she's accused of stealing her employer's high end handbag and jewelry. >> first of all, it's bad on her part to steal. obviously she's going to see it on social media. >> it's stupid, that's all i can say. if you're going to steal something, don't wear it. >> her former boss fired her for accusing her of stealing. >> she saw jewelry, clothing, she saw handbags that the suspect was physically wearing and taking, you know, selfy pictures of herself, standing with her friends. >> police searched her apartment, finding more than 30 stolen handbags, closing items and jewelry. >> >>. >> it's tough to trust people as it is. with this type of stuff
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my personal stuff being stolen and taken away. >> she was released on a $10,000 bond and is expected to appear in court on march 17th. >> that will zoo it for us. thank you for watching. what should you do if you feel in danger on the train? what one man experienced on the see something send something app. what the mta says you should do. >> are you feeling hot? you will be if you dress for normal march weather tomorrow. >> the new jersey transit schedule will start in five days. >> if you see something, say something. it's a phrase familiar to every new yorker who rides the subway. >> the see something send
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allowing people to use their phones to report suspicious activity. >> does it really work? >> andrew siff has the story tonight. >> this is where the man boarded the e train. he had an uncomfortable ride out to queens as you're about to see. when he boarded a queens bound e train sunday he soon saw something. >> he had a letter opener or a knife or something to that effect. >> skinner a realtor from ocean county, new jersey, who frequently works in the city and commutes by train, told me he felt fear. especially following the recent spike in subway slashings.


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