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tv   Today in New York  NBC  March 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. right now, an nypd officer in the hospital when a drug bust turned violent. he's recovering while police hunt for one suspect still on the loose. plus, a political upset on another election night. bernie sanders scoring a huge win. new this morning, it could be a casualty of our digital lives. what parents admit they're not doing. "today in new york" starts now. sure it's something we can relate to. >> a lot of things i'm not doing. >> good morning everyone. wednesday morning, march 9th. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm kerry barrett. michael is off today. chris cimino joins us with the forecast. >> nice to see you both this morning. temperatures chilly in the suburbs. we have a day warmer than yesterday. 33 in walpack. that's the coldest. 40 in mine hill. city is 46.
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40s across long island. most coastal connecticut, down the jersey shore. starting{ out in the 40s. but a fair amount of sunshine headed our way. patchy low clouds at times early this morning. especially out across long island. perhaps areas of connecticut. for the most part, i think we'll see a good deal of sunshine in the midday hours. that will warm things up with that southwesterly wind. look at these temperatures taking off. closing in on 70 by noontime. forecasting a record setting 75 degrees. let's welcome back lauren scala. good morning. nice to see you. >> good morning. nice to be back. come back to changes on the subways. right now, downtown n and q trains are running express to times square. then we have fastrack maintenance on the b, d, f and m. no trains at the 6th avenue stations in manhattan. d and f trains are running via. the a, c and e. you can take the shuttle bus service. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s.
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an nypd officer is in the hospital shot during a drug bust in brooklyn. two suspects under arrest and one on the run. the officer was rushed to elmhurst hospital in queens. that's where "today in new york" katherine creag is right now. good morning, kat. >> reporter: darlene, good morning to you. some of the top chiefs at the nypd who visited with that wounded detective here at the hospital tell us that he's recovering {well. he's in good spirits despite having been shot just hours ago. as you mentioned, two of the three suspects have been caught. a third is on the loose. what we want to show you, the chaos that ensued in that neighborhood. in brooklyn after the detective was shot. this happened after 6:00 last night.
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one of the suspects was also hit and is in the hospital. specifically, at bellevue hospital manhattan. a third suspect is on loose. police at this point, darlene, not yet release ing the name of the suspects. the detective has 11 years on the force and he's doing pretty well here at the hospital. back to you. >> katherine creag, thank you. two nypd officers went into action when they saw a smoky house fire on long island. suffolk police said they made sure no one was in{ the house and freed seven to eight dogs. one officer was treated for smoke inhalation. the fire department says one. dogs did die. two officers were on the way back to the city when dropping off the surgeon who had treated
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negotiations on hold as both sides take a breather. union officials representing more than 4200 rail workers will be going over proposals on the key issues made by nj transit. the issues include wages and health care. both sides, though, say the talks have been positive. they're returning to the bargaining table tomorrow. a strike deadline is set for sunday morning. it's 4:33. coming up on 4:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, good morning on this wednesday. >> good morning.
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we jump up to the 50s. then the upper 60s by noon. into the {70s in the mid afternoon. how long do we hold on to the warmth? i'll let you know in a little bit. let's get another check on the early commute. here's lauren. >> no major problems on the roads. we have roadwork. the hugh l. carey tunnel or brooklyn battery tunnel. the tube is shut down. two-way traffic. goethals bridge, we have a traffic hold there. that's closed down for another 25 minutes or so. you can head over to the bayonne bridge or the outer bridge the next weather and traffic update on the 4s. 4:35 now. everyone is talking about the big political upset. hillary clinton. it happened last night in michigan. that is the primary clinton was favored to win. sanders squeed out a 50 to 48% victory.
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mississippi. among the republic s, big night for donald trump. he took three of four states. the primaries in michigan and mississippi and hawaii's caucus. tracie potts is in washington with a recap of the busy night. >> frankly, we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> bernie sanders with new confidence after an unexpected win in michigan. thank {you, he tweeted early this morning. the polls were wrong. even sanders didn't see it coming. he won with nearly a third of the black vote. >> hello, cleveland. hello. ohio. >> hillary clinton didn't mention her mississippi win or michigan loss last night. she picked up more delegates than sanders and our new washington journal poll says she beat donald trump by 13 points in november. >> there's only one person who did well tonight, donald trump. >> trump won michigan,
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>> we started with a field of 17 and we're down to four. i want to close things out. >> he's hoping to do that in florida tuesday with ted cruz closing in on delegates. cruz was idaho on tuesday. >> we're closing the gap in state after state after state. >> florida could be it for marco rubio. his best finish on tuesday, third. >> i need everyone's vote right now, okay? let's not get into that. i can't lose any votes. >> john kasich insists elwin ohio. >> as of this morning, it's looking like a two-man race for the republicans. 6 in 10 voters think donald trump the front-runner is hurting the party. in washington, tracie potts, "today in new york." attorney general loretta lynch is the latest person to say{ thanks but no thanks to a possible supreme court nomination. her name was floated as a possible successor to the late antonin scalia. she fears the senate
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stall some investigations senate republicans vow to block anyone nominated by president obama. thousands expected to line up to pay respects to former first lady nancy reagan later today. she'll lie in repose at in simi valley california at the ronald reagan library. a private funeral will be held friday with a thousand invited guests to attend. she'll be buried next to her husband at the library per her wishes. she died sunday at her 94. new this morning, we're learning as the man known as the fifth beatle, sir george martin, has died. that is martin leading the hollywood bowl orchestra 17 years ago with a beatles tribute. he signed the fab four to a record deal in 1962 when no other label would. then he helped give them their distinctive sound by producing her records.
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overnight. sir george martin was 90 years old. sentencing day for a long island man convicted of causing a{ crash that killed a nassau county police officer. james ryan was driving drunk when he caused two accidents on the long island expressway. that was back in 2012. officer joseph oliver a was hit and killed by an suv. a jury resuming deliberations today in the case of a brooklyn man charged with trying to join isis. he flew to turkey in 2015. prosecutors say from there, the former air force veteran planned to travel to syria and join the islamic state. his defense team says he was in turkey to look for a job. the jury deliberated for more than an hour yesterday before going home for the evening. the u.s. state department condemned the terror attack in israel that left an american student dead. several people were stabbed along the popular waterfront. it killed graduate student taylor force.
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studying businesk. vice president joe biden was leaving meetings not far away. but he was kept safe. it is 4:39. happening today, bike messenger safety bill is introduced to the new york city council. the bill's author says companies like uber rush and uber -- don't actually employ them. they don't have to follow the same rules as other delivery cyclists. under the {bill, they'd be required to wear safety name and i.d. card. there could be a new questions regarding household finances. the american academy of pediatrics recommend that doctors should look into family's poverty status. one in five children lives in poverty and that the stress of not having a stable environment problems. new this morning, most parents know read to go their young children is beneficial but many po don't.
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minutes finds over a third of parents read to their children for 15 minutes every day. the study found technology is one of the biggest distractions. parents say their kids watch too much tv and a third say the same thing about tablets and other devices. >> so important to do. hard to find the time to fit it in. >> worth it. >> it absolutely is. it's 4:40 right now. straight ahead, one world trade at the center of a charity dispute by. why the governor is getting involved sfwliefrmgts it happens a lot on the road. but in the sky another story. what caused this plane to go down in a local harbor. you may feel inspired to dig in a drawer and find a pair of shorts today. weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. don't worry, i'm knot one of { them. those legs are white. not attractive. >> you're watching "today in new
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it's 4:43. four things to know this morning. an nypd officer is in the hospital shot in the shoulder during a drug bust in bushwick, brooklyn. police arrested two suspects at the scene. one is still at large. "today in new york's" katherine creag is at elmhurst hospital where the officer{ is recovering. an update ahead. voters headed to the polls tonight. bernie sanders scoring a huge victory in michigan. it's a state in which polls had him trailing. donald trump wins three of the four states up for grabs. attorney general, loretta lynch is asking not to be considered for the supreme court vacancy. her name was floated as a possible successor to the late antonin scalia. signs of progress in the new
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both sides emerging from the most recent round with positive things to say. face to face negotiations are expected tomorrow. if there is not a deal, a strike could happen sunday. 4:44. progress in our temperatures. by this afternoon, should be record-setting territory. yesterday we made it into the mid-60s. could be mid-70s by the end of today. beautiful and warm. patchy clouds in the area. warm again tomorrow. there may be a couple of showers by tomorrow night, though. the weekend cools down. but, again, talking about cooling down, not chilling down. not particularly cold. temperatures even over the weekend above normal. the record highs for today across the area. in the city, the record high is 69 degrees set back in 2000. i think we break that easily. going to come close at laguardia. newark, islip will probably break that one. bridge port, tricky.{ each jfk with a south facing shorelines off the water comes the wind. that knocks the temperatures down considerably. tomorrow's record high in central park is 74.
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we could end up with two in a row in parts of the area. right now this morning, chillier than yesterday morning at this time in and close to the city. we're generally between 40 and 45. more of a clear sky out there. 30s, upper 30s for the most part for the nearby suburbs to a few mid-30s well to the north and west. morristown at the freezing mark. most of the island down the shore in the 40s this morning. there's low clouds indicated by future tracker across coastal connecticut. areas of fog. that will burn on off. you can see gradually going through the morning. by noon, maybe still lingering in spots offshore. that's why these areas may have 50s. looking at 70s with a southwest sunshine. the evening hours, generally clear. on in. during the day tomorrow, clouds move in north. 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, a couple of light showers, city. that will change going towards the overnight hours.
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pushing on through. that's probably in most cases after midnight. before midnight. just a stray shower and better chance for showers after that. cooler coast. that's what we're{ emphasizing. inland spots, this is the big i can tur. 74 to 78 the average temperature. only in the 50s most of long island. south facing shorelines, connecticut, even the immediate coastal areas, you may get to 70s or so. knocked down to the 50s and 60s. friday, more of an on shore breeze. mild at 63 degrees. a couple of leftover early morning showers and see sunshine break on out. the bulk of the weekend is looking dry right now. pretty nice on saturday, we think in the lower 60s. by sunday, a few showers move in later in the day. again, not a bad looking weekend either. the next couple of days, it's pretty good. 75 today. 76 tomorrow. if we reach the temperatures, that would be two record setters in a row. watch for showers tomorrow night and early in the morning.
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clocks go forward an hour sunday 2:00 a.m. better chance for the steadiest rain is on monday. back to the 50s by tuesday of next week. back to lauren scala. find out about the commute. how is it treating us so far? >> seems pretty nice. delays on the cross bronx expressway. in the distance, things are slowing down a bit westbound. two lanes closed by the bronx river parkway. that will be out there until 6:00 a.m. it will clear early though. i'll let you know. heading over to the rails, we have fastrack maintenance on the{ b, d, f and m. that should wrap up in 12 minutes. no trains up 6th avenue in manhattan. the d and the f running on the a, c, e line as well. you can pick up shuttle bus service. overnight track work on the others listed it alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. the next update on the 4s. the investigation closed into the unarmed shooting death
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no federal charges against the nypd police officer who shot him. they cited insufficient evidence for the reason they're not pursuing charges against officer hayes. he shot graham inside of his apartment back in 2012. the officer said that he fired because he thought that he was going to get shot. but it turns out this 18-year-old didn't have any weapons. >> this is sending the wrong message. in your own home, you're not even safe anymore. >> an internal disciplinary proceeding against officer hayes has been on hold pending the outcome of the federal investigation. the nypd reassigned an officer in connection to the peter liang case. last month he was convicted in a 2014 shooting death of akai gurley in the dark stairwell of a brooklyn{ housing project. they confirmed there was an internal investigation into an officer in charge of cpr training. as a result, that officer is on
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today, classes resuming as usual on all four campuses of mercy college. there was a campus threat that forced evacuations yesterday at 4:30 in the afternoon. the school canceled classes and all activities. police gave the all clear last night. they're not saying what the threat was, only that it was a sub stn shated. heading out to long island, learning what may have caused a plane crash in setauket harbor last month. the plane ran out of fuel. both fuel tanks were empty. three people survived. but one of the passengers has been missing ever since. he's presumed dead. in new jersey, it was another tear-filled night for the families ripped apart from an out of control car. they gathered to remember noel herrera and brian rodriguez. they were walking home from a friend's house when a car jumped a curb and struck and killed
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hospital bed. he will have surgery today. >> if i was going to take a picture of brian and i waited with them too. i said we're finished and turned, ti *jj heads. the car came speeding real fast. we didn't know what to do. so it happened. >> 23-year-old eric patterson is held on $1 million bail. he's charged with two counts of death by auto and one count of assault by auto. 4:50. in bergen county, a man facing charges for shoplifting and pretending to be a police officer. he was caught stealing inside the westfield garden gate plaza. they say that he showed them a pennsylvania police badge. then they say he assaulted a loss prevention officer and ran off. they caught him a little bit later and charged him. 4:51. the nypd is ramping up the search for the man who shoved a teenager into the path of a train. detectives released this sketch of the suspect.
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late 20s. he shoved the teen off the platform at the 103rd street subway stop in corona saturday. the 17-year-old girl managed to wedge herself between the platform and the wheels of the train avoiding serious injury. there's new hope that a deal can be reached to save a charity stair climb at one world trade center. it was held at the sky skraer last year. it raised money to help build high tech homes for wounded{ war veterans. but the landlord of the building announced that it was canceling plans for a second climb this may. now, governor cuomo says both sides have agreed to meet to try to work out differences. 4:52. right now on this wednesday morning, still to come, the local movie theater that will allow to you smell one of the most anticipated move i was the year. >> zoo topia, i don't know? >>. the new features that will
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buses. why washington, d.c.'s kennedy center is enlisting the help of a famous hip hop star.
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welcome back. 4:54. it's wednesday morning. lauren is back. michael and lauren are not allowed to be here at the same time. >> we don't get along. >> exactly. kerry had to be the mediator and say i'll step in. >> cat is out of the bag. can't we all just get along? i think everybody should be happy with the weather and get along. heading to the 70s this afternoon. a record-setting high of 75 degrees. the old record was 69 degrees set back in 2000. south facing shorelines in brooklyn, queens, long island
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coming off the water, temperatures will get knocked down to the 60s and each 50s there this afternoon. there will be a big difference in temperature. tonight, very mild. a partly cloudy sky. upper 50s. that's it for a low in the city. upper 40s in the suburbs. north and west. weekend picture. it's a little cooler. still not bad. lots of sunshine around on saturday. clouds late. 62. then most of the day sunday, showers late in the day. high around 60. i know that seems chilly compared to where we're going. it's still 15 degrees above normal.{ enjoy. >> good morning. >> nice news for the commute. live look at the brooklyn bridge. things are moving along nicely here. no roadwork getting in your way at the lower east river crossings. heading over to the grand central parkway by laguardia airport, smooth sailing here. the only place there's a bit of a delay is on the cross bronx expressway by the sheridan. that's because of construction.
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>> governor cuomo wants to get rid of seven railroad crossings as part of his $1 billion plan for a third track on long island railroad. he says the grade crossings are dangerous and annoying. he'd like to add a third rail relieve connest i don't know. city buses going high tech. showing off a ferrari-like mta. 23 of these new buses will be hitting the streets beginning next month. it begins in queens. they'll be equipped with wi-fi and phone charging ports. 52 more buses will be introduced by the end of the year. new this morning, new jersey residents are almost split on bringing new casinos to the northern part of the state. a rutgers poll finds 49% say gambling should be limited to atlantic city. 44% say casinos should be allowed{ elsewhere. meanwhile, 44% agree that the state should take over atlantic city.
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handle its financial issues on its own. 50 cent headed to court to explain some flashy photographs. a bankrupt sip judge ordered the rapper to appear to explain photos showing him with wads of cash. the judge said the photos -- there's one of them. raise questions about whether he's being truthful about his finances after filing for bankruptcy last month. spelling out the word there. he posted the images on instagram and says the money is fake. hip hop pioneer and new yorker q-tip will bring the genre to the masses. the veteran rapper will join as the artistic director for hip hob culture. it's off kendrick lamar's performance with the national symphony orchestra last year. q-tip will begin curating performances this summer. >> we hear it everywhere. we cannot escape that beat.
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to connect to at the kennedy center. >> q-tip is a founding member of a tribe called quest. the kennedy center announced they're adding hip hop to the center's core programming. new york city on{ pace to welcome a record number of tourists. the times predicts 59.7 million people will visit the big apple this year. that would break the record set as a matter of fact just last year of a little more than 58 million visitors. city officials admit that all those people make parts of the city pretty crowded, especially in manhattan. one of the next goals will be to get touristst to visit sites in the other boroughs. the tribeca film festival around the corner. we know the lineup for the 15th year. the centerpiece is a film called elvis and nixon. a fictionalation about the sit down between the two.
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aging rocker dealing with a mid life crisis in geezer. wnbc is a proud sponsor of the tribeca film festival. it's from april 13th to april 24th. looks like good films, though. >> i know, right. it's 4:59 right now. you can immerse most of your senses including smell in a superhero fight. >> regal cinemas will open its 4dx {screens. the film opens march 25th, the same day that batman 5, superman versus -- it's not roman numerals. my son is going to kill me. dawn justice is released. along with the superhero smell, thousands of theatergoers will be hit with wind, fog, lightning


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