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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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highs recorded in trenton and newark and central park. more record warmth is in the forecast for tomorrow. we have team coverage with janice huff and daf price. ve price. >> forget about early spring. it's like early summer around here with these readings. all record highs. some were tied. bridgeport was tied at 60. newark at 82 was the earliest 80 degree temperature recorded for newark so early in the season. right now, chopper 4 is over head and scanning the skies oversee over over secaucus of the setting sun and planes coming into newark airport. beautiful evening. going to stay dry and warm and mild across most areas except the shore locations.
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upper 70s like newburgh and poughkeepsie. bridgeport is 57. that's because of the on shore wind. if you were near the coastline you were cooler today because of winds coming in off the atlantic. it will cool down to the 60s for the rest of this evening. we're expecting 70s across the region for tomorrow afternoon. these are the records for tomorrow. we may break these. can you believe this? it was warm enough for beach volleyball today on the court next to sheeps meadow in central park. dave price is in weehawken, new jersey. what's it like out there? >> reporter: it's absolutely spectacular, beautiful in fact. one of those nice summer evenings. the only difference is it's not summer. people talk about the weather
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if you've ever gotten in an elevator, you know that. but on a day like today, people are not only talking about the weather. they're celebrating it. describe for me what it was like coming across the hudson today back here to new jersey? >> usually everybody hides underneath. but today there was a giant line to get out on top beautiful. >> just so i can get this little guy outside and not be cooped up in an apartment all day. >> i love the sunshine. he loves the sunshine, getting out and being able to play. all of the kids out here enjoying, it's wonderful. >> it's nice. it takes a shorter time to get dressed. just a tank top and shorts. makes me a little nervous for the summer, though. >> reporter: of course there are going to be more smiles tomorrow
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will we be able to stay in the 70s and 80s forever? absolutely not. we're dipping down for the weekend, but what a nice preview we had today. more weather with janice in just a little while. warm, hot or cold, you can track the temperatures wherever you are with our nbc 4 new york app. click on the weather tab, get instant access to everything you need to know about. now to that friendly fire incident during a drug bust gone wrong. an nypd under cover officer shot by his partner while the two were trying to make an arrest in brooklyn. news 4's mark santia has more details and new information from bushwick. >> reporter: the undercover drug deal went down. that's when two officers moved in to make the arrest.
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side door, the other at the passenger side door. when the driver took off, both officers opened fire and the detective was hit in the shoulder. new video shows the chaos. a rolling minivan, the driver refusing to stop. law enforcement sources say a detective on the passenger side is being dragged. shots ring out. a car rams the minivan. the driver shot twice. the detective shot once in the shoulder by friendly fire. >> we were run into the room like what happened what happened? we see cars come out to try to help that one officer. >> reporter: this woman recorded the video showing the other side of the minivan. >> i'm just really hoping they catch that third guy. like if they don't, it's going to be really dangerous for people to come out at night. >> reporter: news 4 investigates has learned detective john gladstone is the sixth officer shot this year.
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year two nypd officers were shot in the line of duty. while friendly fire incidents are not unusual across the country, we've learned there have been two this year involving the nypd. >> the work our officers do is dangerous and unpredictable. weather we have to expect the unexpected all the time. >> reporter: law enforcement sources telling us drug buys and busts are inherently dangerous. they have a tactical plan that is discussed. you know who's on the team, what they're wearing and most importantly where the closest trauma hospital is located, because just like last night, any under cover operation can go sideways at any time. >> like what just happened? and then people just shooting at one another. it was crazy. >> reporter: the detective and the suspect are both in the hospital right now, both listed in stable condition, both
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police are still searching for that third suspect. >> the two nypd officers involved in that case in brooklyn ran into some danger on long island when they spotted this burning home in suffolk county. they were driving home, the doctor who treated the wounded detective, when they note tds fire. the officers ran toward the flames. one had to be treated for smoke inhale ulation after trying to rescue some pets. elevated levels of lead were discovered in schools such as . warning signs are up. schools from schools with elevated lead levels are drinking bottled water but parents are worried. >> i'm nervous now.
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doctor so they can get tests. >> schools brought in supplies of bottled water. the mayor says the public is welcome to buy cases and drop them off at any of the city's recreation spaces. tomorrow new jersey transit will head back to the bargaining table in hopes of avoiding a strike that could leave thousands of commuters stranded. today 17 rail union reps met among themselves before contract negotiations continue tomorrow. if the talks break down, transit workers could walk off the job sunday morning. they want a wage increase with back pay and lower healthcare deductions. the city released its homeless shelter score card today. melissa russo is at city hall with the results for us. >> reporter: as you know, city
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pressure to improve the de conditions in jam packed shelters. the problem is at least for now they're finding new problems as quickly as they can fix them. welcomeregent family shelter. >> rats is crazy. they run around on the floor like as if that's a disco. >> reporter: not to mention a sinkhole for tax dollars, which were spent on months of round-the-clock guards to keep residents off a dangerous staircase instead of just fixing it. mayor de blasio promised rapid repairs and a public scorecard which he delivered eight months late. >> i didn't want to be here. i sure didn't want to come in here. >> reporter: today mayor de blasio's response is getting
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>> i just told them and they came. they fixed whatever they had to fix and filled up holes and stuff. >> reporter: so it got better? >> yeah it did. >> reporter: tiffany tells 4 investigates there's mold on her ceiling and filth on the floors where there should be a stove. >> there's hardly ever any heat, there's hardly ever any hot water. it's difficult. but right now i don't have nowhere else to go. >> we have been aggressively identifying problems in the shelters that need to be addressed and aggressively fixing them. >> reporter: since the end of december when there were 21,000 open violations they've since fixed 12,000. but almost as kwix quickly as they repair the problems in shelters, they're founding new ones. they found 11,000 new
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about back to square one. >> this administration is shining a light on the state of our shelters. we're unafraid to identify and share conditions because we are tackling this head on. >> reporter: that new scorecard shows the number of open violations is down at the regent is down from 190 to 158. they say the poor conditions at many homeless shelters have been decades in the making. coming up as news 4 at 2:00 continue -- >> reporter: when the community complained about rowdy kids fighting in the streets, the
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. in westchester county, a gas leak forced hundreds of high school students out of their class rooms. >> students at new rochelle high school waited on the football field this morning as authorities looked for the source of the strong odor. by noon the fire department deemed the building safe. >> we never got notified until i heard there was a gas leak. >> it's not clear if the gas fumes made anyone sick or what caused the leak. quite a scare today in yonkers. police found a suspicious device in a car. the bomb squad came out to check the vehicle. >> we have discovered what appears to be some rudimentary type possible explosive device
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>> authorities evacuated nearby apartments and placed a nearby school on lockdown. coming up when we return, the connecticut college student who got in big trouble for mounting a gun to a drone and
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well, tonight new york city says donald trump owes the city money. the city spokesperson says the presidential candidate received a property tax credit for people with incomes less than half a million dollars. the tax break was tiny, it's 300 bucks off his tax bill. new york city's department of finance believes trump received that tax benefit by mistake. trump's campaign said it was an over sight. speaking of taxes, we've got a fascinating story as we're
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scammers are out there right now. the irs has about 900,000 people getting those bogus calls from someone saying they're the irs and demanding they pay up. >> what kind of basic information is out there to help people avoid this? >> anybody you hear from the irs you immediately freeze up like uh-oh. the irs says they will never make contact over the telephone. it hasn't slowed the scammers. we're going to meet a woman tonight who's received multiple calls from scammers in the last three weeks alone. we called back one of those numbers. it's a fascinating outcome. students caught on camera brawling on the streets outside a bronx high school, neighboring businesses complaining.
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pulling any punches in the fight against student violence. >> it's a massive high school fight caught on security video. students taking over the street in westchester scare, quare beating another student. >> a few months ago it was extremely hectic because we had students pulling fire alarms on random days. we had weeks where we had fire drills every single day. >> students were using cell phones to plan the attack. area businesses complained it was happening all the time. >> we had businesses afraid to open their doors. we had one business that left the community totally. it was a frightening time. >> so the school did something about it and four investigates was allowed inside to see how they have reenergized the security policy. first a new rule banning cell phones. schools have the choice whether
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door. >> it's definitely been more calmer for us. >> next they hired security who oversees all six schools on campus. teachers and stray administrators are protection. >> we're working closely together with all of our security personnel, all of our staff in better addressing student needs. a month ago. so far they've seen positive results. 4 investigates learned the nypd has made a total of eight arrests at st the school since the beginning of the school year, but only one since the new policy took effect. >> we over actually had a lot less when it comes to fights and arguments. >> reporter: the question is will the positive change have a lasting effect?
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school as an example for other schools around the area with similar problems. an update now on that breaking news out of brooklyn, the stabbing on the platform of the j train. one man is in serious condition tonight after being stabbed three times. no arrests have been made. you can see the train stopped on the tracks. we're told train service has resumed but commuters should expect delays. >> now that exstudent is taking action to get reinstated at central connecticut state university. austin howwit posted this clip online with a drone equipped with a handgun. he is now claiming officials wrongfully expelled him and is
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damages. no threats in the weather. >> not today. all the severe weather back to the west is being held up by this blocking high pressure system, this extremely large one, unusually so, especially this time of the year that's blocking that stormy activity and bringing us all of this record warmth today in the area. newark's record high 82 degrees today. warmer than honolulu, warmer than key west, warmer than san diego. were atypical for ip very atypical for us. we can't say winter is all gone, but certainly not likely to see those bone chilling temperatures for a while. morristown is at 75. newburgh at 77. south facing shores of long island are cool. it's 49 degrees in the hamptons. meanwhile over the inland
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air's been coming off the land. storm tracker shows high clouds out there moving on. stays dry tonight. the blocking pattern extends from the mid atlantic all the way down past the gulf of mexico. all the stormy weather is over louisiana, texas, arkansas where they're seeing flooding rains. we will get rain but not at least for another 48 hours. tomorrow, more records likely, 74 is a record high likely for tomorrow in central park. we're predicting 76. notice the downward trend of the temperatures. we remain above average for the next several days. the warmest day left, the record temperatures tomorrow. and then we cool down a bit. light rain of thursday night and then clear again for friday. highs in the 60s. sat we spring forward our clocks an hour this weekend.
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though, still. >> so one hour less of that delightful sunday weather. >> yes. >> can't have everything.
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he'll team with jason pierre paul to try and resurrect the giants pass rush. to shore up the run defense the giants stole damon snacks harrison from their cross town rival. the deal is worth $46.5 million over five years with 24 million guaranteed. snacks weighs 350 pounds and is an elite run stuffer. he recorded 72 tackles for the jets last season. big blue also signed free agency cornerback jenkins to a five year deal worth $62.5 million, 29 guaranteed. the 27-year-old play maker spent the first four years of his career with the rams. jenkins has ten career interceptions and now becomes the league's second highest paid
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of the jets. steve spag . as for the jets no news of ryan fitzpatrick but they did agree to a deal with former bears running back matt forte. he has amassed 12,000 total yards in his eight-year career. he's a two-time probowler. forte will fill a big void left by chris ivory who signed a mega deal in jacksonville. the jets released tight end jeff cumberland and wide receiver jeremy curly. at spring training the mets hosted the yankees in port st. lucie lucie. jacob degram struck out two in three innings of work but also had this rbi single to chase headily.
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the game ended in a 4-4 tie after 10. st. johns mays marquette. p marquette. la marquette. y marquette. s marquette. breaking news tonight, a deadly flood emergency. tens of millions in the path. evacuations under way right now. tonight high water rescues and the national guard has been deployed. going for a knockout. donald trump says he's looking to take out his rivals once and for all as pressure mounts on marco rubio. what he's telling us exclusively. plus, the bernie sanders shocker. high anxiety. how was a man wanted


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