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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  March 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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new this morning, deadly violence at a restaurant in queens. we will have a live report. trumped by violence. republican front runner calls off a rally in chicago amid mayhem involving protesters and his supporters. and strike averted. that sound you hear this morning might just be hundreds of thousands of new jersey transit
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not have to figure out another way to get to work on monday morning. and a good saturday morning to you. welcome to today in new york. i'm pat battle. >> and i'm gus rosendale. waking up to a cooler start than we're used to the past couple days. raphael miranda here with more. >> it feels chilly outside, but this is still above average. we're trending above average into the weekend. not a lot to complain about as we head throughout the weekend. nice and quiet. we have mostly clear skies down the shore. look at the temperatures we're starting out with. that warmth we had the past few days a gone. the heat is back on in danbury where it's 29 degrees. 40 in central park. and 39 down the shore in long branch. throughout the day, skies will be bright. the chill is back this morning. then it turns into a comfortable
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60 degrees, well above average. just not those 70s and 80s that we saw a few days ago. but look at that. it's even comfortable around 6:00 tonight. we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast. some ups and downs for sure. that in just a few. pat and gus, over to you. new this morning, we begin with that late night violence at a restaurant in queens. a man suffered fatal injuries. police trying to figure out exactly what happened. >> ray villeda is live in queens. >> reporter: folks here in ozone park are waking up to an investigation. investigators are still here. crime scene unit here as well outside of johnny's bar and lounge. here's what we can tell you. it happened around 1:15 this morning. let's show you video of when we first arrived here. you can see police were still here. apparently a man was found, a 43-year-old with some sort of trauma to his body.
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they took him to jamaica hospital where he was pronounced dead. meantime investigators are still here. they've been going in and out of this bar. they've been interviewing the folks that work here as well to try to get a better cd of exactly what happened. police are not telling us the name of this person who died inside the bar because they haven't notified his family yet. right now they're still trying to gather all the evidence, trying to piece together what happened with interviews from the folks that worked here. an acte e police investigation. the crime scene unit here as well. in the last 20 minutes we've seen them taking pictures outside this location trying to piece together the evidence and the events of what led to this man's injuries and of course his death. we'll keep you posted on this investigation, but for now we're life in ozone park. i'm ray villeda, today in new york. happening today in new jersey, a funeral for a teenager
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jumped a sidewalk in north bergen. noelle herrera and two friends were hit by a driver who was allegedly driving under the influence. another teenager also died. herrera's funeral will be held at 10:00 this morning in west new york. meanwhile, the driver accused of crashing into those boys now faces two counts of manslaughter. eric patterson remains in jail this morning. a judge has doubled his bail to $2 million. investigators say patterson was high on pcp and was speeding when he allegedly hit herrera and rodriguez. decision 2016. critics this morning are saying republican presidential front runner donald trump bears some responsibility for last night's violence in chicago. trump canceled his rally there after fights -- you can see them on the screen there -- between supporters and protesters. he blamed the violence on people who were frustrated about the
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but trump's political rivals say he has created an environment that encourages violence. more now from checkey beckford. >> reporter: fists were flying. one man placing another in a head lock. a protester even wrestled from the podium. but they wouldn't get him. the mayhem erupting at the university of illinois in chicago tonight even before this announcement. >> tonight's rally will be postponed until another date. thank you very much for your attendance and please go in peace. >> reporter: some in the crowd were heard yelling we did it, we did it after the rally was called off. the violence between a crowd of trump protesters and supporters spilling out into the streets. clashing with police. trump spoke to msnbc over the phone saying he agrees with the right to protest but not the violence. >> you can't even have a rally
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anymore without violence or potential violence. and i didn't want to see the real violence. and that's why i decided to call it off. >> reporter: opponents disagree with trump's controversial comments on muslims and immigration from mexico. this marks the second time today the usually defiant presidential hopeful has been met with violent protests. >> get out of here. get 'em out. >> reporter: 32 people arrested in st. louis. at least one of them led away bleeding. earlier in the week a man at a trump rally was arrested for sucker punching a protester. >> this is a sad day. >> reporter: ted cruz challenging trump for the republican nomination calls the violence unacceptable but lays some of the blame at his opponent's feet. >> when you have a campaign that is facing allegation of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this sort
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>> reporter: checkey beckford, today in new york. and new this morning an update on a story we first reported on earlier this week from the binghamton area. a mother now faces charges in connection with the abduction of her own teenage daughters. sydney portner played a role in the kidnapping of the girls. but there are no more details so far. a family acquaintance is accused of abducting the girls last april. police found them last wednesday. new this morning, the nypd is issuing a silver letter for a missing man. alvin is 75 years old. police say he has alzheimer's. mr. richards was last seen at 12:30 wednesday afternoon near his home on 104th street. we're told he was wearing a black leather jacket, a black hat, an orange shirt, tan pants, and white sneakers.
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you've seen him out there, please give the nypd a call. happening today. the reverend al sharpton plans to hold a rally with families of graham and garner. officer richard hayes shot graham inside his family's home during a drug investigation. the attorney's office announced there was insufficient evidence to pursue charges against that officer. in long island a driver being treated for injuries. the officer was trying to make a traffic stop yesterday and had activated his lights but not his sirens. that's when a 75-year-old man rammed into the side of the patrol car. the officer is expect to be okay and as of now there are no charges against that elderly driver. what a relief it is this morning for a whole lot of commuters. with less than 30 hours until a potential strike, new jersey transit and its 11 employee unions announced a tentative
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that averts a walkout. it apparently averts a fare hike as well. >> oh, yes. that's awesome. that makes me happy. >> reporter: new york's stephanie probably speaks for thousands of commuters after we heard this. >> you can all smile now. we have reached a tentative agreement. >> that's great news for everybody. >> reporter: an intense couple of days of negotiations revealed no details but said a confident governor christie -- >> people generally don't settle until they have to. and, you know, we're about 30 hours or so from have to. >> reporter: so the trains will run while we wait for union membership to see what kind of pay raise they'll get and what extra health premiums to pay and then vote. but the leaders seemed happy enough. >> we thank our members for having faith in us in solidarity.
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thank you. >> reporter: and when i asked the governor -- >> governor, will there need to be a fare hike to cover whatever money is in this settlement? >> no. >> reporter: news 4 got this exclusive peek at this just-finished nj transit strike plan. so not just rail riders, anyone driving a car should feel better after warnings of 25 mile highway backups. like this uber driver. no time frame for when the 17 locals will actually vote on the contracts. but the governor did say he expects it to be relatively soon. as to my question about the fare hike, the governor did clarify that while it won't be needed for this deal, there will also be the need for periodic fare hikes for nj transit. in newark, brian thompson for today in new york. and coming up on this saturday morning, a reminder about something very important
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go to bed tonight. and more and more women are choosing to have mastectomies. but is it really improving their quality of life? the results of a new study may answer that question. and it's much cooler outside right now. so when could we see temperatures back to the 60s and 70s? we'll take a look at the
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as a person who was stuck inside on that beautiful day on thursday. >> oh, no, pat. >> gazing longingly out to the sunlight. >> you were stuck inside sick. >> you owe me. >> okay. you'll have many more 80-degree days. i promise you that. you've been under the weather but we're glad you're back today. >> me too. >> yeah, i can see that. but we all have a beautiful weekend to get outside. just not with the 80s and 70s. we're dealing with 60s and low 60s which is still above average, but it's not as warm as it has been. 40 degrees right now. so we're back to a, quote, unquote, chilly morning. thlaat is also above average but it's just way down from where we have been. nice look outside right now. nothing much going on in the world of weather except for those clear skies. look at this. this is the temperature change from today versus yesterday. and it's anywhere from 15 to 25 degrees colder this morning. so maybe turned off yesterday.
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for the season. probably not so out of poughkeepsie. it's 25 degrees colder than it was yesterday. long beach island, beautiful sunshine coming your way. that's going to be a fantastic day ahead. love that scene there. weather headlines for today, a cooler start to your saturday. it's comfy and clear throughout the day today. and of course don't forget to spring ahead one hour overnight tonight. these are the temperatures we're dealing with down the jersey shore. 39 in woodbridge. as you head in, we have colder spots. 29 in jackson. it's 31 in cream ridge. and 20s in northwest new jersey. here's a look at storm tracker. this is what we like to see. it's chilly but it's sunny right now in the city. and we'll track the temperatures throughout the day. after 10:00 a.m., that's when it gets very comfy.
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low 60s in some spots. beautiful sunshine. and winds are lighter than yesterday. so we don't have that breeze to contend with. 57 degrees under mostly clear skies. i would call it a winner of a day. you can see at 4:00 this afternoon, sunshine and clouds. low pressure approaches overnight tonight into your sunday, but it's still dry tomorrow morning. this is 10:00 a.m. on sunday. maybe you're heading out to church. no problems just yet. this is 6:00, 7:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. that's when the rain does arrive around dinnertime. so most of sunday will be dry as well. but the showers begin to filter in. by monday morning, we have showers for the commute. then heavy rain possible for evening commute. monday is goi tbe raw and rainy. nasty day there. you can see. 60 for the high today. 62 tomorrow. 48, way down on monday. that is not a pleasant day with the rain into tuesday. temperatures rebounding nicely
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you want to stay up-to-date with the news 4 app. scroll down and select the weather tab. you can see the latest forecast and use our interactive radar and learn to submit your own weather video. the news 4 new york app is available right now. over to you. >> all right. thank you. well, new york state police are launching a statewide crackdown on drunk driving as we approach st. patrick's day. you'll see an increased number of troopers on the roads as well as sobriety checkpoints. the stepped up campaign will run through st. patrick's day which is thursday. more and more women are taking dramatic measures in the fight against breast cancer. while the number of diagnosed has remained stable. >> the number of women undergoing mastectomies has skyrocketed. many people are wondering why. >> you have tightness in the chest wall, you're tight here today. >> reporter: kelly anderson is an occupational therapist who
6:18 am
she's also a 13-year breast cancer survivor and endured her own double mastectomy. >> i wanted to know i did everything i could t minimize my risk. >> reporter: kelly is working with melissa who had a double mastectomy three years ago when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40. >> i feel like i've got a lot of life ahead of me. >> reporter: melissa says having both breasts removed seemed like the safest choice. >> had i not had the bilateral mastectomy, i really think that i would be worried and depressed, always wondering is that a lump? you know, worrying about every scan, every mammogram. to me that is no quality of life. >> reporter: a new study from the duke cancer institute looks at women who opt to have both breasts removed have a better quality of life rather than
6:19 am
t breast removed. th wbe 2011. of breast cancer patients no opt dou "a" for reoccurrence, "b" for symmetry. >> reporter: the study found no quality of life improvement. multiple other studies have already shown that having a double mas ekt idoes not necessarily increase a woman's chance of survival. but they did say having reconstruction after having it does make women happier overall. in westwood, new jersey, i'm jen maxfield. news 4 new york. well, since you're up with us this morning, you might have missed the end of last night's knicks game on the west coast. we've got the highlights for you coming up. but first here's dave karger with your fandango weekend
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>> hey, everybody. there are four movies to tell you about this week. the thriller "10 cloverfield lane," "the perfect match," "the young messiah," and "the brothers grimsby." let's begin with "10 cloverfield lane." if you're a sci-fi fan, this is the movie to see this weekend. also opening this week is "the perfect match." this is a sexy drama with a hot cast includesing paula patton and terrence jenkins. up next is "the young messiah". it's based on a novel by ann rice and is a great bet for fans of historical epics. and last we have "the brothers grimsby." if you're looking for big laughs with your action, this is the
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now let's see what movies our fandango fans are buzzing about on fan-ticipation. here are this week's scores. so that's what's going on at the movies.
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in sports the knicks stanled a valiant comeback late last night. >> yes. kristaps kristaps porzingis scored 20 points. but unfortunately the fourth quarter rally fell short. and the final, the clippers 101, the knicks 94. john chandler has the rest of this morning's sports highlights. >> good morning, everybody. selection sunday is tomorrow. later this morning the big game
6:24 am
looks to punch their ticket to the final. last night at the garden, big east semifinals seton hall and pirates had off the turnover kerring ton finishing strong. that puts them up 12. seton hall was all over xavier. pressured them into turnovers. the hall goes on to win this and will take on villanova in what should be a great championship game later today at the garden. if it's march, it's miracle season for uconn. the huskies forcing a third overtime. they look dead. when kevin johnson hit the three with .8 second left. uconn still breathing after this. oh, my. freshman jalen adams, welcome to march madness. huskies win in quadruple overtime.
6:25 am
the nets ended up finding themselves down by ten in the third. this about sums things up for brooklyn. nik stauskas off the board and back to himself. fake. off the back board. i'll take it, thank you very much. sixers win just their ninth of the season. 95-89. covington had to leave the game on a stretcher with a neck injury. tanaka says his elbow feels better but the yankees have 175 million reasons to keep a close eye on the ace. yesterday in tampa, tanaka looked sharp against the orioles. just ask joey. down swinging on three pitches. steve tullson, you too. struck out three allowing just a hit in three innings. gets the yankees on the board.
6:26 am
shallow center. jacoby ellsbury also added a pair of rbi singles. the yanks win. mets lost to the nationals 9-5. and mejia sat in an uncomfortable press conference. he admitted steroids use for the failed test but he believes the rest of it, these last two failed tests are part of a baseball conspiracy. yes. mejia claims a league rep wanted testimony on a certain player and threatened to force a third positive test if he didn't cooperate. the league denies this and says there's no place for a repeated steroid user le mejia in the game. the jets visited with robert griffin iii on friday likely as leverage hopg ryan fitzpatrick blinks in the negotiations.
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enjoy your day, everyone. the rest of the morning's sties coming up next. >> reporter: a man is dead after a violent night inside this ozone park bar. i'm ray villeda live at the scene with the latest on this investigation. also new information this morning about the emergency landing on long island yesterday that we told you about. the apparent reason that plane was forced down. and we've got a dry start to the weekend, but we are tracking rain on the move. when you'll need the umbrellas coming up in your storm team 4 forecast. w, building african-style music it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions the world's coolest indoor waterparks.
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and that's your sky cam live in east rutherford. looking at midtown manhattan. a little cooler than we've seen. but we've got a warm-up on the way. first we want to say welcome back to today in new york. i'm gus rosendale. >> and i'm pat battle. you all enjoyed beautiful weather towards the end of the week. let's see what raph has in store
6:30 am
>> another beautiful day, another beautiful weekend. just not as warm as we were to the middle of this week. here's a great shot out of reeves beach this morning. beautiful day along the shore. look at that sky, sunrise. a nice day on the water. it's not going to be a beach day. temperatures starting out in the 30s across suffolk county. thanks to weather underground for those pictures. here's a look at storm tracker 4 radar. nothing to see here. no rain and no snow. that's great news. but it is chilly compared to the last few mornings. 40 degrees outside right now in central park. we are back to the 50s again by lunchtime. it feels better once we shake this morning chill back to a high of 60 degrees. still well above average. that continues tomorrow. then the rain arrives after tomorrow evening. wea 'll take a look at just how soggy it'll get coming up in
6:31 am
new this morning, late night violence at a queens restaurant. >> ray villeda is live with the >> reporter: good morning. folks here in ozone park are waking up to a police investigation outside of johnny's restaurant and bar. take a look behind me. you can see police have set up a crime scene unit out here. they've blocked off access to this restaurant and bar after a man was found inside here unconscious. they took him to jamaica hospital where he was pronounced dead. at this point, they have not said exactly what led up to his death. right now they're gathering evidence. they've been talking to folks who work at the bar. in fact, take a look at some video from when we first arrived here. you can see people are out here taking pictures and setting up the crime scene unit. this happened after 1:00 a.m. this morning when they were called to the restaurant and bar. when they arrived they found a man who appeared to have trauma all over his body.
6:32 am
when he was taken to the hospital he was pronounce dead. police have not said what led to his death. they spoke to people who work at the bar, people who were there when this unfolded. right now they haven't released the man's name. they continue to gather evidence to continue to gather details at this hour as they try to figure out what led to a violent night here at johnny's restaurant and bar in ozone park. thap is where we are live this morning. ray villeda, today in new york. >> thank you for that. in case you're just joining us, here's another look at our top stories at this hour. new jersey transit and their workers have reached a tentative deal. that is scheduled to keep monday morning's commute on track for hundreds of thousands of riders. details have not yet been released. but governor christie said there are no fare hikes planned at least for a year. a trump rally got out of
6:33 am
protesters clashed. the front runner decided to cancel his own appearance. two police officers were injured. fortunately we're told their injuries are not life threatening. a man is fighting to recover from a skull fracture this morning after a bizarre accident on the grand central parkway in queens. a tire flew off of an suv, crossed the median, and slammed into the windshield of another suv yesterday. a 63-year-old passenger inside that car suffered severe head injuries. you can see the damage to the front and windshield of that car. ripped it wide open. he is listed in critical condition this morning. the driver was hurt too. this happened near the cross island parkway. police say a mother and a baby in the suv that lost the tire are not hurt. no word on why that tire flew off. and new information about an emergency landing on long island. news day is reporting that the small plane's engine failed during a training flight yesterday. that's why it had to land
6:34 am
the flight instructor and the student pilot made that emergency landing on the beach in suffolk county after radioing a may day call. fortunately neither of them were hurt. there appears to be a break in the case of a grandmother stabbed to death last month in jersey city. detectives have arrested a neighbor of 81-year-old lucille viohho and searched his home. the street directly across from the crime scene. police won't say whether he is the suspected killer. but they spent hours combing through the home yesterday. >> i can't believe it's the guy. i mean, i'm just -- it doesn't look like the person they arrested. >> i guess we see what happens when the evidence come up or whatever, but i can't see that right now. i really can't. >> news 4 is not releasing the name of the neighbor until it's announced.
6:35 am
the loss of keith emerson this morning. he was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. he was 71 years old. and former first lady nancy reagan has been laid to rest next to the man that she loved so well. representatives of ten white house families attended the funeral service yesterday including michelle obama, george bush and laura bush. during the service mrs. reagan's children reflected on their parents' love affair. >> she will once again lay down of her life. >> my parents were two halves of a circle. no one crossed the boundary into the space they had that was theirs. >> mrs. reagan was laid to rest on the grounds of the library. she died at age 94. still to come this morning, scott kelly making a big
6:36 am
we'll tell you what's next for this record-setting astronaut. but first our team 4 meteorologist raphael miranda will be back with your weekend forecast. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. just joking. it's looking like spring.
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we're back with raph to talk about the weather. some of us might have left our windows open last night. >> oops. >> a little wakeup call. >> it is still early march, we have to remember. almost mid-march now. the heat's back on in many homes this morning especially in the suburbs. after temperatures in the 70s and 80s. it's an ac/heat back and forth battle the past couple day. heat is winning this morning because we have temperatures in the 20s and 30s. we have lots of sunshine. more of a spring feel for sure. 40 degrees in central park. we have mostly sunny skies taking a look at temperatures around the region right now and how it looks outside.
6:39 am
another shot from lake hopatcong. look at that beautiful sunrise picture out of the lake. i'll get out of the way. 30 degrees right now there. but it's looking like it's going to be a fantastic day ahead. weather headlines. a cooler start than we have seen over the past few days. comfy and clear throughout the day today. make those outdoor plans, enjoy the day. because we have some rain ahead. and also want to spring ahead tonight. don't forget to spring your clocks forward one hour. temperatures in fairfield county in the low to mid-30s. 30 in fairfield. and we have temperatures in the 20s, well north and west of town. 21 in danbury. 27 in monticello. storm tracker shows high pressure in control again today. so we have clear skies now into westchester county. looking good down the jersey shore. fantastic start to your weekend there. as you're planning the weekend, we do have rain moving in.
6:40 am
i'm talking after 6:00 p.m. most of the weekend will be dry. loads of sunshine today, up to 60. clocks forward tonight. then tomorrow we're still in the 60s. rain arrives later. and it may last into your monday as well. take a look at the seven-day forecast. you can see it's raw and rainy for monday. temperatures take a dive there. so it's much cooler on monday. 48 degrees for your high there. showers are going to linger into tuesday. but temperatures rebound nicely. thursday of course, thursday is st. patrick's day. right now the forecast looks to be mostly dry. temperatures comfy in the low 60s. but a chance for a shower or two on st. patrick's day. so hopefully we'll do that. and temperatures stay above average right up until next weekend. you want to stay up to date with the news 4 new york app. scroll down and select the weather tab. you can see the latest forecast, use our radar, and submit your own weather video.
6:41 am
in the app store right now. over to you. >> thank you. well, she gained fame as a child star on "lizzy mcguire." but now hillary duff is all grown up and starring in a new series. >> and she sat down with kat greenleaf. >> hillary duff, actress. >> i like to be called an actor. >> you do? why? >> actress seems like a floppy -- like a -- not serious. it's someone being like you're famous. it's very weird. >> when would you ever have occasion to go, i'm famous. >> i say it all the time to my family. well, i'm famous so. they're like we can't deal with you. >> so we haven't seen each other in over three years, i think. >> yeah. i should hold my mug, right? well i have an almost 4-year-old child. i'm on a show that is so outrageously fun to shoot. i film in new york.
6:42 am
>> what makes it fun? >> our writers definitely throw us stuff that we have to -- that's a bit challenging every week. like during this season i have to wear this giant dress that basically looks like an oyster. it is like -- >> why wouldn't you want that? >> oh, my -- >> is the dress really that bad? >> and you can't be like, no. that's part of the gag. the funniness. funniness? >> that's totally a word. >> is it? if it's not, i'm going to own it. my arms, it was so wide. you could only see my hands. and -- >> so you missed out on all these wonderful tattoos. >> by the way, i got a little brooklyn representation. >> please tell me that was a sober tattoo. tattoo. i ate like a sandwich with my friend, we were like let's get a tat. >> that's fun. lastly, do you have a quote that you refer to, just a quote that makes you happy every time?
6:43 am
else is taken. >> yes, i love that one. >> especially living in this town where you can lose yourself so easily, you just have to be yourself. don't play it cool. everyone else is taken. >> right. words of wisdom. >> all right. you can watch a half hour of "talk stoop" with cat greenleaf every sunday on cozi tv. in kansas the air force paused. meet this german shepherd who's 9 years old. he's retiring. he went on multiple deployments during his very prestigious career included at least one in afghanistan. he was honored yesterday with a special retirement ceremony and a big treat. >> the thing with german shepherds, if you don't know them, you think of them as guard dogs but they're wonderful family dogs. they take care of kids.
6:44 am
>> had them growing up. loved them dearly. >> happy retirement. after the break, this week's visiones. >> and later, some games to keep your pet active this morning in our spring profile. and we'll also introduce you to some adorable animals including this little gal who's looking for a home today.
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6:46 am
you've heard of diversity in the workforce, but how about diversity among comic book superheros? >> well, marvel comics is shaking things up a bit. lynda baquero tells us all about it in this week's visiones. >> do you know roots? one of the characters from the guardians of the galaxy is making a revelation. here to explain is writer ricardo rodriguez. tell me about your work with
6:47 am
>> my co-writer is dmc from run dmc. we signed a contract to write for marvel last year. very exciting because the story we were offered has thing from fantastic four and groot. >> we have the cover. tell me some of what you reveal about groot. >> what i wanted to do is i i did some research and i found in puerto rico there's this tree called the saber tree. it's over 500 years old. and they found artifacts around it predating the presence of columbians there. so i wanted to tie it to a character of real mythology. but not only in puerto rico. throughout mexico. even the mayans believed the saber tree was holding up the world and it was a portal
6:48 am
so i wanted to kind of ground it in something that was more relevant for latinos and at the same time keep it in the realm of traditional marvel story telling. marvel dips into norse mythology when they created thor. and also the thing is into folklore. so it's like dipping into real mythology many of us celebration. even most recently there was a ter am of superheroes based on santaria. >> and the story takes place on the lorer east side in the housing projects. >> yes. it takes place near avenue d on the lower east side. the thing was created by jack kirby and stan lee. but kirby modeled it after his experience in the lower east side. but lower east side in the past few decades had been predominantly latino.
6:49 am
festival celebrating that puerto ri rican heritage. the grandmother is the one that tells her grandson about the mythology and the history of how this character groot may be connected to their heritage. >> in fact, i heard -- i don't know if it's true. vin diesel when he recorded i am groot for the movie, he also did one in spanish. >> it was amazing. >> tell me about over the last 16 years or so, ever since joe casada was editor, i think there's been perhaps a bit more diversity we're seeing in the characters. tell me about that. >> alonso is presently the editor in chief. and joe created the santarians. but under the leadership, there's been a push for a lot of diversity. there's an alternate version of
6:50 am
there's also a very popular character miss marvel. also many creators have been introduced into the company to really push forward this agenda of diversity. because america is a diverse country now. it's about time in 2016 we recognize and celebrate it. many of our consumers in the comic storybook telling are of color. so it's time to celebrate that demographic. >> the first story is out now and the anthology coming ou in june. >> yes. >> wonderful. look forward to seeing more of groot learning about the history. thank you so much.
6:51 am
alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely.
6:52 am
this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid us mes battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. ticking toward that 7:00 hour. let's check with erica hill and craig melvin on what's coming up
6:53 am
>> hi, pat. i'm worried about you, my friend. we're going to bring you some more tea. we don't like when our girl is under the weather. >> you're so kind. >> just ahead on saturday "today," more chaos and violence erupted at a donald trump rally when the candidate did not attend. we'll tell you what the trump camp is now saying about the ongoing clashes. also ahead this morning, the latest on a scandal that's rocking the wounded warrior project as two top executives are fired. plus it's the must-see event of the week. it's south by southwest event in austin. sop what is the hot new thing to come out of there? we have a preview. and get ready to spring ahead, guys. daylight saving time is upon us. a look at the serious health problems that can emerge by losing that hour of sleep and what we can all do to fight them. >> we'll have those stories and much more for you when we get started on a saturday morning. >> something a lot of us around here can relate to, right? >> yes, we can.
6:54 am
>> thank you, guy. time for this morning's pet profile. if you feel like your pet spends too much time indoor, there are some games that can keep them active and alert even when they're not running around outside. we've got a full house this morning. >> yes, we do. >> some games i haven't heard of before. >> just four or five boxes or opaque bowls, put a treat under one. i do. do the shell game thing. and then when they get to the one and sort of pause on the one with the treat, lift it up, praise, praise, praise. yea treat. they have a great time with that. finding the scent. and they get to use one of their senses they don't use very much. >> dogs or cats? >> yeah. >> hide and go seek. i know cats can.
6:55 am
show them the toy, tell them to stay, go in the other room, hide it. tell them to come in and find it. if they're starting to get close, you can say good. if they start to get farther away, say uh-oh. pretty soon they're going to catch on. faster an faster they're going to get it. >> this dog loves you, by the way. >> this dog is amazing. >> one more and we'll get through the animals. under/over/through. i could never get my dogs to do this. they would just lay down. how do you get to do that? i guess treats. >> treats. exactly. just lead them through. that's all you have to do. under, over, just like it says. get some chairs. you can go around at first. >> and like humans, get them moving. >> exactly. >> want to talk about these three guys. i know they're up for adoption today. two dogs and a cat. >> this is hudson. he's a year old. >> hudson is the one who loves you here.
6:56 am
he is a sweetheart. and these two played so well together. this is fussy. a beagle/boxer mix. >> boy or girl? >> girl. >> great personality. >> great personality too. plays well with the baby here. >> and a chill cat in your arms. >> this is savvy. she's 3 years old. >> perfect age. >> yeah. exactly. >> knows the drill. that's the sort of cat that just wants to hang out in your arms all day. i know you have an event where these pets are up for adoption. >> paws on park. 308 park avenue in the village of pelham. >> i hope they find homes. thank you all for coming in today. for more information about these pets, go to we are right back with a look at the weather and when it might
6:57 am
why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected?
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why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you, it' s everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. to take advantage of this offer on the 2016 volvo xc60 crossover
6:59 am
we have breaking news out of rockland county right now where we're getting information about an overturned boat near the tappan zee bridge. >> one person has been pulled from the hudson but three or four might still be in the water. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we hope to have a live report at the top of our 8:30 newscast. also this morning, astronaut scott kelly saying he is ready for civilian life after his year-long trip in space. he said on twitter, thanks for following, the journey continues. his last day with nasa april 1st. >> after a year in space, i think he deserves it. for sure. >> cooler than we've seen the past couple days. >> chilly. jacket weather outside this morning. it's about 25 degrees cooler than it was yesterday at this time. but later on today we're headed towards a high temperature of 60 degrees. yes, pat, it's true.
7:00 am
ahead. i know the cold is shocking this morning. >> it is. >> set your clocks forward overnight tonight of course one hour. you'll lose that hour of sleep, but tomorrow sunset 7:01. how about that? yes. dinner al fresco maybe tomorrow. 62 for your high. rain on monday. >> if we can stay awake long enough. we'll be back at 8:30 this morning. produce pete's gone bananas. good morning. chaos and clashes. violence breaks out at the donald trump rally in chicago after a last minute cancellation. protesters and supporters taking their fight into the streets and the candidate said he made the right move. >> i don't want to see anybody get hurt. >> chicago police making it clear he didn't have to cancel. his opponents weighing in.


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