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tv   Today in New York  NBC  March 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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will be screened for lead poisoning. new information overnight about a stabbing at a subway station. what police say happened just before that violence. the barricades are up. the crowds will be coming soon. what you need to know about the st. patrick's day parade. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. it's thursday morning, it's march 17th. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. storm team 4's chris cimino is here on st. patrick's day with the forecast. >> it looks okay so far. there might be a little blip. don't get that sad leprechaun face. it's too early for that. >> he can't help it. >> he's frozen. warming up a little bit. 40 to 45 current temperatures. in the mid-40s. it's 33 with a clear sky in the pine barrens. it's cool. you'll need the jackets early on. you won't need them later. it gets into the 60s this afternoon. yesterday showers in the evening hours. there's another batch out in
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not very impressive. i don't think it will be as vigorous as the batch yesterday with thunder and lightning. nonetheless, can't rule out an isolated rumble of thunder. for the time being, it's quiet out there. partly cloudy to clear skies. parade kicks off at 11:00. should be fine. the breeze will pick up. the temperatures are picking up too. 58 at noon. forecasting a high of 66. from 3:00 on, first spot of showers. in for lauren this morning, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. there was an accident already on the garden state parkway southbound. it's in the local lanes around exit 116. it's off to the side. still expecting delays. the george washington bridge where the upper level, earlier roadwork has cleared but the outbound lower level got a couple lanes blocked there. do expect delays. with the goethals, let's go to the maps. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s.
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group of students will be tested for lead poisoning. this comes after elevated lead levels were found at 30 schools. tracie strahan is in newark with more. tracie? >> reporter: darlene, this is probably going to be an anxious day for a lot of parents in the city. preschoolers are the first focus. the testing for those young kids here at the early childhood center will be a simple blood draw. newark will test up to 17,000 students for lead. we're expected to see the results of water quality tests for new ash public schools that date back to 2012. parents, of course, are concerned about the potential affect high levels of lead found in the drinking water in half of the city schools because the toxin can severely affect a child's development and can take years to show up. >> often, children don't show symptoms until many, many years of exposure. there's a very long waiting period in which the child will be fine and all of a sudden, learning is not good, not doing well in school.
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officials are looking for during the testing. anything over ten micrograms of lead per liter of blood. a lot of parents are calling for a change in the infrastructure of schools here because the pipes are where the lead was found. back to you. >> tracie strahan, thank you. happening today, michigan's governor testifies on capitol hill about the water crisis in flint. governor rick snyder will go before the u.s. house committee on oversight and goflt reform. he's expected to speak about his commitment to finding a permanent solution for the lead contamination problem. mccarthy is expected to testify also. this is the final hearing on the flint water crisis. happening now, police are trying to find the person who fatally stabbed a man selling metro card swipes at a harlem subway stop. the 53-year-old victim got into a dispute at the west 116th
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night and ended up punching her. investigators say her father stepped in soon after and stabbed that man in the torso. the victim then got on the train, was treated at 110th street, the station there and later died at the hospital. right now, police want you to take a close look at a man waving a knife in this new surveillance video. he and another person approached a 29-year-old man on university place in the bronx last month. they started punching the victim. one them pulled out a knife. the victim tried to take the knife away and was cut on the hand before those two men ran off. if you have any information on this, you're asked to call police. the nypd -- other counterfeit goods from a warehouse in queens. police arrested four people were putting phony labels on products and selling them. the scheme had been going on for a while. vepgt tors believe the group had been getting shipments from china twice a year for the last two years.
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time for a check of weather and traffic on the 4s on this thursday. chris, what's happening? >> a lot of pressure on. i think we get most of the parade if not all of it in. it's mainly driechlt look -- the luck of irish holds out. i don't want to have to talk about it. officially arrives on spring, sunday. won't know it by the weather. >> 44 in harrison. mid-40s woodland park. sheepshead bay, 46. not a broad stretch in temperatures anywhere you go. monticello is 37. out east, westhampton 33. everybody else in the mid-40s. 46 degrees in the city. we look for a mix of clouds and sun. parade kicks off at 11:00. should be the mid to upper 50s. from 3:00 on, could be a few scattered showers. a little more about that snow.
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>> four-letter word. >> we do have fastrack going on with the trains. the b, d, f and m. no train. sixth avenue. running on the a, c and e in manhattan. also overnight track work on these lines for the next few moments. be aware as you want -- everything is on schedule a little later this morning. extra trains, lirr and metro-north. the buses detoured right now are listed here. when the parade begins, we'll find more detours. alternate side of the street parking in effect. decision 2016 and race for the white house. republican candidate donald trump is warning of possible riots if there's a contested convention. right now, trump is well ahead of senator ted cruz and ohio governor john kasich but has a long way to go to secure a
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talking to krn cnn, he said bad things could happen if he doesn't receive the nomination. >> if we're 20 votes short or a hundred short and we're at 1100 and somebody else at 500 or 400, i don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically. i think you'd have riots. >> we will find out who gets the gop nod in july. that's when the republican national convention takes place in cleveland. congressman peter king no longer is backing a candidate in the presidential race. he had endorsed marco rubio. rubio dropped out. now he will not endorse the remaining three candidates. he did tell news day he sides closest with kasich. in the end, he will support the republican nominee. >> president obama supreme court nominee has a busy day on capitol hill today. the president nominated chief judge merrick garland to fill the vacant seat on u.s. supreme court. judge garland will meet with senate leadership today.
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setting the stage for a huge constitutional showdown. senate republicans have said they will not hold a hearing for any nomination the president makes. coming up on 4:38. expect to see lots of green today. irish pride will be on display across the country. no place more so than here in midtown manhattan. the parade goes up 5th avenue at 11:00 this morning. starts at 44th street and katherine creag is at the starting point there with what you need to know. katherine, you are be decked in green. >> it's the filipino irish in me. what's also part of this big tradition, michael, this big parade at the start of it, 44th street is where we are. part of the tradition, the nypd officers will tow your vehicle if you're parked in a towing zone. this whole area, as you know, it's a huge no parking area. the side streets, 5th avenue,
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as well. nypd officers are out here because it is such a huge undertaking of the police department to keep everyone safe. you can see all of the steel barricades around us and then security for the 2 million spectators who gather along the sidelines on fifth avenue. security preparations really began yesterday. we saw police officers over by st. patrick's cathedral. a huge undertaking. the police department protecting those who march and those who are watching. also one year after allowing an lgbt group to march in the group at nbcuniversal, parade organizers invited more lesbian and gay groups to march this year. members of those groups, in fact, actively protested against this parade for decades. now they're part of it. one organizer of one of the groups there, he said this is a huge victory for them. michael as you pointed out, what is a big deal about this parade, the traffic closures, 44th
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some of the side streets in between. they will be closed off. that's on our website. we'll talk about the street closures in the next half hour. back to you, michael. >> kat, the car will be towed even if it is green? >> reporter: exactly. trying to celebrate st. patrick's day. if it's green or wine colored, it will be towed. forget about it. don't even think about parking here. one of the two fiats used by pope francis back in september, there it is, it's going to return to new york city streets in today's parade. the fiat 500 sedan will be the first -- will be driven first in the st. patrick's day parade. timothy cardinal dolan will review it and it will hit the parade route. after the parade, it will be used in an auction and used to raise money for schools in the
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watch live coverage of the parade here on nbc 4 or on our website, right now, people in the d.c. area are less than a half our away from the end of a commuting headache. metro rail said the service will begin this morning after it was shut down for emergency inspections. they found 26 damaged jumper cables. on monday, the same kind of cable sparked a fire at a metro station prompting wednesday's inspections. the music world is mourning the loss of the son of the legendary singer. sinatra jr. died while on tour in daytona beach. he followed his father into the music business as a singer. he worked for his dad as a director and conductor. the cause of death was cardiac arrest. he was 72 years old. it's 4:41 right now on this
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just ahead, the local car m trying to get cars off the street in new york city at least for one day. a shocking find in a fifth grader's bag who is charged after saying this young boy brought a loaded gun to school. storm team 4 has the forecast. your weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. don't forget, follow us an facebook and twitter and instagram. darlene4ny and michaelg4ny. you're watching "today in new
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4:44. here are four things to know this morning. the first group of students in newark will be tested for lead poisoning poisoning. >> bumblebee recalling thousands of cases of tuna. this is the chunk light tuna. head to for full details. here's a facebook post making the rounds that offers free six flags tickets if you click a link. six flags says it's not
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expose you to a virus. city council member rodriguez is asking drivers, leave their cars at home on earth day. that's april 22nd. the city announced a few sections of broadway in manhattan will be off limits to cars on this coming earth day. it's the first step in what council member rodriguez says will eventually be a citywide car-free day. we'll see how that one goes. 4:45 on this thursday morning. st. patrick's day. we're talking about a big parade and looking at a weather picture that starts out pretty nice. the parade kicks off at 11:00. clouds mixing with the temperatures. already in the mid-50s near 60 by 1:00. it gets a little breezier. by 3:00, there's a slight chance of seeing a couple of showers. these are talented. they can dance on water. something else. nice weather right now. in the mid-40s in central new jersey. the city, long island, even the hudson valley. not a big spread in temperature
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a lone exception, down to 33 there with a clear skies. little bit better news for tree pollen. high to moderate. most are low to moderate. a couple of irritants still out there. but it's early in the season. yesterday showers, they're long gone. clouds leftover and breaks in the cloud cover. that's why people see some sun to start. out to the west, we're watching a batch of showers on the weak disturbances disturbances. riding west to east towards us. it's going to make a move towards us by late afternoon and evening hours to produce a few showers. during the day today, 11:00 a.m. a fair amount of sunshine as we start the parade. clouds build in by 3:00. most of the showers stay north and west. if this timing is right, we're talking about 5:00, 6:00 in and around the city through long island, a band of showers come through. there could be an isolated -- tomorrow, we start out with sunshine and clouds in the
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showers popping up one more time. almost a spring-like pattern actually. through the day on saturday, sunday we're watching the potential for storm and colder air being drawn into the circulation, we could see wet snow sunday night into monday morning. still a ways away. 66 the high today. just a late-day shower or thunder shower. it dries out overnight. a little chilly. low temperature 43. tomorrow, breezy, cooler, 55. in the 40s on saturday. clouds increase. then that chance for maybe some rain and wet snow sunday night into monday. only 40 on sunday. low 40s monday. back to the upper 50s by the middle of next week. that will feel good after springtime snow. emily, what are we going to do? >> don't say it. an accident in the construction zone on the fdr southbound around 96th street. you can see a left lane is taken up. going to be heavy. because there's backup from construction past 106th street and another construction zone wrapping up from 71st to 63rd street.
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hamilton bridge where the outbound. there is construction under the apartments. it looks like traffic is moving along okay. on the grand central parkway, moving along fine. earlier construction there. looks like that's gone as well. to newark, the new jersey turnpike, that's going to be a pretty good go. starting off on st. patrick's day this morning. let's head back to the maps. the goethals bridge. bayonne or the outer bridge. both of those will work better for you. an accident wrapping up in the local lanes. the parkway southbound around exit 116. again, it's blocking the shoulder. meter rules in effect. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> a man in queens faces charges after his 11-year-old grandson allegedly brought a loaded gun
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>> the whole crew went to the home yesterday. this happened. threatened him with a garbage can. got into a fight with another student at ps 40. south jamaica on monday. a loaded gun was found in his backpack on tuesday. the parents are now calling for new safety measures to prevent similar incidents. >> one of my kids could killed. >> it's crazy for an elementary school. >> several charges, among them criminal poe sefgs a weapon. >> they're hoping this video leads them to an armed man that held up a starbucks in marble hills. this happened on wednesday night. he pulled a gun and ran out with money from the cash register. police believe the same man committed similar armed robberies at a little caesars and kentucky fried chicken last month in the bronx. new york city city council approved the creation of a police review board. not sitting well with the police
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newark's board would be one of the most powerful in the country. it would have the authority to launch investigations into allegations of police misconduct. the police union leaders say that's illegal. they're vowing to stop it and go to court to do that. >> in rockland county, dozens of fbi agents raided homes and businesses in a reported fraud case. the raids took place in muncie, air monk, a ram poe. while many are staying tight-lipped, the investigation may involve misappropriation of millions of dollars in federal money. law enforcement sources tell us no arrests were made. it's 4:50. the driver accused in the shooting rampage in kalamazoo michigan is suing uber. jason dalton is asking for $10 million in punitive damages. among his claims, he says, "devil head appeared in his uber app and took control of him on the day of the shootings."
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saying, "it's hard to know how to respond to someone who refuses to take responsibility for his own actions." connecticut governor dannel malloy is ordering new budget cuts to address the state's $220 million deficit. the $65 million in cuts cover more than 40 departments and agencies. among those being hit the hardest, the department of developmental services with $17 million in cuts and mental health and addiction services with $7 million in cuts. the budget cuts will take effect april 1st. governor malloy named a new commissioner for the state's department much motor vehicles. michael business deer a, the deputy commissioner is taking over the post. the previous commissioner resigned in january after a major computer upgrade caused long wait times and other issues. the american college student
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the 21-year-old sentenced to 15 years hard labor that came out during an hour-long trial. they encourage the north korea government to pardon him and release him. he's accused of stealing a political poster from a pyongyang hotel. new, dramatic and awkward video shows a prison escape via helicopter in canada. two convicts struggle to climb a rope dangling from a hijackedchopper is on the roof of the prison. after a while, they give up climbing and the chopper takes off with them dangling below. three years later, prosecutors are using this video of the trial, in the trial of one of those men arrested. >> wow. 4:52. still to come, the announcement that completely changed the commute for thousands of people. it's a most unlikely reunion. a dog who wasn't just lost. she was lost at sea. how she made it home.
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beach when what they thought was a log started moving.
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4:55 on this thursday morning. i forgot to wear green today. i feel terrible. >> historically blue is one of the colors in the irish national history that's very important. it's what you see in the buildings. >> no matter what color you wore, i would have said that. >> such a co-anchor he is. >> maybe that is green and on camera it looks a little different. >> at home. >> thanks, guys. >> you and emily can't wear green because of our studio. you would disappear.
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if you're heading out to the parade -- >> probably get away without the rain gear. i would take something along to be prepared. a small umbrella for the trip back home. by the end of the parade, could be more showers. our weather today, nice and mild. 60s during the parade. starting out mid-50s at 11:00 a.m. climbing to the 60s by noon. the wind will pick up a little bit and we could see a few showers. maybe a leftover shower or two this evening. a partly cloudy sky and a low temperature. chillier in the low 40s. we're trending colder for a little while. little setback. >> little bit. >> possibility of warm weather. a swipe of winter at us on the first day of spring. >> of course. >> good i have my snowmelt. 200 pounds of it. >> what's going on, emily? >> fastrack going on for a few moments. the b, d, f and m.
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that we do have the north tube closed and the south tube taking on two-way traffic at least for another half hour. >> thanks so much, emily. it's 4:56 right now. several homeowners are suing the state over a steel wall on their property. the wall was built in 2014 to prevent the kind much damage left behind after superstorm sandy. they can't even use the beach in front of their homes because of severe erosion. they were never compensated for the loss of their property. set to launch next year, horn blower cruises will operate ferries on six routes between the outer boroughs and manhattan. prices $2.75 a ride. but no free transfers to trains or buses. you have to pay again. it will cost the taxpayers about $30 million a year. you can check it out on our
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get all the details there. helped music legends lay down their tracks for years is now closed for good. >> it was called the magic shop. david bowie recorded his final album in secret at the crosby street studio. the rolling stones entrusted it to remaster their classics. foo fighters dave groel offered to buy the property but the landlord wouldn't budge. >> i did everything i could to try to keep the place. sorry. >> the magic shop has won four grammys. artists like the ramons, norah jones and lou reed also recorded there. new jersey elementary school is going to honor twin brothers that took their careers out of this world. it will be renamed after the astronaut brothers, mark and scott kelly. the school called a former
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pioneers for renaming set for may 19th. mark kelly retired 2011. scott kelly coming back after that almost a year in space in 42 days. he's going to retire next month. >> what they thought was an alligator, a woman and her niece were on spring break in the southeast part of texas. their dogs were playing near the gator. look at that. officials say with the floodwaters, the rivers are pushing alligators out. they rescued it and took it somewhere else. i'm sure the gator is happier and beach-goers are relieved. >> not used to seeing them in that setting. a california family thought they'd never see their puppy again after she fell off a boat. but they were wrong. >> reunited five weeks after a fight ening ordeal. the german shepherd fell off a boat. she was presumed dead.
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tuesday near a beach. >> when i got the call, i never thought this would be a possibility that i would ever see her again. >> wow. biologists and luna's color blended in with the sand and making her difficult to spot. >> somehow she swam to shore. >> she survived. more than a couple of weeks. a few weeks. she was eating and that's so great. i'm so happy for them. it's 5:00 a.m. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the app on your mobile device. the next hour starts right now. anger and anxiousness in newark. today, the city's youngest students will be tested for lead poisoning. plus, chipotle is struggling. why it could mean more free food. irish pride on parade today. the largest st. pat rakes day


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