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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  March 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is "news 4 new york." >> to the streets. hundreds of protesters take over midtown to rally against donald trump's presidential run as we learn more about a new threatening letter. contaminated water worries. crews fan out to test the lead in the water of more than a dozen newark schools and news 4 has exclusive access. winter's last gasp.
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its way to our area, possibly bringing snow on the first day of spring. good evening. i'm rob schmitt. >> i'm natalie pasquerella. will we get the snow, rain or will it pass us by? depends where you are. >> winter does not want to give up. you may need to dig out that snow gear one more time. eastern long island could get the brunt of this storm. erica grow is tracking that. >> eastern long island seems to be the bull's-eye with this system in the tri-state as it grazes us to the east. we're going to stay dry through sunday morning but the of first flakes or maybe even some raindrops could arrive by about noon. then a snow wintry mix on sunday afternoon. we don't have the potential for sleet or freezing rain. this is either a snow or rain scenario. wet snowflakes mixing with rain showers. accumulating snow on sunday niftght for just about everyone in the tri-state. snow ends early monday morning.
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we also have a winter weather advisory for nassau county and western suffolk county. eastern suffolk is under a winter storm watch where accumulations could be heavier. this is how much snow we're expecting. a coating to two inches in the five boroughs. once you get out to long island, 2 to 4 inches. possibly a little more in eastern long island. we'll talk more about the timing of this system and another rundown of how much you can expect coming up in your full seven-day forecast. >> erica, thank you. track the storm any time with the nbc 4 new york app. download it from the apple app store or on google play. a couple found dead in what appears to be a murder suicide at a home in bergenfield, engine. the couple's 11-year-old son called 911 and said his parents were not breathing. when officers arrived at the home on west clinton avenue they found the weather
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the father was found dead in the basement possibly with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. a neighbor was just shocked. >> i can't believe that. >> police are still investigating exactly what led up to the deaths. that child is with police. also new tonight at 7 6:00 -- a suspect is in custody after stealing a tractor. he crashed into several cars, including a police cruiser. you are seeing one of the smashed cars there. one officer was hospitalized with minor injuries. charges against the suspect are pending. new developments in the presidential race. sources tell nbc news that donald trump's sister has received a threatening letter in philadelphia. this comes after trump's son eric received a letter with a powder inside. the one to his sister had no powder but the threat was
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the letter demanded trump drop out of the race. the fbi and secret service are investigating. meanwhile here in the city, hundreds of people took to the streets of manhattan to protest trump's presidential run. news 4's ray villeda joins us from where that rally got started. >> if you notice an extra police presence and these barricades across midtown, this is why. trump protesters gathered here at columbus circle, all the way to trump plaza united by one cause. they are against the republican hopeful for president, donald trump. >> donald trump, go away. >> reporter: in a crowd of thousands on the streets of new york you'll find mary beth whitehouse. she wants to keep trump away from the white house. >> we've grown up in a city that demonstrates tolerance on a regular basis. i've been proud to raise my daughter here in new york, and i don't think donald trump stands for that tolerance this city is famous for. >> reporter: a sign calling for
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>> we don't want trump as a candidate of the election in this country. >> not on our watch will we allow an american fascist to be the next president of the united states of america. >> reporter: the protests for the most part were peaceful. for the most part. our cameras captured two scuffles between police and protesters. it appeared police were trying to keep the rallygoers off the street and on the sidewalk. another man claims he was pepper sprayed but it was unclear by who. this message was notennly peameful but inclusive. he doesn't want the waum between mexico and the united states. the wall proposed by donald trump. >> i'm protesting the rhetoric coming -- spewing out from mr. trump's mouth, which pretty much tells me that people like me don't belong here. >> reporter: just after 6:00, the last remaining protesters are leaving e ing
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police are waiting to see how many arrests have taken place. we're waiting for official confirmation as to if there were any more. as far as the pepper spraying incident we're still trying to get more information from police. we'll pass that along to you. live in columbus circle, ray vil villeda. a phoenix rally got off to a rocky start today. dozens of protesters blocked the main highway that leads to that rally. protesters parked their cars in the middle of the highway, unfolded banners, banged on drums and chanted anti-trump war cries. when the rally began, trump the media for not showing the amount of supporters he had. >> i only wish these cameras would spin around and show tom kind of people that we have. the numbers of people that we have here. i just wish that for once they'd do it because you know what, we ha thve a silent majority that's no
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>> today's protest backed up traffic several miles. they dissipated before any arrests were made. arizona voters head to the polls on tuesday. the top suspect in last year's deadly paris attacks says he planned to commit suicide that night but backed out. a convoy carrying salah abdeslam was seen traveling from police headquarters there in brussels to a belgian prison after the rror suspect was released from the hospital. he was shot in the leg yesterday during the raid that captured him four months after the attacks. abdeslam's lawyer says he'll fight extradition to france. >> i can tellxyou that he's cooperating with the belgian justice and we'll refuse the extradition to france, okay? >> abdeslam is thought to have served as the logistics man renting rooms, shopping for detonators and driving at least one of the killers from brussels to paris. he evaded several close calls with police until yesterday's capture. both flight recorders have
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russia where a dubai airliner went down this morning. the flydubai airlines jet nosedived and exploded while trying to land in very strong winds, bad weather. 62 people on board were killed. it's not clear if weather was a factor but officials say several planes had trouble landing around that time at the airport at the time of the crash. one even diverted to another airport after three landing attempts failed. this was the first crash for flydubai since this new airline began operating in 2009. a u.s. marine was killed today by enemy fire in iraq. this happened mere makhmur. the marine was killed by incorrect fire from an isis rocket. three others were hurt. the last u.s. service member to be killed in iraq was back in october. the contaminated water concerns in newark. beginning today, every newark school building is being retested for lead in the water. it has a sense of urgency after officials found elevated lead
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tonight news 4's brian thompson gives us an exclusive look inside one of the buildings as teams got to work. >> reporter: the teams of private lead testers fanned out across a dozen school buildings. this the field house thr the city's major st, uhm. nbc cameras were the only ones inside at any of the buildings in this first round. as samples wo e drawn in what will be a massive retesting across the system. but many schools, this the nearby first avenue school, had no his lonhof leadavesting exceeding the epa threshold. ila for one student there, she sticks to bottled water. >> i think the water could be messed up. i really am like scared to get sick about it. >> in other schools, this is rringer high. also in the same neighborhood water fountains are off limits. all ofwwhich suggests a hefty repair bill for the school system to fix any plumbing that is causing the lead problems.
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with "weekend nig ly news" superintendent christopher surp says this should become a federal issue. >> i think be are going to see, and i hope we see, a federal level intervention to find appropriate funds to remediate the causes. >>e reporten: meanwhile t e testing continues aimed at reassuring parents and stuntd dents alike. but not necessarily convincing. >> my daughter drinks bottled water just to avoid any issues. >> you just don't trust it? >> yeah. >> reporter: the testing of ll buildings should be done in about three weeks or so. but the rilults from this first testing today were expecting to be ready in about a week or so. in newark, brian thompson, news 4 new york. still ahead, a cabbie attacked. they h nee y video of a man assaulting a delivery driver helps catch the attackers. as president obama prepares
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to visit cuba in almost nine decades, a health alert for
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we have this video to show u. li tant this man for an attack on a driver on wednesday. you can see the driver picked up a suspect, dropped him off at gates avenue. that's when he came to the front or and demanded money. he dragged the driver out of the car and we saw him hit
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the man is okay but the suspect ran away em pty-handed. tonight we just learned the name of a woman hit and killed by a taxicab which took off. witnesses say kenya flores was lying in the street when the cab struck her at 16th street and 1st avenue early this morning. thte search is on for the driver who didn'tknop. yo see that cane th e. th believe lores may have been using cane found there on the street but it's not clear why she was laying in the street. new details on the lild teen accused of shooting and killing his friend. 18-year-old nephy reyes appeared in court today. yes and his friend were at home yesterday. ey were handling a gun when it fired. reyes says the shooting was an accident. still to come on news 4 new york -- everybodyals talking about it. if you were dreadind tomorrow's snowstorm, meteorologist erica grow might bring some good news. aor yre can call him the
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just one day before esident obama's historic trip to cuba there's a zika virus warning. the centers for dis se control added cuba to a travel notice. trav ers, especially pregnant women, are warned they could contract the virus. it's spread by bites from specific mosquitoes and is believed to carry a risk for birth defects.e president heads to cuba tomorrow. it's the first time ina88 years a sitting president has visited this communist nation. pope francis is expanding his presence on social media with an instagram account. the pope's handle is franciscus, his name is latin. photo of him kneeling in p yer es. pe f ncis has a strong presence on social media. more than 26 million followers on twitter. he also posted a video as well.
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>> he already follows natalie. >> that's not true. >> that quick. >> come on. >> jose i here with what's coming up on "nightly news." >> good evening. europe's most wanted man. one day after his c.pture in belgium, the wanted criminal in the paris attacks is behind bars. paris is attempting to have him extradited. also the search is on for answers in russia after a boeing 737 crashed breaking apart and landing in bad weather killing all 62 people on board. and the politicallbatnle is on arizona. anti-trump folks are out in full force blocking traffic. that and a whole lot more when i see you in a couple of minutes on "nbc nightly news." >> thanks, jose. meteorologist erica grow tracking the storm. everybody is talking about this on social media. a lot of people want to know what's going to happen here. >> the good news is because it never congealed into one big storm, we're not looking at a big accumulation.
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we're not looking at strong winds, beach erosion, any of those things that could have been a factor. instead this system is split into two parts and you'll see that play out when we get to future tracker. it's 46 degrees and partly cloudy. here's our weather headlines. from the first part of the system we could see a flake or sprinkle overnight tonight. a snow/wintry mix arrives in the p.m. hours on sunday. just when in the afternoon is still a little bit up for grabs here. snow ends sunday morning. it looks like it will still be snowing during the monday morning commute for many of us. the area that will see the biggest impact from this storm is here on the screen right now. 43 in hampton bays and waiting river. it's 37 in monticello. 45 in morristown. that's whywcal have just rain on the radar right now.
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system as i widen out the cture, you'l see the second part which is right now all the way in the great plains. 's going to dive to the south. it will not hook up with this pocket of energy. we could see just a sprinkle or flurry from that first part of the system. but it looks like the main event will be in the afternoon and evening on sunday. and here we are in future tracker starting to see an additional amount of precip by about dinnertime on sunday. that's when you can look for accumulating snow to start moving in. midnight on monday morning, early monday morning, that's when we're going to start to see the accumulations on the grassy surfaces, possibly briefly coating the roads and making them slick. you'll want to allow extra travel time on early monday morning during that commute. but it pushes away by the end of the monday morning rush. there's some good news for you. another look at those snowfall totals. just a coating to two inches in the city and the immediate suburbs.
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island, two to four inches, especially in suffolk county. and on the eastern edges of long island, you could see a little more than four inches out of this system. here's your seven-day forecast. we'll melt off that snow pretty quickly once we get to monday afternoon. into the 40s. tuesday will be dry with a high of 50. just a sprinkle on wednesday with a high of 64 degrees. and the mildest day on the seven-day appears to be thursday with a high of 66. we'll be back to that spring weather in no time. tomorrow the first day of spring is going to start out with a little bit of snow. >> that's just cruel. >> it is kind of weird. this will be a big week for star gazers. two comets will wiz by earth. the first will shoot by monday morning. it's large enough to be seen with the naked eye. but in the southern hemisphere. not here in new york. then tuesday morning another comet swerves closer to earth than any other comet in nearly 250 years. it sounds like we might not be able to see these. maybe a chance? >> definitely not the monday
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we'll try t clear those skies on tuesday. >> thanks, erica. >> john, the buzzer beaters. i watched the one three or four times. >> you probably missed the other one. >> good thing for you, we've got them coming up in sports. first round really is march madness. 64 downono 32. could yale keep dancing? that's the question. can jacoby ellsburyestay healthy? he was sent for x-rays today. we'll have the results of those
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the ncaa tournament goes back to 1939. yesterday may have been the single greatesu day in its history.
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13, 14 and 15thereeds ll won. high seeds had trouble. michigan state ou cal done. west virginia, history. just when you thought it couldn't get any better, last night happened. texas trailing northern iowa by two in the final seconds. isaiah taylor ties it with 2.7 seconds left. panthers on the inbounds. finds paul jefferson who is just going to let it fly. and, of course, it goes at the buzzer. are you kidding me? 11th seed northern iowa upsets 6 seed texas, 75-72. ab t 3 1/2 minutes after that, natalie was watching it over and over, this happened. fantastic finish. the madness. st. joe's goes up two on the isaiah miles. final tick. cincinnati looks to tie it on octavius ellis' dunk. the official replay would take until sunday. they've got to get this right and eventually ruled the ball was still on his fingertips at
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st. joe's moving on. today yale's ncaa tournament has come to an end. after winning the first tournament game over baylor on thursday, they fell to duke, 71-64. duke led at the half. yale stormed back to within three in the final minute. andon sherrod had 22 points. wasn't enough. duke led by 29 points from grayson allen. searching for a new head basketball coach, rutgers missed on attempts to hire dan hurley and mike lonagan. the 48-year-old steve piki ala will take the job. has's endorsement of his mentor, jim calhoun. that's a big one. pikiell just led stony brook to first ncaa appearance. tht ey won 26 games this year. the eir sixth 20-win season under pikiell. he's a good h e for rutgers. it's one giant oad trip. e knicks visit the wizards in
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nets face thespistonsusn detroit and all three locals are away, too, on the ice. rangers visiting the san jose sharks trailing in the second. the blue shirts with a two on one. derick brassard feeding dan boyle who goes backhand for his eighth goal of the season. the rangers tie it up 1-1. veteran move there. joe thornton just put the sharks back on top. they lead, san jose does, 2-1, late in the waird. mets and nationals rained out today. former shortstop rubin tejada has signed a deal with the cardinals. yankees hosting the braves. pineda looking sharp. four strikeouts including johnson and swisher and johnson again. pineda allowed one run in four innings. fifth inning, they didn't like this. concern formjacoby ellsbury. taking a pitch nsidn off hin right wrist. you can see seam marks on the wrist.
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ct scan. both of those have just come back negative. soyoake aidect breath. yankees won, 3-2. encouraging news there. they do not need jacoby ellsburyhmissing a more time.
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when she's not acting as the queen of england, some may call her gan gan. that's the nickname used by
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great-grandmother queen elizabeth. this is ahead of the queen's 90th birthday. the queen was excited learning her second grandchild would be a little princess. they can always expect a little surprise in their bedroom when they stay with her. >> grandparents are always the best. >> that's it for news 4. nightly news is coming up next. >> we'll see you at 11:00. on this saturday night, charged with murder. the dramatic new details tonight on how the suspect in the deadly paris bombing attacks was finally tracked down and captured as the french try to bring him back to face trial. deadly crash. searching for answers in russia after a boeing 737 crashes and breaks apart on landing in bad weather killing all 62 people on board. arizona battleground. ahead of tuesday's primary, we are out with the protesters who are blocking traffic and chaining themselves to cars in


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