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tv   Today in New York  NBC  March 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> the first family is in cuba. what to expect in the day ahead during this historic visit. >> then the event that will bring several of the same place. "today in new york" starts now. good morning. it's 4:30 a.m. on this monday. it's march 21st. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm kerry barrett in for darlene today. >> chris cimino here with the forecast. chris, we'll watch the snow in several parts of our area. >> good morning, michael and kerry. wet snow, roads staying wet. walkways same thing. the snow accumulating on grassy areas and shrubs and car tops. for the most part, it's efayfectively like rain on most of the roads. the steadier band of the wet snow is really near the city. right along the coastal areas of new jersey. it's moving into portions of brooklyn and queens. it l looks like there's a break in the action across suffolk county. we were originally thinking this is where the heavier accumulations might be. i'm having my doubts about that. this area will pivot through
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so the snow will take longer to taper off there. in and around the city, brighter whites. right around hudson county, northern sections of staten island. you can see maybe a little burt of snow here. again, with the ground still relatively warm, it will be hard to stick on the ground. the back edge of the snow making progress, the drier air. that will eventually be here between 6:00 and 9:00. the advisories down for monmouth and ocean counties as the snow winds down in those areas. in terms of accumulations, maybe an inch or two in long island. that's mainly on grassy areas. the higher amounts move into looks like southeast sections of new england as we say. day planner, snow this morning, breaks of sun this afternoon. windy, temperatures in the upper 40s. at least the sun makes a return. lauren scala so far, not too bad out there. >> not too bad out there. we have a couple of problems on the roads. we'll head over to the george washington bridge being one of them. a disabled tractor-trailer on
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to new jersey. that blocks the right lane. no delays in either direction. you're okay heading to the bridge. heading northbound to route 35, all lanes shut down between new brunswick and harding avenue. an accident with a downed pole. because we're in the area, the goethals bridge is shut down in both directions and will be for a half hour for construction. more weather and traffic updates ahead on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you very much. it's been awe a busy night for road crews across the area. >> it has. katherine creag in medford county. she was stuck behind some of the crews on her way out. still coming down, huh? >> reporter: it is still coming down, kerry and michael. at one points, we were going 30 miles an hour behind eight salt spreaders and plows. something on the l.i.e., what drivers will see over and over again. the jumbo electronic signs saying there's a storm advisory until 10:00 in the morning. needless to say, you should be very careful when you're out on the roads. we
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this is over on the l.i.e. going eastbound right by exit 63. that's on the far left. all that white stuff on the far left, that snow covering the fast lanes, the hov lanes and you really have to wonder if the plows are out here, at least at one point they were out here because they were -- we saw them earlier around brentwood. but they hadn't hit that area of medford just yet. the ground is covered with snow and sticking to the shrubs and the plants all around us. then that convoy of salt spreaders and plows, we were behind them. 30 miles an hour we were traveling for what seemed like miles and miles, kerry and michael. there were about eight of those trucks. they took an exit. they cleared a lot of these ro dadways that you see here. the service road clear at least that portion of the highway. not clear when we saw it. we're pretty sure, kerry and michael, it will get cleared at some point. there's so many workers on the roads right now. back to you. >> very good. kat.
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team coverage continues storm team 4 brian thompson in wall township with a look at the situation there. brian, how is it going? >> reporter: not too bad. the flakes are actually a little bit thicker right now. i have to say. as you see them falling down around. look at the parkway behind me. you'll see headlights going past mere in a second. they're not having to slow down because it's not accumulating. you could say it looks worse than it is. as we walked around the parking lot at the monmouth rest stop. we could see the snow buildup especially on cars parked overnight. it's really hitting that cold surface. the ground itself isn't that bad despite really a pretty good, heavy dose of snow that was coming down. for motorists, i guess you could say it's going pretty well. >> i d on't see no snow building up as yet. got a lot of salt trucks out there. >> >> reporter: makes you feel
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>> yep. makes you feel safe. better. >> reporter: so i have to say that even with the snow that was accumulating on cars, was falling through the early course of the morning, we also did see salt trucks out there. just a couple of days ago, actually, we had seen the brine trucks who were spreading the brine on the roadways. d.o.t.s love that stuff now because it gets a layer of salt down on the roads. it doesn't wear out too much. it gives them a kind of a headstart really in keeping the roads clear around here. back here to the parkway, the traffic is moving well. should not be a big problem for the morning commute. my ruler is really wondering how much of a workout it will get this morning. we'll see. live in wall township, i'm brian thompson for "today in new york." >> we did see that it scraped some snow off the windshields. >> technically, it's been in use brian.
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>> reporter: if you follow it like that, don't get hypnotized. >> thank you. that's what we need. let's check in with chris and see what's happening. >> see some of those bigger flakes, you can measure them maybe. some of them are -- they're llecting together. again, it's winding down over the next couple of hours. even down the jersey shore. but still it's a pretty looking snow. more of a scenic snow than anything else. up to the north, the low 30s to mid 30s. 30co in danbury. islip, cities above the freezing mark and above the freezing mark in -- even sussex too. visibility, an indication of how heavy it might be snowing. it's lower in the city. 1.25 miles. 2 miles in white plains. newburgh, sussex, it's not snowing. morristown up to ten miles now. islip, 3-mile visibility in
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snow is very, very light at this time. on storm tracker, a lot o dry air getting on storm. eastern suffolk county, going through a lull for a while until the last area pivots to the east and northeast. in the back edge of the snow, the dry line getting closer. through western new jersey, it's shut down in morris county as well. it's pretty much going to end in the city by 6:00 a.m. if not sooner. light snow, 33 degrees. it will end from west to east across long island. then the clouds break up for sunshine. temperatures climbing back into the upper 40s. we'll look at the accumulation in a little bit. looking at the commute right now, here's lauren. >> chris, good morning everyone. we have a couple of disabled vehicles along the l g island expressway. most have cleared. the one out there is westbound by exit 56, which is route 111a in the right lane. you can see a slow ride headingm through this area. a slow ride on long island. if you're getting on the subways. we have weekend track work still out there. the major track work on the 7 has cleared.
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3, 4, ad, f and l. expect delays and service changes. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended for snow cleanup. don't forget to feed the meter. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you very much. in new york city, there's a travel advisory. department much sanitation has been out all night trying to get the roads ready. tracie strahan is on the west side with a look at what they're doing. tracie, how is it going? >> reporter: michael, so far so good. we actually just saw a salt truck predding on the west side highway. we want to show you the road conditions that they're up against. actually not too bad. travel advisory issued by mayor de blasio's office is set to be lifted at the same time that storm team 4 is predicting the snow to stop in the city. om what you can see so far, the snow not accumulating. let's show you the activity at the garage here. they have been working around the clock filling up salt trucks
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ready to be deployed if feed needed. they haven't been so far. the department of sanitation is sitting on several mounds of salt throughout the city. salt that's been untapped throughout the winter because conditions haven't warranted it so far. it's unclear how much they have in the reserves and how much this may be costing the city. as a result, we have seen several salt trucks spreading early this morning. asnt we bring you back live to the west side highway, you can see the morning commute is picking up right now. not a lot of people with their windshield wipers on. that's important to point out as well. there are, michael, electronic signs on the west side highways warning others about the winter driving conditions that are in effect. it seems like they are just as a precaution. back to you. >> that's okay. we'll take the precautions instead of the reality. thanks so much. we have a reminder, download the nbc 4 app to stay on top of the weather. you can see the app in the app
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president obama and the firsthtamily are in cuba. the first family -- stop at the city's famous cathedral. this morning, president obama lay a wreath at the jose martin memorial. nbc's lester holt is in havana with a look at the day ahead. >> hi, michael. you're getting a look at what the president arrived in sunday afternoon. rain falling here. his first full day in cuba. the president will be officially welcomed. he'll meet with president raul castro. there will be a state dinner. it's a 2.5 day trip in which he'll speak to the cuban people and attend a baseball game. the thought that he brought his family, he has a personal stake here in trying to further open relations between the two countries, even as the economic embargo stays in place. we'll run down his entire day and what the president hopes to
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coming up here on "today." back to you, mike. >> lester holt. that's fantastic. tune in today to the "today" show this morning. much more from lester holt in cuba. 7:00 a.m. right after "today in new york." very good. 4:40 right now. the only surviving suspect in the paris terror attacks has been captured. he was plotting a nt attack in belgium. police arrested saleh abdeslam in brussels. the 26-year-old was a member of the terror cell that killed 130 people in paris back in november. now police say he's confessed t a new terror plot. authorities fear he's already recruited a large nwork of people for that cause. now to decision 2016. gop front-runner donald trump expected to meet with republican leaders before addressing pro israel lobbying group today in washington, d.c. trump, senator ted cruz, governor john kasich, hillary clinton, each expected to speak
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affairs committee policy conference. known as aipac. >> the group's leader says he's made questionable remarks about israel in the past. meantime, donald trump is strongly defending his security team. that's his personal security team after an incident over the weekend at a rally in tucson, arizona. the video shows trump's campaign manager allegedly grabbing the kol collar of a protester. the gop front-runner praised his security team. >> security at the arena, the police were a little bit lax. he had signs, they had signs up in that area that were horrendous. i will give him credit. >> it's after a reporter from the conservative website breitbart filed a campaign accusing lun do you ski of assaulting her as she tried to question trump. he's not been charged.
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a shocking crime. a deadly gunfight at a toll booth. commotion at a local mall. fists fly and one of the people throwing fists is a man dressed as an easter bunny. storm team 4 tracking snow right now. weather and traffic on the 4s
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effect 2i68, the snow to -- it's like rain. it clears up all areas by afternoon. could happen sooner west of the city. high temperatures well up into the 40s. any snow out there, even on the grassy areas, it melts by this afternoon.
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snow getting closer and closer to the city now. watch in the last few hours, these frames here. notice the snow eroding quickly. that is progressing towards us. in here. across portions of brooklyn, moving into queens. you may get a burst of big nassau county. there's more of a break in the action across portions of suffolk county right now. they may not end up with a higher end totals here. they got the first burst of look at this. it's dying out. we're going to keep an eye on this area here. notice the last few frames here. that may, may clip eastern long island as it gets more enhanced later on this morning. i wouldn't hold my breath on that one. chelsea, hoboken is 33. dyinger heights is 35. -- dyker heights is 35. didn't get as far north to poughkeepsie. >> the school day forecast, leftover flurries around at 8:30. most telephone is done by then. it's just dry conditions.
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by recess, 42. the winds, it will feel colder than that. partly cloudy skies for the after school activities. temperatures to the 40s. in terms of snow accumulation, this is mainly on grassy areas, colder surfaces, the dirt areas. a coating, that's about it. shut down after northwest new jersey. finishing up in the city. probably in the next hour or two. 1 to 2 inches on grassy areas perhaps. across suffolk county. elsewhere higher amounts. future tracker, get rid of the snow. by 8:00 a.m., leftover snow eastern connecticut, eastern long island. even the cloud line showing signs of getting sun. mix of clouds and sun in the afternoon. generally a clear sky. colder air overnight. 8:00 a.m., we're looking good. push of warmer air comes in on wednesday. by wednesday, high thin clouds to start the dayt'. they should burn off and get sunshine. that should allow temperatures into the 60s on wednesday. 49 today. not bad by the end of the day.
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goes to 50 some of the suburbs across long island. down the shore, long branch about 49. the clouds give way to sun. brisk, cold, tonight. 20s north and west of town. with a gusty wind out of the west, northwest, it's going to start out quite chilly. upper 40s today. after that, 60s by the middle of the week as the wind is more southwest and stays mainly dry. a couple of shower chances. we'll show that in the seven n day. windy, upper 40s. cold tonight. warming up wednesday to 67. close to 60 on thursday. could be showers later in the day. maybe showers or even a thunderstorm friday afternoon with a cold front. cooler saturday in low 50s. easter sunday looks mainly dry. temperatures back to the upper 50s. out the door early on a commute, what are folks looking at, lauren? >> overall, wet roads. you can see lots of green behind me on the maps much we have speed restrictions out there.
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>> on the goethals bridge, some roadwork out there. that will be there for another 12 minutes or so. there's a little bit of a delay in that area. on route 35, this is an update. all lanes shut down earlier. this is southbound between new brunswick avenue and harding avenue. might want to head over to 440 to get around this. a live look outside before we get to this surprise. the alexander hamilton bridge, things are moving along fine. cross bronx expressway in good shape. the disabled tractor-trailer on the level of the george washington bridge has cleared. heading over to alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended. meter rules still ply. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. see you in a bit. it's 4:49. police arrested a man who they say attacked three people with a machete in queens. investigators say 20-year-old -- guillermo torres slashed three men outside a restaurant early sunday morning following an argument.
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cuts to their head, ha or inds and wrists. torres is charged with three counts of assault. new jersey police arrested a man wanted for a slashing. this is 25-year-old gregory alfred yesterday. >> a 53-year-old woman from behin in prospect park south. the video shows him running after afterwards.t the victim is still recovering. behind a robbery spree, a thief, the sketch of the man they want to catch. used a large kitchen knife to rob a 7-eleven in beth page. the suspect may be responsible for a string of similar holdups dating back several months. also in long island, an out of control car punched a hole in a house in freeport. fortunately, nobody was hurt. family of four was home when the
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nobody, though, was in the living room where that car caused the most damage. witnesses say they saw police take the driver in to custody. madison square garden, a knick returned to action after being shot in the leg last november. he only p, yed for a little while last night. he was shot in the leg during a robbery after leaving a queens strip club. he didn't score any points, though, as the knicks lost to the kings, 88-80. retired pennsylvania state trooper is accused of killing two workers during a holdup at a turnpike toll plaza. police say clarence briggs shot and killed a toll collector and a security guard at the ft. littleton toll plaza east of harrisburg early sunday. they say he was loading the money into his car when a state trooper confronted him. both opened fire. briggs was killed. it is 4:51. still to come, what's coming to the most popular cereal boxes?
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we all know. it is see something, say something. we are going to tell you what's being unveiled later today. all righty. storm team 4 tracking some snow now. a live look at medford long island where katherine creag has been keeping us posted. it's 32 degrees out there right now. weather and traffic on the 4s straight ahead. you're watching "today in new
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4:54. time for a check of weather and traffic on the 4s. we look there at the george washington bridge. looks pretty nice. >> not a lot of snow. >> beautiful bridge. >> you know, we see these big flakes beyond us here. it's effectively on the ground. you can turn around and look. >>fo i did. >> not so sure about that s scenic wise, it's like a -- it's winding down in the next hour or two. takes longer across long island. even there right now, in
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there's a lull in the action too. not anticipating too much more in terms of snow accumulation. so the morning commute, wet roads out there. that wet snow, the roads stay wet through the commute. 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. from west to east. the clouds will give way to sunshine. it turns windy this afternoon. temperatures back in the upper 40s. any snow that's even on the grassy areas and the shrubs is long gone. that melts the temperatures. it's a cold, chilly night. back to the low 30s with a gusty breeze. windchills into the 20s. hopefully one of the last gasps, if not the last gasp of wintry weather. the rest of the week looks >> all right. >> hey, lauren. >> hello. we have track work out there for subway commuters. just for a few more minutes. there's plenty of lines affected from the weekend. the 1, 2, 3, 4, 7. adfl and shuttle. expect delays for a while longer. on the commuter lines, so far so good. nj transit and path running on
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it's a good idea to take the trains. the roads are wet. no major problems on them just yet. thank you, lauren. we have bad news at the pump. cost of a gallon of regular gas went up $.17 in the past two weeks. the average now at $2.02 a gallon. it's because there's growing demand and increase for crude oil prices. around here regular gas calling $1.72 in new jersey. connecticut about $1.98. the most expensive in new york, about $2.04 a gallon. >> yikes. 4:56. happening today, the mta is announcing changes to the long time safety campaign. for the first time of if you see something say something, they're adding another slogan. it will be revealed at grand central terminal this morning. it will include testimonials by new yorkers who have reported suspicious activity.
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to rescue a man trapped underneath a cement truck in queens. marine unit officers, joseph cuss manno and craft and gordon were on pa toll when they were flagged down. they found a man pinned underneath a truck. they jumped into action, called foyr help. emergency crews used airbags to lift the truck. that man is in critical condition. happening today, apple is expected to announce a new iphone at its let us loop you in event. the iphone se, will reportedly be four inches longer and have curved glass. they will reveal a new ipad and updates to the ios 9. they head back to dort with court with the battle over iphone encryption. general mills will have labels showing gmo. a new law in vermont. they make cheerios, progresso
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they hit the shelves in the next several weeks. the british royal is in the middle of a visit. of course, visiting villages damaged in the devastating earthquake last year. the prince hopes the tour will shine a light on nepal's struggles. 4:57 now. happening today, connecticut lawmakers are considering changes to the state's medical marijuana law. the public health committee will vote on the bill allowing patients under 18 years old to use medical marijuana under certain circumstances. under the proposal, patients need their parents' consent and meet any necessary requirements. the bill would allow more illnesses now to be treated by the use of medical marijuana. >> all right. in news 4 your health, people that are working and demanding jobs, medication could change your life. researchers at the cleveland clinic developed an online stress management program for a busy call center. it included medication four times a week.
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they felt more energy and less stress after doing this for eight weeks. some say they even slept better and they lost weight as well. i know it's supposed to be fantastic for you. i struggle to get into it. >> that's why. >> i know that's what it's all about. 4:58. coming up on 5:00 a.m. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the "news 4 new york" app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. spring snow is falling right now. the roads are slick. this is a live look at some of the big flakes coming down in monmouth county in new jersey. brian thompson is there. we'll have team coverage for you. very good. plus an historic trip is under way. right now the first family is in cuba. a man dressed as the easter bunny is involved in a fight at a local mall. whole thing caught on camera. "today in new york" starts now. good morning. 5:00 a.m. on this monday, march 21st. i'm michael gargiulo.
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darlene today. several schools delayed because of the weather. they'll be scrolling along the bottom of your screen. >> our crews fanned out overnight. we'll start with the latest forecast. there's no surprise there of the schools that we're seeing with the delays, suffolk county. >> mainly east. where the heavier bands came through earlier. they're catching a break. we'll show you that in a second. the morning snow, the wet snow will be tapering off from west to east. it's already under way that process. probably shuts down around 6:00 a.m. if not sooner. it will take longer across long island. the roads will mainly going to stay wet. temperatures at or above the froneezing mark. clearing by the afternoon for all of us. sunshine returning that will send temperatures well up into the 40s. storm tracker, as we watch the last band of snow, it is clinging to ocean county, monmouth county. the back edge of the snow where it shuts down is also making progress from west to east. you can see it's done in morris county. about to shut down in union, essex county.


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