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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  March 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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them heading to work. >> isis has brought back painful memories of their last major attack in paris a few months ago. this is a live look right here of a memorial honoring those who lost their lives. >> at least 31 people were killed in those coordinated suicide bomb attacks, one near the european union headquarters. three suitcases were used in the airport attacks, two detonated by the terrorists. >> three men were caught on surveillance, considered suspects, two died in the attacks, the third man wearing the hat is still at large. >> flags are flying at half staff around the world. president obama ordered flags at the white house, public buildings and military instillations also fly at half staff. brussels airport was packed when those bombs went off tonight.
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take a look. >> it's okay. it's okay. >> what it was? a truck or bus? >> terrorist. >> it's okay. you're okay. >> it happened once more time? many times or -- >> there you have it, 11 people died at the airport, more than 80 others were hurt. >> we were able to connect with people with ties to the tristate region. one family used to live on the jersey shore. he told ted greenberg, he worries about the impact today's attacks will have on his children. >> the second bomb that went off
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>> when armin got to work in kbrus els a short time later, conversations were filled with shock and concern for the victims of this morning's attacks. >> people have gone around today asking, is everyone who's normally supposed to be here here, make sure there's no one unaccounted for? >> he's lived in belgium for 14 years and is an emergency room physician with the medical humanitarian organization doctors without borders. the suburban philadelphia native previously worked at cape regional medical center at the jersey shore. and spent several summers as a lifeguard in cape may. he and his family live on the outskirts of brussels. >> my concern is not so much being victimized directly, but this is not a great atmosphere for the kids to grow up in. they'll have lots of questions and will be scared. his children 9-year-old twins
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nervous aftthe paris attacks. and he his wife tried to reassure their kids about their safety. now that there were actual events occurring in the city. that will to a certain extent undue some of the work we'll be doing. >> his job has taken him to other parts of the world, where bombings are more common. he already had a certain degree of risk tolerance when it comes to terror. ted greenberg, news 4, new york. >> dozens of florida bound passengers who had just left brussels before this morning's attack landed on american soil a few hours ago. the passengers aboard the flight were not told of the terror attacks until they landed in orlando, suicide bomb attacks in brussels happened just moments after their plane took offer. security and law enforcement gathered around the plane as soon as it landed.
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landed she gave me the news. >> just now? >> just now. >> we're okay. we're happy to be here. >> security was on hand before the plane ever landed, officers in tactical gear. the flights from brussels to orlando runs once a week. in brussels within hours of these attacks people converged upon the city's main square to show support. residents and tourists wrote messages of peace, prayer and solidarity for belgium and the victims of these attacks. today the square had a very different sentiment after a horrific morning. >> many local college students are in brussels right now studying over seas, how were they affected? you can get the latest updates
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still to compton the a follow-up on our i team exclusive, are city workers doing work for the mayor on the taxpayer's dime? the new evidence we've uncovered tonight. >> it was a little milder today as we made it into the 50s, this was just the beginning, we have a major warmup heading our way, we'll have all the details coming up in your forecast. >> lester holt has a look at what he's working on at 6:30. extended coverage of the twin terror attacks in belgium. we're interviewing eyewitnesss to the attacks and update you on what we know about americans caught in the blast. tom costello takes a close look at airport check-in lobbies. we'll look at whether that's about to change when we see you
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new questions tonight about whether the taxpayers of patterson have been ripped off by city workers. mayor torres denies workers were ever on the clock. our i team has done some additional records to show you. >> chief investigative reporter john ton dienst is here with this latest exclusive. >> documents that came to us last night appear to show three more examples, were city workers billed overtime to taxpayers, during the time they were working at the mayor's house. >> carrying in a beer cooler,
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showing up with tools in hand. these tapes show city worker s s. supervisor joe mania. new records obtained by the i team, showed mania billed the city for six hours of overtime that day. tapes show him working at the mayor's house. last week, we showed you time records that appear to show the other man, also billed overtime at that time. this man is another worker on tape at the mayor's house. in his case on five different occasions. the i team just got some of his time sheets. had he show on this day, he apparently billed taxpayers for extra hours. the videos show him at the
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on august 20th, he billed for five hours of work from 3:57 to 9:09 opinion. at 7:41 p.m., he's seen leaving the mayor's house carrying tools. he and several other workers reached by phone have told us they never build taxpayers for private work. some said the mayor paid them cash or that they volunteered their time. joel has not returned calls. tapes give tonight i team show some city workers at a business linked to one of the mayor's relatives. the mayor last week denied any impropriety. >> at no time, any city employee on a taxpayer's dollar nor any question -- >> these two patterson city workers allege over time abuse
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>> i know for a fact that that individual didn't show up for a whole week. showed up finally, was too much on his time. it's disgusting. it's wrong. >> the state attorney general is conducting a criminal investigation. as mayor torres has not returned the i teams calls after issuing his denial. >> why were workers at your home? >> i don't know what you're talking about? >> the patterson city attorney confirmed the state attorney general served the city with two subpoenas seeking records. this as the city council prepares to meet tonight for the first time since the i team broke the story. rob, back to you. >> should be interesting to see what happens there. we'll have complete coverage of that meeting tonight on news 4 at 11:00. can you watch jonathan's original report. still to come tonight, a fitting end to a historic trip. president obama takes in a
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how the national pastime helped these two nations find
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right now, 3rez obama is in route to arounden teen, that not
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diplomacy in cuba. before wrapping up his historic three-day visit, . during the game, mr. obama cited jackie robinson as an example of the power of sports to change attitudes in ways that politicians cannot. >> all those kids who started growing up watching the brooklyn dodgers and suddenly they're rooting for a black man on the field. and how that affects their attitudes laying the groundwork in the civil rights movement. that's the legacy that all of us have benefited from. >> before the game, of course, there was a moment of silence for the victims of the brussels terror attacks. it just got a little easier to travel to cuba.
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traveling to cuba in may. the travelers will have to spent at least 8 hours a day in some cultural experience. rapheal has a bit of good news for us. >> you want to travel tomorrow and stay around the lake, beautiful sunshine. 53 degrees, we're seeing some of the mildest temperatures of the day right about now. the warmup is just beginning, and it's going to get very warm over the next couple days. weather headlines not as chilly tonight. you'll notice the difference starting out tomorrow morning. it feels like may by tomorrow afternoon, temperatures sore into the 70s in some spots, and we are tracking a chance for rain late in the week, but not tomorrow. here's a look at temperatures right now, 55 in central park, we have mid-50s in morris town. 57 degrees, bridgewater, 48 in
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mid-40s from west hampton to islip. winds beginning to die down. it's been breezy all day. we have winds gusting between 15 and 25 miles per hour for the most part, winds will gradually diminish throughout the overnight many sunshine from new york city to the jersey shore, a few clouds filtering that sun deep into the hudson valley, for the rest of your evening, temperatures are slow to drop into the 50s, low 50s and then eventually upper 40s by 9:00, 11:00 p.m. we keep it dry, nice pleasant temperature there, 48 degrees at 11:00, let's talk about the weekend. easter weekend lots of folks have big plans. it's looking pretty good both days. saturday we bumped up the temperatures just a bit. most importantly, it will stay dry for the big holiday. great news for the easter egg hunters. much milder than we've been over the past few nights.
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that chilly, down to 42. we'll see low 40s. 38 for your low in rock him. a stray sprinkle, especially to the north of town. we have a warm front that may pop off a few showers. mainly in the hudson valley. 70 in central park, well above average there. low 70s in newark. lots of sunshine, especially early on, winds out of the west-southwest around 5 to 10 miles per hour, up to 67 in poughkeepsie. we have two days of this mild weather to enjoy. 68 on thursday. a bit cooler with showers, especially early on on friday. temperatures dropping down to the low 60s, cooler as we head into the weekend, still above average for easter sunday. 60 degrees. >> not too shabby. a new "dateline nbc" documentary series follows a producer's two-year investigation into the long history of a bronx man behind bars for murder. richard rosario was convicted 20 years ago of shooting and
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despite having 13 alibi witnesses proving he was innocent. for years, the bronx d.a. stood by the conviction, but a new d.a. is now in office, and she has vowed to focus on wrongful convictions including the rosario case. rosario still insists he is innocent. >> prosecutors say because they picked the right guy. >> they're going to always say they got the right guy. >> tomorrow there is a court date for rosario, the news comes two days before the release of the first digital documentary from nbc news about this case. the first four episodes can be seen at nbc right now. one way to help make sure you pay your bills on time, set up automatic payments. one east side woman did just that, but still said, better get baquero. >> she says she set up those payments more than a year ago, as her way of making sure she was up to date with her health insurance premiums.
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>> this is now part of nancy mayor's every day routine. taking medications to cope with the symptoms of lupus, a diagnosis this native new yorker got in 1994, when she was living in los angeles. >> it was the north ridge earthquake, i woke up that morning with two rashes on my face. the stress had just sort of popped it right out. and i was diagnosed luckily quickly after that. >> nancy was grateful to have medical insurance with united health care, which paid for her prescription drugs. >> about three years ago, my doctor switched me over to what i describe as my miracle drug. it's actually an anti-rejection medication. >> last year, nancy set up automatic payments for her monthly health premiums but was confused about warnings her coverage would be terminated. >> did you get any notice in the mail? >> periodically, i would call and follow up, they would be
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>> she continued to get meds until recently when her pharmacist called. >> he said, this is really weird, it says you don't have insurance. and it says you haven't had insurance since march of last year. and they had just refilled all my prescriptions in january. >> worried about how to pay for her miracle drug, nancy said, better get baquero. >> currently i'm paying out of pocket for the generic version. >> which is about how much? >> it's $65 a week. >> we asked united health care to look into nancy's case. and the good news is, problem solved. nancy changed her auto pay account in february of 2015. she put in a wrong bank number, so her payments couldn't be processed. premiums were paid sporadically, she is now current with all of her payments and she reenrolled with auto pay march 1st.
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allowed her to make automatic payments. you need to enter bank information accurately to ensure the process works properly. >> other than making sure the information is correct in the bank account other lessons that were learned here? >> you would think. this is one way to cross off an item on your to do list. it pays to review your bills every month, to make sure they're paid correctly and on time. there are different reasons why maybe the card expired or you had put it on, you really have to be on top of it, even though you just want to put it on auto pay and put it out of mind. >> i am a big fan of auto pay. >> so am i. >> to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, send an e-mail to better get baquero. remember, from now on, everyone who reaches out will get a response from the team at our new consumer investigative center. on long island tonight, a lucky little seal is recovering
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a constable found this harbor seal tangled up in gill netting and rope. the seal was rushed to the foundation's facility and freed from the entanglement. fortunately we're told the seal only suffered superficial wounds. >> that's good to know. a deadly accident on the tracks. how this truck ended up in the pack of a long island railroad train. >> chuck is coming up with what's new at 6:00. news 4 talks with three local students who were just feet away from the explosions that ripped through the airport in brussels this morning. how a miscommunication from the social security administration administration can make the
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a deadly accident on the lirr, a train struck a truck sitting right in the middle of the tracks. lane. with the story. >> the lirr was heading westbound when it struck a pickup here at this crossing. >> the truck driver was taken from his mangled vehicle and rushed to a local hospital. a law enforcement source tells me he's yet unidentified man has died. mta officials are still trying to determine if the truck driver
5:58 pm
gates, four passengers were on the train, but an lirr spokesman says no one was hurt. the incident comes a day after the railroad's president confirmed planls to install cameras at some of the lirr's nearly 300 great crossings. the mta is also considering eventually sending images from the cameras to crossing violators as a warning. >> they're focusing on grade crossing safety. over the last year, the number of incidents involving vehicles and pedestrians at grade crossings have tripled. greg cergol, news 4 new york. >> thanks for watching. stay with us, as the news
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terror in brussels. two airport bombings. belgium on countrywide lockdown as the manhunt for a suspect intensifies. >> we were 50 feet away. >> and the increased security here at home. >> i understand that risks exist. i'm going to keep living. news 4's team coverage of the terror in brussels continues now. >> good evening i'm chuck scarborough. >> at least 31 people are dead, 250 injured. police confirm that three men in a photo taken from surveillance video are two of the suspects. a manhunt for third is happening right now. there were three americans injured in the attacks, here's how the attacks happened this morning. there were two blasts at the
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blamed on a suicide bomber, about an hour later, a bomb explained on a subway train. >> increased security in new york and new jersey and an update on local students who narrowly escaped the bombings. jonathan dienst starts us off. >> officials left to wonder, where are the other terrorists who organized this and how many are still out there. as unspeakable carnage captured on cell phones amade the morning rush. the main terminal building was shattered. scenes of stretchers being lined up on the streets. an ominous sign of what rescue workers would soon find. bodies littered amid the smoke and debris, where passengers moments earlier had been lining up to check in to catch their flights. a similar scene outside the subway, where the bloodied and


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