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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  March 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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will claiming responsibility. his brother was the subway suicide bomber. he was the subject of an interpol red notice this summer. belgian authorities believe the man on the left also blew himself up at the airport. the suspected terrorist on the right is believed to still be on the run. one of the two unidentified men may be the master bomb maker. police say they know from past investigations that bomb maker is likely this man. and that dna links him to the paris bombs, that he was seen traveling with the paris terror suspect and that he travelled to syria in 2013 to train with isis. searches continue across brussels. more raids, more arrests, bomb making materials recovered. turkey's president says warning signs were missed, that turkey
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brothers in 2015 and they warned european intelligence services he was a radical. some of that country's insular muslim communities are called to cooperate more to stop the next attack. >> the one who is hiding him or helping him is not a muslim according to the holy koran. >> that nation remains on edge. as for that will found on one of the suspect's computer, officials said he said he feared kbaugt caught, that he felt he needed to act fast. >> and the memorial for the victims of these heinous acts is growing by the hour. candles are lit and a large crowd is gathering to remember those killed. you spoke with new yorkers who were at the airport when the
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>> reporter: that's right. these new yorkers were on their way to the check in counter to take off for new york when they made a split second decision to go and get something. these when they narrowly escaped death. >> smoke was billowing and time just kind of stood still. >> reporter: that's how jason jacques remembers the moment the airport was under attack. he was traveling with his friend. thkey decided to get their shopping tax refund before checking in. the first explosion sounded like something heavy fell, but the second was unmistakable. >> the second explosion was [ bleep ] huge. it was fire across the ceiling as far as you could see. then it started collapsing. and i saw the ceiling like -- i thought the building was going to come on. >> reporter: they managed to get
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jacques called his family right away to let them know he was okay physically. mentally the scars will take time to heal. >> we were kind of more thinking they're coming with guns next. that was the next thought in my mind. >> reporter: you were thinking about paris. >> yeah. i thought another paris, they're coming with guns. like we're under attack. >> reporter: meanwhile the friends were waiting to board the earliest flights back, all while wondering how they managed to survive. >> it's coming whenever it's due. you can't cheat it. >> so no questions, i guess. all right. chuck do you want to start? >> we're sorry about that. we obviously lost communication. tonight we know that several
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in brussels including a brother and sister who called new york home. >> chuck, there are americans still considered missing tonight. imagine a family dealing with this uncertainty for more than 24 hours now. a number of americans were at the airport when those two bombs went off. at least one flight was soon to take off for the united states. sasha and her brother alex, both from new york city, a tight knit pair from a living family among the americans missing after the brussels attacks. they were at the airport. their family and friends desperate for any word. alex's girlfriend who lives in the city tweeting out please help find my boyfriend and his sister. justin and stephanie schultz smiling brightly in photographs, both living in nashville, had dropped off stephanie's mom at the brussels airport when those
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nobody has heard from them since. mormon missionaries at the airport. this powerful image of a flight attendant, the woman on the right taken by a photographer. she survived the attacks, grabbed her camera and started shooting. >> when i realized that i was alive, first what i wanted to do to picture everything. because i saw that nobody was there and i was the only person, you know, with legs, because everyone was on the floor and everyone was in blood and i was the only person standing. >> an update just into our newsroom. the american couple from tennessee, the brother of justin schultz tweeted out that the state department just told them that justin and stephanie were
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right now no information on their condition, but they have been found. other americans, a connecticut man with nonlife threatening injuries who has asked not to be identified. all officials will say is that their injuries are not life threatening. >> security is visibly ramped up across the city. commuters at times square subway station and penn station noticed extra police on duty as they were stopped for bag checks. with heightened security measures expected to stick around for the next few days, many say they've adjusted to this postterror terror way of life. >> this is a part of our new reality unfortunately. >> we have to carry on. >> along with train stations and landmarks the nypd and the port authority have stepped up
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tunnels and bridges. next at 5:0 30 a closer look at stepped up security measures. an electrical problem apparently ignited this inferno that ripped through this historic church. that is little solace for a congregation left with nowhere to go just before easter. >> reporter: that's right, chuck. officially they are saying that it was not suspicious. at this point, we're hearing that it could possibly be electrical. that's not a final finding. they do expect to rebuild here, though, the minister promising me that. however, whether those walls can be saved remains to be seen. like a match to a fuse, fire tore through the rafters of this
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the walls still stand today, but the damage is extensive. >> it was a punch to the gut. . >>reporter: for karen, the fire was personal. this is what her sanctuary looks like now, the roof collapsed in these pictures news 4 new york has obtained. this is what it looked like more than two decades ago when she married, her father walking her down the aisle. >> you sense that you're part of years of history. but it's also the role it's played in the community. >> reporter: as members watched these flames last night, karen's father was there. >> there was sadness and a feeling of hugging each other. >> reporter: and relief that so much has stood. there is insurance coverage. and nearly all of the tiffany stained glass windows survived, one prominently seen from the church's famous christmas caroling. one former arson investigate telling me these pictures strongly suggest electrical
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we caught up with first presbyterian's minister dr. richard long here hong. >> organizations both in town and out of town. >> reporter: just minutes ago reverend hong told me he has decided to accept the mayor's offer to use the bergen performing arts center for an 11:00 a.m. sunday easter service. now we have breaking news. the brooklyn district attorney's office is recommending no jail time for a former nypd officer convicted of manslaughter in the death of akai gurley. the jury convicted peter liang in the shooting death.
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case d.a. recommended five years probation, with six months of that to be served under house arrest. new at 5:00, we are hearing from the heart broken family of a man run down on the street and left to die. 36-year-old christopher was hit and killed late last night in east harlem. but it's what he did seconds before the crash that even his loved ones don't understand. >> reporter: it happened at the intersection behind me here, 115th street and madison avenue. it was dark last night. there's a chance the driver didn't even see that victim christopher costa. that might also be because he was lying down in the middle of the road. friends and family stopped by to pay tribute today to 36-year-old christopher costa killed in a hit-and-run accident last night. his sister beside herself with grief. >> this is the worst feeling i could have ever endured. >> it's a damn shame that people
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him and killed him and kept going. >> reporter: police say he was crossing the street last night when he was hit by a gray suv. 4 investigates found surveillance video of the accident. look closely and you can see christopher cross the street, then he appears to lie down in the middle of the street. it was dark and a car hit him. >> even if it were a deer or a possum in the street, you would stop and say oh my car is damaged. who hits a person and just keeps going. who in their right mind would do something like that? >> he was kind, always helping out everybody. it's a terrible loss. >> reporter: it's unclear why christopher lay down in the middle of the street, but police say they are searching for a gray suv that was heading north and then took off after hitting him. >> if somebody knows something, say something. >> whoever knows anything, please step forward. have some dignity and turn yourself in. >> reporter: again, police are
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gray suv. they've seen the surveillance video but they haven't been able to locate that driver just yet. if you have any information about where he or she might be, you're urged to contact the police. still ahead as we continue on news 4 new york, a-rod is retiring. >> alex rodriguez will be hanging up his claetd eats for good. >> want to ride that new hoverboard on the board walk this summer? why banning the boards is not a clear cut issue. and a big surprise in one sushi restaurant. wait until you hear how this 13-foot python ended up inside. 71, folks. complaint department is officially closed.
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in brick, new jersey, tonight authorities are investigating the discovery of a human skull. two men found that skull yesterday afternoon at the edge of ra wood
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the prosecutor's office is checking missing person's reports. parents have become hyper sensitive over the issue of lead in schools. the education department sent letters home with kids today telling them about the measures the city has taken to keep the water safe in schools. parents can get the latest information on it was a great day out there. let's get to the forecast, see how long we can keep this going. mild and comfy tonight, going to be terrific. we are looking at showers and storms rolling in friday. and easter weekend is looking good. now let's get to the meat of the forecast. temperatures around the area, still holding onto a lot of that warmth in newark and staten island, brooklyn too at 72 degrees, i believe.
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same in poughkeepsie. 63 in monticello. when it's warm like this, keep in mind pollen is going get you today if you have allergies. we're looking at some blizzard like weather in places like the rockies and pushing through into the upper midwest. we are not going to get that. we're going to inherit some of that moisture in the form of rain as we head into friday. cooler air to the north, warmer er er air to the south. we're going to be with cooler temperatures but nothing significant. as far as tomorrow goes, a couple of viewers noticed on twitter a forecast which went up and down and up and down. we are going to inherit an east wind which is going to keep things a little bit cooler. but we still get to 70s or near 70 inland. if we get more clouds, it's going to be a lot cooler.
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might see temperatures climb into the upper 60s. tomorrow we're going to be looking at 62. cooler along the coast and warmer inland. there's that seven day forecast. friday not so great. saturday is looking good but cool. and just terrific for easter. they other 're not allowed on airplanes, trains or city streets. another place the hoverboards won't be welcome, the board walk of the jersey shore. >> reporter: 14-year-old vincent is spinning his wheels during spring break on the wildwood board walk. and he'd like to ride his hoverboard here over summer vacation too. >> i got it for christmas. i'm hoping that the cops let me ride it down here. >> reporter: there's a good chance they won't.
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sit to vote on this brand new proposed law that would prohibit hoverboards on the board walk, mainly citing falling and crashing crash crashing hazards. >> i'm not saying it's everybody. there are some people who are probably extremely good at it. but you can't say okay, you can come and you can't. >> reporter: officials in seaside heights have similar concerns and also point to well publicized cases of hoverboards catching fire. >> we have seen more and more of them since christmas. >> reporter: ocean city is also looking to ban the devices on its board walk, with officials trying to figure out the best way to do it. >> there are existing laws that prohibit the use of motorized vehicles. the city is looking at those laws to see if they apply to hoverboards. >> reporter: tia cox, whose son has a hoverboard, believes they
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>> it's a lot of fun. until something happens, i think the kids should be able to have fun or adults with it. >> reporter: a second vote on the wildwood plan is expected to be held in mid april. if it passes, the hoverboards ban will be in effect by memorial day weekend. it was sushi with a show in california after an angry customer left behind a slithery friend. it all started when the snake's owner brought two smaller snakes into the studio city restaurant. customers complained and employees kicked him out. he later came back with that monstrous python, dropped it in the middle of the restaurant and then left. the owner was taken into custody. bronx bomber alex rodriguez
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the yankee slugger says he plans to retire after the 2016 season. $275 million contract expires with the yankees. rodriguez said it will be time for him to go home and be a father. alex was suspended for the 2014 season for his involvement with performance enhancing drugs. >> did you say $275 million? >> i did say that. >> i would stumble. it's still a lot of money. there's still much more ahead on news 4 new york at 5:00. which local colleges could soon hike tuition. plus, a daycare worker who likely saved a three-year-old's life. those attacks in brussels have everyone on high alert. coming up the extra security
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at local surge churches. melissa russo goes one on one with mayor de blasio to talk about this new affordable housing plan. will it finally make a difference for thousands of new yorkers? check your home computer. a major recall involving laptop
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a philadelphia daycare owner is credited with saving a child's life after realizing the little girl was eating crack cocaine. her three-year-old class was getting ready for lunch yesterday when she noticed one of the children chewing on something, a small bag. at the time she couldn't identify what was indeed. >> when she was chewing we opened her mouth and we pulled out a substance. we didn't know what it was. for a substance to be there and the child to not notice, very disheartening. i would never want any child to ever experience anything like that.
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tests showed she did ingest some of the drug. police believe she might have picked it up while playing outside. the husband of one of the new jersey housewives is now a prison inmate. he kissed his wife good-bye for reporting to prison at fort dix. theresa got out of prison in december after serving 15 months. prosecutors plan to have joe deported to italy after completing the sentence because he's been living in this country illegally. >> the supreme court looks to be headed for a 4-4 tie over how faith based groups handle birth control for women. the issue is over the arrangement the obama administration has worked out that allows religious groups to opt out. if the justices tie, the issue would remain unsolved nationally until a new justice is confirmed. connecticut state
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warning tuition could go up next year 5%. tuition at community colleges like norwalk would go up 3.5%. the proposed hikes come one day after a system-wide hiring freeze. the actions being taken at local malls and churches in spans to those over
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right now on news 4 new york, the world reacts to the brussels attacks. victims remembered, suspects on the run and security at an all time high. it has been more than 36 hours since those attacks and new details are coming in by the minute. >> here's the very latest that we i know at this hour. belgian police are warning that at least one of the suspects from yesterday's attacks may be on the run. there's also fear of additional attacks. >> at least 31 people died in those attacks. tonight a memorial is being built outside the brussels airport, one of the sites of the attacks. >> a memorial also now fills


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