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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  March 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now on news 4 new york, the world reacts to the brussels attacks. victims remembered, suspects on the run and security at an all time high. it has been more than 36 hours since those attacks and new details are coming in by the minute. >> here's the very latest that we i know at this hour. belgian police are warning that at least one of the suspects from yesterday's attacks may be on the run. there's also fear of additional attacks. >> at least 31 people died in those attacks. tonight a memorial is being built outside the brussels airport, one of the sites of the attacks. >> a memorial also now fills
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>> reporter: well, here the memorial continues to grow. you can see there are so many people here surrounding this growing memorial that has been on this floor. people continue to come here to light candles. children are also leaving little notes. one little girl wrote i'm belgian but i'm also a muslim. the message here is one of love and acceptance. take a look over here on the steps. a whole contingent of people have gathered together and they have been chanting all day, we are united against hate, we are against terrorism and we are not afraid. this is all part of the healing process as the country goes into their first full day of mourning. they've got two more days left. as they sort of get used to their new reality. and since those attacks, security has been stepped up at airports, train stations and
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especially here in new york city. now police on long island say they're also planning to increase patrols, particularly at malls and churches. >> reporter: that's right. on the trains as people board to get to where they need to go today, they will see more police officers in the coming days and throughout the weekend. now, officials tell me this is no known credible threat that they are reangting ing reacting too. nassau county want residents to feel safe. long islanders may notice more police this weekend. >> acts of terrorism abroad and here in the homeland as recently as san bernardino reminds us to be ever vigilant. >> reporter: the county will
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just last year. >> i think it's good that we're taking precautions and being careful about everything and not risking anything. >> reporter: the increased patrols will last at least through easter sunday. jarring but perhaps reassuring. >> it's nice to see the police presence. but also i think we have to be vigilant. like if we see something, to say something. >> in the rest of the world, a lot of people live like that unfortunately. >> reporter: she has a trip to europe scheduled next month and still plans to take it. >> you can't let it stop you. we live in new york. if we're safe anywhere, i don't know. being a new yorker you have to be aware of that all the time. >> reporter: those patrols could continue past this weekend if necessary. police commissioner reasoning
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the nassau county plea agreement. agreement police department. residents need to take a picture if they see something. in washington, the house of representatives unanimously approved a resolution today condemning the brussels attacks and expressing condolences to the people directly affected by them. secretary of state kerry is expected to arrive in brussels friday for meetings with belgian and other top officials. and we will have another live report coming from brussels coming up at 6:00.
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gop candidate jeb bush is throwing his support behind senator ted cruz for president. bush made the announcement calling cruz a consistent, principled christian. he also took a swipe at donald trump saying, quote, we must move to over come the divisiveness and vulgarity donald trump has brought into the political arena. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are both fund raising in california today. in yesterday's primaries clinton picked up delegates in arizona, giving her the more than two-thirds delegates needed to win the nomination. sanders still trails clinton by about 300 delegates. a plan to build more affordable apartments. the mayor talks to melissa russo about his new master housing plan. erica grow is here with a check of the forecast on a beautiful day. >> absolutely.
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can we keep this going, though, into the all-important holiday weekend? lester holt is in brussels with a look at what he's working on. >> good afternoon from an anxious and still grieving brussels. the latest on the bombing investigation including the hunt for another suspect. we'll also have a conversation with two americans who were in the airport when the bombs went off. they describe a surreal scene afterwards. also back home, the supreme court, are they headed to a tie on the touchy issue of religious
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new tonight, a plan to fill new york's already crowded skyline with more high-rise apartment buildings that people can afford. it is part of mayor de blasio's new affordable housing plan just approved by the city council. >> right now the mayor and city council leaders are hosting a rally in lower manhattan to celebrate the plan. melissa russo is there. >> reporter: well, while affordable housing is definitely one of mayor de blasio's top priorities, that plan you're talking about would not have come to pass had mayor de blasio not agreed in recent days and weeks to deepen affordability
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the smallest paychecks. de blasio said while the plan may not help everybody, it may not be perfect, at least he's doing something. >> if we didn't do this, affordable housing wouldn't be created at all. >> reporter: that's mashds's yor de blasio's answer to remaining questions by new yorkers like stephanie. >> i prefer the areas to stay more historic. and would be traditionally more low to the crowd. >> right now the minimum wage is -- it can't even cover. >> reporter: under the plan passed yesterday, select neighborhoods in all five boroughs will be rezoned with changes affecting new residential construction. developers can now build taller and denser than before. but they'll also have to set aside affordable apartments. for example, 20% of units for families earning $31,000 a year
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$775 a month. or 30% of units for families earning $70,000 with the two bedroom rent at $2300 a month. but the reality industry has its own questions, like how they'll afford to build below market apartments now that they're no longer getting tax abaitment te abatements from albany. >> there's the opportunity to build buildings of a certain height and density. we understand that whatever we do has to be financially viable. >> reporter: mayor de blasio invited us to talk about the changes today, not in one of the areas being rezoned but rather on 4th avenue in park slope, his old neighborhood which has been rapidly developing. >> there was a chance to make
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them be affordable. but the previous administration did not believe in requiring developers to create affordable housing. >> reporter: and i asked the mayor today why he chose to emphasize what mayor bloomberg didn't do instead of focusing on the fact that his own plan is now moving forward today. he said he thinks the message is that it's important to learn from our mistakes. a spokesperson for former mayor bloomberg declined to comment. coming up an important recall alert, laptop batteries that could catch fire. plus the victory tonight for women who claim they have been
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you got to love not wearing a coat to work. >> beautiful, yeah. >> if you can take a little bit of a chill in the morning, you can leave the coat at home again tomorrow. taking a look outside, the long island sound influence this time of year tends to cool things down a little bit. in our weather headlines, it's still going to be dry tomorrow. but on friday we're going to watch some rain and thunderstorms with a cold front moving through. after that front moves out, it's going to be cooler and drier for easter weekend. it's 70 in morristown. in farmingdale, 69 degrees. it's not until you get out really over the open water that you drop the temperatures into the 50s. on storm tracker we are dry right now. just a couple sprinkles to the
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this front wants to wobble a little bit. so we could get some cooler air behind it tomorrow. then the cold front approaches. we're not going to see the blizzard conditions that they have out in denver and wisconsin right now. this is what we can expect as that front makes its approach. we're going to see temperatures on the mild side. tonight our low temperature is the same as our average high temperature. that onshore flow depends on where you are as far as the temperatures how high it's going to get. 70s as you go farther inland. then heading into the holiday weekend, good friday will feature some thunderstorms as the cold front makes its approach. high temperatures getting back into the 60s. let's time out the arrival of some of those showers and storms for you on good friday. heading toward lunchtime is when things are going to get more
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we'll hear some rumbles of thunder, might even get some strong wind gusts. at 3:00 if the kids don't have off school on good friday, looks like they might need not only the umbrellas, but somewhere to duck for cover. 52 degrees in town, 38 in liberty. here's a look at the seven day forecast with the mild temperatures staying with us. friday will be another mild day, but it comes at a price with those thunderstorms. the weekend looks good. good news for your outdoor plans. easter sunday will be just fine with a high of 60 degrees. an i-team update and a victory in court for woman who have been harmed by a controversial contraceptive called essure. women say they have suffered
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punctured fallopian tubes and unintended pregnancies after the metal coils broke or migrated to other parts of their bodies. the judge dismissed parts of the lawsuit but said the women can sue bayer. bayer released a statement today saying the company stands by their safety studies and is pleased with the judge's decision to dismiss most of the lawsuit. a thousand dollar gift card for airline tickets sounds like a pretty good present right? after buying them the consumer said better get baquero. >> that's because the airline shows that the card is still valid and hasn't been used. so why can't fred harting redeem it? we investigated. at their lake side home in sullivan county fred and cindy
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and traveling. and that's how they accrue frequent flyer miles. when it came time to buy a birthday gift for his wife, he turned to delta air lines and purchased a thousand dollar gift certificate which they hoped to use on a trip to the keys. when he tried to redeem the card in january -- >> we were told that at the time that the gift certificate was purchased a pin number of some type, a four digit number was sent to us. >> fred told me he didn't have that pin number. since he had purchased it with a credit card he looked up the transaction. >> so delta finally acknowledged that, yes, on july 4th that transaction number they had received the thousand dollars and issued a gift certificate.
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>> fred was told without the pin number that had been sent to him, he couldn't use the card. >> we watch nbc. i was frustrated and i gave up and said what am i going to do. better get baquero. >> we reached out the delta and just a few days later -- >> i received a letter from delta indicating that they would reissue the gift card and then the next day that they couldn't do that but they would refund the money. >> he accepted that refund and will now travel to maine with cindy to go where else, fishing. >> problem solved thanks to baquero. >> we like that. thank you, fred. delta tells news 4 they regret that mr. harting's experience did not live up to their expectations. they did work directly with him to resolve the situation and a refund of $1,000 was issued. a note to everyone if you do get one of these e-gift cards keep
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fred is very happy about his refund. so are we. >> to get in touch with our consumer investigative team send an e-mail or call us at 1-866-news-244. we do have a consumer alert tonight. panasonic is recalling batteries found in laptops sold between december 2011 and audiocassette gust 2013. some of the batteries contain a foreign material that could contain a fire risk. up next, a vicious attack. a nine-year-old nearly loses his life when he is malled by two dogs. now we're learning this wasn't the first time those dogs attacked. why wasn't anything done? chuck is here now with what's coming up at 6:00. >> a news 4 exclusive interview
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they respond to ted cruz's assertions that muslim neighborhoods need to be actively patrolled by police. and joy as a bronx man is finally freed after 20 years
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on long island two brothers are dogs viciously attacked a nine-year-old boy.
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something like this happened. >> reporter: the two brothers pleaded not guilty and were freed without bail, but prosecutors say they're to blame for the january dog attack on a westbury boy who was walking home from school. >> i saw two dogs on top of the little boy. >> reporter: patti stumbled on the attack outside her home and helped rescue the nine-year-old. the two mixed breed dogs nearly killed the boy. >> there was blo in the snow. i saw that. so it was pretty awful. >> reporter: no one knows what prompted the attack on the nine-year-old. but prosecutors say one of the dogs struck before, attacking two other dogs and a person in the span of three months. denise's dog apollo was nearly killed by the same dogs a month before the attack on the boy. she says complaints by local officials weren't acted upon quickly enough even though the
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school. a westbury village officials tells 4 investigates the pit bull mix was taken from his owner for a time, but was quickly returned. prosecutors say the two men then continued putting the dogs in the same yard from which they had previously escaped. >> the facts will show there was nothing done by anyone that was intentional or reckless in this case. >> reporter: the nine-year-old's family tells me the boy is recovering. the two dogs are being held by prosecutors. >> i'm glad the dogs are removed. very glad. stay with us as the news continues here at 6:00. live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. now at 6:00, terror in brussels, the latest on the investigation. the manhunt for more suspects and the gut wrenching wait for families whose loved ones are still missing. plus the nypd and ted cruz at odds over cruz's suggestion
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to be actively patrolled. news 4 has exclusive reaction from muslim nypd officers. and after 20 years a bronx man is finally freed for a murder he says he did not commit. but there's a cloud over this silver lining. one day after coordinated terror attacks in belgium and the city of brussels remains in shock. >> here's the latest. the death toll remains at 31 with more than 270 wounded. but the number of dead could increase as the search for the missing continues. >> and we now know the two suicide bombers were brothers. several people who may be linked to the attacks are still on the loose and the country's threat alert remains at its highest levels. >> at least one suspect remains on the loose. and in police raids many weapons and explosives found suggesting additional attacks were already
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police stage new raids in brussels trying to head off new attacks by surviving terrorists. belgium's federal prosecutor admits only one of the men in the airport photo surveillance shot is identified, in the middle, killed in the airport suicide bombing. police say the man at left also killed himself, while the one on the right escaped. either of the two unidentified men could be the master bomb maker. the other suicide bomber who blew up the subway is the brother of the airport bomber. both men were on the terrorist radar screen, but somehow officials missed what was coming. amid a raid at the brother's home police found an isis flag and unexploded bombs. and at the airport, a computer left behind had a will admitting responsibility and that the


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