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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 24, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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it is thursday, march 24th. coming up on "early today," more connections between the paris and brussels attacks as the man hunt continues for the hat man in white. president obama speaking out against isis as the candidates attack the commander and chief. and the spouses of donald trump and ted cruz are dragged into the the mudslinging. with over 10 million people in the path of winter. and incredible news on women's salaries. and a rare tango with
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"early today" starts right now. good morning everybody and thanks for joining us today. the intense man hunt in brussels continues to focus on the missing suspect. seen here wearing a hat and light colored coat. he was originally thought to be a bomb maker but he's been confirmed as the man on the left. he's one of the suicide attackers that airport. and in the middle, ibruham and his brother khaled was the suicide attacker on the metro. brusz brussels is the work of the same cell in the paris attacks. and what are you hearing there? >> reporter: good morning. the investigators are trying to figure out who that third person
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was dark, a dark blue hat with big glasses. he's still on the loose and of course, war -- the authorities and the residents of brussels who are nevertheless defiant of a new terror attack. and you can see behind me there's some kind of shrine that the people built yesterday. they gather here to improvise some vigil memory of the victims and they dlu rew a lot of messages on the pavement and they were in memory, in solidarity with the victims families and in defiance of the face of terror. there was a big writing in the center of the square saying life here continues. saying that they are not being put away from the fear of a new terror attack. they're just continuing as normal.
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the shops are open and they say this is the only way to show they're defiant in the face of this terror threat. >> return to normalcy is what they're trying to do. thank you so much for that report. and the head of the center of hate and extremism. thanks for joining us bright and early there. the brothers, they were criminals. how did they slip through the cracks? >> when you have a turkey and the president there talking about this, it says that there's a problem, not with intelligence but with the sharing of intelligence and one of the problems with respect to belgium is it's a divided country. different languages, the french
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and you have a lot of local administrative regions. in addition, they are overwhelmed. belgium has the highest proportion of foreign fighters who go off to syria, iraq and then come back. >> why is belgium becoming such a breeding ground for these extremists? >> great question. just with respect to the other question. i think there's a problem with prioritizing investigations. even if you're overwhelmed, you can prioritize and if other governments tell you suspected terrorists are backing your country, you should make them on the top echelon of who you're looking at. about 40/50 years a go, many immigrants came to work in the mining industry. when that collapsed, they were
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and that enabled folks to do was to go in and radicalize them. there was a group called sharia for belgium, which is based off of a british model and they radicalized quite a few people and they were perhaps the biggest feeders to isis. they weren't isis but they radicalized thoem em and the leader, a 32-year-old belgium was just convicted last year and sentenced to 12 years in prison. >> thank you so much for joining us today. we appreciate your insight. >> the belgium terror attacks have the presidential candidates saying the president is not doing enough. and president obama defended his strategy. andrea mitchell reports. >> reporter: the president called isis vicious killers but not a threat to the u.s.
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they're not an egzu stengsal threat to us. >> reporter: campaign a leading wedge issue. a majority of republican voters siting terrorism as their number one concern. and donald trump renewing his call to ban muslims and torture terror suspects. ted cruz calling for surveillance of muslim neighborhoods in the u.s. the president taking that on a day after leaving cuba. >> i just left a country that engages in that kind of neighborhood surveillance, which, by the way, the father of senator cruz escaped for america. >> reporter: cruz, lashing back. >> and we have seen president obama's weakness and appeasement give rise to radical islamic terrorism. >> reporter: hillary clinton trying to portray herself as the grown up. >> when republican candidates
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american muslims like criminals, it's wrong, counterproductive, it's dangerous. >> in this political season, it seems nothing is off the talk as bars between the two top rivals dives deeper into the personal. and ted cruz and donald trump each crying foul on the other. and here more on the increasingly nasty rivalry. >> reporter: this racy antitrump ad meant to turn off utah mormons now turning attention to the tone of the gop race. meet milania trump, it says, your next first lady or you could support ted cruz on tuesday. >> that was completely inappropriate. >> reporter: the image was created by an outside stop trump group but that didn't stop trump himself that he would quote spill the beans about wife heidi. >> there are a lot of things that donald trump and his
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in reality. >> reporter: and cruz tweeting back with the #classless. >> heidi is way out of his league. >> reporter: trump accuse ing cruz of lifting lines. >> because sidney ellen wade is way out of your league. >> reporter: is anything off limits anymore? >> i think it's always nasty but this year is extraordinarily nasty. >> reporter: liz mayor created the ad featuring the former model. >> reporter: i'm there are lines we shouldn't cross. >> we shouldn't attack each other's spouses, or children. >> reporter: hoping to set the rules in a race that doesn't seem to have any. and in the there's this.
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president obama just broke the internet by dancing the tango last night. during a state visit in argentina. he's northwesting twisting and twirling his dance partner and michelle obama was also twisting a tango. a dramatic scene in florida to show you in a car and a ceptic tanker truck crash under to each other wednesday morning. >> can you hear me? can you crawl this way? crawl this way. >> deputies frantically tried to rescue a woman in a burning car. it took them nearly three minutes, yelling several times and suffering minor burns, they were heroically pilling that woman to safety.
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seeing wild weather in colorado. at least a thousand flights were canceled at denver international airport. many drives strapped. officials say some areas could see up to 18 inches of snow. so much for spring. and in northwest missouri, snow expected to hit overnight and texas experiencing the storm with hail plummeting into this pool. i don't know if we want to see anymore. >> that storm is now located over iowa. we have heavy snow, drifting snow. from raw chester to lacrosse to green bay, that's who is in that heavy snow ban into northern michigan over the day. and as far as additional
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foot of snow northern michigan, only another three to six inches in green bay, oshkosh, maybe another th ather inch or two. we did see storms go through dallas. overnight the storms heading towards houston this morning. and areas round little rock. we're going to reenergize the storms pm about 10 million people at risk in the yellow. that's where the isolated chance of a tornado too. wind damage is the greatest threat from nashville down to mobile. and warm air from d.c., northern new england is rainy and temperatures chilly in the 30s and 40s. now a closer look at your day ahead. so you can see beautiful weather throughout richland and pennsylvania.
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they built a three bedroom home to conseal the 400 yard passage way. they nabbed the first shipment of marijuana. near melbourne, florida, a tasty collision. a truck hauling beer, and they spent the morning cleaning up chips and beer. time to get down to business. according to a new survey, 70% of americans binge watch tv and on average watch five episodes per sitting. this is good news for netflix and hulue. millennials on average subscribe to three. if connecticut legislators have their way, they'll start taxing income from yale university's billion dollar endowment and only target
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this morning on "today," the hacking of america. does erasing your hard drive really delete your info? find out later on "today." the clippers battled but were no match as the warriors won their 51st consecutive home game 114-98. and rodney hood's concentration was put to the test on the foul line. and the mascot had help from a hairy green guy. but hood nailed the flee ree throw and the jazz won. put a shirt on. next to cleveland. check this out. >> to lebron james. officially insane, lebron james. >> reporter: that was pretty
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king james nailed two of his 26 ints on the night. 113-104. and baseball's alex rodriguez tells espn he'll call it a career after the 2017 season. and we shall see. just ahead. disney versus georgia. why the company is threatening to boycott the state. and saying good bye to a legend and a member of our nbc family. so i' m going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli' s portfolio, what' s it to you? or i' m a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you' re no son of mine! or perhaps it' s time to seize the day. don' t just see opportunity, seize it!
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now to entertainment news. disney, vicom, and all saying it would legalize discrimination. and vowed to boycott production in the state should the bill be approved by the governor. and hollywood is mourning the loss of actor best known as coach reeves on "the white shadow." he earned two emmys and a tony award. bridget jones is back for a third round. the trailer was released yesterday 12 years after the last movie hit theaters. bridget jones' baby will be in theaters this september.
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old stomping grounds on the "bay watch" set. hoff met with stars. dwayne the rock and zack effron showed him how it's done. and jimmy fallon seemed intrigued by sarah palin's latest project. >> this is a pretty big deal. sarah palin signed a deal to act as a judge on a new reality tv court show. she says she wants legal experience before trump nominates her to the supreme court. >> i still think you're thinking beach. >> you think of rock and muscles on top of muscles and then -- >> he's holding his own, the hoff is, right is this. >> he's even taller than the rock. >> and doesn't he sing and dance. >> you don't -- he's going to the gym a lot and the tanning bed.
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leading the news on, flight itendant who fled without gucci shoes surrendered on thursday after spending five days on the lamb. it all began friday night when she was randomly selected for a security screening. they found seven pounds of cocaine in her bag. she faces federal narcotics trafficking charges with a
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convicted. and feds arrest 8,000 violent fugitives in a sweep. and nearly 850 for sex offenders. the u.s. marshal service carried out the operation across 12 cities and they recovered at least 17 missing children. we do have sad news about a long time member of the nbc family. a big league catcher who went on to a long career as a hall of fame broadcaster has died at the age of 90. and a look back. >> i grew up in st. louis. >> reporter: they were as connected a pair as baseball and apple pie. >> what number press conference is this for you? >> reporter: after a nine year run as a catcher, the st. louis
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broadcasting and found lasting success. his focusy midwestern ways and his smile a hit with the nation wide audience. a truly extraordinary life and one of the most popular telepersonalities of his time. he called games for a quarter century, filled in for johnny carson, served two stints as host on "the today show", matt lauer lauer tweeting he was part of the soul of our show. and former "today" colleague, bryant gumble recentlyish withed him happy birthday on his hbo show "real sports." >> helped found an organization to assist athletes in need and worked tirelyly for native american kids.
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nbc news los angeles. >> he will be missed. now keep it right here for more news, weather and sports. i'm betty nguyen. thanks for watching "early today." we hope you have a great one.
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brussels attack victims is getting larger as new information is revealed about the terrorists. in a couple of hours, answering charges that she tried to smuggle a lot of drugs into aur area. it is a big set in getting plans for a new laguardia airport off the ground. that would be nice. good morning everybody. 4:30 a.m. on this thursday, more 24th. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm kerry barrett in for darlene this morning. chris cimino is hire with the forecast. chris, how is it looking? >> little chillier this morning. not bad. temperatures in the 40s this morning. mid-40s. near 50 in dyker heights. 44 in chelsea. 44 in white plains and pos further to the north and west. chillier this morning, especially in the city. we have the east to


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