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tv   Today in New York  NBC  March 24, 2016 5:00am-7:00am EDT

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toward newburgh to poughkeepsie. mid and upper 30s. the city down to 45. with that brisk east, northeast wind it will feel cool all day today. we have a fair amount of clouds beginning to get their act together overhead. we should get breaks of sunshine early on. our weather maker is this line of showers around the st. louis area right now. that comes in here overnight tonight, especially during the day tomorrow. for today, no umbrellas needed as i said. a chilly breeze. in the 40s now. only 50s by noon. a forecasting a high of 57. yesterday's 70 degree temperatures gone for the time being. let's get the latest on the commute from emily. >> a hold on the goethals bridge is cleared. everything is open there. not going to be a problem. a look at the gowanus, that's moving along nice through industry city. a live check of the alexander hamilton bridge. that's moving along fine too. the earlier roadwork under the
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really all the hudson river crossings look nice. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> emily, thank you very much. weave want to bring you the latest on the terror attacks in brussels. we want to look live at the place de la bourse. as you see the live pictures, you see the memorials that people are laying in tribute to the victims there. they are gathering at the same time the police are hunting for a suspect. "today in new york's" pei-sze cheng has been reporting for us in brussels. she joins us this morning. pei-sze, it was a situation somewhat confusing yesterday morning. >> reporter: yes. because of the suspects in the case. more about that later, michael. like you said, this is la place de la bourse. it's become a place of hope. this memorial continues to grow. the center memorial over there is the original one. people continuously come here to
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write messages of hope for people who have passed and future generations to come. lots to talk about on the investigation front. first of all, saleh abdeslam who was arrested days before this. he is due in court today. we have video of him being escorted to the court. there were concerns that they had to delay the court hearing because they were concerned that it was too close to the bombings and there was a security issue there. then there was some confusion yesterday, michael, like you said. at first authorities believed laachraoui. turns out, there's dna analysis. they figured out that he died at the airport. he was one of the suicide bomb irs that detonated his bomb while he was in the airport on
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also believed to be passed away are both brothers, ibrahim el bakraoui and khalid el bakraoui. now they believe the metro blast, they may be looking for a fourth suspect. like you said, michael, a lot is happening on the investigation front as well as the continual healing that's going on here. today is the second day of national mourning. we expect to hear a lot more from the people of brussels. we're live from brussels this morning, pei-sze cheng, "today in new york." >> pei-sze, thank you very much. we'll hear from you throughout the broadcast this morning. thanks again. right now to family members of two missing new yorkers reportedly in brussels and they're trying to search for them. they're alex and sasha pen xiao ski. they were in brussels when the bombs went off. they were talking on the phone to a family member when the line
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they have not been heard from since. 5:03. a rally outside of the brooklyn district attorney's office. there's anger about the decision former police officer who killed an unarmed man in brooklyn. "today in new york's" katherine creag is in downtown brooklyn this morning with the latest. kat? >> reporter: kerry, to say the akai gurley family is enraged, is putting it mild. this is where a rally will be this morning. we want to take you back to when the verdict was read in the peter liang case, the former police officer. he's being convicted by a jury for manslaughter in the shooting death of a kwie kai gurley. liang fired a shot after being startled in a dark stairwell at and gurley lost his life. liang could face as much as 15 years behind bars. but the district attorney of brooklyn, ken thompson, is
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what he is recommending, probation and six months' house arrest. an aunt of akai gurley is enraged that the family was blind sided. members of the family will be here as well as local lawmakers and the rally, kerry is scheduled for noontime today. >> kat, thank up. 5:04 right now. time for a check of weather and traffic on the 4s. it's been interesting. we're on the path to recovery. it's hard to believe we started out with a snowstorm. >> that's true. we had to deal with a threat of some in parts of the area. then up near 70 degrees yesterday. the temperatures come back down today. the wind turned east, northeast. it's breezy and chilly this morning. patchy clouds too. it will be cloudier up against the coast in particular and cooler as well today. inland spots will be warmer, well into the 60s. across portions of new jersey. that east to northeast wind is the main culprit for keeping the city much chillier today. we have clouds out there, a little bit of sunshine at times.
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through the day today. 55 at 3:00. forecasting a high only in the upper 50s. rain is headed our way. we'll talk about that in a little bit. let's talk commute with emily west. >> commute looks pretty good. subways are fine. everything is on schedule. same with your commuter rails. not a bad go if you travel out this morning. a live look at the roadways. the belt parkway near jfk airport. it is light and quiet and moving just fine. also moving with the buses. we have some detours on the new york city buses. the ones listed here. everything else looks fine. alternate side, suspended for religious observance. you do have to feed the meters. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> today a flight attendant accused of trying to smuggle 70 pounds of cocaine into new york city heads to court. tracie strahan is at kennedy airport with what we now know about the suspect. when you say this, you find it hard to believe that one person
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70 pounds of drugs through an airport. >> reporter: michael, even more surprising, she almost got away with it. now, authorities tell us that just flashing an airport i.d. got marcia gay reynolds past an initial security checkpoint. with a bag full of drugs headed for jfk things got more dramatic when she ran across something rare for airport workers. a second screening. i want to show you a security photo of the flight attendant who lives here in jamaica queens. she kicked off her gucci heels, ran up and down an escalator and agents uncovered 11 wrapped bricks of cocaine in her luggage. she was able to get back to new york somehow. that's where she surrendered to drug enforcement agents. the whole ordeal raised real concerns about airport security. >> today it's employee smuggling drugs, tomorrow it could be
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could be employee smuggling a bomb. >> marcia gay rein old faces life in pris fon convict prison if convicted of narcotics. >> they said they should be screened the same way that passengers are when it comes to airports across the country. back to you. >> okay. tracie, thank you very much. meanwhile, at 5:08. happening today, salvage crews are lifting a sunken tugboat back to the surface of the hudson river. it hit a construction barge near the tappan zee bridge and sank about two weeks ago. three crew members died. the remains of one of the men are actually still with the vessel. we've got a live look this morning as crews prepare to head out on the water. investigators are trying to figure out what led to the crash. the salvage operation begins at 7:00 this morning. 5:08 now. happening today, the justice department expected to announce
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a west district county dam. officials linked the attack to iran. in 2013, it was a breach of the control system at the dam in rye brook in westchester county. no words as to the identities of the suspects involved or the charges they may face. a defense department official says americans have died because detainees were released from guantanamo bay. special envoy, paul lewis made that comment during a committee hearing on wednesday. he would not say how many. he would like to discuss this matter in what he described as a classified setting. just last month, president obama announced his plan to close that facility. australian officials say the debris found in mozambique is most serm from the missing airlines jet. the two items were found consistent with panels from a malaysia airlines boeing 777 aircraft. until now, though, the only other piece of debris confirmed from that plane was part of the
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french island last year. 5:09 now. home prices are rising faster than wages in most of the country. experts say the problem is making home ownership even more difficult for the average american. report from realty track says new york and san francisco, they have once again the least affordable housing markets in the country. to buy a home here or in san francisco, you need to spend up to 120% of your average wage on mortgage payments. you basically spend more money than you make on your mortgage. >> absurd. >> can't sustain itself. >> there's a sticker shock. how tinder could help you choose which presidential candidate to vote for. >> work-related.
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century-old mystery of a sunken ship. >> also weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. what a beautiful shot this morning. 45 degrees.
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here's four things to know this morning. investigators now say that one of the attackers killed in brussels was an isis bomb maker who made the bombs used in the paris terror attacks. meanwhile, the manhunt continues for one man who apparently ran from the airport. today the port authority set to vote on plans for ayala guard i can't airport overhaul. the total amount sur approximatesing $5 billion. >> lead testing continues at schools. new york city is being proactive showing parents drinking water at school is saeafe. you can look up the water test results on nyc dove. community colleges and universities warning that tuition could be going up next year by as much as 5%. it is 5:14 on a thursday morning. a little chillier in the city. down to the mid-40s right now. shift in the wind. chillier waters going to make this a different day. cooler and breezy today. warmer but wet at times. the weekend looks pretty good
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you might call is eggcellent. tree pollen is back up to a high category now. a lot of the trees coming into bloom. this is going to be the main culprit the next several weeks to come. mold spore count at a low level. allergy sufferers, the tree pollen is out there. 34 lagrange, 34 hopewell junction. chillier in the upper hudson valley. mid-40s city. coastal areas of long island down the jersey shore. most of new jersey, except extreme northwest new jersey, upper 30s there. clouds out there. clouds. they will thin out from time to time. allow for a little bit of sunshine. later in the day, along the coasta the east, northeast wind gets going. low level clouds. this band of showers you see, this cold front is going to move in our direction by late tonight and during the day tomorrow. future tracker shows that. the clouds backing in from off
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connecticut. should be partly sunny. the clouds take over tonight. showers break out towards morning. first light. then we get a slug of heavier showers that comes through generally between 11:00 and 1:00. a line moves through. the sun should return later in the afternoon and clear it out tomorrow afternoon. a nice start to the weekend. lots of sunshine on saturday. clouds building on in. it's breezy and a cooler day. 57 the high temperature. even cooler out east. but warmer inland. lower 50s tonight with possible showers toward morning. we're talking probably up to 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning in most cases. showers tomorrow. they could get back to the upper 60s for a while. ahead of that front. isolated front moves east of us. we dry it out for the weekend. little cooler on sunday with sun mixing with clouds. back into the mid 50s. next chance of any significant rain after tomorrow's showers coming along on monday. it turns breezy in the upper 50s.
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with a warming trend by the middle of next week. emily west in for lauren. let's see how the commute is rolling along. >> off the holland tunnel, clearing construction out of the way. the inbound holland tunnel, should reopen any minute with the midtown tunnel. the north tube is closed. south tube takes two-way traffic. the next few moments. let's take a live look at the l.i.e. this is on long island. the jericho turnpike. that westbound ride. start to go see volume but still a nice ride. the george washington bridge. no delays. the upper level getting into the tolls, looks like a pretty good go. the upper, lower and the outbound earlier roadwork, that is out of the way too. east rutherford, let's check out route 3. it's moving along fine near the meadowlands. not a bad go at all. north of the city on the taconic and yorktown, we do have an accident reported here
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minor delays. alternate side is suspended today. you have to feed the meters. more weather and traffic on the 4s. 5:17 now. to decision 2016 and the turn on the campaign trail involving the candidates' wives. tracie potts is live in washington with more on the developments this morning. including tracie, a new trump tweet overnight. >> it escalated michael while we were sleeping. just a few hours ago. the cruzes had been fighting back and they said dragging the base. >> overnight a new retweet from donald trump comparing trump's wife with heidi cruz. he called the attacks gutter politics. >> for donald to go after heidi is despicable and it reveals a lot about his character. >> we will not stoop to the level of donald trump. >> these sort of personal things
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>> trump first tweeted, he spilled the beans about heidi cruz after an anti-trump super pac ran this ad featuring his wife handcuffed and naked from a photo shoot. >> that ad was completely inappropriate. we have nothing do with it. >> the group says trump had already been going after cruz's wife. >> his campaign has been calling numerous reporters and talking about supposed criminal and mental issues. >> meantime, bernie sanders wrapped a late night rally. >> if we win the california primary with a decent vote, we're going together to the white house. >> hillary clinton is talking national security. >> how high does the wall have to be to keep the internet out? >> denouncing trump's wallace ineffective against terrorists. both democrats are focused on the west coast right now. hillary clinton is going to be in l.a. tonight. bernie sanders is moving up the
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tracie, interesting developments there. thank you so much. if you're not sure about which candidate to vote for, tinder has you covered, michael. the app teamed up with an app called swipe the vote. it's a survey to match users with the candidate who most closely alliance with their views and in the end, you can even register to vote through the app. that makes it convenient, yes? >> got to watch what you're swiping though. >> a date with bernie sanders. >> could go very wrong. nearly century-old mystery of a tugboat has been solved. federal investigators say the records of the u.s. s. calistoga was found off the coast of san francisco. for years they thought it was sunk off hawaii. there were 56 sailors on board who died. now their stories can be told. >> it's been an amazing tribute
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but meeting the family, what's special about what we do -- >> the wreck is protected because it lies within the gulf of the national marine sanctuary. >> amazing, isn't it, hearing all that history and seeing it all go down. wrong choice of words. but seeing how it plays out. it is 5:20. straight ahead. the historic plane taking flight again. this may make you think twice about looking out the window the next time you're coming down. you're watching "today in new
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the nation's first air force one aircraft is now being rebuilt. the plane which is nicknamed the columbine 2 was originally built in 1948. dwight d. eisenhower flew on it during his presidency. it took flight from arizona to texas before it landed in bridgewater, virginia. a virginia company is working to restore the plane to its former glory. >> lockheed constellation by the way. frightening moments for airline passengers during a wedding in oklahoma city. the united airlines flight tries to land against heavy winds. the ride and landing was bumpy but the pilot pulled it off well. the plane hit the tarmac a little hard.
5:25 am
seriously injured. >> depending on the airport. >> you almost perpendicular to the landing. >> it looked like it wasn't going to end well. >> did a great job. meantime, no cross winds to worry about today. chillier winds is what's going on out here. temperatures will be dropping compared to yesterday morning. there we go. i thought i didn't have the right graphic up. a shot of the four of us. 57 for today. lots of clouds rolling into the afternoon. it will be breezy and cooler out east. inland spots of new jersey. into the 60s. low 50s tonight. build in spotty showers towards morning and the weekend after the rain tomorrow exits. back to sunshine. upper 50s. cooler easter sunday. clouds later in the day and a high of 55 degrees. so far so good. holding on to that weekend. >> hold on for dear life. >> emily? >> a lot of bus detours this morning. there are several. take a peek. that's what you're in for.
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a live look at the holland tunnel this morning. had a construction -- had it temporarily closed inbound. it has reopened. still delays at the holland tunnel. the others look pretty good. >> emily, thanks so much. still ahead at 5:25, the people of brussels are gathering again this morning. this as police release new details about the men who attacked the city. >> reporter: it's the drug smuggling attempt that has authorities questioning how did she do it? i'm tracie strahan live at kennedy airport with the incident that has a flight attendant facing a judge today. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. keep watching "today in new york." download the "news 4 new york" app on your mobile device right
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terror attack in brussels. as we look at live pictures from brussels right now. crowds are gathering to pay tribute. this as police hunt for the surviving suspect. plus, a local flight attendant due in court in a matter of hours to answer charges that she tried to smuggle a lot of drugs into our area. >> today, it's a plan to get laguardia airport off the ground. it starts now. good morning everybody. 5:30 a.m. on this thursday, march 24th. i'm michael gargiulo.
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>> want to check in with storm team 4's chris cimino. the forecast. people arriving at the new laguardia airport, chris. >> not so new right now. they'll be arriving with clouds and cooler temperatures. unfortunately, yesterday's 70-degree temperatures are gone. for a little while anyway. suffolk county, seeing a lot of low 40s. melville. north babylon at 44. 46 in sayville. one of the milder temps out there. north and west, we're finding a few 30s from poughkeepsie to newburgh and sussex. it's a quiet morning. no rain to worry about. they're high to mid level clouds. we'll get sunshine through them at times. especially during the first half of the day. our next rainmaker is across the midwest. it's got a lot of real estate to cover. we stay dry through today and most of tonight as well. here's the day planner. plan on a few clouds and more clouds through the day. breezy. chilly breeze.
5:31 am
monday on that weekend outlook coming up. more from emily west. >> good morning everyone. right on the bronx, yonkers line where the west side highway goes into the saw hill. near mc clean avenue. a live look at the l.i.e. over the grand central parkway. that comes towards us. that is moving along fine. more weather and traffic on the 4s. now to the terror attacks in brussels this morning. some of the investigation is becoming clearer. investigators now say that one of the men was killed. the men we're going to see in a second on the left. a key bomb maker for isis. in fact, he's believed to have constructed the bombs used in the terror attacks in paris. the man on the right is still on the loose. investigators have not identified him. they said he was pushing a bomb in that luggage cart. a bomb that did not detonate. despite the raids and the
5:32 am
pay tribute. pei-sze cheng is in brussels at the site of a large memorial. pei-sze, we can see all the people behind you coming out to pay their own personal tribute. >> reporter: i know. and michael, people have been coming next to me over here. even the moments that i'm waiting to come to you. you can see over here we have some ladies here writing notes. she's writing one love, one heart. let's get together. i'm assuming. she hasn't written the last word yet. this is one of the gathering place this is brussels. this is one the place where you will always see people. this is nothing yet, michael. it's going to get more crowded as the day progresses. especially as we head towards the evening. earlier, we did get some video of two women gathering here. particularly peculiar. as it turns out, they didn't know each other at all and they
5:33 am
their own separately to light candles and leave flowers and write a message here at the memorial. that's when they came over and started talking to each other about the tragedy that has befall en their city. here's what one of them told us. >> is the social tissue in the city that brings people together. by speaking to each other, you understand each other better and it's needed, i think, to grieve together because it's incomprehensible what happened. >> reporter: and these are some of the notes left over here. let's stay united against these difficult moments. the message is in german as well as english. love will conquer. these are some of the many messages being left here. people from all different countries and parts of the world are gathering here. you know, it's very touching to be here. michael?
5:34 am
you've been there now for just about 24 hours. how much of city life have they been able to bring back to normal? >> reporter: you know, it's interesting. when we first got here, we were near the maalbeek metro station. that's more business oriented. the european union, the european commission. that part of the city was pretty much locked down. almost nobody in the streets. then you coming over here to where la place de la bourse is. it's a little more residential. we saw people sitting outdoors at the cafes, having coffee and drinks with their friends. so they are trying to get back to normal. they realize they have to do that. but they're also coming to terms with the fact that they are facing a very different reality. for example, over here, you can see there are some police officers patrolling the area. there's always a reminder that security is on their minds.
5:35 am
>> pei-sze, thank you very much. we appreciate that report from brussels. i want to point out the police have police written in two languages. twot official languages of belgium along with german. >> many different languages and die lekts spoken there. >> good morning, guys. talking about temperatures cooler than yesterday at this time. it's not going to send our temperatures back to 70 like yesterday. a breezier, chillier morning out there. clouds mixed in at times, especially near the coast. more sunshine inland. more clouds at the coast. that will play a part in our temperatures too. again, along the coast, much, much chillier because of that east to northeast wind that averages about 10 to 15 miles an hour. you need the jacket, probably the jacket with the liner. 45 now. 50 at 8:00. 52 at noon.
5:36 am
should top off in the mid and upper 50s. wet weather tomorrow and maybe better news by the weekend. i'll let you know in a little bit. letting us know about the commute, emily west. >> not good with any problems -- the commuter rails, everything is starting off on schedule this morning. let's hope it stays like that. a live look at the holland tunnel this morning where they did have an earlier construction hold. looks like right now delays getting into the tolls. but it should not be a wait. the lincoln and the george also doing pretty well. with the buses we have a few detours with new york city buses. thighs lines are going to be detoured. everything else is doing fine this morning. alternate side is suspended but you have to feed the meters. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> emily, thank you very much. a rally outside of the brooklyn district attorney's office. the d.a. recommending no jail time for former nypd officer peter liang. convicted of manslaughter in the fatal shooting of an unarmed man. katherine creag is in downtown brooklyn.
5:37 am
reaction to that sentiment. >> reporter: we do expect a huge rally here a little later michael. as you said, the recommendation from the district attorney, no prison time. instead, house arrest. that's one of the recommendations that he said. we want to take you back to when the verdict was read, when peter liang was convicted of manslaughter. he buried his head in his hands. he was convicted in the shooting death of gurley. it happened two years ago at the pink houses in brooklyn. liang fired a shot after being startled in a dark stairwell. akai gurley was shot and killed. liang could face as much as 15 years behind bars when the judge sentences him next month. but the district attorney of brooklyn is asking the judge for no prison time. probation and six months house arrest is his recommendation. that has enraged the a kwie gurley family. >> this is a slap in the face to akai gurley.
5:38 am
to d.a. thompson. >> reporter: this is what the brooklyn d.a. is saying. the defendant chose to become a police officer and to put his own life on the line. there is no evidence that the defendant intended to kill or even injure mr. gurley. as we mentioned, michael, the sentencing is scheduled for mid april. the rally that is planned here outside of the district attorney's office will take place around noontime today. back to you, michael. >> thank you very much. there's been recent changes to the west indian parade celebrations. they discuss how to make that event safer. you may notice increased police presence and more lights around the playground as well. it's a year after a stray bullet caught him doing pre -- >> you may understand the significance of what j'ouvert entails, it resonates with your soul. that's why you want to be a part
5:39 am
my husband was amidst of this celebration of our heritage and never made it home. >> he was an aide to governor cuomo. the nypd just released new photos of people who sthe suspect are connected to his death. 5:38. a flight attendant heading to federal court in brooklyn. she's accused of trying to smuggle 70 pounds of cocaine from lax to jfk. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is at kennedy airport with the latest. >> reporter: expect a lot of questions in court today. that flight attendant was busted with several bricks of cocaine at los angeles international airport headed for jfk. but she didn't stop when she was busted. somehow, she was able to come back to new york. we have a surveillance photo of the 32-year-old. marcia gay reynolds when she was coming into lax. her destination with all of the drugs according to authorities, jfk. she's a native of the island of jamaica. she lives in jamaica queens. authorities discovered 11
5:40 am
bag of the jetblue attendant. she was able to flash her crew badge but nearly got through one checkpoint. she was busted when she was pulled aside again. that's when authorities say she kicked off her gucci heels, went up an escalator headed down to get away from the tsa. >> approximately 69 pounds of cocaine. the wholesale value in l.a. according to the dea is $750,000. it's certainly a concern that individuals who have a security clearance that gives them all kinds of access. >> reporter: marcia gay reynolds surrendered to drug enforcement officers yesterday here at jfk. it remains unclear how she got back to new york. she's convicted on charges of narcotics trafficking. should point out she was on the track team according to authorities at nyu at one point. back to you. >> crazy story, tracie. thank you.
5:41 am
skelos and his son are asking to be spared a prison sentence. they were convicted in december on federal corruption charges. nouf they're asking the judge if they can be sentence today perform community service. prosecutors say skelos used his powerful position to find his son high-paying jobs. they're expected to be sentenced on april 134th. police are searching for a bold thief who stole a woman's morse on the mta. this is surveillance video that shows him waiting to get off the bus. then he snatches that purse from her arm. port authority votes on the makeover of laguardia airport. we want to take a live look at the current laguardia. it's slated to cost $5.3 billion. there would be double the space for flights and would improve access using the subway and ferries.
5:42 am
>> sounds fantastic. almost here. >> yes. several years from now. 5:41. what president obama did during a state din they're created a major buzz online. we'll tell you about a -- hear what triggered this attack caught on video. weather and traffic on the 4s coming u it is 45 degrees out there. 5:42.
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5:44. welcome back on a thursday morning. we've got temperatures in the 40s. it's cooled down a little bit. but it's dry this more than. little bit on the breezy side. you see the flags moving around a little bit. that's the way it plays out today. a bit of breeze. that breeze not out of the southwest like yesterday that sent temperatures to 70 or better. it's out of the east. off the water. water temperatures this time of the year, they're still in the 40s. the spring near the ocean is not your friend. cooler, breezy today. more clouds building in first along the coast and then they'll fill the sky later tonight. warmer but wet at times for tomorrow. weekend looks good. it dries out but gets cooler. your school day forecast, kids at the bus stops, generally in
5:46 am
the rebound, there isn't any. during the course of the day at recess, it's 55. after school about 54. still a bit on breezy side. floral park at 45. same thing in mill basin and staten island at 45. pretty uniform temperatures city long island, coastal connecticut. even the lower hudson valley, central new jersey in the 40s. storm tracker, there was breaks in the cloud cover earlier. they're filling in a little bit. we'll have a high, mid level cloud to deal with through the hours. is up shine west of the city and more clouds east of town. we're going to get hit by this trailing cold front, not this. a large area of snow across nebraska, iowa, southeast minnesota. not going to be a player in our weather that way anyway. just in the form of some showers. you can see the low clouds again this afternoon. breaks showing up from time to time.
5:47 am
communities, you may cloud over. more sunshine from the city on west. ach watch for the light showers to move in towards morning. a steadier batch of showers in northern new jersey. they come sweeping through the city. the band, the cold front comes in. we'll be back for partial sunshine tomorrow afternoon. friday night clears out and back to lots of sunshine on saturday. cooler at the coast. eastern long island may be barely getting to 50. the city mid 50s. inland spots will fare better. rain approaches tonight well after midnight in the form of showers. better chance of rain in the first half of the day tomorrow. high temperature in the upper 60s. it turns chillier tomorrow night. you see it on the seven-day forecast. by saturday morning, only back to the upper 50s with a full day of sunshine. easter sunday, sunny start, cloudy finish.
5:48 am
a warmup by the middle of next weechblgt 60 or better. it's 5:47. emily west standing by with more. >> checking out the ride. the gowanus into the bqe, little bit of volume. this is a live look at the gowanus. couple of taillights, but overall, things are moving okay. staten island expressway, let's see what's going on near victory boulevard. a lot of the earlier roadwork has cleared and traffic is moving nice this morning. a live look at the george washington bridge. that's going to be a nice ride, the upper or lower, which ever you decide to take. in new jersey, there's a tree down partially taking up the ramp from route 1 and 9 southbound. one lane is taken up there. north of the city on the taconic, left lane is blocked southbound near route 134. your commuter checklist, everything looks good, on schedule and all the side is suspended but you have to feed
5:49 am
more wrachk coming up. president obama stole the show at a dinner in argentina. all because of impressive dance moves. did that head turn. that's key. after the meal, the president and the first lady took to the floor to tango with argentine dance partners. they did it for about a minute each. last night the president did speak about why he made the trip to argentina. >> the people of my country and the people of yours have so much in common. we share the same values of freedom and opportunity. the commitment for justice and human rights and rule of law. >> before returning to washington, the president and his family will visit the park de la me more i can't. -- >> a grocery delivery man recovering in a hospital after
5:50 am
the video is insane. the video showing a worker with a rubber mallet. this happened on sunday. the victim says the whole thing started when a suspect hit his fresh direct truck and tried to drive off. he grabbed on to the hood of a suspect as van and was dragged for three blocks before the suspect got out with a mallet. >> it was like straight out of a video game. the man, it's almost as if someone possessed him, like he was in another world when the accident happened. >> police charged damian bailey with assault, criminal possession of a weapon and menacing. the victim is recovering from a fractured sprert bray. two mep making -- two men making a living breaking into homes. in greenpoint, williamsburg and bushwick.
5:51 am
credit cards and at least once they took a key and stole a car. in new jersey, officials say a fire that destroyed a 150-year-old first presbyterian church is not considered to be suspicious. it appears to be caused by an electrical problem. the church will hold easter services at the bergen performing arts center. alex rodriguez is talking about retirement. a-rod told espn he plans to retire after the 2017 season. but then a while after that, he told the daily news, quoting here. we'll see what happens. so stay tuned for that. zfrmgts this morning the nbc family is mourning the loss of a storytelling and baseball legend joe garagiola. you may remember him as the co-host of the "today" show. matt lauer said he was part of the soul of our show.
5:52 am
until 1988. he got into tv after a nine-year hall of fame baseball career including a stint with the giants. joe garagiola was 90 years old. >> still to come, a money mess. the head of the mta sounding a big alarm. free ride to lots of city drivers.
5:53 am
why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough.
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5:55 am
time for a check of weather and traffic on the 4s. want to check with chris cimino. chris still dark outside. >> that's what happens with the change of clocks this time of year. we'll get there. gaining warmth today. lost from the 70 degree temperatures back to the 50s this afternoon. little reality check. mid and upper 50s. jackets needed. sun mixing with more clouds. cooler out east. maybe struggling to get to the 50. inland spots of new jersey could get into the 60s. tonight clouding over everywhere. a couple of spotty showers. showering weather tomorrow. but mild. before it clears up, in time for the weekend. the holiday weekend looking good on saturday. sunshine, 58.
5:56 am
clouds later in the day. temperatures into the mid 50s. not bad. >> we're just a little above normal with sunshine for the weekend. >> i know i shouldn't jinx it. it's been a nice ride and quiet. >> here we go, emily. >> i shouldn't say it. >> beginning of the end. let's get on the trains too. everything has been going fine. let take a look at the tappan zee bridge. that's moving along pretty well from rock land to chest wheser county. not finding any problems. so far so good. >> thank you. happening today, we should learn more about the proposal to add tolls to east river bridges. manhattan assemblyman along with the move new york coalition will be speaking in east harlem about this introduced legislation. they have called their plan a toll swap. it would add tolls to the east river bridges to travel -- including the verrazano, the
5:57 am
a possible financial crisis. the agency can run out of money by june 30th if state lawmakers don't improve a capital improvement plan including projects, they would come to a halt. back in october, governor cuomo and mayor de blasio reached a $28 billion deal on that plan. it still has to be approved by albany albany. >> keep you posted. an update on the brussels terror jegs. pei-sze cheng bringing the latest details from the area. this is across to the del.a. bowers in brus elves.
5:58 am
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internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. now at 6:00, a live look at the growing memorial for the victims of the brussels terror attack. new details about the men who
6:00 am
no jail time. growing outrage this morning over a sentencing recommendation for the former nypd police officer convicted of map slaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed man. also ahead, the new security changes along one of the biggest parades in new york city. "today in new york" starts now. 6:00 a.m. on this thursday. it's march 24th. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm kerry barrett in for darlene rodriguez today. >> we want to check the weather with chris cimino. a slide back to reality today, huh? >> chillier. lost another degree in the last hour. down to 44 in the city. chillier in northwest sections of new jersey. keep it in mind, this is close to where we should be. we haven't been this chilly in a while. 36 at high point. 36 poughkeepsie. 44 in the park and 44 farmingdale. saying goodbye to the idea of 70-degree temperatures. notice these hours. this is the wind direction coming in from off the water. water temperatures in the 40s. we're not going to make it to the 70s.
6:01 am
get into the 60s today. the city, may be upper 50s at best. long island could struggle to get to 50. sunshine mixes with clouds. breezy too. 52 at noon. forecasting a high of 57. we're tracking rain. closer look at that in a little bit. up close and personal with the commute right now. here's emily west. >> you know, something happened i said earlier how quiet it was. l.i.e. westbound. the clearview, exit 28, there is a crash. the backup goes into nassau county north of the city. on the taconic in new york town southbound at 134. accident here. taking up -- the ramp on routes 1 and 9. weather and traffic on the 4s. >> emily, thank you very much. the latest on the brussels terror attack. a massive manhunt under way for one of the suspected terrorists. this is where we learn more about one of the men in the plot.
6:02 am
gathering place. mourners have been paying tribute to the victims. >> reporter: that's right. the place de la bourse is picking up as the day progresses. a couple here are having a conversation about what has happened in the past couple of days. lots to talk about on the investigative front. first of all, laachraoui, this is the man that authorities were looking for yesterday. he was believed to be on the run. now it has been confirmed that he actually died at the airport when he detonated a bomb that he brought in there. they believe that he is the suspect d bomb maker of this entire operation. at the same time, nbc news is trying to confirm a fourth suspect. he was caught on video at the metro station where there was also an explosion and they believe that that is the fourth person, the fourth suspect that police are looking for. here at the memorial as we have said, people are gathering.
6:03 am
that's comforting to them. we saw a couple hugging right next to this memorial and he actually told me, he felt like he needed to come here out of an obligation to his country and his people. here's what he told us. >> i felt i had to come. just for a moment of silence. just for a moment of, i don't know. it's something you can't understand. >> reporter: right here, you can see this is one of something that they have left here. it is a flag of belgium. it says #pray for brussels. now that gentleman that we spoke to, he is an airport worker. he said that all his friends that he knows of are accounted for. he is worried that he's going to go back to work soon and find
6:04 am
have perished in the bombings. he said that he's actually not been to work since then. he doesn't know when he's going to go back since the airport is closed still. that's the latest from brussels. pei-sze cheng, "today in new york." >> thank you so much for that. just a short time ago we learned that saleh abdeslam, the chief paris attack suspect will not fight extradition to france. he asked for a one-month delay and of any transfers while he studies a large dossier against him. he said that abdeslam wants to leave for france as quickly as possible. a new jersey native at the brussels airport at the time of the attacks says she will not let the terrorists stop her there traveling. an emotional reunion when she arrived at newark airport yesterday. she took a selfie waiting for a flight to copenhagen. she said she and co-workers
6:05 am
catching a flight back to the united states instead. she spoke with checkey beckford at her parents home in wyckoff. >> you see these things in movies or on the tv. but to actually be there in the moment when it's happening, it took a little while to process that. >> she actually now lives in washington, d.c. but she considers brussels her second home because she studied there while in college. we're staying atop of all of the developments in brussels. you can look for more updates on "news 4 new york" and on your website at checking weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, i was looking at temperatures and saying, wow, not -- yesterday afternoon i was running around it was like 68 degrees. >> it was a beautiful day yesterday. broadly spread across the area. not the case today. there will be a range in temperature. inland areas milder. it's a chilly breeze out there this morning. temperatures in the mid-40s feel
6:06 am
a cloudier cooler coast will be the trend through the day. a little more sunshine inland. the inland spots will be warmer as well. the east, northeast wind is the changing player in our weather at 10 to 15 miles per hour throughout the day. the water temperatures are still in the 40s. 44 right now, mostly cloudy. make it back to the low 50s at noon. fair amount of cloud, little bit of sun. it stays breezy. we've got rain headed our way. we'll detail that and take a closer look at the forecast in a little bit. emily west, you have the latest on the commute. >> a few things happening on the roads, but nothing on the rails. your commuter checklist looks great. even the subways are doing okay. you will find delays on the roads. just one spot here. traffic is moving along okay. l.i.e. westbound, exit 28. before the clearview, looks like it has been pushed off to the side. that's good news. hopefully it clears out of way soon. the new york city buses this morning. everything else is fine.
6:07 am
more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> emily, thank you very much. there's growing outrage that follows the district attorney's recommendation of no jail time for the former nypd police officer convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of akai gurley. katherine creag is in downtown brooklyn. there's going to be a rally today, kat. part of the response to this recommendation. >> reporter: strong words from the gurley family, michael saying they were blind-sided by the district attorney. that they are enraged and that is why the rally is taking place right here outside of the district attorney's office. they're upset at him that he's recommending to the judge sentencing be no prison time for former police officer peter liang. one month ago, a jury convicted liang for manslaughter in the shooting death of akai gurley. that fateful moment happened two years ago at the pink house this is brooklyn when liang fired a shot after being startled in a dark stairwell.
6:08 am
years behind bars. but the district attorney kenneth thompson, asking the judge for no prison time but recommending probation and six months' house arrest. that's angered the akai a police officer and put his own life on the line. there's no evidence that the defendant intended to kill or even injure mr. gurley. the rally you mentioned it expected to be a big o lawmakers and community gruns gathered with the kburly family. that's at c tappan zee bridge set to begin at about
6:09 am
about an hour from now. the tugboat named specialist, hit a construction barge and it's been underwater for two weeks now. three crew members died and the remains of one of the men remains with vessel. investigators are trying to crash. expected to announce charges on a westchester county dam. u.s. officials have linked the attack to iraq. 2013, there was a breach of the control system at the bowman avenue dam in rye brook. no word as to the identities of the suspects involved or the charges they could face. there will be a bigger focus on safety at west indian day parade. commissioner bill bratton and leaders discussing it yesterday. increasing police presence, adding more lights along the festival and making it a permit event. this kochls as police announce the details of the death of
6:10 am
this happened during a safer. to make sure a tragedy like this doesn't happen to any one of your families. >> they have clues in the death. the nypd releasing new photos whom they suspect are connected to the killing. in the money report, the dream of owning a home is getting harder for many americans. landon dowdy joins us with the details and more. landon, unaffordable in some places. >> michael, especially as new yorkers. a new report find home prices rising faster than wages making it increasely impossible for average americans to buy a home. realty -- home prices in 9% of the housing market is less affordable than historic norms. buyers need to spend more on their incomes on housing making
6:11 am
apple will it be compatible with the web browser later this year allowing users to make purchases from mobile websites. it will be available to shoppers with touch i.d. technology on their eye foep or ipad. she thub ready before the start of the holiday season. >> just what i need. >> landon, i'll be walking through the mall and aum of a sudden it will automatically. >> $10,000 worth of -- >> 6:11. up next, find out which of the five boroughs is the fastest growing area in all of new york state. more weather and traffic on the 4s. we look at the george washington bridge there. you're watching "today in new
6:12 am
6:13 am
6:14 am
6:14 right now. breaking news. a pedestrian struck in east flatbush. kai simonsen is over the scene
6:15 am
>> michael and kerry, good morning to you. this happened at around 4:35 this morning. these are live pictures now from chopper 4. first on the scene here. as you said, over east flatbush brooklyn. this is where a pedestrian was run down by an oncoming vehicle. believe this to be the vehicle toward the center part of your screen. happened outside 4:59 linden boulevard. the victim is described as a female in her 20s. she's suffering from severe head trauma taken to kings county hospital. an accident investigation is currently under way. live in chopper 4. kai simonsen,y,erry and michael, back to you. >> 6:15. time for weather and traffic right now. it's a little colder than we saw at the beginning of the morning. >> we don't shake the chill either. a chill off the water. no 60s or 70 degree temperatures today. that's the main emma sis today. warmer and weft for tomorrow.
6:16 am
we dry things out. tree pollen the big one for the allergy sufferers. with the weather so warm so early, there's more to come. 43 tribeca. a across long island, generally low 40s. even northwest new jersey a few upper 30s popping up this morning. there's that wind direction. the arrows indicating the wind out of northeast and east northeast. that's in mainly off the water. that's a cooler wind direction. it's not particularly strong. we're seeing average winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. strong enough to keep the cool air in place. meantime, a high to mid level cloud. we'll get sunshine peeking through at times. eventually that easterly wind will build up cloud cover near the coast. a line of showers and thunderstorms across the midsection of the country. that's a cold front that will race rapidly eastward. future tracker shows the clouds backing in and out during the
6:17 am
coastal connecticut, coastal new jersey, you may have to deal with that. city on west, more sunshine. the clouds start to fill back in tonight. they fill in everywhere. by tomorrow morning, rain in the northern half of new jersey into the city. across long island, spotty lighter showers. a push of heavier showers noontime from the city on south and east. that pushes out quickly. so we get sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. cool today. only in the 50s in the city. near 50 east end of long island. maybe some low to mid-60s across central portions of new jersey. meantime, the rain approaches tonight. the evening, you're heading out, a couple of showers possible. good push of shurs tomorrow. rain gear recommended. temperatures in the upper 60s, it's mild. upper 50s on saturday. mid-50s for the easter bunny on sunday. the forecast, 50s today, back to the 60s tomorrow. tomorrow, the tradeoff is some rain and a dry weekend in the 50s.
6:18 am
another warming trend by the middle of next week. a little after 6:17. here's emily west in for lauren. >> we have a new accident on the northern state parkway at will et cetera taking up a lane. the eastern spur on the turnpike, on the ramp getting into the tolls. a disabled truck is blocking a lane there. causing some problems. route 1 and 9 southbound, in the local lanes a tree is partially blocking the ramp. going to cause problems until that's removed. an accident to the side on in queens on the l.i.e. still the flashing lights. some delays back into nassau county near exit 28. let's take a live look at the lincoln tunnel this morning. that ride is about 15 minutes to 20 minutes right now. beginning to build. the holland comes in at 10 and the george still looks like a good go. brooklyn bridge, the bqe to
6:19 am
slowing on the gowanus this morning too. the brooklyn bridge looks like a pretty nice ride. check of the cross bronx expressway, the bronx river parkway, a little dark this morning. you might find volume once you get to your -- alternate side is suspended. but do you have to feed the meters. more weather and traffic on the 4s. australian officials say the debris found in mozambique is almost certainly from the missing jet. the two items found are consistent with panels from a malaysia airlines boeing 777 aircraft. until now, the only other piece of debris that was confirmed from that plane was part of the wing that washed a schor on a french island last year. in the bronx, a man is free after spending time in prison for a murder he didn't commit. he's convicted of murdering a
6:20 am
the district attorney reviewed the case and says the 40-year-old rosario did not receive a fair trial. alibi witnesses put him in florida at the time of the murder but they were never interviewed. yesterday, a judge threw out his conviction. >> been here for 20 years for a crime i didn't commit. my family didn't deserve this, i didn't deserve this nor the victim's family or the victim. >> the prosecutors aren't ready to drop the charge and rosario could be retried. his story is the focus of a show on "dateline." they were convicted in december on federal corruption charges. they're asking the judge if they can be sentenced to perform community service. skelos used his powerful position to get his son high paying jobs. they're expected to be sentenced on april 13th.
6:21 am
city is slowing down. new estimates suggest the city added a little more than 55,000 people. bringing our population to more than 8.5 million people. that's the growth rate of just .6%. it's actually the lowest this decade. what's the fastest growing area? the bronx is the fastest growing area in all of new york state. >> it is growing. just not as fast as it has been in the fast. >> 8.5 million people. >> 55,000, that's a lot of folks. still ahead, we're going to show you president obama the state dinner. got everybody talking this morning. >> it does.
6:22 am
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welcome back. 6:24. that means it's time for weather and traffic on the 4s. >> that's what it means. that's what we're going to do. a little weather information. it's cooler this morning. chillier. in the mid-40s this afternoon. some of the suburbs north and west in the 30s. the problem is we don't warm it up with the wind off the water. we barely make it into the 50s this afternoon. more sunshine from the city on west. more clouds out east. again, cooler eastern long island barely to 50. inland spots probably back to the low and mid-60s. couple much sprinkles around. showering weather tomorrow. back into the 60s. we head into the weekend, we clear it up, dry it out. easter sunday in the mid-50s. >> not bad for easter.
6:26 am
>> little easter basket there. >> of course. >> in kengt k. connecticut, we greenwich. that's due to a fire. you go down to the connecticut turnpike, that's the best way to get around. the northern state parkway on long island, that's nero owe there's an accident near exit 30, ie willets road. slowing back to the meadow brook. it looks like it's moving along. an update on that and the latest in queens coming up. >> maybe not the weekend of the end as we prikted earlier. up next -- flight attendant arrested. >> reporter: it's a real life catch knee if you can. more on the flight attendant facing charges for drug smuggling and the dramatic way she got away. >> reporter: it's the second day of mourning for a country reeling from the worst terrorist
6:27 am
i'm pei-sze cheng. a live report from brussels is coming up. download the "news 4 new york" app on your mobile device right now.
6:28 am
6:29 am
6:30 am
now at 6:30. flowers and candles fill the streets of brussels as we look the live pictures of place de la bourse. we have new details about that plot this morning. a flight attendant accused of trying to smuggle nearly 70 pounds of drugs into kennedy airport. why it's raising new questions about airport security. plus, a key day for the laguardia airport overhaul as the cost for the planned renovations balloons. "today in new york" starts now. >> it never does that. >> never goes down. good morning everybody. 6:30 a.m. on this thursday, march 24th. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm kerry barrett in for darlene today. chris cimino is here with the forecast. a more realistic march day right now. >> unfortunately. a little touch of reality today. back into the 50s for highs.
6:31 am
chilly in walpack. 40-ish in mine hill. califon 41. coastal connecticut along the jersey shore as well. because of this, these wind directions, you can see the arrows pointing east to northeast wind. wind off the water. water temperatures in the 40s today. you can't warm things up that much. there will also be cloud cover to contend with. a chilly breeze, wind off the water. low 50s at noon at best. cooler east. warmer west. we've got rain moving in tomorrow. we'll talk about that in a little bit. here's emily. >> worked out nicely. garden state parkway, westbound, exit 30, route 1. we have a crash here. we have delays for the tree partially taking up the ramp. that's in the local lanes. on long island, on the northern state parkway at i.u. willets road, the l.i.e. is busy itself. more weather and traffic coming
6:32 am
the latest in the brussels terror attacks. we're learning more about the men involved in that deadly plot. pei-sze cheng is in brussels. mourners have been paying tribute to the victims behind her. >> reporter: michael, at this moment, it's extremely busy here because the budget minister for belgium has arrived to lay a bouquet a wreath at this memorial. a lot of new developments to tell you about today. yesterday, the belgian government said that all three suspects in the bombing had passed away in the bombings. we're learning that they could suspects. edge. now, people continue to come to parents are bringing their children here. because they realize that they've all lived through these terror attacks. this is something that they need
6:33 am
we encountered a mother who is -- her daughter is half muslim. this is a very touching topic for them. she has had to explain to them about isis and why they carried out these attacks and how this is not part of their religion. here's what she told me. >> we're some kind of difficult because my husband is muslim. she's also muslim. she hears terrorist muslim connected. the words. i need to explain to her, it's not the real muslim people who do it. it's some kind of bad part of it. >> reporter: naturally, children are very curious. this is a tough subject for them to broach. especially because of their cultural background. these are some of the messages that have been left here at the memorial. as this continues to grow, we were here very early this morning.
6:34 am
now you can see that it's really starting to pick up. live from brussels, pei-sze cheng, "today in new york." >> before we let you go, huff been there for 24 hours. is there any sense of normalcy this morning? >> reporter: you know, michael, it's interesting. when we first got here yesterday, like i said, there were a lot of frozen zones and a lot of police activity that we could see in a different part of town. people sort of seemed like, okay, we're going to get through this. today, eddie and i sort of noticed that people seem to be a lot more somber. it's the second day of mourning and finally settling in. there there seems to be a more somber mood here than yesterday which was more boy isterous. people are going to try to get back to normalcy. they're also starting to realize that this is going to become the new normal.
6:35 am
>> absolutely. pei-sze, thank you so much for that. related news, family members of two missing new yorkers reportedly in brussels to try to search for them. alex and sascha pinczowski were in the airport when the bombs went off. they were talking on the phone to a family member when the line went dead and haven't been heard from since. we are staying on top of the developments. you can look for more updates from pei-sze cheng here on "news 4 new york" and we want to take a moment to check weather and traffic on this thursday morning. let's start with chris cimino. >> cooler. much cooler in some locations compared to yesterday. a chilly breeze in morning out of the east and northeast keeping temperatures in the mid-40s. it will be cloudier through the day near the coast. i think we'll get sunshine from the city on west. inland spots warmer. wouldn't be surprised into the 60s this afternoon. the east to northeast wind will
6:36 am
hour. as we look at storm tracker, you can see these are high thin clouds. the sun will work its way through. the thicker clouds will work their way in off the atlantic. later this afternoon, the rain clouds, they're sitting out to the west of us. they come in by tomorrow. right now, a few clouds, 44 degrees. current temperature in the city. a slow climb into the 50s by noontime. a bit on the breezy side. we'll check in on that rain current tomorrow and the weekend forecast. checking in on the commute, emily is here. >> still no problems there. even for the commuter rails. starting off okay. looks like it's going to be an on schedule ride for you. with the buses, we have several detours. new york city buses. no delays. the new jersey transit beeline and decamp seems to be fine. the ferries are okay. a pretty good go there. the hudson river crossings, five minutes to the george. looks fine. 20 at the lincoln. starting to see that build. the holland, a 20-minute delay. alternate side suspended today
6:37 am
more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> emily, thank you very much. 6:36 now. a rally expected to take place outside the brooklyn district attorney's office. calls for jail time for the officer who killed akai gurley. this comes after the d.a. thompson recommended no jail time for liang. he killed gurley in a stairwell two years ago. he says there's no evidence that he intended to kill or injure gurley. we're learning about -- kennedy airport. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is at the airport with the latest. tracie? >> reporter: kerry, it's not just the attempt. but the escape that has a lot of people talking this morning. authorities say once marcia gay reynolds was found with nearly 70 pounds of cocaine, she kicked off her gucci heels, sprinted up a down escalator and somehow got back to new york. want to show you surveillance photo taken of the 32-year-old
6:38 am
when she was entering lax, authorities discovered 11 wrapped bricks of cocaine inside of her luggage. luggage that the jetblue flight attendant was trying to smuggle on to a flight back to jfk. she was busted when she was randomly checked again. that's when authorities say she dropped her luggage, sprinted out of the airport to get away from the tsa. >> approximately 69 pounds of cocaine. the wholesale value in l.a. is approximately $750,000. it's a concern for individuals who has security clearance and it gives them all kinds of access. >> reporter: she actually surrendered to drug enforcement officers yesterday at jfk. she faces life in prison if convicted on narcotics trafficking. a lot of people saying this raises more questions about airport security, especially
6:39 am
workers usually only have to go through one check point. experts are hoping they get checked just like passengers. back to you. >> certainly does. tracie, thank you. 6:38. happening today we should find out in the overhaul of the airport is going forward. the port authority is set to vote on a new $5.3 billion plan. the cost up more than a billion dollars since governor cuomo made the announcement of the big renovation last june. plan calls to double the operating space. that would mean more flights, more stores, more hotels and even ways to get to laguardia via subway and ferry. the plan to build a new tunnel between new york and new jersey is moving forward. on wednesday, officials announced $70 million in funding for engineering work for the gateway project. the u.s. department of transportation, amtrak, they're going to pay for the construction. nj transit won't have too much to say in the project. they're not helping you with the funding.
6:40 am
kidnapped his son in connect detective, he was arrested yesterday in the bronx. he assaulted his estranged wife back on march 12th, and then took off with their 7-year-old child. several thousand dollars worth of cash and jewelry. the boy was found safe at a relative's moem home in queens a few hours later. a recent can discovery of lead in newark schools. parents can look up the latest testing results online. the education departments sent letters home with kids describing the measures taken to keep water safe in schools. parents can get the latest information at president obama is addressing one of the most troubled periods of our time in history. the president will visit a memorial to the victims of argentina's dirty war. the u.s. initially backed the dictatorship that killed up to
6:41 am
course of seven years. human rights activists have protested the timing of president obama's visit because it coincides with the 40th anniversary of the coup that installed that right wing government. >> we try to live up to the example of a singular argentinean. we know that our work as nations must be about lifting up the most vulnerable. >> his remarks yesterday. meanwhile, the sbert net is talking about his tango. he and first lady danced with argentine dance partners. not too bad. >> you saw the head turn. >> good at that, huh? >> i'm going to feel it. 6:41 now. could tolls be coming to the brooklyn bridge and other east river bridges. we'll tell you about the new
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
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welcome back. 6:44 and 44 seconds actually. weather and traffic time. we have a chillier day today. but not a bad day. a cooler breeze. sunshine mixed with clouds. more clouds up against the coast. it's a warmer day tomorrow. but again, a trade-off here. it's a wetter day tomorrow. the weekend looks excellent towards the easter holiday. talking about temperatures both saturday and sunday. your cool day forecast bus stop, breezy in the 40s this morning. 51 at recess time. 55 at dismissal time. notice the temperatures not a big rise today. again, mostly cloudy for after school activities. low 40s arm began set, orient, wading river same thing. setauket -- 44 in the city. central new jersey, northwest new jersey, portions of the hudson valley cooler. as we go through time this
6:46 am
east and northeast off the chillier wattsers. notice the wind speeds picking up a little bi influence is to keep it very chilly along the coastal areas. look what happens to the wind directions. they become southerly by tomorrow morning. they'll go from south to eventually southwest. that's why tomorrow will be a milder day. you can see that high veil of clouds overhead. we'll get sunshine through them from time to time. the east wind is going to introduce lower level clouds later on. the showers out to the west. making steady progress in our direction should get in here by tomorrow. you can see the clouds right along the coast at times today. there will be breaks across long island. looks like sunshine in here. showers move in towards morning. heavier or moderate slug of rain tomorrow morning. that's the cold front. that's out of here by 1:00. the skies start to clear out by tomorrow afternoon. it's cooler 50s today. especially along the coast.
6:47 am
rain approaches but not until we. well after midnight. highs in the upper 60s tomorrow. how about the weekend? it gets better. dries out on saturday. cooler, 58. sun and clouds, 55. rain likely monday. another warming trend back to 60 or better by the middle of next week. emily west, wa are the trouble spots so far? >> van pike northbound delays into the kew gardens interchange. the nassau county line to woodhaven boulevard, an earlier crash exit 28 that has cleared. in new jersey, two lanes blocked of an accident on route 1 southbound right around dean's lane. a nice backup there. route 18 northbound by ferry road, left lane taken up with an accident. exit 130 into route 1, another accident there reported. route 1 and 9 the southbound, the local lanes, this is on the ramp to 78. a lane is partially taken up
6:48 am
that is causing some delays. nostrand avenue near linden boulevard, some delays there. lincoln tunnel, a half-hour wait. the holland at 20 minutes. the george, there's no wait at all. it's a pretty good ride for you this morning. alternate side and meet -- do have to feed the meters but the alternate side is suspended. thank you, emily. the mta could run out of money in three months if albany lawmakers do not approve a plan. during a board meeting last night, they said the mta service could be broke in a few months. the east side access and the second avenue subway could come to a screeching halt. in october, governor cuomo and mayor de blasio reached a more than $28 billion deal, but it has yet to be approved. happening today, we should learn more about the proposal to add tolls to east river bridges. robert rodriguez along with the move new york coalition.
6:49 am
introduced legislation. they have a plan called toll swap. it would add tolls to east river bridges and cut the cost of traveling over other bridges, like the verrazano, the white tone and the throgs neck bridges. half the people will like it. the other half not so much. >> 6:48. straight ahead, is a-rod ready to retire? we'll share the baseball star's conflicting comments about his future. you're watching "today in
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:52 right now. alex rodriguez says he's getting closer to retiring the bat. >> but he also says he may still have baseball on his mind. he told espn he plans to retire after the 2017 season and that it is time for him to go home and be a dad. however, shortly after that, he told the daily news, "we'll see what happens." yankees manager joe girardi say a-rod is allowed to change his mind. he added he would be a great coach. "today" show coming up in a
6:53 am
we want to check in with savannah and willie and see what's ahead. >> hi. nice to see you both. coming up on the show, we have all of the overnight developments in the intense manhunt for the suspects in the brussels massacre. we're learning how close police came to capturing two of the bombers before tuesday's attack. a warning if you're thinking about getting rid of your old computer or phone. how anyone can still access your personal information even if you erased it. we're throwing a big fat today wedding live. it's going to be unlike anything you've seen. we promise. when we get started on a thursday morning here on "today." love is in the air. >> love is in the air. love that song. >> open bar, michael. open bar. >> you said the magic words. thanks guys. up next, chris is joining us to tell us when a little bit of rain could be dampening our area. you're watching "today in
6:54 am
6:55 am
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rally is expected to happen today here in a matter of hours outside of the district attorney's office. it is anger of the akai gurley family, the recommendations by the district attorney saying he recommends no prison time for the police officer. the former police officer peter
6:57 am
it was a month ago a jury convicted him for manslaughter in the shooting death of akai gurley at the pink houses in brooklyn two years ago e fired a shot after being startled in a stairwell. the recommendation from the d.a., no prison time, six months probation. >> tracie strahan is at the airport on a flight attendant's drug arrest. >> reporter: marcia gay reynolds tried to smuggle nearly 70 pounds of cocaine from los angeles to jfk. the 32-year-old was spotted on surveillance video with 11 wrapped bricks in her luggage. she flashed her crew badge when she tried to get on a jetblue flight to jfk. she was busted when she was checked yet again. that's when she kicked off her gucci heels, wept up n escalator and escaped. it's unclear how she got back to new york. in a few minutes, crews are
6:58 am
that sank in the hudson river after it crashed. kai simonsen is over the scene now. >> salvage operations gear up around 7:00 a.m. crews will be raising up that tugboat after it struck a barge, it sunk. >> there is a flight restriction in the area. that's why we're keeping a safe distance away. we will continue to keep an eye on it for you. live in chopper 4, kai simonsen, kerry and michael, back to you. >> before we go, that yellow in the water, the yellow like a float in the water, is that a containment boom? >> yeah, that's a containment boom because we're assuming that there was fuel on board that tugboat and that is the crane that will be used in raising that tugboat up to the surface. >> kai, thank you very much. a final check of traffic with emily. >> we have a few things going on in new jersey this morning.
6:59 am
southbound by dean's lane. another accident on route 18 northbound by ferry road. that also takes up a left lane. you can see the delays with the red shading. garden state parkway southbound at exit 130. route 1 just north of 95 and north of the turnpike. looks like a crash causing minor slowdowns. route 1 and 9 southbound, the local lanes for the ramp to 78, to the ramp partially blocked, there's a downed tree there. that is causing slowdowns, especially getting into the holland tunnel this morning. a fire is closing route 1 in connecticut. in greenwich, between field point road to greenwich avenue, you want to go with the turnpike instead. all right. thank you very much, emily. chris, i just saw the easter bunny at sacks
7:00 am
away from the city. on east, chillier. look at the rain threat tomorrow. it's warmer, upper 60s. it's dry and in the 50s. a high of 55 sunday and a few clouds. >> thanks. the "today" show is next. that's what's happening "today in new york." breaking overnight, new raids in brussels as the manhunt for suspects intensifies. so far no arrests as we learn just how close police came to capturing two of the bombers before the attacks. out of bounds? donald trump escalates his feud with ted cruz overnight retweeting an insult directed at cruz's wife. the senator responds. the heated rivalry reaching a


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