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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  March 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now on news 4 new york, big spending ahead for travelers in the sky and on the ground. billions and billions of dlafrs ollars earmarked for your travel. >> the port authority is calling this the single biggest day in its history. $35 million toward the cost of the gateway tunnel. andrew siff is in manhattan. >> reporter: i'm in lower manhattan because this is where the late day vote happened at port authority headquarters. most of it revolves around la guardia airport. famously described by vice president biden two years ago as looking like a third world country. that seemed to stimulate debate at the famously slow port authority.
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approved billions and billions of dollars to renovate not just la guardia with a brand new terminal b, but also to make improvements in other parts of the tri-state area's infrastructure. we'll show you that itemized bill that the port authority approved today. it includes $2.3 billion to build a new terminal a at newark, between 4 and $5 billion to build a new terminal b at la guardia and a new bus terminal. some estimates are as much as $15 billion. as for the new la guardia airport, passengers we spoke with today said it's about time. >> this airport can be miserable when you're stuck here. i would definitely choose la guardia over jfk if they repair it for us. >> i think they needed to improve this. i think new york deserves
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>> reporter: so a couple of key things. when would construction begin? i'm told by sources close to the approval that as soon as next month and then it would take 39 months, about three years to build a new terminal b at la guardia. there are over components such as delta air lines promising to rebuild some of the other terminals and connecting buildings so it will all look like a new la guardia. another key spoent component is the port authority promising the new bus terminal will be in manhattan instead of new jersey. the deal today, they called it a horse trade, was once that was agreed to put in manhattan, then the airport deal came through. flienl finally they also agreed on phase one of the new gateway tunnel to eventually ease congestion on new jersey tunnel and amtrak. billion.
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not going to pay for this, that it will come from private development and operating revenue. we turn now to the terror in brussels and the ongoing investigation into what led to those coordinated suicide bombings. two days after the suicide bombings, belgian authorities have lowered the terror threat lel level one notch, but they warn of another possible attack. >> the two brothers at the center of the case were listed as potential threats in theist terror database. the other suspect remains on the list. and add cancelled school trips to the after effects of the attacks on brussels. >> dozens of students from jersey city will be staying home now. parents fear they could be out thousands of dollars. >> reporter: 50 studentstudented ed eds signed up. last week parents were bringing suitcases home after the sudden cancellation.
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made it too risky for school administrators. the safety of our students is our district's highest priority. students not so convinced. >> while there were attacks, i feel that it is typically safe when there's a lot of attention on the place. >> reporter: so you would have gone? >> i probably would have gone, yes. >> if the security is bumped up already, you're going to have more security. it's as if you're saying you don't have faith in the security over there. >> reporter: airport security has been bumped up just about everywhere. now the issue becomes getting refunds from the trfl avel agents and others. still in negotiation, we are told by the superintendent. quote, we are working with the travel agencies involved to provide refunds to parents and are exploring options for rescheduling the trips. as for rescheduling to june -- >> most seniors are going to college and going out of state.
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>> reporter: they have jobs. >> yeah, of course. >> reporter: so instead of going to europe, a lot of these students will simply be staying home, sleeping in, they say, instead of that trip of a lifetime. in jersey city, brian thompson. our consumer investigate ive team looked deeper into how the airlines are waving rebooking fees for travelers already booked on flights to brussels this month. delta, and lufthansa are rebooking without a fee. american. rebooks or reimbursements for any flights that have been cancelled. when you book any flight, you have the option to get trip insurance and you can opt for a
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it is more expensive, but it would dparn guarantee your money back. we will continue to monitor those events unfolding in brussels. be sure to follow us on nbc 4 new york. the united nations war crime court convicted a former bosnian serb leader. he now faces 40 years in prison. prosecutors say that he orchestrated an organized campaign of terror that left 100,000 dead. an alarming tuberculosis scare at two rockland county schools. health officials say they've already identified those at risk and advise them to undergo testing. all other parents were told their kids were not exposed and
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tb is spread when an infected person sneezes or coughs. an online fund-raising page has been set up for the family of a new jersey police officer who died this week. the go fund me page has already raised more than $61,000. on monday kurtz's body was found in sayerville. funeral services were held earlier today. when we return, a changing presence at local airports after the attacks in brussels. bomb sniffing dogs just one way the port authority is ramping up security. do you see these temperatures behind me? we were stuck in the 50s today in the tri-state. it got to near 80 degrees in d.c. today. when does the warmer weather arrive here? stay tuned. lester holt has a look at what he's working on. ahead for us, evidence the brothers involved in the brussels attacks had an even more devious plot in mind
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a flight attendant accused of trying to smuggle 70 pounds of coke through airport security. plus news about heart attacks and a troubling trend
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for $89.99 a month. and now, get a $300 reward card. call today. in the race for the white house the twitter war between republican candidates for president turned ugly as the
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protect americans from terrorism. >> republican front-runner donald trump isn't letting up on attacks against rival ted cruz and his wife. wednesday night trump retreated an unflattering picture of heidi cruz next to melania. cruz responding on twitter, donald, real men don't attack women and then again on the campaign trail. >> it's not easy to tick me off. i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> the sniping comes as the three remaining republicans jockey for votes in the wisconsin primary. trump continues to push a hard line on national security. trump claiming on twitter that there are many isis fighters in the u.s. and cruz proposing that police should keep muslim neighborhoods
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all of this happening as establishment republicans like south carolina senator lindsey graham try to stop trump from getting the nomination. >> donald trump would be a disaster for our party. ted cruz is a reliable. conservative, whom i have many differences with. >> the state of the 2016 presidential race. puerto ricans are leaving the island at a record rate. new research shows that san juan last 40,000 people since 2010. and between 2010 and 2015 overall the island lost 6% of its residents. that's compared to the 190 -- 1980s. most said they left for job or family reason. pope francis washed and
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including muslims and hundred due hindus. mammograms may do more than detect breast cancer.
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. fast track subway repairs return next week. this time they're going to affect riders of the 1 train. starting monday there will be no trains running between 96th and
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among the security rampups following this week's attacks in brussels, port authority bomb sniffing dogs. a two-year-old german shepherd named d d bosco was put through his paces today for our camera with a training device. he found it right away. for the port authority police, canine unit, the brussels attacks put an immediate focus on the arrivals and the dangers of bomb searching. >> we wanted to make sure, number one, that we had that covered and make sure that now we're covering the incoming flights from brussels. >> it's part of the job. i'm here n to serve and protect the public. >> more heavily armed port authority police are part of that higher profile for now.
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they're on duty 24/7 at all three airports. nearly a century after it sank, the wreckage of a u.s. navy tug boat has been found at the bottom of a marine sanctuary near san francisco. members of the navy uncovered the wreckage in nearly 200 feet of water. for years the navy thought that vessel sank near hawaii. 56 sailors died on the voyage. an abandoned pot bellied pig was rescued in warn county last night. now this four month old pig is at the barnyard sanctuary in blairstown where it will likely be put up for adoption. the sanctuary owner tells us the driver who spotted the pig dumped on the side of the road stayed guard for 45 minutes until she could get there and
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only food she had on hand which was a cherry danish. they have now named that pig cherry. sounds good. >> i think probably pretty good bait for a pig. >> something sweet. we have a sweet change in the weather pattern because we're going to see temperatures on the rise, but it comes at a price. unfortunately some rain is going to move in tomorrow and we could even see some thunderstorms. a live picture for our folks at weather underground. reeves beach is really socked in with the low clouds today. 44 degrees is your current temperature. we saw highs only in the 50s today. that's going to change tomorrow. we're back to the 60s, but rain is going to move in during that friday morning rush. thunderstorms are possible in the afternoon hours and then by easter weekend we're back to the dry weather and it's going to be a little bit cooler but still above average for that time of year. right now 50 degrees in central
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you can see the trend here. when you get farther away from the water, the temperatures rise. we have a cold front on the way. cold front is not going to cool us down too much but it will bring that rain and that chance for thunderstorms. the rain starting to move in by the tail end of that morning commute into the five boroughs. you can see the reds and oranges here, the indication of the possibility of some heavy rain, maybe some rumbles of thunder. as it pulls away we'll start to see a return of the sunshine. by about 3:00 the sun will start to return. you might even need the sunglasses for the evening commute. overnight you could see a sprinkle or because of that on tonight. much milder tomorrow, all the way up to 68 degrees as that cold front slices through, bringing the potential for a thunderstorm. and then the weekend will be mild but just a little bit
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56 degrees on saturday. still above average for this time of year. looks like temperatures are going to be at or above average for almost the entire seven day forecast. take a look at it. on saturday up to 56 degrees with that sunshine returning. an increase in clouds on easter sunday, but it will remain dry with a high of 58 degrees. monday, though, heading back to worm and work and school, rain and thunderstorms once again in the forecast. we could see a lingering shower on tuesday as well. make sure you take the umbrella out the door friday morning. in news for your health mammograms may do more than detect breast cancer. they could also be able to identify women with heart disease. digital mammograms detect calcium deposits in the breast. they also show calcium deposits in the blood vessels which may show heart disease. we have an interesting approach to cyber security to
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uber is ready to give you $10,000. all you have to do is hack into its system. uber says it will offer payouts up to $10,000 to uncover what it deems to be critical issues in security. once a hacker finds a bug, he or she needs to report that to uber. the first reward program will start may 1st. up next, a cry for help unanswered? a long island woman says she called 911 about a fire twice, but nobody picked up. so what was happening on the other end? sibila is here with a look at what's coming up new tonight at 6:00. peter liang convicted of manslaughter for fatally shooting akai gurley met with the mother of akai to apologize. and an i-team exclusive following up on a report on how
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into the city's biggest jail. those stories and much more all
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in times of trouble, 911 can be your lifeline. you can imagine one long island woman's frustration when she called in with an emergency and got no answer. >> reporter: you can still see what's left of the grease fire that hit this kitchen on monday.
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mess, but can't wipe away her frustration with nassau's 911 emergency system. >> i waited and waited. nothing happened. >> reporter: she gave us phone records showing two 911 calls. one lasted a minute, the other 12 seconds. she couldn't reach an operator during either call. >> and then i just decided to try to put the fire out myself with salt and i was successful. >> reporter: she is at least the third 911 caller in four months to complain of being put on hold in nassau. >> i mean, it was -- it's an emergency. >> reporter: james waited last december while trying to report a bank robbery. the 911 operator's union is blaming the delays on inadequate staffing. but the police department disputes that. >> we did have five communicate bureau operators working at that time. it is an adequate amount. >> reporter: police say her call came in just as 45 others were being made to report an accident
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police acknowledge what happened to theresa will happen again the next time a high number of 911 calls all come in at the same time. but there's a simple thing you can do if you're caught in a similar situation. >> do not hang up. because once you hang up, you're put to the back of the line again. >> reporter: police say of the 700,000911 911 calls last year, 96% were answered in ten seconds or less. but that's little consolation for folks left waiting. >> they're have to put more money into the system or just figure out how to fix it. >> this story started with a tip. if you have an idea you'd like to share call the tip line at 1-866-news-244. live from studio 3c in
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4 new york. right now, face to face, the former nypd officer convicted of manslaughter in a deadly shooting meet's the mother of the victim's child. warnings ignored. who told belgian officials one of the brothers at the center of the suicide bombings had ties to terror nearly a year ago? and tolls on the east river crossings in manhattan just took a step closer to becoming reality today. it was an uneasy meeting between former nypd cop convicted of manslaughter for fatally shooting unarmed a akai gurley and the mother of gurley's daughter. >> the family is still outraged over the district attorney's suggestion that liang serve no jail time. >> reporter: chuck, akai gurley's family members and other protesters threatened to
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they don't get justice in the form of jail time for convicted cop peter liang. family members of akai gurley unleashed their furry y on brooklyn d.a. peter thompson who convicted peter liang of mans slaugts slaughter but then last night recommended no jail time. >> you are a gis disgrace to this community. >> reporter: protesters said the fact that d.a. thompson is black made his recommendation to the judge sting even more. >> you're sending a signal to people across the country that even a black man doesn't think black lives matter. >> reporter: akai gurley was killed in 2014 after officer liang fired his weapon in a dark stairwell while on patrol in a brooklyn housing project.


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