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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  March 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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where two stabbing victims turned up this morning. they pulled up in this silver car and one man banged on her family's front door. >> he asked my mother for some towels to put pressure on the stab wounds. dying later at the hospital. he was stabbed in the area marked by orange cones here in west babylon. the victims' car had been stopped at this traffic light. moments later police belief a fight erupted with a group inside another car. >> we don't know what precipitated it. escaped. it's described only as a white suv with out of state plates. >> we don't know the exact number of people in the car. we're interviewing witnesses. we don't know how many people were in the second car that fled. >> reporter: police spend much of the day here searching for has been found.
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literally arrived at random on their doorstep. >> my mom was shocked. she called me scared so i left work and came out. >> reporter: crazy day for that family. now the second stabbing victim, we're told, remains hospitalized tonight but is expected to survive. police have yet to identify either of the men who were attacked. and now to the weather. the rain showers have moved out of our area. and erica grow is looking at a promising weekend. >> absolutely. it's going to be better than today if you wanted things to be a little bit cooler a little bit drier, that's for sure. storm tracker shows that the showers and thunderstorms are now well off the coast, just a few lingering sprinkles on the east end of long island and in the southern new jersey shore area. it was a mild day, all the way up to 71 degrees in central park. 72 in morristown. 60 in bridgeport. that water influence helping to
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more of us are going to see that water affecting our temperatures tomorrow. plus w plus, with this cold front on the way, look at these temperatures back behind the cold front. it's 39 in columbus and 45 in detroit. your future tracker temperatures, a big big drop here, down to 41. when you combine the temperature and the wind in central park by midnight tonight. look at these feels like temperatures. temperature. coming up i'll tell you if we'll rebound by easter sunday. now to the brussels terror attacks and the investigation into the suicide bombers. >> belgian prosecutors say flee people have been detained after counter terrorism raids in brussels. they were arrested in three districts of the capital and possibly linked to the ring
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>> officials also have identified the second suicide bomber at the airport attack. they say his dna was found at the november paris attack. meantime, a brother and sister who called new york city home will never set foot here again. their family says the two called them from the brussels airport just before the terror and the sound of the explosion and shattering glass was the last thing they heard. >> for many in our area, these two faces have become the face of the attacks in brussels, bringing this latest act of terror into focus as we con firm that two new yorkers were killed ed ed. the mayor saying today they were two of our own. sasha and alex, dutch citizens who spent a lot of time in new york city were at brussels airport tuesday morning on the phone with a relative. the line suddenly went dead. what followed, three days of painful uncertainty for family and friends that ended this
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investigators confirmed that the pair were killed. cameron cane was alex's fiancee. her father, a former u.s. ambassador released this statement saying, we are grateful to have closure on this thankful for the loving e ing ing support, thoughts and prayers from all. one of sasha's closest friends posted this picture on sunday captioned my best friend is coming, excited for sasha to return from europe. this is how we should be remembering my best friend and lifelong roommate. this afternoon nypd commissioner bill bratton spoke about the siblings. >> it always rings close to home. it reinforces the experience of
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after it with everything we have. >> both sasha and alex spent a lot of time in new york city, living here for periods of their lives. both were hoping to become u.s. citizens. get updates on the terror attacks in brussels any time at nbc new and on mobile devices with our nbc 4 new york app. the nypd has ordered a hold on promotions for nearly 200 sergeants who passed last year's lieutenants exam. some officers sued the city saying those who took a makeup exam had teex access to a cheat sheet posted online. new developments in a racial jersey police chief. less than an hour ago the bergen county prosecutors office announced a temporary monitor
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the police department. the reason, a memo telling officers to check out suspicious black people in white neighborhoods. the county prosecutor and state attorney general are now investigating. richard rosario was found guilty of killing a teenager in the bronx back in 1996, but the d.a. now says he didn't get a fair trial. so the judge released him from custody. rosario has insisted he never committed that crime. >> it was hard, but we got through it and soon i'll see my mother and she's suffered a lot. we're all going to move on. >> rosario was able to talk to his mom over the telephone. she told him how much she loved him and how happy she is that he's finally ly
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he could still face a retrial. decision 2016 now and new york's presidential primaries are coming up in april. today's the deadline to register to vote in those primaries. so how many new yorkers have signed up this year? >> you know it's hard to find people without strong opinions in this unavoidable race. while it might feel like it's dragging on forever, it's not. for all you political procrastinators out there, if you want to vote in that april 19th primary it's now or never. >> last day to register to vote for the presidential primary. >> rookie voters registered today just in time. >> i feel good about it because i'm going to vote for my future president of the united states. >> i can't tell you how many phone calls i get on election day. people wake up and say can i register to vote now? unfortunately in new york state you can't do that.
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headquarters today a democracy delivery, canvas bags stuffed with thousands of freshly filled out registration forms. these in particular from a group that works to empower latino voters in upper manhattan in the bronx. >> it's quite a surge. you see more people have more interest when we know that the president's term is ending. >> 4 investigates crunched the newest numbers from the board of elections and found more than 73,000 city residents registered since january 1st. 67% as democrats, 21% as republicans. most of those newly registered voters, 63% are aged 30 or younger. and the vast majority, 70% of democrats. some suspect many of those like cynthia are feeling the bern so to speak.
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even though he's like an older person. >> this republican who worked as a messenger switched his registration today to unaffiliated. >> i believe that the republican party is just falling apart. >> and if you still haven't registered, don't despair. you have until midnight tonight. you can still sign up in person at the board of elections headquarters at 32 broadway in lower manhattan. a shooting in east harlem near the jefferson houses near 115th street and 3rd avenue. >> reporter: this happened just after 5:00, chuck, we understand. nypd responding to this location, finding a 16-year-old boy suffering from a gunshot wound to the head, we understand. that teen was taken to harlem hospital in very critical condition. you could see a lot of police activity down below. no word on suspects or arrests
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you can see a large police contingent here on scene and a portion of the roadway closed off on the right side. but traffic does get by. we will keep you updated. coming up as news 4 at 6:00 continues, tomorrow marks one year since the east village building explosion. we have an exclusive interview with a survivor about his terrifying experience.
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thomas roberts is in for lester holt tonight. >> we have a lot coming up for everybody. of course, an update from brussels on this week's attacks. the u.s. announcing today it has killed a top isis leader. if you're planning on a late spring or summer vacation, be ware of scammers. there's lots of folks that go online to book what appears to be a legitimate rental. we're going to show you to make out for certain people who make reservations but don't live up to it. it's a warning, a good consumer report for everyone. >> it's not only a ripoff but it can be heartbreaking as well. what's being done about it and
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>> florida is certainly a prime target. the state says it's going to prosecutor scammers aggressively. that's not going to get people their money back. olivia stern sits down with a that . the -- >> as we start to make summer plans. tomorrow's going to mark one year since the deadly gas explosion in the east village that killed two people and destroyed three buildings. news 4 has an exclusive interview with a man who had seconds to get out of his apartment as bricks crashes through his windows. >> walking along the fence that surrounds what used to be two buildings. one year later neighbors tonight are thinking about the two men who lost their lives. they are also thinking about
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>> we were very very lucky. >> as he lights candles for dinner tonight, stuart thinks about where he was one year ago. he just dropped his daughter off at after school. >> there was an explosion up the street. smoke. >> according to a prosecutors would later confirm what the i-team first reported. the building owner and manager have now been charged in a scheme with a contractor and an unlicensed plumber to use this yellow hose to siphon gas from the sushi restaurant next door and try to fool con edison. >> the realization one year later -- >> when it comes to gas, you
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people will get kill ed ed. >> as for this man who quickly realized the fire was the building next door, he rushed inside his apartment with only seconds until bricks started crashing through his window. >> the sounds scared me and i grabbed the one cat and and it was time to go. i regretd that. that. >> now he thinks about what the family lost. their siamese kitten. >> she's out there. if you've seen her, we want her back. >> now a sign reads a preventible tragedy caused by greed. those faces criminal charges in this explosion are due back in court next week. if you suspect illegal or dangerous alterations being done to your building or any building
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news 4 tip line. >> let's check our weather now. it looks pretty nice out there. nice sunset. >> temperatures are still so very mild, especially for this time of year. in late march we should only get into the 50s. tomorrow we're going to return to that more march-like feel. a view with the top of the rock cam. i love this view. you're going to love these temperatures too. it's 70 degrees still. overnight, though, clearing and colder. as the cold front moves through, it's going to push in colder and drier air. then starting the day tomorrow with sunshine but a little bit deceiving because we're going to start below freezing in some of the suburbs. a dry holiday weekend from start to finish, though. there's the good news for you. right now we're still at 68
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it's only 50 degrees in west hampton. 62 in sussex. that's one of the spot where is that temperature change is so evident. we've had really big ups and downs. 70s on wednesday and today, 50s on thursday. 50s again tomorrow. storm tracker shows those showers an even a few rumbles of thunder thousand now well off the east coast. high pressure in from the west is going to settle in over new england. that will knock our temperatures down. one good thing that the showers did for us today, knock down some of the pollen. tree pollen is forecast to be back in the high ranger mainly because of maple and juniper which are both blooming right now. easter sunday we'll see an increase in cloud cover. but it's going to be a seasonably cool day with highs
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on monday as another frontal system approaches, we see temperatures back in the 60s for many. and a chance for rain, maybe even thunderstorms as we head into the day on monday. overnight tonight, though, down to 42 degrees with 30s in the suburbs. north winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. here's a look at the seven day forecast. sunday we get close to 60 degrees. that's not too bad. but then on monday we have to return to that chance for rain and maybe even thunderstorms. the ups and downs continue. we have 50s and 60s throughout your seven day forecast. enjoy your holiday weekend. >> almost convertible weather. which brings me to this next story. mazda is driving away with a big honor at the new york auto show. the roadster was named world car of the year.
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it runs through april 3rd. fast cars. we got fastballs from the mets. a tail of two starters. the extremes for the mets and yankees. hard not to get amped looking at the numbers this spring from noah syndergaard. it's hard not to ignore the numbers in the race for the yankee's fifth starter.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. yes, the mets are on the cover of sports illustrated. cleveland in the world series, whoops. but remember the royals were
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and the mets are well aware how that one turned out. if i can't get you to forget the s.i. jinx -- in six innings syndergaard struck out nine, walked one. that's 19 strikeouts and just one walk this spring. mets trail 5-4 in the ninth. the mets and cards fit to be tied, 5-5 the final. the yankees fifth spot in the rotation is up for grabs. today bluntly admitted he put himself in a really bad position. working with a 5-1 lead against the orioles, things fell apart in the third. joseph sends him out past the palm trees. the second homer of the game. here's the third. hardy also driving one deep and
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clearly the wind was blowing out. it was tied at 8- after 8 after nine. they played a 10th inning. this is a walk off, 11-10. sweet 16 continues tonight with four more games in the ncaa tournament including syracuse against gonzaga. organize oregon on the doorstep of winning its first final four since 1939. nicks and nets both have the night off. the islanders visiting tampa bay. this one could be a possible first round playoff preview. >> the nicks and nets did well last night.
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both of them for a change. >> they need some rest. coming up next on nbc nightly news, the growing problem of vacation rental scams and how to protect your family. good night. tonight, urgent terror raids and new arrests as authorities scramble to disrupt more deadly plots amid a new warning tonight about the threats to come. also, isis leader killed. the terror group's second in command, its top money man taken out by u.s. special forces. nbc news learning dramatic details on the mission. complete and utter lies. ted cruz slams a tabloid report calling allegations of infidelity garbage, blafrt blasting donald trump for stoking false rumors and what donald trump is saying tonight. trouble in poore dies, warnings about dream vacations families showing up only to show the place


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