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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  March 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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right now on today in new york, police block off a subway station on the upper west side. what we're learning about another slashing victim. a fire erupts at a complex sending firefighters and residents to the hospital. plus the suicide bombers in
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attack now associated with another. good morning. right now we're checking in with meteorologist erica groan. everybody's wondering what this weekend is going to be like. >> a lot of outdoor activities for the kids, right? we want to see the dry weather we started to get yesterday afternoon and evening after all those showers rolled through. we want to see that persist through the weekend. looks like it's going to happen. but it's coming at a price. temperatures way lower than they were yesterday. au full 20 degrees lower in some spots. here's a look at the day planner. 39 degrees to start. some clouds roll in by about noon with a temperature of only 48 degrees. high temperature today of 54. back down to 52 degrees by 6:00 with those clouds continuing to build in. right now it's only 34 degrees in reading. 36 in west port and fairfield. and it's 39 right now in midtown.
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storm tracker can see some thin clouds out there. nothing that's going to bring us any rain today. we'll talk about our next chance for rain coming up in the seven-day forecast. rounding up search efforts for suspects in another subway slashing. >> it happened on 96th street subway station. four men slashed a 19-year-old man in the head, hands, and back and then ran off. police say the victim was rushed to the hospital. he is expected to survive. if you have information, give police a call. also this morning, smoke and flames forcing residents out of their building in harlem. breaking out in the sixth floor in the building. two residents and two firefighters were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. no word on what caused that fire. right now a family praying for a miracle while a 16-year-old lays in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the
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the gunshots rang out in broad daylight. >> a miracle, that's all we could pray for. >> reporter: praying for a miracle. family members of jawan tavares known as chico gorted outside the hospital after the boy was shot in the head in east harlem. >> i got phone call and ran down the block. they just told me that chico was shot in the head. >> reporter: police say the teen was shot right in front of this housing complex across the street from a school and playgrou . >> it was a shocking, shocking thing to see. it was horrible. >> reporter: this girl told me she was inside a nearby apartment and heard the gunshots. >> i just heard about five, six shots and they went back-to-back. then i look over and it was just a couple of boys running. >> reporter: she says she also saw the injured teen on the
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arriving to the scene. the officers continue their search for whoever is responsible while his family prays for chico, a teen they describe as outgoing and fun loving. >> he was one of those jokesters, loved to dance and sing. he went to school, he's not an "a" student but went to school. he had dreams of leaving the projects. >> reporter: while police continue to look for whoever shot the teen, his sister-in-law told me that officers told her they were looking through facebook to find out who chico was with around the time of that shooting. for now natalie pasquarella, today in new york. police offering a $2500 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the person who shot and killed a staten island man and his mother. police say anthony morales walked up to 21-year-old anthony rivera and shot him in the head thursday evening.
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she, too, was shot. >> she was a great, great mother. and anthony was a great boy. great heart. 6:04 and police are searching for a robber who targeted two women in the bronx. investigators released a bit of surveillance photo of the suspect they're looking for. he put a 60-year-old woman in a head lock as he looked through her bag. nobody was hurt. the hunt is on across europe to stop the next attack. at least nine people now under arrest as security forces go for those responsible in the deadly attacks in brussels. this morning we're learning one of those suicide bombers at the airport is suspected of making a bomb used in the paris attacks. >> reporter: sirens heard on the streets of brussels as heavily
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across the capital hoping to prevent another attack. nearly a dozen people detained. one of the police operations unfolding at a tram stop. officers approached a suspect, but that man took a woman hostage. police shot him in the leg. the woman got away. a robot examine the suspect, then officers dragged him away. secretary of state john kerry paid tribute to the victims in brussels. he says while the u.s. and others fight isis in syria and iraq, the group is looking to retaliate. >> serious pressure on them. that's going to raise the potential that some of the people have been sent out of syria the last few years may try to act out in other places. >> reporter: among the 31 killed, two americans. a brother and sister who lived
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sascha and alexander. and now mason wells is lying in a hospital bed with urn bbs to his face and hands. >> the second blast went off and it went off to my right and i could feel the blast. i feel very lucky. >> reporter: today in new york. >> and just into us here, we learned the brussels airport will be closed until tuesday. >> they anticipated opening up tomorrow. the defense department has just revealed that haji imam died last week. he was the top money man for isis. he was the second in command. the pentagon says more troops may be needed on the ground. now to decision 2016. donald trump denying that he's spreading rumors about his rival.
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affairs and has been blaming trump for planting those rumors. but the front runner insists he had nothing to do with the tabloid story and did not know about it. >> this national enquirer story is garbage. it is complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear. >> trump angered cruz further by retweeting a picture of his wife melania next to an unflattering photo of cruz's wife heidi. trump blames cruz for this ad even though it was created by a group unaffiliated with the campaign. caucuses being held in alaska, in hawaii, and in washington state today. meantime there was an unexpected interruption at bernie sanders rally in oregon yesterday. it was a bird that flew into the stadium and then perched on the podium. look at that little guy. then he flew off a couple of
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sanders suggested the bird was really a dove asking for world peace. and the sights and sounds of the coney island boardwalk. opening day ceremony at luna park today. the first 150 will get to ride the cycle for free. >> it was supposed to open last weekend. coming up on today in new york this saturday morning, the material girl clashing with her neighbors. why the city is getting caught in the middle of it. plus they are satd to be the only certainties in life. death and taxes. well, we can only help you with the latter. just a few weeks left until the tax deadline. we're breaking down the fact and fiction of filing. and of course it is easter weekend and it looks like things are not going to be feeling very springlike. it's going to feel more like a typical march day with temperatures in the 50s for the entire weekend. we'll tell you when it warms up
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take a look at the temperature there. 39 degrees. >> chilly. >> a little cool. as we head into the easter weekend here. and we have a look at the weather. yesterday seemed really warm. >> it was. >> it was 50 degrees. >> and reached a high of 72. so yeah. we have had quite a big swing in temperatures from the 70s to the 30s in a relatively short amount of time. we're not going to see any 70s ahead for quite a while. so this weekend, definitely feeling like march. taking a live look outside where you can start to see a little bit a glimmer over the horizon. that sunrise coming earlier and earlier. clear skies and 39 degrees right now. it's going to be much cooler today. from start to finish than it was yesterday. going to see an increase in cloud cover late if the day.
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to start the day is going to come to an end by about 3:00 as those clouds really build in. it's because of an easterly wind. we'll look more at that in a moment. seasonal temperatures on sunday but seasonal for this time of the year is only in the mid-50s. right now it's 36 degrees in stratford. 36 in islip as well. 40 in montauk. it's 36 degrees in morristown. only 28 in monticello. check out the feels like temperature. it feels like it's 27 degrees in newburgh. 33 degrees in midtown. it doesn't take much of a breeze, of course, when the temperatures are in the 30s to give you a windchill factor. the cloud cover, that's in association with the cold front that moved through yesterday now well off to the east. in its place, high pressure is going to move in. that's going to be settled over new england throughout the entire weekend. and what that does is with a clockwise flow around the high pressure, it gives us an east wind.
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cooler it was because of the mare time influence? that's going to happen again during the day today. so seasonably cool with the easterly wind. overnight tonight, bundle up with 40 for your low temperature in midtown. 30s in the suburbs. then for easter sunday, a little bit milder. upper 50s is about all we'll be able to manage in the afternoon tomorrow. today reaching that high of 54 degrees. a little bit breezy as well. winds out of the east/northeast at 10 to 15 miles per hour. tonight we'll dip down to 40 degrees, partly cloudy, and chilly with winds out of the east/southeast. the winds becoming a little bit more southerly tomorrow. that will allow our temperature to get just a little bit better. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. and this one is looking a little bit wacky. temperatures will rebound to around 60 degrees by monday with a chanc of rain and thunderstorms.
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new york app. you can tap the logo if had the corner. select the weather tab. the news 4 app for iphone is available in the app store right now. >> all right. very good. thank you. it is 6:14. of course just a couple of weeks until the tax deadline. if you have forgotten, we're going to remind you. if you owe money, we can't help you there. sorry. >> oh, no. but if you're used with the tax rules, bob hanson clears up some of the most common tax questions. >> reporter: nobody likes doing their taxes, especially those who owe money. if you file an extension, can you wait to pay what you owe? >> people think extension to file is an extension to pay and it's not. >> reporter: you must pay part or all of what you pay by april 15th. and what about deductions? most care for their children but can they also claim grandma and grandpa? >> they can't make over $4,000
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not have to live with you. and you have to provide over half of their support. >> reporter: lisa green lewis with turbo tax says the same rules apply to the support of a non-relative. you may be able to claim them as a deduction, but they must live with you for 12 months. speaking of support, can you claim a pet? can you write off your dog for all the time, food, and medical expenses you shell out? >> your pet is not a writeoff. >> reporter: unless that pet is for specific medical reasons like a seeing is eye dog or protects a business like a guard dog. now, there's no question your parents will file your taxes but what if you're a student and you don't make much money, should you still file? lisa lewis says if you make any taxable income, then you should file a return. the irs already has enough of our money. >> every year they claim that they have about close to $1 billion in unclaimed refunds.
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students who have not filed. >> that was bob hansen reporting. not the 15th. the deadline is april 18th this year. it's on a friday so they give you the weekend. >> three extra days. one more miserable weekend for you. all right. 6:16. time for sports. >> here's john chandler. >> good morning, everybody. yes, the mets are on the cover of "sports illustrated" baseball preview. cleveland in the world series? whoops. but the royals were also si cover boys and the mets are well aware of how that turned out. if they can't get you to forget the si jinx, maybe this will do the trick. again hitting 101 miles per hour. in six innings, syndergaard walked none, allowed two runs on five hits. 19 strikeouts, just one walk this spring. mets trail in the ninth. kevin
6:18 am
at bat. mets and cards finished tied 5-5. the yankees' fifth spot in the starting rotation is up for grabs and either c.c. sabathia or -- both have spring e.r.a.s in the fives. in the third hangs one here for caleb joseph who sends it out by the palm trees in left. nova allowed two homers and let's make it three. j.j. hardy also driving one deep and gone to left. clearly the wind was blowing out, but still nova allowed six runs, five earned, walked three in 4 2/. orioles rally to win this on a bases loaded single. that's a walkoff 11-10 spring training win for the orioles. as the nhl barrels towards the playoffs, the wild card in the east is chaos.
6:19 am
18 separated by seven points or less. and the devils are game. while the islanders are stumbling. losses in six events coming in make it 7 of 9 after a disaster of a third period. thomas greiss makes a blocker save and gives up a juicy rebound. jason garrison would put it out of reach just 23 seconds later. and the islanders fall to the lightning 7-4. devils have stormed back to the fringe of the playoff picture. wedgewood a reason for that. he was back at it again in regulation. after 159 minutes and 34 seconds of shutout hockey, the streak ends in overtime. john carlson burying the winner. the caps' next point will clinch the president's trophy. they are five points back of the last playoff spot. knicks and nets both had the night off.
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the knicks host lebron james and e cavaliers at the garden. nets take on the pacers at barclays. ncaa tournament continues tonight with the elite eight action. enjoy the rest of your saturday, everybody. for today in new york, i'm john chandler. red box set to launch a streaming service. the digital will allow customers to rent movie and tv episodes for streaming. redbox shut down its first streaming service. that was back in 2014 after only 18 months. again. i love the redbox. it's like a buck for the movie. remember that when you used to rent the dvd? >> back in the day. after the break we're talking parking wars. madonna versus her neighbors. >> but first here's tiffany smith with your fandango weekend ticket. >> hey, everyone. there are three big movies
6:21 am
the light," "my big fat greek wedding 2" and the much anticipated "batman v. superman: dawn of justice." let's break it down. first up "i saw the light." he plays american country music legend hank williams. the film costars elizabeth olsen as his wife and she is incredible. if you want to see great musical performances, this is the one for you. next up, "my big fat greek wedding 2." if you loved the first one, you are going to love this one. we get to see if the greek family crazy gene gets passed down to the next generation. i have to say there are so many touching moments. but michael cohn nstantine constantine's performance made my heart burst. if you're looking for heartwarming laughs, then this is the film for you.
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been waiting for "batman v. superman: dawn of justice." it picks up after the destruction of metropolis and that brings a bat out of the shadows. enter ben affleck. i'll say this now. ben affleck is batman. and you will believe a bat that can take down a man who can fly. seriously, the wonder woman wait was well worth it because she slays it. this is a movie that is for everyone. seriously. everyone. it's so good. now let's see what movies our fandango fans are buzzing about on fan-ticipation. here are this week's scores. that's what's going on this weekend at the movies. for today in new york, i'm
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i will tell you this much. parking spots in manhattan are hard to find.
6:25 am
it worse. >> the problem is she put out fake parking signs. >> reporter: madonna's posh digs include two garages but around here sam the contractor tells me the search for parking is the great equalizer. >> in general, parking is insane. i have a guy getting me to move my van every day. >> reporter: madonna is taking to it a new level. the department ready to fine her. is parking tough around here? >> yes, my dear. it's impossible. >> reporter: what do you think of her putting the line on the curb? >> i think it's fine. we pick the famous people. >> reporter: the signs are not sanctioned by the city so they have to go. the same thing with the yellow painted line here on the curb that madonna now says she is ready to pick up the paint brush
6:26 am
madonna posted online we will paint a nice dull gray to keep our neighbors happy. sorry. i'm saying three extra hail marys for the transgression. >> when it's faded, people come and park and then they go, i don't think this is legal. it's good to let them know. >> reporter: madonna bought her pad for a reported $40 illion back in 2009. the potential fine she faces for the signs and painted curb? $250. well, it's worth noting you cannot park in front of madonna's house. she has the right to keep it clear. the l al issue is the signs and the paint on the curb. >> the fake signs. whoops. next at 6:30 on today in new york -- >> reporter: what would you do if you caught a burglar in your home? a woman spotted a guy on her fire escape and she decided to fight back. her story coming up. and rolling stones hit the stage. this time making history. i'm storm team 4
6:27 am
spring is in the air. that means pollen is in the air as well. tree pollens specifically is really high right now. but we could get rain to help ease out allergy concerns. i'll tell you when coming up in
6:28 am
6:29 am
live look at the gwb. 39 degrees. 6:29 on a saturday morning. cooler than we've been dealing with of late. we'll talk about the easter forecast in just a second. first i want to welcome you back to today in new york. >> i'm in for pat battle. she's not going anywhere. it's easter weekend. it's well deserved time off. but she will be back. i'm just saying don't worry. right now checking in with meteorologist erica grow. i know there were some concerns about maybe some rain especially for tomorrow morning. what's going on with that? >> no, it doesn't look like the rain is going to affect us at all.
6:30 am
to ease everyone's concerns, raphy is feeling a little under the weather and should be back tomorrow. right now 39 degrees. it is clear but chilly. especially when you compare to yesterday when we started off in the 50s and went up into the 70s. today our high temperature is going to be closer to what our low temperature was yesterday. first forecast, 44 degrees at 8:00. 50 by noon. the clouds will start to build in a little bit in the afternoon because of an east wind. remember what it felt like on thursday because of those winds coming off of the water? how it made things kind of dreary. that's going to happen again this afternoon. montgomery at 30. same temperature in morristown and it's 35 in bridgewater and trenton. on storm tracker, nothing heading our way. the skprink ls are dissipating and moving to the east. we will talk about your next chance of rain coming up. the full seven-day forecast.
6:31 am
gus,back to you. >> thank you. police trying to find four suspects in another slashing here. police say four men slashed a 19-year-old man in the head, hands, and back. they then ran off. the victim was rushed to the hospital but is expected to survive. if you have any information, please give police a call. a young women went toe-to-toe with a burglar and won. >> this is an impressive story. she walked in on this thief making off with her laptop and some jewelry in her apartment in williamsburg, brooklyn. she told michael george that she was not going to let this guy go without a fight. >> reporter: a would be thief climbed up this fire escape and entered through an unlocked window. but he didn't realize he picked the wrong person to mess with. what would you do if you caught a burglar breaking into your home? would you fight or run? tiffany chang had a split second o make that ka all call.
6:32 am
man halfway out the fire escape with my laptop. >> reporter: she could have ran but at 5'7," she is not to be underestimate. he's right here. he's in the window when you catch him. so you say? >> are you kidding me? and he smiles and he says, yeah. i remember saying something like, no, r you're not going to do this. and i ran forward and i grabbed the laptop. >> reporter: they wrestled for the laptop. tiffany won. the fight left her with some bumps and bruises. the burglar got away w h her cell phone and some heirloom jewelry. i asked why she went against the burglar. >> i've been robbed before. i feel great about doing this. it's been empowering in a lot of ways. >> reporter: if something like this happened again, do you think you'd react the same way? >> i'd hope so. it's my stuff. if i can protect my own self
6:33 am
do it. >> reporter: she's lucky this man wasn't armed and she wasn't badly hurt. police are looking into a rash of robbery ies in brooklyn but they don't think this one is connected. 6:32. an historic new jersey church now getting an outpouring of support from the community. these flames erupted tuesday night. they tore through the 150-year-old first presbyterian church of englewood. they were forced to hold their services at st. paul's episcopal church. >> it's amazing. >> it's a model for what our world should look like. >> it is. the congregation planning to hold easter services tomorrow. those will be at the bergen performing arts center. still no word yet on what caused the fire.
6:34 am
suing the nypd after an officer shot and killed her dog. police in a hallway. you can see the dog there walked towards the officer wagging his tail. the officer moved back, took aim, and shot the dog. >> just threw myself over him and i'm begging him not to leave me and he's twitching and his tail's still wagging. it's like he's still trying to hang on. but he just died. and i just couldn't believe it. >> the nypd says it is investigating the incident. heading to bergen county now with officials are looking at a profiling controversy. appointed a temporary monitor to oversee the police department. this comes after an internal memo that was allegedly written by the wyckoff police chief. this memo told officers to continue to check out, quote, suspicious black people in white neighborhoods. the county prosecutor and the state attorney general are now
6:35 am
fox is on temporary leave. an investigation under way after hate filled messages printed out at several colleges across the country. the fliers with links to a neo-nazi website said a white power group appears to have hacked into network printers. if you are traveling between staten island and new jersey to visit friends this weekend, good news for you. the bayonne bridge is remaining open all weekend until 9:00 monday morning. the bridge of course usually closed for a construction project that is trying to raise the road. after half a century, rolling stones fans in cuba finally got some satisfaction. >> the stones performed in wi havana for the first time ever. it was the last stop on their latest american tour. the castro government blocked groups like the stones from
6:36 am
revolution. they've been listening to them in secret for years. >> indeed they have. it's 6:35. coming up on this saturday morning, some really tense moments during a landing in the bahamas. >> thank you, lord. thank you, lord. >> boy, the scary maneuver that shook passengers after their plane was already on the ground. and storm team 4's erica grow returns with the forecast. we'll see how easter is shaping up.
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internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. it's a shock to the system this morning after 70s yesterday. we're going to see those temperatures not really rebounding much at all this afternoon. take a look outside right now. we are looking at temperatures in the 30s throughout the entire area. pretty picture, though, of the brooklyn bridge. right now it is 39 degrees and clear at central park. in our weather headlines, much cooler today than it was yesterday. yesterday we got all the way up
6:39 am
we will be stuck in the 50s. bu that's where we should be this time of year. so i guess it's not unexpected. doesn't feel like easter. this is an early easter as you probably know. clouds building in late and that's because of an easterly flow. it'll be seasonable on sunday but still a little bit on the cool side. not for this time of year though. it'll be seasonably cool. right now 36 degrees in hampton bay. it's 34 degrees in white plains. it's close to the freezing mark in both white plains and newburgh. it is at the freezing mark in sussex. and below that in monticello where it's currently 28 degrees. and it feels like 20 in monticello monticello. it feels like 30 in bridgewater. the windchill is not very significant. but even just a bit of a breeze with temperatures in the 30s and 20s, it's going to give you a windchill factor. high pressure is continuing to drift our way.
6:40 am
new england for most of the weekend. and that's going to give us this flow out of the east and southeast. today it's mostly straight out of the east. so it's going to be getting very cool throughout the afternoon. we're going to see temperatures really just kind of locked in the 50s. tomorrow just a little bit better. closer to 60 degrees. increasing clouds as actually a storm system approaches and kind of reinforces that easterly and southeasterly flow with the cloud cover. but the rain hole off until monday. looks like it could rain during both commutes though. still dry on sunday but the clouds are built in. then as we head into the morning rush, some light scattered showers moving through. i think most of us. heading toward the tail end of the morning commute. we can see much heavier rain on the approach. this is with the cold front that will move through. possibly bringing thunderstorms
6:41 am
everything sweeps out by monday. a high of 54 degrees with an increase in cloud cover. because of that maritime influence. tonight dipping down to 40 degrees. cool but patchy clouds. here's a look at the sempb-day forecast. 60 on monday with that chance for rain and thunderstorms. some showers possible early on tuesday with a high of 55. you can stay up-to-date any time with the news 4 app. see the latest forecasts, interactive radar, and how to submit your own weather video. available in the app store right now. >> erica, thank you. falling ice causing quite a scare in pennsylvania. and it wasn't because of a hailstorm. these are ice chunked from a passing airplane. yeah. this kind of thing happens. the ice smashed into a parked car waiting for a buyer at a kia dealership. yeah. it's safe to say they have to
6:42 am
thankfully nobody was hurt. ice usually doesn't hit anything. a rough landing for passengers heading to the bahamas. >> it ran into a bit of trouble. and there is video. the pilot could got get the nose gear all the way down. pilot on the ground, kind of leaning down there. but the plane came to a stop and then the nose gear collapsed all together. passengers say they didn't know what was going on. >> they told the the nose landing gear was not going to come down so they were going to circle and release fuel. >> i got scared and started to hysterically cry. >> it was interesting. but, yeah, it was traumatizing too. >> it was scary when we landed because there was a lot of smoke and it was a rough landing. but it was okay. >> and the good news here, nobody was injured. a little scary for those folks though. >> the pilot's usually do a
6:43 am
but yikes. after the break, a child prodigy turned an international performer. we're going to introduce you in this week's visiones. and in the pet profile, some safety tips in the spring.
6:44 am
why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future
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why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you, it' s everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. to take advantage of this offer on the 2016 volvo xc60 crossover visit your local showroom. welcome back. ever since he could remember, a young man in chile has had a passion for piano. he's since caught the attention of the president of his country and entertainers. >> who is he? lynda baquero tells us in visiones. >> how sweet. 3 years old. that's the age of that little boy making his television debut
6:46 am
now as an adult patriceomolena is here. great to see you. you are so accomplished. i don't know where to begin. maybe the logical place which is how old were you when you started to play? >> yoptd even remember. i was like 2 1/2 years old. >> you saw one and thought let's see what it feels like. >> my parents bought he toys and we had a piano at home. i wouldn't play with the toys. i would go straight to the piano. >> your sister used to help you when you were little? >> my sister would help me with the pedals. >> and you got a scholarship when you were just 4 years old. but there was quite a bit of travel involved. >> oh, yes. thanks to my parents. they've been so supportive. and they helped me a lot. >> how long was it to get to the classes each way? >> like an hour.
6:47 am
you did this three times a week. then your family moved to the u.s. from chile. this was all while you were in chile. you moved here when you were 13 years old. tell me what that transition was like. we have some video of you performing here. >> it was actually very difficult. i didn't speak english. the only way to communicate was through music. that was the way i could communicate my feelings with people. >> and it's very expensive. how did you manage with all that? you were still young. >> well, the manhattan school of music gave me a full scholarship to study at the univer ty. >> and what keeps you going? so many challenges, you were talking about driving an hour each way and obviously just the financial burden as well. what keeps you going? >> well, i mean, it's been my first language. i learned how to write and read music before i even spoke spanish.
6:48 am
>> living in this country, english was not very easy for me. so i always -- music was a language for me. >> and now you're inspiring at rutgers university. you're doing a double doctorate. you don't like to do things easily, do you? >> actually, it's very complicate. but, you know, it's kind of nice to do the both the performance part of the music and the academics part put together in two degrees. >> wow. so congratulations. when do you plan to complete those? >> by 2018, i should have everything done. coming up april 2nd i have a performance at new york school of the arts. >> and that's free? >> it's free. and t n i have a concert -- actually my opera is going to be premiered in c le in two years. >> i understand the president of chile has heard the opera. >> he has. and i'm working closely with the
6:49 am
this to the country. >> in the meantime, where can people follow you to see your upcoming performances? you've got something else at rutgers. >> april 27th i have my recitals. it's part of the degree. and you can go to my website. >> people need to applaud and make sure you get a good grade. >> >> thank you so much. you're an inspiration for a lot
6:50 am
6:51 am
welcome back. it's time now to check in across the street with sheinelle jones and craig melvin on weekend "today." >> coming up here on "today" we're live in brussels with the latest in the investigation to find all of the people responsible for this week's terror attacks. and we'll talk to a top counterterrorism expert about how big of a threat we're facing
6:52 am
also ahead this morning, one couple's fight to get their foster daughter back in their home after she was removed because she's 1/64 native american. plus we have all the highlights from the rolling stones' historic concert last night the havana. and wait until the moment you see this dog and their owner are reunited. they were both wounded while serving in afghanistan. it'll make your heart smile this morning. >> those stories and more when we get started on a saturday morning right here on "today." kerry and gus, back over to you. >> thanks very much. many of us opening our windows enjoying the spring weather. if you're a pet owner, you need to take some precaution. good morning. unscreened windows potential danger for children and also animals. >> very much so with cats.
6:53 am
windows where cat high-rise syndrome numbers go way up. what that means is when a cat -- they've got great balance. but when they get close to a window and if they're focused on a bird or something else like that, they can fall out. and it happens quite often. they -- you know, veterinary vets see this about three to four times a week during the summertime. >> we think sometimes cats have a sense that they should not go further. but especially in the city, they get confused. >> it happens all the time in new york city. it's a big deal. what we recommend is to make sure that your screens are secure in the window. and know that the child proof guards do not prevent a cat from falling. most importantly also is when you have guests in the house or if the cleaning -- somebody comes in to clean your house, they really need to know not to keep the windows open. because that's usually when it happens. >> krae. you're talking about the worst
6:54 am
but there have been some things where the cat falls and survives. rush them to vet, right? >> absolutely. when they fall they're in unfamiliar circumstances. you never know who's walking by. they won't know where to go. you want to find them quickly and bring them to the vet. they could have broken a bone. >> springtime here and we've got animals looking for a home today. >> this cat's name is meowina. >> hold on. hold on. >> it's her temporary name. >> hold on. meowina? >> she's a calm cuddler. david, if you could show her whole body. she has a beautiful long coat. friendly. this is a great cat for every home. >> like a stuffed animal there. how old? >> 2 years old. she will be available today on the upper east side on 84th and 2nd avenue in front of the manhattan veterinary clinic. and the other cats and dogs will
6:55 am
and this dog will be at another event. this is toofi. the most friendly, playful -- look at the closeup of that face. mid-size puppy. >> and i have to say, you just play with her and she's happy. >> she's so cute. available for adoption. sutton place area at the biscuits and bath at 11:00 this morning. and that's 58th and 1st avenue. >> and how old is she? >> she is about 8 months. a puppy. with puppy breath which is so nice. >> it's all good. you can find more information about these pets on the website on the screen there. back in a moment talking about weather. easter sunday, how is that looking?
6:56 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest
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on the most awarded network. internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. speeds this fast at a price this good,
6:58 am
a far cry from the times square of old. this is a peep show that the whole family can enjoy and it has returned to maryland. annual easter tradition with artwork made of peeps marshmallow candy. some of them reflect current movies or what's happening in the world. that's donald trump made out of also hillary clinton referenced as well. people get the chance to vote for their favorites. >> and they have all these new flavors out this year. have you seen? >> mixed feelings about that. >> i had the vanilla one yesterday. it was delicious. they're good when they're a little bit stale. there's a knew group giving meaning to snow bunny. it was just in time for easter. it's just over here on i had my
6:59 am
this isn't the furst front yard sculpture they've made. past installations include a horse, bison, and polar bear. >> they're very clever. >> indeed. that's why they're on the news. cooler temperatures today. >> yeah. cooler temperatures today. highs in the 50s all weekend long. and more clouds as we head into the later part of the day today. >> all right. thank you very much, erica. >> very good. it is 6:58 and of course we'll be back here momentarily. not momentarily. we'll see you in about an hour and a half. at 8:30. okay. >> well, you know, the peeps story, i wanted to tell you they're made in my hometown in pennsylvania. an hour and a half to the west. get on 78 and go to the candy factory. mike and ikes, the whole bit. >> really? i had no idea it's a tourist destination. >> nice little town. >> and you can eat there too, yeah? >> i don't know. >> they don't sell them? >> i'll call and find out. >> find out and tweet that out because inquiring minds want to know. >> okay.
7:00 am
now it's time to say good-bye at least for the moment. we're going to see you back here at 8:30 of course after weekend "today." >> i'm glad we had this time together. >> i am too. i feel like i know you so much better. have a great morning. good morning. on high alert. belgium on edge this morning. a show of force in the streets as authorities search for other attackers who may have been involved in tuesday's deadly bombing. nine people arrested since the attacks. one in a dramatic takedown on camera. we're live in brussels. firing back. a furious ted cruz over a


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