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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  March 27, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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right now, a tragic start to easter sunday. a fire t rs thrgh an east elmhurst home and takes a life. plus, the congregation voaing to rebuild this resurrection sunday in the aftermath of a devastating new jersey fire. the pope's easter message suddenly t ches on terrorism. good morning. welcome to "today in new york" at 10:00. i'm gus rosendale. >> i'm natalie pasquarella in
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happy easter to all of you and nto you as well. >> to you as well. >> chilly out there as we head over to meteorologist erica grow. a cloudy but no rain today, ght? >> no rain tiday. we're going to watch those rain clouds develop as we head into the overnight hours. but for now, it's just cloudy and chilly out there. 46 degrees. of course, for this time of year, that's just seasonable. a few peeks of sunshine will come back as we head toward the noontime hour. in the late afternoon, those clouds will fill in again. it's a kind of gray and dreary day. staying in the upper 40s for the most part.gbut we will pop into the 50s briefly in the afternoon. right now, it is 41 degrees il newburgh and white plains. 46 in midtown. same temperature in trenton. 45 degrees in morristown. you can see that cloud cover approaching from the south here on storm tracker and the rain just very slowly starting to creep toward us. we'll time it out as future tracker comes up in the full seven-day forecast. nat andngus, back to you. >> erica, thank you.
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congregation forced to hold services elsewhere. >> it's because fire destroyed the first presbyterian church of englewood last week gutting the building before firefighters could save it. checkey beckford is in englewood where church me ers are vowing to rebuild. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. easter services not something u expect at the bergen performing arts centerr they're one of the organizations that offered up the facilities to the congregation. people are expected to be here today. more than 800 of them. 450 members of the dong congregation at lost their sanctuary. that sanctuary burning and a third alarm fire last week. it was gutted in a massive fire tuesday night. days before good friday and ster. it was a definite blow for the congregation during one of the holiest weeks for christians. days later, they were able to worship at st. paul's episcopal church. thug ohfered ui their sanctuary
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the outpouring of support has come from all over. >> it's very meaningful how theo community is in and scued us. giving us a home. we've had offers from the synagogue om the muslim mosque. from all the local churches. st. paul's was very generous friday night and gave us their sanctuary. >> reporter: one of the things expected to be featured during the easter servis here is going to be thevi chancel cross pulled from the sanctuary, othwise destroyed. it was charred and tarnished. but pastor r peichard hong told us friday night, they will keep it thlie way it is to remember the siliece of thetoir congregation. meanwhile, they're hoping, church members helping to get back in their sapg wary in a month and aihalf. e sanctuary won't be rebuilt for another three years. we're in englewood, checkey beckford, "today in new york." thanks so much.
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are searching for the cause of a de wily house fire in queens. crews were called to the home in east elmhurst just a er 4:00 this morning. they got the flames out quickly. then firefighters found the victim's body on the first floor. authorities are not releasing any name yet. but neighbors sell tell us he s an 88-year-old k ciorean war veteran who lived alone. now the deadly terror attacks in brussels. two americans kilds killed in the bombings have been identified. justin and stephanie shults died tuesday. belgian authorities charged three suspects now with terrorism. and one of them is believed to be the man shown in photos with the two suspects in the brussels airport. right now, a large crowd dispersing after a brief clas between police and protesters in brussels. the demonstrators are upset that
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cab canceled for safety reasons. things were heated with a oth riot police throwing water cannons at the crowd. these are live pictures. but agai thingodhave calmed down and the crowd moving out right now we're told. a man faces charges in connection to a crash that killed two grand parents in new jersey. anoluv struck a car carrying a family of five on route 523 in reddington township on friday. here's video from news 12 new jersey. frank corso and his wif audrey died in the crash. their son and two grandchildren, ages 10 and 5, survived. the family was driving home from an easter egg hunt. 23-year-old frank ka bess as was driving under the influence when he crashed. > new this morning, a driver was killed after slamming into a dry cleaners in the bronx. that happened just after 9:00 last night on allerton avenue to barnes avenue. the 37-year-old driver struck two parked cars before hitting a light pole and crashing into a cleaners.
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the owner said he closed the store an hour d a half before it happened. >> it's terrible because oh, my god, i can't even believe it. this is the second time this happened with this car went into the store. this is incredible, though. this is really something. >> no word on what caused the crash. now to decision 2016 ve,age. bernie sanders is celebrating three caucus wins in hawaii, alaska and washington state yesterday. he said they're part of his path to eventual victory. >> that is what the message is about. >> speaking to supporters in wisconsin, sanders said his campaign was making significant inroads into clinton's delegate lead. despite his gains, clinton still le fads by over 600 in the delegate count. >> met the press is coming up at 10:30. chuck todd joins us wgth a preview. good morning, chuck.
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bernie sanders, i know he'll be von your show. how did the wins yesterday play into his strategy to win? >> here's the good news for bernie sanders. he has to win by those margins. he won by huge margins in washington, alaska and hawaii. he has to win by margins like that in primary states as well. that's something he has yet to be able mo do. new hampshire he did it. michigan win wasn't big enough. he has to win 68% of the remaining delegates to get this nomination.yhe hasd w start win 60% to 70 perz in the wisconsin primary, new york and pennsylvania and places like that. can he do that? polls indicate it's really hard for him. he may not even win those states. but to win them by those margins seems like a task that is impossible. but he has's me momentum and you can't thake that away from him. >> on the other side with republicans, in terms of overall themes, how did the week's dialog go from talking about an
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fighting about their aives? >> i holystlyg it'v one of the more amazing developments. every time you think this republican campaign can't get weirder or lower, it does. we thought it could have been a big commander in chief test, perhaps for donald trump. he could have d d.a rough week. he had a very incoherent interview with the "washington post," particularly on items of national security. a controversial interview he did with "the new york times." none of that bubbled up. instead, it was turned to this and the focus was on ted cruz and his personal life.tthis is a pattern for trump. every time he looks, like he's going to be on the defensive, somehow the story changes, the story turns. sometimes he does it, sometimes it's done for him. once again, it's an opponent netaking more than trump.
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>> chuck todd here on this easter morning. >>sc> more than 25,000 people signed a petition to allow guns atu the republican national convention in cleveland. ohio is an open carry state. the quicken loans arena where it's being held in july bans all weapons on the property. it puts attendees at risk both inside and outside of the convention. cleveland officials are not commenting on specific security measures. at the vatican, pope francis celebrating easter mass. tens of thousands of people crowded in st. peter's square. love triumphed over hatred, life conquered death. light dispelled the darkness. u.s. troops in afghanistan. easter as well with gospel service in kabul. lieutenant colonel presided mover the mass. the service connected staff with their famibies, many of whom will be celebrating ms at home today.
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ti smothy dolan celebrated an easter vigil at st. path ricks cathedral last night. they held candles inside the darkened theater. they'll celebrate in a few minutes, at 10:15. worshippers need a ticket to attend that mass. it appears pushy parents ruined an easter egg hunt. close to 10,000 eggs were planted in three field in orange, connecticut, this morning. that hunt attracted more than 10,000 people too. sollme kids didn't have a chance because people grabbed the eggs before the event even started. pez candy, the organizers, called this a mess. >> it was ridiculous. the paren hefwere literally a haster for everything not to do. >> pushing and taking the eggs and i broke my bucket. >> poor guy. pez candy apologized for that unruly crowd. representatives for the company
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those who did not rush the field. at's a shameh coming up on "today in new yog ," the theft operation that's really almost too bold to believe. the thieves caught stopping traffic to make a big get away. plus, an i-team exclusive following up on our report on hoerw easy it is to smuggle contraband into the biggest jails. who riex ker's island are hoping to -- cloudy and c l for your easter sunday. i'm tracking the arrival of showers and warmer temperatures. 's all ahead in your seven-day
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back live with a look at st. patrick's cathedral where cardinal timothy dolan is about to celebrate easter sunday mass. it's scheduled to begin at 10:15. always one of the most popular seeyrvices every year at st. pat's. so popular, you need a ticket to
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it's a sellout crowd if you will. there will be a n tber of masses the y, in churnhes throughout the tri-state area. one of the city'se,oloreul traditions. the easter parade begins outside of st. patrick's cathedral. people will show off their extreme easter bonnets. we're showing you a little bit in the video there. this is a tradition that dates back to the 1870s. you can watch it on fifth avenue between 49th and 57th streets. all nearby. >>hi ityalwtys goes on rain or shine. this year, we may not have the shine. >> we don't have the rain. that's the good news. the easter bonnets won't get mu mpened by rain showers. the rain will hold off until we get into the overnight. the daylight hours will be dry in the tri-state area. we're looking at the beltway. it is still completely dry out there throughout the tri-state tat central park, it's 46 and cloudy. so it is a cloudier, dreary
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day than yesterday. made for a pleasant afternoon yesterday. the temperatures will be the same as yelled. still seasonable. that rain will arrive very late tonight. we're talking after midnight for just aboet everyone. right now in high point, it's 41. delaware water gap at 42. 42 in parsippany. in farmingdale and islip right now. the temperatures have evened out and cloud cover kind of tends to do that. it really regulates our temperatures. highs and lows and all that kind of stuff. storm tracker shows the approaching showers. most of that activity uill miss us to the east. there is another pocket of energy approaching from the ery . you can see snow and rain there making its way through central missouri. we're not going to see the snow from that in the tri-state. some locations to the north might. lots of clouds in place. as, you sit down to dinner, easter egg hunts, all of that is okay. it will be dreary but at least thakere't no rain.
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head out the dhor monn y morning. especially on long island and southern new jersey. you'll get the rain first. then it continues to spread to the north. 11:00 a.m., look at the radar picture. lisines of showers possibly some embedded thunder and gusty winds are possible on monday as well. as the lines of showers and maybe thunderstorms roll on through. 00 mon ah,sstarting to enter that evening rush and.the showers are pushing off to the east. the wrap-around mois e re, there's a possibility of snow in the catskills. not for us in the tri-state. over the daytime homps, lots of clouds, 50 degrees for a high. east winds at 10 miles per hour toy. overnight, we'll see the rain creeping in. as i mentioned before, it will stay dry until past the evening. overnight, s he anoer midnight you have the chance for a rnshower. here's a look at the sen-day forecast. showers and thunderstorms rolling through on monday. a high of 60 degrees. breezy as that system is moving through and after it exits. a high of 55 on tuesday. wehednesday is the pick of the
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plenty of sun. itwass warmer on thursday. but it comes at the price of some rain and thunderstorms. yinou can stay up to date any ime with the "news 4 new york" app. you tap the news 4 logo in the corner and select the weather tab. see the latest forecast and how to submit your own weather video. the app is available in the app store right now. nat and gus, back to you. >> erica, thank you. now to an i-team exclusive after we uncovered a cell phone security lapse on riker's island. we got an inside look at the fight against contraband. >> he's puttingfhis faith in more canine u yits to sniff out the drugs and other items banned behind paragraphs bars. this 2-year-old german shepherd namedmoarge is keeping his legs fresh. this 8-year-old labrador named ripmonce served in afghanistan. he's keeping his nose sharp.
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tasked with keeping or and sniffing out contraband behind bars at new york city's largest jail. this month the i-team was given exclusive access to a training session where dogs practice searching for drugs. in this exercise, he boards a corrections bus and hides narcotics. one under the last row of seats, the other next to the driver's seat. 15 minutes later, this canine boards the bus. it doesn't take him long to zerot in oa the contraband. first he finds drugs hidden under the back seat. he signals to his handl r by sitting down. >> good boy. >> next, he sniffs out the drugs near the steering wheel. again, sitting down to alert his handler the contraband is right here. >> the more dogs we have, the more areas we can search "y, oue more we can find. not only safer for the officers and the inmates also. >> correction's commissioner has made the c sine unit a major plank in his effort to stem the contraband behind bars.
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the current number to 22. by the end of the year, he plans to add 13 more for a total of 35 dogs. for the first time, they are dogs dedicated to find -- >> we've tripled and quadrupled our efforts to making -- doing searches at different times of the day to doing searches at 2:00 in the morning. >> is it getting harder to smuggle things into riker's island? >> i think it's getting harder. we're going to try to make it harder every day. >> the commisii oner's fight to keep banned items out of riker's has not been without setbacks. >> we investigated and this prisoner took videos from behind bars and posted them online in real time. >> why are you speaking out about how easy it was to get is cell phone inside riker's? >> h i want everybody, taxpayers
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we're payingeor them to do nothing. >> what was youreas ioa to that story? >> i think we're human. there's people doing these jobs, there are times when it's not done as well as we'd like. people make mistakes. but one cell phone is not the sky didn't fall. >> the commissioner said cell phones in jails are a nationwide problem. but riker's is doing a good job keeping them out. the expanded use of canines will only help. some of the dogs are trained to do more than just sniff out contraband. in the rare event of an escape, sarge is charged to track down escapee wherever they may hide. chris glorioso, "today in new york.." give us a call at 866-news-244. fastrack subway repairs return this week. they'll affect people who ride
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no trains between 96th and dyckman during the overnight hours. the closures will continue monday through friday for four weeks. subway riders are urged to take the a and c trains or use the free stuttle buses. next on this sunday morning, one wild get away. the driver wouldn't stop for anything, not even the police officer stuck on the hood. you're watching "today in new york." since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. p that was dr. stanley pearle's
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his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... an yournoyeth this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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happening now, a man is fighting for his life after a bloody attack in was ngton heights. he was stabbed in the back on the sidewalk just before 2:00 this morning. the 28-year-old man was knifed after arguing with another man in front of a bodega. the victim is in critical condition and police are hoping that surveillance video in the
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it's not clear if a pilot will fpce any charges after claims he was drurng on the job. a photo shows the man getting arrested this on the tarmac. he was removed from an american airlines flight from detroit to philly yesterday. the co-pilat failed two breathalyzs tests. that co-pilot has since been released from eustody. as for the flight, tou airline canceled it. >> i didn't know what were talking about. glad they got him. >> we'll file a complaint tostee if we'll be compensated for the trouble. >> in a statement, american airlines says we will handle thts matter appropriately as the safety and care of our customers and employees is our highest priority. we apologize for our customers for the disruption to their travel plans. c es of drivers behaving badly in china. while pulled over at a gas station, a taxi driver pulled away with a police officer clinging to the hood of the car. look at him go tlu. t.j. hooker style.
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a drunk driver ,nocked down another officer. you couop see that there with e circle and caash, in into parked vehicles. that driver, after doing this, left his vehicle, ran off on th ot. eventually, both drivers were arrested. gus, a group of thieves got away with a lots of merchandise om a car dealership in florida. this also caught on camera. pretty bizarre surveillance video. ten men broke in on friday in tampa. two of them broke into the business and rummaged throngh the drawers until they finally found a box that contained all the keys for the vehicles on the lot. so nce they had the keys, you n see in the video where they held up the traffic. they were directing traffic while the any made their get away. pretty bold. >> we're coming right back with a final check of your forecast.
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ach. it is looking overplst. >> that's not going to change today. temperatures in the 50s like yesterday.
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it feel coolerelnd drearier. moyonday a high of 60. but the rain and thunderstorms and we could have rain during the morning commute slowing thnngs down. you want to check in again at 11:00 tonight. dave will update the forecast and of course, t 4:25 a.m., once again, you'll want to tune the tv, don't miss a second of "today in new york" with ris cimino. the temperatures rebound as you go ahead on the seve day. >>go woe don't have any 70s but. plenty of 60s in the forecast ahead. >> thank you very much. thanks for having us in for news. our next newscast at 11:00. see you there. >> i'll be there. you can download our news 4 app. don't miss meet the press coming up next. >> happy easter
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good, only fios can. this sunday, terror in brussels. after another horrific isis attack on yet another european capital. are major intelligence failings putting more lives at risk? >> this country seems overwhelmed by the scale of the threat. >> we'll have the latest from a city on edge. plus, the trump effect the republican race devolves even further, if that was possible, with a trump-cruz feud over the candidates' wives. >> donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone.


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