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tv   Today in New York  NBC  March 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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several people rushed to the hospital. new information coming in overnight. this morning, donald trump backing off his gop pledge while he's standing by his campaign manager. now faces a criminal charng. the vote today that could change the future of times square. good morning everyone. it's wednesday, more 350th. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here. i was held upcoming home from vacation by the winds yesterday. >> that was a big issue. welcome back, michael. >> the winds could not keep me from coming back. the temperatures in the 20s right now. northwest new jersey in particular. the cold spot 21 degrees in walpack, 26 in franklin. in poughkeepsie in the 20s city in the upper 30s. at least the wind is subsiding now.
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high pressure building on in. the high pressure maker to the west. we have a fine looking day headed our way today. a warmer one tomorrow before things get unsettled. expect a good deal of sunshine from sunup to sundown. forecasting a high today into the upper 50s. emily is here. she's with us all week. >> route 1 and 9 at tonnelle avenue between 71st to 69th streets. we're seeing delays there. then u.s. 90, downed wires at king george's post road. lower level of the george washington closed. the outbound roadwork has wrapped up on the lower. more weather and traffic on the 4s. thanks so much, emily. several people recovering from injuries and dozens
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the investigation on wha caused that fire. it ripped through five buildings on dekalb avenue, katherine creag is there with more. >> reporter: one woman fell to the ground and burst out crying when she returned from the grocery store and saw her home in flames. this is one building we're zooming into. five buildings have been severely damaged. this area of dekalb avenue near wilson avenue remains closed off. the police department, the fire department, they are here. we want to show you this incredible video. there were so many people taking their own video of the flames and they were raging. the fire broke out around 10:00 at night. the flames tore through each building. five buildings in allment all of them residential severely damaged. it was after 1:00 a.m. when firefighters got everything under control. there's also video showing how humg
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there were three people who were taken to the hospital. one of them in very bad shape. that person is listed in serious condition. the woman we talked with is devastated. >> but the flames just started, just so fast. we all panicked at this moment. i feel like my life went downhill. >> 200 firefighters responded to this emergency, to this huge fire and some of the firefighters are still here, darlene. you might see the flashing lights all around us. there are police officers down that street, on dekalb avenue. police officers down there. it's unknown what caused this huge fire. back to you, darlene. >> katherine creag in brooklyn. kat, thank you. new this on long island, a man tried to lure two
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a driver approached the girls at briard street and stratford road. he asked them to come with him, they ran for help. he was in a car with tinted windows. newark pitching in to help people of the flint, michigan, water crisis. mayor ras baraka is going to have a weekend fundraiser. it will raise the awareness of its own water problems. elevated levels have been found in 30 newark buildings. the issue of corralling the costume characters in times square. a new bill would allow the department of transportation to set up zones and rules for all commercial activities in new york's pedestrian plaza. that means the painted topless women, the mickeys, the elmos and the tour bus ticket sellers, those would all be confined to a designated area only. 4:34.
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this wednesday morning. hey, chris. >> good morning, guys. big chill out there this morning. big difference, you're stepping out into temperatures in the 30s in the city, 20s in the suburbs. the only good news this morning, it's not that windy out there. it's a cold morning. better news headed our way. that combination this tiechlt year by the afternoon would allow temperatures to warm up into the mid and upper 50s. a significant warming trend coming up. 38 degrees. day planner breaks down like this. we start out in the 30s. jump to the 40s and low 50s. forecasting a high in the upper 50s. warmer weather, wet weather, lots to talk about in the seven-day. let's get to -- >> fastrack on the 1 line, no trains between dyckman street and 96th. the overnight track work. several subway lines until 5:00 this morning. the commuter checklist,
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your morning ride and the buses, several detoured new york city buses. noft bad with new jersey transit, beeline or decamp. alternate side is in effect. more weather and traffic on the 4s. emily, thank you very much. now to presidential politics. the republican candidates pledge to support each other, that may be over. ted cruz made the first move during a town hall last night. he wasn't in the habit of supporting someone who attacks his wife and family. that was a reference to donald trump. trump pulling back from his own pledge. >> look -- >> you don't? >> we'll see who it is. john kasich has taken away the wait and see attitude to see whether he'll support the nominee. donald trump's opponents are blasting him for standing by his campaign manager. he will not fire cory lewandowski after he turned himself to face battery charges
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this video shows lewandowski grabbing the arm of a reporter. ted cruz said there was, quote, abusive culture in trump's campaign. marco rubio may be out of the presidential race but could be playing an important role. he's reaching out to state party chairmen. asking them not to release the delegates committed to him. that's considered an unusual political move. it may signal that rubio is preparing to block's trump's nomination if there is a contested gop convention. the democratic presidential candidates courting voters in new york because our state's primary is april 19th. hillary clinton is holding a campaign event at the apollo theater in harlem. that's where tracie strahan is this morning. tracie, this is the one campaign all of a sudden the primaries in new york become so key. >> reporter: they will all be here, michael, this week. before taking the stage in a couple of hours, hillary clinton
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a showdown with bernie sanders saying she would consider the idea of another debate with him in new york, specifically brooklyn, before the new york primary. all of this coming as both candidates were in wisconsin yesterday. clinton comes here after several stumps in several cities. it's a state where they admit the primaries will be close next week. bernie sanders was in wisconsin as well. he told supporters, we're kinda on a roll. he's won six out of of the last seven contests. before entertaining the idea of another debate, sanders campaign circulated a video of hillary clinton from 2008 in which she said you should be willing to debate any time anywhere. a new nbc news survey monkey tracking poll shows a -- bernie sanders will kick off in new york in the south bronx tomorrow.
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125th street getting ready for hillary clinton to be here, michael, around 11:30 this morning. back to you. so much to talk about. thank you so much. the vacancy left by the recent death of justin ant continue scalia forced the court to be -- they appear to be evenly divided in faith-based groups and their objection to paying for birth control under president obama's health care plan. they directed both sides to weigh in with a possible compromise. the court set an april 20th deadline. but it could go unsettled until a ninth justice is confirmed. a pro-isis group calling for lone wolf style attacks against new jersey transit police officers. the group is call the caliphate cyber army after a third party database was hacked, the group posted the personal information of dozens of nj transit officers online. according to sources, the same
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social media once again on monday. this included names, phone numbers, home addresses. no bank account or social security numbers, though. >> they are going to get more information. if they're already in, they're going to get more information. they're going to know where the police presence is and beat the system. new jersey transit is working with the fbi now and the department of homeland security in this investigation. officials say they don't believe this threat is credible. in the bronx, police are reviewing surveillance video, the person who flashed a boy. it happened near blonks arena high school on coal gait avenue. the teen was slashed in the arm with a kitchen knife. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. so far, no arrests have been made. a prestigious private school in new jersey is investigating claims of sexual abuse from former students. according to, the school is investigating reports that
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a school employee in the 1970s. he was a sixth grade teacher and worked as an assistant principal and soccer coach. he was convicted of first degree sexual abuse in new york. patty duke has died. she played identical cousins in the 1960s. that program still on the air. it's a staple of cable tv. patty duke won an oscar at age 16. she died tuesday of sepsis following a ruptured intestine. she was 69 years old. >> lot of miracle worker. >> she was a staple of classic television. >> really was. it's 4:41. still ahead, something that hasn't happened in a century is returning to new york harbor. also this morning, there's a report that may shed light as to why so many drivers have trouble
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storm team 4 tracking a chill in the air. your weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. follow us on facebook and twitter.
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two of the republican presidential candidates backing away from a pledge to support their party's nominee. whoever that may be. ted cruz and donald trump pulled out of that pledge during a cnn town hall last night. an update to a story from yesterday. i connecticut board of regents approved a tuition hike. tuition is going up 5%. community colleges will go up 3.5%. it hasn't happened in nearly 100 years.
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event will take place in the waters off of new york city. in may a regatta will be held near the battery and in new york harbor. they're expected to get a crowd of 20,000 people. very cool. 4:44 on this wednesday morning. temperatures are cool to cold, actually. a lot of the suburbs down to the 20s. a distinct chill in the air to start. not much in the wind department. things calmed down considerably. look at this bound in the temperature. may be a trade-up on friday. gets soggy. the weekend, back around to unseasonably cold weather. especially by the latter half of the weekend the start of next week. 38 in the park, 38 brooklyn and jfk. some of the milder spots, down to 29 in white plains. 34, roselle park. lot of 20s northern half of new jersey. hudson valley as well. east and westhampton, down to 27 degrees. everybody under a nice clear sky.
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the center of high pressure gets in. the wind is lighter. that's why we anticipate the very little wind of consequence. noticing the clouds gathering up in the west. eventually some rain. that's the system that gets in late thursday night into friday. it's going to be a slow-moving cold front. it could linger for a time on friday. future tracker, we're nice and clear. temperatures rebound nicely. just a few patchy clouds to the north of us. it's generally clear. partly to mostly sunny, the clouds take over through the day. 1:00 clouds thicken. but temperatures at this point will be well into the 60s and a southwest wind getting close to the 70s. by tomorrow evening, northwestern suburbs may see a spritz or sprinkle overnight. a couple of lighter showers and a push of steadier rain we think. one round is friday morning. then a little break. the next round -- the actual cold front. there could be a couple of rumbles of thunder. a lot of changes come our way --
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mild finish. high temperature -- close to 60. inland spots. notice the south facing shorelines. much cooler with a southwesterly wind off the water. keeping the water temperatures still in the 40s. 48 the low tonight in town. not as cold as last night. in the 30s now. even north and west, upper 30s to low 40s. the chilliest temperatures keeping us mild. friday and friday night, rain, periods of rain on and off. maybe brief thunderstorms embedded in there. watch the weekend. by saturday, in the 50s early and dropping later in the day to 30s at night. only in the low and mid-40s with a strong wind on sunday. mixed precipitation of rain and snow possible monday night into tuesday with temperatures generally in the 40s. the seasons can't seem to make up their minds yet, emily. >> i brought my gloves this morning. we do have a lot of going on. first off in north bergen. you'll find delays with a
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route 1 and 9 at tonnelle avenue shut down between 71st and 69th. cleanup from an earlier accident, downed pole wires. two lanes taken up here. the mess on the gowanus, three lanes are blocked. kelly, my producer told me it's closed. at exit 18. we are going to find delays. heavy back toward the verrazano this morning. delays on the fdr. we s're seeing a few fail taillights out there. let's look at the l.i.e. the grand central parkway. everything is moving along without any delays this morning. pretty good. brooklyn bridge, things moving along fine. the cadman plaza is okay. alternate side meter rules in effect. more weather and traffic on the 4s. new this morning, the man accused of hijacking an egypt air flight appeared in a cypress
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the court ordered mustafa to be held for eight days. he's expected to be formally charged after that. prosecutors say he admit today hijacking the plane and diverting it to cypress where his wife lives. the egyptian government has not let him see his wife and children in 24 years. an american airlines co-pilot accused of trying to fly drunk had a blood alcohol level of twice the legal limit. 50-year-old john mcguire had a blood alcohol level of .08. the legal limit for a pilot is .04. he was pulled off the plane saturday morning an the flight from detroit to philadelphia was canceled. mcguire was released. he is expected to be arraigned next week. group of thieves on the run after robbing a livery cab driver. the cab driver took the -- he dropped one woman off in front of the wagner houses. that's when the other three
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face and stole $200. >> started hitting me. hit me in the face. all at once trying to hit me. >> the driver suffered serious cuts and bruises. police are trying to figure out who killed a 73-year-old woman whose body was found behind a jersey city warehouse. they identify the woman as virginia holly wilson. her bruised and battered body was found behind a cash and carry warehouse on amity street around 2:00 p.m. on saturday. it's not clear when she was killed or where she's from. if you have any information, give police a call. a long island man is accused of opening fire on cars and homes in a quiet deer park neighborhood. he randomly shot at least three homes and three cars on oakland and fairview avenues. no one was hurt. but he is facing charges of criminal mischief and reckless endangerment. 4:50 now. a planned outage at the indian
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be extended several weeks after an inspection had missing bolts. 2,000 of the bolts were inspected when one of the reactors was shut down. 200 of the bolts needed further analysis. some of the reactor's inner lining were missing. energy says there was no impact on public safety. a new report shows public housing elevators are plagued by malfunctioning brake systems. exclusive video came by 4 investigates shows an elevator drifting up with the doors still open in the bronx. about an hour later that de cember day, an elderly man was trapped and died. the department of investigation's report found breakdown in communications where urgent action may have prevented the accident. >> we were told, oh, yeah, we missed the boat. >> it gets stuck in between the floors. >> the report also found 7% -- over 7% of brake monitors were
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they're planning to discipline workers involved with elevator inspections. mayor cuomo plans to take two trips. he'll go to italy in may and china in november. it's to strengthen new york's business and cultural ties with those countries. countries, governor cuomo hopes to take local business leaders with him. hopefully local news anchors too. i'm available. >> your schedule just cleared up. >> just cleared up, governor cuomo. just ahead, years of waiting almost over when a long delayed train station will finally open. a health alert for women. what researchers say could be a predictor of heart disease risk. a chance to own a piece of sports memorabilia. it's also a pies ce of new york history. you're watching "today in new
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time for weather and traffic on the 4s. wednesday morning. >> we're back. >> are you okay? >> can you make it? >> looking ahead. >> i get it. i think we both are. >> we've got chill in the air this morning. we're going to shake a that in a hurry. >> shake it off. >> that's right. upper 50s. only upper 30s in the city. in many of the suburbs upper 20s. >> shake it off. >> you're still on vacation, rbt you? >> no breeze or wind of consequence today. that's good news. by tonight, partly cloudy skies, milder temperatures overnight in the upper 40s. we get rain on friday and some warm temperatures and then it chills down by the weekend. in fact, that 59 happens easterly on saturday, turns colder at night. could be a few snow flurries north and west of the city late saturday night and only in the mid-40s on sunday. not going to be a smooth start
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>> chillier than we wanted. >> emily? >> fastrack still up and going for a few minutes. no 1 trains. ac shuttle bus and that will work instead. the midtown tunnel, you have 1, 2 closed. south tube is taking two-way traffic. that goes on for another half hour. an update on the gowanus crash and how many lanes closing. thanks, emily. the new westmont train station in woodridge, new jersey, it now expected to open in mid-may. the station is on the bergen county line to new york city. they predicted it would open in 2011. that's been delayed repeatedly for several issues, including construction on a large parking lot. it's expected to open may 15th now. out this morning, the headlights, not your eyes that could be the reason why drivers
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they released a new study. only one out of 30 mid-size car models got a good rating for the headlights. the l.e.d. lights in the toyota prius were the best. going 70 miles an hour and still be able to see far enough down the road that you have time to stop. you shouldn't be going 70 miles an hour. halogen headlights in the bmw series were rated the worst. the planning board will reportedly approve a zoning change to allow them to build new headquarters. they've been fighting this project for years claiming the new building would ruin the view of the palisades. lg agreed to scale back the size of the building. the company originally planned to build an 8-story tower. it called for a four-story building instead. women with endometriosis may have a higher risk much heart disease. women under 40 will have that
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as likely to develop chest pains or have a heart a attack. endometriosis affects one out of ten women. also in news for your health, moving school breakfasts into the classroom doesn't quite make the grade. a study of new york city schools found breakfast after the bell rings boosted participation in the program from 25% to 80%. it didn't increase student attendance or improve academic achievement. it didn't raise obesity rates as some feared. matt harvey should be good to go for baseball's opening. >>. the mystery illness turned out to be a blood clot in his bladder. he headed to the doctor to find out what was wrong. he's glad that everything is okay. >> passed it yesterday. it wasn't a great first day of
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but cleared that and then we had a little procedure done this morning to check the bladder. everything was clear. >> so matt adds that he has to take more bathroom breaks. he says he's got to retrain himself on that matter. the mets open their season sunday night in kansas city. a piece of new york city's sports history will soon go up for auction. it's the jersey mike piazza is seen wearing her. it was the first event in new york city following the september 11th attacks. we all remember that game. piazza hit a two-run home run that night as the mets beat atlanta. the game helped the city for a moment take their minds off the tragedy in lower manhattan. >> part of new york. >> it really is. coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're heading out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the "news 4 new york" app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. a raging fire in brooklyn. many left homeless.
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we'll tell you what we've learned overnight. the republican candidates backing away from a party pledge. what they're saying this morning. what newark is doing today to try to help another city dealing with its own water crisis. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everybody. 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday, march 30th. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm darlene rodriguez. chris cimino is here with the forecast. chris, good morning. >> good morning, guys. a distinct chill in the air this morning. suburbs colder. seeing 20s. haven't seen that in a while. 24 lagrange. stony kill 27. same thing montgomery. you get closer to the city and the coast, it's better in the mid and upper 30s. across long island, generally in the 30s. westhampton, down to 23 right now. skies are clear, wind lighter than it's been. that's for sure. with that combination, we lose any heat. until the sun comes up, it gets chilly through the morning hours. that's a player in the weather later thursday night into friday.


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