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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  March 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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employees are evaluated. on the streets in certain new york city neighborhoods, ask about police quotas for arrests and summons and this is what you often hear. >> there is a quo that system. quota system. >> these nypd officers all currently on the job say it's true. they've all worked the streets, the subways and patrolled housing developments. >> the department says there are no quotas. >> i can tell you. there are quotas in the nypd. >> are they lying? >> absolutely. it's ill paralegal for them to egal for them to admit it. >> they tell you this to your face. black and hispanics between 14 to 21, they must get stopped. >> they're plaintiffs in a federal class action lawsuit
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violating a 2010 state ban on quotas, speaking out together for the first time. >> at the end of the month, these officers who don't have those arrests they're pressured to find something. you might not see nothing. but you go hunting for an arrest, locking up some old guy, some homeless guy, finding somebody who's riding their bicycle on the sidewalk and you bring them in. >> when you pull any type of numbers on a police officer to perform, we are going to go to the most vulnerable. we're going to go to these people that have no power. if we start doing what we're doing in midtown, a phone call the mayor's office is going to be made. >> the worst thing you can have a police officer who needs an arrest for the month. >> you're all minorities. how does that make you feel?
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>> we first interviewed officer edward raymond last month. he says he's been recording conversations with nypd officials for the past two years in an effort to prove alleged quotas. raymond's claims elicited this expletive from the police commissioner. >> [ bleep ]. >> the commissioner insists his policies are focused on the quality of arrests and summons, not the quantity. is the commissioner lying? >> yes. commissioner bratton is lying. >> how can you prove this? >> with testimony, with recordings, with documents. >> all they want us to do is go out there and lock them up. they told us it's easy to get numbers out here because you work in this type of community. >> are you arresting for stuff that you shouldn't be arresting for? thanchts's >> that's why we're here. we don't do it.
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>> because you're not harrass assing peemg people, you're being punished. >> the lawsuit claims minority officers are punished more severely than white cops for failing to meet quotas. the city denies its. >> the community are suffering the most. >> because? >> because the pressure, because the quota. because the police department is like a [ bleep ] pretending to be a lady. >> are you worried? this is a big step to come forwardddike this. >> it's not easy. we are the enemies. we are the people that nobody talks to. the culture of the department, we are the rats. that's what they call us. we are the rats that speak out. it takes a lot of guts from a rat to stand where we stand, knowing that our career are basically over the second we speak against such a mafia. the police department is a big organized mafia. >> again the police commissioner declined to go on camera to address the allegations.
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dismiss portions of the lawsuit, claiming the officers haven't gun begun to prove a case for quotas or racial discrimination. much more on this story at 11:00, including what the cops say happens when they don't meet the numbers. today's inseason janice huff is here tracking the system. >> all of this is going to come in stages. we get the warmth and the rain and then cold and wind zbieng the going into the weekend. today we had temperatures in the 70s. clouds continue to increase across the area. the first wave of showers will be on the light side. they're now moving through upstate new york and western pennsylvania. the heavier showers will come in with this storm system that's been producing severe weather across the mississippi and tennessee river valleys since yesterday. this is part of a cold front. we'll be on the northern edge of that.
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weather, but we are expecting a few thunderstorms. it's quiet for the rest of this evening. a spot shower is possible by 11:00. tomorrow is when we'll get some heavy year rain. it will come in stages. the storms will be scattered around throughout the day. we'll be back into the 70s again with enough sun. more changes to the forecast with cold weather coming. we have something in our newsroom here, brand new test results on the water in newark public schools. 324 samples taken at eight school buildings, 16 samples show elevated levels of lead above the epa's acceptable standards. the city is awaiting the results of tests at dozens of other schools. students have been getting blood tests since elevated lels were discovered in the drinking water since at least 2012.
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april 19th presidential primary could be a game changer in the democratic race if bernie sanders does well and grabs delegates away from hillary clinton melissa russo talks with sanders about his strategy against clinton today. >> reporter: bernie sanders clearly gearing up to compete here in the new york primary and looking for someless expense less expensive ways to get his message out. we talked about his flatbush roots, the cost of college and israel. he defended himself against hillary clinton's claims that he was too dismissive and didn't take donald trump's recent comments about potentially punishing women who have abortions seriously enough. >> it is simple hard to deal with every crazy statement that donald trump makes. but there is nobody who will defend a woman's right to choose more than bernie sanders.
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of my life and i think my accent is a bit of a give-away. >> does it give you a home state advantage? >> we'll see. i understand i've been attacked and criticized by the clinton people for campaigning like i was a brooklynite. well, i accept that. >> reporter: a new poll out today shows sanders gaining ground with new york voters but still trailing hillary clinton by 12 points. why not hillary clinton? >> she's just the same old thing, knowledge a female form. >> we need something new. a female should go into the white house. it's about time. >> reporter: bernie sanders is reaching for hillary clinton's base, courting voters of color. donna is skeptical that he can change her mind. >> i'm for hillary all the way. so we'll see. he'd have to sweep me off my feet. tell me something that i haven't heard before. >> hillary clinton was campaigning in her home county
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disrupted by some sanders supporters. >> i know, the bernie people came to say that. we're very sorry you're leaving. >> reporter: clinton told the college crowd sanders is misleading them. >> he goes around telling young people he's going to give them free college. well, i wish it were so. you go and read the fine print. >> germany can do it. i think the united states of america can invest in our young people. >> reporter: here in new york state where there's a very large jewish vote, what do you say to jewish voters, some of whom wonder why they don't hear more about your jewish roots? >> i have lived in israel. i'm a strong defender of israel. i think we cannot continue to ignore the needs of the palestinian people. and i would hope very much that i could move us forward in what has been so intractable over the years bringing palestinians,
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finally bring peace to the middle east. >> reporter: while sanders trailed clinton significantly, he insists he's the one with the momentum. he thinks he can win new york. he promises we'll be seeing a lot of him over the next couple of weeks. a new quinnipiac poll also had some very good news for donald trump. >> the poll shows trump leading with republican voters in new york with 56%. 20% are supporting ted cruz. governor john kasich has 19%. the clock is ticking for new york state lawmakers to agree to a budget before tomorrow's deadline. right now they're reviewing a deal announced by governor cuomo that includes 1 billion in middle class tax relief. .
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truck, driving drunk and killing an mta bus driver will be heading to driver. he is charged with murder and drunk driving in the february 2014 death of will yan iam pena. the plea deal offer would have sent to him to jail for 18-24 years. >> i understand that the wheels of justice move extremely slow, but even after two years, we're still here fighting strong. and we're not going to give up. >> wilby told detectives he blacked out and can't remember what happened. there will be another hearing on may 4th when a trial date could be set. a police officer is recovering after a serious crash in new jersey. the officer was responding to a police chase. then he hit another car on summit avenue in hackensack.
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upon metro north trains to get to and from the city, heads up. schedule changes coming to many lines. plus the nypd technology
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. customers can visit the mta's website. despite an out cry from several new jersey communities,
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flight path testing to divert jet noise away from hackensack university medical center. the plan is to have the jets fly over route 17. but that would bring them over schools and the garden state plaza. the faa says the six-month trial will begin monday as planned. new technology is helping the nypd solve crimes. they now have access to these new mobile fingerprint detectives. the technology can be used to scan fingerprints in the field to confirm the id of suspects or if the person is wanted on outstanding warrants. officials say it helps officers work faster. coming up, if cleanliness is next to godliness, then one
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all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them. twc's home wifi is so strong we can use all our devices at the same time. come back today. you'll get 100 meg internet, tv, phone and more for $89.99 a month. and now, get a $300 reward card. call today. lester holt is joining us now with a look at what's ahead.
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shooting at a virginia bus station. also, we're going to talk about the wage gap stars of the u.s. women's soccer team filed a federal complaint today charging u.s. soccer with wage discrimination. >> and we've been talking about equal pay for quite a long time. but this is pretty high profile. the complaints seem to be legitimate. >> the women's team is a successful team. among the allegations is that female players are paid only about half the male players. u.s. soccer says its efforts on behalf of women's soccer are unwavering. you don't often find charity at your local laundromat.
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use his business to help those less fortunate than himself. >> reporter: samuel has only owned mr. bubbles laundry in queens for about three months. already he's working ing ing around the clock to give back. >> it's a new adventure. >> reporter: samuel is doing the laundry for 75 families at the landing shelter all week free of charge. 5,000 pounds plus of laundry won't clean itself or earn him a penny. how much is this costing you? >> between $5,000 and $6,000. >> reporter: it might not be good for business but it's good for his conscious. >> we're just to grateful. >> reporter: her laundry piles up. and with her husband looking for construction work, it would sit for weeks. >> we would have otherwise been
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when are we going to wash these. >> one young woman told me she spends $30 a week on laundry. that's 26% of her income. >> reporter: the landing is a shemt shelter in queens. >> the 5,000 pounds was really massive and so appreciated. >> reporter: samuel works from 7:00 at night to 7:00 in the morning to finish. is it possible by giving these folks a lift, they're give you a lift? >> that's how it usually works. >> reporter: clean clothes and a clean conscience. parks across new york will remain smoke free. the state's highest court upheld
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parks today, including an out right ban at seven smaller parks in new york city. a judge decided the parks department has the authority to protect the health and welfare of the public. time now to talk again about the weather. >> we've got some rain, some thunderstorms coming in. on the good side, if you get a break tomorrow you'll have more 70 degree temperatures to deal with. following that you've got to bundle up for this weekend. right now we've got the clouds. they keep rolling in across the tri-state area ahead of the rain. the heaviest rain will not get us until tomorrow morning's commute. right now 67 degrees in midtown under cloudy skies. no rain to speak of in the area just yet. it's close by and we'll see some light showers just before midnight. shore areas were cooler today.
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at 65 degrees because of the south wind moving over the atlantic. the showers risk does begin after sunset. it's not for the worst of the rain. the gusty thunderstorms will be here tomorrow. the morning commute, midday and evening commute as well. you can see the range in temperatures right now. it's 71 in bridgewater. cooler on the south facing hampton. it's 73 in poe sip ughkeepsie poughkeepsie. it was brisk today. you can see the winds are right now around 20 miles an hour with gusts to over 30 miles an hour especially for the shore areas. that's going to stay with us through the day tomorrow. you'll notice we have just have clouds here. there are some light rain showers to the west. nothing heavy moving in yet.
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west and southwest. we're not expecting it to be that intense here, but we will get some rumbles of thunder later tonight, more likely after midnight. temperatures stay pretty mild. you will need your umbrellas for the morning commute and probably again in the afternoon. those showers will be broken up and scattered across the area. where you don't get rain and you get sun tomorrow you'll shoot right up into the 70s. big changes coming up this weekend and some snow flur ly ry ies to go along with it. another update at 11:00. don't you know baseball is coming? coming up in sports, the
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with a thud. can you say long ball fever? while victor cruz is feeling healthy and ready to contribute to big blue for the first time in two years.
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can have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest
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on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. breaking news right now, a possible slashing in lower manhattan at 65 broadway near the 4 and 5 subway lines. ems is on the scene. we're being told it may have happened on the subway platform. a victim is being treated at the scene. much more tonight at 11:00. yesterday the mets bid farewell to florida. today the yankees put a bow on their stay at steinbrenner
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michael peneda had a rough go against the cardinals regulars. deep to left to put st. louis on the board. that will be a theme. in the fourth, back to back on two pitches to make it a 3-0 game on just three swings of the bat. it got worse in the fifth. tucks one inside the foul line in right. a three-run shot. the final line was ugly. siavx earned runs in five innings, the worst number, four homers. the it was good news bad news for the yankees bullpen. mitchell will miss three months with a fractured toe. now for the good news. miller will pitch through the injury since it occurred on his nonthrowing hand. however, he will still visit with a hand specialist.
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mad dog reunion show stole the headlines and it was a star studded affair. among those in attendance giants wide receiver victor cruz. after two injury plagued seasons cruz reworked his contract to make sure he'd stay with big blue. cruz hasn't played a game in almost two years but he's working out diligently. i caught up with him and asked him if he's chomping at the bit to return. >> i mean, it's been a long time. i want to get back out there on the field. i want to see my guys. i want to be on the practice field. i want to catch footballs with them. i want to be in the trenches doing what it takes to become a super bowl champion again. >> cruz and beckham together. giants fans are hoping so. by the way tonight the rangers
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consecutive playoff spot. they're in carolina. up next on nbc nightly news, embryo adoption, the little known practice that's helping people start families of their own through the generosity of others. hillary clinton loses her temper today. what caused this flash of anger caught on camera. tornado outbreak. tearing across the south, new warnings tonight for 34 million in the path. secret tape scandal engulfing alabama's governor refusing to resign under threats of


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