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tv   Today in New York  NBC  April 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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wire to get a budget deal done. what it means for transportation, education and minimum wage. plus, new this morning, a tour boat slams into a dock. it sends people scattering. we'll show you the moment of i am pack. tracking rain this morning followed by a big change. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everybody. 4:30 a.m. friday morning. april 1st. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here with a forecast. chris, at this moment, it feels good outside. 66 degrees. not a joke. the suburbs starting out in the mid-60s. delaware water gap 66. califon, same number. mine hill at 63. cooler spots in long island. influence from the ocean. now. couple of bands of showers. one batch from the south right now. mainly south and east of the
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this is one of those days you have to take along the umbrella. a lot of times on your side. from time to time, you'll need it with another band of showers this afternoon. nothing particularly heavy anticipated at this point. colder weather as we work towards the weekend. for today, lot of clouds. then it turns warm in the afternoon. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. watch out for passing showers from time to time. emily, west let's find out about the commute. it is early. we have early construction. in new jersey, got to find roadway closed. can go with the goethals or outer bridge. the george washington bridge, the lower level construction is cleared inbound and outbound. e-zpass only. the upper level looks great. more weather and traffic on the 4s. a marathon night in albany. lawmakers worked into the
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done that includes money for transportation, education and the long dee bated increase in the minimum wage. katherine creag has more. >> reporter: good morning to you. second avenue and 96th street. this is where the second avenue subway project is clearly seen by so many people. the second avenue subway project gets an incredible amount of funding in the state budget that was agreed upon just hours ago. some of the highlights of the budget include a tax cut, a lower personal income tax rate for the middle class. almost a half percentage cut lower that people will have to pay. also in this graphic we're showing you, $25 billion in school aid which includes funding to new york city public schools and charters. then transportation funding that we just mentioned. the budget contains the largest state transportation plan ever approved with over $55 billion
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also the $15 minimum wage, paid family leave, employees in fact will be eligible for 12 weeks of paid family leave when caring for an infant. a family member with a serious health condition and other illnesses. governor cuomo praised this budget. this is what he had to say about the paid family leave. >> it's basic, it's simple. we don't live at work. we live at home with families. we should have the capacity to be there when the family needs you. >> reporter: the $15 minimum wage, this is something governor cuomo has been working on t goes into effect in new york city for large businesses. in 2018 small businesses, 2019 nassau, suffolk, westchester counties, there will be gradual increases. then $15 by 2021 in upstate new york. darlene, that part with the upstate new york, it all depends
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some people are saying that's years from now. as you saw the years, 2018, 2020, 2021. but the governor had to make a lot of concessions, darlene, to get that part of the budget approved. >> katherine creag, thank you. 4:33 right now. new jersey lawmakers want commuters to have a greater say in plans for a newport authority bus terminal. steve sweeney says the legislature will schedule public hearings on the plan if the port authority doesn't do it on its own. the project is still in the early design stages with the port authority collecting information from commuters through an online survey. a young woman who said she was slashed in lower manhattan did it herself. the 20-year-old woman that told people she was slashed on the cheek near wall street thursday evening, however, police say she has since recanted and cut the 2-inch gash herself. she's now undergoing psychiatric evaluation at bellevue hospital.
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for people dealing with the weather in the south. this video here is from mississippi. tornadoes hit there. alabama and louisiana. the national weather service confirms that two tornadoes touched down np southeastern louisiana bringing down trees and power lines. 26 million people are in the path of storms today. there's also the threat of flash flooding in some states. at least ten people were hurt in wednesday's storms. time for a check of weather and traffic on the 4s. check with chris cimino. chris, even though we're undergoing changes, we're not seeing the severe weather like that area. >> the clash of seasons where warmer weather is trying to get going, the two clash. especially in the deep south and the midwest. we're going to get some showers, but a mild morning. starting out in the 60s. a few rounds of showers. keep the umbrella land i. we should top 70 degrees.
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wind get gusty with higher gusts as well. a few showers across south central new jersey. these are likely to slide off to the south. long island may get hit by those. more showers behind that and further west. in between, like i said, a lot of clouds and mild temperatures. 66 right now. temperatures climbing back to the upper 630 0s and lower 70s. cooling down later on tonight. big shot of cold air and big change over the weekend. let's get to emily west in for lauren. how is it moving? >> fastrack, it's the last night of it. this week on the 1 train. the overnight track work on these subway lines. also your commuter checklist, everything is moving along fine. the buses, a lot of new york city buses are detoured this morning. no delays, new jersey transit, beeline or decamp.
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effect. 4:36. police are releasing new video in their search for a -- it happened in bedford park. around 4:00 p.m. on wednesday. police say the man approached an employee with a knife and emptied the cash register. he took off with more than $560,000 in cash and three cell phones. if you recognize this man, call police. in new jersey, police are waiting to speak to a man who blew part of his hand off in a mysterious explosion. they sefrpd a basement apartment where a loud boom was heard last evening. however, police couldn't figure out what caused the explosion. officials say it was not terror-related. it may have been fireworks. the man said to be in his 50s. he's being treated at the hospital. an investigation under way after a police officer opened fire at a home in new jersey. here's what we know so far. it began with a call to police about a disturbance at a home an
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sources say shortly after police arrived, an officer opened fire. we're told one man was hit and rushed to the hospital. no word yet on his condition or his identity. the morris county prosecutor's office is leading the investigation. today authorities plan to release more information about a deadly crash that involves police in new jersey. officers were responding when their cruiser slammed into a car. the 67-year-old driver died. the officers were headed to a different accident involving a motorcyclist who led police on a chase. no one died in that crash. virginia state police will release more details about the bus station shooting that killed one of their own. last night we learned 37-year-old trooper, husband and father, died. he was part of a drug training exercise in richmond yesterday afternoon. as part of the training, officers had to talk to people. i man that he was talking to
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>> pulled out a handgun and shot chad multiple times. the male subject continued firing his weapon as two other state police troopers returned fire. >> the gunman is dead and police are not releasing his name yet. two other women were hurt, but not seriously. that was not an act of terrorism. to decision 2016. new york for once looking like a battleground state. both democratic presidential candidates focused a lot of attention and effort ahead of the april 19th primary. tracie strahan is in harlem where a bernie sanders event takes place today. bernie sanders now stressing the fact that he was born in brooklyn, tracie. >> reporter: that's right. it's the big apple bragging rights that both candidates are going for, michael. that continues today. the restaurant behind me will be the sight of one, a women's roundtable of supporters for bernie sanders, particularly women of color. both he and hillary clinton continue their quest to try and
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state ahead of that april 19th primary. bernie sanders told news 4 he plans to be in new york for a while spending more time here. this as he drew more than 18,000 supporters at that rally in the south bronx last night. he told them if there's a large voter turnout, his campaign will win here and make it to the white house. a new poll shows in new york, sanders is still trailing hillary clinton by 12 points. he touched on this hallmark promise of free college tuition during that rally last night. and that's something clinton discussed at a rally in westchester. >> i want them to know that they will be able to get a college education regardless of the income of their families. >> he goes around telling young people he's going to give them free college. well, i wish it were so. you read the fine print, which everybody should do any time somebody makes a promise about something being free. >> reporter: that was about 48
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had her sights set for the gop front-runner, donald trump. but that has since changed. she's had fire for the sanders campaign. michael, we'll tell you what she said yesterday coming up in the next half hour. back to you. >> real battle from new york there. tracie, thanks so much. the latest poll shows donald trump trailing ted cruz by ten points heading into tuesday's primary. trump held a surprise meeting in washington yesterday with the chairman of the republican party. a source tells cnbc it covered issues like the gop convention and financing. afterward trump tweeted that it was a very nice meeting. today, president obama concludes his two-day nuclear security summit with 50 world leaders. yesterday the president and china's leader talked about north korea and ways to contain that country's atomic threats. there was also discussions about protecting nuclear stockpiles to keep terrorists from creating so-called dirty bombs. in california, a scary
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on shore wait fog ar a whale watching ship to dock. oh, my. >> horn blower cruise ship plowed into a san diego dock sending everyone running for cover. the throttle somehow got stuck. >> just coming in fast and hard. i saw it happening. i grabbed the kids and told them to hold on. >> seven people on board were hurt. officials say the injuries were minor much the u.s. coast guard and harbor police are investigating what went wrong. >> seeing that elderly woman crossing in front of the bow of the ship and the gentleman trying to hustle her out of the way. >> scary moment there.
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a challenge before their season even starts. how a criminal has them wondering how they'll play this season. storm team 4 is tracking rain and weekend drop in temperatures that you want to see. you won't want to feel it but you may want to hear about it. weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram.
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welcome back on a friday morning at 4:45. it's a mild morning. temperatures in the mid-60s in the city. even the suburbs well into the 60s this early hour. it will be a warm day, damp at times. a couple of rounds of showers coming on through. showers tomorrow, especially in the first half of the day. wild winds we're talking late saturday night into sunday. we could see gusts causing damage at 50 to 60 miles per hour. we'll talk about that in a second. temperature change again this morning.
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than yesterday morning. it was mild enough then. morristown, 32 degrees warmer than yesterday. most on the order of 15 to 25 degrees warmer this morning. you can see in the numbers, 66 in central park, 65 staten island. cooler jfk. wind off the water. same thing valley stream. here are the water temperatures. you go inland, southerly breeze, land breeze. no water to cool it down. 66 up in poughkeepsie. cloud cover, yes, not a lot of rain. just a smattering of light showering coming on through from time to time. this next batch will slide south and east of the city. a break in the action behind that. more showers sitting back across virginia, western pennsylvania. eventually the cold front will arrive in the evening with another band of shower activity. future tracker shows, during the course of the day today, a smattering of light showers through noontime. nothing heavy. most of the time you won't need the umbrella overhead.
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maybe an isolated thunderstorm this evening in a few spots. that slide on through. gets quiet for a time tomorrow morning early. a band of rain comes in tomorrow from about, let's say, 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning through 1:00 in the afternoon. that will -- we go to a smattering of lighter showers in the afternoon. tomorrow may turn out to see a little more rain than today ultimately. look what happened overnight. this is 4:00 a.m. sunday morning. the cold air starts to move in. rain showers change over to snow showers. there could be a few flakes in the area by sunday morning. 73 today. that's the expected high temperature. 75 ramsey. 71 brewster. cooler out east. 60s to 50s -- 53 tonight. showers especially early. elsewhere, 40s in the suburbs to the north and west. the concern is the strong, gusty winds headed our way. we have a high wind watch in effect for late saturday night through sunday morning.
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approaching 60 miles per hour. that, of course, could cause damage. early rain, near 60 saturday. colder, windy, saturday night. maybe early snow showers on suchblt high of 44 degrees. the winds gusting at times to 40, 50-plus miles per hour. looks like a couple of showers on monday. 54. colder, maybe snow showers early tuesday morning. 43. we're in the 40s again wednesday before a wet pattern by the latter half of next week in the upper 50s. let's see how the commute is moving. >> have to deal with the construction if you're headed out this early. fdr drive, a project from 71st to 63rd. not bad here. once they pick up the cones, the backup will build. the a look at the brooklyn bridge. there is manhattan-bound construction. couple lanes taken up at the brooklyn bridge. the bqe moving fine. the midtown tunnel, you'll find a lane closure, this is the
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tube is closed for construction. the holland, that roadwork cleared as well as the george washington bridge. not dealing with any delays. midtown tunnel, queens midtown tunnel, the north tube closed. south tube taking on two-way traffic. that goes for another hour this morning. in new jersey, still roadwork here on route 7 both ways between charlotte circle, fish house road where it takes up a lane. the covered roadway, you'll find this closed between jersey avenue to tonnelle avenue. that wraps up around 6:00 this morning. alternate side meter rules in effect. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> emily, thank you very much. we're learning more about the water tainted by lead at newark public schools. 324 samples were taken from eight schools earlier this morning. 76 of the samples showed elevated levels of lead. levels that excited the epa's acceptable standards. some water samples with elevated lead levels.
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actual drinking water. madison elementary had ten water samples with too much lead. four at alexander, an ex. boylan childhood center. burnett street school had one sample with high lead. they're waiting for other results in the district. a manhole explosion did a serious number on a car in brooklyn. a 300-pound manhole cover landed on a car and smashed the windshield. apparently some lines crossed underground and caused the blast. fortunately, no one was hurt. the man considered to be the sole survivor of the paris terror attacks will be
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his name is saleh ab did he say slam -- ab did he -- right now in kolkata, india, there's a desperate rescue operation under way. it's feared dozens of people are trapped under the debris. the death toll is up to 23 people. experts are trying to determine why the overpass came down even as it was being built. visitors at a new exhibit about bill cosby will learn about his work in tv and the dozens of sexual abuse claims against him. the smithsonian plans to acknowledge cosby's alleged behavior in the new african-american history museum. the museum opens in september and will include items related to cosby's career. he's free on bond on charges that he sexually assaulted a woman at his home in 2004. new technology is helping nypd officers identify suspects and victims at the scene of the crime. officers now have access to the new mobile fingerprint devices. in brooklyn, it helped detectives identify a man they found unconscious. the technology can be used to scan fingerprints to confirm the
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we'll see if that person is wanted on outstanding warrants. the high school team that had equipment and jerseys stolen will be back on the field for a game today. the students spent yesterday evening practicing with borrowed bats and a few balls they still own. the coach says someone broke into his car in the bronx earlier this week snatching all of the team's gear. >> kids need the equipment in order to play the games. in order for us to play, when you're the home team, you have to provide the bases and stuff. the catcher's equipment as well. >> the team will use the borrowed equipment in the game today at 4:00. the coach is not sure what they'll do for the rest of the season. hopefully somebody sees this, steps up and donates some equipment. these coaches, you know this, your kids play sports. they carry everything with them. >> in the trunk of their car. >> they have other jobs. they're working so hard.
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>> i would hope the best for this team to get some new gear. 4:52 now. the unveiling of the people waiting in line for the chance to spend tens of thousands of dollars. a scare at the auto show. a sports car up in flames.
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welcome back. it's friday morning. it's nice. >> still nice. >> 66. >> not going to hold on to it. today, enjoy it. in the 60s and 70s. yesterday's high with -- we'll do it again today. with clouds, shower threat on and off. i don't think we see continuous rain here. take the umbrella to py it safe. could be an isolated thunderstorm as well for the evening hours. still mild and on the muggy side tonight. in the low to mid-50s. spotty shower possible. the weekend here comes the change. around 60.
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tapers off to showers. it's windy, sharply colder later tomorrow night. by sunday morning could see snowflakes in the air. that's how cold it will get. a high in the low 40s. >> this is unacceptable. >> this is rude. >> not april fool's. >> it's a delayed april fools. >> fastrack last day of it this week on the 1 train. the 1 train dyckman street to 96 shuttle bus is the way to go. a live look at the alexander hamilton bridge looks great. >> northbound george has cleared. things moving along fine. >> emily, thanks very much. amtrak said better surfing that is coming from long distance rail riders. expanding wi-fi service called amtrak connects. once the work is competed, more than 90% of the riders will have access on more eastern long distance trains.
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wi-fi on the trains the past couple of years. >> a commuter alert. new schedules for metro-north riders. on the new haven line, five evening peak trains improve performance and ease congestion. east harlem trains will be adjusted by a few minutes. you can visit the website to see specific changes to the schedule. >> governor dannel malloy is following governor cuomo's lead and banning nonessential state funded travels in north carolina. travel bans in response to r new north carolina law that requires transgender people to use restrooms that match their biological sex, not their gender identity. malloy describes the law of discrimination. he says it endangers the welfare of everyone who visits the state. >> governor christie is threatening to lobby against north jersey ka casinos if a bill fails. this comes after assembly
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refused to bring the measure up for a vote. christie is accusing him of political maneuvering for next year's governor's race. the highest court is upholding the ban on smoking in all state parks. court of appeals ruled the smoker's right to smoke is not limitless. it can be passed to protect the people around you. the ruling covers smaller parks in the city, among them roberte clemente park. a porsche catches fire while being moved at the javits center. video posted on social media captured a porsche 911's rear wheels bursting into flames. it happened in the special events hallway downstairs from the main showroom. the fire was put out within minutes. no one was injured. there was a lot of excitement about this in the auto world.
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the -- at tesla locations across the area. people lined up for the opportunity to buy the new car. tesla began taking down payments on the model yesterday. it's going to be cheaper than previous teslas, sell for $35,000. it's 4:59. we're keeping an eye on a papal mystery. >> very close to my heart. the fiat 500. pope francis. the fiat 500 that the pope rode around in during last year's visit here in new york, being auctioned off by charity the bidding did officially close yesterday afternoon. now someone offered $300,000 for that car. the proceeds will go to local charities. >> it was me. i bought it for you. >> darlene, so nice could have
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coming up on 5:00 a.m. take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the "news 4 new york" app on the mobile device. the next hour starts right now. >> a sweeping deal reached late last night in albany. this morning we're getting a sense for what it means for transportation. education and the minimum wage. >> plus this morning, police say what appeared to be a terrifying slashing attack. it's something very different. >> tracking rain, wind andsyes, possibly even some snow on the way. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everybody. friday morning. it's april 1st. april fool's day. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. storm team 4's chris cimino here with the forecast. chris, we're shocked because we reject the word snow. >> some snow. shovels not needed here. we're talking about the fact that we're going from the 70s today and yesterday to the


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