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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  April 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we've been tracking severe weather to the south. it stayed off to the south thankfully. those storms moving offshore. we have lighter rain into the tri-state. light showers approaching new york city as well over the next 15 minutes or so. we are tracking a break in the rain and even clearing skies right here ahead of a cold front. this will move through later on this afternoon and just in time for the evening commute and clear skies will allow temperatures to surge well into the 70s and create more instability for another round of strong to maybe severe storms later on today. besides the rain, the temperatures the bill story once again today. 70 in poughkeepsie, major changes coming our way, even snow in the weekend forecast. we'll look at that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. you can track the weather any time on your smartphone, download the news 4 weather app. search wnbc.
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trying to figure out who gunned down a teenager in an otherwise quiet neighborhood. news 4 was there with new information lori just learned about the victim. >> reporter: we've learned that victim is 19 years old. he was shot and killed right here on this sidewalk in front of this home here in this very quiet neighborhood. neighbors here telling us they heard several gunshots after 6:00 this morning. emergency responders arrived a short time ago but that teenager did not survive. we're told by a neighbor that he did not live here at this home, that he was walking by when he was shot. some people who appeared to be relatives and friends of the teenager showed up here a little bit earlier visibly upset. they were waiting to find out the identity of the victim. we spoke with one neighbor who tells us he was outside when the sound of gunshots startled him. >> i heard two gunshots and i
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i was a little nervous, when you hear shots you're supposed to get down. and i came out and after that and saw they had a gentleman on the ground and they were trying to resuscitate him. >> reporter: no word yet on a possible gunman. the union county prosecute's office is investigating and have not released the name of the victim. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you the very latest. police are hoping surveillance video will lead them to the man who robbed a cell phone store in the bronx around 4:00 wednesday afternoon. police say the man approached an employee with a knife, real good picture of him and emptied the cash register. he took off with $560 and three cell phones, if you recognize him, call police. the woman who told police she was being slashed after being called a terrorist made it all up. the 20-year-old woman said it happened to her as she walked
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street last night. well now police are telling us she recanted her story and in fact gave herself that 2-inch gash. she's now undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at bell view hospital. >> moving on to a little bit of political news and decision 2016, candidates focusing attention on new york ahead of the april 19th primary and bernie sanders trying to take votes from former new york senator hillary clinton. today trying to win over female voters. tracy strahan is live where his team is hosting an event. that is set to start pretty soon, yes? >> they are gearing up for the round table at the rowhouse restaurant across the street from us. bernie sanders won't actually be here but as he and hillary clinton start to canvas the state of new york for voters, we can see they are starting to clash. women of color will be the focus
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sanders, a key group that both he and hillary clinton are working to court ahead of new york's primary. as election day approaches it appears voters are still split on the streets of harlem. >> i'm a hillary supporter. >> reporter: why is that? >> i believe in her message. >> bernie? >> reporter: why is that? >> i like his message and i think he's for the middle class. >> reporter: as the battle for big apple bragging rights heats up, tempers are being tested on the trail. hillary clinton snapped over what she called a false accusation from her challenger's campaign. >> i'm so sick -- so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me. sick about it. >> reporter: sanders told a crowd of more than 18,000 in the south bronx that there were detailed differences between both campaigns. >> we don't represent wall street. we don't represent corporate interest. we don't represent the billionaire class.
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>> the latest poll numbers show sanders trailing hillary clinton by 12 points in new york as the countdown continues to primary day, both candidates hope voters will respond to their plans for the presidency. >> and people who don't know how to talk about it and view it as an afterthought, have no business being in the oval office. >> reporter: and their new york pedigree. >> lived here the first 18 years of my life and my accent is a giveaway. >> reporter: hillary clinton made a stop in syracuse today and has an event in bergen county, new jersey tonight and bernie sanders has plans to open up a headquarters harlem. there are 247 delegates up for grabs in new york. major victory for minimum wage workers in new york today. state lawmakers reaching a budget agreement paving the way to the $15 wage. the deal also contains middle class tax cuts and paid family
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katherine craig breaks it all down for you. >> reporter: from tax breaks to transportation fundsing like the second avenue subway, these are items in the budget that little be funded and it's coming as a relief to a lot of people. the hard fought fight for 15 increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour gets approval in new york state budget -- >> better stan cared living, first of all and be able to pay your bills rmt the minimum wage increase will go into effect in 2018. 2019 for small businesses. and nassau suffolk and westchester counties there will be a gradual increase and $15 by the year 2021. in upstate new york, a possible increase of $15 an hour after the year 2020 but it all depends if the economy is doing well. >> as prices of everything else goes up, whether it's rent and everything else, people need to
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>> some of the highlights of the state budget agreed upon overnight include a tax cut, a lower personal income tax rate for the middle class, almost a half percentage point lower they'll have to pay. $25 billion in school aid, which includes money for new york city schools and charters and transportation fundsing, more than $55 billion in transportation investments and $15 minimum wage paid family leave, that means employees will be eligible for 12 weeks of paid family leave when caring for an infant or family member with a serious health condition. >> it's basic and simple. we live at home with families and we should have the capacity to be there when the family needs you rptd when it comes to transportation funding the budget secures a billion dollars for phase two of the second avenue subway project. some critics are saying governor cuomo had to make so many concessions but the governor is
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best budgets in decades. back to you. >> also, a new call to clean up eyesores around the city. we're talking about graffiti. cameras captured crews cleaning underneath the bridge. over the course of a year crews will clean 4.5 million square feet of graffiti all across the city. this is part of mayor de blasio's effort to keep the city clean. cops in queens had an interesting task, officers wrangled a cow running loose on the campus of york college in jamaica. didn't want to go home or back to the slaughterhouse. officers tranquilized him and had to kind of lasso him to keep him under control. kind of sad to watch. unclear why the cow was being brought to the campus. the animal was on its way to
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coming up next, could the 2016 race be rocked by a decade old scandal. the attorney for the late d.c. madam has threatened to release the records and how he says this could impact the presidential race. a controversial new documentary about o.j. simpson is in the works. who is now trying to prove that he is in fact innocent. >> coming up next, a broadway snafu creates a moment and the hottest trends in hair, we have the looks with sally her shallburger and game of silence
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we could learn how a training exercise led to the deadly shooting of a virginia state troopers. officers were talking to people as part of a drug training session at the greyhound bus station in richmond yesterday.
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a gun and started to shoot. the gunman is killed. investigators are holding a news conference this afternoon where we could learn the shooter's identity. brussels airport could reopen for first time since last week's deadly terror attacks. police have been checking the airport whose departure hall was badly damaged by two blasts to determine if it is ready now to resume service. white tents are being setup outside, they'll be used as temporary departure halls. 32 people died in the attacks at the airport and at the subway station. if the airport does reopen, airport workers are threatening to strike over what they say are lax security measures. there was a lawyer fighting to reveal washington's old secrets that he claims are relevant to the presidential campaign. montgomery once represented the d.c. madam and threatening to release her little black book of client names which could impact
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the supreme court to overturn a gag order. he argues that time is of the essence because voters are picking their next president. another cable network jumping on the o.j. simpson bandwagon. martin sheen will produce a nar rate a six-part series that will present evidence suggesting that the killer is still at large. the jury found the football legend not guilty in 1995 in a criminal trial but a civil jury found simpson libel for those murders two years later. that show will premier on investigation discovery sometime in 2017. the latest jobs report has encouraging news for the economy. with a little bit more on that and check on the markets, let's check in with bill griffeth. >> tgif is how the market feels. to start off the second quarter on this april 1st, we had the jobs report this morning and it
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did open lower this morning. down 100 points on the open but since come back. now trading at 17,723, the high for the year. the government said this morning that 215,000 jobs were created last month. that is 10,000 more than expected and the unemployment rate did tick up one to 5% because more people came off the sidelines to look for work. that's encouraging. also encouraging is wages rose by .3%. that's something that the federal reserve watches very carefully and they've been waiting for that to happen. all in all, a pretty good report on a very important part of our economy. maybe the most important part. and a crazy finish to a story we have been telling you about for the last few weeks now. anbang insurance, the chinese con glom rat abruptly pulled out of the bidding war for starwood hotels and had been in a bidding
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right to buy starwood which owns the scherr aton and westin hotel chains. the word was that marriott would not try to stop it. but now suddenly anbang is out of the picture. the word is by the way that chinese regulators were not going to allow this insurance company to spend that much money of their assets and that may be one of the reasons they pulled out of it. they gave no other reasons other than saying market conditions kept them out. it looks like marriott will finally get starwood. they had a deal last november and found themselves in this crazy bidding war but it's over. >> you were talking about this earlier this week saying it was such a bizarre scene. >> it is, crazy. >> thank you. >> have a good weekend. >> we need to talk about weather. some serious damage in the deep south. tornadoes and hervy rain and hail ripping through several states, cleanup efforts are under way in the hardest hit areas.
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latest from columbus, mississippi. >> reporter: welcome to columbus, mississippi, really at the epicenter where one of the tornadoes from last night touched down. you can see the damage on the ground and crews starting to do their job and clean up. meanwhile, debris scattered everywhere, power lines down and trees that have toppled with roots coming up larger than i am. we saw that storm system move east last night. through alabama where there was heavy rain and arkansas where there was big hail, now we're watching it as it moves to the northeast, watching the carolina region as this continues and hopefully we've seen the worst of it. thankfully though, despite all of the damage we're able to show you, no major injuries were reported as this continues to move out east. back to you. >> they have had a rough couple of days of it down that way and that storm system is the one that's xind kind of pushing up east.
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and we'll see stormy weather day after day around here. very active weather pattern. maybe until next week. we're not going to get a break of quiet weather. there's a look outside. times square, starting to see umbrellas pop again as we have showers moving back into the region. you can see umbrellas are out and they've been away most of the morning in the city and light rain falling but it is 64 degrees. very mild ahead of that cold front that's going to be moving through later on and we have to recap on the fog because we have dense fog this morning. it was affecting travel. still a problem along the coast. you can see visibility down to a quarter mile in west hampton but improving west of town. in the rain, showers moving through new york city right now, pretty light. nothing too intense and that is good news. off to the west later on today we're going to track another round of storms. we'll take a look on future radar. you can see 1:00, the storm threat continues, not for all of us but isolated storms through the afternoon. by 3:00 or 4:00, it's mostly
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heaviest rain deep into the hudson valley. this is 5:00, 6:00, getting ready to hid home and seeing stronger storms to the west of town. if your commute takes you west, you may run into heavy rain and gusty thunderstorms moving through the city at 6:00, 7:00 p.m. and long island around 7:00 and 8:00 down the jersey shore. by 10:00 p.m., most of the heaviest rain is gone. tracking those gusty storms later on today. coastal rain continues on saturday and damaging wind and cold and maybe know saturday night into sunday. i told you we had a lot going on over the next few days and high wind watch in effect for damaging winds potentially saturday night into sunday morning. gusts up to 50 to 60 miles per hour. it's breezy right now but nothing like what we're going to see. you can see winds around 20 miles per hour and it's mild out of the southwest. wind gusts we'll time it out so you know when the winds will
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this is 10:00 a.m., waux as winds pick up in intensity we're talking about winds gusting near 50 miles per hour down the jersey shore, strongest winds along the coast right into sunday morning. this is 8:00 a.m. sunday and winds are potentially dangerous outside gusting over 50 miles per hour. you need to secure any loose objects as you're heading into the weekend and winds gradually diminishing through the afternoon. it's 70 in morristown. the mild weather is on the move. look at the temperatures in the seven-day. tomorrow still mild, 60 degrees with showers and windy tomorrow night into sunday morning. sunday morning temperatures are in the 30s, and windchills in the 20s and we stay in the 40s with windy and even snow squalls possible sunday morning, not much better on tuesday, mix of rain and snow possible there and another shot of flurries and temperatures in the low 40s for your highs on tuesday. stay with us for updates and
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>> new york live is next at 12:30. here's what's ahead. >> coming up, what is sara bareilles doing? how a technical snafu turned into a viral moment. turning the tables on a nasty internet comment. the story that might have you cheering today. >> looking forward to it. >> thank you. >> still ahead on news 4 new york at noon, duck and cover, what happens when an out of control boat came barreling towards a dock -- it's slowly moving towards the dock and it
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move! [ horn blowing ] >> that's pretty scary stuff when a whale watching cruise smashed into a dock. it was out of control clearly when it came to port in san diego california yesterday afternoon. officials say the throttle somehow got stuck. >> just coming in fast and hard and i saw it happening and i grabbed the kids and told them to hold on. >> seven people on board were hurt, officially say thankfully the injuries were minor. the coast guard and police are trying to figure out how exactly that happened. two kids lucky to be alive after a bullet whizzed by them in a chicago air grocery store. security video shows a 5-year-old and his sister when that bullet ripped through one of the walls and narrowly missed him and his sister. one of the cashiers was hit in
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a store employee brought a gun to work and another employee picked it up before it discharged discharged.
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>> today is april fool's day and google is already saying gotcha, it revealed a video previewing
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don't require batteries just protect your eyes from every day damage. there you have it. tonight on news 4 new york at 5:00, two years of satellite tv, a deal too good to pass up. turned out to be a scam.
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hi, everyone, welcome to "new york live." ap happy friday and april fool's day. >> we're happy ben aaron is not in the studio. >> have you gotten jokes played on you? >> no, he doesn't do them to me because i get angry. i get annoyed. >> you would learn after two years of marriage, i get it. >> we have a terrific show on


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