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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  April 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now, seniors roughed up, robbed. tonight police putting a name to the face behind a suspect of a slew of violent attacks in brooklyn and queens. ex-con. he was already a fugitive wanting for skipping out on patrol. >> he is also a senior citizen himself. mark santia is in prospect park with new information. >> reporter: this guy has left elderly women beaten and bruised from brooklyn to queens. now police know exactly who they're looking for and they
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face. 65-year-old clarence jones is the man police say is on a rampage, attacking and robbing senior citizens. >> he should get caught. >> reporter: we showed jones' picture to brooklynites. it's their first clear view of the man. the photo is chilling for many. >> this is a terrible concern. i don't want to be hurt. >> reporter: there is a distinct sense of urgency in commissioner bratton's voice today. >> we really need your help to get him back behind bars for the rest of his life. >> reporter: he has 19 prior arrests, he served 14 years in prison and was patrolled in 2014. just months later police say he was arrested for violently attacking a 76-year-old woman in the bronx. >> he's a dangerous man. we think he's in brooklyn right now. >> reporter: back here near prospect park residents are taking a close look at jones' face sealing this image in their
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harvey sauce says if you recognize this guy -- >> say something. could be you, could be your mother, could be your daughter. you know? and there's absolutely no excuse fugitive. 4 investigates has learned that jones is one of 2380 patrol absconders who are currently off the grid. there's been a stabbing at penn station. police called to the scene just about an hour ago. now they are scouring that area for a suspect. andrew? >> reporter: let's clarify for you. first of all, police are describing this as a slashing that took place here at the
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station downtown 1 train. police make the distinction between a slashing and a stabbing. this is being described as a slashing, not a life- threatening injury. the man was taken to roosevelt hospital where we're told he's in stable condition. all of this happened at the outset of rush hour at one of the busiest intersections in new york city. all of this comes on the heels of an uptick in both slashings and scabbings a tabbing across the city that is causing mayor de blasio on to focus in on knives and blades to figure out if there's any pattern here. some of this may be attributable to record crowding conditions. some of it may also be people who knew each other. they are looking for a man and a woman, not much of a description. there may have been some panhandling involved.
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stairwell here. he is in stable condition at roosevelt hospital. new tonight, a store clerk talks about the horror of being robbed at knife point. surveillance video shows a man holding up a metro pcs store in the bronx. you can see the man holding a knife to the clerk's neck. he took off without hurting her, but she says her nightmare is not over. she didn't want to show her face her safety. >> i was scared because he told me he put a knife on my neck, he said if i will call the police back. i'm not sleeping at night. video. >> police say the thief got away with more than $500 in cash. >> firefighters knocked down flames that gutted a home in new
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afternoon on snider street in the city of orange. the roof is now gone. officials say firefighters managed to contain the flames within about two hours. nobody was hurt. but authorities are looking into what caused it. a new medical marijuana dispensary is open in yonkers. it's located in the city's downtown business center on main street. it's the second dispensary to open in the county. heart less thieves swipe a tonight. our report has the community taking action. watch this, a bullet whizzes right by a little boy and his sister at a grocery store. and we are tracking strong thunderstorms on this summery friday evening, but there's also
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this weekend. lester holt has a look at what he's working on from 6:30. with chicago seeing its deadliest start of the year in decades, a man appears to have captured his own shooting on his cell phone. arsenic in baby rice kreerl. cereal. it's there in tiny amounts. and a look at what could be driving late night shopping
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two kids are lucky to be alive after a bullet whizzed right by them in a chicago area area grocery store. security video shows a five-year-old boy and his sister when a bullet ripped through a wall narrowly missing the siblings, hitting a cashier in the ankle. the mother of the two kids says after looking at how close that gunshot was to her son's head she is thankful he's alive. >> translator: i feel my son was born again after that. it was a miracle. >> so the big question, where did that bullet come from? it turns out a store employee brought his gun to work and another employee picked up the gun before it went off and both men have been charged with reckless conduct. an out pouring of support
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kitchen whose equipment was stolen. the team has gotten a flood of offers to help out. >> reporter: we are at the bottom of the sixth inning here on randall's island. the game is on between graphics campus and east side community. you can see they are playing ball. and the equipment they're using thanks in part to some generous news 4 viewers. last night we told you thieves broke into the car of the baseball coach. inside most of the team's equipment. that included helmets, bats, balls, gloves, jerseys. after our story aired, the school got dozen of calls from generous folks who wanted to help the team out. >> we received a tremendous, tremendous feedback. we got calls and e-mailed and just out reach from, you know, different organizations around the city, the public school
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everyone is reaches out to us. it's been a tremendous pleasure to see that new yorkers really care about kids. >> reporter: there are about 30 kids on the team between varsity and jv. a lot of the kids tonight, the coaches and parents are feeling very grateful to those generous viewers. i'm going to go play third base now. >> you should. thank you. one man thought he was getting a great deal on satellite tv but he wound up getting scammed instead. also new information about the case of a brooklyn mailman arrested on the job by under cover cops.
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if you live in one of those neighborhoods, it is probably no surprise that you have a long commute. it takes 53 minutes to get from your home in the rockaways to work in jamaica. both of those are clocking in at 48 minutes. people that are living in the financial district and in greenwich village face the shortest times to get to and from work, just 26 minutes. fewer people are getting the flu these days. the cdc says it looks like the flu season may finally be winding down. locally flu activity is still high in new jersey, not so much in new york and connecticut where the incidence of the flu is low now.
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right now we're checking with storm team 4's rafael miranda. if we are expecting maybe some snow, that could change things. >> people tend to get sick when it goes from hot to cold very fast. that's what we're dealing with this weekend. feeling very summery out there. here's a scene out of orange county right now. the storms are moving out now. look at that temperature, 77 degrees. it is very warm in the hudson valley. contrasting that with fog and temperatures in the 50s across suffolk county. an entirely different weather day for you. that dense fog may impact travel for tomorrow morning. please be careful. these storms have weakened significantly now across orange county and rockland county. still a little stormy in duchess county county. these are where the most intense
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this storm has the potential to have winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour, maybe even some hail. this is headed towards troy hills and wayne. farther south this cell moving new jersey. we've seen lightning with these storms. again, we could see those dangerous winds gus storms holding together around the five boroughs around 7:00. it could be stormy then. everything exits rather quickly around 10-11:00 tonight. it's much quieter tonight but not for long. this is 7:00 a.m. the showers are back, much less intense, but kind of a soggy saturday ahead. main some sunshine by the end of the day tomorrow. your weather headlines, dealing with that warm and stormy evening. soggy start to your weekend. then we have wintery chill moving in for sunday. i want to show you how it's
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couple of days. starting out tomorrow, this is a big change. feels like 5 8 degrees. we go from summer to spring. this is just the beginning. watch what happens. this is your sunday morning. yeah, we're headed right into winter here. we have windchills in the teens and 20s. even during the afternoon on sunday, no big improvement because of the winds that are going to be howling. get your winter gear ready. tie down any loose objects with these dangerous winds a possibility saturday night into sunday morning. take a look at the seven-day forecast. we've got some home openers. a little bit of trouble there. temperatures stay chilly. tuesday's high temperature only 42 degrees. the dutch siblings who call
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last month's deadly airport attacks in brussels were laid to rest earlier today. they were headed home to the united states on the day of the brussels airport suicide bombing. alex was on the phone with her mom at the time of the first blast. sasha was a graduate of merrimont college. both called new york home. the arrest of a brooklyn mailman by under cover cops. commissioner bratton says one officer was stripped of husband gun and badge. the mailman got cuffed for shouting at the officers were almost hitting his mail truck with their car. no more graffiti skribt cribbles under the manhattan bridge. it got a power wash today. the city will spend more than $1 million to get rid of the
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on other bridges and infrastructure. a warning tonight about imposters trying to steal your personal information. for one man a satellite tv offer was too good to pass up and the sales rep sounded ed ed legitimate. better get baquero for what you need to know here. here's lynda baquero. >> $500 for two years of dish network including international channels. >> was much better deal than what i was paying. >> he signed up and so did his friends. the salesperson even helped change his online account. >> that made me believe he is a genuine dish network guy. >> to he wired his payment and a technician stopped by to set up his new channels but those only lasted a week. dish pulled the channels and told him that so-called sales rep was a scammer. >> they had my personal information. >> he filed a police report and notified the federal trade commission.
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the phone numbers used in the sale. >> these two guys were talking in my language as well as english. >> he wants his money back and says dish network should take responsibility. >> if someone can log into their system and access my information, which makes me believe he's a dish guy, that is a big problem. >> dish says it takes allegations of third party fraud seriously. but in this case dish says there is no evidence its system was compromised. dish says if you're a current subscriber and you get a call offering you a huge discount, never give out your information. you may be asked for that information when you contact dish directly. but dish will never call you asking for that information. >> to get in touch with our
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an e-mail or call us at 1-866-news-244. everyone who reaches out will get a response. it's painful even just to think about, a seven week old kidnapped, snatched from his mother at a shopping mall. sibila is here with a look at what's coming up at 6:00. updating our i-team exclusive about active police officers who claim the department is lying about quotas, the commissioner says they don't exist. the officers say they do. tonight an nypd lieutenant weighs in. plus now that the first round of results are in, parents in newark want to know how long have their kids been exposed to lead in their school drinking
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a city council candidate in patterson, new jersey, opened the door to his headquarters this morning to discover his office has been vandalized. you can clearly see somebody hitting the glass outside of his headquarters. that attack shattered the windows, even the entrance door. new information tonight about the kidnapping of a baby from a busy mall outside of philadelphia, that child you can see being taken from the mall by this woman here is back with his family, that suspect showing
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first appearance in court. telling investigators she didn't go to the mall to steal the baby. she actually had a baby of her own back in february but the child had died. tonight we're hearing from the mother of the baby that was kidnapped. >> i'm just so glad he's in my arms. i didn't know what the outcome of that situation was going to be. >> today the seven week old has no idea about all he's been through. >> i dropped down to my knees and i prayed. prayer works. >> the infant was abducted from the king of prussia mall around 5:30 last night. police shared this video of the suspect leaving the mall with the baby in her arms. it's a woman the mother said she met earlier in the day at a jewelry store. >> she was so polite, nice and calm. she was like the normal every person. >> hunter says the woman asked about the baby and they bonded over being new mothers. >> she was stressed and she had
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the military so that puts all the work on her. she ain't been out in a while. >> hunter said the conversation continued in the food court while hunter was helping her two-year-old son, the other woman took the baby. >> i realized it was really happening. it was like my heart could just bust open at any moment, like i could just hit that floor. it was the worst feeling i ever felt in my life. >> the search lasted five hours. the baby was returned home safely. we're told when he was returned he had had a bath and even received new pajamas. thank you for watching. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. news 4 had it first, cops claiming the nypd has quotas for arrests.
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responds to the explosive allegations. plus parents want answers from the newark school system now that the first lead testing results are in. how long were their kids exposed? and tensions and temperaturers temperature er -- tempers begin to flare between hillary clinton and bernie sanders in new york. we begin with a big change in the weather. >> big indeed. storm team 4 is tracking four different storms set to bring thunder, damaging winds and even snow to the tri-state. meteorologist janice huff is tracking the system for us. sounds like a lot heading our way. >> it certainly is, sibila. and a lot in a short period of time. we're tracking a cluster of severe thunderstorms moving in out of pennsylvania into hunterdon county. there's a warning in affect for those storms until 6:15 for clinton, hatfield.
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see damaging winds up to 60 miles an hour and lightning as well as heavy downpours across the region. this is moving in right now. here's that thunderstorm. this circular indication here is that there could be damaging winds with that storm. there's the system that's now over pennsylvania moving east. just to the northeast of that, we have another cluster, not classified as severe but still some heavy downpours thunder and lightning. that's moving towards the north and east as well. watch out in patterson and also east orange. it's moving over new york city possibly with some downpours, thunder, lightning and hail as well. we're still tracking the storms. we'll let you know about the changes for the weekend with the cold and the snow coming up in just a few minutes. we continue to follow


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