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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  April 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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see damaging winds up to 60 miles an hour and lightning as well as heavy downpours across the region. this is moving in right now. here's that thunderstorm. this circular indication here is that there could be damaging winds with that storm. there's the system that's now over pennsylvania moving east. just to the northeast of that, we have another cluster, not classified as severe but still some heavy downpours thunder and lightning. that's moving towards the north and east as well. watch out in patterson and also east orange. it's moving over new york city possibly with some downpours, thunder, lightning and hail as well. we're still tracking the storms. we'll let you know about the changes for the weekend with the cold and the snow coming up in just a few minutes. we continue to follow
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where police are searching for a slasher. police say a man was slashed in the back at the zrans entrance of the downtown 1 train. police are looking for a man and a woman who may have been involved. there isn't much of a description now, but investigators say this may have had something to do with panhandling. the interview with ten active nypd officer who is s who claim they are pressured by supervisors to meet quotas for arrests and summons. >> tonight a lieutenant is talking to sarah wallace about those allegations. >> a number of additional officers have actually reached out to us. by the way, the nypd officer's union did a survey recently. thousands of members responded and 89% said they believe there are still quotas. the police department flatly
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are expected to do their jobs. an nypd lieutenant saw the interview we did with ten active cops who are suing the department over alleged quotas which are banned. the lieutenant, concerned about retaliation, did not want to be identified. >> they're telling the truth. >> which is? >> that there is a quo that system within the nypd. it's a constant pressure every time i get called into the captain's office. zero meaning he's not meet it can quota. >> the officers told us that minority neighborhoods in particular are targeted. >> they tell you this to your face, black and hispanics between 14 to 21 must get stopped. >> people are targeted? >> yes. >> who's targeted? >> mainly in minorities areas. >> the lieutenant claims it's all about monthly activity reports.
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and the cops have to go out there and bring something in. >> what happens if the officers don't get them? >> they're punished to the point where they will get very low evaluation. >> they will transfer you. they will threaten to give you a bad evaluation, which they do. >> nypd officials insist they are responding to conditions in neighborhoods and the only push so to reduce crime. community activist tony herbert watched the interview as well. >> the whole presentation that you have done actually opened up that whole can of worms that everybody said, i told you so. because that's what black and brown people are looking at, are looking upon as, as money generated for the city of new york. >> when they say this is better policing and smarter policing and all of that -- >> no. that's just nonsense. in this needs to stop because they keep talking about community policing. this is not community policing at all. >> the city has asked a judge to dismiss parts of the federal
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proof of quotas or racial discrimination, which is the officers are also claiming. a decision could come at any time. commissioner bill bratton is speaking out about policy changes at the nypd. the department of investigations officer made 47 recommendations to improve department policy and cut down on incidents of excessive force. the nypd decided to implement 35 of those recommendations including de-escalation tactics and improving how to track when excessive force was used. the department decided not to adopt one important point. commissioner bratton explained why he doesn't support a clear punishment for specific acts of misconduct by officers. >> i'm the ultimate determiner of levels of discipline. the guidelines are just that, guidelines. i'm not supportive of definitive days for similar offenses. even similar offenses oftentimes have many nuances to them.
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that his team will take a closer look at the department of investigations officer report this weekend. >> the first round of lead testing is done on the water at several newark schools. now parents want some real answers about the risk to their children's health. >> reporter: here at this school the water fountains were shut down several weeks ago as a precaution. now those results are in, parents want to know how long their children may have been exposed. >> how long has this been going on? it's going to be a lot of kids who got lead. >> reporter: the first round of test results are in. the findings, a big concern for newark parents. so far eight schools have been tested for high levels of lead. 324 samples taken. 76 of those samples resulted in
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>> we were did appointed but we had already put some things in place. >> reporter: according to the city's report, ten of her school's drinking fountains showed high levels of lead. they are now permanently taped off. >> we reached out to an independent environmental expert and had them come in and test our water. we received those results back and those results were safe. >> reporter: but she's not taking chances. students are drinking bottled water and this new filtration system is being installed. schools where high levels were found are now required to shut off the contaminated water sources. they must post signs near sinks stating the water is not for drinking and supply bottled water until a solution is found. >> we worried about our kids picking up paint and getting lead, not knowing the whole time at school they could get lead. >> reporter: testing is still being done at all of the city's
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once the results are in, a permanent remediation process can begin. meanwhile in jersey city, tests show the city's drinking water supply meets all federal and state standards. the mayor ordered tests through an independent group after the water crisis in flint, michigan. 34 samples were collected city-wide. the new york senate overwhelmingly pas d a final budget bill they worked through the night to agree on. the $156 billion spending plan include a tax cut, a lower personal income tax rate for the middle class, almost a half percentage point lower. 25 billion dollar in aid for city schools, more than 55 billion for transportation, a measure to gradually raise the state's minimum wage to $15 an
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>> as prices of everything else goes up whether it's rent and everything else, people to need to make a living e g ing wage. >> the minimum wage increase will go into effect in new york city for large businesses in 2018, 2019 for small businesses. upstate new york will see a possible increase to 15 bucks an hour after the year 2020 if the economy is doing well. in westchester county the next time you dime al 911 for an emergency first responders could take longer to arrive. >> the town has not received funding yet for its ems operations. that could have ambulance service shutting down by sunday night. officials say without the funds they cannot pay people or maintain their equipment. >> i would have to say response time is about five or six minutes once the 911 call comes in. if the response time is longer
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i'm afraid to say tragedy may result, which nobody wants to see. and that's why harrison ems must continue. >> if harrison ems does not get the funds, the town would have to hire a cor ration to handle emergencies. harrison's supervisor has said residents will be protected and the town is looking into its options. tonight a woman who lied about being slashed in the face is getting psychiatric help. the woman told police she was walking through the financial district when a man cut her face. later she told police she cut the two-inch gash into her own cheek. police say she will not be charged. coming up on news 4 new york, the latest fight between lawmakers and uber. why the car ride company is resisting efforts to fingerprint potential drivers for background checks. also a big victory for one
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today the new york city police department welcomed a few good men and women too its ranks. police academy graduates filled madison square garden for a ceremony today. 634 new police officers were sworn into the department. the gage raduates are from 36 countries and speak 22 different languages. this new class includes the largest percentage of latino officers today, 32%. >> i hope this is a moment where you feel tremendous satisfaction at the commitment you've shown, the effort you've shown, the focus you've shown to now become officers in the greatest police force in the world.
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more than half of today's graduates are women and men of color. uber is fighting back against a proposed fingerprinting law in new jersey that would rierp fingerprints from potential drivers. the state wants those prints run through a state police background check. this is already the law for taxi and limo drivers. uber says the databases often only show arrests, not convictions. the company also says the checks could discriminate against minorities. a passionate group of preservationists has won a big fight to save one of new york city's most magnificent clocks at 346 broad way. it's hand wound and the owners wanted to electrify the clock and build a condo in the tower. but a judge pulled the plug on the plan, which in essence means the clock will stay as is. the owners of the building did comment.
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tv equipment and epix included. and now get a $300 reward card. call today, and welcome back. lester holt is joining us now with a look at what's ahead on nbc nightly news. >> we've got the day's stop stories. personal finance experts are suggesting you take some precautions if you like to sip and click, as they call it. i'm going to let you guess what that's all about. >> let me think. you have a computer in front of you, a little wine. not that i ever do anything like that. do they really think that sales go up? >> it appears that one site reports business goes way up late friday and into the wee hours. kristen dahlgren shows us some
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know. >> don't shop drunk. >> do it eyes wide open. you're going to spend a lot. rob? decision 2016 now, the democratic presidential candidates are starting to focus on their attention on new york ahead on the april 19th primary. as the battle for big apple bragging rights heats up, tempers are being tested on the campaign trail. on that. >> it's not often that the guarded carefully composed hillary clinton loses her cool. when she did that yesterday and called bernie sanders a liar, new yorkers noticed. >> it was trending like crazy on twitter and everything else. >> i can't imagine more stress than being on the road and running for president. >> it happens. people are human. it doesn't bother me.
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i think she's the only qualified candidate. >> the sanders' campaign called clinton's denials deeply cynical and disappointing. the environmental group green peace says its research found the clinton campaign accepted at least 4.5 million dollar in donations from the fossil fuel industry and its lobbyist. clinton insists the donations are just from individuals who happen to work for oil and gas companies. clinton was back to her usual composed self today during a campaign stop about manufacturing in syracuse. >> to create more good jobs with rising incomes. that is my goal. >> she's hoping to ward off a sanders surge in her home state as he works to make inroads with her base including voters of color.
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sanders. >> in an interview thursday sanders told me this will be his argument to win over new yorkers. >> 47 million living in poverty. grotesque levels of income and wealth inequality. >> mayor de blasio came forward to defend hillary clinton's environmental record today, saying she wants to move the u.s. away from fossil fuel toward cleaner ener . the candidates compete in wisconsin on tuesday and then of course we'll be seeing a whole lot more of them here in new york until april 19th. back to you guys. well this warm weather has many of us in the a beach state of mind. >> some beaches in connecticut want you to leaf ve your pets at home in compo and old mill beaches.
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parking lot. >> janice, you're talking about all these changes coming to the forecast and it's going to get cold and you talk about snow and everything. we also noticed there was one place today that hit 80. >> yeah, in new jersey. the city came close at 79 this afternoon. there were some 80 degree temperatures in new jersey. meanwhile it's only in the 50s on long island with the fog. we're tracking thunderstorms. you can see the clouds from our top of the rock camera starting to spread over new york city. it's going to be raining in the city within a half hour. those storms are moving very fast right now. it's cloudy and 77 in the city. in long island it's much much cooler with that fog. evening spotty storms for the urs. then we get that high impact wind event. the winds come howling through
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there could be damage from those and power outages. and then cold, snowy conditions north of the city, especially over the hudson valley by sunday morning. we've got a little bit of everything going on. let's start with the thunderstorms. there's the line stretching from western connecticut all the way down into southeastern pennsylvania. this cell here over hunterdon county was a severe thunderstorm. it could still have damage winds. that's what this arrow indicates here. watch out in plainfield, westfield, livingston and elizabeth. the storm is heading in your direction. also a cell towards east orn stretch orange stretching up towards patterson. you're in the path. between now and about 6 :50 this evening watch out for this storm. look out in north salem,
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there's also some very heavy rain, some downpours. they're moving really fast. that's the first line. then we have another line coming through, lighter showers that will hug the coast tomorrow morning. then another line towards chicago and behind that will be the gusty winds tomorrow night. dense fog advisory for eastern suffolk county until 10:00 tomorrow morning. 62 in the hamptons. you're much cooler and foggier out to the east. temperatures are still in the 60s and 70s toward the west. here's a look at the seven day for you and the big changes. yes, we are still talking about some snow squalls that will be swirling around sunday morning. north of the city could get a dug dusting in the higher elevations. then it calms down. still cool for the yankees home opener on monday and for the mets.
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baseball season gets reel in just a few days, mets and yankees finalizing their opening days. cc sabathia will get the opening day. that bullpen may have the services of andrew miller. he's been cleared for duty. miller fractured his right wrist in this play here on wednesday. the mets wrapping spring play with five no-hit innings from steven metz against the cubs. right now mets up 3-1 in the eighth. several knicks including carmelo anthony have asked for
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porzingis has a right shoulder strain. calderon a deep contusion in his right quad. after stumbling in dallas, they have lost 6 of 8. brooklyn has dropped eight in a row on the road. syracuse practicing today in ho ton. the orange may be the first ten seed to reach the final four but they don't answer to cinderella, folks. the orange took out a number one in virginia. they'll size up another number one, roy williams, north carolina, tarheels tomorrow night. >> they're a tremendous team. they've got, you know, tremendous size and depth. and they can hurt you inside or outside.
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19th final four doesn't give us any edge. the fact that this play in syracuse and we've already played them twice doesn't give us any edge. tomorrow's difference-maker is going to be who plays the best in tomorrow's game. >> don't count syracuse out. villanova and oklahoma battle in the other hamonic will miss the rest of the season with an injury. charles howell iii making us all jealous by eagling. he's tied for eighth. sergio garcia also skipping out on the putter here on 8, though he is well behind leader charlie hoffman. masters in less than a week. tiger woods a long shot at augusta.
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up next, sipping and shopping, the sip tipsy reason that experts say is driving a rise in late night online spending sprees. shocking video tonight. a man shot while streaming live on social media. the horrific moment a gunman opens fire in chicago as murders soar. the city's most violent start to the year in two decades. weather whiplash. tornadoes touch down across the south as temperatures soar into the 70s in the north, about to take a plunge into the 30s. spring snow on the way. nuclear nightmare. president obama warns a deadly consequences if isis madmen get ahold of nukes. arsenic warning in the food millions feed their kids. the fda now making a move. an alert every parent or grandparent should hear. and drunk shopping. more and more people


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