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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  April 3, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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now on "today in new york," damage across our area with more royough weather on the way. we've got your storm team 4 forecast. plus, breaking news and live pictures out of philadelphia where amtrak suspended service to new york after an accident kills two people. decision 2016. the candidates spar ahead of tuesday's primary in wisconsin. we'll have the latest on the campaign trail for you.
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in new york" at 10:00 on a sunday morning. i'm panel. >> i'm gus rosendale. the weather developing. don't be fooled by the clear skies. wicked winds coming through the entire area. raphael miranda tracking that in storm team 4 weather sen center. >> we're seeing the winds gusting near 50 miles per hour. we've seen gusts as high as 60 miles per hour. also delays there. you can see jfk, you have a gust of 49 miles per hour. newark 48. laguardia, 46 miles per hour. e winds have been going on for hof urs like this. the tree limbs are starting to get weaker and weaker. that's why we're seeing the limbs falling. po bwerutages also a possibility. take a look at where we're expecting the strongest winds. along the u tot. that's where wve seen the gusts over 50 miles per hour throughout the morning. the stronger winds spreading into long island. suffolk county, you haven't seen the most intense winds yet. those are popping for you as well. nassau and suffolk county. t even as you head inland,
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40 to 50 miles per hour. we have had some snow. that's basically gone. but take a look at the winds. they will continue from now through lunchtime. dae maging potential winds over 50 to 60 miles perhour. temperatures are cold, much colder in fact, windchills in the teens and 20s. there is even more snow on the way tonight into tomorrow. ke a look at a wintry forecast coming up in just a few. pat and gus, over to you. >> all right, raphi, thank you. from flattened fences to falling scaffolding, the nddangerous winds taking a th toll. >> "today in new york's" lori bordonaro joining us live from columbus circle a has a look at the damage affecting a lot of people. lori. >> reporter: gus and pat, the strong winds not deterring people from coming out to central park.'there are a lot of joggers and people running around here in the park. thomey smyay they have issued a wind advisory warning people to be caful about falling debris and we've already seen the impact, as you sai fi heavy gusts caused a scaffolding to collapse over
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you can see it fell on to several cars, breaking windshields and even crushing a bike. we've seen a mix of weather around the area. overght, we saw hail in westveester. this video here from tucka me road. the icy conditions there causing cars to skid off roads. and lightning strikes causing power outages in hartsdale overnight. raritan, new jersey, heavy winds did major damage tonone neighborhood there. residents waking up this morning topt debris scattered across their lawns and parts of their homes torn off. >>d. there's holes in the roof. a lot of the siding off the house. of course, the damage to our windows and we have a lot of debris all over the whole neighborhood here for at least six blocks or so that have been affected by whatever it was. some say it wasn't a tornado. >> the new york city building's department is advising
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make sure they secure down cranes as well as scaffolding. once again, warning people who ar he out here today to be careful of falling debris. that's the latest from here. pat and gus, back to you. >> thank you very much, or on gt gle play. th tis weather will continue throughout the day. s? >> breaking news out of philadel hiar amtrak suspending service between philadelphia and new york. all of this following a deadly crash. what we're hearing now, the lay t hit a backhoe and derailed south of philly. we're getting reports into the newsroom that at least two people were killed. the train which was headed f pm new york to savannah, georgia had 341 passengers and seven crew on board. no word on when train service will be restored. amtrak suspending service between philadelphia and new york following a deadly accident. at least two people killed.
10:05 am and on the broadcasts lheater tonight. brussels airport is rtially reopened less than two weeks after a suicide bombing in one of the rminals. there is stepped up security but onlyla few flighou going in and out. only tcrea who are actually flying will be allowed irro the departureadeparture/check-in area. for now, the normally busy hub mis operating at only 20% of capacity. terrorist scares forced evacuations at two of the busiest places here in new york city. >> nypd officers cleared times square just before 8:00 last night. the bomb squad blocking off the area around that moving truck. it has georgia plates. it was parked outside the marriott hotel with the keys in the ignition and wires hanging from the dashboard. police also say there were gas canisters behind the seat. l red flags for investigators who checked it out. gave the all clear. the driver was arrested. police evacuated a terminal at the port authority terminal
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this was about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. asked folks to get out on the sidewalks and leave. they found out it was books wrapped up in brown paper. police have a ested the woman accused of robbing a 103-year-old woman in the bronx. we brought you this story yesterday morning. and before nightfall, that woman was arrested she ts 53-year-old sharon mcneal. she allegedly followed that elderly woman into her building on friday. one say she knocked the elderly woman to the floor, stole her purse and a shopping cart with food she had just gotten from a local community center. the woman barely 4 feet tall, yogally blind and she could hardly see her attacker. >> they tell me it's a woman, not a man. a woman. i was surprised..i said this man had this bushy hair.cushe was a woman. mcneal's ima before and after
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she is now facing robbery and assault charges. the latest decision 2016 coverage. the wisconsin primary is just two days away. >> senator ted cruz hoping that a victory in the badger state will change the momentum of this race. polls show him leading front-runner donald trump by double digits.macruz spent yesterday in north dakota where 25 unbound delegates can vote for anyone. trump is trying to rebound after a week of high-profile stumbles. his top aide under investigation, his nuclear comments under fire and facing fallout for his flipflop on abortion. trump continuing to do damage control. >> nobody has greater respect for women than donald trump, nobody. >> if we nominate donald trump, it hands the general election to hillary clinton with a big silver bow. he loses by double digits. let me tell you, i beat hillary clinto >> o the democratic side, hillary clinton trying to fend off a surging bernie sanders would has the lead in the latest polls.
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would be his sixth state win in a row. both stumping in the same city, clinton jabbed at sanders for only recently becoming a democrat. >> i know there's a lot of concern in wisconsin and around the country that donald trump might become president of the united ftates. so let me reassure you. that will not happen. >> both sanders and clinton are bickering about dates for a potential new york debate before the april 19 w primary. >> our campaigve are trying to reach an agreement about that. we've offered dates. we've done it over the last several weeks. we've been trying to figure out when we could do this. >> full interview on "meet the press" and chuck todd joi us from washington, d.c. with a preview of the program. od morning, chuck. >> good morning, gus. >> once again, the story about the debate over the debate. >> well, neither side wants to
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they've both made multiple proposals. it seems as if they made sure to offer a date inconvenient for the otherdleidate. one doesn't want to give up a trip to another state for a debate or one doesn't want to give up a campaign rally for a debate. it's semantic. both sides trying to project strength. it gets silly after a while. bottom line, we'll have a debate. either on a thursday, friday or a sunday. in those final days before. so we'll see. the m sit important thing is let's put it right here on nbhou right? >> there you go. arguably, we have to talk about donald trump. a bad week for him to say the least. >> campaign manager arrested he calls for women who have abortion toss face punishments.atslipping in polls now. the off the cuff style that's served him so well. he suffered from that this wei'. what does it say? >> the key difference that this
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before, he's had weeks like this before, maybe not quite as obad. but he's had bad an weeks before. voters have bailed him out. a lmary takes place and 's -- wins it and somehow he washes away allyof his sins. this week could be different because tuesday, wisconsin may hand a victory to ted cruz. it may be the most significant anti-trump victory yet and what does that do? we have not seen what happens to trump supporters in a trump candidacy when there are two weeks to sort of fester on a big high-profile loss. i think, let's see what happens tuesday. if it goes the way polls show. i think this could be a consequential week in a bad way for donald trump. >>ow about f hoor hillary clyinton? >> look, i think she's got to avoid getting blown out in wisconsin. it's a state that is tailor-made for more of the sanders progressive approach to politics in the democratic party. madison, wisconsin, long time
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historically the first big city to elect a socialist mayor. a lot of assets for him in wisconsin. a blowout going into new york, that's not so good for her. she needs to keep it close. >> we'll hear mor from mrs. clinton in few minutes. we appreciate the preview. >> all right. chuck todd at 10:30 as always after "today in new york." today, pope francis called for peace in ukraine and launched a special collection to help those affected by the conflict there. the pontiff announced on april 24th a special collection will be held in catholic churches all over europe. donations to aid displaced ukrainians and those still in areas of conflict. fighting in the eastern region killed more than 9,000 pe le. our busy news morning continues on "today in new york." explosive allegations up next about crony e -- the -- it is an i-team exclusive. as a woman, how can you keep
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>> once again, at the center of "saturday night liou's" political parody. the highlights from snl. we're starting to see a shift in the location of the most dangerous winds ts morning. i'll tell you where they're
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a live look at times square. the -- we've seen some of the damage pictures come in to us. this is an ongoing situation. >> we're seeing large trees that are down. not the little ones. big uprooted trees falling down on cars and fences. that's a prolonged wind event that we're having now. it's hour after hour, the trees taking a beating. it will continue. the winds will be slow to subside through the afternoon. but let's take a look outside right now. there's the brooklyn bridge. it looks like a nice day. the sun is out. we had rain and snow earlier. but looks can be deceiving. besides the wind, it's cold. 34 right now. windchills in the 20s.
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the past couple of days to say the least. high wind warning remains ild effect for the winds between 50 and 60 miles per hour. we've seen the wind damage already. the potential is there for more damage. all the counties shaded in red, cluding new york city and long island. these are the strongest winds since midnight now. topping our list, 60 mile per hour wind gusts at jfk. wark, 55 miles per hour. we're seeing delays at all the airports. laguardia laguardia, a wind gust of 53 miles per hour. here are the impacts we're expecting. highest winds along the coast and higher elevations. strongest winds late morning, early afternoon potential for suffolk county. the winds already starting to diminishing heading to the west of town. power outages likely. reports f some and tree damage already occurring. wind does relax for everyone late afternoon and into the evening. notice a shift in the strongest winds. earlier, therm from new york city down the jersey shore. now beginning to slow your relax of it. look as you head east.
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hour now in islip and farmingdale. westhampton, you've seen the winds ramp up over the past couple of hours. it's going to be focusing on fairfield county, wes chester and long island over the next couple of hours in the early afternoon. that's when we can expect to see the damage and the potential power outages. you can see on future wind gusts, winds around lunchtime, still strong. north and east of new york city. after 2:00 p.m., it's much less wi dy from new york city south. winds down in the 20s to 30 miles per hour. even around 6:00, hampton bays, dealing with winds over 30 miles per hour. it's going to take a little while longer for everything to lm down for you. storm tracker shows one last snow squall there across suffolk county. that could impact driving, but overall, the snow really diminishing a tot over the past few hours. that's one storm pulling away. here's our nextretorm moving in toni t and tomorrow bringing us another round o snow and rain as well. we're talking about snow, we've also got cold i whoaces.
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windchills in the single digits in the hudson valley after the 70s and 80s the past couple of days. 16 it feels like in white plains. you had to head outside, ou need the layers, hats, gloves and scarves in full effect. we have freeze warnings in effect for portions of the suburbs. take the plants inside. temperatures will drop below freezing in many suburbs. doyksfternoondon future tracker. at least we're rain andw snow-free through the evenin dinnertime. 10:00 tonight, the winds are lighter. here comes the clipper. tomorrow, 3:00 a.m., early morning start on monday. snow in the hudson valley. in the city, it will be warm enough for plain old rain. that is great news. it will be a wet commute for many of us. snow frm putnam to dutchess county. the wet snow could be accumulating on the roadways and the grassy surfaces by 1:00 p.m. time for the home opener for the yanks. not so great. rain in the vicinity.
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e evesng commute not much better. 6:00, still rain out there and maybe wet snow deep into the hudson valley. temperatures struggle in the 30s roughout the day today. windy with a hbgh of 39. feels much colder than that, though. feels like 20s and teens. dress for 25 to 29, not 39. you'll be okay. overnight, 36. hard freeze possible in the burbs north and west of new york city. rain and snow arrive late in the irnight towards tomorrow morning. ups and downs the next few days, look at tuesday. it gets very cold, breezy. 39 your high there again. wednesday is the nice day of the week. sunshine and 50. the next storm rolls in with show is au thunderstorms possible on thursday. a high of 56 d rees. stay p to date with all the changes with the "news 4 new york" app. tap the logo in the corner, scroll dow and select the weather tab. you n see the latest forecast. use the interactive radar and learn how to submit your own weather video. the app is available in the app store right now. pat and gus, over to you.
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we just showed torm -- storm tracker. people a little shocked to look up to this spring storm. it's not easy to shock people in boston. >> when this comes to snow. >> heavy winds, part of the same weather system that brought us this morning's wild weather.wcontinuing to buffett them a little bit more with extra precipitation. again, some tough conditions nothing they can't handle, especially after the winter they had last year. >> it won't stick around. that's the good news. "saturday night live" poking fuinn at donald trump's tough week with women. >> the opening skit pitted a news anchor against one of trump's supporters who apparently would say anything to defend the gop front-runner. >> as a woman, hkn can youeep defending mr. trump? he retweeted a sexist photo of d cruz's wife. >> so no, so actually -- so that was an accident okay?
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big, he can't see every little thing his fingers retweet. they're this big. >> that's your actual answer? >> that is what i have picked, yes. >> there were plenty of spoofs on the game of thrones with last night's host peter dinklage. including a look at season 6 with bobby m'ynahan playing a drag . >> a lot of people anxiously awaiting the return of game of thrones later this month. i am one of them. baited breath. an nypd lieutenant speaks out about a class action lawsuit claiming that officers are pressured to meet quotas in certain neighborhoods. the i-team exclesive afteplehe break.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, win'th creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in necades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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back with an update on an exclusive. after our interview with ten active nypd officers who claim they are pressured by supervisors to meet quotas, a supervisor is coming forward. >> a lieutenant who spoke to investigative reporter sara wallace about those investigations on this i-team clusive. >> an nypd liehtencrt saw the interview we did with ten active cops who are wuing the department over alleged quotas, which are ba ed. the lieutenant, concerned about retaliation, did not want to be identified. they're telling the truth. >> which is? >> that there is a quota systen within the nypd. it's a constant pressure every time i'm called into the captain's office. zero meaning he's not meetings the"quota. >> the officers told ust hat minority neighborhoods in pa porticular are targeted. >> to go hunting, bounty hunting for an arrest.
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black and hispanics between 14 to 21 should be stopped. >> maho is targeted? mainly in minorities. >> the lieutenant claims it's all about monthly activity reports. >> the cops have to go out there and bring sometning in. >> what happens if the officers don't get them? >> they're punished to the point where they would get very low evaluations. >> they will transfer you, give you a bad evaluation. >> nypd officials insist they're responding to conditions in neighborhoods and the only push is to reduce crime. community activist tony herbert watched the interview with the officers as well. >> i think the whole presentation that you have done actually opened up that whole can of worms that everybody said, i told you so. that's what black and brown people are looking at, looking upon as. asineney generated for the city of new york. >> when they say that this is
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policing and all of that? >> no. that's just nonsense. this needs to stop because they ke talking about community policing. this is not community policing at all. >> the city has asked a judge to dismiss portion was, he lawsuit that deal with quotas and alleged racial discrimination which the officers are also claiming. a decision ou come any day. from the newsroom, sarah wallace, "news 4 new york." and as we always tell you, if you've got something you think the news 4 i-team should look into, please give them a call at 866-news-244. >> we're coming right back with a final check of your forecast.
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updating our breaking news from the top of the brods cast. amtrak suspending service from new york to philadelphia after a deadly accident near philadelphia. a train derailing after hitting
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the latest reports at least twoc people are dead but dozens of injuries. updates on the website, and obr broadcastsslgoer today. raphael is herndwith i final look at the weather. keep your eyes to the skies for the windy weather. >> stay inside if you can. numerous reports of trees down. large trees en.n. this will only get worse. the winds will continue heading from new york city into long island. not a great dayioo be out there. laenteragn the winds will diminish. 's crld throughout the day. tonight a round of resn and snow showers. snow north of new york city. no major aremulations. but it looks to be damp for the yanks home opener. raphael, thank you. appreciate it. be safe out there today. and you as well. th lank you for spendin your nday morning with us. our next newscast at 6:00. >> meet the press is next. thanks for having us in gofor
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> this sunday, it may have been donald trump's worst week on the campaign trail yet. he defended his campaign manager charged with assaulting a woman reporter. he called for women who have abortions to be punished. >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah. >> he says he's open to japan and sth korea having nuclear weapons. and now he's slipping i the polls. is the donald trump campaign finally crumbling, or will he survive as he's done so many times tore?


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