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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  April 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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double bogey. 76 for castro. that clears the way for the second to last group. and then the last group still waiting. henley is going to play first here in the second to last spot for this. if you can get it there, be happy. up it's hardar to see the flag. it's back left. it's right here, folk "
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e 7th hole. he liked it. >> cutting a little bit right of center. but a solid shot. >> very acceptable. >> gotten over the ridge, too. >> sort of a tough putt there. but it's a good shot. >> the next shot with a huge bearing on deciding the outcome. herman behind him on the tee still waiting. 207. left to the hole for stenson. >>rn herman is back there watching it all. >> what do you think, does he have to take it on or bail it a little right? >> i'd take it on ten feet right of the hole. that way if you pull it a little, you're a hero.
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cey'nter of the green. cleared the ridge. very, vy acceptable. heading down the hill. people >> c y a good driver. he's seventh in total dri ng. the rest of his game is not good. the total -- as far as stats for thelyear. that is his weapon, hitting the fairways and hitting die sent distance. not a long hitter. but decent.
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whole different ball game. >> if he can hit it in the middle of the fairway, i am totally impressed. the rightunker is probably calling his name. >> this one is very low. straight. >> is that ever low and straight and perfect. ma wn the middle. after the wait of his life. jim herman just strikes
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>> at the 7 itnd hole, stenson double breaker. stenson getting behind that to get a read of exactly where that
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how about jim herman. he saves his best for last. pipes that drive and ends up the longest of the week. 316 yards for herman. >> that was impressive. >> big drive at 17 too. >> 313 yards at 17. if you don't think this guy is pumped up, he's got to try to dodge stenson's birdie attempt here. >>ac i'm not seeing a bunch of br yeak in this, johnny. >> he's on the all line. itsaight move a little left. it's not an easy putt to see. that's one reason why he wanted to check the other putt so carefully. >> this is the this
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calls in search of his first major title? >> i have it on my old chart, maybe a ittle left. >> this to tie herman at 15 under. >> is it enough? >> went left and then it went right. it was a double breaker. almost impossible to read that. that's what you saw roger. >> jg left. back the other way. >> thinking exactly.
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right at the hole. y>> still not in for par. his mind a little bit from what happened on the last putt. >> mak this and force herman to make par to win it. >> that european tour, the last win anywhere. >> got to putt through his shadow. >> gets it in. >> pretty gooa weekend indeed
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>> trying to break that 0 for 39 >> one, two, three, golf c hannel tower. one, two, three. see that guy in the turquoise shirt right there. i love it right there. that where the edge is. your s t in there -->>boev 20,0 going to let his little draw bleed it towardhe hole if
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>> 172 yards. >> get up over the ridge. >> acceptable. >> it is. it's not rolling back. not bad. >> not an easy two-putt. >> this 18th hole has been an eternity for jim herman. now lovemark from 161. his own box of im s
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he played 118 events on the tour with one win. 224 events, one win. what this win could do for him life changing indeed, johnny. for a 38-year-old late bloomer. >> seven wrestling matches with cue school, finally got his card. i can't imagine what this guy is thinking as he comes up here with a one-shot lead. >> splurging on the weekend at subway. >> it's a lot of belief in yourself. it's a lot of times where i'm sure he thought this would never happen. hasn't happened yet. but he's right there on the edge. >> can he do it? can he make that two-putt when you have to two-putt? i almost can't believe he's
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what a fantastic round of golf. 4 under par for the day. he has every reason with all the big names in front of him and around him to fold. he just hasn't done it. all the hard work has paid off. >> kind of appropriate. his favorite movie, tin cup. >> well, he's knot not doing a tin cu top finish. >> it's interesting, dan and johnny, the last six weeks for us with the florida swing and adam scott winning a couple times and jason day and you think about all the impressive performances, to me, this might be the most impressive of all if he can get it down in two here. >> i know one thing, there are going to be a lot of tears if he can two-putt this. stenson waiting ne back. >> jokester ster nson.
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the mecca of college golf programs. herman played up there at the university of cincinnati where he was just inducted into the cincinnati athletic hall of fame just last december. he said he won five times in college. but he says, that doesn't mean anything out here on the tour. he moved to fatlorida in 2000 to chase the dream and here we are 16 years later. >> jim herman is going to keep his eye on this putt. this could be very useful for him. speaking of college superstars, lovemark was the "it" guy, ncaa champion, all-american.
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re in the desert. in our next stop, the players, rickie fowler had that incredible finish last year. tonight, starting at 8:00, 7:00 central, all new episodes of little big shots, crowded and "dateline." >> just two little putts away. >> netotr. lot of break here, mark. the big thing, 25 feet, trying to cozy it downthere. it. almost doesn't seema appropriate to read this put, johnny. somehow hit it two more times. >> doesn't have to hit it very
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>> looks pretty good. >> says he's got a lot of folks watching from around the country, a lot of them in that palm city lovemark for his par. the stage is there for the 191st ranked player in the world.
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in the 106th pga tour event. finally gets inside. his day at the shell houston open has arrived. one last look at the leaderboard. not a lot of people would have thought that jim herman's name would be on top especially when you consider that stenson and johnson were right behind him. 500 fedex points for herman. he takes a big jump into the 18th position. 75 spots. as we go down to todd lewis. >> dan, thank you. here with the champ. many were interested to see how you would react. your first 54-hole lead as you chased your first pga tour victory. what did you lean on today to hold off the biggest names in the game? >> my caddie, matt. he was right there for me all day. we had a good game plan.
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but i'm pretty happy. matt and i we really did a good job keeping our game plan. we did a lot of 3 wo ds. i'm sure everyone was wondering about that. we wanted to give ourselves as many birdie chances as we could and keep it low t ress. look what happened? >> tears of joy of the we'll see you at augusta national next week. >> never thought it was possible. >> dan? >> i don't know if i can talk, todd. jim herman realizing the dream with a hard-earned par at 18 for our entire crew. dan hicks saying so long from the g f club of houston. where this pga tour stopped. finally belongs to 38-year-old jim herman.
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a big bang, the train shook. >> scary. a lot of people shaken up. >> now at 6:00, a deadly derailment. an amt r train slams into construction equipment and jumps off thetracks. > but first -- >> cleaning up and assessing the damage after a wild night of ather. the house was rocking. maybe like a tornado cam. through. >> everything was spinning in my living . schmitt.
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we'll have more on the weather in just a moment. first, breaking news out of queens. a massive fire in a commercial building in long island city. >> 13th street and 40th avenue. as you can see and imagine, high winds are fanning the flames. firefighters are struggling to get this massive blaze out, and it keeps growing larger. it started on the first floor inside a cleaner's. right now the smoke is so heavy it can be seen for miles, as you can see from our live sky cam, picking up this image from manhattan across the river. no word what started the fire. so far, no reports of injuries. the winds have died down but not before leaving a trail of destruction across the area. >> tropical storm-force winds. here is a sample of the mess, queens village, where you can see the extent of the damage.
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blocking the street and falling across cars. we have a team of reporters covering this story. let's begin with storm team 4's erika grow. >> all right, guys. we're looking at wind gusts, the wind gusts are over, that's the good news. however we're not done with the wintry weather. we have another system on the way. it's not going to be as potent as we just got done with. it will deliver another hit of snow. that's why a winter weather advisory is set for duchess and ulster counties. we also have freeze watches in effect for most of the long island and coastal connecticut. also southern westchester and eastern bergen county. that's because the growing season has already begun in those places. but temperatures are going to dip below freezing overnight tonight. unbelievable wind gusts during the day today. 64 miles per hour was the peak wind gust at jtk.
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per hour range at newark and stamford. i told you this was going to happen yesterday. unfortunately when the mature trees are out there, there's nothing you can do ahead of time to prepare for that. into the overnight hours, more rain and snow is approaching. i'll track it in future track coming up in the full seven-day forecast. one of the hardest hit areas is new jersey. that's where the cleanup is just beginning tonight. crews are boarding up broken windows, breaking down some of these falling trees. fences are mangled, rooftops are torn apart. right now about 24,000 residents are still without power. news 4's lori bordonaro continues our coverage. >> reporter: this tree crashed through this family's window, nearly landing on top of them. >> just a loud crash, like a loud boom. everybody jumped up. >> he jumped on top of our daughter and when everything was fall,ng after it stopped, he
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reporter:, he headboard may have helped seve their lives. their aunt, a double amputee, lives in the apartment below and was still shaken as she returned from the hospital. >> i screamed. my granddaughter ran in and just started pulling stuff off me. >> reporter: you can see the tree landed here on power lines, kn haocking out electricity to the home as we l. the damage from this storm goes far beyond newark. police in newark responded to a half dozen calls of downed trees and wires. rario n was hit especially hard. >> at least six blocks or so have been affected by whatever it was. >> reporter: debris left scattered across yards, and homes torn apart. the winds so strong, jose rodriguez could barely open his front door. >> the second i opened the door, i flew back. i weigh 230 pounds. everything was spinning in my living room. my lamps broke.
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off the roof of a nearby school and residents spent most of the day cleaning up. >> we look out the window and saw the fence over there. and then realized our gutters were hanging. >> reporter: the unexpected spring welcome, a cool and belated april fool's from mother nature. lori bordonar news 4 new york. from new jersey to long island, more of the same. crews working to restore power to thousands of residents. they're just about there, with only about 3,000 customers still in the dark. news 4's ida siegal picks up our team coverage. >> reporter: rob, we had good news from the utility crews on scene, the folks here just got their power back, that's good news. the evidenc of strong winds is right here on the sidewalk. look on that person's front lawn, tree branches covering the
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the wind was so powerful in bellmore this morning, this tree was lifted at the root. the sidewalk buckled. the power went out. >> i was out power since 7:15 this morning. i heard a loud noise. the house felt shaky, i guess it was from the power lines connected to the house. i went outside and saw a tree in the driveway. >> reporter: families on the block were startled by the big, powerful noise, and then the flames. >> we called 911 when we started to see the flames shooting out. it was a small little fire. we were concerned. we called the neighbors next door to make sure they were okay with the mekid. >> reporter: 60 mile per hour wind gusts did damage all over the island. a tree came this close to destro aun
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, crews have been trying to fix the power all day. folks are counting their blessing blessings. >> we were scared because of the wind, we didn't know ifswo all overt place. >> reporter: at this point we still have just over 3,000 customers still without power. that's in both nassau and suffolk county combined. clearly that number will continue to shrink meanwhile, a scary scene in queens, why strong winds actually blew that house right over near bay view avenue and church street in the howard beach section. luckily the ny ychlt
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was unoccupied, no one was injured. in westchester, hail and snow fell in parts of that county. no official reports of injuries. stay on top of the weather any time you need to with the news 4 new york app, download it from the apple app store on the tracks? 341 passengers were on board that train. two people were killed. chester just south of philly. >> reporter: rob, that train
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penn station here and philadelphia resumed about three hours ago. but as you mentioned, there are some service disruptions between philly and wilmington, delaware, all of this after a deadly train derailment that killed two amtrak workers and injured several passengers. >> amtrak corridor langley street. trainer. accident involving a train. company 68. >> reporter: that radio message around 8:00 a.m. this morning, when the amtrak palmetto train from new york city to georgia struck a backhoe on the track, causing the front car to derail in hestei, pennsylvania, south of philadelphia. >> the train was like rumbling. we got off the track, i guess. and then it was just a bunch of dust. it was just dust everywhere. and then the train in the passenger stephanie burroughs was headed to baltimore.
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moments after the derailment. >> then suddenly there was this crunching sound, and hard e worst thuds, enough to knock people ound just a bit. >> reporter: a total of 35 pe ile were rushed to the hospital. two amtrak employees working on the track were killed. it's unclear if the workers were doing maintenance work on the track or if they were clearing debris due to the high wind in the area overnight. >> we now have our second doa lo cated at the impact site of the backhoe. >> reporter: an investigation now under way by the national transportation safety board. tonight, passengers relying feeling relieved. the derailment spared their lives. we had to
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in the cold, window weather. luckily there was a church nearby, so we were able to seek shelter inside a big gym inside the church facility. >> reporter: the ntsb just held a briefing to update us on where things stand right now. listen to where they say they've gotten so far. >> as of now, we have recovereden laboratory in washington, d.c. >> reporter: this derailment comes just about a year after another trai derailed, leaving d.c. to new york city. that left philadelphia and killed eight people. >> ray, thank from bernie sanders on her home


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