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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  April 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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and the wreckage is forever. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline." next, stay tuned for "r,ock cenner" with brian williams. m now at 11:00, after the storm, wicked weather gives spring the cold shoulder. damaging winds, freezing temperbluresa also snow, and tonight another wintry blast heads our way. lso raging inferno, a stubboe fire sends flames and thick,g black smoke shooting into the sky. why it proved so difficult to fight. deadly crash. an amtrak passenger train slams
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the tracks, killing two and injuring dozens of people on that train. tonight the search for the cause. i'm rob schmitt. >> and we are starting tonight with the weather. it definitely did not feel like spring today >> morneau is e snow is expected to hit in time for the morning rus. gusting winds, downed trees and power lines all across our area. >> we're going to start with erica grow. >> you know i told you yesterday that we going toisee winds in excess of 50, 60 miles per hour, and that's exactly what happened. the bad part about it is that even though i can give you the hides heads up, there's not much i can about damaged trees, old trees, vulnerable tries.
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you can see it here on storm tracker, a six-hour loop, not as windy with this one. that's the great news, but we will see a quick hit of now just in time for the morning rush, and that's why there's a winter weather advisory. it's well north of the city. duchess county could pick up 1-3 inches of slushy snow on grass and untreated surfaces. we have also a freeze warning in effect f all of long island. parts of nassau county, parts of the five boroughs. that is for tomorrow night. so we have a couple different freeze advisories, but freezing temperatures coming in and more cold air, we'll time it out for you in the sevew-day forecast. back to you. and tonight the mess is far and wide. look at this. the cleanup just beginning. homes in need of repair, streets littered with debris, power lines still dangling.
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our coverage from queens village. >> reporter: -- street tonight impassable, thanks to the tree that settled right in the middle of the road. it fell at 8:00 in the morning, 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts brought it to its knees. >> theres with a loud crashing ise. so most of the people in the block, all of us in this pair ya area came out. this guy, he came out. didn't hit my neighbor's house, we are saying it was god's work that it fell this way ane d not that way. >> reorter: ed >> reporter: edition son was here to clean it out. >> i'm hoping by tomorrow they can start cutting it off. they got the electricity on really quickly. >> reporter: no one was hurt, and norma is choosing to see
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>> theoretically, someone might have been in the car, but luckily no one was hurt. my neighbors are okay. all culimed on each other. >> reporter: and over in newark, trees have littered some city streets there. here on mont rose street, one femme in the yard and startled the neighbor. >> my neighbor was in the washroom and had just p j som laundry in. an wd as she walked out, the tree came down. she would have been killed. >> reporter: yeah, again, here in queens village, the tree t still here tonndht. you can see the power lines are still rested underneath the tree, despite the fact that they do have power in this neighborhood, but yeah, those cars underneath, they are not getting out anytime soon. y folks on the block are really hoping the crews return in the morning and get the job done here. reporting live from queens village, ida siegal, news 4 new york. >> and remember you can track theysorecast esytime.
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from the store or google play. and firefighters putting out hotspots from this massive fire in queens. this thick black smoke could be seen for miles. the lameo broke out in a dry cleaners in 13th street in long island city. >> reporter: because of that thick, black smoke, there's an air advisory in effect for folks to t close their windows who live in this area. you can my still smell the smoke in the air. take a look as to why. firefighters are still dowsing out the hotspots. it required more than 200 firefighters to try to knock it out. ok tocm hours, but the question still remains, what caused this fire in the first place? >> a birds eye view shows the aftermath. >> you couldn't even see the smoke that thick.
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cleanersrnear 13th street, around 3:30 sunday afternoon. there was aefwaeball it could be seen across the river i manhattan. he works in security and ran towards the fire to make sure the buildings he was watching were still standing. >> it was bad. i ha people in the development here that had to close their windows because the smoke was traveling. the wind was real heavy. >> reporter: the fire caused damage to a neighboring furniture business. liile it was a windy day, it didn't play a roleusn the fire. the fire was hard to fight because it was raging from the inside of the building into the ceilings. >> and then we heard the sirens. and the smoke was billow gig, it wasn't just, you know, oozing out. it was billowing. >> reporter: it kept firefighters busy flout much of the night. this couple who didn't want to be named watched as the firig grew out of control. they're staying in the hotel directly across the street.
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by that couple. >> and it starts shooting up through the vents, and they just basically worked really hard. >> the smoke was blowing this way, and two seconds later blowing that way, because of the swirling winds. >> reporter: and fire crews will remain busy throughout the night. that's because they plan on staying out here and keeping a watchful eye over where all of this started, just'to make sure it doesn't sbark up agai they still don't know what caused that fire, and they tell us it might take some time because of all the damage in this investigation. it will require them to sift thro itugh all that damage. no one was hurt in those buildings because they were closed. so no one was working inside. but two firefighters were hurt, very, very minor injuries. we're told they're going to be just fine. i'm ray villeda. and still a lot of questions surrounding this morning's deadly amtrak collision. we know that an amtrak crew was working on the track when a train slammed into their equipment. what we don't know is how this
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tonight a live picture from the scene, right outside philadelphia as crews scramble to fix the tracks in time for the mu guy morning commute. workers scrambling to get at least part of this section of amtrak's bfry northeast corridor up and running i time for tomorrow's commute, after a deadly accident this morning. >> it was just like a big earthquake. that's what it felt like. >> there were some people, they were pretty bloody, because it s an explosion. we got off the tr [ack, then there was like a big xplosion and a fire. >> just after 8:00, a train heading from new york to georgia he ad a collision on the tracks, but not with a car, but with construction equipment, backhoe. wintnn holmes was on his way south to see his dad in north carolina. >> the windows bursted out. some people were cut up. >> two amtrak workers outside
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>> we now have our second doa located at the impact site of the backhoe. we are continuing to search for more bodies at this time. >>. 35 people on board were hurt. stephanie burrows took these photos when she evacuated the train. she said passengers bounced into the air on impact. >> it was such a harsh thud, you know, it was just bum, bum, bum, bum. >> they shut down service to amtrak in its busiest corridor. >> most of our team has arrived. we will be looking at operations, track, signal, human performance and survival factors. >> this is the second deadly crash investigation in less than a year. also in philly a devastating derailment injured more than 200 and killed others.
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the tracks and how could amtrak employees get hit by their own train? those questions still have not been answered. trains will be up and running with some delays in this affected region near philadelphia by tomorrow morning. for our area, amtrak says it's a good idea toe chele ck the schedule. coming up, images the nypd wants you to see. what these people were after. and melissa russo goes one on one with hillary clinton in brooklyn and taking on a hot button local issue, defending the d.a. for not seeking jail time for the officer who shot
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new tonight, the nypd would like your help finding a group of people they say attacked, robbed and beat a man in queens. this is surveillance video of the suspects in this case. it happened near utnam in ridge wood. the two men and two women punched and kic sd the 52-year-old victim in the head and went through his po nssibilities stealing his belongings while he was on the ground. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. and a wild scene in new jersey. it happened in neptune township. luckily no one was hurt.
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damage to the home. the car's been removed. no idea on how it landed there. politics now with new york's presidential primary more than two weeks away, hillary clinton was campaigning at an east new york church this morning. her lied in the ead in the polls is shrinking. we interviewed her today about deigfending her home turf. >> reporter: have you had to lower your expectations here in ne >> no. >> reporter: if hillary clinton is nervous about bernie sanders eating into her home s thtate lead she's not letting on. >> reporter: at least not today. >> grace and peace. >> reporter: she made headlines when they said hillary would take the high road, campaigning like aisenat while bernie would campaign more like a brooklynite.
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sporting new york attitude, getting in the face of a new york act vest. >> i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me. >> reporter: new yorkers aren't really usedito seeing you lose your temper, your cool. you're usually very collected. >> mm-hm. >> reporter: bernie sanders seemed to b getting under your skin last week. is that because you had hoped to have the nominatn more locked up by now? >> no, it was one of his supporters, just deliberately misrepresenting my record, and i got fed up with it. i think that's a pretty common new york trait. >> reporter: maybe you were campaigning like a brooklynite that day. >> yes, i'd be honored to be that. >> rep ter: sanders has been attracting typically huge crowds. >> and the african-american community. >> reporter: reaching direc y to the heart of hillary's base, especiallygundecided voters of color like public schoolteacher phoebe. she was in church today for clinton's appearance.
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face in the communities where people are really looking for answ,rs. >> reporter: sha-reece says while shy e's been attracted to the sanders message on overincarceration -- >> i have sons, and things have happened. >> reporter: clinton sealed her vote. >> doing more to train police officers so that they understand how to de-escalate situations. >> reporter: clinton offered a shout-out to brooklyn district attorney ken thompson today who's been under fire for not seeking jail time for police officer peter leon who shot and killed akai gurley. it has evoked criticism in recent days. >> how dare you, thompson! sell yourself to the devil. >> reporter: but clinton
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>> the d.a. in brooklyn actually brought a case and got a conviction. and i think that shows how he is focussed on enforcing the law, doing his job, regardless of what the circumstances might be. >> you are looking at the strongest democratic candidate. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: sanders in wisconsin today, arguing he's the one with the best chance to beat donald trump. and while clinton's first new york ad focuses on trump, first, she needs to block a sanders surgeon her on her home turf. who is your more formidable opponent? sanders or trump? >> i want to focus on the home turf because i don't want to take anything for granted. >> polls show cruz with a lead over trump.
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and predicted great results tuesday. trump noted he was expected to lose in new hampshire but won in a landslide. and polls show him ahead in the next several contests. >> we're going to win at so many level, and you're going to say to yourselves, that was the single greatest vote on tuesday that i ever cast. >> nominating donald trump would be a train wreck. and that's not fair to train wrecks. >> cruz also spent the day in wisconsin. he says that republicans should vote for him, because he has the best chance of biting the e beating the democratic mom ic ic nominee. >> governor cuomo will be set to sign a budget bill tomorrow. it includes paid family leave
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he had been a strong prop ent. more rain and snow on the way. chilly temperatures staying with us. it is not feeling anything like the first full week of april. wintry, messy week on tap in your headlines. no accumulatino snow in the five burroughs burroughs. it is going to be a chilly, megsy, just raw-fer being day with cold rain showers. right now taking a look south f thees city, it's already down to the freezing mark in pces like howell and tom's river. pr inceton a 38 degrees, right now it's 38 degrees in central park, all the way down to 25 in nticello. we will certainly see some of this frozen precipitation approaching mostly in the form th of snow right now. freezing when itits surfaces. there could be a light icy coat being on untreated surfaces.
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let's take a look at future tracker and see what you will get neighborhood by neighborhood. it looks like the trajectory is gothing to keep the snow to the north of d e ty. at 7:00, that pink is an indication of wintry mix. i think we'll see a few snevowflakes mixing in wwth the rain showers, butenone of this is going to accumulate. it's going to stay lder, especially that ground is still very mild. so we're not going to be concerned about any of this sticking around, especially as we head into the midday hours and completely change over to rain. that changeover to rain is going to be with us, except extremely to the north. we're going to see the changeover to rain happen around 9:00, or 10:00. but the yankees homeowner oen pener at 1:00. on and offer
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away as we head to dinnertime. it is going to be a nasty day from start to finish. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. on monday, we're only going to reach a high of 50 degree, and it's going to be breezy, winds gusting to 25, maybe even 30 miles per hour at times. that's better than it was today, but it's still going to be a raw and nasty day. then tuesday we get the sun back, butd t,igh of only 42 degrncees. that's more typical of a high temperature in december. on we thdnesday. a little bit warmer on thursday. t we're goi to have to deal with rain and thunderstorms. so there really isn't a good day in the entire seven-day, i hate to say this. but there really isn't. it's a good day to have good stuff on netflix and, you kndw, juo st stay inside if you don't have to go to work tomorrow. >> what if it never gets warm again? >> it sill. it will. all right, estimate ahead
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you've heard ocof ueople being hangry? a buffet brawl. and cops in pursuit of this little, tiny dog. how it all ended, stay tuned. coming up. >> the department says there are no quotas, you say tre is. >> these nypd officers are speaking out only to the i-,eam. sarah wallace uncovers the
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police in connecticut were called to a popular restaurant for a battle in the buffet line. not kidding. officials say a dispute over crab legs turned violent at the royal buffet in manchester last night. two customers ended up in jail over crab legs. police say the man on the left assaulted another man, and that man's mother, seen on the right, used pepper spray to try and protect her son. all right, former u.s. women's soccer star abby wambach is dealing with off the field issues. she's accused of driving under the influence. she was arrested last night after running a red light in portland, oregon. the retired soccer star failed
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breathalyzer. she issued an apology on her facial social might edia. bruce here with a check of sports and baseball time. >> it's opening night, guys! th e mets are in action. terry collins' team returning to kansas city to face the r oyals in a world series match. matt harvey taking the mound. and right now the mets trail the royals, 4-3 in the top of the eighth. th e amazin's have put four runs on the board in the eighth. we'll break down the entire game with bobby ojeda coming up at midnight. meanwhile, in the bronx, yankee stadium is ready for its closeup tomorrow, weather permitting, of course.
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american league wild card gaar. first pitch slated for 1:09. masahiro ha tanaka gets the start. and francisco liriano struck out ten batters over six scoreless innings and surrendered three hits. the pirates won 98 ball games last year to take the first contest of the 2016 season 4-1. the blue jays rock the rays, thanks to this bomber by tulowitzki. the blue jays trim the rays, 5-3. coming up next, we'll hit the hardwood. the knicks and nets were both in action and the uconn women continue their historic run.
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on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. the uconn women cannot be beat. tonigh wein indy at the final four, the huskies continue their quest for a fourth straight national title. uconn facing oregon state. morgan tuck connects from downtown. the crew led by 21 at the half. and uconn poured it on after that. in the fourth, all america breanna stewart hits the jumper


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